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domingo, setembro 25, 2016

This Is The Deadliest Region In The World For Trans People
On the evening of October 13, 2015, Diana Sacayán, a prominent Argentine transgender activist, was found dead in her bedroom with multiple stab wounds. Sacayán was heavily involved in the transgender rights movement in Argentina, having successfully pushed for a law establishing transgender employment quotas in the provincial government of Buenos Aires.

Mulher trans é morta no meio da rua no centro de SP
Aos 31 anos, vítima foi baleada e jogada na calçada para morrer diante de dezenas de pessoas
Lidar com assassinatos não é para qualquer um. Mas existe uma grande diferença entre ver uma pessoa morta e uma pessoa morrendo.
E foi isso que aconteceu na frente de uma dezena de pessoas por volta das 20h desta quinta-feira (15), na rua General Jardim, região central de São Paulo, ao presenciar uma travesti baleada jogada na calçada, com uma marca de bala no abdômen, de onde escorria um fio de sangue que desembocava na valeta.

Travesti é internada em estado grave na UTI após ser espancada
Uma travesti foi brutalmente espancada na madrugada dessa quinta-feira (15) e está internada em estado grave na Unidade de Terapia Intensiva (UTI) do Hospital de Base. A vítima, identificada preliminarmente como Mirela, estava sem documentos e ainda não foi procurada por familiares.

Globo proíbe atriz que viverá transexual em À Flor da Pele de dar entrevistas
Caroline Duarte foi escolhida para viver uma transexual na nova novela de Glória Perez, À Flor da Pele, que tem estreia marcada para o ano que vem. A atriz, porém, está proibida de dar qualquer entrevista.

Globo blinda atriz transexual de Supermax para evitar assédio da imprensa
A assessoria de imprensa da Globo montou um esquema de segurança máxima para proteger a imagem de Maria Clara Spinelli, atriz transexual que interpreta Janette em Supermax. A série com cara de reality show estreou na terça-feira, dia 20, com 15 pontos de média.

Rafaela Manfrini é eleita Miss Trans Star International 2016
A Miss Brasil, Rafaela Manfrini, concorreu com candidatas de vários países, também venceu na categoria Miss Elegância, o concurso foi realizado na Espanha.

Measures to tackle Leeds transgender clinic waits
Measures aimed at cutting the time transgender people have to wait for a consultation at an NHS gender identity clinic (GIC) have been introduced.

Stumped by transgender pension case, UK top court seeks EU help
A complex legal dispute involving a transgender woman's pension rights over a period when her gender had not been officially recognized has divided Britain's Supreme Court, which referred the issue on Wednesday to the European Union's top court.
UK Top Court Split On Transgender Woman's Pension Right

Trans sports clubs: When swimming and playing football is a revolutionary act
All Roberta Francis wanted was a peaceful place to swim. But, writes Kashmira Gander, what she has created has transformed into so much more

Trans Woman Attacked with “Allahu Akbar” Chants in Mersin
Two assailants in Mersin’s Pozcu district attacked a trans woman with a knife and iron rod, shouting “Allahu Akbar” [“God is Great”]. It was learned that the police did not take action regarding the two people who attacked the trans woman saying “We’re going to kill all of you.”

Sibel, trans femme : « J’ai tué pour ne pas être tuée »
Sibel, trans femme, n’est ni la première, ni la dernière victime d’une totale injustice. Elle est aujourd’hui en prison. Son histoire recoupe celle de nombreuses trans femmes, et elle traverse les mêmes difficultés et injustices aussi bien dans sa vie, que dans son expérience du juridique et du carcéral.

Trans Woman Burned and Murdered in Turkey
Hande Kader, a trans woman based in Istanbul, disappeared a week ago. Her friends and lover filed a missing person’s announcement. Hande Kader’s burned body was found in Zekeriyaköy.

YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous detained in Dubai for being transgender
YouTuber and model Gigi Gorgeous was detained at a Dubai airport for being transgender, TMZ reports.

First woman seeks sex-change surgery in UAE
An Emirati woman has sought leave to have a sex change operation in what would be a first for the United Arab Emirates, newspapers reported on Tuesday.

After being diagnosed with HIV, transgender person forced to live on Peshawar street
According to Trans Action Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the LRH referred the patient to Hayatabad Medical Complex after she was diagnosed with the disease.
However, it said that the patient was not provided any assistance and that she was abandoned by all care providers.
The transgender person, identified as Dewani, is currently living on the road near garbage dump in Dallazak area.
Cast aside: Community shuns HIV positive transgender person in Peshawar

Targeted community: Transgender groups fall prey to criminals
Three groups of people who are transgender were attacked over the course of a single night in the provincial capital.

Tales From The Dark Side: The Secret Life Of A Transgender Woman In Pakistan
Her conversion was smooth. She just loved dancing. She must be God’s favorite child as He chose to give her the family she’s happy with, who often see famished nights with tales untold. Having spent more than 25 years in Sargodha, dancing and stealing the shows everywhere, it’s time she changes things, or to be honest, restarts things; as few incidents have been life changing for a pure soul like her.

'I wasn’t made to be raped and ridiculed' - trans woman makes a stand in Pakistan
Despite being recognised as the third gender, the marginalised hijiras of Pakistan suffer violence and abuse. Now one brave woman is demanding justice

‘Transgender’ wife: A bizarre case of alimony lands in apex court
In a strange case of marriage annulment, payment of haq mehar and demand of alimony, the Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a notice to a transgender person who was married off as a woman to a resident of Multan region.

Hijras want the new Transgender Bill scrapped
The transgender community, commonly known as hijras, has demanded that the new Transgender Persons Bill, 2016, be scrapped, for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is silent on the subject of granting them reservation in education and jobs under the Other Backward Classes category.

Signalling change: Transgenders to discipline traffic violators in Delhi
The next time you violate a traffic rule in Lutyens' Delhi, a transgender would be there to correct your mistake with a chocolate or a flower

[Sri Lanka]
Sri Lanka: Challenging ‘Gender Norms’ Brings Abuse
Transgender people and others who do not conform to social expectations about gender face discrimination and abuse in Sri Lanka, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

Indonesia says 'no room' for LGBT rights movement
The LGBT community is tolerated in Indonesia but recently suffered a public backlash when a government minister said that LGBT people should be barred from university campuses

The Piety of Shinta Ratri: When Militant Islamists Attacked a Transgender Madrasa, They Attacked Pluralism Itself
I met Shinta Ratri 10 days after her life’s work had unraveled before her eyes. She quietly introduced herself as she fumbled to light a cigarette. The mood was different from six years earlier, when dozens of reporters had flocked to Indonesia, home to more Muslims than any other country, to profile Shinta’s unique creation — the world’s only Islamic school run by and for transgender women. In early March, we sat on a terrace to discuss how militant Islamists had forced her to shut down her beloved Al-Fatah Pesantren as an unprecedented anti-LGBT campaign across the country reached fever pitch.

Trans man and musician Aiza Seguerra takes senior job in government of the Philippines
A trans man takes a senior position despite Philippines' president's homophobic remarks

Philippines AirAsia open to transgender applicants
Budget carrier Philippines AirAsia announced on Sunday it is open to transgender applicants across all company positions, as part of its move to promote gender equality in the workplace.

