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segunda-feira, outubro 31, 2011

Fury over NHS sex change for evil killer
A savage killer serving life in Britain’s toughest jail has been given the go-ahead to have a sex change on the NHS.
Robert Page, 35, bludgeoned, stabbed and booted frail Clive White, 56, at least 100 times ­in a ­horrific frenzy during a ­bungled burglary.

[Malaysia] [Commentary]
Miss Transgender Malaysia 2011
The event was called “Fashion and Sense” but behind this euphemism necessary in a “conservative” country like Malaysia was the national beauty pageant for Malaysia’s transgender community.

A lifetime search for the stranger on the shore
A former champion surfer has finally found a modicum of peace - but it has been an emotionally and physically torturous journey, writes Frank Robson.
For Westerly Windina, home is a small Housing Commission flat at the Gold Coast. Technically, she lives alone but in every other sense Windina shares her home, and her mind, with the man she used to be: surfing great Peter Drouyn.

Transgender Medical Needs Go Unaddressed at Most Colleges
Transgender college students across the country say more needs to be done to cover their medical needs under university-provided health care plans, according to Campus Progress.

Parents urged to support, safeguard children as they explore gender
At first, Felisha Archuleta thought her young son's affinity for wearing dresses, primping his hair and playing with Barbies and Bratz dolls indicated he was going through a stage.
But Bobby Montoya's interest in "girl stuff" has not been short-lived: He's grown his hair out and has dressed as a girl when he can for much of his 7 years. Bobby's been "outspoken" about his gender identity, said Archuleta.

Transgender student expelled from private Riverside university
A man who identifies himself as a woman said she has been expelled from a nursing program at California Baptist University for appearing on a television program to discuss her gender identity, a local newspaper is reporting.
Domaine Javier, 24, told the Riverside Press-Enterprise she was expelled from the school after appearing on MTV’s "True Life” and declaring that she is biologically male. Javier dresses as a woman and has identified herself as female since childhood.
Transgender Woman Expelled from Riverside University After Appearing on MTV's 'True Life'
Transgender Student Says California Baptist U. Expelled Her

A Trans Woman's Breakthrough in Bodybuilding
Bodybuilding competitions are nothing new for personal trainer Chris Tina Bruce. Years ago, Bruce had been through the process of bulking up, training hard, and the tiring day-long competitions awarding bodies in peak condition. But for the first time Bruce will be competing as a woman.

Transgender Group Holds First Public Meeting
Some members of the Free Women Society met for the very first time publicly in Lynchburg Saturday night.
Right at the start, leaders spelled out their goals including educating the public about transgender issues.

Castro’s daughter impressed by Dutch take on prostitution
Praise indeed for the way prostitution is organised in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The Cuban sexologist Mariela Castro Espín is pleasantly surprised by the facilities that exist for window prostitutes in the Dutch capital.

domingo, outubro 30, 2011

Vídeo: Entenda a diferença entre travestis e transexuais
Uma transexual na plateia do programa "Amor & Sexo" explica como funciona a readequação das transexuais dentro da identidade de gênero

Trans Lesbians Wed in Britain
It’s a story of lifetime commitment that crosses gender lines: Two British trans lesbians married after one of them had gender reassignment surgery, reported British newspaper the Daily Mail on Oct. 27.

Interview: Cambridge couple battle prejudice after sex change
Sarah Brown and Sylvia Knight are believed to be the first couple in Cambridgeshire to take the unusual pathway of marriage, divorce and becoming civil partners - all so that Sarah could be legally recognised as a woman after gender reassignment surgery.

Polish transsexual makes history as lawmaker
Anna Grodzka sits with poise in her leafy suburban home, flicks her hair and gently shoos away her cat.

Raising awareness of the intersex community
Over the next fortnight the intersex community of Australia will be commemorating Intersex Awareness Day which for the past 15 years has been celebrated on October 26, after a number of activists decided to picket an American Association of Paediatrics conference in 1996.

Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Introduces Kids
The formerly pregnant man is now a dad to three kids, and he's brought his entire brood together for a TV interview.

RIVERSIDE: Cal Baptist expels transgendered student
A transgender woman was expelled from California Baptist University after she appeared on an MTV reality show.
Domaine Javier, 24, said university officials told her she was expelled for falsely claiming on her application form that she is a female. Javier revealed on MTV’s “True Life” that she is biologically male.
Letters the university sent to Javier say she was expelled for “committing or attempting to engage in fraud, or concealing identity,” and for presenting false or misleading information in university judicial processes.

US premiere of Cuban film on transgender woman
A new landmark film from Cuba will have its U.S. premiere in early November in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, Calif. “In the Wrong Body” (“En el Cuerpo Equivocado”), produced in 2010, in Spanish with English subtitles, was directed by Marilyn Solaya.

No wonder she's strong! Father-of-two makes bodybuilding comeback... as a transgender woman
A former male bodybuilder is making a comeback to the sport - as a transgender woman.
42-year-old Chris Tina Foxx Bruce will this weekend compete in the Border States Classic Bodybuilding competition.

Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes boy -- if he thinks he's a girl
What does it take for an anatomical boy to be enough of a girl to join the Girl Scouts?
The question came up recently when 7-year-old Bobby Montoya -- a long-haired, Bratz-loving, biological boy -- asked his mother to sign him up for a Girl Scout troop near his Colorado home.
Mom fights to get son into Girl Scouts — and wins

Transgender Female Erica Kay Optioning Her Book Bound Between Love in Connection to Her Lawsuit Against the State of Florida for Gender Discrimination
Transgender activist and personality Erica Kay is optioning her autobiography Bound Between Love. In addition to this groundbreaking exposé of Ms. Kay's life, a script based on the book is currently being written by renowned screenwriter Monica Sun of Shadow Majic Films/20th Century Fox and should be completed by early Spring 2012. Once the script is finalized pre-production will begin on the first feature transgender biography to hit the big screen in the United States. This history-making project has already begun to attract the attention of some of Hollywood's elite personalities and financiers.

Newtown Borough Council enacts anti-discrimination ordinance to cover sexual orientation
A law protecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered population from discrimination is officially on the books in Newtown Borough, making it the 24th municipality in Pennsylvania to enact such legislation.

Cookies for All: Girl Scouts of Oregon Looks to Create a Stated Policy on Transgender Youth
The Girl Scouts of Colorado released a statement Thursday supporting the inclusion of transgendered girls in its youth programs. The scouts responded to a female-identifying 7-year-old who was denied enrollment in a Colorado troop because she is biologically male.

Did you hear Bo and Jim joking about the trans child? If so, Autumn wants to know
On Thursday, I posted this blog about a bit on the Bo & Jim morning show on Lone Star 92.5 FM, in which the morning show hosts “discussed” this recent news story about a transgender 7-year-old in Colorado, born biologically male, who was rejected when she tried to join the Girl Scouts. (The Girl Scouts later reversed that decision, saying the worker who rejected the child did not understand the organization’s policies.)

LDS ward’s ban on ‘cross-gender’ costumes draws boos
Any little girl who wanted to dress up as Harry Potter or boy who chose to be Lady Liberty would not have been welcome at a recent Mormon Halloween party in Sandy.
No cross-dressing for Halloween

Cross-dressing teacher OK in Vancouver school
The Evergreen School District is telling Vancouver parents it has no problem with a male substitute teacher who dresses like a woman as long as he follows the dress code that prohibits outfits that are too short, too tight or low cut.
Cross dresser shows up at middle school to fill in as a substitute
Cross-dressing sub creates middle school controversy
Should teachers be allowed to cross-dress at school?

Nueva Marcha del Orgullo en Santa Fe
Será este sábado a partir de las 17 en la Costanera Oeste. Se organiza bajo el lema "Transformemos al mundo por un lugar para tod@s" y en coincidencia con el Día Internacional por la Despatologización de las identidades Trans.

sábado, outubro 29, 2011

Servidora travesti e transexual pode adotar nome social em MG
As servidoras travestis e transexuais do Executivo de Minas Gerais terão crachá, ficha funcional e folha de pagamento com o nome social. A mesma resolução assegura esse direito também e trans mulheres para homens, desde o último dia 14 no governo Mineiro.

Transexual fala da importância do nome civil ao jornal Sul 21
O Jornal Sul 21 publicou uma excelente entrevista feita pela jornalista Rachel Duarte com a professora estadual Marina Reidel, transexual e coordenadora da Região Sul, da ANTRA - Associação Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais. Confira a entrevista, abaixo:

Michelle had guts to become who she was
Michelle was born a male but now considers herself female.
Change for the 60-year-old has been an extremely tough 10 year-long process.
Michelle wears make-up and feminine clothes just like almost any other woman.
But to reach this point she has endured major physical surgery, the loss of her family and career, and had to face the ridicule of others.
Michelle knows all the issues because she has faced them.

'I take you to be my man ... and wife'
A pair of transsexual lesbians have told of their joy at becoming "man and wife" AND "wife and wife" on the same day — after one had a sex-change.
Two men who divorced their wives, came out as gay, became transgender lesbians, now marry after one has a sex change
Transgender lesbians marry after sex change
They're 'Wife And Wife'

Mariage et transsexualité: Un précédent en France
En février, une transsexuelle a déjà obtenu le changement de son état civil alors qu'elle était mariée à une femme...
Sex change couple may be able to stay married
French sex change couple test gay marriage ban

The x-th generation [GOOGLE TRANSLATION]
An estimated 10,000 people living in Germany who are medically referred to as "intersex" because their genitals or their sex chromosomes do not meet the standard.

Mugabe cornered to embrace homosexuals
Mr Tsvangirai this week told BBC’s Newsnight programme that gay rights were a “human right” that Zimbabwe must strive to respect in the constitution that is being re-written.

Anti-gay Ugandan group against death penalty for homosexuals
The National Coalition Against Homosexuality and Sexual Abuse in Uganda (NCAHSA) says the "Bill is unrealistic and also diversionary."

