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terça-feira, fevereiro 28, 2012

MA: Justiça autoriza uso de nome social para trans
Trans do Maranhão conquista direito de ter nome social em seu registro civil

Restraining order for trans teen who impersonated Katie Price
A transgender teenager who impersonated Katie Price at a local branch of HSBC and stole thousands of pounds of her money has been given a restraining order against the former glamour model.

'Taking on my female persona has made me a more happy and balanced person'
A woman born with both male and female sex organs has spoken of her delight at beginning her life again - as a lady - after having spent over forty years as a man.

ConU proposes plan to accept students’ preferred names
Among the first things Ben Boudreau did when he arrived at Concordia was go to the student centre to modify his original name on his student record.
Boudreau, a transgender student, was told he couldn’t change the information without first having his name changed legally, a process which can be both lengthy and expensive. He then teamed up with the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy and the Concordia Student Union to push for the right to use the name he identifies with, rather than the one he was born with.

N.W.T. minister denies discriminating against transgender woman
Complainant says Michael Miltenberger asked her to leave during Governor General's visit
The N.W.T.'s finance minister denies that he discriminated against a transgender woman during the Governor General of Canada's visit to Fort Smith in December.

[New Zealand]
Protestors given right of reply to 'he-she' piece
Wellington group Queer Avengers has written an opinion piece on transgender issues, which is says will be printed in the Dominion Post, in reponse to a columnist's transphobic tirade.

Verizon Creates Transgender Employment Protections
Verizon is the latest company to announce it is expanding its employment non-discrimination policy to include “gender identity or expression,” which will protect transgender workers in addition to those who are already protected based on sexual orientation.

Shunning Medical Hoops, Transgender Patients Turn to ‘Informed Consent’ Model
In Kai Devlin’s first year on testosterone, he saw five doctors—including one who insisted on manually examining his genitals before renewing his prescription, and another who refused to treat transgender patients because he “didn’t agree with it.” Devlin initially sought hormones using the conventional route, asking a long-term therapist for a recommendation letter which he then gave to an endocrinologist; every new doctor required another long attempt to “prove” his transgender identification.

Salina discusses adding sexual orientation, gender identity to discrimination ordinance
Despite being born in a boy's body, Steven Mott knew from the age of 6 that he was actually a woman on the inside, but assumed the role he thought he had to to survive.

Newton mayor appoints first transgender representative to Human Rights Commission
In what advocacy groups are hailing as a historic move, Newton Mayor Setti Warren has appointed the first transgender representative to the city's Human Rights Commission.

Discrimination, Dredging on Council's Agenda
Among the hot topics at Tuesday's Omaha City Council meeting is an ordinance to ban discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.

Okla. Legislator Wants to Limit Nondiscrimination Laws
Oklahoma state representative Mike Reynolds has introduced a bill that would prevent municipalities from including sexual orientation or gender identity in nondiscrimination policies.

Leslie Cochran Hospitalized
Contrary to recent reports that transgendered homeless icon Leslie Cochran was moving to Colorado, Leslie is still in Austin. And according to a statement from friends and family, Cochran is currently recuperating in an area hospital.

Human Dignity Rally
In response to the Utah Legislature’s inaction on queer-rights issues during this legislative session, QSaltLake writer and queer-friendly activist, Bob Henline, is helping to organize a rally on Capitol Hill to demand that the Legislature take LGBT, an other rights, issues seriously.
Advocates to rally at Capitol for LGBT rights

Sex offender registers with new name, gender
A homeless sex offender released to Benton County last week after serving 20 years in prison has officially changed his name.

Guardia ultima a travesti y hiere a estudiante cuando intentaba huir
Un guardia de seguridad privada ultimó ayer de varios balazos a un gay. Pero en el intento de escapar a bordo de un bus rapidito resultó herido con su propia arma y además hirió a una joven estudiante.
Guardia de seguridad acaba con la vida de homosexual

Piden juicio oral por crimen de travesti incinerada por su pareja en Berisso
Un joven de nacionalidad peruana acusado por el crimen de su pareja travesti podría ser juzgado en audiencia oral y pública en caso de propsperar el pedido realizado por el fiscal que investiga el homicidio, confirmaron fuentes judiciales a Online-911.

Travesía hacia el cambio de sexo
La intervención y el tratamiento están financiados por el sistema público, pero solo en Barcelona y Málaga "Se sienten como en una cárcel", explica el presidente de la Fundación Triángulo

Woman born a man enters civil partnership with female
A woman from another EU country who was born a man has entered a civil partnership with a woman in Ireland.
It is the first civil partnership in the State involving a transgender person, and could not have been entered if it had involved an Irish transgender woman, campaigners have noted, as the Government has not yet introduced legislation to recognise transgender people.

British broadcasters pull trans ladies ad
A sports betting company’s TV ad which invites viewers to pick out transgender ladies in the crowd at Cheltenham Festival has been suspended after outcry in Britain.

'I want to see my grandson kicking a football not wearing a dress': Heartbroken grandmother of 'gender neutral' boy, five, speaks of her torment
The grandmother of a five-year-old boy who is now living as a girl has admitted she would rather he were back to his old self than going around in pink dresses.
For more than a year Zach Avery from Purfleet, Essex, has worn his long fair hair done up in bunches and insisted on living his life as a member of the opposite sex.
But Jill Recknell, from Alderney in the Channel Islands, who is in her mid 50s, confessed she cannot accept that her grandson has suddenly become a granddaughter.

Woman lived as a man for 41 years because parents didn't tell her she was born a hermaphrodite
Caroline Kinsey, 42, was born with both male and female sex organs but was raised as a boy
She didn't find out she had Disorder of Sex Development until she was 19
She began dressing as a woman two years ago and now plans gender surgery

Presidente de Zimbabue exhorta a rechazar valores occidentales
El presidente de Zimbabue concluyó una semana de celebraciones por su 88vo cumpleaños aconsejando a la juventud de la nación a rechazar los valores occidentales, la homosexualidad y la codicia.
Mugabe a Cameron: «¡Puede usted irse al infierno!»
'To hell with you': Robert Mugabe in rambling anti-homosexual rant at David Cameron's call for global gay rights

Laws to ease sexual minorities' plight
The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and the Blue Diamond Society (BDS), an NGO working for sexual monitories, are reviewing 25 Acts to guarantee lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders rights, to which every Nepali is entitled to.

Maulvi begum sahib: The eunuch who found her calling as a Quran teacher
Seventy-year-old Jameela has come a long way from playing as a child with eunuchs to teaching 450 children the Holy Quran every day.
Born a transgender in March 1941, Jameela never fit in at home or at school, so when an elderly eunuch, Pasham Fakir, offered to take her away she ultimately yielded and followed him.

Fire mishap: Case against organisers, compensation announced
Delhi Police today registered a case of causing death due to negligence against organisers of a transgender meet in Nand Nagri where a fire left 14 dead even as the city government announced a compensation of Rs two lakh each to the next of kin of those killed in the mishap.

A marriage with a difference
As a kinnar bride and a straight guy gear up to get 'married' today (Feb 26) in Nagpur, we bring you the finer nuances of this bold love story. It's an exclusive...