Mother who found her son trying to cut off his penis at age four will give her child, now 12, puberty-blocking drugs so she grows up as a woman
Australian schoolgirl Emma Hayes started her life as a boy named Ronan
The 12-year-old is set to undergo medical treatment to become a woman
She will take a hormone drug to stop her going through puberty as a boy
Her mother found her then-son trying to cut off his penis at aged four

Monday night's Australian Story: Trans teen takes on the courts
Transgender teenager Georgie Stone is featured on Monday night’s episode of the ABC’s Australian Story, showing how she battles prejudice and legal challenges as she takes on the system to make life easier for other transgender kids and their families.
‘If my voice broke it would have changed my life’

New sexual health resource for trans men nothing to Grunt at
The campaign was created because there was a gap in sexual health awareness for trans men

Kids, 5, in sex-change stories uni research trial
Children as young as five have been used for storytime sessions featuring books with transgender characters, introducing concepts ranging from cross-dressing to gender reassignment surgery, as part of a university study being used to advocate for the expansion of the Safe Schools program into primary schools.

Trans resource to be developed for homeless services
The online resource will ensure homeless services are trained to support trans and gender diverse Australians at risk of homelessness.

[New Zealand]
Cannabis campaigner and transgender activist confirm bid for Dunedin mayoralty
A cannabis campaigner and a transgender activist are taking on the "old boy network" as they run for the Dunedin mayoralty.
Trans activist runs for Dunedin mayoralty

[New Zealand]
Akl Transport pulls "transphobic" section of new ad
Auckland Transport has removed a section of their new ad campaign from cinemas and online distribution after being approached by a concerned group of people who say a portion of the ad was “transphobic”.

[New Zealand]
New Plymouth transgender student starts petition for trousers to be part of school uniform
A transgender student is campaigning for one of New Plymouth's biggest school's to change its dress code to include trousers.

Trans March returning to Ottawa Pride after a decade
Organizers plan event ‘by the trans community, for the trans community.
‘Exploited’: Ottawa Gay Pride names gender-confused 10-year-old grand marshal

Trans athlete takes fight to Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
For years, Kristen Worley has fought for a place for trans athletes in international sporting competitions. Now she’s taken her fight to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

City removes bus shelter ads about transgender people in public washrooms
Transgender advocates say with city's new pro-LGBTQ pledge, the ads never should have been there to begin with
Hamilton hopes to soothe relations with transgender community after bus ad
Hamilton city council asks for report on trans-phobic HSR ads

Trans children: Montreal has resources to help families come to terms
Parents, teachers and doctors should stop treating children and teens who buck gender stereotypes as if there is something wrong with them, says a Montreal doctor who treats transgender youth.

Ontario considers more gender changes for IDs
Ontario is considering more changes to the collection and display of gender information on government documents, not long after announcing gender-neutral driver's licences and health cards.

'Like a slap in the face': Winnipegger slams rules for transgender blood donations
Activist speaks out against Canadian Blood Services’ new rules for trans donors

Re(Assignment) premieres with Michelle Rodriguez in a ‘sewer stained’ transface tragedy
Clutching her vagina screaming “NO” after punitive penis removal, a bloodied and “Sewer Stained” Re(Assignment) ‘victim’ cisgender actress Michelle Rodriguez believes trans people shouldn’t criticize her transface role because she is bisexual.
Sex change horror movie that shows Michelle Rodriguez being forcibly changed from a man into a woman is accused of being 'transphobic and exploitative' (and terrible!)
Michelle Rodriguez says trans people need to "calm down," '(Re) Assignment' is not "deep"
Toronto: This Michelle Rodriguez Sex-Change Thriller Is a Total Disasterpiece

The Shared Danger of Supporting anti Trans Bathroom Bills
A Dominican woman who was detained with men when entering the states three years ago is is suing for 5 million dollars. Fiordaliza Pichardo was arrested at Miami’s international airport on what attorneys say was a decades-old drug trafficking charge that was later dismissed. The $5m suit names the Miami-Dade corrections department as a defendant.
Lesbian booted out of women’s bathroom at L.A. music hall after guard insisted she was a man

Jeffrey Tambor asks Hollywood to ‘give trans actors a chance’ during Emmy speech
The Transparent star says he would be happy to be the last cisgender actor playing a transgender character.

American Pastor Who Helped Uganda Create ‘Kill The Gays’ Law Will Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity
Most of us go our entire lives without ever standing trial for crimes against humanity. Then again, most of us aren’t notorious bigot Pastor Scott Lively, whose life work seems to be to ask the question: “How can I make gay people miserable across the world?”

1 in 5 in Juvenile Justice System Are LGBTQ; DOJ Report Offers Recommendations
As Pride Month came to a close and in the shadow of the Orlando tragedy, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), part of the U.S. Department of Justice, released a report about LGBTQ youth within the juvenile justice system. The report, “Creating and Sustaining Fair and Beneficial Environments for LGBTQ Youth,” summarizes listening sessions that occurred over two days in late 2014 between the OJJDP and over fifty-five participants including researchers, practitioners, and youth experts from across the nation. OJJDP is currently preparing to update regulations for federal juvenile justice grants, and NCTE joins other youth advocates in urging the agency to incorporate key recommendations from this report, such as LGBT nondiscrimination requirements, into OJJDP’s grant rules.

Transgender actress Jen Richards joins the cast of Nashville
Transgender actress Jen Richards is going country in Nashville! Nashville season 5 that is.
Emmy-nominated writer, actress and producer Jen Richards (Her Story, Doubt) has Joined the cast of “Nashville in a recurring part for the series fifth season.

HUD Extends Nondiscrimination Protection at Homeless Shelters to Transgender People
“This new rule will ensure equal access to the very programs that help to prevent homelessness for persons who are routinely forced to choose between being placed in facilities against their gender identity or living on our streets.” HUD Secretary Julián Castro said in a statement.

Vigil held in honor of murdered Fresno transgender woman
Casey Haggard was killed nearly one year ago
Dozens march in honor of transgender woman killed in Fresno last year

Police: Transgender woman stabbed in NE DC
Police are investigating after a transgender woman was stabbed several times in northeast DC Tuesday.

Arrested cis woman fails vagina inspection, jailed with 40 men in common cell; files $ 5 million lawsuit
Historically, doctors delivering babies could not always correctly determine the gender of newborns they delivered by just looking, resulting in tragic consequences for perhaps hundreds of thousands of people. Miami-Dade corrections officials, however felt they were up to the task playing “guess the gender” of their inmates using the same failed techniques.

Transgender students speak out about Teacher Suspended for Bullying Them
Angel Villanueva was suspended from his teaching position at East Lee County High because an investigation found the teacher tried forcing his religious beliefs regarding sexual orientation and gender identity on his students.

Transgender Prisoner Sues Florida to Get Hormone Treatments
A transgender prisoner sued the Florida Department of Corrections on Monday to demand hormone treatments that she said were promised when she pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree murder.

Georgia Advocates Launch New Tool to Monitor Discrimination Against Transgender Students
As Georgia students return to school, five LGBT advocacy groups have introduced a new resource called the Georgia Transgender Student Rights Watch.

4 months, $140,000 later, transgender stroke victim admitted by nursing home
The minimum cost for lack of discharge options for transgender Des Moines woman: $141,615

Trial continues for suspect accused of killing transgender person at Louisville hotel
Testimony continued for a third day Monday in the trial of a man accused of murdering a transgender victim at a south Louisville hotel.
Witness says suspect Henry Gleaves shot and killed transgender prostitute
Closing arguments underway in transgender murder trial

Trans Woman Murdered in Baltimore Is 21st This Year, Equaling 2015's Total
A Baltimore transgender woman has died of a gunshot wound, bringing the number of reported murders of transgender people in 2016 to 21 — the total reported for all of last year.
Crystal Edmonds, a 32-year-old African-American trans woman, was bleeding from a gunshot to the back of her head when police found her on a sidewalk on the city’s northwest side shortly after 3 a.m. Friday, Baltimore’s City Paper reports. She was taken to a hospital, where she died about 11 a.m.
Police seeking leads in the murder of Baltimore Transgender woman Crystal Edmonds
Vigil planned for transgender woman shot, killed in Baltimore

Judge weighs transgender firing involving funeral home
A federal judge in Detroit is expected to decide this month whether a Garden City funeral home violated a federal civil rights law when it fired a transgender employee who wanted to dress as a woman.

