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terça-feira, abril 30, 2013

Rita Ribeiro interpreta mãe de Gisberta
A peça Gisberta estreia em 1 de maio no Teatro Rápido, em Lisboa.
Rita Ribeiro é mãe de Gisberta
"Esta peça quer honrar a memória de Gisberta"
Rita Ribeiro interpreta mãe de Gisberta no Teatro Rápido

El colectivo transexual, víctima de los ajustes sanitarios pese a las promesas del PP
Las asociaciones LGTB denuncian que el ahorro sanitario puesto en marcha por Rajoy hace justamente un año ha retrasado significativamente las listas de espera de las cirugías y los tratamientos de reasignación sexual

Transgender marriage victory may lead to wider discussion on LGBT rights
Actual legal change proposed by the Labour administration will not have any direct bearing on same-sex couples hoping to one day achieve full marriage equality for themselves.

Dubai men get three years in prison for ‘gay prostitution’
Emirates men entrapped and jailed for three years for working as male prostitutes, local rights group slam police procedures and laws

For the transgender community,Bindiya shines brighter than ever
For Bindiya Rana, it was the death of a friend which opened her mind to enter politics.

Transgender Soumya to fight for Gandhinagar seat on BSP ticket
The transgender community has stepped up its efforts to be represented in the State Legislative Assembly.

Transgenders come together for month-long national event
Transgenders from across the country are heading towards Ajmer to participate in a month-long national programme. Various activities and seminars have been lined up to discuss ways through which transgenders can also enjoy social inclusion. In one of the activities, the members will invite the entire city to participate with them.
City transgenders to bring up hot topics at Koovagam

Eunuchs plan to test political waters
Disheartened at being repeatedly sidelined by political parties, the all-India association of eunuchs is expected to increase political representation to safeguard their interests by fielding own candidates, sources said on Sunday.

Transvestite crook steals her identity
She had lost her identity card about 27 years ago, but she reported it, got a replacement, and thought nothing of it.

[New Zealand]
Beyer: We were naive liberalising prostitution
The world's first transsexual mayor, former street prostitute Georgina Beyer, admitted yesterday she was naive when the trade was legalised.

B.C. government now pays for surgery changing women to men
The B.C. government will now pay for five female-to-male transgender patients per year to have surgery to construct male genitalia.

My Transgender Accuser Needs a Mental Exam
The transgender woman who says Khloe Kardashian beat her up outside a Hollywood club needs her head examined ... according to a judge.

Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Dropping to 135, Wants UFC or Invicta Shot
Even though she's been fighting in the women's featherweight division for all five fights of her young career, Fallon Fox is heading for bantamweight.
Transphobic fighter Matt Mitrione may be off suspension; UFC fighter Jon Jones calls Mitrione a “scumbag”

CeCe’s back in St. Cloud: Show her some love!
As was previously announced, CeCe was transferred to MCF-Stillwater, at her own request, at the beginning of March. She was enrolled in the Atlantis treatment program there, which operates in a separate unit from the general population.

Body of oddly dressed man found in Olmsted Township pond identified
The body of an oddly clothed man who was found in a retention pond has been identified as a 20-year-old Cleveland man who was reported missing March 27.
Brutal slaying marks the end of Cleveland man's fight for acceptance
Another Black Transwoman Dies In Ohio And Is Disrespected In The Local Media

Hermano de Víctor Manuelle regresa al transformismo
Héctor Gustavo Ruíz participó en un certamen de transformistas en Chicago

Elegirán a la Miss Belleza Trans Manabí
La comunidad de gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y transexuales (GLBT) de la provincia se prepara para coronar a uno de sus nuevos representantes la noche de hoy.

Triste final para una joven trans acusada por un crimen
Fa­lle­ció en la ma­dru­ga­da de ayer, a raíz de una en­fer­me­dad, una jo­ven trans que es­ta­ba de­te­ni­da a raíz del cri­men de Ri­car­do Por­tal, su­ce­di­do en la ma­dru­ga­da del lu­nes 11 de fe­bre­ro pa­sa­do en Vi­lla Ma­ría.

segunda-feira, abril 29, 2013

Judge asked not to jail sex fraud woman
A judge has been asked not to jail an Aberdeen woman who admitted fraud by pretending to be a boy to become sexually intimate with two unsuspecting teenage girls.
Mercy plea for sex fraud who posed as a boy
Woman pretended to be a man to have sexual encounters with girls
Judge asked not to jail woman who posed as boy to seduce girl

Transgender victim speaks out on being sexually abused by Lebanese officials
“I was standing outside the nightclub with my friends when I was ordered by [municipality] police to get into the car, with no legal order” one of the transgender revelers harassed Saturday night at Dekwaneh club Ghost said, on condition of anonymity. She said she was taken into a room where she was abused both verbally and sexually by municipality head Antoine Chakhtoura’s deputies.

Nepal, Once A Leader On LGBT Rights, Is Backsliding
“A climate of fear and intimidation” is now pervasive, says a leading Nepali activist.
'People think we are powerless and voiceless, but we have enormous power'

From Shamans to gay bars: Booming Mongolia’s LGBT people
Two lesbians travel to Mongolia to meet LGBT people and interview Anaraa Nyamdorj, a trans man instrumental in building an emerging community together

K-P’s transgenders protest delay in NICs issuance
As election fever rises in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, tens of thousands of people are clamoring to get their voices heard, to get their candidates elected. However, a marginalised segment of society still remains on the outside, looking in. These are members of the transgender community who have not yet been issued national identity cards.

Indigo Girls Speak Out About Anti-Trans Policy at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
A new petition has been launched calling on the Indigo Girls and other performers at the 2013 Michigan Womyn's Music Festival to pull out and boycott the festival until the festival adopts a policy that would allow transgender women to attend. The petition, launched this week, currently has over 1,200 signatures.

