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segunda-feira, fevereiro 29, 2016

Trans women across the world are having to serve prison sentences with males
In many ways, transgender people are prisoners in their own bodies for some time.

Trans student gets ‘torrent of abuse’ after announcing run for NUS women’s officer
A transgender woman has received a barrage of transphobic comments after declaring she will run to be the Women’s Officer for the National Union of Students.

Sex-change carer murdered father stricken with MS
A transgender woman who claimed she suffocated her father to spare him the pain of illness was found guilty of murder.

BBC3 film puts trans community centre stage
Documentary on controversial Miss Transgender pageant, backed by its own website, points to channel’s online-only future

Child of Belfast: Ellen's transgender journey
In her teens Ellen Murray suffered from depression, undiagnosed Asperger's and gender identity issues. Now, just a few years later, she is the first transgender election candidate on the island. She spoke about her personal and political odyssey.

Lok Sabha takes up bill to end transgender discrimination
Lok Sabha on February 26 took up for consideration a private member bill to end discrimination against transgenders, which had created history last April when Rajya Sabha passed it.

'Around 10,000 hijras in Bangladesh'
The number of hijras in Bangladesh is around 10,000, says State Minister for Social Welfare Promod Mankin.

Future uncertain for Yogyakarta transgender school
Al Fatah Islamic School for transgender people in Yogyakarta has ceased all activity and its owners and students are keeping a low profile after the school was shut down by local authorities amid protests from a local hard-line group.
Transgender Muslims in fear after school shutdown

Indonesia's largest Islamic group calls on government to criminalize gay sex, activism
The group wants the law to mandate rehabilitation for every person who has 'LGBT characteristics' so they can 'return to normal'

Indonesia bans effeminate men on TV
'It is not in accordance with the respect for the norms of decency and morality'

Safe Schools Coalition: Why an 11-year-old transgender boy from Perth now feels safe at school
The family of an 11-year-old transgender boy has come forward to detail their experiences with a controversial school program that teaches kids about sexual diversity.
WATCH: Georgie and her mumstick up for Safe Schools

Australian school criticized for allowing cross-dressing
An Australian high school has been criticized for allowing students to wear boy or girl uniforms regardless of gender.

B.C. government continues to avoid taking specific action to protect LGBT students
Unlike some other Canadian provinces, the B.C. government continues to avoid taking action to specifically address homophobia and transphobia in schools.

GMA Danish Girl Oscars Skit with Tracy Morgan doing TransFace A Massive Fail
Last night during the Oscars Good Morning America tweeted one of the most transphobic skits since the ‘Estro-Maxxx’ debacale. It involved actor Tracey Morgan doing a low-brow transface parody of the Danish girl, timed for maxxx exposure during the controversial awards ceremony.

Trans Notes from a Small Island: The Danish Experience
Tonight is the Oscars. Criticised this year for its lack of racial diversity, it has however diversified in the category of gender and sexuality. It would have been impossible not to with “The Danish Girl” and “Carol” in the mix, lush period movies with half an eye on an award if ever there were. “The Danish Girl” is up for Best Actor in a Leading Role with Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander is up for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and it has a nod for Best Production Design and Best Costume Design.

The Incredible Story Of Trans Showgirl, Musician And Legend Calpernia Addams
One of Hollywood's most prominent trans voices opens up about her journey.

Trans Pressure Group Tells Reporters ‘Tranny’ Bad, ‘Genderqueer’ Good
An influential anti-Christian gay group is gaming reporters on how to talk and write about transsexuals and others who are confused about their sex.

Study: Depression, anxiety low for transgender children with family support
Transgender children whose families support their social transition have low levels depression and only slightly elevated anxiety, according to a new study.
Transgender children supported in their identities show positive mental health
Study: Transgender children fare well when allowed to live openly

The Republican Party’s Double Secret Probation Plan For Transgender Students
The Republican National Committee (RNC) recently took a brash position opposing transgender equality — and didn’t tell anyone about it. Weeks after its passage at the RNC’s winter meeting last month, Time Magazine’s Zeke Miller found the resolution urging lawmakers to discriminate against transgender people.
Transgender students’ access to bathrooms is at front of LGBT rights battle

Debunking the 'bathroom bill' myth: GLAAD releases new resource for journalists
Today, GLAAD released a media guide for journalists covering stories related to LGBT nondiscrimination, in collaboration with a coalition of state and national LGBT advocacy organizations. Debunking the "Bathroom Bill" Myth – Accurate Reporting on LGBT Nondiscrimination: A Guide for Journalists comes after the defeat of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in late 2015, as well as bills in both Georgia and South Dakota which threaten to harm transgender people. The guide will be useful for media outlets following the 85 nondiscrimination and anti-LGBT bills that are on the horizon across the country.