[Australia/New Zealand]
'Lady Carmen' title conferred on Carmen Rupe
When the late Carmen Rupe was laid to rest she was able to legally use the title 'Lady' Carmen Rupe.

[New Zealand]
Criticism of prison policy continues to bite
The pressure continues to be heaped on the Government over Corrections’ stance on transgender prisoners.

UUA persuades Verizon to protect transgender workers
In five-year shareholder advocacy campaign, UUA helps create gender identity protection for 2.9 million workers at many companies.

Black history meets women’s history in ‘TransGriot’ event
West African historians called “griots” can recite hundreds of years of their history from memory. Monica Roberts, an African-American transwoman writer and activist, has modernized this responsibility by adopting the role of “TransGriot” — telling the history of transpeople of color in her award-winning blog. Roberts will present her experiences with “Blogging at the Intersection of Race and Gender,” on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Gallagher Theater.

Gay, transgender candidates wade into Central Florida politics
When Randy Ross was running for Orange County School Board in 2000, he had a secret.
"I was worried people were going to find out I was gay," Ross said.
What a difference a dozen years can make. Now there are three openly gay candidates on this year's Orlando City Council ballot — including Ross — and a transgender candidate running for the Orange County Commission.

Idaho Activists Not Backing Down
After what many local activists called a heartbreaking loss in Idaho, the Twin Falls Times-News reports that fight will go on even after the Senate State Affairs Committee nixed legislation that would’ve added LGBT protections to the Idaho Human Rights Act.

"Not About Special Rights, But Rather Equal Rights"
About 45 people gathered in Salina late Sunday afternoon to hear a presentation by Stephanie Mott, state chair of the Kansas Equality Coalition, and to learn a little more about a controversial proposed change, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city anti-discrimination ordinance.
City Hosting Forums This Week on Proposed Ordinance Change

Organizations release petition against bullying in public schools
Stop Bullying Louisiana and Equality Louisiana released an online petition earlier this month to support the 2012 Louisiana School Bullying Prevention Act.

Newton mayor appoints first transgender representative to Human Rights Commission
In what advocacy groups are hailing as a historic move, Newton Mayor Setti Warren has appointed the first transgender representative to the city's Human Rights Commission.

Transformation Is Complete for Woman
It’s been two years and two surgeries since we last visited with Brigitte Barbra Bellsong, and her transformation from man to woman is now complete from nose to nether regions.

MOSAIC: annual conference on gender issues
From street harassment to religious gender implications, Sunday’s MOSAIC Gender Conference brought rare but important discussions of social gender constructions to center stage. Every year, the MOSAIC conference tackles issues of gender and explores them in unconventional ways. This year’s conference featured sessions led by faculty, staff, students, and guest speakers — each exposing attendees to provocative and insightful material on the ways in which society constructs gender.

La comunidad LGBTTTI no cuenta con el respaldo del IMJ
En comparecencia del titular del Instituto Municipal de la Juventud, la regidora Sandra Montalvo cuestionó la falta de apoyo a este grupo.

“Prostituirse en la Carrera Segunda de Neiva, ya perdió su encanto”
Si Gloria, un travesti que ofrece sus servicios sexuales en la carrera Segunda de Neiva, tuviera un poder sería el de retroceder el tiempo; de esta manera le devolvería a ese sector capitalino la misma ‘vitalidad’ y el ambiente fiestero que según ella lo caracterizaba hace varios años.

Cabecilla terrorista recién capturado reconoce haber asesinado a “delincuentes comunes y homosexuales”
El cabecilla senderista Florindo Eleuterio Flores, también conocido como “camarada Artemio”, ha admitido con absoluta frialdad ser responsable de la muerte de 56 militares, 43 policías y 32 civiles, entre ellos personas homosexuales. Así figura en la lectura que hizo el fiscal de su caso, Marcos Guzmán, sobre el contenido de los atestados policiales en su contra referidos a atentados cometidos entre 1989 y 2011.
Movimiento homosexual de Perú exige “sanción ejemplar” por asesinato de 500 gays y travestis

segunda-feira, fevereiro 27, 2012

MT: Travesti é encontrada morta no bairro São Mateus, Várzea Grande
O corpo de uma travesti ainda não identificado foi localizado ontem à tarde por populares numa estrada de difícil acesso na região do Formigueiro, que fica próximo do bairro São Mateus, em Várzea Grande, cidade de Mato Grosso. A travesti foi encontrada despida e existe a suspeita de que ela tenha sido executado no final da madrugada. A vitima foi assassinada por espancamento e também pedradas na cabeça, que chegou a ficar achatada.

Homem rouba travesti durante programa e vai preso em MT, diz PM
Na casa do suspeito de 36 anos foi encontrada a bolsa da vítima.
Vítima seguiu o suspeito com um táxi e chamou a polícia.

La gala Drag Queen Gomahara todo un fraude al deporte capitalino
El club de Vóley Bahía de San Sebastián, solicita por escrito el Auditorio Infanta Cristina, a su titular Cabildo Insular, para hacer un acto a primeros de Febrero, cuyo fin es el mismo que el del otro club, recaudar fondos y poder seguir compitiendo y lo más importante, continuar trabajando con unos 50 chicos-as de edades comprendidas entre los 8 a 16 años.

La única agrupación que hace teatro Drag cumple 14 años
Dionisios café-teatro abrió sus puertas como un espacio alternativo y pluralista para las artes escénicas y las identidades GLBT. Hoy más del 80% de su público es heterosexual

Una interna transexual agrede a una funcionaria de la cárcel, y la trasladan modulo de hombres
El sindicato ACAIP denuncia que pese a tener reconocida legalmente su condición de mujer y que ingresó como tal, tras el ataque fue trasladada a un módulo de hombres

Heard The One About A Sex Swap Man Who Replaced A Female Comic?
Green Party chiefs replaced a female comedian with a transgender comic to make a fundraising night more ­diverse.

Mixed-up five-year-olds and the alarming growth of the gender identity industry: 20 years ago the condition didn't exist. Now British children are being puberty suppressing drugs on the NHS
The Tavistock Clinic is based in an anonymous concrete building in North London. Once there, you have to go to the third floor to find the Orwellian-sounding Gender Identity Development Unit.
The unit received £1,042,000 in funding last year from the local healthcare Trust. In layman’s terms, it treats patients who believe they are ‘trapped in the wrong body’.
Few would associate such a place with children barely old enough to attend school.

Brigitte Goldberg: La trans qui vise la présidence
Trans et militante LGBT, Brigitte Goldberg se présente à la présidentielle. Une candidature symbolique pour peser sur la gauche et rappeler au PS ses promesses.
Elle sait qu'elle ne sera pas élue, mais elle aura tenu plus longtemps que Christine Boutin. Pour quelques jours encore, Brigitte Goldberg est candidate à la présidentielle. Sa particularité: elle représente le parti Avenir 2012, issu du collectif LGBT Trans Europe, et elle est elle-même trans. D'emblée, elle balaie tous soupçons de communautarisme autour de son projet: «Notre parti porte des valeurs de respect, de liberté, d'égalité, pour les LGBT comme pour tous. Ce sont des valeurs républicaines.»

