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sexta-feira, maio 31, 2013

Transexuais: "No lado errado do corpo"
Perceberam desde cedo que nasceram com o sexo errado, porque aquilo que viam ao espelho não condizia com o que sentiam.
Tirando a declaração da Drª Zélia de que "Não somos doentes", é mais do mesmo, com o usual encobrimento das pessoas trans que não desejam a cirurgia de correcção. Vale também pelos testemunhos pessoais, mas é tudo muito "déjà vu".

Distrito Federal: Travesti joga sangue em servidor público que não quis dar dinheiro
Suspeito, supostamente com HIV, se cortou e ainda mordeu um funcionário. Caso ocorreu na manhã desta terça, em Planaltina; polícia procura suspeito.

European Court Rejects Religious 'Right to Discriminate'
The European court of human rights on Tuesday rejected an appeal brought by three British Christians, two of whom say they were punished at work for not wanting to serve same-sex couples.

Coroner: ‘Shame on press’ who hounded dead trans teacher Lucy Meadows
Lucy Meadows committed suicide in her home. Coroner says press should be ashamed of their bigotry after they reported her transition
Teacher Lucy Meadows was hounded by a transphobic press says coroner
Lucy Meadows coroner tells press ‘shame on you all’
Tragic suicide note left by Accrington transgender teacher Lucy Meadows
Press criticised at inquest into death of transgender primary school teacher
Coroner makes press complaint over suicide of a transgender teacher
Coroner: ‘It seems nothing has been learned from Leveson...’: Inquiry into sex change teacher’s suicide critical of ‘Daily Mail’ and Richard Littlejohn
Lucy Meadows coroner tells press: 'shame on you'
Trans Media Watch calls for press to end ‘character assassination’ of trans people
British media get interactive with trans people
Media criticised over transgender teacher Lucy Meadows' death
Daily Mail defends transphobic Richard Littlejohn column despite criticism by Lucy Meadows’ coroner
Government tells press to ‘get on’ with reform following Lucy Meadows inquest

Parliament debates right for post-op transgenders to marry
Parliament this evening has started to discuss amendments to the Civil Code by which post-op transgender people will be considered as individuals of the sex acquired with full rights.
This gives the right to marriage.

Transgender man wants end to forced sterilisation
A transgender man is calling for an end to forced sterilisation required in Finland’s current transgender legislation. According to the law, which took effect in 2003, one of the requirements for legal recognition of the transgender status is proof of infertility or sterilisation.

Main opposition urges protection of LGBT's, ruling party calls it 'immoral'
As many countries discuss granting gay marriages, the Turkish Parliament tackled for the first time May 29 the discrimination faced by lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT), a sensitive issue long ignored by politicians. The initiative came from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), which submitted an inquiry proposal regarding the problems of the LGBT community in Turkey that was signed by 59 deputies.

Lithuanian parliament to discuss proposed ban on sex change
The Lithuanian Parliament has approved for discussion an amendment to the Civil Code which, if passed, would impose a ban on sex change.
The proposed change, which suggests that "medical change of sex is banned in Lithuania," will now be discussed by parliamentary committees.
The Lithuanian Parliament Makes the First Step towards Banning Gender Reassignment

Militants had warned eunuchs before blast
Unknown militants had circulated pamphlets against eunuch dancers living in Imamia Colony in Gulbahar before Tuesday’s blast, investigators said on Wednesday.

Kenyan transsexual case tricky, lawyer says
The Kenyan judiciary is finding it difficult to deal with a gender identity case involving a transsexual seeking recognition, a Nairobi court was told on Tuesday.
Issues raised in the petition, a state counsel said are “tricky” and need “more time” for finding a comprehensive response.
When one is too woman to be a man
Andrew Mbugua in court struggle to alter name in certificates

(Photo: Audrey Mbugua outside a court in Kenya's capital Nairobi on May 28, 2013. She is seeking a change of name, re-issuance of certificates and identity documents reflective of her new gender)

[South Korea]
Transgender star spreads hope
Harisu made a shocking debut in 2001. When the beauty with a voluptuous body revealed her Adam’s apple in a TV commercial, the term “transgender” was brought to the forefront in Korea for the first time.

Waiting for Siegfried: An Interview with a Cuban Transsexual
Odette is sitting in front me with her legs crossed, wearing the kind of smile that says you can ask her anything you wish. She is petite and dark-complected, with the full-bottomed figure Cubans describe as “criollita de Wilson” (a caricaturized depiction of a voluptuous female local).

quarta-feira, maio 29, 2013

Portugal no coração - 2ª parte de emissão sobre crimes de ódio - Gisberta

Mato Grosso: Justiça condena jovem a 15 anos de prisão por matar travesti em Cuiabá
Réus já tinham sido condenados por morte de outro travesti na capital. Vítima foi morta com socos, pauladas, chutes e facadas em lagoa.

Italian bishops head gives Communion to notorious transsexual at Marxist priest's funeral
The head of the Italian Bishops’ Conference was filmed this weekend giving Holy Communion to a notorious “transsexual” and homosexualist political activist who goes by the name Vladimir Luxuria, at the funeral Mass of a controversial Genoan priest.

Transvestite's wife delivers baby 3 months after marriage
The Personal Status Court revoked marriage between a transvestite and his wife who delivered a baby just three months after their marriage.

Police release gay pride organisers held for unsanctioned Moscow rally
Russian authorities have released gay rights activists detained on Saturday for holding an unsanctioned gay pride rally in Moscow.