GLAAD Urges Journalists To Debunk Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Myth
In response to the growing prominence of myths surrounding bathroom access in coverage of LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances, GLAAD has released a media guide to aid journalists in accurately reporting on transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination laws.

Battle brewing over transgender bathroom laws in state capitals
A fierce debate is playing out in state capitals throughout the country over which bathrooms and locker rooms transgender students in public schools should have access.

‘Trans United for Hillary’ launches
A new nationwide effort has launched to encourage support among transgender people and their allies for the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Spirit Awards: 'Tangerine' Star Mya Taylor Makes History as First Transgender Winner
"There's very beautiful transgender talent. So, you better get it out there and put it in your next movie," Taylor joked at the podium.

Training needed to increase physician comfort level with transgender patients
George Washington University (GW) Researcher Michael S. Irwig, M.D. published a first-of-its-kind survey assessing the attitudes and practice patterns of transgender care by endocrinologists, who often treat transgender patients with hormone therapy.

Army soldiers can ‘self-identify,’ not face discrimination
May include transgender persons

JSD to consider policies regarding transgender students
A South Dakota bill requiring transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding to their assigned sex at birth has been tabled, but in Juneau the conversation is just starting.

Transgender Former Inmate Settles With CA
A transgender woman who convinced a federal judge to force California to pay for sex-reassignment surgery while in prison has settled her case with the state.

West Covina man sentenced for 2013 murder of transgender woman in Baldwin Park
A judge sentenced a West Covina man to more than a quarter-century in prison Thursday for the 2013 murder a transgender woman at a Baldwin Park motel, officials said.
Man sentenced to 26 years for transgender woman’s killing
Family Speaks at Sentencing of Transgender Woman's Accused Killer

Florida school board unanimously rejects homosexual, transgender concessions
The Brevard County School Board unanimously rejected a proposed pro-homosexual and pro-transgender addition to their non-discrimination policy Tuesday night.

Transgender community say sheriff outed four women
A recent Polk County Sheriff’s Office raid raised concerns among many in the transgendered community, who allege the department engaged in public shaming.

Evansville officials vote to bolster LGBT protections
An Evansville commission will have the authority to investigate claims of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and enforce a city anti-bias ordinance under a step approved by the City Council.

MassResistance pro-family activists converge on Mass. State House to counter transgender “bathroom” bill
Also: Calls and emails to Reps from across America!
Support for outrageous bill seems to be weakening as the truth gets out. But pressure still needed!
Yes, the “bathroom bill” danger to women and girls is REAL. Here are some chilling examples of what’s already happened.

The First Openly Transgender Elected Official in Massachusetts Calls for Full Protections
In the spring of 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education issued guidance to schools in Massachusetts on how to implement policies and procedures that ensure robust protections for transgender students at school. In the small community of Sturbridge, MA, the school board publicly discussed the guidance, with one member in particular loudly opposing the protections.

Franklin Graham blasts Charlotte's transgender bathroom ordinance
Franklin Graham is criticizing Charlotte officials for passing an ordinance that would allow people to use the bathroom of their choice, not based on their biological sex.
NC General Assembly weighs action after Charlotte’s transgender decision
North Carolina Debates Transgender Rights
Franklin Graham: NC transgender bill 'wicked, filthy'

School districts' transgender restroom policies raise privacy concerns
While leaders in the LGBT community are supporting three Seacoast school districts for allowing transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms consistent with the identities they assert at school, some see significant privacy issues.

The first day of her real life
Local transgender woman talks about making the transition

Queens man who fractured transgender girlfriend's skull in savage beating arrested on lam in Tennessee
Cops have arrested a brute who left his 35-year-old Queens transgender girlfriend in a coma with a fractured skull, officials said Friday.
Arrest made in Jackson Heights transgender beating

APS planning changes to gender-identity policies
The Albuquerque Public School District is planning to update its policies on gender identity to better accommodate students who are gender non-conforming and transgender.

Birth Certificates To Determine Student-Athletes' Gender
Texas superintendents have overwhelmingly approved a rule making birth certificates the official determinant of a student-athlete's gender for playing high school sports, a policy transgender advocates have decried as exclusionary and outdated.
Texas to Use Birth Certificate to Determine Athlete's Gender
Texas schools to use birth certificate to determine athlete’s gender
Transgender Athletes in Texas High Schools Could Be Permanently Benched

Hate crimes bill passes critical vote in the Senate
A bill that adds race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected classes under Utah's hate crimes law passed a critical vote in the Senate.