The LGBT are living in trauma and crisis
Nothing’s more traumatic than living in uncertainty. And that’s how the LGBT community is living. Psychiatrists report that the sexual minorities are in a traumatised state and are experiencing a crisis due to the government’s back and forth movement on decriminalising gay sex.
‘We want the right to live’

Railways reaches out to transgenders
At 5.30 p.m. on Friday, the tin shed adjacent to the Railway Magistrate Court in the Moore Market Complex was teeming with people, most were seated and incessantly clicking pictures on their cell phones of the officials on the dais. An unusual session was in progress -- a consultation in which persons from the transgender community were provided a forum to interact with officials from the Social Welfare Department to learn about the welfare schemes available to them.

Trans teens turn to YouTube
A new generation turns to the video-sharing site to talk about treatments and experiences, and build a community

'Add the Words' Activists in Magic Valley Say They are Determined to Continue the Campaign
Gay rights activist Cody Hafer cycled through a range of emotions Feb. 10 when the Senate State Affairs Committee killed legislation that would’ve added protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people to the Idaho Human Rights Act.

Group to Lead Discussion on Proposed Salina Non-Discrimination Ordinance
Stephanie Mott, state chair of the Kansas Equality Coalition, will speak at the Salina Public Library, Prescott Room, on Sunday, Feb 26th, from 3:30-5:00. The public will have an opportunity to hear about the proposed ordinance that would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to Salina’s current human relations ordinance.
Salina officials holding forums
"Not a Campaign of Hate"

Transexuales de Guayaquil, Ecuador, realizaran entrevista a mas de 600 personas por incidencia VIH
Lo que quieren saber es hasta dónde llegó el VIH. Quienes lideran este proyecto entrevistarán a 600 personas para conocer la incidencia del síndrome en este grupo; un psicólogo español y dos trans de Guayaquil realizan este trabajo.

Fallece en Formosa, Argentina, la activista trans por Ley Identidad de Genero, Betiana Benitez
Este miércoles 22 de febrero falleció la activista transexual Betiana Benítez tras varios días de estar internada a causa de una enfermedad que la tenía alejada de su labor como coordinadora de ATTTA (Asociación de Travestis Transexuales y Transgéneros de Argentina) en la provincia de Formosa.

domingo, fevereiro 26, 2012

Rede 8 de Março


Sexta-feira, 9 de Março, 2012 21h30-03h30

Galeria Zé dos Bois
Rua da Barroca, nº 59, Lisboa

Para comemorar o 8 de Março – Dia Internacional das Mulheres, no tempo em que a crise e a austeridade ameaçam todos os direitos, os que temos e os que ainda queremos conquistar, decidimos contrariar o conformismo e o isolamento e festejar a luta feminista. Juntamos movimentos sociais e lutas comuns, afirmamos a solidariedade e agimos em conjunto. Propomos uma festa onde todas as pessoas tenham lugar, um espaço livre de opressões e preconceitos, no qual as mulheres são as protagonistas. O lado feminista da crise é o da festa e o da força da nossa resposta – ampliar o campo do possível, tomando o futuro nas nossas mãos.

NÃO QUEREMOS VOLTAR AO SÉC. XIX. As medidas de austeridade são apregoadas como a única resposta à crise, diminuindo drasticamente direitos e apoios sociais, reduzindo o valor do trabalho, das reformas e o investimento público, privatizando serviços públicos. A quem trabalha, mais pobre e mais frágil, é pedido que pague uma crise pela qual não é responsável. Esta estratégia, tornada mais brutal por imposição da troika e pelo governo das direitas, só traz recessão económica, desemprego e pobreza generalizada. O desemprego está nos 13,6% e mais de metade destas pessoas não tem acesso ao subsídio de desemprego. Há, então, cerca de 400 mil mulheres desempregadas e milhares sem qualquer fonte de rendimento.

A situação é difícil não só no plano da desigualdade mas também no plano das condições de possibilidade da emancipação das mulheres. Na sua maioria, votadas ao desemprego ou à precariedade laboral, sem protecção e apoio social, sem serviços públicos que assegurem os cuidados com as crianças e com as pessoas idosas, as mulheres vêem-se obrigadas a voltar para casa e aí permanecem aprisionadas a uma condição que volta a ter os contornos da dos séculos passados, porque a mesma estrutura sexista subsiste e continua a organizar a nossa sociedade estipulando os papéis sociais que cada pessoa deve ter. Estamos, de facto, a voltar atrás no tempo: as mulheres jovens dificilmente saem de casa e se tornam independentes, com menos direitos as mulheres trabalhadoras ficam mais vulneráveis em relação aos patrões e as desempregadas estão mais dependentes do apoio da família, porque do Estado pouca ajuda têm. Se a maioria das mulheres continua a ser mão-de-obra mais barata, a vida das mulheres imigrantes, em particular, é ainda mais austera porque subjugada também por uma cidadania diminuída, pela discriminação e pelo preconceito. Também o trabalho sexual não pode continuar a ser exercido sem direitos, nem protecção social. Actrizes, dançarinas ou prostitutas, as mulheres estão presentes na indústria do sexo e o seu trabalho tem urgentemente de ser reconhecido. A desigualdade, enraizada socialmente, alimenta-se da crise económica e o sexismo encontra aí um campo de reafirmação, tal como a ideologia da austeridade se torna mais forte quanto mais vulneráveis e oprimidas forem as mulheres, enquanto trabalhadoras e enquanto cidadãs. É preciso uma mobilização feminista contra a crise.

PELO DESEJO E PRAZER SEM CULPA. A sociedade moralista tem limitado a emancipação das mulheres também no que se refere à vivência da sua sexualidade, impedindo-as de manifestarem abertamente os seus desejos e experienciarem o prazer sem medos, culpas ou tabus. De facto, o prazer continua submetido aos critérios masculinos impostos. As mulheres devem poder amar quem, quando e como quiserem, fora de um modelo de família que as vê apenas como incubadoras, responsáveis pelo lar e pelo cuidado de terceiras pessoas. Poder decidir sobre o seu corpo e escolher livremente sobre a maternidade torna o direito ao aborto um bem fundamental - não aceitamos voltar atrás.

A IDENTIDADE E OS CORPOS SÃO NOSSOS! Ser mulher é a exigência ao direito universal pela autodeterminação, pela autodefinição, pela identidade, pela livre orientação sexual e pela livre expressão de todos os géneros. Hoje em dia, ainda é negado o direito à identidade e mesmo quando este é concedido, está dependente de decisões de “autoridade médica”, através de “tratamentos psiquiátricos” e demais mecanismos patriarcais de controlo e desumanização. É-lhes, assim, negada a capacidade de decisão sobre as suas vidas, os seus corpos e as suas identidades. Perante as mulheres transexuais a quem é pedido que provem ser mulheres, e perante os homens transexuais e demais pessoas transgénero e intersexo a quem é solicitado que sigam leis sociais, cuja condição de existência é o machismo, questionamo-nos: deverão as mulheres transexuais e transgénero representar a ideia de mulher perfeita? Rejeitamos todas as normas impostas por esta sociedade machista.