[China/Hong Kong]
Hong Kong lesbian socialite admits 'disgust' on meeting trans woman
Gigi Chao, whose father offered a $500 million to any man who could turn her straight, admits her prejudice against trans women
Gay pride and prejudice

I Interviewed Toronto's Most Popular Transsexual Model
Before the Canadian news cycle was inundated by a series of political scandals, resignations, and smoke-outs, a decidedly minor controversy occurred within the pages of Canada's Sun Media newspaper chain. On Tuesday, Xtra revealed that one of the paper's “SUNshine Girls” (the scantily clad women who appear on Page three of every issue) was actually Amelia Maltepe, a transsexual model from Toronto by way of Bangladesh.

Exige comunidad LGBTI esclarecimiento del homicidio de Regina
Entre las 7 y las 9 de la mañana del domingo 26 de mayo asesinaron a Regina Echeverría en el cuarto de un hotel en la colonia La Purísima, en el municipio de Tehuacán.
Activista LGBT pide esclarecer asesinato de Juan Omar en Tehuacán

Ecuador's Rafael Correa Opposes Transgender Bill As It Could Lead To Gay Marriage
Just days into his second term as president, Ecuador's Rafael Correa has renounced his support for a transgender bill because it could lead to gay marriage.
Activista pide cita con Correa
Cambio de género de una persona no podría estar al libre albedrío de las personas o de los padres, según Jorge Montaño

Denuncian la agresión a otra trans en Cochabamba
La madrugada del sábado, una persona transexual fue golpeada y abusada sexualmente por tres individuos en Cochabamba, informó la presidenta de la Red Nacional de Personas Transexuales, Raiza Torriani, quien presentó la demanda penal.

terça-feira, maio 28, 2013

Lutter contre la discrimination fondée sur l’orientation sexuelle et l’identité de genre
La Commission sur l'égalité et la non-discrimination de l’APCE, réunie aujourd’hui à Paris, s’est déclarée profondément préoccupée par les atteintes répétées, dans certains Etats membres du Conseil de l’Europe, aux droits à la liberté de réunion et à la liberté d’expression des personnes LGBT et par la nette régression dans ce domaine due à l’introduction de lois et de projets de lois sur l’interdiction de la « propagande homosexuelle ».

‘First ever’ C of E service to affirm transsexual
A man’s sex change has been affirmed in a Church of England service, said to be the first of its kind.
The transsexual man who is known as Susan Musgrove, 60, underwent surgery last year and has now been publicly blessed as a woman at St Andrew’s Church in Northumberland.

New project records the lives of transgender people in Brighton and Hove
Brighton's community publisher QueenSpark Books has launched an exciting new project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund to record the lives of transgender people living in Brighton and Hove.

'Open Civil Services for third sex': a transgender's appeal
The results for the civil services examination that were out yesterday have a fine blend of achievers - men, women and even physically challenged. But the country's top bureaucracy is not yet open for transgenders. One such civil services aspirant from Madurai is taking on the government head on, demanding equity.

Killer 'eunuch' held after five years
A city-based construction worker, who had killed his wife over suspected infidelity in 2009, almost got away with the murder by pretending to be a eunuch and camping with them at Kalyan railway station.

Miss Tiffany Universe 2013 Announced
The finals in the Miss Tiffany Universe 2013 beauty competition got underway on Friday evening at the Tiffany Theatre on Second Road. This world famous event, which was broadcast live, was as ever an extravaganza of colourful costumes and glamorous transgender beauties.
Nong Neck crowned Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2013

[New Zealand]
Georgina Beyer reveals serious illness
Georgina Beyer has revealed she has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure.
Georgina Beyer has chronic kidney failure
Former MP Georgina Beyer seriously ill
Georgina Beyer suffering kidney failure
Georgina Beyer diagnosed with chronic kidney failure
World’s first trans MP suffering kidney failure

Protesters support transgendered bride
Protesters gathered outside of Jenny’s Bridal Saturday in Saskatoon to show their support for Rohit Singh Peace.
Rally at local business supports transgendered bride
Transgendered bride attends rally at store she says refused to let her try dress
Dozens protest as bridal shop refuses to allow trans woman to try on wedding dress

Landlord must uphold transgender tenant's rights
It is illegal to make a tenant move out because of gender identity, even if others are uncomfortable. The landlord also must use the appropriate pronouns and stop harassment by other tenants.

Coroner Cites Drugs in Police Custody Death of Kayla Moore
An Alameda County Coroner's report released today, Friday, says a drug overdose caused the death of Kayla Moore, a 41-year-old transgender Berkeley resident who died in police custody in February, according to news reports.
Transgender woman died of toxic drugs
Coroner: Drugs, obesity, heart disease killed Berkeley man, not police force
Coroner, police deliver reports on Xavier Moore death
Kayla Moore’s cause of death released

L.A. Times Editorial Board Supports Transgender Students
Transgender Law Center applauds the L.A. Times Editorial Board for supporting transgender students in a powerful column published May 3rd.

Corrections officials: ‘No obstacles’ to Kosilek’s surgery if appeal fails
Unnamed doctors who have reviewed the medical history of a convicted transsexual wife killer awarded taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery by a federal judge have found no “obstacles” to performing the surgery should the state Department of Correction lose its appeal of the judge’s decision.

Smith College Takes First Step in Changing Trans Policy
Following criticism that it was hostile to a prospective transgender student, Massachusetts's Smith College will form a committee to revise its policies on trans women.
Smith College to form committee addressing discrimination against trans women applicants following advocacy
Smith College having "ongoing conversation" on issue of transgendered students
Smith College Plans Committee To Address Transgender Student Applicants

Maine pediatricians support transgender student’s use of girls bathroom
The president of the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics said Friday that “a transgender girl needs to be treated like any other girl” and should be allowed to use the girls bathroom at school.