GLAAD to Media: Tell the Story of Anti-Transgender Violence Correctly
Two instances of anti-transgender murders occurred in Orlando, Florida and Baltimore, Maryland over the last 24 hours. Both were transgender women of color. And when the media doesn't tell their story correctly, it perpetuates misleading stereotypes about transgender people.

Arizona Lawmaker Is Afraid Girls Will See A Transgender Woman’s Penis In The Locker Room
Arizona state Rep. John Kavanagh (R) believes that transgender people’s bodies are traumatizing, and that’s why he’s pushing a bill to legalize discrimination based on gender identity. This is considered a “softening” from his first effort to criminalize transgender people’s use of restrooms, but not by much. Kavanagh explained why he’s trying to overturn the city of Phoenix’s nondiscrimination protections in an extended interview with Michelangelo Signorile on Wednesday:

Trans murder remains unsolved
One year after her violent shooting death on a downtown Oakland street, those who knew Brandy Martell are preparing to remember her and call attention to her killing, which hasn't been solved.

Boy decides not to wear dress to prom in Clinton
One male senior who attends Morgan School in Clinton wants to wear a dress to his prom, and his plea is gaining community support.

Close-knit community remembers murdered transgender woman
Investigators, friends and family are still looking for answers after a man, who live his life as a woman, was found murdered Thursday in Orange County.

Police: Too early to call transgender woman's death a hate crime
Police in Baltimore City are investigating the murder of a transgender woman.
Baltimore City Police Investigating Murder Of Transgender Woman

Nevada Assembly Committee Approves Bill to Add Gender Identity to State Hate Crime Law
Just moments ago, the Nevada State Assembly Judiciary committee passed SB139, legislation that would add gender identity or expression to the state hate crime law. You may recall that similar legislation passed in the state assembly in 2011, but failed, 10-11, with the deciding vote made by then-Senator John Lee, who joined the Republican majority.

Arrests by the Fashion Police
Here is a vignette from March 2013: A 24-year-old gay man named Yhatzine Lafontain is leaving a restaurant late at night with a friend on Roosevelt Avenue and 95th Street in Queens. Both are dressed as women, Mr. Lafontain in a jacket, short dress and heels. Exchanging goodbyes outside, they are approached by a man who tells them they look good.

Texas A&M Rejects Student Group Discrimination
Today HRC praised the decision of Texas A&M Student Body President John L. Claybrook to veto a bill that would have allowed discrimination against on-campus LGBT organizations.

Report Highlights Gay Man's Murder
A new human rights report prepared by the US State Department sites the unsolved 2011 murder of a gay man while pointing out that the Bahamas offers no protection against discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons.

domingo, abril 28, 2013

Transgender rights: the next big political movement
Akin to the marriage equality effort, there is a coalition forming to end discrimination and misunderstanding of the trans community

Trans women 49 times more likely to have HIV
Using multiple studies and assessing over 11,000 women from around the world, a study has found HIV is highly prevalant among trans women
Study shows trans women at HIVrisk

Afectados por VIH protestan contra los recortes frente al Ministerio de Sanidad, vestidos de presos condenados a muerte
Representantes de la Coordinadora Estatal del VIH/sida, CESIDA, han protestado este miércoles frente al Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad por los recortes que están "asfixiando" a muchos de estos pacientes, especialmente en el caso de los inmigrantes en situación irregular, al limitar su acceso a los tratamientos. Para escenificar su protesta, han ido encapuchados con sogas en el cuello, vestidos de presos condenados a muerte.

Joey Barton Threatened By PSG After Calling Thiago Silva An 'Overweight Ladyboy'
Joey Barton has been threatened with action by PSG after calling their defender Thiago Silva an “overweight ladyboy”.

Taxpayer-funded sex-change operations on the horizon?
The American Civil Liberties Union and other pro-LGBT legal groups want to force taxpayers to fund gender-change surgery. Cultural analyst Matt Barber claims he saw that coming when ObamaCare came on the scene.

'Pregnant man' to appeal divorce decision
Thomas Beatie, a transgendered man known as the "Pregnant man" was denied divorce by a judge who said his marriage to a woman was not legal in Arizona.

Transgender woman found shot to death in Oak Ridge area
A transgender woman was found shot to death Thursday morning in a wooded area in the Oak Ridge area of Orange County.
Black Trans Woman Killed In Florida And Subsequently Misgendered By The Media

Megyn Kelly Trivializes Transgender Prison Inmate's Plea For Necessary Medical Treatment
Just moments after claiming to "understand the torture" experienced by transgender people, Fox News' Megyn Kelly mocked a transgender inmate's attempt to acquire medically necessary gender reassignment treatment while in prison.

Mpls. Woman Sentenced in Schooner Tavern Assault Case
A Minneapolis woman was sentenced to 180 days in jail for a third-degree assault during a melee near Schooner Tavern in Minneapolis.

Transgender Student Can Now Wear Dress To Prom
When it comes to allowing a transgendered student the opportunity to dress for the prom in a dress, Spring High School now has a change of heart.
Transgender student wins bid to wear dress to prom
District allows transgender high school student to wear dress to prom
Texas School Will Allow Student To Wear Dress To Prom
Texas school relents, lets trans teen wear a dress to prom

La Ley Antidiscriminación, un reclamo desde la diversidad sexual
Se trata de una normativa que está en vigencia pero no incluye a los pueblos originarios, personas discapacitadas, ni al sector de la diversidad de género. A luz de nuevos hechos de violencia y discriminación, el reclamo se renueva.

sábado, abril 27, 2013

Travesti é achado morto com tiros na cabeça em casa abandonada
A Polícia Civil e a Força Nacional irão investigar o assassinado do jovem Diédson Rodrigues, de 21 anos, cujo corpo foi encontrado na manhã desta quarta-feira (24), na cidade de Arapiraca. Segundo a polícia, o rapaz foi atingido com três disparos na cabeça.
Homossexual é encontrado morto no interior de Alagoas

Thousands demand court stops jailing people for not telling sex partners they are trans
Scottish Transgender Alliance has filed a petition with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service urging them to work with trans equality groups

Police to classify attacks on goths, punks and transgender people as hate crimes in a bid to recognise 'alternative subcultures' after killing of girl with 20 piercings in her face
Greater Manchester Police becomes first in country to adopt new policy
Follows Sophie Lancaster murder - student beaten to death for being a goth
But courts will not be able to impose harsher sentences unless law changes
Hate crime: Police record attacks on punks, emos and goths

Hourra ! Mon trouble est enfin reconnu comme une maladie mentale
Le DSM, bible américaine des maladies mentales, sort sa version 2013. Les nouveaux « malades » sont ravis d’être reconnus, les labos aussi. Les psys s’inquiètent.