Richmond Woman fired hours after hiring by KFC for being transgender
Richmond Trans woman Georgia Carter, 27, was ecstatic after being hired, answering only four questions by the manager, none of which asked if she was trans. But after the interview, within minutes, the manager called her and said she was fired because of her trans status.
Local KFC under fire for allegedly firing a transgender woman

Va. Senate approves religious freedom bill
The Virginia Senate on Thursday approved a religious freedom bill that critics contend would allow anti-LGBT discrimination in the state.

No, men can’t enter women’s locker rooms, state agency behind transgender rule says
Man recently undressed in Seattle women’s locker room, citing new transgender access rule
Human Rights Commission says actions were attempt “to make some misguided point”
Agency says business owners can still question people, ask them to leave locker rooms

Washington State Anti-LGBT Group Launches Campaign To Repeal Non-Discrimination Protections
The Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) is the group behind the latest effort to limit protections for the LGBT community in Washington state. The group has a long history of spouting anti-LGBT rhetoric, including claiming that the "transgender revolution" is a product of "hurt feelings."

Tamaulipas reconoce identidad de hombre trans
Hace alrededor de 4 años que Julián Alejandro Montiel Ramos se reconoció públicamente como un hombre trans, y hoy, gracias a un juicio promovido contra el gobierno de Tamaulipas, el joven estudiante de Psicología, podrá hacer el cambio de documentación en congruencia con su identidad sexo genérica.

Two More Trans Women Murdered
A trans woman of about 30 years old was found dead at the intersection of streets Sete Lagoas and Egeu in the Cohab II neighbourhood in the Carapicuiba region. reports “The victim, although male, wore women’s clothing – short jeans, black wig, pink bra, earrings and bracelets – and had no papers and has not yet been identified.” (Note they call her a transvestite carefully misgendering her by saying “although male”)

Primera transexual en Juegos Olímpicos podría ser colombiana
El sueño que siempre alimentó de participar en una Olimpiada podría convertirse en un hecho histórico para el deporte mundial. Si la colombiana Yanelle Zape Mendoza logra una marca de 11,30 en los 100 metros, clasificará a Río de Janeiro-2016 y, de paso, se convertiría en la primera mujer transexual en lograrlo. Esa ilusión la teje desde septiembre del año pasado, cuando decidió volver al deporte.

Tamara Adrián desmiente que TSJ reconozca su derecho a cambiar de género
Desde el 2004, la parlamentaria introdujo una petición sobre el reconocimiento de su identidad en el alto juzgado. A la fecha, el documento no ha sido admitido
Tamara Adrián: Es hora de convocar una marcha Lgbti al TSJ

Valeria Suárez: “la población trans somos plenamente el grupo más vulnerable, casi marginales”
En entrevista con El Telescopio, la abogada y activista social, Valeria Suárez, compartió su historia de vida que no solo está marcada por el cambio de identidad de género sino porque también fue la primer mujer trans en egresar de la Universidad de la República, hecho que describe como “un triste honor”. Además, ejerce como abogada y fue la responsable de redactar el proyecto de ley de Matrimonio Igualitario, “fue la manera de depositar un montón de emociones que me dominaban y no me permitían ver con claridad, entonces el proyecto lo sentí muy cercano a mí, como el hijo de mi dolor”.

domingo, fevereiro 28, 2016

Travesti é assassinado a tiros na Cohab II da cidade de Carapicuíba
Um travesti de aproximadamente 30 anos foi encontrado morto no cruzamento das ruas Sete Lagoas e Egeu, na Cohab II, em Carapicuíba. A vítima, embora do sexo masculino, estava com roupas femininas – short jeans, peruca preta, sutiã rosa, brincos e pulseiras – não tinha documentos e ainda não foi identificada. Segundo a polícia, equipes do 33ºBPM foram acionadas pelo Copom (Centro de Operações da Polícia Militar) para checar uma ocorrência de vítima baleada. Assim que chegaram ao endereço, os policiais encontraram o travesti caído, às margens da via, já sem vida.

Travesti é morto a facadas em Valinhos
O massoterapeuta Thiago Esteves de Moraes Geremias, 37, foi morto na noite desta sexta-feira (12), no bairro São Marcos, em Valinhos. O autor do crime fugiu após os golpes e abandonou a faca a cerca de 200 metros do local. Até a tarde deste sábado (13), ninguém havia sido preso.