New York state assembly passes gender expression non-discrimination act
The New York State Assembly this week approved the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), a bill to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression in employment, housing, public accommodations and credit.

Ohio politician says murder of trans woman was a ‘hate crime’
Cernia Acoff, 20, was stabbed, dumped in a pond tied to a concrete block and a steel pipe three weeks after she went missing

Transgender Worker Sues His City
A South Carolina city discriminated against a transgender public safety employee by making him use a woman's bulletproof vest after he had gender reassignment surgery, he claims in court.

segunda-feira, maio 27, 2013

El fiscal mantiene la condena para el acusado de rajar a un travesti
La declaración de un testigo clave para la acusación que señala a un joven portugués como responsable de la agresión con una botella rota a una bailarina transexual a las puertas de un pub de Vigo fue uno de los argumentos utilizados por el fiscal para mantener su petición de condena, cuatro años de prisión y 30.000 euros de indemnización, en la última sesión del juicio, retomado ayer en la Audiencia.
´Me defendí, sino estaría muerto´, alega el acusado de apuñalar a una transexual en Vigo

Interview with Babs Siperstein
Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Babs Siperstein with whom I would like to discuss the role of transgender women in the US politics. Hello Babs!

Despite interruptions, Kyiv holds first ever gay pride
There were a handful of minor disturbances, with around a dozen arrests, but Kyiv’s LGBT community managed to hold its first ever gay pride parade in the city on Saturday, May 25.

30 arrests made at Moscow Pride
Around 30 activists from both pro and anti-LGBT factions were arrested at Moscow Pride today, reflecting growing antipathy to perceived “homosexual propaganda” across Russia.

Brides for a day
My gender identity is fabricated and instinctive, illusionary and real, pivotal and irrelevant to the person I am. However, my identity crisis should be a non-issue to the people I work with, the political career I build or the social causes I work on. A revolution of sorts to challenge the social and economic exclusion of the transgender community is long overdue,” says Sowmya, a transgender person who contested in the recent elections in Karnataka.

LGBT Thai teens forced to become monks by parents to turn them straight
Homophobic Thai parents have been forcing their LGBT children to become monks but they are taking to social media to assert their identity

Reborn as a woman
She often tells people that she has two birthdays.
The first is in July when she was born. And the second is in November.
"That's when I was reborn into the woman I am now," said Miss Amy Tashiana Ali , 47, with a chuckle as she tossed back her long locks.

Transgender woman refused service at bridal shop
A Canadian transgender woman said a bridal shop in Saskatoon refused to let her try on wedding dresses because she looked like a man.
Transgender shopper to file complaint over bridal shop's refusal of service

Transgender beauty nabs reality show
Jenna Talackova Trump-ed pageant mogul
Transgender model Jenna Talackova gets reality TV gig
Transgender model Jenna Talackova to star in reality TV series

Exclusive: N.S. mother grateful for community support in gender identity debate
“My daughter’s her own person,” Emilie Siler Smith said with a laugh, as her 7-year-old child, Lola, fidgeted beside her.
At the onset of self-awareness, Lola thinks she’s a boy.

Edmonton man jailed 15 years for beating ex with toilet lid, torching suite and dragging girlfriend behind a car
An Edmonton man who used a toilet tank lid to attack a transsexual before torching her suite and dragged his girlfriend from a car was sentenced to 15 years Thursday.

Ten years of trans Pride at Sherbourne Health Centre
The Sherbourne Health Centre is preparing to host the 10th annual Trans, Genderqueer, Intersex and Two-Spirit Pride Day.

Choose Your Sex: Transgenderism at School
Transgenderism is being addressed in American schools from elementary to university level. What was once an anomaly is becoming normalized with the help of compliant courts, governmental entities, complicit politicians, and spearheading organizations.

NCAVP Deeply Concerned About Three Unsolved Homicides of Black Transgender Women in the Month of April, 2013; Calls for Thorough Investigation in all Cases
The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) is deeply concerned of three unsolved homicides of transgender women of color that occurred during the month of April in 2013, which continues a trend of murders of transgender and gender non-conforming women and people of color in the past few years.
Three Black Trans Women Murdered in April

Cleveland City Councilman Says Trans Woman's Murder 'Likely a Hate Crime'
Joe Cimperman believes Cemia Dove's murder was motivated by bias against the 20-year-old transgender woman.
Cleveland city council member demands the murder of Cemia Dove be treated as a hate crime
Rally for Murdered Transgender Woman Demands Awareness

GetEQUAL TX activists released on bail, promise more actions
Cd Kirven and four other GetEQUAL TX activists were released on $1,500 bail each on Wednesday. They were charged with class-B misdemeanors.

[Costa Rica/Central America]
La nicaraguense Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo en protesta
La comunidad homosexual de Centroamérica pedirá hoy a los presidentes de la región, que se reunirán con el mandatario estadounidense Barack Obama, el reconocimiento de sus derechos humanos y que se combata la violencia contra sus activistas.
Ellos se encuentran en la capital costarricense participando en la I Cumbre Centroamericana de Organizaciones LGBTI (lesbianas, gay, bisexual, transexual e intersexual).

Corte Constitucional ordenó segunda cirugía de cambio de sexo a transexual
La Corte Constitucional ordenó a la EPS Aliansalud que en un máximo de 48 horas autorice una cirugía de cambio de sexo, así como que convoque a una Junta Médica para que valore los procedimientos de feminización de la voz, feminización facial, depilación láser, liposucción a una persona transexual.

Antioquia tiene la cifra más alta de homicidios de homosexuales en el país: Colombia Diversa
La comunidad colombiana de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales (LGBT) denunció que entre 2010 y 2011 han sido asesinadas 280 personas de su colectivo, "la cifra más alta desde 2006".