TODOS OS ESPAÇOS LIVRES DE OPRESSÃO JÁ! Os números da violência de género são um sinal muito forte de que o modo como nos organizamos, vivemos e relacionamos permanece alicerçado em relações de poder desiguais, regradas pelo machismo e pela violência. Em 2011, morreram 23 mulheres vítimas deste crime e houve mais de 31 mil queixas registadas. Sabe-se que, na Europa, uma mulher é vítima de violência doméstica a cada 48 horas. Estas vítimas precisam de apoio, a Justiça tem de funcionar e a sociedade tem de mudar. Para isso, a família, a casa ou as relações amorosas não podem ser prisões. Além disto, o problema do assédio sexual, assim como a violação por estranhos e o stalking (perseguição continuada e invasão do espaço de privacidade) permanecem nas ruas, nas escolas ou nos locais de trabalho, reflectindo uma sociedade ainda muito ancorada na ideia da mulher enquanto ser que está aí para cumprir o seu papel, ser vista e avaliada, tocada. Este sentimento de vulnerabilidade impede o exercício da liberdade e o usufruto do espaço público. É, portanto, uma forma de censura social e de limitação de movimento, de expressão. A isto não se pode chamar democracia.

OCUPAR TUDO! A desigualdade de género reveste-se muitas vezes sob a máscara da invisibilidade. Silenciadas e tornadas transparentes, as mulheres são votadas a um estatuto menor na sociedade, arredadas dos centros da participação, decisão e representação política e social. É uma realidade transversal a todos os espaços e sectores sociais e que ainda persiste. Além disso, a opressão de género, seja qual for a sua forma, torna-nos mais vulneráveis e por isso mais expostas ao julgamento público e aos modelos dominantes. Mas nós queremos decidir sobre as nossas vidas, em todos os seus aspectos, e, por isso, ocuparemos os movimentos, os sindicatos, as assembleias populares, as ruas, o parlamento. Este mundo também é nosso, e nós também o pensamos, estudamos, criamos. Ocupemos também os centros de investigação, os palcos, os museus, as conferências, as colunas de opinião, as galerias, as livrarias, os cinemas, as festas. Ocupemos todos os espaços da sociedade, das nossas vidas, desde os da representação aos da decisão, todos, sem excepções.


Rede 8 de Março:
SOS Racismo
Precários Inflexíveis
Panteras Rosa
Clube Safo

Também estão connosco:
Associação Lusofonia Cultura e Cidadania
Diálogo e Acção - Hip-Hop pela paz
Grupo Transexual Portugal
Médicos pela Escolha
Opus Gay

MS: Travesti morre em hospital infantil após lipoaspiração
Polícia investiga possível negligência médica em morte de travesti após lipoaspiração

São Paulo debate aspectos jurídicos da travestilidade
SP discute os aspectos sociais e jurídicos da transexualidade e da travestilidade

Travesti é assassinada a pedradas em cidade de Mato Grosso, diz polícia
O corpo de uma travesti foi encontrado com ferimentos na cabeça na tarde desta sexta-feira (24), no bairro São Matheus, periferia de Várzea Grande, região metropolitana de Cuiabá. Segundo informações repassadas pela Delegacia de Homicídios e Proteção à Pessoa (DHPP), a vítima deve ter sido espancada e morta a pedradas.

Paddy Power transgender TV ad suspended
A TV advert which invited viewers to guess the gender of ladies at Cheltenham Festival has been suspended.
'Transgender' TV advert pulled
Paddy Power advert suspended from airing in UK over potentially offensive trans content
Paddy Power trans ad falls at last hurdle
ACTION ALERT- Slap in the Face: TV3 Refuses to Pull Transphobic Paddy Power Ad
Broadcasters pull Paddy Power ‘spot the trans lady’ ad

[Commentary] Paddy powers on despite trans advert shutdown
[Commentary] What do you do with a vile advertisement?
[Commentary] Update: Paddy Power transphobic ad no longer to be screened

Transgender offender: Pensioner posed as a dad AND his daughter to defraud thousands
These are the two faces of an elderly transsexual who stole thousands of pounds to fund a lavish lifestyle – by posing as a dad and his daughter.
Scheming Frances Harris, 71, born Fred Harris, got a £15,000 Halifax loan by pretending to be ex-business partner William Coutts, a court heard.
She later got a Marks & Spencer More credit card in his daughter Vanessa Coutt’s name.
The two faces of the transgender fraudster who made thousands of pounds in scams posing as both sexes
Transgender fraudster posed as man and woman to take out credit cards and loans
Transgender con artist posed as both sexes to get loans

Interview: Paris Lees
As the flagship issue of META - the UK’s first magazine written for and by the transgender community – has hit the electronic shelves, we wanted to catch up with its creator and Editor-In-Chief, Paris Lees.

Med student published
A University of Warwick student has had their blog published on a high-profile medical journal’s website.
Zoe Kristensen, a first-year student at Warwick Medical School (WMS), wrote the blog on the subject of discrimination towards transgender individuals and others in the NHS, and was published on The Lancet Student.

Katie Price: 'obsessed' transsexual fan stole money from model's HSBC account
A transsexual Katie Price fan, Kerry Marshall, has admitted duping bank staff into handing over money from the glamour model's account after stealing her identity.
Transsexual teenager who stole Katie Price's identity to buy sports car avoids jail
The six-foot, 13-stone sex swap trickster who convinced a bank she was 5ft 5in, 8-stone super-celebrity Katie Price

Homosexuals Seeking Asylum in the UK Likely to Be Turned Down
A UK court ruled that the nation is considered to "not be the worst place in the world to be gay and lesbian" and has a thriving "gay scene". However, the UK's Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) has left the possibility of asylum still open to those claimants whose personal circumstances put them at risk or for those who have contracted HIV.

Sweden to end forced sterilisation of trans people at sex change
In a dramatic win for human rights and equality, Sweden has announced plans to stop the sterilisation of trans people.
Sweden Moves to End Forced Sterilization of Transgender People

Official's Rhetoric Undermines Human Rights
Amnesty International has written to the Tunisian Minister of Human Rights to express its alarm at statements the Minister made about homosexuality in a television interview earlier this month.

Gays Bill Will Institutionalise Discrimination - Lawyers
The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has warned that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, if enacted into law in its current state, would institutionalise discrimination against those 'who are, or thought to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender'.

Mocked and misunderstood: A transexual's plea to change his school records was rejected by a trial court highlighting the challenges faced by this community
Last week Channel V's chat show, My Big Decision, left viewers with food for thought about an issue that wouldn't have been aired at another time, that of sex reassignment surgery.
The show featured young transsexuals and transgenders from middle class families who were quite vocal about their issues and open about their identities.

Voice of the transgender
Until 10 years ago, the LGBT community was secretive. Until 10 years ago, tansgenders were beaten up by cops and ill-treated by society. As documentary filmmaker Chalam Bennurkar screened his film 'All About Our Famila' at the Bangalore Queer Film Fest on Friday, there was celebration among the community.

Transgender chairperson candidate vows to “make history” in UP Diliman
For the first time in the student council elections history of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, a candidate is running against two fraternity men and a woman to become the first transgender Chairperson of UP Diliman’s University Student Council (USC).

LGBTs demand passage of rights bill
Gay activist joined militant groups on Friday at the gates of the presidential palace and called on President Benigno Aquino to focus his attention on the economy and an antidiscrimination ordinance in Congress on the eve of the 26th anniversary of the uprising against the Marcos dictatorship.