[South Africa]
WATCH: Nicole's personal journey as a transgender
Born into this world as Nicholas, the Durban, South African knew she had been assigned the wrong body. Watch her emotional interview with East Coast Drive presenter Damon Beard.

Transgender community continues to suffer for being different
In a conservative society like Pakistan, being a trans-person is deemed a crime. The transgender community is treated as outcastes having no identity or rights. Like other marginalized factions of the society, the transgender suffer discrimination and injustice at the hands of the influential. According to Front Line Defender, the International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, on 17 February 2016 a group of armed men led by a member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elite Police Force forcibly entered the house of transgender human rights defender Chocolate and attempted to kidnap her. Chocolate is a human rights defender and joint secretary of Transaction Alliance, a group defending the rights of the trans community in the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KPK).

Authorities shut down Yogyakarta transgender Islamic school
Local authorities of Kotagede district in Yogyakarta have decided to shut down the Islamic Al Fatah School for transgender students and ban any religious activities from taking place on the premises, citing "public order" issues following pressure from local hard-liners.

Gender change on birth certificate no longer requires proof of surgery in Saskatchewan
After years of effort, Laura Budd’s birth certificate will finally reflect the gender identity she has always felt.

'Other' gender on voter form
Transgender community pleased

Vancouver's Manology and UVic conference to address transgender issues
Manology is one of the few places in Vancouver where men can get together to discuss, question, and debate about issues related to masculinity and being male in an open and constructive way.

Transgender people in Saskatchewan celebrate government ID change
Trangender people no longer need to show proof of surgery to change gender on ID

Gender policy petition started
Concerned parents are gathering signatures to force the Grande Prairie Public School Board to form a community committee to discuss the board's proposed administrative procedures for gender identity issues.

First reading given to gender policy
After accepting seven changes to its original draft document, the Lethbridge School District 51 board has given first reading to a new policy on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Life in the Between: The Beauty and Importance of the Two-Spirit People
Issues on gender and sexuality are on the forefront of human rights campaigns in society today. As a culture, America struggles to accept those who do not fall into the societally-deemed normative categories.

Transgender children supported in their identities show positive mental health
Studies of mental health among transgender people in the United States have been consistently grim, showing higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicide.

Transgender kids’ mental health boosted by family support, UW study finds
A first-ever look at the mental health of transgender children finds that such kids with supportive families have normal levels of depression and anxiety, according to University of Washington researchers.

Oscars: Transgender Nominee Anohni Pens Essay on Why She's Boycotting the Ceremony
"They are going to try to convince us that they have our best interests at heart by waving flags for identity politics and fake moral issues," said the "Manta Ray" singer in an essay.

RNC endorses anti-trans bathroom bills
Amid consideration in state legislatures of “papers to pee” bathroom bills aimed against transgender students, the Republican National Committee has approved a resolution endorsing the legislation.
Republican National Committee Endorses Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bills’

Speaker Ryan punts to committee on the Equality Act
U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) punted on Thursday in response to a question on whether he’d be willing to bring up the Equality Act to vote on the House floor, delegating authority to the committees of jurisdiction.

Trans ex-inmate settles case against CA
A transsexual woman who was recently released from a California prison after working to get the state to provide her with gender-affirming medical care settled her case this week against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Colorado lawmakers consider bills on transgender rights
Two bills that support transgender rights are under consideration at state Capitol

After Raucous Meeting, Florida School Board Votes Down LGBT Antibias Policy
Opponents called transgender people 'delusional' and urged the public schools to teach 'God's word.'

Transgender St. Pete woman sues to have sex changed on birth certificate
A St. Petersburg transgender woman wants to have her birth certificate changed to reflect her identity as a woman. Brandi Michele Branson, known previously as Michael Leslie Branson, underwent gender reassignment surgery in September.

Iowa Senate briefly discusses transgender protections
The Iowa Senate briefly debated legislation Thursday that would expand the state’s hate crimes law to include gender identity and gender expression.

District 211 hosting community presentations on gender identity
In the wake of its decision to allow a transgender student limited access to a girls locker room, Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 will host five community education sessions on gender identity and gender development starting March 3.

Kansas Woman Sues State for Denying Her an Accurate Birth Certificate
Transgender Law Center, along with co-counsel Irigonegaray and Associates and Caldwell Leslie & Proctor, PC, is representing Stephanie Mott in a lawsuit challenging the state of Kansas’s policy of refusing to update the gender markers on the birth certificates of transgender people.
Stephanie Mott, transgender Topeka activist, suing Kansas over birth certificate

Kentucky businesses could refuse services to gay, lesbian or transgender clients in the name of protecting religious beliefs under a bill advancing in the state Senate
Kentucky businesses could refuse services to gay, lesbian or transgender clients in the name of protecting religious beliefs under a bill advancing in the state Senate.