La emocionante historia de Karla, la transexual que a los 41 se dio otra chance para estudiar
Vive cerca de Villa Amelia y no se cansa de decir que es su lugar en el mundo, de adolescente fue excluida de la escuela por su condición de género. Ahora empezó el secundario en una escuela para adultos.

Victoria Alejandra Ironici tendrá hoy su reasignación de sexo
Es la primera transexual de la provincia de Santa Fe que accede a la cirugía, una vaginoplastia, en el sistema de salud pública, en el hospital Gutiérrez de La Plata. Afronta una controversia con Iapos sobre la cobertura social.

domingo, maio 26, 2013

Sergipe: Rapaz assume ser gay e faz sucesso como dama em quadrilha
Homossexual decidiu dançar como dama pela primeira vez nesta sexta. Amigos me incetivaram a realizar esse sonho, diz quadrilheiro.

Correção: Travesti é morto com tiro na cabeça em Contagem
Um travesti ainda não identificado foi encontrado morto no início da manhã desta quarta-feira (11) em Contagem, na região metropolitana de Belo Horizonte. Segundo informações da Polícia Militar, o corpo estava em uma estrada de terra do bairro Chácara Campo Alegre.

Countries must repeal laws that discriminate against LGBT individuals
Marking the International Day Against Homophobia, United Nations officials today issued a call on Governments worldwide to protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals, and strike laws that discriminate against them.

Father confesses to killing his own son in landmark homosexual murder case
A father has confessed to killing his own son, but denied it was due to his sexual orientation, during the latest hearing held May 24, in a landmark homosexual murder case in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır.

Ukraine gay rights activists hold first ever march
Around a hundred gay rights activists marched in Ukraine on Saturday despite fears of violence, marking the first gay pride event in the ex-Soviet country, where homophobia is widespread and socially accepted.
Ukraine's first gay march held under police protection
Ukraine: LGBT activists in Kiev hold first ever gay pride march

Dozens Held at Moscow Gay Pride Rally
Several dozens of LGBT activists and their opponents were detained in the Russian capital on Saturday during a string of gay pride events in the city’s center, Moscow police said.
Russia warns activists against defying ban on Moscow Pride
Moscow police arrest gay pride organizer Nikolai Aleskseev

Zambian Delegation prevented from sharing hotel rooms due to Strict Homosexuality laws in DRC
Some Zambian delegates who went for the Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) and wanted to share hotel rooms to cut down on costs were denied to do so as it amounted to breaking the law on Homosexuality in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Activists battle to eliminate discrimination taught in schools
"Homosexuality is an indecent perversion, a hindrance to personal psychological health and purification of society, and a hotbed for the transmission of AIDS …" Zhang Yanxi, 22, was shocked to read this description of homosexuality in a Chinese textbook while preparing for an exam last year.

Young monks struggle with gender issues
Though the faith's teachings transcend issues of sexual identity, the monkhood in Thailand is struggling to accept or even come to terms with the truth about the gay and transgender men within its ranks

Transgender Woman Alleges Discrimination by Bridal Shop
A transgender woman in Canada’s Saskatchewan province has filed a discrimination complaint against a bridal shop that wouldn’t let her try on gowns, with a clerk reportedly telling her men weren’t allowed to do so.

Trans Latinas seek city funds
As transgender Latinas increasingly speak out about the discrimination and harassment they experience in San Francisco's Mission district, a nonprofit is asking city officials to fund its work to prevent such violence.

Anti-gay crime up in New York as city prepares for pride events
Police in New York are stepping up their presence in neighborhoods with large gay and lesbian communities after a string of recent attacks on residents based on their sexual orientation.

Advocates Rally For State Law To Grant Equal Rights To Transgender NYers
A coalition of activists and Council Speaker Christine Quinn rallied Wednesday in support of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, known as GENDA.

Aprobados proyectos antidiscrimen y reforma legislativa
La Cámara de Representantes aprobó en la tarde del viernes, el proyecto 238, que prohibe el discrimen por orientación sexual en el empleo y el 488, que extiende la protección de la Ley 54 a parejas de hecho y del mismo sexo, con 29 votos a favor y 22 en contra.
Ambos bandos reclaman victoria en proyectos contra el discrimen
Puerto Rico Approves Anti-Discrimination Bill

Rafael Correa destaca apertura a diversidad sexual en Ecuador
El presidente de Ecuador recordó este sábado durante la transmisión del Enlace Ciudadano que su gobierno es el que más ha hecho por la comunidad de los diversos sexuales. Sin embargo aclaró no estar de acuerdo con el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo.

22% de denuncias recibidas por discriminación son contra el colectivo GLBT
El 22 % de las denuncias recibidas por discriminación son contra el colectivo GLBT, informó el jefe de la unidad de políticas de la Dirección General de Lucha Contra el Racismo, Fernando Claros

Corte ordenó realizar cirugía de cambio de sexo a transgenerista
La EPS deberá convocar a una Junta Médica en 48 horas para valorar los procedimientos de feminización de la voz, feminización facial, depilación láser y liposucción de un transgénero de Bogotá.
Corte ordenó a EPS realizar cirugía de cambio de sexo a transgenerista
Ordenan realizar cirugía de cambio de sexo a transgenerista

Denuncian 280 asesinatos contra la comunidad LGBT
Colombia Diversa dice que los crímenes se presentaron entre el 2010 y el 2011.