[New Zealand]
Protest erupts over trans-hating column
Wellington's Queer Avengers are about to hold a protest march against an article in the Dominion Post by Rosemary McLeod which they are labelling transphobic.
Rosemary McLeod incites protest with transphobic column in the Dominion Post
The Queer Avengers take on transphobia

[Commentary] Rosemary's Baby

Testosterone shortage worsens
A Quebec drug manufacturer’s announcement that it will cut production of certain drugs means trans men may face new challenges in getting their hands on injectable testosterone.

Transgendered high school student shares her experience
Local high school student Lucy Wallace is well aware, “we live in a world where appearances are consumed by external facades.”

JOB CITES: Revisiting transgenderism in the workplace
Some of you may recall my article a few years back entitled “What About Roberta?” about transgenderism in the workplace. In that piece, we followed “Bob,” a long-term employee who came into an office seeking support as he went through the process of transitioning from male to female.

Child sex change ethical?
One Christian pediatrician is raising ethical concerns with parents allowing children who believe they were born the wrong gender to undergo hormone treatments, and later surgery to physically change their gender.

Defying gender norms linked to childhood abuse, PTSD.
For Malic White, growing as a child actor meant frequently challenging what it means to be a girl or a boy. But it wasn’t until White identified as transgender during high school that the question of self became difficult and complex.

Opposing Groups on Controversial Ballot Measure Reach out to Community Councils
The 2012 Municipal election is less than a month and a half away, and the debate on a controversial issue is heating up. The ballot measure groups are campaigning for and against is Proposition 5, an equal rights initiative that would extend certain rights to gay and transgender people.

Brian McNaught presents on LGBT Workplace Issues on March 28th
Brian McNaught, who is the world’s leading corporate diversity consultant dealing with LGBT issues in the workplace, will present at the State Farm training facility at 10451 NW 117th Avenue on March 28, 2012 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm in Medley, FL.

Chicago to Consider Transgender Policy for Police
Chicago alderman Proco Joe Moreno plans to introduce an ordinance to regulate how police deal with transgender arrestees, Windy City Times reports.

ResLife extends gender-neutral housing offerings
The Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife) announced earlier this month that it is now offering open housing, more commonly known as gender- neutral housing, in some roomes in Bush Hall and Latin Way. This program is an option for students who feel more comfortable living with someone of another gender.

New MTPC Media Campaign Seeks to Empower Transgender Community
The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition has launched a new campaign and website designed to raise awareness of the trans community in the commonwealth.
MTPC’s former co-chair: Openly transgender woman to be appointed NHRC

Baltimore County bill bans transgender discrimination
On Feb. 21, the Baltimore County Council passed Bill 3-12, which prohibits discrimination based on gender identity in housing, employment, financing, education and public accommodations.
Baltimore County Enacts Transgender Protection Measure
County Executive Signs Transgender Bill
Baltimore County Passes Transgender Protections

Group pushes Springfield to include sexual orientation and gender identity in protected category
They're not what state or federal law sees as a class of people protected from discrimination, but some are pushing for Springfield to create a new protected classes based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Transgender Discrimination Policy Weighed in Howard County Schools
‘There’s more awareness [now] of gender identity issues. We want to make sure we’re staying current.’ – spokeswoman Patti Caplan

Minneapolis Trans Woman On Trial For Self-Defense From Hate Crime
Chances are, you haven’t heard about Crishaun “CeCe” McDonald before today. McDonald is currently being held in Minneapolis, awaiting trial for charges of second degree murder. She is young, African American and transgender, and was arrested after defending herself from a physical assault based on her race and gender identity. Unsurprisingly, this case isn’t getting a lot of mainstream press, and when it is being covered, she’s being incorrectly referred to as a man, with many of the important details of the hate crime against her being left out.

Proposed Nebraska ban on local LGBT rights ordinances not likely to advance
A Nebraska Senate panel on Wednesday heard testimony on a bill that would prohibit the state’s counties and cities from enforcing their own anti-discrimination laws.

Speaker discusses transition from man to woman
When Donald McCloskey was 11 years old, he would go to bed praying to God to be a girl.
At age 53, that wish came true. After 30 years married to a woman, becoming a father to two children, and in the middle of a successful career as an economist, Donald McCloskey became Deirdre McCloskey — making the transition to become a woman through reconstructive surgery.

Cheltenham Becomes 27th PA Municipality to Ban Discrimination
On February 16 Commissioners in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County took the bold step of banning discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodation today - becoming the 27th municipality in the state to do so. The ordinance was introduced by Commissioner Kathy Hampton, and the final votes was months in the works.
Cheltenham passes LGBT ordinance

Transgender minister addresses PSU Berks students
It was a bedroom that resembled one like most other teenage boys had in the 1960s.

UPDATE: Convicted sex offender living in Benton County changes name
A homeless sex offender released to Benton County last week after serving 20 years in prison has officially changed his name.
John D. Babcock, 60, identifies himself as transgender and presented documents to Benton County sheriff’s officials this week that shows his legal name is now Sarah Babcock, authorities said.

Transgender woman runs for office in Mexico City
Diana Sanchez Barrios are making history in Mexico.
She’s running for a seat on Mexico City’s municipal assembly.

Asesinan a travesti: hallan su cuerpo en carretera
La tarde de este jueves un travesti fue asesinado de un balazo en la sien a pocos metros de la carretera federal
Asesinan a travesti: hallan su cuerpo en carretera
Reportan asesinato de un hombre que portaba ropa de mujer

Murió travesti en prisión de Ariza
Desde la prisión de Ariza, en la provincia de Cienfuegos, informa el recluso Julio Ortiz Argudín, recién trasladado a esa prisión, que supo, por los presos, de la muerte, supuestamente por negligencia médica, del recluso Isidro Roberto Rodríguez Varela, un travesti conocido como África.

MHOL exige sanción ejemplar contra Artemio del Sendero Luminoso por asesinato de homosexuales
El Movimiento Homosexual de Lima (MHOL) expresó hoy su repudio y rechazo por los asesinatos de personas homosexuales que cometió Sendero Luminoso durante el conflicto armado interno.
Como se recuerda la agrupación terrorista justificó dichos crímenes, como parte de su delirante política de "limpieza social".
"Artemio" reconoce haber asesinado "delincuentes comunes y homosexuales". MHOL exige sanción ejemplar
‘Artemio’ del Sendero Luminosoa civiles asesinados: matamos a homosexuales

sexta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2012

Tendo reparado que existe uma falta notória de debate onde as pessoas transexuais e activistas possam falar livremente sobre o tema da despatologização sem a presença sempre policial de médicos e/ou psicólogos, o Grupo Transexual Portugal na primeira iniciativa pública vem colmatar essa falha.

Assim, hoje, 24 de Fevereiro, terá lugar uma conversa/debate/tertúlia nas instalações do RDA69. O evento iniciar-se á com um jantar (para quem queira) de Transcezinhas seguindo-se a conversa/debate/tertúlia. Cada pessoa lavará a sua loiça no final do jantar, integrando-se assim no espírito do RDA69

Esta conversa também será inovadora por não existir mesa de oradores, apesar da participação da Drª Sandra Saleiro, investigadora do ISCTE. Vai-se dar primazia ao debate público e livre de forma a maximizar a participação da audiência, sempre limitada e quantas vezes sem tempo para troca de argumentos.