BREAKING: Pat McCrory Quietly Withdraws HB2 Lawsuit He Filed Against Federal Government, Cites Costs
Governor Pat McCrory Friday quietly withdrew the lawsuit he filed in May against the Obama administration as a response to the Dept. of Justice demand he explain if or how he will enforce HB2, his radical, extremist, far-reaching law targeting transgender people. The North Carolina governor cited costs of litigation, noting that his state is also the defendant in a lawsuit filed against him by the Dept. of Justice on similar grounds.

Anti-Trump gay rights activist is NOT responsible for the Manhattan bombing say police after blogger claimed to have carried out the attack in response to 'LGBTQ oppression'
Law enforcement discounted the blog posting that claimed responsibilty
A blog said Saturday's explosion was 'lashing out' against 'oppression'
'I am not going to live in a country where it is OK to have a misogynist, xenophobic, racist, Islamophobic, Republican candidate running for President of The United States!' the post said
'This isn't the end. This is just the beginning,' it said. 'I will be remembered. I will make a difference. I will eliminate my targets before it is too late'
The blog also encouraged LGBTQ+ people to give out 'violence and possibly oppression'
"Sou o bombista de Nova Iorque", diz autor de blog com bandeira LGBT

Ohio Trans Woman Rae'Lynn Thomas Murdered by Mother's Ex-Boyfriend
Rae'Lynn Thomas was brutally attacked by her mother's ex-boyfriend, who still lived in their Columbus home. She is the 19th trans person known to be killed in the U.S. this year.

US soldier charged with death of trans woman
The body of 36-year-old Erykah Tijerina was discovered last month in El Paso, Texas
Latina Trans Woman Found Murdered in Her Home in Texas
Texas Outlet Willfully Misgenders Transgender Murder Victim And Calls Her By The Wrong Name

Texas Court Says Trans Man Can’t Be Listed as Male on His Driver’s License
A Texas appeals court ruled last week that a transgender man isn’t entitled to change the gender marker on his driver’s license from “female” to “male.”

Police arrest man for murder of transgender woman Deeniquia Dodds
A man has been arrested for the murder of transgender woman, Deeniquia Dodds.
The woman was shot on July the 4th in Washington, but died 9 days later in hospital.

Judge tells Wisconsin School: stop making trans students wear arm bands
Ash Whitaker and mom surrounded by classmates celebrate a federal Judge’s temporary injunction ordering the Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) to cease requiring him to wear an armband signifying his transgender status.

Thousands of Colombians join nationwide protest of gender ideology in public schools
Thousands marched yesterday in protests held throughout Colombia to protest a new initiative of the country’s homosexual Minister of Education to implement homosexualist and transsexualist gender ideology programs in Colombian schools.
Colombian president pulls ‘transgender education’ plan after massive protests

Chile’s Huilliche tribe: Born with two spirits
The southern Indigenous Chilean tribe celebrate gender diverse people, even if the Catholic Church have tried to stamp it out of them

This Is The Deadliest Region In The World For Trans People
On the evening of October 13, 2015, Diana Sacayán, a prominent Argentine transgender activist, was found dead in her bedroom with multiple stab wounds. Sacayán was heavily involved in the transgender rights movement in Argentina, having successfully pushed for a law establishing transgender employment quotas in the provincial government of Buenos Aires.

Morón y Lanús son los primeros en adherir a la ley provincial de cupo trans
Los dos municipios se convirtieron el pasado viernes en los dos primeros en adherir a la ley provincial de cupo trans sancionada en septiembre del año pasado, dado que sus concejos deliberantes aprobaron las resoluciones correspondientes para que también en esas administraciones públicas el 1% de los puestos laborales sean ocupados por personas transgéneros, travestis y transexuales.

sexta-feira, setembro 16, 2016

Nova lei para pessoas transgénero não será discutida este ano
O projecto do Bloco de Esquerda sobre “autodeterminação de género”, que deu entrada na Assembleia da República em Maio, não será discutido ou votado antes do fim deste ano, confirmou Persona Grata junto do grupo parlamentar do Bloco.

Transformista Jenny Larrue é “A Tal Tropical”
Habituada a ser Whitney Houston ou Beyoncé em espectáculos de travestismo na noite gay de Lisboa, Jenny Larrue é agora protagonista de um teledisco kitsch da banda portuguesa PISTA. De diva afro-americana a rainha da ginga africana através do tema “A Tal Tropical”.

Transexual protagoniza série na Globo, e revela que foi barrada em banheiro feminino
A atriz transexual Maria Clara Spinelli será uma das protagonistas da série “Supermax”, da Globo. Esse será o seu primeiro papel de destaque na TV. A personagem da atriz, Janete, será uma das 12 participantes do reality show da história, uma mistura de thriller, drama e suspense.

Polícia prende 3 por espancar travesti e irmã no Rio de Janeiro; vídeo
Homens aplicam sequência de chutes; confusão começou dentro de van.
Três homens envolvidos na agressão foram identificados e presos.
Irmã de transexual agredida no Rio relata ataque: 'Era para ela estar morta'

Transgender Nicole Lax's grieving mum urges others to follow their dreams
A year after Nicole Lax's death, grieving mum Nicola, of South Moor, near Stanley, County Durham, gives message of support

Train company educates customer who complained about a ‘man in dress’
A train company posted a perfect response to a customer who complained about a “man in stockings and a dress”.
The TransPennine Express service operates major train routes in the North of England, connecting Manchester to Liverpool, Sheffield, Hull, Leeds, York, Newcastle and Scotland.

The Lauras by Sara Taylor review – an engrossing transgender road trip
Alex doesn’t have a gender – and Ma is OK with that as they cross America in search of the past in this exploration of identity and the bond between mother and child

How Meryl Streep's Trans Music Teacher Opened Her Eyes to LGBT Acceptance
Meryl Streep has LGBT teachers to thank for her musical abilities and progressive worldview.
The star of Florence Foster Jenkins recounted how both a gay man and a trans person influenced her at a very early age, informing her how the arts can be a safe haven for LGBT people.

France Mulls Process for Changing Gender Identification
France has legislation heading to its Senate this fall that is designed to help between 10,000 to 15,000 transgender people in the country who are living at odds with their official gender identity.

Trans Woman in Naples, Italy faces transphobia in hospital
Today, 4th August 2016, the Associazione Transessuale di Napoli (ATN) and Arcigay held a protest against Transphobia and Homophobia in healthcare in front of the hospital S.Giovanni Bosco in Naples, Italy. This protest was in support of Nunzia, and for all those trans persons that even today are faced by hate and transphobic slurs within healthcare settings.

Trans model’s stunning dress shines a light on countries with anti-gay laws
26-year-old transgender model Valentijn de Hingh collaborated with fashion designer Matthijs van Bergensi and artist Oeri van Woezik to create the stunning piece, which features the flags of the 72 countries around the world where it remains a crime to be gay.