Marginados en revolución
Venezuela no avanza en derechos LGBTI. En 4 países latinoamericanos se aprobó el matrimonio del mismo sexo. Falta el reconocimiento de las personas transexuales y la legislación para evitar la discriminación pública. Ni siquiera el Día Internacional contra la Homofobia, Lesbofobia, y Transfobia ha sido oficializado
ONG Venezuela Diversa: Pide al parlamento que abra debate para que cese la discriminación sexual

“Es la mejor forma de mostrar que existimos y que somos personas”
En la noche del viernes se estuvo realizando la primer marcha del colectivo Trans por calle Uruguay, organizada por ese colectivo social y con el apoyo general de la comunidad LGBT y del Ministerio de Desarrollo Social.

Se presentó el Frente Parlamentario por la Igualdad de Derechos LGBT
Legisladores/as de diversos bloques políticos se comprometieron a impulsar una agenda de 20 iniciativas legislativas
Argentina tendrá frente parlamentario por la igualdad homosexual

sábado, maio 25, 2013

Minas Gerais: Polícia Militar descobre esquema de aliciamento de travestis em Contagem
Mulher e travesti são suspeitos do crime. Eles viviam em situação precária.

Morre em Juína travesti espancado no Município de Colniza, polícia investiga motivação do crime
Morreu na tarde de terça-feira (21), o travesti que foi barbaramente espancado em Colniza, ele chegou a ser retirado para o município de Juína, mas não resistiu e morreu devido a gravidade das lesões, incluindo um traumatismo craniano.

Situation of Transgender persons: education is the passport to the future
At the end of a hearing on the situation of transgender persons, the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination decided to further discuss the issue with a view to improve the situation of transgender persons particularly in the fields of health care, transphobic hate crime and gender recognition.

Balkan states told to improve on LGBT rights before joining EU
The European Parliament have advised countries joining the EU to adopt legislation against discrimination of LGBT citizens

Ukraine court upholds ban on Kyiv Pride
Just two days before the gay pride demonstration was planned to go ahead, Ukrainian courts upheld a city ban
Gay pride rally cancelled by court for fear that it will spark violence

Moscow Pride to defy court ban and go on as planned
Despite a Moscow suburban court ban, organizers intend to go ahead with Moscow gay Pride as planned

Sex-change thief caught during surgery
A lady boy was arrested just as he was undergoing surgery for a sex-change on Thursday and charged with stealing 300,000 baht from a Kuwaiti man to pay for the operation.

City of Toronto flip-flops on Trans March decision
Following pressure from activists, the City of Toronto has reversed its decision and will now issue a permit for the annual Trans March to take place on Yonge Street.

Toronto Pride parade gets extended route
Pride Toronto (PT) is giving the city a taste of what to expect at WorldPride next year by extending the parade route to Yonge-Dundas Square for 2013.

Smith College Gets Petition Asking they Reconsider a Transgender Applicant
Today a group of Smith College students delivered a petition with more than 4,000 signatures to members of the school administration asking they reconsider their decision to decline admission to a transgender student.
Smith College activists present administrators with petition supporting transgender women applicants
Smith College students petition for transgender applicants

Hundreds of LGBT New Yorkers & Allies Attend Equality & Justice Day at the State Capitol
New Yorkers from Across the State Gather to Promote Legislative Agenda
As Assembly Passes Transgender Non-Discrimination Bill for 6th Time

sexta-feira, maio 24, 2013

Ex-BBB Ariadna é homenageada em evento no Rio de Janeiro
A ex-BBB Ariadna, primeira transexual a participar do reality show, foi uma das homenageadas da sétima edição do prêmio da revista "S! de Cultura e Cidadania".

Never again! PACE Report presented on forced sterilisation
“Never again”, Liliane Maury Pasquier (Switzerland, SOC) declared today when presenting her report on coerced sterilisations and castrations to the PACE Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development.

Western Balkans: European Parliament completes annual LGBT assessment
This week the European Parliament adopted three new reports on the EU accession process for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and on gender equality in the Western Balkans.

Council of Europe demands that Russia protect gay rights
The Council of Europe demanded that Russia must act to guarantee the right of LGBT people to freedom of expression and demonstration

Brighton and Hove could return nation's first ever transgender MP
Will Sussex have the UK’s first openly transgender MP?
Rianna Humble is in the running to become the Labour parliamentary candidate for either Hove or Brighton Kemptown.
Trans woman former councillor hopes to become Brighton MP

Press Release: Talking Recognition at Home and Abroad
TENI advocates for inclusive Gender Recognition for Ireland This week, members of TENI will present to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and to members of the Oireachtas on the necessity for inclusive, marriage-friendly Gender Recognition Legislation for Ireland.

Finally: Forced sterilizations removed from the Swedish legislation
Today, May 22nd, in the afternoon the Swedish Parliament voted to finally remove the mandatory legal requirement of sterilization for those who want to change their legal gender. The change enters into force on July 1 of this year.

Lithuanian parliament to discuss proposed ban on sex change
The Lithuanian Parliament has approved for discussion an amendment to the Civil Code which, if passed, would impose a ban on sex change.
The proposed change, which suggests that "medical change of sex is banned in Lithuania," will now be discussed by parliamentary committees.

Sexual assault on transvestite not worth registering a case
A security guard is still at large after sexually assaulting a transvestite in Sector G-11 of the federal capital as the police concerned fail to register a case despite the medical examination confirming the occurrence.

Malaysia government will 'block LGBT' in bid to win election
Government should be 'ashamed' says Human Rights Watch for publishing 'discriminatory, dangerous and unacceptable' material

'Impersonating a woman' decriminalized in Samoa
Third gender fa'afafine in Samoa celebrate the end of legal discrimination
Samoa wipes crime of 'Impersonating a woman'

Shop stops trans bride from trying on wedding dresses
Trans woman filing formal complaint after she was stopped from trying on dresses in a bridal shop in Canada
Bridal shop refuses to let transgender shopper try on gowns

Alex Jones Warns Against Transgender People "Vomiting And Crapping All Over The Place" If They're Protected By Non-Discrimination Laws
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went on a rambling, transphobic rant during his radio show, warning that protecting the rights of transgender people will cause them to start "vomiting and crapping all over the place."
Alex Jones takes break from Boston Marathon bombing conspiracies to go on transphobic rant

Brandy Martell remembered
Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan was one of several speakers at an April 29 candlelight vigil to mark the one-year anniversary of the murder of Brandy Martell, 37, an African American transgender woman who was shot in her car at 13th and Franklin streets.