SC verdict implemention sought
Transvestites have demanded the government to implement the Supreme Court’s judgment in its true spirit to give basic rights to their community. The demand was made in a resolution adopted at the end of annual festival of the transvestites at a hotel late Wednesday night.

Contestants from 17 countries compete for Miss International Queen Nov. 4
More than 20 transvestites from 17 countries will vie for the title of “Miss International Queen” at the Tiffany Theater Nov. 4.

Despite Medical Need, Transgender Students Find Procedures Uninsured
University of Iowa graduate student stef shuster’s health insurance covers many needs, but not the $10,000 they spent on chest surgery. shuster is transgender, and as a result their healthcare policy—purchased through the university—does not cover what is considered by healthcare professionals to be a medical necessity.

Trans Woman Killed Over Debt
A transgender woman was shot and killed in Northern California over a debt, say police.

Chris Bruce, Transgender Bodybuilder, Competes As A Woman 20 Years After Doing It As A Man
A transgender bodybuilder who competed as a man 20 years ago is now coming back to the sport as a woman.

Girl Scouts ‘humiliate’ transgender child as family waits for apology
A transgender child and her mother are waiting for an apology from the Girl Scouts of Colorado after the quintessential girls club refused to accept the child because he had “boy parts.”

County Council aims to make gender identity a protected class
Move would allow transgender persons to have legal recourse against discrimination

Family wins ACLU award for work on transgender issues in Maine
Wayne Maines never imagined standing before a meeting of the American Civil Liberties Union, let alone accepting an award from the Maine branch of the organization.

Jenkintown Borough Council to consider anti-discrimination ordinance
Jenkintown resident Mary Mulderrig said the borough has changed a lot from her perspective. As a gay resident, she has heard slurs hurled at her.
“It certainly does not serve to make me feel welcome in my own neighborhood,” she said.

Trans woman sentenced for boyfriend’s murder
A transgender woman from Philadelphia will face prison time for the stabbing death of her boyfriend.

P.A.C. seeks DA’s interviews with Morris officers
Confidential interviews with three police officers and a sergeant involved in the Nizah Morris incident are among a batch of records the Police Advisory Commission is seeking from the District Attorney’s office.

Trans health facility to launch
The name Nizah Morris has long conjured feelings of frustration and anger from members of the LGBT community dismayed with the local transwoman’s unsolved murder. However, the name will soon also encourage ideas of health and hope, thanks to an innovative city initiative.

A message for Bo & Jim: Bullying and beating up trans children is no joking matter
I drive about 60 miles round trip in my daily commute to and from work, and I almost always have the radio on. The past couple of mornings, while flipping from station to station to find something I wanted to listen to, I have ended up on Lone Star 92.5 FM, the classic rock station, which features Bo and Jim as its morning show DJs.

Transphobia is still a concern for the queer community
As she walked into her Las Vegas real estate office in a pair of pumps, a short, tight black skirt that showed all the right curves and a low-cut, black blouse, Amy Johanson was determined to show her colleagues that she was a strong and powerful woman. She cleaned out her desk and attracted stares from everyone.

Trans community fights unemployment, health care battles
Coming out of the closet can be a difficult and traumatic experience. The confusion, questions and disappointment from friends and family is often palpable. But after coming out of the closet twice, once as a lesbian and once as a transgender man, Dayne Law is now an expert.

La Universidad Nacional del Litoral ya reconoce la identidad de género de sus alumnos trans
La resolución permitirá que todos los trámites que los alumnos transexuales y travestis realicen en la universidad, desde dar el presente hasta rendir un examen, se consignen con el nombre autopercibido o identitario.

Palabras que matan
¿No será hora de que los medios se pregunten hasta qué punto contribuyen a la violencia y a la muerte con su lenguaje sin respeto a las personas trans?

Salud promueve los derechos de las personas transexuales, travestis y transgéneros
El Ministerio de Salud iniciará mañana un ciclo de actividades en toda la provincia a los efectos de promover el derecho a la salud de las personas trans (transexuales, travestis y transgéneros). Las mismas son organizadas por el Foro de Diversidades de la cartera sanitaria, que coordina la Dirección por la Salud en la Niñez, Adolescencia y Salud Sexual y Reproductiva, y miembros del Gabinete Joven.

Maiamar Abrodos: Volver a vivir / Una ley necesaria
Dijeron que era espeluznante, que quería “enajenarse a sí mismo como ser humano”, y le negaron en abril de este año su pedido de modificación de sexo y DNI. Maiamar Abrodos, actriz y docente del IUNA y de la EMAD, luego de haber superado esa condena, vuelve a ser lo que era: recupera la silueta perdida por tanta angustia y se luce en Luminare.

sexta-feira, outubro 28, 2011

Historic vote extends EU asylum standards to transgender people
Today the European Parliament formally adopted a new set of asylum rules for the European Union. The binding rules now include gender identity as a ground of persecution, which EU Member States must take into account. Governments have already agreed to the changes, which are final.