What the U.S. Is Learning From How Israel Treats Transgender Soldiers
On June 30, the U.S. military announced it would accept transgender soldiers and it has been looking at the experience of other armies for guidance

[Saudi Arabia]
Transgenders face inheritance issues after SRS
Transgender people who undergo sex reassignment surgery (SRS) are facing a major obstacles in obtaining their rightful inheritance after the death of their parents.

A Transgender Person is Stabbed in Shadi Peer Area of Peahawar midnight. She has received 14 stiches. She is too horiifed and in trauma. She has refused to lodge police complaint and do not want to identify herself. One year ago same transgender sister was stabbed multiple times in Swat and she recived 40 stiches.

India's transgender community still waiting for toilets it was promised
Arnav Srinivasan, 37, works in one of Thomson Reuters' Bengaluru offices. He was born as Kalyani, a female, but identifies as a man. It was a big deal for him when the office introduced a "gender-neutral" bathroom.

[Hong Kong]
Transgender woman claims her rights were violated
Lawyers representing a transgender woman, who is challenging her treatment by police and prison authorities, say her fundamental rights were violated.
Transgender woman’s detention in Hong Kong all-male prison ‘unconstitutional’, court told
Transgender woman kept with men to protect female inmates, Hong Kong court hears

Why Transgender People In Japan Prefer To Be Told They Have A ‘Disorder’
There’s a global push to remove “gender identity disorder” from the list of mental illnesses. But many transgender people in Japan aren’t on board with the idea. J. Lester Feder reports from Osaka.

Adelaide transgender model Gemma Cowling makes catwalk debut in Adelaide Fashion Week
Gemma Cowling is getting off the couch to make her official catwalk debut as the first Australian-born transgender model.

[New Zealand]
Doco reveals the impact transition has on a friendship
A new short documentary tells the story of two friends in their 50s who are in the process of redefining their friendship after one of them comes out as transgender.

New gender-neutral Ontario health cards make it harder to get a passport
Ottawa says it wasn't consulted on province's decision to change cards

Capital Pride takes on Bathrooms Without Borders
Ottawa’s Pride festival chooses gender-neutral washrooms as theme
Ten-year-old trans activist chosen as Grand Marshal in Ottawa’s upcoming Capital Pride parade

Trans rights rally in Montreal focuses on supporting migrants
Third annual march asks for transgender immigrants to have the option of changing gender on paper

TransGriot Blogger Monica Roberts Honored By GLAAD For A Decade Of Excellence
"It’s even more potent when you walk the walk and back up your words with deeds."

Alexis Arquette Dead: Transgender Actress Dies at 47, Siblings Patricia and Richmond Arquette Pay Tribute
Alexis Arquette, a transgender activist and actress best known for playing a Boy George–inspired character in The Wedding Singer, died on Sunday, September 11, her brother Richmond Arquette confirmed. She was 47.
Alexis Arquette, Transgender Actress and Sister to David and Patricia Arquette, Has Died
Actress And Trans Activist Alexis Arquette Dead At 47
Alexis Arquette’s Cause Of Death Reportedly AIDS-Related Complications

Susan’s Place founder Susan Larson Comes Out
Susan Larson came out to friends and family years ago but only recently announced her transsexuality to the world. After helping thousands for decades with sage advice on the iconic website “Susan’s Place” Larson has made it official.

Chelsea Manning Ends Hunger Strike Will Receive SRS
Chelsea Manning has ended her hunger strike after being told by the government that she will receive gender confirmation surgery.

Physicians Decry Pseudo-Science of Transgenderism, ‘Absurd’ to Say Anyone is Born Into ‘Wrong Body’
The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) has released a position paper denouncing popular approaches to transgender, declaring that the current protocol is founded upon “unscientific gender ideology,” which lacks any basis in real evidence.

We Can Still Hear the 'Screaming Queens' of the Compton's Cafeteria Riot
Though history has forgotten and dismissed the transgender women and drag queens who stood up to police violence 50 years ago in San Francisco, their brave response paved the way for our lives today.

Chowchilla High Denies Entry Access To Native American, Transgender Girl
Chowchilla, California. School denies entry access to Emily Galilahi Jugashvili. Chowchilla High now has a 0.9% Native American population.

Transgender inmate sues prison leaders for civil rights violations
Top Delaware prison officials denied a transgender female inmate medically recommended hormone therapy, read her legal mail and threw her in solitary confinement after she consulted with attorneys, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed this past week in the Court of Chancery.

Judge Tells Trans Man To 'Pick A Name I Can Live With'
A judge from the state of Georgia has refused to allow a transgender man to change his name unless he chooses a gender neutral or unisex name.

Transgender woman found slain on Chicago's West Side
A West Side transgender woman, T.T., Saffore, was found murdered in Chicago's West Garfield Park neighborhood the evening of Sept. 11, 2016.
According to the Chicago Police Department and subsequent reports by the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune, he body was discovered in the 4500 block of West Monroe Street.
He throat had been cut and a knife found nearby.
Breaking: Trans Woman Found Murdered in Chicago Park
Transgender woman slain in Chicago's Garfield Park is 20th transgender killing this year

Forensic psychologist testifies in trial of murdered transgender victim at Louisville hotel
Did he target a transgender person? Or was he the victim of a robbery and scared for his life?

Transgender woman stabbed 119 times
New evidence was presented during the preliminary hearing of Dwanya Hickerson, accused of murdering Mississippi transgender woman Dee Whigham. According the the testimony of a Sheriff’s deputy the autopsy shows that Dwanya Hickerson stabbed the victim 119 times and slashed her throat three times.

LGBT activist wants apology for transgender tweet
LGBT activists are asking Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James to apologize, following comments he posted to his Twitter account.
ACC joins NCAA and NBA moving Championship Games From NC over HB2

Transgender Performer Kicked Out of NYC Gay Bar for Making a Woman ‘Uncomfortable’
Transgender performer Valentine Steaphon was kicked out of Boots & Saddle Drag Lounge, a New York gay bar, after a cisgender woman discovered her in the women’s restroom on Friday night, sparking immediate backlash on social media.

Lea T Makes History at Opening Ceremony
"Brazil is a vast country and all its diversity should be somehow represented in this event,” said the model.

'Un 'trans' debe ser el triple de bueno en el trabajo que un hombre'
'Un 'trans' debe ser el triple de bueno en el trabajo que un hombre'
Habla Tamara Adrián, la primera mujer 'trans' con una curul en la Asamblea Nacional de Venezuela.

“Con uniforme de mujer me sentía mal”: Trans que celebra fallo de la Corte
El Sena anuncia que acata fallo de la Corte que permite a transgénero vestir como desee • “Estamos aprendiendo”, dice la directora de la entidad.

Investigan si asesinato de transexual en el Centro fue por piropos
Policía capturó a los supuestos homicidas, quienes alegaron que la víctima estaba con un grupo que había intentado atracarlos • Les hicieron “seducción verbal”, se informó.

¿El 'bullying' contra Gina Parody es fruto de la homofobia colombiana?
Entrevista de María Isabel Rueda a la exdirectora de la Dian, Fanny Kertzman.

Chilean Senate commission approves trans rights measure
A Chilean Senate commission on Wednesday approved a proposal that would allow transgender adults to legally change their name and gender without going before a judge.

Transfobia: agreden a excandidata a concejal del PTS de Zárate
Fue en el barrio porteño de Once, la golpearon luego de reconocerla como transgénero.