City Council meeting erupts in heated debate over Kayla Moore’s death
The unusually packed Berkeley City Council chambers exploded into a shouting match Tuesday between Mayor Tom Bates and protesters demanding more information about the death of Kayla Moore, a 41-year-old transgender Berkeley resident and diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.

Oceanside man gets 20-yrs-to-Life for killing transgender prostitute
An Oceanside man was sentenced today to 20-years-to-Life for killing a transgender prostitute more than a year ago.
Tyree Davon Paschall, 29, admitted second-degree murder in the beating death of 47-year-old Crain Conaway, in the victim’s rented home in Oceanside, in January of 2012.
Prison for Parolee Who Killed Former Girlfriend in Her Oceanside Home
Man sentenced for killing girlfriend, dog

Bill making sexual identity discrimination illegal shot down
The LGBT community took another hit in their fight for equality at the State Capitol today.

Transgender Day of Celebration Comes to Boston For the 1st Time, Honors Life
The Metropolitan Community Church of Boston is hosting Boston’s first Transgender Day of Celebration, a day complementary to Transgender Day of Remembrance that publicly celebrates transgender lives.

Student Group To Deliver Petition To Smith College After Calliope Wong, Transgender Student, Was Rejected
Calliope Wong, a transgender woman who was rejected as an applicant to Smith College, has inspired a petition with 4,000 signatures that will be delivered to Smith College administrators on May 2.

Gay rights activists rally in Albany
Advocates of gay rights from across the state rallied in Albany. They're pushing for the Gender Expression Non Discrimination Act, or GENDA. YNN's Karen Tararache was in Albany with more on GENDA and what it means for the LGBT community.

Assembly Approves Landmark Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, bill sponsor Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, Governmental Operations Committee Chair Steve Englebright, and Codes Committee Chair Joseph Lentol today announced the passage of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA). The measure would protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination under the state's Human Rights Law.

Trans woman stabbed, dumped in pond tied to concrete in Ohio
A 20-year-old transgender woman was found three weeks after she went missing half-naked with numerous stab wounds
Transgender Woman's Body Found Near Cleveland; News Coverage Denounced
Transgendered Woman Murdered, Online Commenters Take PD to Task
Trans Murder Victim Maligned by Press
Cleveland Plain Dealer Coverage Insults Transgender Murder Victim
GLAAD and local advocates addressing horrific coverage of transgender murder victim
Cemia Acoff Fund
Activists condemn media coverage of Ohio murder
LGBT Groups Criticize Ohio Paper's Coverage Of Transgender Woman's Murder
Ohio trans woman killed, media coverage denounced by GLAAD
Cleveland 'Plain Dealer' Dehumanizes Horrific Murder of Trans Woman
Councilman: Murder of transgender woman should be investigated as hate crime
Cleveland City Councilman says murder of transgender woman in Olmsted Township is 'hate crime'
Rally Sends Message to Transgender Community
Cleveland Plain Dealer to meet with local trans advocates after GLAAD outreach

ACLU threatens legal action against Pa. school on behalf of transgender student
A spokesperson for the American Civil Liberties Union said Monday that it will take legal action in the case of the transgender student who was barred from participating in a prom election based on his gender identity, if the school fails to meet its demands by the end of the week.
ACLU: Dispute concerning Red Lion transgender student progressing

5 GetEQUAL TX activists arrested in ENDA protest at Texas Capitol
Cd Kirven of Dallas was among five GetEQUAL members arrested at the Texas Capitol this morning, according to KEYE, the CBS affiliate in Austin.

Un grupo de travestis reclama una zona para trabajar
Las quejas de los vecinos del barrio Hernando de Lerma motivaron el pedido de un espacio y horario determinado para ejercer la prostitución.

quinta-feira, maio 23, 2013

Overlooked, ignored, forgotten? No longer: Groups call for an end to transphobia in Asia Pacific
HIV remains a serious threat to transgender people worldwide,” states a new policy brief, Overlooked, Ignored, Forgotten: HIV and Basic Rights of Transgender People in Asia and the Pacific.
HIV rates among transgender people in Asia 'disturbingly high'

Don Gallo: “La sessualità è un dono, rispettate gli omosessuali e i transessuali”
Ospite del programma Che Tempo Che Fa, Don Gallo ha spiegato il suo pensiero esponendo quelle idee che per anni lo hanno fatto sembrare un sovversivo all'interno della Chiesa. Il rispetto per tutte le religioni, per la sessualità, l'indifferenza come ottavo vizio capitale e la parità dei diritti delle donne.

2 Moroccan men convicted of being homosexual sentence to 4 months in prison
A Moroccan court has convicted two men of homosexuality and public indecency, and sentenced each to four months in prison, in the latest case against gays in this North African nation.

Push for LGBTI rights in Moz constitution
It has been a bad few weeks for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in southern Africans with hate speech and arrests in Zambia and a pro-LGBTI group being forced to go to court in Botswana to seek recognition.
But there has also been cause for cheer from Mozambique - a small cheer admittedly but a cheer nevertheless.

215 "homosexual boys and girls" arrested in crackdown
Security sources revealed that criminal detectives carried out one of the largest campaigns covering cafes and suspected areas across all governorates of Kuwait.

