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quinta-feira, dezembro 31, 2015

Comedian who came out as transgender woman ‘reverts back’ to a man
A comedian who came out as trans last year has changed his mind – and will now be living as a man again.

[Saudi Arabia]
Cross-dresser arrested inside mall
Abaya-wearing man held in Saudi Arabia after shopper became suspicious
Dude looks like a lady: Saudi man arrested for crossdressing in mall

Bill ensures family life for transgender children
The practice of disappointed families giving away transgender children to bands of 'third gender' wandering cities and villages may soon be passe.

2015 Trans Year in Review -- The Upside
2015 was the most momentous year in trans history. From scattered events in trans prehistory - Lili Elbe (The Danish Girl) , Christine Jorgensen, Sylvia Rivera, and Renee Richards - the community finally entered the historical mainstream in 2015 with the splashy "outcoming" of Caitlyn Jenner. She changed the cultural landscape, for better and worse, and gave us all a platform we never had. We're not quite to the status of "just another American minority group," but we're on our way.

The Year in Transgender Health
From the high-profile but ultimately disappointing transition of Caitlyn Jenner to the excellent media representations of the transgender community by Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and their peers, to the everyday struggle of transgender folks in our own communities, it's been a very visible year for the transgender struggle.

Why These Women Want to Repeal an LGBT Law in Alaska’s Biggest City
A gender identity law in Anchorage, Alaska, has met with opposition from a dozen women who say they are concerned about safety and privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms.

Silent Witness hoping to solve dozens of 2015 homicide cases
Unsolved murder cases will be heavy on the minds of dozens of Arizona families as we head into the new year.

New VA Clinic Opens For Transgender Vets
A Veterans Affairs hospital in Tucson, Ariz., is expanding treatment to a previously underserved faction of the armed services: transgender veterans.

Illinois takes steps with new laws to protect transgender community
Regardless of the lack of a budget in Illinois, those elected to represent the people of the State have not been sitting on their hands. With bipartisan majorities, including support from Republican leaders in both the Illinois House and Senate, January 1st, 2016 will bring three new laws to the State that mark a significant move forward in protections for the Transgender community.

Fair Michigan gay rights, anti-discrimination petition approved for circulation
An initiative petition that would amend the Michigan Constitution to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender, gender identity, sex or sexual orientation has been cleared for circulation.
Despite resistance, Michigan election board approves anti-discrimination petition form

Conservative advocate sues school board over new transgender policy
The leader of a conservative lobbying group has sued a Virginia school board, challenging the board’s move to add protections for transgender students and staff to its nondiscrimination policies.
Transgender Protections Spur Suit in Virginia

quarta-feira, dezembro 30, 2015

Um escândalo infamíssimo: as damas de contrabando que na verdade eram homens-mulheres
Era do conhecimento público, mas fechavam-se os olhos. Até que uns congressistas se queixaram de terem sido seduzidos por mulheres que eram homens. A polícia acabou por prender quase uma vintena de “damas de contrabando”. Manuel Moreira, a Tentadora, foi o criminoso escolhido pelas autoridades para servir de exemplo. Esta é a quinta e última história de uma minissérie do “Crime à Segunda”, no intervalo de mais uma temporada de criminosas portuguesas

Grupo protesta após Justiça soltar assassino confesso de travesti no RS
Brenda Lee foi encontrada morta por familiares dentro de casa em Pelotas.
Assassino confesso foi liberado após cinco dias em prisão temporária.

The 2015 gender dictionary – from fluidity to skoliosexual
This year new definitions of gender and sexuality hit the mainstream. But do you know your quiltbag from your ally?

Transgender Fad Rapidly Spreading in Primary Schools, ‘Clusters’ Emerging as Children Copy Friends
The number of primary school-aged children, some as young as four, beginning to “transition” their gender is rising rapidly in the UK. The popularity of the fad appears to be clustered, with children copying others in the same schools.

Japan lawmakers to introduce landmark LGBTI anti-discrimination bill
Bill seeks to eliminate discrimination in the workplace

Is the Brain Gendered? A Q&A with Harvard's Catherine Dulac
A biologist remarks on the extraordinary similarity of male and female brains despite the persistence of binary behavioral styles

Protests and debate erupt over Title IX exemptions for Christian colleges
Protests, hundreds of news reports, and possible congressional actions have all occurred following a Dec. 1 report by The Column. That report, Dozens of Christian schools win Title IX waivers to ban LGBT students, put the spotlight to a growing trend at Christian colleges and universities around the country: obtaining Title IX waivers from the U.S. Dept. of Education requesting an exemption to laws that bar anti-LGBT discrimination.

How Anti-Gay Talking Points Are Being Recycled For The Transgender Community
For over a decade, gay rights opponents peddled a set of myths and fearmongering tactics to try to sway voters against marriage equality and basic rights for gay people. Now that marriage equality is the law of the land, anti-LGBT organizations have started recycling the same bogus scare tactics to target the new bogeyman of the LGBT rights movement -- the transgender community.
Report: Anti-LGBT groups use old claims for new tricks

12 Biggest Wins for Equality This Year
A year that will go down in history for us.

10 Ways This Was A Banner Year For Transgender People
In a year of remarkable progress for transgender visibility and rights, it’s tough to pick the top stories, let alone place them in any particular order.
This list focuses on North America in general and the United States in particular, reflecting North America’s leading role on many fronts of the movement.

Estrogen and the Transgender Woman
Testosterone and estrogen are the hormones associated with gender. The average male, female and everyone in between have bodies that run on and need both. Today we are going to explore estrogen and the effects of it on the transgender female. Please note before we proceed that if you are currently undergoing or thinking of undergoing hormone replacement therapy with estrogen that we strongly recommend you do so under the care of a physician. There can be many dangers and health risks if estrogen is not administered and monitored properly.

Alaska school districts advised to adopt transgender policies
The ASAA and AASB are urging districts to add ‘gender identity’ to non-discrimination policies — and to figure out what that means for students in locker rooms, restrooms, and contact sports.

TLDEF Condemns Indiana Bill Targeting Transgender Youth and Adults
Bill Would Punish Transgender People with Jail Time for Using Bathroom

Elections board to consider form of gay rights petition
Supporters of amending Michigan's constitution to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity are hoping to clear an initial procedural step.

terça-feira, dezembro 29, 2015

“Precisamos de mais mulheres trans em cima dos palcos e menos nos caixões”
O Largo da Ordem, em Curitiba, parecia dividido em dois. O primeiro lado ecoava risadas em tom de deboche, assobios maldosos, cantadas baratas e olhares curiosos. O segundo, bem mais interessante, estava preenchido com gargalhadas, batuques de salto alto, purpurina, cílios postiços e orgulho. Ali, a tristeza não teve vez.