Polícia de Porto Velho procura homem que matou travesti
Porto Velho pode ter maníaco que ataca e mata homossexuais. Polícia procura
A polícia de Porto Velho, capital de Rondônia, está procurando por um homem acusado de ser um maníaco que ataca homossexuais na cidade. Segundo a polícia, somente nos últimos sete dias ele teria cometido pelo menos dois crimes de ódio contra pessoas LGBT.

Entrevista Carla Antonelli: «Hay que tumbar todos los muros de la desinformación»
La diputada transexual habló en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación de A Coruña

Channel 4 to broadcast new trans documentary series
Channel 4 have announced plans to broadcast a brand new documentary on gender identity.

Chloé, transsexuelle, veut changer d'état civil et préserver son mariage
Ce jeudi matin, Wilfrid et Marie Avrillon, mariés depuis 14 ans et parents de trois garçons, vont se rendre au tribunal pour demander à rester mariés. Car Wilfrid est devenu Chloé, et souhaite que son changement de sexe soit reconnu par la loi.
Casal de lésbicas francesas tentam reverter veto a casamento igualitário

Pension de réversion: pour le gouvernement, c'est toujours non
Les 17.000 signatures et plus remises à l'Assemblée n'auront pas eu d'effet: le gouvernement a déjà décidé que les pacsés (et donc les couples homos) n'y auront pas droit.

«Théorie du genre»: Les élu-e-s SRC à l’Assemblée nationale boycottent le groupe de travail sur les manuels scolaires
«Ce n’est pas au Parlement de rédiger les manuels scolaires.» L’annonce de la constitution d’un groupe de travail parlementaire sur le contenu et les modalités d’élaboration des manuels scolaires a mis les député-e-s du groupe Socialiste Radical Citoyen (SRC) très en colère.

Trans Human Rights Defenders Were Sentenced to Imprisonment While the Attacker Police Officers Have the Privilege of Impunity!

On 19 June 2010, 3 of the founding members of Pembe Hayat were arrested while they were driving in their car by the police officers of Esat Police Station in Ankara without demonstrating any legal reason. Against the everyday arbitrary actions of the police against the trans community in Turkey, Pembe Hayat members rejected to be arrested stating that this action meant the limitation of their freedom of movement, the rights stated in the Law on Misdemeanors and the Police Duty and Authority Law for the police were misused. Still, they were forcibly taken to the pollice station and were arrested while being used violence against.

While the complaints of the trans victims of police violence against the mentioned police officers were not taken into consideration, the complaints of the police officers against the trans human rights defenders with the allegation of “resisting the police”, “insulting the police” and “destroying the public good” were turned into a case within a short period of time. The Ankara 15th Criminal Court of First Instance decided on 26.10.2011 to rule for imprisonment for the trans human rights defenders because of the crime of “resisting the police” and “insulting the police”.

The Board Chair of Pembe Hayat, Buse Kılıçkaya, was given 5 months of prison sentence with the allegation of “resisting the police”. Vice-Chair of Pembe Hayat, Derya Tunç, was given 6 months of prison sentence with the allegation of “resisting the police. Finally, an active member of Pembe Hayat, Naz Gudumen, was given 1 year and 6 months of prison sentence with the allegation of “resisting the police” and “insulting the police”.

The police, who have been perpetrators of arbitrary fines, arrests, violence and ill-treatment against trans human rights defenders, have an impunity; while the trans human rights defenders are continuously being deterred as regards to their activism through ongoing cases opened against them by the police.

The prison sentences against the well-known and visible trans human rights defenders – Buse Kılıçkaya, Derya Tunç and Naz Gudumen - ruled by the Ankara 15th Criminal Court of First Instance cannot be accepted!

This ruling, which aims to eliminate any kind of trans rights activism, breaches the UN Declaration on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders. At the same time, the arbitrary actions of the police officers, discriminatory attitude of the judicial authorities and the institutional violence against the trans community in Turkey, demonstrate the fact that the Turkish Government and relevant authorities ignore the UN Declaration on Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, the case-law of European Court of Human Rights, the Constitution and the relevant national legislation of the Turkey.

The verdict gives a message: “You should silence yourself even if the police uses violence against you. Otherwise, you will be subjected to imprisonment!” The same verdict means the approval of the understanding that became visible when the police officers stated “your crime is that you are a trans” when they arrested the trans activists. This policy is the proof of that basic rights and freedoms and the democratic values in Turkey is partial.

We invite everyone against this injustice both in Turkey and abroad to act against the ruling of the local court for solidarity!.

We will not keep ourselves silent to this injustice!.. We protest the violence targeting the trans community and the unfair trial. We invite all relevant authorities to immediately take action against the court ruling which victimizes trans human rights defenders.

With our best regards,

Pembe Hayat

Public school board creates sexual orientation policy
Public school board’s policy against harassment of LGBTQ students and staff first of its kind in Prairie provinces
Trustees already formed anti-bullying committee last month
Chair says students, staff face increased risk

Black transgender people face startling levels of discrimination, report finds
Black transgender and gender non-conforming people face some of the highest levels of discrimination of all transgender people according to a recently released analysis, "Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Black Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey."