Mayor orders arrested trans woman to undress, photographed naked at Lebanese city hall
The mayor of Dekwaneh, a suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, ordered a nightclub frequented by trans and LGB people shut down and several people, including a trans woman, were brought to the municipal headquarters, ordered strip naked, then photographed.

Woman killed neighbor before shooting self, police believe
A fading tattoo on Cynthia Macandrew’s chest says David. The heart was inked for David J. Andrews, 66, a man she met at 18, married and with whom she had a child.

quinta-feira, abril 25, 2013

quarta-feira, abril 24, 2013

Con fecha 17 de abril del año 2013, El Consejo Permanente de la Organización de Estados Americanos, entregó Informe Preliminar sobre; Orientación sexual, Identidad de Género y Expresión de Género.

Ministério da Saúde reduz idade para tratamento e cirurgia de mudança de sexo
O Ministério da Saúde (MS) deve publicar ainda nesta semana uma portaria que reduz a idade mínima para a realização da cirurgia de mudança de sexo pela rede pública de saúde de 21 anos para 18. Também muda a referência para o tratamento hormonal, de 18 para 16 anos. Segundo a assessoria da imprensa do MS, o Ministério Público Federal será ouvido antes da publicação da portaria.

Travesti Patricia Araújo fará participação em "Salve Jorge" como traficada
Gloria Perez vem investindo no elenco de traficadas de "Salve Jorge" e dando espaço à diversidade. Depois da atriz transexual Maria Clara Spinelli (Anita) e Mariana Mollina (Beyoncé), chegou a vez da travesti Patricia Araújo, 29.
Mais uma! Travesti Patricia Araújo fará participação em "Salve Jorge" como traficada

Campaigns to get Richard Littlejohn sacked by Daily Mail signed by 240,000
Two petitions calling for Richard Littlejohn to be sacked were delivered to the Daily Mail's offices last week claiming the support 240,000 people.

'I lost 12 STONE for my sex swap': Computer programmer, 29, slims to 9 stone to become the woman he always dreamed of being
Hinoi Tonkin, born Keith, lost 12st in sex swap quest
The IT specialist from Middlesborough was miserable in male body
Used to comfort eat but is now 9st and loves going dancing
Awaiting final stages of £10,000 NHS operation

Marseille gag Joey Barton after Thiago Silva Twitter tirade
The on-loan Marseille man labelled Thiago Silva an "overweight ladyboy" on the social-networking site hours after Paris Saint-Germain's Champions League quarter-final clash with Barcelona.
Joey Barton summoned by Ethics Committee after calling PSG defender Thiago Silva an 'overweight ladyboy' on Twitter
Marseille apologizes for Barton's Twitter rant
Joey Barton acusó de 'transexual' a Thiago Silva
PSG threaten action against Barton for 'ladyboy' tweets
Joey Barton gagged over transphobic ‘ladyboy’ tweet
Joey Barton ordered by Marseille to stop abusing Thiago Silva on Twitter
Barton rapped over Silva slur

LGBTI human rights work in crisis in Nepal
Moral running low at Nepal's biggest LGBTI rights organization, Blue Diamond Society, where staff haven't been paid for seven months

UPSC ducks transgender’s test query
At a time when a number of organisations and social activists are fighting seriously for the social rights of transgenders, sadly there is no provision that allows the community members to appear for the competitive examinations conducted by the UPSC and TNPSC, both government bodies.

ACLU, gay groups file motion to force Medicare to fund sex-change operations
The ACLU and homosexual lobbying groups have joined with a radical lawyer to file a challenge that would force Medicare to offer taxpayer-funded sex change operations.
HHS drops 'public comment' process on medicare/medicaid covering transgender healthcare

Transgender Women 49 Times More Likely To Have HIV, Study Says
Transgender women were 49 times more likely to have HIV compared to a reference population, according to a new study on transgender women and HIV.

PACHA Issues Groundbreaking Transgender HIV/AIDS Resolution
Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS Makes Recommendations for Addressing the Epidemic of HIV/AIDS Among Transgender Communities

Transgender man denied divorce discusses ruling
The Valley resident better known to the world as the "pregnant man" is speaking out about being denied a divorce even though it is what he and his wife want.

John Kavanagh, Arizona State Representative, Defends Transgender Bathroom Bill
The Arizona state legislator who received national attention for promoting a harsh anti-transgender bill aimed at prosecuting transgender people for using a public restroom if their gender appearance didn't match the gender on their identification said yesterday that his effort is indeed “targeting” transgender people, but “only with respect to public accommodations where there is an expectation of privacy” and is about “a balancing of rights.”

Kayla Moore: Death Of Schizophrenic Transgender Woman In Berkeley Police Custody Draws Activists' Ire
On the night of February 12, African American transgender woman Kayla Moore died while in the custody of Berkeley police. And now, Bay Area trans activists are up in arms demanding answers.

Anti-violence rally draws crowd
El/La Para Translatinas, an agency serving transgender people in San Francisco's Mission district, held a rally at the 16th Street BART station plaza Thursday, March 28 to call attention to what the group says is an uptick in anti-transgender violence.