Transexual impedida de usar banheiro feminino de bar desabafa: 'Sem chão'
Amigo questionou e foi agredido; ela tentou evitar a confusão e se feriu.
Direção do local nega preconceito e vai apurar caso em Araraquara, SP.

Why I began living as a woman - then decided to transition back
By the end of my seven months as Sarah I was frightened, angry, lonely, confused – and, perhaps worst of all, bored. Utterly bored with the topic of transgenderism

Meet The Couple Who Stayed Together When The Husband Became A Woman - Then Invited A Third Lover To Join Them
“I would feel more comfortable if I slept in a nightdress, that kind of stuff.”

80 primary school pupils a year seeking help to change gender – charity
Children as young as four already ‘transitioning’, says Susie Green, chair of Mermaids charity

School blasted for not acknowledging the sex of transgender eight-year-old
An eight-year-old born a girl is locked in a battle with primary school bosses because they refuse to treat her as a boy.

First transgender candidate seeks to make congressional history amid religious unease
There had been one gay senator and at least a couple of closet queens in the House but, for the first time, a transgender is making local history – or is it her story – by seeking a congressional seat.

Lara Rae: navigating the world of dating and sex as a trans woman
Growing up, I always knew I was female — but my sexual orientation was much less certain

What It’s Really Like Being A Transgender Model When Trans Is Trending
23-year-old Tschan Andrews on whether the fashion industry is really becoming a more progressive place.

Transgender inclusion latest legal hot button in sports
With the media spotlight surrounding Caitlyn Jenner, 2015 was a year that brought transgender issues to the forefront. Increased attention brings increased scrutiny, and sports leagues and athletic associations have not always had the most comprehensive or inclusive policies with respect to transgender athletes. Yet, given the competitive nature of athletic competition, participation in sports is a key issue in the movement toward transgender equality.

Violence and Visibility
For many, the most disturbing trend of 2015 has been the surge in murders of transgender people. Headlines of major news organizations, bulletins and calls for action from advocacy groups, top elected officials and transgender men and women themselves have been sounding the alarm.

2015 moments: The transition to transgender
Part of a series about trends, places and things that seized the international spotlight in 2015.

Some shelters hold no set policy on where to house homeless transgender people
When transgender people face homelessness, some local shelters have no set policy on whether they should be placed in a men’s or women’s shelter, despite the gender with which that person identifies.

Palatine softball star now a transgender advocate
Had Palatine High School softball star Lauren Logan been born a boy, he'd be 20-year-old Ryan Logan today, playing college ball somewhere.

Community remembers Leelah Alcorn on anniversary of teen’s death
Remembrance ceremony planned Monday

Trans woman beaten and burned in Curitiba, Brazil
A group of young men beat a transgender woman then poured gas on her burning her badly early Sunday morning. The attack happened at corner of Victor Ferreira do Amaral Avenue and Paul Kissula in the Tarumã district, of Curitiba, Brazil.

domingo, dezembro 27, 2015

Cantora transexual portuguesa faz homenagem ao Brasil no novo álbum
“Estou com saudades do Brasil, país por qual sou apaixonada e que me recebe sempre muito carinho”, diz Patrícia Ribeiro.

"A Rapariga Dinamarquesa" estreia no último dia do ano
"A Rapariga Dinamarquesa" é um dos filmes mais aguardados do ano, que começou a dar que falar assim que foi anunciado que seria o jovem actor Eddie Redmayne a interpretar o papel de Lili Elbe, considerada como a primeira mulher trans a submeter-se à cirurgia de reatribuição de sexo.

Grupo desce de carro, espanca e queima travesti com gasolina no Tarumã
Um grupo de jovens desceu de um carro e cometeu atos de atrocidade contra uma travesti de 37 anos, no bairro Tarumã, em Curitiba, na madrugada deste domingo (27). A vítima foi socorrida com 50% do corpo queimado ao Hospital Evangélico.
Grupo de jovens joga gasolina e ateia fogo em travesti em Curitiba

Trans-Hollywood :: An Informal History
Long before Caitlyn Jenner or Christine Jorgensen, there was Lili Elbe, a Dane that underwent sexual reassignment surgery in the early 1930s. You likely heard a lot about Elbe in the past few weeks: Her story is being told in the new film "The Danish Girl," currently in theaters, that stars Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne as the artist Einar Wegener who transitioned into Lili.

Transgender rights: Ten historic milestones which show 2015 was the 'year to be trans'
British actress Rebecca Root, star of the BBC's Boy Meets Girl, said 2015 would be "the year to be trans" – and her prediction was spot on. The last 12 months have been pivotal for the transgender movement, from Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair interview to the jailing of transgender women in male prisons, both of which ignited important public debates about trans rights.

Los transexuales vascos tendrán un carné con su identidad de género
Euskadi es la primera comunidad autónoma en ofrecerles un 'DNI' transitorio mientras dura el proceso de reasignación sexual

Alan, un menor transexual de Barcelona que logró cambiar su DNI, se suicida por acoso
Su madre: "No pudo con la presión de la sociedad y nos ha dejado para siempre".
Alan había conseguido este mes que un magistrado autorizara el cambio de nombre en su DNI pese a ser un menor de edad.
Allan, a trans teen from Barcelona commits suicide due to bullying
Barcelona teen commits suicide over 'transphobic bullying'

WATCH: The Trans Actress Who Played a Cisgender Character in The Danish Girl
In this exclusive video, transgender actress Rebecca Root (above, right) talks about working with Eddie Redmayne (left) in The Danish Girl.
Rebecca Root opens up about Eddie Redmayne trans drama The Danish Girl

‘Danish Girl’ pretty, but without passion
Review » Transgender story has gorgeous details, but is emotionally inert.
Review: 'The Danish Girl' offers a pretty shallow view of a transgender hero
Eddie Redmayne shines even as ‘The Danish Girl’ washes out
Eddie Redmayne: Reading 'Danish Girl' Script Was Like Getting 'Sucker-Punched'
Eddie Redmayne: 'I hope The Danish Girl makes trans lives better'

Gender Transition: Psychiatrist Dr Stuart Lorimer Explains What Patients Really Go Through
“Whenever I think I've seen it all, someone walks in the door and tells me something new, something I've never heard before.”