A entrada é livre (salvo o jantar, obviamente - 3 patacas) neste evento que marca a primeira iniciativa do Grupo Transexual Portugal, além de ser o primeiro debate sem presença patologizadora e sem mesa de oradores.

Aguardamos pela vossa presença e esperamos uma iniciativa de sucesso.

O Grupo Transexual Portugal

Namorado gato de Ariadna defende a trans em vídeo no YouTube; assista!
O novo namorado da transexual e ex-BBB Ariadna é um fofo, além de gato! Empresário e italiano, Grabriele Benedetti gravou um vídeo em defesa de sua amada e publicou no YouTube.

La cárcel de Alhaurín aísla a un preso transexual
La prisión de Alhaurín de la Torre ha propuesto que un interno que llegó la pasada semana del penal de Albolote para someterse a una operación de cambio de sexo en Málaga sea reclasificado en primer grado, más duro que el segundo, y lo ha aislado tras agredir a una funcionaria el pasado viernes. El transexual está inscrito en el Registro Civil con nombre femenino desde 2008, pero su condición es aún la de varón. Fuentes penitenciarias indican que mide 1,80 metros y pesa 80 kilos, por lo que posee una gran fuerza, pese a lo cual estaba en el módulo de mujeres.

Anger growing at transgender Festival advert
People in Cheltenham have hit out at a controversial advert featuring next month's flagship racing event.
A protest is on the cards in response to a TV commercial made by Paddy Power involving transgendered women.
Paddy Power's 'transgendered ladies' ad pulled by Channel 4 and BSkyB

[UK] [Commentary]
Every Englishman – even the CEO of Barclays – has the right to cross-dress
Is Exeter not in England? I ask because students at Exeter University have been asked not to dress in drag – an ancient and honourable tradition that is almost as English as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

[UK] [Commentary]
Pity poor Zach, a five-year-old victim of the politically correct gender identity industry
Once upon a time, a little boy called Zach Avery lived with his parents in a flat in Essex and had his very own bedroom. One day, when Zach was four, he watched a television cartoon about an adventurous eight-year-old girl who likes wearing pink — and instantly fell in love.
[Commentary] Don't Tell A Little Boy That He Is A Little Girl

Transgender woman in civil partnership
A transgender woman has officially entered a civil partnership with her female partner in Ireland. The registration ceremony, which took place some time ago, amounts to legal recognition of the woman's acquired gender because the Civil Partnership Act requires that civil partners must be legally of the same sex. We will refer to the woman as Maria.

Liberia's Senate to consider anti-gay bill
Liberia's Senate will consider a bill Thursday to strengthen the nation's existing anti-gay laws, a senator said, as another West African nation, Cameroon, announced the arrest of 10 women suspected of being lesbians.
US Aid Not Tied to Gay Rights, Says Outgoing US Ambassador

Ugandan gays are not persecuted: President
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni insisted on Wednesday he did not support the persecution of homosexuals despite the reintroduction of a draconian anti gay-bill in parliament last week.
Uganda minister says gays should "suffer illness" at home
Gay Bashing, a Government Diversion

Transgender world beyond stereotypes
Most of us have seen them either on reality TV, harassing people at weddings or births, or begging on the streets. There really has been no middle ground for the transgender community in India so far. But signs of change are imminent. Transgender author S. Revathi's autobiography The Truth about Me was shortlisted for the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize last year. The former director of Sangama, an NGO for sexual minorities, Revathi is a well known activist face of the transgender community in south India.

The big leap: Gender debate enters living rooms
Last week Channel V's chat show, My Big Decision, left viewers with food for thought about an issue that wouldn't have been aired at another time, that of sex reassignment surgery. The show featured young transsexuals and transgenders from middle class families who were quite vocal about their issues and open about their identities. In fact, the faces of transsexuals and transgenders appear regularly on reality TV: While Bobby Darling and Lakshmi stunned the audiences in the last two seasons of Bigg Boss, Sylvie has made her mark in recent Survivor India.

Lesbian transvestite strawberry patch killer Donna Lee Casagrande 'ran rampant'
A lesbian former prostitute - jailed in 2003 for killing a transvestite truck driver - invaded homes and robbed people after her release from prison, a court has heard.

Survey on transphobic crime
The Gender Centre and Transgender Anti-Violence Project (TAVP) is conducting a research project into how people report transphobic incidents.

Early intervention key in gender identity disorder
The opening of a US gender clinic has led to a four-fold increase in the number of people diagnosed with gender identity disorder (GID)in the area, pointing to a “pent-up demand for medical intervention” and, according to an Australian expert, highlighting the debate around early intervention

[New Zealand]
McLeod defends 'transphobic' column
Despite an online backlash accusing her of transphobia and ‘hatespeech’, columnist Rosemary McLeod has said she stands by her latest column.
The column, which was published on the Dominion Post section of today, discusses what McLeod calls “rather strange” modern methods of getting pregnant – including the children of transgender people.
In the column McLeod says transgendered men who have given birth and “boasted about it publicly” are “ego-trippers” seeking fame at their childrens’ expense, and frequently uses the outdated pronoun ‘he/she’.
[Commentary] Why I feel for the kids of ego-trippers
[Commentary] We also have ‘opinions’ – a protest against transphobia

Hair replacement company targets gay market
Working as a sous chef and cook in restaurants Kathryn Bode found it impractical to wear wigs to hide her balding scalp.
"Most are made out of artificial material, so say you open an oven door, they melt," said Bode, a transgender woman who is in her 50s.

Obama Administration Announces Health Grants To Help Transgender Population
The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has announced two new grant competitions focusing on connecting HIV-positive transgender women of color with health care services, including primary care and HIV-related care.

Family fears loved one was killed for being transgender
A Birmingham family says their loved one was targeted in a hate crime because he dressed and lived as a woman.
Birmingham Police say Darius Frazier was shot to death near the intersection of 1st Avenue North and 52nd Street North on Sept. 20, 2011.

Chicago Police Department Transgender Ordinance To Be Introduced By Ald. Joe Moreno
After more than two years of pushing by local organizations, Ald. Proco Joe Moreno is poised to introduce a transgender police ordinance to the City Council next month.
Alderman Seeks To Create Police Commission On Transgender Issues

Equality Coalition talk scheduled
Stephanie Mott, state chairwoman of the Kansas Equality Coalition, will speak about the proposed Salina equality ordinance from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Sunday in the Prescott Room of the Salina Public Library.

Estate Planning for Transgender Clients by Mass. LGBTQ Bar Assoc.
The Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association today announced their upcoming seminar, Estate Planning for Transgender Clients. The brown-bag seminar, to be followed by a roundtable discussion, will take place Friday, March 2, 2012, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Boston Bar Association, 16 Beacon Street, Boston, MA.