Crowd Rallies in D.C. for Transgender Health
Activists call for competent, culturally sensitive care for transgender people, equal coverage for medical procedures

Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Set for Next Fight at CFA 11 in Florida
Arrangements are lining up for Fallon Fox and her next MMA bout, as she'll reportedly face regional fighter Allanna Jones in the Championship Fighting Alliance on May 24.
Florida Commission Closes Investigation Clearing the Way for Fallon Fox to Fight
Fallon Fox Did Not Commit Violation When She Applied for License With Florida State Boxing Commission: Ruling

Fourth Idaho city passes LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance
The Moscow City Council has passed an anti-discrimination ordinance that makes it illegal to make housing and employment decisions based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Trans-unfriendly Idaho drops surgery requirement for driver’s license gender marker changes
In a state notorious for leaving hurdles in the way of transgender rights, the Idaho Transportation Department dropped it’s policy of requiring sex reassignment surgery before one’s gender marker can be changed on driver’s licenses. The department made the change after the ACLU of Idaho urged them to do so on behalf of two trans residents in that state.

Mass. prison officials ask judge to overturn inmate sex-change ruling
Massachusetts prison officials are asking a federal appeals court to overturn an order to provide taxpayer funded sex change operation to a trans-gender inmate. Michelle Kosilek, formerly Robert Kosilek, is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife.
Ruling on Mass. inmate’s sex change is fought

EMS Denied Transgender Patient Care Causing Her Death, Alleges Sheepshead Bay Lawyer
Emergency responders left Shaun Smith to die because she is transgender, claims a lawsuit brought by the victim’s mother. The Sheepshead Bay attorney representing her says it’s part of a disturbing national trend of discrimination against transgender patients.

Measure targets campus LGBT centers, says they lead to ‘high-risk’ behavior
An amendment to the Texas Legislature’s general appropriations bill, SB1, would defund gender and LGBT resource centers on the basis that they encourage risky sexual behavior.

Texas Senate Committee Considers Non-Discrimination Protections for LGBT Community
Today the Texas Senate Committee on Economic Development heard testimony on a bill to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

An Interview with Venezuelan Trans Rights Superstar, Tamara Adrian
In honour of International Day of Transgender Visibility we spoke with Tamara Adrian - Venezuelan lawyer, law professor, human rights activist and all round international trans rights superstar. She spoke about transgender visibility in international arenas, the new ’revolution’ in gender identity laws in Latin America, and some key questions facing trans communities in contemporary Venezuela.

terça-feira, abril 23, 2013

European Parliament takes stock of LGBT rights in Western Balkans and Turkey
Last week the European Parliament adopted five of its annual progress reports for candidate and potential candidate EU countries. MEPs addressed recommendations on LGBT rights to Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey.

Trans in the Spotlight! - TGEU Publication on the Committee of Ministers Recommendations
In the Spotlight! Trans in the Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to Member States on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity

Transexual é assassinada dentro de casa
A transexual e cabeleireira Débora Moreira Mori, 44, foi assassinada na tarde de hoje. Ela estava em casa, onde também funciona o salão de beleza, quando foi encontrada por uma funcionária. De acordo com a Polícia Militar, essa funcionária viu dois rapazes saírem da casa e ligou para o 190.

Ministério da Saúde estuda redução da idade mínima para readequação sexual
Ministério Público será ouvido antes da publicação da portaria.
SUS reduz idade mínima para cirurgia de readequação ao sexo

Joey Barton calls fellow footballer a 'transsexual ladyboy'
English soccer player, currently playing for Olympique de Marseille, has slammed Brazilian Thiago Silva
Joey Barton makes transphobic ‘ladyboy’ Twitter slur at Brazilian footballer

Climate of Fear Imperils LGBT People
The government of Nepal should allow lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) groups to operate freely and end arbitrary arrests of LGBT people, Human Rights Watch said.
Masked attackers harass gay activists in Nepal

Punjab: Two transgenders file nomination papers
Two eunuchs in the Punjab have filed nomination papers for a national assembly and a provincial assembly seat, The Express Tribune has learnt.

For men only
The army needs 94,480 young men as recruits this year. Unlikely to be among them are a small group of people who have changed considerably since their birth certificates identified them as being male.

Gov’t seeks comment on sex, gender records guidelines
Public comment is now being sought on draft national guidelines developed by the Federal Government on the recognition of sex and gender in Commonwealth records.

LGBT Groups Challenge Medicare’s Refusal to Provide Healthcare to Transgender Patients
Last week, several national LGBT groups and a cooperating attorney filed an administrative challenge to Medicare’s ban on medically necessary healthcare for transgender patients. Medicare, which provides healthcare to Americans ages 65 and older and younger people with certain qualifying disabilities, currently prohibits all forms of gender reassignment surgeries regardless of the individual patient’s diagnosis or serious medical needs.
Medicare Update
Medicare Won't Yet Decide Whether to Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery
Medicare asked to review ban on gender reassignment surgery
LGBT Groups Challenge Medicare's Refusal to Provide Healthcare to Transgender Patients

Transgender community faces discrimination
Recently Smith College, a private all women’s college in Massachusetts, officially rejected Calliope Wong, a transgender high school student. While Wong’s application read female, her FAFSA read male. Wong socially transitioned during high school and has not divulged whether or not she is undergoing medical transition.

HRC and Coalition Apologize for Silencing Undocumented, Trans Activists at Supreme Court Rally
Transgender and undocumented activists claim they were told to lower their flags and keep quiet at the March rally supporting same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court.
Human Rights Campaign Statement on March 27 Events
Marriage equality rally groups apologize for exclusionary actions
HRC apologizes for treatment of transgender, immigration rights activists

Transgendered 'Pregnant Man' seeks divorce
A transgendered man said he will appeal after his divorce request was rejected by an Arizona judge, who called his marriage an invalid same-sex marriage.
Transgender Ariz. man denied divorce vows to keep fighting state

Tucson Mayor & City Council Unanimously Oppose Transgender Discrimination!
The Tucson Mayor and City Council have voted unanimously to oppose SB1045.