Slow Response by Georgians to Mob Attack on Gay Rally
Georgian television captured clear images as a mob of more than 20,000 attacked a small gay rights march in downtown Tbilisi on Friday, sending at least 14 people to the hospital.
Homophobic violence mars Tbilisi Pride event
US, EU Condemn Attack On LGBT Rally In Tbilisi

Nevada governor signs transgender hate crime bill
Following a roundabout route of getting this trans protection bill to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s desk, it was signed it into law Tuesday night. The bill permits judges to ‘impose extra sentences’ on those committing crimes to transgender people.

7 de cada 10 han sufrido agresión
Una encuesta muestra que 24 de cada 100 miembros de las poblaciones Trans, Lesbianas, Gays y Bisexuales (tlgb) han percibido en su vida alguna forma de discriminación y siete de cada 10 han sufrido algún tipo de agresión (psicológica o física), mientras que la población Trans es la que se siente más discriminada con un índice de 49,1, según una encuesta nacional realizada en 2011 e impulsada por Conexión Fondo de Emancipación.

Piden en Nicaragua incluir a transgéneros en ley castiga violencia de género
La procuradora especial de la Diversidad Sexual de Nicaragua, Samira Montiel, pidió hoy incluir a las personas transgénero en la controvertida Ley Integral contra la Violencia hacia las Mujeres, que ha ocasionado polémica en el país centroamericano.
Transgéneros piden inclusión en Ley 779
Diversidad sexual de Nicaragua demanda acceso a justicia

Grupos Glbti defienden su identidad en la cédula
El anuncio que hizo el presidente Rafael Correa en el último enlace, de un posible veto a la Ley de Registro Civil por la inclusión del género en la cédula, creó preocupación en la comunidad Glbti.

ONG Colombia Diversa denuncia asesinato de 280 personas de comunidad LGBT
La comunidad colombiana de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales (LGBT) denunció hoy que entre 2010 y 2011 han sido asesinadas 280 personas de su colectivo, “la cifra más alta desde 2006″.
Entre 2010 y 2011 asesinaron a 280 miembros de la comunidad LGBT

Transexual RN retira candidatura a diputada por rechazo a usar su nuevo nombre
Una historiadora transexual que aspiraba a una candidatura a la Cámara de Diputados en las primarias de Renovación Nacional a celebrarse el próximo 30 de junio se retiró este miércoles del proceso por haber rechazado las autoridades electorales que aparezca en la papeleta con su nuevo nombre.
Tricel rechaza reclamación de candidata diputada trans para usar su nombre de género en la papeleta

“No queremos más violencia, ya tuvimos muchas muertes”
“Espero que paguen, que reciban el castigo correspondiente”, dijo Luisa Paz, miembro de la delegación local del Inadi.

quarta-feira, maio 22, 2013

Travestis e transexuais poderão ter nome social em documento em SP
Projeto de lei propõe que travestis e transexuais tenham nome social, e não o do registro civil.

Roundup of developments at the Parliamentary Assembly's April session
Find here a summary of the developments at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly's April session related to LGBTI issues.

Trans people forced to be sterilized across Europe
Council of Europe tells 29 member countries coerced sterilization of transgender people is a major human rights abuse, urges action

El Constitucional reconoce la pensión de viudedad a un transexual
El fallo es especialmente relevante porque la muerte de su pareja de hecho se produjo antes del cambio legal que reconoció ese derecho a relaciones análogas a las del matrimonio
El TC reconoce la pensión a una transexual por la muerte de su pareja de hecho y sin hijos

Transgender Europe calls on Minister Burton to Act Now
Executive Director of TGEU Dr Julia Ehrt writes to Minister Joan Burton, calling on her to uphold her commitment to progressing Gender Recognition legislation for Ireland.
Irish trans people's right to their identity delayed by a year
Trans community has “waited long enough” for gender recognition

Activists slam police raid on nightclub as ‘hate crime’
Activists protested in front of the judiciary in Beirut Tuesday calling for “accountability for hate crimes” following last week’s raid of Ghost, a nightclub in the Beirut suburb of Dikwaneh, that resulted in the detainment and alleged harassment of a transsexual patron and several others.
Activists protest against arrest and abuse of gays

Transgender fights odds to become IAS officer
Swapna (23) nurtures a dream like many other youngsters – a dream to become an IAS officer and serve the society.
She has the will power and perseverance to get it realised. But the government policy stands in her way. She would be allowed to write the civil service exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission only if she were a woman.

An RJ, a transgender: Meet the unusual contenders in Karnataka polls
From a Radio Jockey to a former policy wonk, there are some unusual contenders in the battle for Karnataka. Some candidates are contesting from parties that don't have much of a footprint, but they're all united in wanting to change the political landscape and give voters an alternative.

Gender identity dismissed in girl’s bid to join all-boys soccer team
An online petition is asking an Annapolis Valley soccer association to allow a seven-year-old girl to play on an all-boys team because she self-identifies as a boy.
Family happy daughter can play on boys’ soccer team

Trans Murder Remains Unsolved
One year after her violent shooting death on a downtown Oakland street, those who knew Brandy Martell are preparing to remember her and call attention to her killing, which hasn’t been solved.
Memorial held for transgender woman killed last year

Trans Student Petitions After Being Rejected by Women's College
A group of students will deliver a petition with 4,000 signatures to administrators of all-women Smith College after the college refused to consider the application of a transgender student.
Smith College group petitions to open admissions to transgender women after college refuses to consider male-to-female applicant

Duke hikes fees to provide sex-change surgery to students
The private university, located in North Carolina, follows Brown and other universities in offering coverage for the controversial operation.