Morecambe pub apologises after transgender row with music duo
A pub sparked outrage by saying they’d cancelled a music gig because “the man was dressed as a woman”.

Trans Woman H.Y. Won The court Case Against Threats and Harassment
Trans woman H.Y., one of the plaintiffs in the Avcilar Meis Site case where a lynch and deportation campaign against trans women residents happened, won her court case against a perpetrator in the 8th court trial.

Police to Trans Man: "You Are What The State Decides"
A trans man was verbally assaulted by the police and school security at Istanbul University while the attacks on LGBTI brochures and posters in the school continue by the islamist groups named Anatolian Youth Association (AGD).

Thai court reaffirms gay-themed film ban for pornographic content
The transgender filmmaker said the banning of her film validates the assertion that transgender people are treated by Thai society as as an unsightly species—like 'Insects in the Backyard'

25-year-old crowned at Vietnam’s first transgender beauty pageant
A transwoman from southern Vietnam was crowned on Tuesday at Vietnam’s first-ever beauty pageant for transgender people.

Transgender Muslims Find a Home for Prayer in Indonesia
As the call to prayer boomed over this midsize university town on a recent Sunday evening, rows of conservatively dressed Muslim women laid out their prayer mats, bowed toward Mecca and murmured prayers in Arabic. As dusk fell, it was a ritual being carried out in mosques and prayer academies across the city.

Transgender woman sues gym over changing-room use
A transgender business manager in the city of Kyoto sued major fitness club operator Konami Sports Club Co. on Friday, saying she was forced to use its facility in Kyoto Prefecture as a man before undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

DPJ pushes LGBT discrimination bill for joint submission with ruling bloc
The Democratic Party of Japan has compiled the outline of a bill to eliminate discrimination against sexual minorities and wants to jointly submit it to the Diet with the ruling camp on Jan. 4.

[New Zealand]
Journeys through life: Joanna's story
Whether you're g, l, b, t or f, or any of the other sexual minorities that make up our wider community, one of the common experiences we all go through is a journey from what society at large expects of us to what we individually become... something different.

Volleyball Nova Scotia shows 'resounding support' for transgender athletes
Competitive concerns don't overwhelm 'the human factor,' group's president says
Truly, an inclusive sport

Transgender people still struggling to be heard
The human-rights, health and social challenges experienced by people with changed or changing gender identities stepped beyond the activism of a few to become mainstream policy debates of governments, schools and health institutions in 2015. Globe B.C. has spent the past week exploring the lives of three transgender people at different points along their paths.

Musicians help raise funds for 3 seeking sex-reassignment surgery
New Brunswick is only province that doesn't pay for some form of expensive procedure

Goodbye, 'Anomaly' — TSA's New Word for Trans Bodies Is 'Alarm'
Three months after a transgender traveler's horrifying experience being screened at an airport, the agency reveals the change it promised in October.
WATCH: TSA Makes Full Body Scanners Mandatory for Some Travelers

Chelsea Manning accuses Caitlyn Jenner of being ‘grinch’ who stole trans movement in 2015
Former soldier convicted of espionage charges is transitioning in a military prison

Caitlyn Jenner for ‘follow-up’ Diane Sawyer interview one year on
One year on from Caitlyn Jenner’s emotional coming out interview with Diane Sawyer, the pair will reunite for a follow-up.

The life of trans woman Christine Jorgensen

Victories for Transgender and Private Prison Divestment Activists
A victory for the Transgender Law Center fighting back an effort to put an initiative on next falls ballot called, the “Personal Privacy Protection Act” which would allow the government to monitor whose using which bathrooms. Then, we talk to some organizers involved in a successful effort to get the University of California to divest from in private prisons–the second university after Columbia to succeed in this divestment effort.

CA anti-trans ballot measure fails
For the second year in a row an effort to place a transphobic ballot measure before California voters has failed.

A mother reacts to a transgender son
On a snowy night a few winters ago, Anita Gorrell’s youngest child dropped a letter in front of her and zipped out of the room.

Anderson joins Indiana cities protecting LGBT rights
The city of Anderson is the latest Indiana city to officially ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Indiana bill targets bathroom use by transgender people
An Indiana lawmaker has proposed a bill that would make it a crime for transgender people to use public bathrooms and locker rooms that do not conform to their gender at birth, threatening to draw Indiana further into a national debate over transgender rights.
Proposed Indiana Law Could Throw Trans People in Jail

Marquette Adopts New Anti-Discrimination Ordinance
WNMU-FM reports that Marquette has adopted a new anti-discrimination ordinance which states employers, landlords and others cannot discriminate against anyone based on their race, sexual orientation, gender or religion.

Princeton public schools adopt policy regarding transgender, gender non-conforming students
The Princeton Joint Unified School District adopted a uniform code outlining the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming students after a unanimous vote by the Board of Education last week, Vice President of the Board of Education Patrick Sullivan said.

Latest Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Filed In New Mexico
State legislatures have not officially convened for their 2016 sessions, but anti-LGBT bills are already piling up for consideration. The latest such bill was pre-filed last week in New Mexico. Despite the fact its sponsors have called it a “religious liberty” bill, the legislation blatantly carves out exemptions so that LGBT people — and only LGBT people — can be legally discriminated against.

NYC will fine employers up to $250,000 for referring to ‘transsexuals’ by their natural gender
The New York City Commission on Human Rights has issued rules that fine employers for referring to transsexuals by their real gender.

Intersex Activism to the Fore During UN Advocacy Push
Miriam van der Have is a married lesbian and mother of two. She came out publicly about being intersex on a television show in the Netherlands in 2003. Inspired by an out transgender participant on “Big Brother,” van der Have told me with a laugh, she thought, “If she can do it, I can do it too!”

On anniversary of Alcorn’s death, did anyone fix society?
Lee Ann Conard wants to write a letter. For nearly a year, words have swirled in the doctor’s head, resisting composition. When she tries to talk it out, tears fall. She seeks to offer respect to the parents who did their best for the child they called Joshua.

Liberty Counsel sues Va. school district
The Liberty Counsel on Dec. 21 filed a lawsuit that challenges the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Fairfax County School District’s anti-discrimination policy.

Transgender man in Ecuador makes history with pregnancy
A couple in Ecuador is making history with a unique pregnancy: The father-to-be is carrying the baby of his transgender partner.
Ecuadorian Trans Couple Announces Pregnancy

Three more Trans murders in Brazil
Sadly, three more trans women were murdered in Brazil, the first by her lover in a domestic violence case.