La ley a ti debida

sábado, setembro 10, 2016

Cabeleireiro é assassinado em Aliança
O acusado de ter praticado o crime usou um fio elétrio para matar a vítima.
Um cabeleireiro foi estrangulado no município de Aliança. O crime foi registrado, na manhã deste sábado (03), pela Polícia Militar. A vítima, Aílton José da Silva, 46 anos, foi encontrado despido e de bruços sobre sua cama, sem vida. O autor do crime teria usado um fio elétrico para cometer o crime.

Travesti é morta a facada após combinar programa em Londrina
Uma travesti foi assassinada na noite de domingo (4) na rua Cabo Verde, Vila Nova, região central de Londrina.
A vítima foi atingida por um golpe no pescoço e perdeu bastante sangue. Uma equipe médica do Samu foi acionada para atendimento, mas o travesti, identificado apenas como Tainá, morreu dentro da ambulância.

Travesti é esfaqueado e assassinado com três tiros
Corpo seminu é encontrado na Tom Jobim, o crime ocorreu na madrugada desta sexta (09) na ERS 118
Um homem de 26 anos foi assassinado brutalmente durante a madrugada por volta das 5:30
Segundo informações da delegacia de homicidios, a vitima atuava no ponto como travesti. Ele teria sido atingido por facadas no abdômen, antes de levar três tiros nas costas. A homicidios aponta que o homem estava "trabalhando" no ponto há cerca de uma semana, após chegar de Caxias do Sul.
Corpo localizado próximo ao motel localizado na Vila Tom Jobim.
A causa mais provável seja um desentendimento entre a vitima e um cliente.
Na manhã desta sexta-feira (9), foi encontrado um corpo seminu em um terreno baldio, localizado no bairro Tom Jobim, às marges da ERS-118. A vítima tinha várias perfurações à bala no tórax. Moradores da região teriam ouvido barulhos de tiros na noite anterior. A Polícia Civil investiga o caso.

Travesti é executado a tiros em Conceição do Jacuípe
Um travesti identificado como Pablo Alexandre Pereira, conhecido como Pâmela, de apenas 16 anos, foi morto a tiros na noite desta sexta-feira (9), por volta das 20h, na Vila Nova Esperança, (Casinhas), em Conceição do Jacuípe.
Segundo informações de populares, a vítima foi alvejada por cerca de cinco tiros, por elementos armados que chegaram no local a pé e veio a óbito.
Até o momento ninguém foi identificado com autor do crime.

Sesab autoriza instalação de ambulatório para pessoas trans e travestis em Salvador
Mulheres e homens transexuais da Bahia, além de travestis, têm um motivo para comemorar. Após uma intensa luta de várias entidades como o coletivo Mães Pela Diversidade, a Secretaria da Saúde do Estado da Bahia (Sesab) publicou na edição de sexta-feira (02) do Diário Oficial do Estado resolução onde autoriza a habilitação do Hospital Universitário Professor Edgard Santos (Hupes), da Universidade Federal da Bahia, para a instalação do ambulatório transexualizador.

Polícia prende duas suspeitas de matar idosa em Votuporanga
Travestis mataram a idosa dentro da casa da vítima.
Delegado já pediu a prisão temporária das duas por 30 dias.

Travesti tem rosto esfaqueado durante briga na Bahia, diz polícia
Uma travesti de 28 anos foi esfaqueada no rosto durante uma briga na quarta-feira (7), no município de , no oeste da Bahia. As autoras do crime seriam outras duas travestis.

Transgender Canadian cyclist wins key battle in human-rights complaint over policing of athlete gender
A Canadian cyclist who transitioned from man to woman — then had to prove to sporting officials she was sufficiently female — has won a key battle in her unique human-rights complaint over the policing of athlete gender.

W.H.O. Weighs Dropping Transgender Identity From List of Mental Disorders
The World Health Organization is moving toward declassifying transgender identity as a mental disorder in its global list of medical conditions, with a new study lending additional support to a proposal that would delete the decades-old designation.

La diputada Carla Antonelli denuncia que sigue recibiendo amenazas de muerte en Twitter
La diputada socialista en la Asamblea de Madrid, Carla Antonelli, ha denunciado hoy que sigue recibiendo amenazas de muerte en la red social Twitter por su defensa del colectivo de lesbianas, gais, transexuales y bisexuales (LGTB).

A Paris, une scène ouverte - et réservée - aux femmes et aux trans
Près de 200 personnes se sont réunies mardi dans un squat, «La Petite Maison», à Paris, pour assister à une scène ouverte réservée aux femmes, et aux «trans», soit, selon les organisateurs, «toute personne ne s'identifiant pas aux normes liées au sexe assigné à la naissance». Baptisé Self-ish, l'événement leur propose de s'exprimer librement face à un public mixte.

Data reveals surge in anti-trans hate crimes reported to police in recent years
Police reports of anti-trans hate crimes have nearly tripled in the past four years, British police forces have found.

Anti-gay Tory MP takes aim at trans people who want to have kids using NHS fertility treatment
A Tory MP has hit out at trans men who freeze their eggs using NHS fertility treatment to become parents after they transition.
Katie Hopkins claims NHS shouldn’t fund transgender people’s ‘life choices’

Inside Manchester's Transgender Beauty School
L'Oréal Blackett talks waxing, £1000 wigs and trans-formations with Born UK make-up studio

Leicester Pride Happy Using Trans Slurs
Today I attended my local Pride event in Leicester, an event that I'd been to before and enjoyed. Our household was excited to go, and we spent the morning getting ourselves ready for what we thought would be a great day our. However, the three of us were extremely disappointed by the event. Not because of the constant rain that soaked us through, it's summer in England, we're used to that kind of thing, no we were disappointed by some of the incredibly offensive language being used by one of the event's organisers.
Leicester Pride Censors Objections to Staff Wearing Name Tag “Tranny”
Leicester Pride Issue Apology For Using The Word 'Tranny'

Susan Sarandon's 'sex swap' Christian teen film to premiere in Belfast
A new film produced by veteran Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon that tells the story of a teenage boy's startling journey from evangelical Christian to undergoing sex change surgery will have its UK premiere in Belfast.

British politician refuses to cooperate with police after transphobic hate incident
Transgender Tory Councillor Zoe Kirk-Robinson has reported fellow politician Guy Harkin to police following him referring to her with male pronouns twice during a council meeting.

Trans Radio Presenter Stephanie Hirst Set To Move To BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 2 could be about to get their very first out trand DJ as Stephanie Hirst begins negotiations to take over from Paul Gambaccini as he moves slots.

Charity slams sentence as woman transsexual walks free after admitting child sex offences when a MAN
The boss of a child protection charity has hit out at the lenient sentence handed to pervert transsexual Gina Owen, who walked free from court despite admitting sex offences involving a child - committed when she was a MAN.

Transgender woman who had doubts over sex change found dead
A transgender entertainer who told ITV's This Morning she had doubts over her sex change has been found dead.
Chelsea Attonley, 33, born Matthew, was found in the early hours of Friday in a park in Derby after celebrating her birthday with friends.
Police are not treating her death as suspicious.

Transgender woman wanting to rejoin the Orange Order
When Adrianne arrived in Belfast 11 years ago - living as a man - she became part of the Protestant organisation the Orange Order and protested against the city's Gay Pride parade. Now living as a woman, she hopes to rejoin the Orange Order in the women's lodges.

Perpetrator sentenced to life in prison in brutal transphobic student murder
A man has been sentenced to life in prison after stabbing a student to death in what police are treating as a transphobic hate crime.

Transsexual hairstylist 'discriminated'
A transsexual hair stylist and Arcigay rights group on Tuesday denounced what they said was "yet another sad episode of transphobia".