To Fox & Friends Gender-Neutral Dorms Are a Joke
The talking heads of Fox & Friends mocked the need for co-ed dormitory rooms by gender-nonconforming students.
Fox & Friends Mocks, Criticizes Gender-Neutral Housing Policy

USAID ‘strongly encourages’ contractors to prohibit LGBT job bias
New policy implemented by the U.S. Agency for International Development “strongly encourages” businesses contracting with the organization to have non-discrimination policies in place for their LGBT workers.

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans Representation in the Media
Last night, I slouched in the center row of a mostly empty theatre while a gaggle of teen queers passed around a fuzzy microphone, reflecting on the importance of the Gay-Straight Alliance at their local high schools.

Debt led to fatal shooting at Hayward motel, according to report
James "Lucie" Parkin was fatally shot in the back as she lay facedown on the floor of a motel room Sept. 20 by an acquaintance who wanted to collect a debt, according to a police report.

Boy who identifies as girl, may be allowed to join Girl Scouts
Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old boy from Denver, Colo., who identifies as a girl, may be allowed to join the Girl Scouts after initially being told no by a local troop leader.
Colorado Girl Scouts say rejecting boy, 7, was a mistake
Transgender boy's attempt to join Girl Scouts initially rejected because 'he has boy parts'
Girls Scouts say yes to the BOY who wants to join them
Girl Scouts Allows 7-Year-Old Boy to Join
Colorado Girl Scouts Say Boy Welcome to Join

Advocates push for expanded transgender access to public bathrooms
The owner of the New Modern Grill, at Belmont and Halsted, made an exception to her “No Public Restroom” sign – letting a transgender woman who wasn’t a customer use the bathroom.

Kan. community groups to host hate crime forum
Officials with the U.S. Justice Department will join community groups in leading a Wichita forum on hate crimes next week.

Trans and triumphant
Ryan Oliver, 28, can tell you a thing or two about what it really means to be an African American man. Like knowing how to be a "brother to brothers," and showing compassion for other men. And like showing the utmost respect for black women.

Speaker gives personal face to transgendered lives
"I am just one voice out of many," said Ryan Sallans during a speech Tuesday afternoon to a packed crowd at the Milo Bail Student Center Ballroom. "Everybody has a different experience. I share my story because I'm a person just like anyone else."

Qns. woman acquitted of killing hubby says he visited tranny hookers
The Queens woman acquitted in the fatal shooting of her abusive, cross-dressing, diaper-wearing, ex- cop husband says she withheld sex from him for a decade because he patronized transvestite prostitutes.

New Standards of Care could transform trans healthcare
At a presentation at the Houston Transgender Center last Saturday Colt Meier, doctoral candidate at the University of Houston, and Levi Herman presented information on the World Professional Association of Transgender Health’s new Standards of Care 7. The new Standards of Care, released last month, offer a multidisciplinary guide to healthcare professionals working with “transexual, transgender and gender nonconforming” individuals.

Seattle says insurers must finance transgender surgeries
In Seattle, social justice is a prime concern. Council member Bruce Harry had this in mind when he requested that the city council take up the fight for healthcare equality.

La población LGBT y los servicios de salud en México
La semana pasada algunas personas del sindicato de trabajadores de los Servicios de Salud del D.F. que laboran en la Clínica Condesa pretendían dejar de dar servicios a la población transgénero y transexual que se atiende en esa clínica además de querer reducir los servicios que se otorgan en dicho centro. Esta situación puso al descubierto el grado de estigma y desconocimiento que aún existe entre los prestadores de servicios de salud a la población LGBT, incluso aquellos que están más cercanos al trabajo con personas no-heterosexuales o con una identidad sexo-genérica.

Documento relata serias violaciones contra defensores de derechos humanos
Amenazas por teléfono o por terceros, asesinatos selectivos de periodistas, campesinos, personas LGBT y profesores, ataques de guardias privados contra personas o sedes de organizaciones sociales, campañas de desprestigio y procesos penales abusivos.

Spot Contra Transfobia

Jornada Cultural por el Derecho a la Identidad de Genero
La ley de matrimonio para personas del mismo sexo se aprobó hace mas de un año, permitiendo que miles de personas no heterosexuales accedamos a este Derecho democratico elemental, desde entonces en la Argentina se habla de la “igualdad”. Sin embargo aquellxs que vivimos nuestra sexualidad como gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y trans sabemos que esta “igualdad” es sinonimo de Tolerancia, y solo para quienes pueden transitar los teatros glamorosos de la calle Corrientes, modelar marcas reconocidas y constituir jurados de baile en el programa de Tinelli, pero no para las personas de las barriadas pobres que vive apiñada, sin servicios elementales, manejada por los punteros, sin acceso a educación ni trabajo.

quinta-feira, outubro 27, 2011

UN expert urges solitary confinement limits
The U.N. investigator on torture called Tuesday for a global ban on solitary confinement in excess of 15 days.
Juan Mendez also urged a complete ban on solitary confinement for juveniles, people with mental disabilities, and those in pre-trial detention where he said the practice is mainly used to extort confessions or information leading to a prosecution.
UN torture expert: No solitary confinement for people with mental disabilities

European Parliament repeats call for EU-wide anti-discrimination Directive
Twice this week, the European Parliament repeated it wants to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation across the EU. The Parliament formally called on EU countries to find an agreement on the draft legislation, proposed over three years ago.