Gang that forced Brazilian transwoman into drug trade dismantled
On Monday Civil Police (CP) in Curitiba Brazil arrested 8 and performed 12 search and seizure warrants during the so-called “Keshara” operation, The campaign in the capital city of the state of Paraná is the cumulation of an investigation of a gang accused of sexually extorting and exploiting transgender woman. The gang members were also arrested on robbery, theft and receiving stolen vehicles charges.

quinta-feira, dezembro 24, 2015

Uma mulher extraordinária que nos ajuda a perceber de uma forma tangível uma realidade que é distante a tantos, mas, ao mesmo tempo tão simples. Uma conversa leve, fácil, e, ao mesmo tempo tão profunda que encerra em si tantas verdades itinerantes e sem género. Moldadora de medos, sem pudores ou constrangimentos, faz-nos uma visita guiada ao seu âmago, onde nos ensina através da sua experiência que, a tolerância e o amor ao próximo são o resultado mais sublime da educação.

Paradigm Shift Occurring in Transgender Care
A paradigm shift is occurring in the care of transgender individuals in the United States, with the mainstream medical community embracing transgender medicine when previously access to care for this community had been heavily limited due to physician discomfort, says one expert.

First Ever Africa Trans* Visibility Day
I keep pointing out the trans human rights movement is an international one, and we have increasing evidence of that global reach every day.

What It’s Really Like to Be Young and Trans in Canada Now
Stars like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox put the word “transgender” on everyone’s lips this year, but behind the buzz, the reality is still complicated, particularly for millennials

How a ‘rebirth’ helped transgender woman Kira Yee ditch a double life
The human rights, health and social challenges experienced by people with changed or changing gender identities stepped beyond the activism of a few to become mainstream policy debates of governments, schools and health institutions in 2015.

Gwen Araujo's Mom Sylvia Guerrero Needs Our Help
17 year old Gwen Araujo was brutally murdered on October 4, 2002 and ever since then, her mother Sylvia Guerrero has been a standup ally for our community.

Why America’s Top LGBT Group Is Losing An Argument Over Bathrooms
The Human Rights Campaign said its next big focus after marriage equality was passing LGBT nondiscrimination laws. But they’re losing ground to an attack spreading fear about who would be allowed in bathrooms.

In new trend, courts see anti-gay bias as gender discrimination
LGBT people lack explicit protections in federal law against discrimination, but a growing number of courts are determining anti-gay discrimination constitutes gender discrimination under current law.

Students protest transgender invasion of privacy
'It is unfair to infringe upon the rights of others to accommodate 1 person'

High school students push for acceptance along gender spectrum
Teens in Colorado are changing the conversation about gender identity, creating a comfort zone among peers to identify as transgender, “gender fluid” or “a-gender.” Among their requests: use “they” as a singular pronoun.

City passes ordinance to protect LGBT rights
Seven resounding "Yes" votes and a round of applause were heard as the Marquette City Commission unanimously approved an ordinance last week prohibiting the discrimination of people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Chris Christie Talks Terrorism When Asked About Trans People
The New Jersey governor claims his anti-trans policies have kept life simple for children in his state.

Chris Christie Wants To Spare Transgender Kids The 'Confusion' Of Choosing Their Own Bathroom
"I don't think life needs to be this complicated. I think it needs to be a lot more straightforward."

Transgender man barred from changing room at S.I. pool settles suit against the city
A transgender man formerly from Staten Island has settled his discrimination lawsuit against the city after he claimed he was barred from the men's room at a Tompkinsville pool two years ago.

TLDEF Urges Cuomo Administration to Adopt New Protections for Transgender New Yorkers
TLDEF yesterday submitted comments to the New York State Division of Human Rights expressing support for new regulations to protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and credit.

New York City: Cross-Dressing Men May Use Ladies’ Lavatories, Locker Rooms
In a series of new regulations, New York City human rights officials have threatened sanctions to landlords, employers, and businesses who prevent cross-dressing men from using the ladies’ room, under provisions against transgender discrimination.

Local Group Donates Christmas Gifts to Missing Teen's Family
This year, many members of the Charlottesville community came together to buy and wrap Christmas gifts for the family of Dashad "Sage" Smith, a transgender female who disappeared back in 2012.

quarta-feira, dezembro 23, 2015

Corpo de jovem é encontrado dentro do rio Parauapebas
José Moreira, 24 anos, foi encontrado nesta segunda, 21.
Homofobia pode ter motivado crime, segundo a polícia.
Um corpo foi encontrado nesta segunda-feira (21), às margens do rio Paraupebas, sudeste do Pará. Suspeita é de que o crime tenha sido motivado por homofobia.
Homossexual é encontrado morto em Parauapebas

Travesti, de 27 anos, é morto a facadas, em Caldas Novas
A Polícia Civil (PC) começou a investigar a morte de um travesti, de 27 anos, em Caldas Novas, no sul do estado. Segundo a Polícia Militar (PM), a vítima fazia programa no Setor Itanhangá I, quando foi abordado por um homem num carro. Ele entrou no veículo e minutos depois saiu do automóvel já esfaqueado. Ele chegou a ser socorrido, mas não resistiu aos ferimentos e morreu. O delegado vai analisar as imagens das câmeras de segurança pra tentar identificar o autor. As informações são da CBN.

Quadrilha que explorava travestis é presa pela Polícia em Curitiba
Oficiais cumpriram 11 mandados de prisão e 12 de busca e apreensão

Transgender Offenders Are Being Victimized in Jails Across the World — and Justice Systems Can't Cope
Stories have repeatedly emerged this year over the poor treatment of transgendered offenders within prisons both in the UK and the US. In the last six weeks, two deaths have occurred in British jails. Beyond the individual cases, however, the issue brings into sharper focus how ill-equipped justice systems are to cope with the needs of offenders — and why so many end up back inside.

Transgender Equality A 'Totemic' Issue Of Our Time And Abuse Is 'Shocking', Says MP Leading Commons Inquiry
I have gone through hell and have begged them to please move me to a female estate. If I had already been there I would not have been raped and assaulted, I’m so down and alone." So reads one sentence from just one piece of written evidence, from a prisoner, to the parliamentary transgender equality inquiry.

France is telling students that trans people are 'cross-dressers' in anti-homophobia pamphlets
Trans rights groups are calling on the Ministry of Education to withdraw the 'transphobic' document

[Cabo Verde]
"Tchindas", o premiado filme trans cabo-verdiano que está a dar que falar (com vídeo)
O filme cabo-verdiano “Tchindas” (2015) realizado pelos catalães Pablo García Pérez de Lara e Marc Serena venceu o prémio para Melhor Documentário no Cape Verdean American Film Festival 2015. A película está a percorrer vários festivais um pouco por todo o mundo e este é já o oitavo prémio que arrecada.