College faculty hopes to update bathroom policy for transgenders
Some faculty in the Gender and Diversity Committee seek to update bathroom policy for transgenders

Transgender Law Center Co-Sponsors Name & Gender Change Legislation
Assembly Bill 1121, authored by Assemblymember Toni Atkins and co-sponsored by Equality California and Transgender Law Center, simplifies the process required for name changes and ensures that a transgender person’s gender identity is reflected accurately on important identity documents.

Transgender health care rally in D.C. draws more than 100
More than 100 people attended a rally in Columbia Heights on Saturday in support of equal access to health care for transgender people.
“We are here today to advocate for trans competent health care providers and for health care for the transgender community,” organizer Bryce Jordan Celotto said.

Opponent Commits to May Bout vs. Transgender Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Fallon Fox in Coral Gables
The Florida State Boxing Commission may decide the status of Fox, who used to be a man, on Friday

'Trans 100,' Annual Event Honoring Transgender Rights Advocates, Launches In Chicago
Trans 100, an annual celebration of transgender advocates, kicked off March 31 in Chicago.

Court to hear appeal in Mansfield murderer’s sex change case
Massachusetts prison officials are set to ask a federal appeals court to overturn a ruling granting a taxpayer-funded sex change for a transgender inmate serving a life sentence for murder.
Judge asked to overturn sex change ruling
Officials fight taxpayer-funded sex change ruling

Transgender Boy Cries Foul After Double Rejection by Women's College
A transgender teen who was born male but insists he is a female, cried foul last week when all-female Smith College twice rejected his application for admission to the institution because of his male genitalia.

Task force meets on transgender issues
Transgender issues were the focus of Monday’s meeting of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Task Force, as speakers offered both academic and personal observations on the topic.

Miles de personas asisten a la marcha en favor de diversidad sexual en Chile
La marcha conmemoró el asesinato hace un año de un joven homosexual a manos de neonazis y pidió al Congreso tramitar un proyecto de ley que legaliza las uniones de hecho.

Salud púbica
Aunque existen sanas excepciones, en muchos lugares aún sigue siendo un tormento para las personas trans recurrir a un consultorio médico para asesorarse sobre todo lo relacionado con los tratamientos hormonales y las cirugías. Integrantes del equipo interdisciplinario del Hospital Iturraspe (Santa Fe), uno de los centros donde hoy se entregan hormonas gratuitamente y se realizan mastectomías, responden a preguntas de lxs interesadxs.

Se recupera bien paciente sometido a mastectomía en hospital platense
Kalym Soria, el primer varón transexual en recibir el año pasado el Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI), que lo identifica con su verdadero nombre, fue sometido a una mastectomía en el Hospital Gutiérrez de La Plata, pionero en las cirugías de reasignación genital, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales.

segunda-feira, abril 22, 2013

Um retrato das imigrantes trans em França (com filme)
É um documentário sobre a vida de travestis e transexuais brasileiras em Paris, da responsabilidade do antropólogo Alexandre Fleming Câmara Vale, professor da Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC).

Eunuch to launch campaign on cycles
A eunuch running for constituency NA-151, Haji Saeed Nargis, has announced to launch an election campaign on cycles and motorcyle-rickshaws.

Saskatchewan's Transgender community rally for visibility
A group, largely pushed to the fringes of society stepped front and centre Saturday at the Provincial Legislature in Regina.

Obama administration withdraws plan to use taxpayer funds for sex-change operations
The Obama administration has withdrawn a proposal to allow Medicare to pay for sex-change operations.
NCTE Responds to Withdrawal of Medicare Public Comment Process

Transgender Woman Arrested in Military Murder
Federal investigators tracked a suspect to Georgia arresting the person they believe killed a U.S. Coast Guardsman stationed in Mobile.

Judge rejects divorce for transgender pregnant man
An Arizona judge on Friday refused to grant a divorce for a transgender Arizona man who gave birth to three children after beginning to change his sex from female.
Court refuses 'pregnant man' Thomas Beatie's divorce
Transgender man told he cannot divorce wife
‘Pregnant man’ Thomas Beatie denied divorce

Iowa lawmakers threaten to withhold funding if school holds conference for LGBT youth
Conservative state lawmakers threatened Thursday to withhold state funding for an Iowa community college if the school spends tax dollars on a conference for gay youths.

Tantasqua board puts transgender issue on back burner
The Tantasqua Regional School Committee put the kibosh on its subcommittee's motion seeking the state Department of Secondary and Elementary Education to "review and revise" its guidance document on transgender and gender nonconforming students.

GLAAD and Calliope Wong call for trans-inclusive admissions process at Smith College
As we reported on Sunday, Calliope Wong, a high school senior and trans woman, is calling for a change in Smith College's admissions practices.
College Rejection Over Gender Stings Connecticut Student

Boston Clinic Offers Therapies to Halt Pubescent Development of Transgender Youth
A clinic at Boston's Children Hospital provides hormone therapy to halt pubescent development among transgender youth, and they are among the first clinics the country to perform this treatment.

Maine Principals' Association revises transgender policy
The Maine Principals' Association has revised its policy to allow a transgender individual to “participate in MPA activities in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity.”
Maine Principals' Association Issues New Policy on Transgender Athletes

Teen accused of threatening to shoot East Millinocket transgender student
An East Millinocket teenager has been suspended from Schenck High School and is being evaluated by juvenile court authorities after he was issued a summons for threatening a transgender student, officials said Friday.

North Carolina governor’s latest moves alienate Latino and LGBT communities
Members of both the LGBT and Latino communities in North Carolina were taken aback by recent decisions by Gov. Pat McCrory’s (R) that are seemingly hostile to them.