Baltimore County city council approves transgender protections bill
The City Council in Baltimore County, Md. has approved a measure that would protect transgender people from discrimination, making the county the fourth local government in Maryland to adopt such protections.
Baltimore County passes gender identity bill
Baltimore County Passes Gender-Identity Bill
Baltimore Approves Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill, But Critics Remain
Marks, Huff say unanswered questions spurred 'no' vote on transgender bill
Transgender Law Opponents Look To Referendum

Bill to block anti-bias ordinances a no-go
Nebraska lawmakers aren't likely to stop an Omaha proposal to protect gay, bisexual and transgender people from job discrimination.

Speak for your self
New voice modification program helps transgender individuals move confidently through society

Public input sought on non-discrimination amendment effort
Fairness Works Houston, a new organization formed to pass a proposed non-discrimination charter amendment in Houston, will hold a public meeting this Saturday, Feb. 25, to seek public input. As previously reported by Houstini, the proposed charter amendment, which is still being drafted, will remove discriminatory language added to the city charter in 1985 and 2001 and make it a crime to deny employment, housing or public accommodation to a person because of their “age, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or physical characteristic.”

El cambio de sexo del tránsgenero, plagado de riesgos y prejuicios...
Ricardo todavía conservaba su aspecto femenino cuando se plantó frente a sus padres y hermanos para decirles que no le gustaban los hombres. Tenía 18 años y quería andar descamisado como sus hermanos varones. Después de ese día, solo su padre le volvió a hablar. “Le hice ver un documental sobre la transexualidad y al final me preguntó cómo debía llamarme de ahora en adelante”.

Interna de la cárcel de Quillota apuñaló a transexual que iba a visitar a su pareja
Durante la semana se vivió un nuevo capítulo de violencia contra una transexual, pero esta vez por parte de una de sus compañeras, que la apuñaló en la cárcel de Quillota mientras acudía a visitar a su pareja.
Marcela Cabezas Lazos, oriunda de Valparaíso, fue a visitar a su pareja a la Cárcel de Quillota, lugar donde recibió 4 puñaladas en la espalda y 2 en los brazos por parte de otra transexual santiaguina, quien al parecer, tendría amenazadas a otras personas.

quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2012

Campinas faz homenagem a Whitney Houston
Trans de Campinas fazem show especial em tributo à cantora Whitney Houston
Vai rolar em Campinas uma homenagem póstuma e trans à cantora norte-americana Whitney Houston, encontrada morta dentro da banheira do quarto onde estava hospedada, no Hotel Hilton, em Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. O “Tributo à Whitney Houston” rola na Apple Teen no dia 11 de março, um domingo, a partir das 18h.

How cross-dressing is an essential part of student rag week
Students at Exeter University have been told cross-dressing is offensive to transgender people - but history shows drag has been a part of student revelry for more than a century.
Students told cross-dressing is as offensive as blacking up
Male students at top university banned from dressing as girls on pub crawls 'because it is as offensive as blacking-up'

Green Party dumps female comic to 'increase diversity'
The Green Party has been forced to apologise for what it admits was the ‘crass and inappropriate’ way it dumped a female stand-up, saying they would rather have a transsexual woman to ‘increase the diversity’ of a fundraising night.

It's about love - not cash
The mother of a girl trapped in a boy’s body says she is raising the issue to highlight the plight of transgender people and change public attitudes, not to make money.
Livvy James in TV's This Morning clash

Born a man, Chrisie Edkins is now marrying a woman - as a woman
Chrisie Edkins is strikingly pretty. It’s hard to believe the 32-year-old singer, DJ and model was born male.
Chrisie used to be Chris – a bit of a bad boy.
It is only when she speaks that any hint of her history is apparent – she elected not to have vocal surgery as it would have meant she would have had to call time on her singing career.

Paddy Power transgendered TV advert investigated
A TV advert which jokes about spotting "transgendered ladies" at Cheltenham Festival is being investigated.
Cheltenham Festival 'Ladies' Day' Commercial Slammed As Transphobic (VIDEO)
Channel 4 and BSkyB will not pull ‘spot the trans lady’ Paddy Power advert
Paddy Power backs wrong horse on trans ad

Transgender Woman Survives Valentine's Day Beating
A 22-year-old transgender woman is in critical condition after being brutally beaten in Catania, Italy outside of a pub on Valentine's Day.

Transgender pursues IAS dream
Swapna (22) is probably the first transgender IAS aspirant in the Temple City. Though it was not her childhood aspiration, even winning self-respect proved to be a struggle for her.

Shunned Bangladeshi hijras turn to sex work
“If you are a hijra the undertaker refuses to bury you, and your body ends up in a river,” says Laily Sikder, one of the tens of thousands of hijras – transgender people – living in Bangladesh.

Advertising Standards authority says contentious ad is misleading [UPDATE]
Sun Media says it has no knowledge of an Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) decision on a transphobic television ad that ran on Sun News during the provincial election.

UBC study to evaluate success of anti-homophobia programs
A new University of British Columbia study is examining how effective school and community programs are at reducing homophobic bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight youth.

[New Zealand]
"Reverse prison policy" Rainbow Wgtn urges
Rainbow Wellington has asked Corrections Minister Anne Tolley to reverse a policy placing transgender inmates in the prison which matches the sex of their birth, unless the prisoners have had gender reassignment surgery.

Survey: 41% of Transgender People Attempted Suicide
It's no surprise that young transgender people endure extensive discrimination, but the harsh effect on their mental well-being is starting to come into focus thanks to new studies.

Transgender support group in Fairbanks to meet Thursday
By popular demand, a peer-to-peer transgender support group is starting in the Interior. The group welcomes anyone who identifies as male-to-female (MTF), female-to-male (FTM), transgender, genderqueer, intersex, questioning, or otherwise not fully congruent with the sex listed on their original birth certificate.

Would Sarasota Give Susan Stanton Another Chance?
Susan Stanton, a transgendered female who was the former Largo city manager as Steven Stanton, is interested again in the Sarasota city manager post.

[GA, USA] [Video]
LGBT workplace protections bill tabled by Ga. House subcommittee
By a 3-2 vote on Tuesday, Georgia House Judiciary subcommittee tabled a bill that would provide workplace protections to all state employees, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers.

Chicago ordinance would create police transgender issues commission, protections
Chicago Ald. Joe Moreno and a group of local LGBT rights activists are pushing for an ordinance that would establish a transgender issues commission in the Chicago Police Department as well as set guidelines for police to follow while handling transgender people.

Indiana Lawmaker: Girl Scouts ‘Radicalized Organization' Promoting 'Homosexual Lifestyle'
An Indiana lawmaker is the only member of the state’s House who refused to sign a resolution celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, a group he calls a “radicalized organization” supporting abortion and the “homosexual lifestyle,” reports the Journal Gazette.