Transgender rights groups hope to get GENDA bill to Senate floor
Juli Grey-Owens, Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition executive director and member of the New York state Transgender Rights Coalition, alongside members of the Interfaith Impact of New York State are urging lawmakers to pass legislation this session that will protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations.

Police Identify Man Found in Pond
Police investigating a body found in a pond released the man’s identity at a press conference Monday afternoon.
Olmsted Township police ID man dead in pond, tied to concrete block/steel pipe as Carl Acoff Jr.
Family Speaks Out After Body in Pond Identified
Brutal slaying marks the end of Cleveland man's fight for acceptance
Body of oddly dressed man found in Olmsted Township pond identified

Vermont Orders Insurers to Cover Gender Reassignment
Vermont regulators have issued a mandate that insurers operating within the state cover all medically necessary procedures for transgender people, including gender-reassignment surgery.
Vermont Requires Insurers To Cover Transgender Healthcare Needs

Noche travesti en el Teatro Nacional
Transexuales celebran Miss Nicaragua Gay 2013

Having sex after gender reassignment surgery is ‘satisfactory’ for most says new study
Eighty percent of male-to-female (M2F) people in the study engaged in sexual intercourse following surgery with most achieving orgasms. However, 40% reported eventual complications, some requiring additional surgery. It should be noted that the rate of complications declined during the 13 year study period — likely due to surgeons becoming more experienced doing the procedure.

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Morreu Ray Manzarek, dos Doors
Músico tinha 74 anos e sucumbiu a longa batalha contra o cancro.

Poderosa! Lea T. recebe proposta de R$ 500 mil para posar nua
A modelo top e transexual Lea T. está requisitadíssima. A moça recebeu uma proposta de R$ 500 mil da revista Playboy para posar nua.

Spanish transsexual bags widow pension
A transsexual has won a ten-year-long battle to receive a widow's pension after she was repeatedly denied the right to one for not having had any children with her de facto partner.

GPs give sex swap drugs to kids of 12
Children as young as 12 are being prescribed sex change drugs by their GPs.

'Transgender Issues' after Apparent Suicide of Teacher Lucy Meadows, PCC to Advise Media
The UK Press Complaints Commission announced last week that it is working on new guidance related to "transgender issues."
In creating this guidance, the PCC said it plans to "consult with representatives of the trans community" and invites feedback from the public at

TENI calls for action following further delay in Gender Recognition legislation
TENI is calling for human rights allies and trans people to take action, following a further delay in the progress of Gender Recognition legislation. In the latest Government Legislation Programme, the expected publication date for Ireland’s Bill for Gender Recognition has been moved back to 2014. The Gender Recognition Bill remains on the ‘C List’, meaning that the Heads of Bill have not yet been approved by Government.

Danish scientists say they’re close to a breakthrough in finding a cure for HIV
Scientists and researchers at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark say they believe there will be a breakthrough in finding a cure for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) “within months.”
HIV cure breakthrough on the horizon

Turkish student says university cancelled LGBT conference
Student says Yeditepe University cancelled a conference on LGBT ethics organized by medical students

LGBTI refugees risk death, rape and sexual slavery in Kenya
Barry’s parents were murdered, his children were poisoned, and he has been repeatedly raped because of his sexuality.
“Everyone who has found out that I am gay has tried to kill me”

Chhattisgarh: Defying all odds, Ravina Biraha fights for transgenders
Ravina Biraha is a transgender who refused to live on the fringes and is fighting for dignity for her community. The taunts, the jeers and the humiliation, Biraha has experienced it all. But she prefers to define herself as the third gender.

Soon, special drives to help transgenders get voter ID cards
Chief secretary of state JK Banthia, during a meeting on Monday, asked the state’s collectorates to come up with strategies and hold special drives to help members of the transgender community and other marginalised groups acquire voter ID cards.

‘Child policy must include transgender as beneficiaries’
The national child policy which ensures the safety of children should include transgender among the beneficiaries to prevent harassment of children who suddenly undergo biological changes by the family members, a transgender writer, Priya Babu, has said.

[China/Hong Kong]
Rewriting legal marriage lines is talk of the forum
Hong Kong is behind Asian neighbors, including the mainland, in marriage laws that involve transsexuals, a member of the Equal Opportunities Commission told City Forum.

NSW govt wants intersex excluded from protections
A NSW government bid to have intersex excluded from federal anti-discrimination laws has provoked a strong response from activists and the Greens.

Transgender teen finds strength in hockey
Cory Oskam, 16, says hockey played a key role in his transition.
Maple Ridge transgender athlete becomes advocate for other teens

Oakland: Police ask for public's help on anniversary of unsolved killing
On the anniversary of her death, police are calling for new attention in the still-unsolved slaying of a transgender woman by asking the public for help in finding her killer.

Copwatch heading to Berkeley's City Council for answers re Kayla Moore's death in custody
It's been two and a half months since Berkeley resident Kayla Moore died in Berkeley Police custody, after what the police first reported as a call for a mental health evaluation.

Thousands petition to support transgender high school student
A transgender student at St. Pius High School has received international support in his battle to wear boy’s gown at his graduation.

State mandates health insurance for transgender patients
Leaders in the medical and LGBT communities are celebrating a new health bulletin they say will require insurance companies to cover “medically necessary services” for transgender Vermonters — a mandate that will include gender-reassignment surgery.

Miss Gay Nicaragua impulsará refomas legales en defensa del gremio
Un travesti de 18 años ganó la corona Miss Gay Nicaragua 2013 con la misión de luchar contra la discriminación y promover la defensa de los derechos de este colectivo con "cambios reales en la legislación", informaron los organizadores.