Hot-headed firefighter Taylor Murphy seeks to overturn conviction for assaulting transgender ex-flame
A jury found Murphy guilty of felony criminal contempt for contacting her over 1,000 times in spite of an order of protection, and of misdemeanor assault for grabbing her arm in the 2011 incident.

domingo, abril 21, 2013

Após travesti Anita, de Salve Jorge, Maria Clara Spinelli interpretará mulher de pastor
A atriz Maria Clara Spinelli, que dá vida à travesti Anita de Salve Jorge, da TV Globo, já tem um novo trabalho em vista após o final da trama de Gloria Perez. De acordo com a artista, ela estará na peça teatral Charlloty, com texto de Zen Salles e direção de Paulo Capovilla.

With a pledge to end debts, transgenders to contest elections from Karachi
Once constrained to singing and dancing at gatherings or plying the flesh trade, the transgendered community have stepped up their efforts to be represented in the parliament to fight for their rights.

2 transgenders to take part in polls in Sindh
For the first time in Pakistan’s history at least two transgenders will contest in the upcoming general elections with a resolve to represent the community in parliament and fight for their rights.
Two eunuchs also join electoral race

Rest In Peace, Marcelle Cook-Daniels
I've been thinking about him recently, and when I Googled his name I stumbled across the obituary that reminded me on this date in 2000 the African-American and national trans community lost one of its major pioneering leaders in the person of Marcelle Y. Cook-Daniels.

Transgender former inmate sues Orange County
A transgender woman who was an inmate in the Orange County jail is suing the county, 14 jail employees and another inmate because she says she was raped while in jail.
Court papers just indentify the inmate as D.B., and she’s claiming a violation of civil rights.

No resolution in mediation with spa over trans complaint
A transgender discrimination complaint against a Niles, Ill. spa will move forward after a mediation between both parties failed to yield a resolution.
King Spa & Sauna is facing a discrimination complaint after the spa asked Levi Pine, a transgender man, to use a private shower facility instead of the men's showers.
Pine filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) against the spa late last year.

FreeState Legal Offers Trans Resources and Outreach
With regard to legal matters, the trans community faces a unique set of challenges.
Fortunately, the FreeState Legal Project has stepped up to help. FreeState provides direct legal aid to low-income lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Maryland residents.

Maine Principals’ Association draws up new policy for transgender athletes
A new policy that provides a pathway for transgender high school student-athletes in the state to participate in interscholastic sports teams gained final approval Thursday from the general membership of the Maine Principals’ Association.

Veracruz, sin identidad transexual legal: activista
En el estado de Veracruz no existen legislaciones que avale la identidad de los transexuales como credencial de elector o acta de nacimiento, señaló Silvia Susana Jiménez, del Colectivo Xalapeño por la Diversidad Sexual. La única opción que tienen, explicó, es acudir al Distrito Federal, comprobar una residencia de mínimo 6 meses y
hacer los cambios legales necesarios

sexta-feira, abril 19, 2013

«Gisberta» com Rita Ribeiro no Teatro Rápido
Rita Ribeiro estará em cena com a peça «Gisberta», que terá a sua estreia no próximo dia 2 de Maio, no Teatro Rápido, um espaço inaugurado há um ano no Chiado, com um conceito inovador e já reconhecido pelo público e imprensa especializada.

LGBT rights in Ukraine closely scrutinised as European Parliament consents to easier visa rules
Today the European Parliament gave its binding consent for easier EU visa rules for Ukrainian citizens. Members of the European Parliament had expressed serious concern about two homophobic draft laws, insisting the EU shouldn’t turn a blind eye to human rights abuses.

Le Parlement européen demande à la Commission d'accélérer ses travaux sur les questions trans & intersexes, le 16 avril 2013
Le mardi 16 avril, le Parlement européen a demandé à la Commission européenne d'intensifier son action contre la discrimination subie par les personnes trans & intersexes, lors de l'achat ou l'accès aux biens et services, et à intégrer l'identité de genre pleinement partout dans l'Union européenne.

"A pedofilia cria uma geração de homossexuais e milhares de travestis", diz Magno Malta
A ignorância de certos parlamentares parece não ter limites. Durante a CPI da Pedofilia, o senador Magno Malta (PR-ES) voltou a declarar absurdos com relação a sexualidade ligada às vítimas de abusos sexuais na infância.

Crossdresser given shops ban over Perth grope rap
A transvestite was banned from a shopping centre over claims he sexually assaulted several women while seeking “fashion tips”.

Cameroon 'gay' 'Baileys liqueur drinkers' freed into danger
After three days in police custody in Cameroon, two men arrested for wearing feminine attire released yesterday, but their daily life remains a nightmare
Two gay men freed into ‘living hell’ in Cameroon

Response to Victorian Health Department framework document on treatment of intersex kids
On 27 February the Victorian Health Department published an important new medical decision-making framework for the treatment of intersex infants, children and adolescents.

HRC denies wrongdoing in alleged transgender flag incident at Supreme Court
The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights group, faced criticism in various social media today after allegations surfaced that one of the group’s staffers told transgender community members to remove their flag from a podium area at the U.S. Supreme Court.

NCTE Condemns Committee Action on AZ Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill, SB 1045
Yesterday, in a 7-4 vote, the unnecessary and discriminatory bathroom bill, SB1045, moved forward from the Appropriations Committee to the House floor. SB1045 renders local LGBT nondiscrimination laws unenforceable and protects businesses and other facility managers that choose to discriminate against transgender and gender nonconforming public restroom users.
Everything You Should Know About Arizona's Controversial 'Transgender Bathroom Bill'
Restroom roulette in Arizona
Toilet Papers, Please: Arizona Doesn’t Want Transgender Folks to Use Public Restrooms
Arizona Lawmakers Keep Pushing for Anti-trans Bathroom Bill
Arizona House panel approves amended law targeting trans people
Transgender Bathroom Debate Continues

Berkeley Commission Probes Police Role in Transgender Woman's Death
Paranoid, schizophrenic and transgender, Kayla Moore followed a difficult path through life. That path ended abruptly when she died after Berkeley Police took her into custody the night of Feb. 12.