Pope Francis criticized for not accepting transgender community
Pope Francis is known as one of the most progressive popes, but he apparently has his limits.
Pope Francis laments that children are taught they can choose their gender

German opposition pushes to simplify gender change for transsexuals
A German opposition party is putting forward a draft law that would make it easier for transsexuals to change their gender and name in official documents, Green Party lawmaker Volker Beck told dpa Thursday.

Germany rejects 'intersexual' as a separate gender as court rules there are only males and females
Vanja was born in Germany in 1989 and was registered at birth as a girl
Females have two X chromosomes but she has only one chromosome
She asked court to allow for her to be reclassified as 'intersex' or 'diverse'
But Federal Court of Justice said German law only recognises two genders

'Transgender people are neglected in Sweden'
A Swede has told The Local how he was verbally abused and physically assaulted last weekend after two men spotted his tattoo of a transgender symbol while he made his way from Stockholm Pride.

Beyond The Binary: Ugla Stefanía On Trans Rights In Iceland
Iceland has “fallen behind” when it comes to legal protections for transgender people, according to trans activist Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir. Their comments come just ahead of the seventeenth annual Reykjavík Pride, a week-long festival celebrating Iceland’s LGBTQI communities that begins on August 2.

The story of a five-year-old Icelandic transgender girl
Little Ronja Sif Magnúsdóttir is five years old and she lives with her parents and her two siblings on a farm in south Iceland. Until late last year, her name wasn't Ronja. It was Aron Freyr, as she was identified as a boy.

Horror en Turquía: decapitan y descuartizan a un refugiado gay
Había huido de la guerra en Siria. Vivía en Estambul desde hacía un año. Y buscaba irse a un tercer país porque ya había sido violado por un grupo de hombres.

A Transgender Pageant Was Just Raided By The Ugandan Police
Several of Uganda’s leading LGBT activists were detained during the raid.

Alesha’s death case: Activists to approach court against hospital administration
Representatives of Trans Action Alliance Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa have rejected Lady Reading Hospital’s decision to sack doctors over the death of transgender activist Alesha. They accused the hospital administration of protecting the real culprits and threatened to file a petition in the Peshawar High Court to put pressure on LRH to provide equal treatment facilities to all patients without any discrimination.

Transgender shot and injured in Peshawar
A transgender was shot and injured on Saturday in the limits of the Pishtakhara police station of the provincial capital.
Transgender rights activist shot, injured in Peshawar

80 transgenders apply for teachers' posts in UP Board schools
At least 80 transgenders have applied for posts of trained graduate teachers and post gradute teachers in secondary schools affiliated with UP Board.

Odisha to create separate category for transgenders for jail warder recruitment
Two years after Supreme Court's landmark judgement to include transgender as a gender category, Odisha government has decided to create a separate category for transgender in the recruitment of jail warders. The home department has issued instructions to the Odisha Sub-ordinate Staff Selection Commission (OSSC) to include the gender category. This is for the first time the state government will mention third gender as a separate category in any of the recruitment process.

Bill in LS to provide transgenders separate identity
The bill also provides for a grievance redress mechanism in each establishment to ensure the rights of transgenders are protected.

South Australia Changing Discriminatory LGBTI Laws
South Australia is changing its laws to make the state more inclusive for LGBTI people

2016 census form will still only have male and female gender options
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has confirmed this years print and online census form will have male and female gender options only.
Trans community encouraged to order paper Census and be counted!

[New Zealand]
Transgender woman accuses prison guard of groping
A transgender woman has accused prison guards of groping her during routine pat-down searches.
Allegations of grope during strip searches
Corrections did not receive complaint of grope

Trans activist says Humans Rights Code amendment will go far
Province recently moved to amend B.C.’s Human Rights Code to explicitly protect gender identity or expression

Edmonton Public Schools breached privacy of transgender girl
Girl was "outed" to fellow students during morning roll call
Advocate applauds landmark ruling for LGBTQ students made by Privacy Commissioner
Trans student at centre of Edmonton school's privacy breach hopes it doesn't happen to others

Grupos homosexuales luchan por el respeto e igualdad de género
La comunidad Vaqueros Solteros de California y los muxes son dos grupos que abogan por la igualdad y el respeto a la diversidad de género en Los Ángeles con celebraciones que fomenten los valores y luchas sociales.

‘My journey as a transgender Nigerian’
Rizi Timane, a Nigerian-born transgender life coach, singer/songwriter and author, now naturalized in the United States, speaks about his life and struggles as a transgender person.

TransGriot's Monica Roberts to receive Special Recognition Award at GLAAD Gala San Francisco
GLAAD, the world’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy organization, today announced that it will honor blogger Monica Roberts of TransGriot at GLAAD Gala San Francisco at City View at Metreon on September 8, 2016. For more information visit

My Summer of Half Crazy Transgender Success
It’s pretty rare for a transgender athlete to write about achieving her dreams. I did that this year and unsurprisingly, in hindsight, it’s exactly what the Texas GOP fears most about us.

TLDEF Names Melissa Sklarz Director of Development
ransgender Legal Defense & Education Fund announces the appointment of Melissa Sklarz to the role of Director of Development. Sklarz is a highly respected and beloved political stalwart in New York who brings decades of transgender advocacy to the post. Her own inspiring personal story as an out and celebrated transgender activist in the state adds to the significance of the hire.

Michelle Rodriguez Delighted her (Re)Assignment role is Hurting Transgender People
Hollywood has gone from being apologetic (sic) for transface to openly celebrating the deadly dysphoria causing roles. Such is the case with Michelle Rodriguez and (Re)Assignment a movie in which a cisgender hitman is punished with gender reassignment surgery.

Cher Calls Out Trans-Exclusionary Group Of So-Called ‘Feminists’
One of our favorite Twitter users, Cher, utilized her platform Sunday to call out one of the most odious groups of people who try to lay claim to the word “feminist,” TERFs.

New Report Shows LGBTQ Students Targeted for Discipline
Our colleagues at GLSEN recently released a troubling report detailing the educational exclusion of LGBTQ students in our nation’s schools. The findings overwhelmingly confirm that LGBTQ students are more likely to experience unfair discipline.

Denied Coverage For Surgery, Transgender Man Sues His Insurance Provider
A transgender man in Phoenix is suing his employer in federal court to pay for sex reassignment surgery. The costs of the procedures are substantial; insurance plans only recently began covering them.

Transgender man alleges discrimination at Atlanta-area spa
A transgender man was told to leave the men’s locker room and use the women’s facilities at an Atlanta-area spa on Wednesday after employees noticed the gender marker on his driver’s license said female.

Lady Chablis, Trans Icon and Savannah's Grand Empress, Dead at 59
Lady Chablis — a fixture in the gay clubs of Georgia and South Carolina before finding stardom in the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and its film adaptation — has died at age 59, South Carolina's Island Packet newspaper reports.
'Midnight' star, Savannah legend The Lady Chablis has died
'Garden of Good and Evil' star The Lady Chablis dies at age 59
Savannah drag legend Lady Chablis dies at 59
Two Tears In A Bucket: Lady Chablis Dies At Age 59

Trial begins in 2015 murder of Louisville transgender victim
A war of words broke out in a Louisville courtroom Thursday as opening statements started in the murder of a transgender victim.

Two Jailed in Moco For Hate Crime Attack On Transgender Women
Two men were arrested on Monday after allegedly attacking two transgender women who recorded them calling them slurs outside a Silver Spring 7-Eleven store.

Transgender prison inmate files suit for being denied hormone treatment
A transgender inmate at Maine State Prison has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Maine Department of Corrections, several corrections officials and prison medical services providers for failure to provide female hormone treatment or mental health treatment for gender dysphoria.