"…And Others!" Argumentation Toolkit for Transgender Inclusion
The toolkit provides arguments and ideas for counter-arguments to inspire advocating for trans* people’s rights. This toolkit looks particularly into the fields of:

La diputada de Igualdad se reúne con Colegas Granada
Leticia Moreno se compromete a apoyar la visibilidad y normalización social del colectivo en todas las comarcas

Pink Embassy Wins Case Against Member Of Albanian Parliament
The Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination recommends to the Albanian Parliamentarian to avoid discriminatory language and statements against the LGBT community in Albania.

In a landmark case the Commissioner against Discrimination in Albania has asked a member of the Parliament to avoid discriminatory language and statements against the LGBT community.

The complaint was brought forward by PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania and Alliance against Discrimination to the Commissioner for protection against Discrimination. The lately reacted with a letter of recommendation sent to Mr. Tritan Shehu, Member of Albanian Parliament and vice-chairman of the Commission for Labor, Social Issues and Health.

On December 2010, PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania filed a complaint to the Commissioner against Discrimination, whereupon it asked measures to be taken towards Mr. Tritan Shehu, who at a hearing session of the Commission for Labor, Social Issues and Health at the Parliament during the International Day Against HIV/AIDS declared that homosexuality is a disease and it should be treated with hormones.

The same Commission did not take into consideration the official request of PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania to organise a hearing session for the LGBT people living with HIV/AIDS, but contrary to that it conducting a meeting in secret and without notifying any of the organisations who requested it.

After our complaint, the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination, took into consideration the case and followed the necessary procedures. On September 30th 2011 the Office of the Commissioner sent a Recommendation Letter to Mr. Tritan Shehu recommending him with the following:

- Mr. Shehu should avoid discriminatory remarks in the future, which cause an atmosphere of tension and unfriendliness towards the LGBT community in Albania . (In this regard we inform Mr. Shehu that homosexuality has been excluded from the International Classification of Diseases and should not be treated as such.)

- Granting all possible guaranties so that the thoughts, opinions and remarks of the LGBT community are heard, evaluated and taken into consideration, when they are directly involved on specific topics, in order to help the community to enjoy fully its rights and freedoms.

PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania wants to thank the institution of the Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination for the collaboration and the positive conclusion on this specific case while it encourages the Commissioner to continue with its work for protection of citizens against any forms of discrimination.

Tirana / Albania


[Turkey] [Commentary]
Turkey jails trans activists for 'insulting police'
Three transgender activists in Turkey were sentenced to prison yesterday, 25 October for 'resisting the police'.
The three are the founders of the Ankara-based transgender rights organization Pembe Hayat ("Pink Life"). One, Naz Gudumen, was sentenced to 1 year for "insulting the police" and 6 months for "resisting the police".

LGBTs report human rights violations
Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT) activists have submitted to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Switzerland two scathing reports on the violations of the human rights of their community in the Philippines.

Sun News Network sees nothing wrong with ad pulled from print
An ad from the Institute for Canadian Values that activists say is transphobic and misleading, and that appeared in the National Post and Toronto Sun during the Ontario election campaign, has returned on the Sun News Network.

Majority of Heterosexual Americans Believe Job Performance Should Be the Standard for Judging an Employee, Not Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation
Yet Majority of Americans Mistakenly Believe Current Law Prohibits Firing Someone Because they are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender

J. Crew Exec Responsible for Transgender-Promoting Ad Leaving Husband for Lesbian Lover
Remember the J. Crew pink toenail controversy? MRC’s Culture and Media Institute started a firestorm of controversy last spring by drawing attention to an ad in which Jenna Lyons, J. Crew president and creative director, was painting her son’s toenails pink.
The caption in that ad read: “Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon.”
The Daily Mail and Huffington Post reported that Lyons is leaving her husband for her lesbian lover.
J.Crew exec in messy split
Millionaire J Crew boss who painted five-year-old son's toenails pink splits from husband - and moves on with lesbian lover
J Crew chief Jenna Lyons ‘in lesbian relationship’

Time and luck run out for Chaz Bono, a plucky contender on ‘Dancing with the Stars’
Chaz Bono has gotten his walking papers on “Dancing with the Stars.”
Tuesday’s edition of the hit ABC show marked the last dance for Bono. Despite his cheerful, spirited style, he had struggled from the beginning and came in last in the judges’ assessment the night before.