Despite criticism, Peggy Morgan standing by decision to not fight Fallon Fox
Featherweight Peggy Morgan (2-0) has acknowledged a video filmed by her and her trainer about Fallon Fox (2-0) was "inflammatory," but she sticks by her decision not to fight the 37-year-old transgender fighter.
Transgender fighter Fallon Fox books next WMMA fight for May 24

UIC holds trans health forum
On March 18, Palliative Neglect, an interdisciplinary collective that looks at health issues for LGBTQ people, hosted a trans health and healthcare forum at University of Illinois at Chicago's School of Public Health (SPH). The forum was designed to answer the community's questions about the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) and resources. The event was held in conjunction with Pride At Work, SEIU Lavender Caucus, Transgender Law Center, Center for American Progress and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Transexuales de Queens enfrentan grandes desafíos
Hace una década, una pequeña bodega mexicana en las inmediaciones de la calle 103, en Queens, era el único recurso de la comunidad transexual para conseguir una apariencia femenina.

Inmate threatens suicide in a legal motion to force gender reassignment surgery
Oklahoma inmate and trans woman Ronny Darnell alluded to a suicide in a recent court motion that could result if his surgery isn’t granted in her pending federal case — this is an example of why one should never be their own attorney. Darnell needs allies in support of her case however, she may have lost a number of supporter with this dubious legal maneuver.

Moral Objection Bill Moves Out of Committee
Members of the Michigan Senate's Committee on Health Policy held a hearing on and voted in support of Senate Bill 136 March 21. The bill, if passed into law, would provide health care professionals with legal protections should they decide to discriminate against a patient or co-worker based "on religious beliefs, moral convictions, or ethical principles sincerely held by an individual or entity."

Texas A&M Student Senate again targets GLBT Resource Center
It’s often said that young people overwhelmingly support LGBT equality, but that doesn’t always hold true in Texas, where anti-gay hate is rearing its head on college campuses again this year.

Bill to add LGBT protections to W.Va. anti-discrimination law falters
As the U.S. Supreme Court heard historic arguments over same-sex marriage, a lead supporter signaled defeat Wednesday for the latest bid in the House of Delegates to add sexual orientation and gender identity to West Virginia’s anti-discrimination laws.
Anti-discrimination bill falters in House

Transexual denuncia a policía del DF por discriminación
“¡Pinche puto, no sabes con quién te metes! ¡Mi palabra vale más que la tuya!”, fueron las agresiones verbales que Brissa, mujer transexual, recibió por parte de José Luis González Bautista, oficial de la policía del Distrito Federal, por lo que decidió demandarlo penalmente por discriminación, abuso de autoridad y amenazas.

[El Salvador]
Local trans advocate attends El Salvador conference
A transgender activist from D.C. is among those who attended El Salvador’s first LGBT rights conference that took place from March 12-17.

quinta-feira, abril 18, 2013

Travesti é executado com tiro na cabeça em Gravataí
Um travesti foi morto com um tiro na cabeça na tarde desta quarta-feira em uma rua no bairro Parque dos Eucaliptos, em Gravataí, na região Metropolitana. Moradores ouviram o disparo por volta das 13h45min e comunicaram a Brigada Militar. A vítima ainda não foi identificada. A perícia já está no local. Até agora, ninguém foi preso. Os motivos do crime também não se esclareceram. Vítima ainda não foi identificada.

Uso de nome social de travestis é debatido em audiência pública do AM
Iniciativa contou com a presença de representante do MEC.
Com o uso do nome social, indivíduo não é chamado pelo nome registrado.

Trans media victim Lucy Meadows' death sparks debate in UK parliament
Over 200,000 people have signed a petition urging the Daily Mail to sack columnist Richard Littlejohn for his anti-trans remarks
Lancashire: Inquest opened into death of Lucy Meadows
Over 200,000 sign petition for sacking of Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn over Lucy Meadows article
Inquest opened into death of transgender Accrington teacher Lucy Meadows

Lithuania's JustMin suggests changes to Civil Code
On Tuesday, the parliament approved the relevant amendments for discussion. They will now go to parliamentary committees.

Cameroon police re-arrest freed 'gay' 'Baileys liqueur drinkers'
Cameroon has re-arrested two men who were previously acquitted for appearing 'gay' due to drinking Bailey's Irish liqueur

Bill C-279 looks to preserve the rights of all transgender Canadians
If Bill C-279 becomes law, it would become illegal to discriminate against transgender Canadians.
Bill C-279 Good, but not good enough

San Francisco transgender community reports uptick in targeted violence
Recent reports involving attacks against transgender people in the Mission district have community leaders searching for ways to protect the vulnerable group.

WATCH: Transgender Woman Arrested for Exposing Breasts, Jailed With Men
Ashley Del Valle is a transgender woman from New York who was arrested in Georgia for indecent exposure after she allegedly showed her breasts, but then was housed in an all-male jail.
Blunders abound in Georgia trans woman ‘exposed breasts arrest’ — DA in a pickle

Oregon School Creates Unisex Bathrooms for Trans Students
A high school in Portland, Ore., has created unisex bathrooms to accommodate all students, but especially those who identify as transgender. Gender non-conforming and transgender students at Grant High School will not be mandated to use the six bathrooms, but will have the option.

Trans-Man Denied Name Change from Louisa County Judge
"when it comes to someone needing their name changed for their mental health, they get roadblocked."