Trans Activist Creates New 'Clothing Swap' Program for Trans Community
When Jaimie Wilson first began transitioning from female to male, shopping for clothes was an uncomfortable experience.

We Went to Court over North Carolina’s Anti-Trans HB 2, and Here’s What Happened
We were in federal court in Winston-Salem, NC, yesterday morning to argue our motion for a preliminary injunction in our lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law, House Bill 2, Carcaño v. McCrory.
North Carolina Tried to Defend HB 2 in Federal Court. It Didn’t Go Well

Transgender woman found dead in Cleveland parking lot
The person found dead in a Cleveland parking lot early Saturday morning has been identified as a transgender woman.
Cleveland family thinks transgender woman was killed because of gender identity

Washington State’s first gender clinic opens next month to treat trans kids
Seattle Children’s Hospital is getting ready to welcome its first young patients at a new gender clinic for transgender children. It’ll be the first one in Washington State and one of only five such clinics at U.S. hospitals, according to KING-TV.

[Latin America]
Despite Pope's Comments, a Good Week for Trans Rights in Latin America
The pope calling gender choice “terrible” may slow the region’s fledgling trans rights movement, but a series of legal victories are cause for optimism.

Clausuran 2 centros de prostitución homosexual en el centro de Morelia
Dos centros de prostitución homosexual fueron clausurados en un reciente operativo de la Dirección de Inspección y Vigilancia, dependiente del Ayuntamiento de Morelia, en ellos fueron encontrados adolescentes, adultos jóvenes y hombres de la tercera edad que mantenían prácticas sexuales de toda índole, así lo narró Maricruz Ontiveros Aguilar, titular de la institución que realizó la movilización.

PRD denuncia en Fepade discriminación a candidata transgénero
Las boletas electorales mostraron el nombre masculino de la candidata a diputada a pesar de que dio aviso a las autoridades para que se usara su alias, como ya ha ocurrido con otros candidatos

In socially conservative Guatemala, transgender people sees gains
Alex Castillo knew growing up that he was a boy trapped in a girl’s body. It wasn’t until recently, 40 years after his birth, that the government of his native Guatemala — or at least some parts of it — agreed.

[Costa Rica]
Costa Rican High Court Upholds Transgender Prisoner Rights
La Reforma Prison in La Guácima, Alajuela was ordered this week by the Costa Rican Constitutional Court to ensure clothing requested by and sent to an inmate be provided.

Bolivia Lets Transgender People Choose Their Legal Identity
LGBT rights activists in Bolivia see the new law as a groundbreaking sign of growing tolerance in Latin America.

First Transgender Woman to Host Olympics Ceremony in Brazil
A transgender supermodel will be the first transgender person to participate in an Olympics inauguration ceremony.

15 more Brazilian Transgender Murders, Suicides and death by Pumping
These are the latest known deaths of transgender people in Brazil, the majority of them being murders.

Transexuales en el Sena podrán usar el uniforme que quieran
La Corte Constitucional le ordenó a la institución educativa que permita que una estudiante transexual utilice ropa de hombre y no de mujer, como ella misma solicitó.

La vida de una estudiante transgénero en un colegio de Piedecuesta
Victoria nació con genitales masculinos, pero afirma que desde que tiene conciencia se siente una niña. La joven logró que su colegio público en Piedecuesta, Santander, le respetara su identidad de género, por lo que asiste a clases como cualquiera de sus compañeras.

"Mi identidad no me la da un papel”: estudiante transexual que entuteló al Sena
Nació mujer pero se identifica como hombre, y reclamó para que en la institución le permitan vestirse como tal. En diálogo con El Espectador, contó que se sintió maltratado y que por eso no se quedó cruzado de brazos.

Justicia por Laura Moyano: “Hoy se cumple un año y no hay un culpable ni nada”
Ayer hubo una concentración en Tribunales II exigiendo justicia para Laura Moyano. La legisladora Laura Vilches se hizo presente y acercó su solidaridad a familiares, amigas y amigos.

sexta-feira, setembro 02, 2016

Travesti é morta a tiros no centro comercial de Feira de Santana
Vítima não resistiu aos ferimentos e morreu no local.
Suspeito atirou contra ela e fugiu em carro após o crime.
Uma travesti foi morta a tiros no início da tarde de segunda-feira (29), na Rua Marechal Deodoro, no centro comercial de Feira de Santana, a cerca de 100 quilômetros de Salvador. Segundo a polícia, ela foi perseguida por um homem que disparou vários tiros na cabeça dela.
Travesti é morta na rua Marechal Deodoro

Ativistas LGBT lamentam impeachment de Dilma
Fala das lideranças é de que a democracia foi duramente atingida.

Campaña Internacional contra la transfobia en México
Adhesiones de entidades y personas a la Campaña Internacional contra la transfobia en México, aqui puedes acceder al contenido del texto al que adherirse

Testing, hormones, hatred: What it’s like to compete as a transgender athlete
For the first time EVER, next month’s Olympics in Rio will be more inclusive to transgender athletes - as trans men and women won’t be required to undergo gender reassignment surgery to compete.

Trans activist exposes violent Arabic threats on Twitter
A Kuwaiti man shows how intense the anti-LGBT climate is across the Middle East.

Police Bust Trans-Exploiting Sex-Slave Ring
Spanish police say they have arrested three members of a criminal group engaged in human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of foreign transsexuals and transvestites.

Transphobic hate crimes in 'sickening' 170% rise as low prosecution rates create 'lack of trust' in police
Exclusive: Charities call for widespread training of officers after 582 offences reported last year

Coulsdon woman hoping to win Miss Transgender UK final crown
A Coulsdon woman is hoping to claim top spot in the finals of Miss Transgender UK.

Labour MP Reported To Police For Calling A Trans Woman 'He'
Transgender Tory Councillor Zoe Kirk-Robinson has reported fellow politician Guy Harkin to police following him referring to her with male pronouns twice during a council meeting.

Transgender pupils 'must be given extra PE breaks': Council warning to schools over fears chest-binding practice can lead to 'breathing difficulties and fainting'
Schools have been told they may be breaking the law should they refuse
Guide on how to treat transgender people is produced by several councils
Equality Act 2010 gave authorities duty to protect rights of transgender people

Transgender police officer launches support network
A police officer undergoing gender reassignment has launched a support group to unite Southend’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Meet Hari Nef: actor, model – and Elle’s first transgender cover girl in UK
The magazine’s interview with the catwalk star, one of its ‘icons of change’, concentrates on her talent, not her transition

Transgender inmates claim discrimination, agree to give mediation a try
Seven transgender inmates who are embroiled in a legal dispute with the government over allegations of degrading treatment have agreed to try and find an amicable solution before the next court sitting in November.

The Equal Treatment Authority found discrimination based on gender identity for the first time in a case concerning an employer’s rejection of a transgender job applicant. The complainant was represented by Háttér Society.

A ‘Seed of Hope’ for Transgender People in Arab Communities
When Talleen Abu Hanna was a boy in Nazareth, an Arab city in Israel, he gave up karate and took up ballet. As a teenager, he stole his mother’s makeup and his sister’s dresses. He and his buddies would change in gas stations outside town, then party at nearby gay clubs.

Three transgender people tortured in Peshawar
Three people who are transgender were illegally arrested and reportedly tortured by the police for not paying Rs1,000 to the police personnel who intercepted them on Thursday night.