Baltimore County Adds Protections for Transgender Individuals
Equality Maryland applauds the Baltimore County Council for passing Bill 3-12 that adds gender identity and expression to county law prohibiting discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, financing and education.
Baltimore County Council Passes Gender Identity Protection Ordinance
Baltimore Passes Amended Transgender Rights Bill
Transgender Protections? Several Counties Consider Making Discrimination Illegal
Council Passes Amended Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill
Transgender bill passes through Council
Balto. Co. Council approves transgender discrimination ban
Baltimore County Council Approves Transgender Rights Bill
Amended Transgender Bill Passes County Council

Diana Sanchez Barrios: Hoping To Become First Transsexual Woman To Occupy A Seat In Mexico City's Municipal Assembly
Diana Sanchez Barrios is the first transsexual woman to seek a seat in Mexico City’s municipal assembly, and, she has no doubt that she'll be wining the upcoming elections on July 1.
Transsexual Runs for Office in Mexico

Falleció la activista trans formoseña Betiana Benítez
Este miércoles 22 de febrero falleció la activista transexual Betiana Benítez tras varios días de estar internada a causa de una enfermedad que la tenía alejada de su labor como coordinadora de ATTTA (Asociación de Travestis Transexuales y Transgéneros de Argentina) en la provincia de Formosa.

quarta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2012

Gisberta Salce Júnior, 6 anos, em memória

Alerta para a situação dos transexuais seis anos depois da morte de Gisberta Salce Júnior
A 22 de Fevereiro de 2006 Gisberta Salce Júnior foi encontrada morta num poço de prédio abandonado da cidade do Porto. As características macabras que envolveram o crime, praticado por adolescentes institucionalizados que a agrediram, torturaram e molestaram sexualmente durante três dias, chocou a sociedade portuguesa. Desde então o termo transfobia passou, como nunca, a fazer parte do léxico dos activistas LGBT.

Primeira tertúlia do Grupo Transexual Portugal é sobre policiamento do género
O Grupo Transexual Portugal organiza esta sexta-feira uma tertúlia subordinada ao tema “Policiamento do Género e a Luta Transexual”. O grupo observa que “existe uma falta notória de debate em que as pessoas transexuais e activistas possam falar livremente sobre o tema da despatologização sem a presença “sempre policial de médicos e/ou psicólogos” e pretende assim “colmatar essa falha”. Presente estará a investigadora do ISCTE, Sandra Saleiro, e a organização dará primazia à participação da audiência.

Entrevista Marlene no programa ' 'A tarde é sua'' TVI

Una de las personas transexuales más jovenes del Reino Unido, a la edad de cuatro años
Zachy, nacido Zach Avery, podría ser a sus cinco años la persona transgénero más joven reconocida por el sistema de sanidad público británico, el NHS. Sus padres han declarado que dejarán la decisión sus manos. Según su madre Zachy ya se identificaba como niña con tres años, y fue diagnosticado de “disforia de género” con cuatro.
Five-year-old may be youngest trans person in UK
Five-year-old boy lives as girl in youngest case of Gender Identity Disorder
Five-year-old boy trapped in wrong gender living life as a girl
Zach is a boy aged 5 but lives as a girl
Five-year-old tells parents she is trans
I would love to have my son back, says mother of five-year-old Zach Avery who lives as girl
Can a five-year-old know he’s transgendered?
Delay puberty for children with gender doubts, My Transsexual Summer star says
Gender Identity Disorder in children: an expert's view

MPs condemn media hunt for trans man who gave birth
Leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas has tabled an Early Day Motion at Parliament condemning the media’s attempts to discover the identity of a transgender man who gave birth to a child.
[Commentary] News Feed: MP’s condemn Sun’s intrusion into trans privacy

Bookmakers criticised over ad
An advertisement for Irish bookmakers Paddy Power aired over the weekend on Sky Sports television has been criticised for its “deeply transphobic content”.
Call for ‘transphobic’ Paddy Power advert to be withdrawn
Paddy Power insist 'transgender' Cheltenham Festival advert will stay on TV
'Spot the stallions from the mares': Bookmaker criticised over controversial ad campaign asking punters to spot the 'transgendered ladies' in a crowd at Cheltenham festival
Paddy Power faces investigation over 'transgendered ladies' ad
Trans Power
Channel 4 to keep screening controversial Paddy Power ad

[Comment] Paddy Power thinks it’s fun to play ‘spot the trans lady’ – want to bet?
[Commentary] Paddy Power still haven’t got it on Transgender issues
[Commentary] All bets off for Ladies’ Day in Cheltenham
[Commentary] In a paddy over ad scripting

Transsexual assaulted in Licata (Sicily) by armed youths. The media and authorities play down the attack
Agrigento, February 20, 2012. Michelle Santamaria is a 23-year-old transsexual who lives in Licata (Agrigento, Sicily). On the evening of February 14th, she was dancing in a pub in the city centre.

Mental Health Problems Plague Transgender Kids
Kids who are distressed because they feel their physical body doesn't match their gender suffer from high rates of psychiatric symptoms, such as depression and suicide attempts, a new study finds.

Lawmaker takes jab at Girl Scouts
A Fort Wayne lawmaker's rant against the Girl Scouts went viral Monday after he called them a "radicalized organization" that supports abortion and promotes "homosexual lifestyles."

Protesters of transgender bill gather outside Councilman Quirk's office
More than a dozen people gathered in Catonsville by 9 a.m. on a brisk President's Day morning outside the Frederick Road office of Councilman Tom Quirk to protest a proposed bill designed to protect transgendered people from discrimination.
Opponents Protest Transgender Bill on Frederick Road
Council To Vote On Transgender Discrimination Bill

Lawrence ordinance at center of fight over Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act
A legislative committee on Monday approved a bill that supporters said would protect religious freedom, but opponents said the measure could be used to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

Transvestite murder victim's mother pleads for someone to come forward
Alfreda Nicholas still sees her son lying dead on a gurney, looking as though someone had "thrown him away like a dog."

MSU Students Hope For More Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
Men's or women's bathroom? It's a decision most of us make daily with out much thought, but for people that are transgender or gender non–conforming, the decision is not that easy.

Survey finds job bias for gays
About one-third of gay and transgender residents in the Omaha metropolitan area reported job discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, according to an online questionnaire conducted by University of Nebraska Medical Center researchers.

Nebraska To Debate Bill Outlawing Local Gay Protections Laws
Nebraska will debate a bill which would bar local municipalities from enacting laws protecting gay and transgendered people, the AP reported.

A different kind of college transition
Most first-year students living in the residence halls have to adapt to living away from home. For some, they walk down a hall to shower, noting the lack of privacy. For Breckin DeWane, his biggest concern involved his choice of which gender designated bathroom to use, due to a fear of a consequence for his decision.

En el portón de su casa matan a un estilista “gay”
Un estilista gay fue ultimado de varios balazos este miércoles, en su propia casa de habitación, en el pasaje El Triángulo de la colonia Satélite de San Pedro Sula, convirtiéndose en la segunda víctima de este tipo en menos de una semana.

O perigo das "bombagens"
Uma jovem trans de 25 anos denunciou às autoridades que um esteticista aplicou-lhe óleo para motores de aviões nos glúteos, num procedimento feito há quatro meses e que se saldou, para além deste caso, na morte de outra trans.

Confirman convocatoria a marcha para esta tarde en Santiago en apoyo a Aysén
A través de la oficina de partes de la Intendencia Metropolitana, dirigentes de diversas organizaciones sociales agrupadas en "Democracia para Chile", solicitaron autorización para realizar la marcha convocada para esta tarde en el centro de Santiago, para respaldar las movilizaciones de los habitantes de Aysén.

Presentaron al Municipio el Plan de Ciudadanía LGBT
Funcionarios municipales recibieron a representantes de diferentes agrupaciones de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans con el objetivo de articular acciones conjuntas para lograr una mayor igualdad de oportunidades.