Discrimination poses biggest obstacle for transgender people in Vietnam: survey
Discrimination has an obstacle for transgender people in Vietnam, a recent survey shows.

Gavin Wyre embarks on the rewarding challenges of gender identity transition
The human rights, health issues and social challenges experienced by people with changed or changing gender identities stepped beyond the activism of a few to become mainstream policy debates of governments, schools and health institutions in 2015. James Goldie, a winner of Langara’s Read-Mercer scholarship, examined the personal journeys of three people at different points along the path.

‘Caitlyn’ Jenner Snubbed Houston Transgenders to Meet with Megachurch Pastors
‘Caitlyn’ Jenner’s visit to two Houston, Texas, megachurches, while snubbing the transgender community, has received mixed reviews by that community.
As reported by Breitbart Texas, Jenner was in H-town filming his Reality TV show and went to Christmas services at two megachurches whose pastors were vocal in opposition to the Houston “bathroom ordinance.” Rev. Dave Welch of the US Pastor Council called the events at the Christmas services, “photo ops.”

This is what Americans think about transgender students in locker rooms
Earlier this month, a suburban Chicago school district erupted in anger after a high school agreed to allow a transgender girl to change in the girls’ locker room. The school’s decision came after the girl had filed a Title IX complaint with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR). The Obama administration, through OCR and other agencies, has taken the position that transgender discrimination is a form of sex discrimination—and had intervened on behalf of the transgender girl.

More Than Two-Thirds of Residents in Every State Support Transgender-Inclusive Employment Protections
A majority of people in every state supports protecting transgender people from employment discrimination even though not every state has such laws, according to a new study by researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law published in Research and Politics.

Christian Colleges Get License to Discriminate From Obama Administration
It’s perfectly legal for schools to expel transgender students or bar them from housing thanks to “religious freedom” exemptions from Title IX.

Measure to limit transgender restroom use fails to qualify
Backers of a proposed ballot initiative that sought to require transgender people to use the public restrooms that correspond with their biological sex say they have failed to qualify the measure for the California ballot.
Anti-trans measure won’t qualify for Calif. 2016 ballot
Civil Rights Coalition Ready to Launch Education Campaign Following Failed Anti-Transgender Ballot Push

Toms River Schools Prepare Policy For Transgender Students
The district is one of several in N.J. defining how it will accommodate students whose gender identity differs from their birth gender.

New York City unveils new rules on gender discrimination
New York City’s human rights commission is rolling out new enforcement guidelines that could lead to fines for business owners, landlords and employers who discriminate against people based on their perceived gender identity.
New Protections Make New York Among Nation's Most Trans-Affirmative
Lambda Legal Commends New York State Division of Human Rights for Proposed Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Rule, Suggests Improvements

Victory! Transgender Man Wins Health Insurance Coverage for Gender Transition
Union Affirms Ongoing Coverage for Transition-Related Care in Health Plan

Transgender community stands by new YMCA policy on locker rooms
The YMCAs of Pierce and Kitsap counties on Monday began allowing transgender people to use the locker room that matches the gender with which they identify.

Following community mobilization, Lisa Mitchell released from Dane County Jail
Lisa Mitchell, a black transgender woman who has been in the Dane County Jail since May, was released Friday after community mobilization on her behalf.

'Mi madre me prefería lejos que muerta', el desgarrador testimonio de una transexual hondureña
En Honduras, Alexandra Andino fue una apasionada activista del movimiento LGBT, pero las amenazas y el miedo la hicieron buscar ayuda en otra nación.

Grupo LGBT de Ecuador celebra posibilidad de cambiar ‘sexo’ por ‘género’ en documento de identidad
Mediante un comunicado, la Federación Ecuatoriana de organizaciones de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT) celebraron la aprobación de la Ley de Servicio nacional de Gestión de Datos e identidad, en el que se aceptó la posibilidad de cambiar la opción ‘sexo’ por ‘genero’.

Couple prepare to become the first trans parents in South America
A trans couple from Ecuador are set to make history when they become parents next year.

Dane crea registro para género 'indeterminado' al nacer
En Colombia solo existían las categorías femenino y masculino, lo que ponía en aprietos a los médicos cuando recibían partos. Esto desconocía que nacían menores intersexuales.

Calendario escolar incluirá el Día contra la Homofobia y la Transfobia
Chile no deja de sorprendernos. El Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh) resaltó dos nuevas políticas del Ministerio de Educación (Mineduc) dadas a conocer esta semana y “que reconocen la importancia de promover los derechos de lesbianas, gays bisexuales, transexuales e intersexuales (LGBTI) en las aulas”.

terça-feira, dezembro 22, 2015

Homossexual é morto pelo próprio companheiro em Santo Antônio do Descoberto
Encontra-se preso na delegacia de Santo Antônio do Descoberto, Vagner, 29 anos, assassino confesso do homicídio ocorrido no parque Santo Antônio. Segundo informações, Vagner tinha um relacionamento com a vítima, um homem identificado por Paulete, conhecido homossexual bem conhecido no parque Santo Antônio.

What Happens When You Realise You're Transgender... And You're At A Single Sex School
Nick, a 15-year-old from the South East of England, is like just any other teenager his age; he loves sports and cars, and hanging out with his mates.

Androgyne Model Koray Erkan Lost Their Life In a Tragic Car Crash in Izmir
Koray Erkan who was known as androgyne model in Turkey died in a car crash near Kinik, Izmir last week.
Koray was a volunteer model for 20 November Istanbul Trans/Gay Fashion Show last year which was organized by Trans Angels Turkey for the benefit of Trans Shelter House in Istanbul. Koray died in a tragic car crash in Izmir last Monday morning.

Trans Man Harassed Under Police Surveillance: "I will show you what a man like!"
A young trans man, Ozgur Ustaoglu from the youth group which performed an occupy tram protest in Istanbul against curfews in Kurdish cities faced police ill-treatment during "detailed" search. Police women implemented both violence by saying "we will show you manhood" and harassed him.

Transgender woman suing gym for ordering her to use men's locker room
A transgender woman who is suing a fitness club operator that insisted she use its male facilities wants her case to highlight how the law “unjustly” prevents the legal change of an individual’s gender.