Alabama lawmaker pre-files bill to add sexual orientation to anti-bullying policies
Alabama’s first openly lesbian legislator, state Rep. Patricia Todd, (D-Birmingham), pre-filed legislation last week to expand anti-bullying policies to explicitly prohibit harassment in schools on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Thomasson warns of ‘very dangerous’ queer studies ‘infection’
Randy Thomasson of Save California joined Janet Mefferd on Friday to discuss the Queer Studies minor at Cal State Fullerton, and the anti-gay activist called the program an “oxymoron.”
According to Thomasson, a sincere academic discussion of the LGBT community would show that no one is born gay and that people can simply change their sexual orientation and become ex-gays, “but they are dishonest so they are indoctrinating college students to think that homosexuality, bisexuality and transexuality is good and natural, maybe even for them.”

Boy wanting to join Girl Scouts told 'no'
Everyone has their favorite toys, no matter what age they are. For 7-year-old Bobby Montoya, it's Brats, Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake.
"I like girl stuff," Bobby said.
Bobby is a 7-year-old boy. His mother refers to him as a "he," but Bobby dresses and behaves like a girl.

LGBTQ climate lacking at UNC
A report released Monday identifies recommendations for action regarding University policies on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to create an inclusive environment.

OKC proposal leaves out trans employees
The Oklahoma City Council is considering a proposal to add sexual orientation — but not gender identity and expression — to the city’s employment nondiscrimination policy. The Oklahoman reports that the council discussed the proposal from Councilman Ed Shadid today but put off a vote until Nov. 15:

Lesbian and Transgender Women Sought for U of M Study
The University of Memphis is looking for people who identify as women, whether they're lesbians or transgender woman, who have found community after moving to or coming out in Memphis.

quarta-feira, outubro 26, 2011

Vietnamese Javan rhino now extinct

On 25 October 2011, WWF and the International Rhino Foundation confirmed that the Javan rhinoceros in Vietnam is extinct.
The species was initially believed to be extinct in Vietnam until 1988, when a very small population was found still clinging to existance in Cat Tien National Park. Efforts were made to save this population but poor protection of its habitat ultimately led to its demise. The last Javan rhino in Vietnam was shot and killed in April 2010 and its horn removed.
It is WWF's highest priority to save the remaining Javan rhinos in Indonesia and the other species in Vietnam – such as the tiger, Asian elephant and endemic species like the saola – that are all at risk of extinction unless law enforcement and protected area management significantly improves.

Luis Salém se inspira em travesti da vida real para viver Ana Girafa
Ator torce para que o público se sensibilize com o lado humano da cabeleireira
Ana Girafa da novela Aquele Beijo, é mais um desafio na carreira de Luis Salém. Primeira travesti vivida pelo ator em sua carreira na televisão, a moradora do Covil do Bagre e dona do salão de beleza New Roberta's teve inspiração em uma personagem da vida real.

Travesti Patrícia Araújo faz ensaio sensual; veja fotos
Patricia Araújo, a modelo travesti que esteve no "Fashion Rio", em 2009, acaba de conquistar mais uma façanha. Ela é a primeira travesti a posar para um ensaio sensual do "Virgula Girl", do portal "Virgula", que geralmente trazem panicats, ex-bbbs e assistentes de palco.

Diputada transexual española pide que la transexualidad sea eliminada de la lista patologías mentales de OMS
La diputada socialista Carla Antonelli ha reclamado este lunes que la transexualidad sea eliminada de la lista de enfermedades mentales catalogadas por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) y ha solicitado al Gobierno de la Comunidad de Madrid que apoye esta iniciativa, tal y como ya ha hecho el Gobierno de España.

Federación Argentina y Española LGTB se reunieron en la Asamblea Madrid con diputada transexual
La FALGBT se reunión con Carla Antonelli, primer Diputada transexual de España, y recibió apoyo a la Ley de Identidad de Género

Tranny Hotel receives funding boost
A transgender festival taking place in Liverpool has received a massive boost after being awarded a grant to help fund the event.
Tranny Hotel, being held 11 – 13 November at The Adelphi, will see dozens of transgender artists descend on the city from across the globe.

GLBTI hate crimes on the rise in UK
Incidents of hate crimes targeting gay and transgender people in Britain are on the rise, with the latest police statistics showing that crimes against transgender people rose by 14 per cent during 2010, while some areas recorded a 170 per cent increase of homophobic crimes.

'Without equality, tolerance is just a myth'
Paisarn Likhitpreechakul, The Nation's columnist on gay affairs since 2001, has been honoured by the National Lesbian and Gay Federation (NLGF) of Ireland with the GALA International Prize for Gay Rights Activist of the Year.
Paisarn, a defender of gay and other rights, accepted the award over the weekend on behalf of the Sexual Diversity Network.
For five years, Paisarn and his organisation have fought against the Army's practice of altering the personal records of transgender draftees to describe them as suffering from permanent psychosis.
Recently Paisarn took a phone call telling him about the decision of a court that morning to rule against the practice.

Turkish Cypriots agree to repeal ban on homosexuality
Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu has agreed to repeal a ban on homosexuality in the northern part of Cyprus.
It comes after an outcry over the arrest of three men accused of "conspiring to have a sexual intercourse against the order of nature".