Today show viewers stand up against transphobia after Stefanovic's slur
This morning’s edition of Channel 9’s Today show featured a weird, infuriating and offensive segment reacting to “a group of transvestites” mugging their news crew in Rio.
Karl Stefanovic turned the mugging of a Channel 9 news crew in Rio into a joke segment about 'trannies'
Karl Stefanovic apologises for using transgender slur: 'I was an ignorant tool'

Salon that refused trans woman waxing stands by its decision
Karen Parker was left humiliated and feeling ugly after the ordeal

Will Australia vote to remove trans identity from the international list of mental disorders?
A study published by British medical journal The Lancet says the World Health Organisation needs to stop classifying trans identity as a mental disorder.

Handballer Hannah Mouncey's sights set on diversity in sport, women's team after gender transition
After a personal journey that saw Canberra athlete Hannah Mouncey transition from male to female, the elite handball player has set her sights on promoting gender diversity in sport while planning her return to the game for the women's team.

Medicine Hat bar posts sign requiring patrons to ‘use bathroom of birth gender’
Sign asking patrons to "use bathroom of birth gender" was posted weeks after Calgary woman was denied entry to bathroom of her gender expression
Controversial bathroom sign sparks backlash in Medicine Hat
Alberta bar’s ‘you must use bathroom of your birth gender’ sign spurs outrage
Medicine Hat bouncer resigns, responds to transgender woman’s accusations
Calgary transgender woman briefly locked out of Facebook after complaint about bathroom ban

Premier apologizes for missing vote on B.C. transgender law
Premier Christy Clark has apologized for choosing a party fundraiser over a vote on expanding transgender rights, saying she made the wrong decision on a bill that she strongly supports personally.

Canadian military seeks to improve its transgender policy
The Canadian Armed Forces reviewing the current transgender policy want to prevent discrimination and inappropriate behaviour in the newest policy draft.

Sunday is Go Topless Day
Go Topless Day is trending and relevant to the transgender movement in this writer’s opinion. One of the first things misogynists take offense to are the changes or removal of the breast as we transition. The highly problematic “Estro maxx” skit showed this part of woman’s body truly befuddles cis people

Fox's Tucker Carlson: Transgender Equality And Climate Change Are "Elite Issues That Only Rich People Care About"
Carlson: "Those Are Not Core Issues For Average People"

Matt Bomer to star in “Anything” as a transgender female sex worker
Anything but transgender. Bomer is a middle-aged obviously white privileged cisgender male. That Bomer could cast as a female sex worker boggles this transgender mind. But most Hollywood reports about ANYTHING remain inbounds of the unspoken cis-normative boundary without mention that once again a cisgender MAN has been cast to play a transgender woman.

Pastor who defeated LGBT law using bathroom Predator lie busted for Child Molestation
Pastor Kenneth Adkins who used the bathroom predator lie to help defeat a proposed transgender-inclusive human rights ordinance was held without bond Friday, charged with sexually molesting a minor under 16. Previously Kenneth Adkins drew wide condemnation for celebrating the Pulse Massacre tweeting that the homosexuals ‘got what they deserve.’

Baton Rouge man pulls gun on woman after sexual encounter with her transgender friend
East Baton Rouge sheriff's deputies on Friday arrested a man accused of pulling a gun and threatening a woman after learning a friend of hers — with whom he'd had a sexual encounter — is transgender.

Transgender woman livestreams community service supervisor's sex harassment
A city community service supervisor is on unpaid leave after a transgender woman livestreamed him sexually harassing her on Facebook.
Police arrest city employee in transgender sexual assault case

Transgender woman attacked at bar in Dearborn
Courtney Purvis told Fox 2 she is a victim of a hate crime. "I was stabbed in the back. The stab wound was so deep you would have thought I had gotten shot," says Purvis.
Transgender person's bloody post-assault video goes viral as police investigate bar brawl

Man charged with capital murder of Hattiesburg transgender woman denied bond
The United States Navy sailor accused of stabbing a Hattiesburg woman to death has made an initial appearance before Judge T. Larry Wilson.

Nissan Dealership Owner Gets Lambasted For Promising to Assault Transgender children
Robert Allen owner of the Helena Montana Nissan dealership landed in hot water professionally and warned of its potential criminality after linking his latest youtube “Robert Rants”, a transphobic hate screed with the Nissan brand.

McCrory mocks transgender people at Trump rally
N.C. governor jokes about HB 2 law that restricts transgender people's access to restrooms
Introducing Trump, N.C. Gov. McCrory Reminds Us He's Still a 'Potty Prefect'
Email leaks show Dems cheered HB2 impact, McCrory says
Noisy HB2 protests at Governor's home take on NBA theme
2017 PGA Championship appears safe, but HB2 could imperil future events in N.C.
N. Carolina GOP Spends Over $176,000 Defending Anti-LGBT Law

Transgendered person victim of attack in Spring Valley
Eddy Perez-Zenteno, 31, of 52 South Madison Avenue, Spring Valley has been charged with attempted murder in the second degree and assault in the first degree for an alleged attack against a transgender male.

Transgender woman says she was gang attacked at Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority
A member of the LGBT community in Cleveland said she was attacked at her west side housing complex. Kayla Jane, who identifies as transgender, filed a lawsuit against Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority and its police, several of those employed by CMHA as well as a number of the complex's residents.

TX AG Ken Paxton accepts dinner offer with Denton transgender child
Ken Paxton who’s political mission is to murder transgender children says he will meet with one of those students, eight-year-old MG and his mom for dinner.

Seattle Chef John Howie gives heartfelt apology for supporting anti-trans petition
All too often we post about one bigot or another’s atrocious anti-social transphobic behavior sometimes proceeded with a trite, transparent face-saving ‘apology’. So it’s with great pleasure we present this truly evolved man, Seattle Seahawks stadium Chef John Howie.

Transgender researcher files discrimination complaint
A transgender cancer researcher filed a discrimination complaint Tuesday against the state and its insurer for refusing to provide her with gender reassignment surgery — an operation she ended up paying out of her own pocket.

New service in Mexico counsels those who seek sex-change
A new service was recently founded in western Mexico to provide assistance in the difficult process facing people who decide to have a surgical sex-change and have been rejected by their families because of their transgender condition.

Se enciende polémica por adecuación de baños mixtos
Quién no recuerda la historia de Valery López, la joven transgénero que pidió ser mujer en su colegio debido a que su condición sexual no era de hombre -como había nacido- y sin duda tuvo que enfrentarse a la estigmatización cuando entraba al baño.
Pulso en Cartagena por baños mixtos en colegios

La lucha de una transgenerista para conseguir vivienda
Victoria publicó un aviso desesperado en un grupo de Facebook porque no encuentra apartamento o habitación para rentar y aunque tiene codeudor, carta laboral, y referencias ha sido rechazada por ser una mujer transgénero y con modificaciones, a tal punto, que se vio obligada a poner su foto en las solicitudes, para que los homofóbicos puedan descartarla y no le hagan pasar la pena.

Mujeres trans desplazadas encuentran el camino para volver a casa
Después de 15 años huyendo de diferentes tipos de violencia, dos mujeres trans volvieron a sus municipios de origen para reencontrarse con su familia y hacer pedagogía sobre los derechos de las personas Lgbti. Piden mayor incidencia del Estado para una reparación integral.

Transgénero representa a Risaralda en Reinado del Mar en Santa Marta
Isabel Daniela Ortiz Mejía de 22 años será la encargada de representar al departamento de Risaralda en la versión XIV del Reinado Nacional Trans del Mar, el cual se llevará a cabo en la ciudad de Santa Marta del 11 al 14 de agosto del presente año.