Seven Sisters Festival to welcome trans women
After coming under fire last week for suggesting only trans women who had received gender reassignment surgery would be welcomed at the women’s only Seven Sisters festival in Mount Martha, Victoria, organisers have backtracked and are now welcoming all women; trans and intersex included, to attend the event.

In gender transition, Clayre Sessoms makes long journey to womanhood
The human rights, health issues and social challenges experienced by people with changed or changing gender identities stepped beyond the activism of a few to become mainstream policy debates of governments, schools and health institutions in 2015. James Goldie, a winner of Langara’s Read-Mercer scholarship, examined the personal journeys of three people at different points along the path.

“the full diversity of our great community” Would Not Appear to Include Working-Class Trans Women (of Any Color) from Houston
From a tenured-pre-transition academic whose name escapes me:
I hope that when I Am Cait, season two, airs in spring viewers will see and hear a lot of interesting conversations that reflect the full diversity of our great community.

Lester: Families want law for uniform transgender student policies
Two suburban lawmakers tell me they're prepping legislation aimed at creating uniformity on transgender students following the nationally watched controversy over locker room access at Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211.

Local schools working to accommodate transgender students
With the increasing presence of transgender students, more school district procedures are getting increased attention.

In her own words: Eisha Love looks back
On Dec. 18, Eisha Love was transferred to Statesville Prison in Joliet, Illinois, to "dress in and dress out"—the process for release having spent three years and nine months in a tiny cell of the Cook County Jail waiting for a trial.

UVa Transgender Clinic Helps Teens with Health Needs
Medical help and support care for transgender people is becoming more available.

Laramie school district drafts policies for transgender students
A Laramie school district has drafted policies to address the needs of transgender students, including barring the disclosure of a student's gender identity and allowing them to participate in sports.
Two Versions of Transgender Student Policy Released by School District

Maria da Penha law also applies to trans women
The 9th Criminal Chamber of the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP) decided today (October 19th) that the measures provided in the Maria da Penha Law be applied in favor of a transsexual woman threatened by her former partner. According to the decision, the man can not approach or contact the victim, her relatives or witnesses.

segunda-feira, dezembro 21, 2015

Português vence prémio com documentário sobre transexualidade
O português Nuno Viegas venceu, no domingo, o Prémio do Júri do Macau Indies com o documentário "Sirena", que retrata o percurso de um travesti das Filipinas em várias cidades do sudeste asiático.

Germaine Greer on trans women: I could call myself a Cocker Spaniel
Germaine Greer has continued to defend her anti-trans comments, insisting she could “call herself a Cocker Spaniel” but wouldn’t be accepted as one.

Berlin politician Berndt Krömer says transgender people may not be 'medically fit' to join city's police
LGBT activists say entry criteria is discriminatory

I am ‘Madam’ not ‘Sir’, says Transgender govt. officer
Coming out boldly in defiance of social conventions, a 32-year-old Odisha government gazetted officer has made public her transgender identity, saying how it was the Supreme Court's decision that empowered her to fully embrace her selfhood.

Amazon Picks Up New Kids Show by Trans TV Producer Shadi Petosky
Among the new shows ordered by Amazon is an animated series about a girl and her best friend: a giant, talking egg.

Caitlyn Jenner Prays With Rabidly Anti-LGBT Pastor During Visit To Houston – VIDEO
Already under intense fire from LGBT advocates, transgender former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner seems intent on digging her hole deeper.
Caitlyn Jenner under fire for praying with pastor who fought against LGBT rights law
My Being Patient With Caitlyn Is Over

Calif. Churches Fight to Flush Transgender Bathroom Law
A big deadline is coming up in California's co-ed bathroom battle. Currently, California transgender students can use any bathroom or lockeroom in the public school system.

Transgender Woman Held Captive, Chained Naked Outside And Used As Sex Slave For Two Years
“After 30-something years of law enforcement in this area, this is one of the most gruesome deals that I’ve ever heard of,” Sheriff Victor Jones, an officer in Natchitoches, Louisiana, said during a press conference over the weekend and reported by The Town Talk.

Police Investigate Crown Heights McDonald's Assault as a Hate Crime
A 20-year-old man was assaulted, threatened and robbed at this Crown Heights McDonald's in what police are investigating as a hate crime.

Transgender Oregon student wages lonely battle to use boys' locker room
No one testified at the Dallas School Board meeting in November. People in this working class Oregon town tend to trust their elected officials. But the chairs filled so fast at December's meeting volunteers had to bring in dozens of extras.

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms A boon to the transgender community? ETSU has installed signage identifying certain bathrooms as gender-neutral restrooms
College junior Aaron Granoski generally avoids using the public restrooms at East Tennessee State University. They make him uncomfortable.

Welcome Tamara Adrián Venezuela’s first elected transgender woman
Tamara Adrián, the newly elected opposition lawmaker, is well aware that Chavistas in the National Assembly and will put up all kinds of obstacles, ideologically and personally. Adrián is the first elected out transgender person in the history of Latin America to be elected to parliament. She won her seat in this socially conservative country as a candidate with the Voluntad Popular (Popular Will), a party led by the jailed political leader Leopoldo López.

domingo, dezembro 20, 2015

A minha transição foi a puta da confusão
Sempre soube que era diferente das outras crianças nascidas biologicamente do sexo masculino. Fui-me tentando entender até chegar a uma fase em que, apesar da confusão na minha cabeça, tinha a certeza de que não era um homem. Em 2000 comecei a minha longa e penosa viagem por uma transição que foi um pesadelo.

Is There Something Unique about the Transgender Brain?
Imaging studies and other research suggest that there is a biological basis for transgender identity

Stonewall's Ruth Hunt Explains Why Its Drive To Include Transgender Rights Didn't Happen Until Now
"We get beaten up by the same people" is the campaigner Helen Belcher's blunt wording of why gay and bisexual activists should work with transgender people. But the relationship has not always been easy. Britain's largest gay rights charity admitted earlier this year it had "cocked up" for not representing the 'T' aspect of LGBT, meaning transgender.

Did drugs kill my trans daughter Synestra, or was it Britain’s NHS?
Mother’s moving story of seeing her daughter go from star student to depressed drug user

Transsexuals 'medically unfit to join Berlin police'
A thorough medical check-up awaits anyone who applies to join Germany's police or fire service. But transsexual or intersexual applicants probably won't make the cut, it emerged on Friday.

For transgenders, in another House, another private member’s bill
The Transgender Persons (Welfare) Bill 2015 is listed for consideration Friday.

In a first, third gender candidates to contest polls in Bangladesh
Bangladesh will see transgender candidates contest democratic elections for the first time this year on 30 December during the Municipal Elections.