[Latin America]
Advancing a Hemispheric Agenda on Trans Rights
Across Latin America and the Caribbean, the trend is an increasing acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans[1] and intersex (LGBTI) people. Recent years have seen important strides toward attaining marriage equality, educational access and public visibility for LGBTI people throughout the region.
[1] Trans is used as an umbrella term to describe all gender variant individuals, including those who identify as transvestite, transsexual and transgender.

La Ministra Carina Vance se pronuncia sobre despatologización de la Transexualidad
En el marco del evento: “La Psicología y el Ministerio de Salud Ante la Transexualidad: Un Debate sobre la despatologización”, organizado por la Asociación Silueta X, el viernes 19 de octubre del 2012, en la Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad de Guayaquil y del cual se desarrolló una reseña por el Diario el Telégrafo.

quarta-feira, abril 17, 2013

European Parliament tells Commission to step up work on transgender issues
Today the European Parliament asked the European Commission to step up its work against the discrimination faced by transgender people when purchasing or accessing goods and services. This is the latest in a series of Parliament request in favour of transgender rights since 2010.

Julie Burchill entitled to 'offend' transsexuals, press watchdog rules
Julie Burchill was entitled to write a controversial article about transsexuals because she was expressing her opinion, the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has ruled.
UK's Press Complaints Commission decides 'dicks in chicks' trans column was not prejudicial or pejorative

Birth certs remain an issue for transgender Irish
Transgender people who were born in Ireland are still not in a position to have birth certificates issued to them to recognise their gender, a statement of policy as issued to the Council of Europe has revealed.
No new birth certs for transgender Irish

Albania is the 'most anti-gay' country in Europe
Data from the European Social Survey has deemed Albania to be the most homophobic country in Europe above conservative neighbors
Survey: 53% of Albanians think gay people ‘should not be free to live life as they wish’

Gay activist badly beaten as Russian city bans pride
Syktyvkar's authorities, capital of Russia's republic of Komi, have banned a gay pride march as it ‘promoted homosexuality’, while its organizer was badly beaten

Update On Nigerian Intersex: Photo With Details Of Sexual Assault
A photo of an intersex person who was publicly humiliated, undressed and almost lynched has now been released to the public.

First-ever vocational training centre for eunuchs opened
Punjab Vocational Training Centre (Literacy) Secretary Dr Pervez Ahmed Khan Tuesday inaugurated the first-ever training institute for eunuchs in Rawalpindi where transgender would learn free of cost different kinds of skills particularly tailoring, fashion designing and courses to become professional beautician.

Transwoman scooters from Cape York to Melbourne
A transwoman rides from Cape York to Melbourne on a 1958 Lambretta scooter with a bunch of international scooter friends? No, it’s not a story outline for Priscilla 2, it’s really happening...

Sex and gender reforms coming
Personal records will have the option of male, female or X if proposed guidelines from the federal government go ahead.

Colorado Health Insurance Providers Can't Discriminate on Orientation, Gender Identity
On March 18, Colorado joined California, Oregon, and the District of Columbia in expressly prohibiting discrimination in health insurance due to sexual orientation or gender identity.

Trans Insurance Discrimination in DC Illegal Thanks to Community-Government Action
The DC Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking (DISB) released a bulletin yesterday, noting:

Transgender student rejected twice by all-female Smith College urges school to change policy, takes solace in groundswell of support: Focus should be building ‘next generation of leaders, not discriminating against them’
The school told Calliope Wong, a 17-year-old male-to-female transgender high school student from Connecticut, that her application could not be processed because of her FAFSA gender designation.

terça-feira, abril 16, 2013

Atriz transexual de “Salve Jorge” tem medo de exposição
Maria Clara Spinelli, que vive a transexual traficada Anita em Salve Jorge, contou à coluna Retratos da Vida, do jornal Extra, que já passou por uma operação para mudar de sexo na vida real e hoje é uma mulher. A atriz disse que está com medo da exposição e passou o último final de semana em casa para não ter que chegar em um lugar e ver todo mundo olhando.

Dois homossexuais são assassinados em bairros de João Pessoa
Excerto: No bairro do Grotão, um travesti foi morto com vários golpes de tesoura. De acordo com a Polícia Militar, o acusado pelo crime foi preso em flagrante e confessou que matou o homossexual após ser surrado por ele. O homicídio ocorreu na Rua do Arame.
A vítima morreu com golpes de tesoura que atingiram pescoço, tórax e pernas.

Travesti é encontrado morto no ABC
Crime aconteceu em Santo André, na madrugada deste domingo.
Segundo a PM, vítima levou tiro na cabeça.
Um travesti foi encontrado morto na Rua Escorpião, na Vila Guiomar, em Santo André, no ABC, por volta das 4h20 deste domingo (14), segundo a Polícia Militar.
Travesti é morta a tiros em Santo André; vítima estava sem documentos

The Plight of Gay and Transgender Women Seeking Asylum
March is Women’s History Month—a time not only to celebrate women’s contributions to history and society, but also to reflect on the injustices and persecution that too many women continue to face across the globe.

Transgender restroom bill will be revamped, lawmaker says
The state lawmaker who sponsored a bill that would have made it illegal for many transgender Arizonans to use the public bathroom of their choice has gutted the measure.

Colorado Health Insurers Can’t Discriminate!
Transgender Law Center applauds the Colorado Division of Insurance for releasing a bulletin making it clear that discrimination in health coverage based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity is not permitted in Colorado.
Division of Insurance Says Insurers Cannot Discriminate Based on Sexual Orientation and Transgender Status
Colorado insurance regulators rule against transgendered discrimination

Which bathroom is ‘right’?
Just before singing the National Anthem and the Alma Mater at Missouri State’s fall graduation 2012, Amelia Lawson and a few other Concert Chorale women really had to use the bathroom.

Establecen causas de la muerte de dos ejecutados
Las dos personas encontradas ejecutadas en el municipio de Cedral, al parecer murieron de asfixia por ahorcamiento y, presuntamente, uno de ellos era homosexual, al vestir de mujer.