Moscow protest over US ‘disease’ classification for transsexuals
Russian demonstrators took to the streets of Moscow, Saturday, as part of a global protest against moves by US doctors to class gender identity problems as a disease.

Zimbabwean PM opens self to criticism over gay rights
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has opened himself up for a barrage of attacks from President Robert Mugabe, his party Zanu-PF and conservative Zimbabweans who do not subscribe to gay rights.

Uganda Parliament Votes to Continue Anti-Homosexual Bill
Uganda’s parliament voted to reopen a debate on a bill that seeks to outlaw homosexuality that may be expanded to include the death penalty for gay people.
The legislation will be sent to the relevant session committee for consideration, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga told lawmakers today in a televised debate from the capital, Kampala.

Sexual and Gender Minorities with HIV Face Double Stigma in Nepal
In a residential area of Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, neighbors are unaware of what goes on inside this three-story building. Neighbors stare at the men, often dressed in women's clothing and makeup, as they disappear inside.

“My family thinks I’m disgusting”
Transgenders are often forced to live under miserable conditions in Pakistan. Society does not accept them and they live as outcasts who are discriminated against in every field of life. This treatment extends not only to strangers but the family of transgenders too, who disown them and may even beat them till they are forced to leave their homes.

[Australia] [Commentary]
The 14 days of intersex
October is a significant month for intersex. October 26 marks the beginning of the Fourteen Days of Intersex with Intersex Awareness Day (IAD).
On October 26 1996 the American activist group Hermaphrodites With Attitude (HWA) teamed up with the trans activist group Trans Menace to protest against non-consensual cosmetic infant genital surgeries at the American Association of Paediatrics conference at the Hynes Centre in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sun TV airs transphobic ad
An ad that activists have called transphobic, which ran in the National Post and the Toronto Sun during the Ontario election campaign, appears to now be airing on Sun TV.
On Oct 24, Savannah Garmon tweeted a link to a YouTube video of the ad about an hour after Queer Ontario's Casey Oraa asked the Twitterverse to record a copy. The offending section starts at the 1:00 mark.

Silicone to boost buttocks can be deadly
Legitimate use of liquid silicone injections in plastic surgery is rare, and U.S. emergency room physicians say the illegal use of the substance can be deadly.
Illegal Silicone Buttock Injections Can Be Deadly: Experts
Illicit silicone injections risky, even deadly: doctors

Latina Transgender Advocate Bamby Salcedo on Youth and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education
As part of our support for the media coverage around Chaz Bono’s casting on “Danci ng with the Stars” and an increasing amount of transgender-specific coverage in general, GLAAD is continuing to profile prominent transgender advocates and members of the community on a weekly basis. Previously, we spoke with Laverne Cox, Jamison Green, Ph.D., Stephanie Battaglino and Mari Rosenberger, and Noah Lewis. This week, we talked to Bamby Salcedo about her advocacy work with transgender youth and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Transgender conference offers sensitivity training to care providers
In early October, Marie visited a Longmont dental office and ran into the same old problem: being referred to as a man instead of a woman, despite the pink bow in her shoulder-length hair and the dress she wore that day.

Medical School targets LGBTQ applicants
For the first time, the Yale School of Medicine is targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer applicants with its recruitment efforts.

(In)Justice for LGBTQ
As part of DePaul's annual Dignity Week, the Center for Intercultural Programs hosted an event designed to give students a look at individuals who routinely have their human dignity challenged, criminalized, or otherwise denied: the LGBT community.

Resolution Observes Transgender Day of Remembrance in Ferndale
Co-founder of Transgender Detroit Michelle Fox-Phillips says Transgender Day of Remembrance is "the most important transgender event of the year."

Transwoman Sentenced in Murder
On Friday, Asia Santana was sentenced to between 14 and 28 years in prison for being found guilty for stabbing her boyfriend to death in Norristown, according to The Times-Herald. Santana, a 41-year-old transgender woman whose given name is Tyrone Crawley, apologized for killing Eric Nevith, 28, who she claims infected her with HIV.

American Airlines Offering More Benefits to Their LGBT Employees
American Airlines announced today that it will offer new health coverage for transgender AMR Corporation employees, further expanding its partnership with the LGBT community. This announcement is huge, because it adds coverage for gender reassignment surgery, which is a rarity in the world of insurance. The health care will also ensure that same-sex domestic partners are included under Family and Medical Leaves of Absence.

Cross-Dresser Charged with Possession of Stun Gun During Escort Sting
A cross-dressing man lost his blonde wig while running from police Friday during an escort sting and landed himself in jail when police found sex toys and 3,000-volt stun gun in the man’s purse, according to a criminal complaint filed in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

Male trans athlete Keelin Godsey places fifth in hammer throw at Pan American Games
Keelin Godsey, a former track & field standout at Bates College, placed fifth in the hammer throw at the Pan American Games today as a member of the United States National Track & Field team. There were 14 women in the competition; Godsey threw a distance of 67.84m, which is his third-best distance ever.