Federal Court decision on transgender case ‘disturbing’
The case was never raised in the High Court or the Court of Appeal and it was also not listed as one of the issues when the Negeri Sembilan Government applied for leave before the Federal Court.
Apex court erred in transgender case, says retired judge

Life transitions: The United Church's first known transgender Reverend
“Welcome home, welcome home. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe, or where you’re from — you’re home.”

Manitoba appoints first transgender judge Kael McKenzie
Kael McKenzie says he is happy to be a role model for people in the transgender community
Trail-blazing transgender judge

Changing genders, changing clothes, changing times
Vancouver City Manager Eric Holmes indirectly gave State Rep. Liz Pike a polite but firm smackdown when she recently expressed her outrage over a transgender woman using the women’s locker room at a city-owned community center.

Schuyler Bailar, Harvard's transgender swim star: 'I'm really proud of who I am'
The Harvard freshman was on a women’s swim team with Katie Ledecky, but earlier this year became the first openly transgender swimmer in NCAA history. He talks to Sean Keeler

Clinton unveils plan to promote LGBT rights
Hillary Clinton unveiled on Thursday her comprehensive policy platform aimed at continuing advancements in LGBT rights.

Religious colleges get exemptions to anti-bias law, allowing ‘hidden discrimination’ against LGBT students
Dozens of religious colleges have sought exemptions in recent years from federal prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation, saying the waivers are needed to protect school policies consistent with their faith, according to a new report.
ACLU warns of coming wave of “religious exemption” bills
Lawmakers in Va., Md., introduce religious freedom bills

Coming Out Trans: 1 Man's Experience
A 22-year-old shares some of the hard lessons he has learned

More Americans claim to have seen a ghost than a transgender person
Does this mean that trans people are not represented enough in society?

Transgender Arkansas inmate denied right to sue prison-court
A transgender Arkansas inmate in a men's prison who castrated herself cannot sue prison officials for refusing to provide hormone therapy to assist her efforts to change genders, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday.
Arkansas Inmate Who Performed Castration Loses Court Appeal
8th Circuit denies inmate's claim for transgender therapy

Man pleads guilty in transgender woman's death after silicone injection
A man who administered silicone to a transgender woman who later died pleaded guilty Thursday to charges of involuntary manslaughter and unauthorized practice of medicine and was immediately sentenced to three years and eight months in jail.

Schools protect gender expression
Veteran school bus driver Marsha Morgan got on stage to accept her 2011 nomination as Capistrano Unified employee of the year dressed to impress.

Federal Court Refuses to Dismiss Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claim Under Title IX
United States District Judge Dean D. Pregerson ruled on July 15 that two students at Pepperdine University could sue the school for sexual orientation discrimination under Title IX, a federal statute that prohibits sex discrimination by educational institutions that receive federal money. Videckis v. Pepperdine University, 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 167672 (C.D. Calif.). The ruling rejecting the school’s motion to dismiss the discrimination claims advanced by Haley Videckis and Layana White is the first under Title IX to acknowledge the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s ruling last summer that sexual orientation discrimination claims should be treated as sex discrimination claims under Title VII, the analogous federal law that bans sex discrimination in the workplace.
Federal Judge Explains Why ‘Sexual Orientation’ Discrimination Is ‘Sex’ Discrimination

Health Transition: Transgender people seek coverage of procedures insurers call cosmetic
For decades, insurers have denied coverage for procedures to help people transition. For many of them, becoming who they truly are is worth fighting over what is “medically necessary.”

Trans woman pleads guilty in D.C. armed standoff
A 32-year-old transgender woman arrested on Nov. 16 after repeatedly firing a gun on the roof of a downtown office building that led to a 10-hour standoff with D.C. police pleaded guilty on Friday to separate charges of carrying a pistol without a license and the unlawful discharge of a firearm.

Transgender woman released from jail after nearly 4 years without trial
After spending three years and nine months without trial in the maximum security male Division IX of the Cook County Jail on a charge of attempted murder in the first degree, Eisha Love—a 26-year-old transgender woman of color—accepted a plea deal of guilty to a single felony count of aggravated battery on a public way before Cook County Circuit Court Associate Judge the Hon. Alfredo Maldonado Dec. 17.

LGBT advocates wary of parts of proposed bill
A grassroots organization stopped in Terre Haute Thursday to raise awareness of pending state legislation that would ban discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Hoosiers — but with a number of caveats.

Transgender rights group sues state over care limitation
A Minnesota gay rights advocacy group and a transgender man are suing the state for its ban on public health programs covering gender reassignment procedures.
Lawsuit challenges Minnesota’s insurance ban for transition-related surgery

Christie trumps N.J. Democrats on his veto of transgender birth certificate bill
By one vote, the state Senate on Thursday failed to override Gov. Chris Christie's veto of a bill that would have permitted people in New Jersey who have undergone a clinical sex change procedure to amend their gender designation on their birth certificates.

Princeton school district policy codifies rights of transgender students
The Princeton Board of Education unanimously approved a policy this week that spells out the rights of transgender and gender-nonconforming students.

NYPD names suspect in Jax Hgts transgender beating
The NYPD has released a photo of a suspect wanted for assault in the brutal beating of a transgender woman in Jackson Heights Nov. 29.

New York transgender policy halted by parents' concern
Board members of a New York school district decided to delay a vote on allowing students to use bathrooms of the opposite gender after hearing strong opposition from the public.

Suspect who beat transgender Kimy Hartman in Brooklyn pleads guilty to 2014 attack
A teen who admittedly took part in a hate crime attack on a transgender woman was given a slap-on-the-wrist punishment because he’s a youthful offender.
Attacker of Trans Woman in Bushwick Convicted of Hate Crime, DA Says

D.A.'s Office agrees to mediation in Morris dispute
The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has agreed to participate in mediation with PGN, in order to resolve a dispute involving access to records pertaining to the Nizah Morris incident.

MontCo surgeon predicts trans trends for new year
More transgender people will begin their transitions as young teens and more health-care companies will cover their medical needs in 2016, according to a list of transgender trends created by Dr. Sherman Leis, a surgeon who operates a clinic called The Transgender Center in Lower Merion Township.

Carlton Champion found guilty of murder after 3 days of testimony
A jury has found former Texas College football player guilty of the murder of Ty Underwood after 3 days of testimony.
Carlton Champion Jr. sentenced to life in prison for murder of transgender woman

Caitlyn Comes To H-town, Screws Up Again
For the last few months I've been basically sitting back and observing the developing Caitlyn Jenner situation. Been paying attention to the growing trans community backlash aimed at her ever since she came out as trans back in March and gave a well received speech at the ESPY's.
Caitlyn Jenner Is Problematic, But So Are All of Us
Barbara Walters Names Caitlyn Jenner "Most Fascinating Person of 2015"

Mesquite passes nondiscrimination ordinance
Dallas suburb only protects LGBT employees from discrimination

Houston Hate-Monger Steve Hotze: Transgender People Are Promoting a ‘Satanic Movement’
That’s Houston hate-monger Steve Hotze talking about transgender people on Sam Malone’s right-wing radio program this past Monday. Hotze continues to take his victory lap following the repeal of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance last month. Just listen to how Hotze and Malone ridicule and demonize transgender people. The ignorance and brazen bigotry would be shocking coming from almost anyone else:

YMCA drops policy asking transgender members to use private bathrooms
The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap counties dropped a policy on Thursday that asked transgender members to use private bathrooms.

District releases 2 potential versions of transgender student policy
Two updated drafts of a policy designed to address the needs of transgender and gender-nonconforming students were released this week by the Albany County School District No. 1.

Three more transgender murders in Brazil
Her name was Layana S.César. Her age was not revealed, as well as her job.
She was last seen Wednesday (10). Since that day she missed her job. On Monday (14) colleagues went to her home to look for her. They repeatedly knocked with no answer until finally found her lying on the floor, face down, full of blood and stab wounds.

sexta-feira, dezembro 18, 2015

Cantora transexual goiana irá estrear programa na TV aberta
Ao lado da cantora Ellen Oléria e do jornalista Fefito, vocalista da Banda Uó Candy Mel vai comandar atração na TV Brasil

New report says LGBTI people still face discrimination in EU
The European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency released a report highlighting that LGBTI people in the EU still face fundamental discrimination and lack of protection.

Trans soldiers speak of military as 'form of therapy'
The experiences of former soldiers who have struggled with their gender identity is being explored at an exhibition in Liverpool. Many transgender people joined the military as a "form of therapy", according to an academic who has interviewed a number of trans veterans.

Transgender Rights Have Transformed Thanks To Amazing Brits Like These
The transgender rights movement witnessed a huge shift in public attitudes and understanding in 2015, partly due to some high-profile role models in the media.

Transgender prisoner Vikki Thompson wrote 'I can't last in here'
A transgender woman found dead in a men's prison wrote to her partner just days before her death saying "I don't think I can last very long in here".

UK trans woman, denied treatment in male prison, injected bleach into her testicles
'I cannot take no more,' the prisoner said. 'I am a woman in a male prison and it is not right.'

Beauty queen axed for being transgender
A beauty pageant hopeful has been axed from the finals of a top UK contest after officials discovered she was born a man.

Malta could become first country in Europe to ban ‘gay cure’ therapy
Malta could become the first EU country to outlaw ‘gay cure’ therapy, under a government bill submitted this week.

Why the closing of Toronto's CAMH gender clinic matters
External review highlights history of poor, awful practices
Infamous Reparative Therapy Clinic For Transgender Youth Set To Close

Model worked for Clairol, Avon, and Balenciaga in the 70’s – until her secret was revealed
Before there was Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox or Jazz Jennings, there was Tracey “Africa” Norman.

Why Do Men Kill Trans Women? Gender Theorist Judith Butler Explains
In an exclusive interview with Broadly, the beloved philosopher and author of "Gender Trouble" discusses extreme violence against transgender women in 2015.

Trans man endures fraught process for surgery
Sweat is pooling beneath Eliot Daughtry's freshly-pressed white shirt, cerulean tie and khaki vest as he walks up and down Franklin Street in Oakland. It's 86 degrees and his jeans are beginning to stick. As the shutter from a camera releases, his furrowed brow softens and he grins. Click.

Transgender Woman Accused Of Performing Sex Acts On Teenage Boys In Torrance
A transgender woman faces charges of engaging in sex acts with minors, and police asked for any other possible victims to come forward Wednesday.

Online Extra: Sampler: Activist shares experiences in Born on the Edge of Race and Gender
An Oakland transgender man is releasing a book Tuesday (December 15) he hopes will teach others about the needs trans people have and the health care, discrimination, and other issues they face.

NCAA Joins Group Supporting LGBT Rights in Indiana
The NCAA has thrown its considerable heft behind efforts to get Indiana lawmakers to add LGBT civil rights protections into state law.

Activist tackles trans, LGBT issues in the workplace
Among the many interesting things about Fargo resident Faye Seidler is that more Americans report having seen a ghost than having met a transgender person like Seidler.

Criticism as N.Y. LGBT group shuts down
Advocates are blasting New York’s largest statewide LGBT group over its surprise announcement that it will shut down next year.

N.Y. lawmaker opposes trans policy
A New York lawmaker last week spoke against a school district’s efforts to allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that are consistent with their gender identity.

Hate Group Sponsors Press Conference to Protest Ban on Conversion Therapy
The Ohio-based anti-LGBT hate group [Citizens for Community Values], which came out against GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson for being pro-gay by association, announced it will hold a press conference Friday to denounce the city council of Cincinnati's decision to ban gay conversion therapy for minors in the city.

Dallas School Board Hears Policy Concerns
A contingent of parents and students spoke before the Dallas School Board concerned about the district’s policy that allows a transgender male (female-to-male) student use the boys locker room and bathroom.

Friend of murder victim: 'I thought they were going to work'
Testimony continued Wednesday in the case of an East Texas man accused of killing a transgender woman.

Advocates aim to ease the process of changing the gender marker on Virginia birth certificates
When local woman Melissa Paige went in to get the birth marker changed on her birth certificate back in 2010, it was kind of a nightmare.

New Pierce, Kitsap YMCA policy change for transgender members raises concern
The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties announced this week that it’s putting together new rules for its transgender members.
New Washington YMCA nondiscrimination policies spark resignations

Despiden a periodista por celebrar triunfo de Tamara Adrián
La periodista venezolana Anamer Salazar denunció que fue despedida de la empresa privada en la que laboraba por celebrar que el pasado 6 de diciembre triunfó en las elecciones parlamentarias la diputada transexual Tamara Adrián.
¡Increíble! Periodista es despedida por apoyar a la diputada Tamara Adrián

Trans woman Gina Mar Cobos, fatally stabbed in Antonia Santos, Colombia
Colombian transgender woman Gina Mar Cobos, 27 died of stab wounds sustained on Friday 11th, 2015.