‘Digital Transgender Archive’ at Catholic College Promotes Social Justice, Fits Jesuit Mission, Says Professor
The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass, recently launched its Digital Transgender Archive (DTA), a collection of transgender-related historical materials that the Holy Cross professor who directs the project argues fits within the College’s Jesuit mission by helping to promote “social justice.”

MN Republican lashes out at trans community, says gays can change orientation
Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, well known for his invective against the LGBT community, renewed his call for legislation outlawing transgender-inclusive workplaces and schools on Wednesday. In a letter to the editor of several local papers, Gruenhagen also claimed that thousands of people have left the “homosexual lifestyle” and that “transgenders” should get counseling, not sympathy. The letter was first flagged by Sally Jo Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie.

Community mourns loss of 2 Missoula transgender people who struggled with depression
Jame Wallack wanted to be an advocate for other transgender people, and she wanted them to know they had something to live for.
"She was full of life, and she was an amazing person," said Kim Wallack, Jame's wife and partner of almost seven years.
Sam Edelman (photo) was a musician, snowboarder, taekwondo black belt, a hunting partner to his dad, and he was also "a staunch advocate for human rights and equality for all."
Wallack and Edelman both were transgender people, and both faced depression and completed suicide in Missoula last week.

Group urges Asheville leaders to pass law for LGBT community
Days after Charlotte City Council members passed a law that allows transgender people to choose public bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity, a group is urging Asheville City Council to follow suit.

Forsyth senator: NC Senate ready to override Charlotte transgender provision
Republican state Sen. Joyce Krawiec said Thursday that the N.C. Senate would have no problem overriding an ordinance recently passed in Charlotte concerning transgender people.

'I had no idea how I would tell a teacher:' gender pronouns aren't on rosters
Several times a day, Finn Loendorf faces two doors — bathroom doors. Both are labeled with simple, geometrically shaped stick figures: a slender man on one door and a woman in a dress on the other. The people are black and white — but for Loendorf, gender is something much grayer.

New Jersey school district scuttles transgender bathroom policy amid public outcry
A New Jersey school district scuttled a vote on a transgender policy allowing boys in the girls' bathrooms and locker rooms and vice versa when Christians spoke out against it.

Cornell Moves to Introduce Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms
Single-occupancy gender-specific restrooms will soon become all-gender. By end of March, an online map will be accessible to indicate inclusive restrooms on campus, according to the University.

Trial postponed in trans homicide
The trial of Charles N. Sargent, who’s accused of slashing to death trans woman Diamond Williams — then dismembering her body with an ax — has been postponed indefinitely.

Community mourns stabbing victim Maya Young
Maya Young asked Anthony Harper for the time six years ago while she was walking in the Gayborhood. It was a simple question that spawned a long friendship.
NBC Philadelphia Demonstrates Journalistic Excellence With Coverage Of Most Recent Transgender Homicide

Suit seeks Medicaid coverage for sex change in Pa
A Delaware County transgender man denied Medicaid coverage for a hysterectomy has sued the state, claiming the denial violates his civil rights and recent federal rulings that impoverished transgender people are entitled to taxpayer dollars for sex-change surgery.
State Should Pay for Gender-Reassignment Surgeries, Says Pa. Governor Wolf

Victory! Lambda Legal Applauds Demise of Discriminatory Bill in South Dakota
House Bill 1107, a dangerously far-reaching religious refusal bill that would have allowed individuals, businesses, social service agencies and others to discriminate against same-sex couples, transgender people and single mothers on the basis of personally held religious beliefs was tabled in the South Dakota Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today.

TLDEF Urges South Dakota Governor to Veto Bill Targeting Transgender Students for Discrimination
TLDEF urges South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard to veto a bill that would bar transgender students from using bathrooms and locker rooms that match who they are as boys and girls. South Dakota lawmakers passed House Bill 1008 last week. The bill restricts facility access to students of the “same biological sex,” and defines that to mean “the physical condition of being male or female as determined by a person's chromosomes and identified at birth by a person's anatomy.”

Texas Districts Pass UIL Restriction on Trans AthletesControversial UIL rule would base trans student athletes' gender on their birth certificates.

Transgender woman alleges discrimination at Salvation Army
A woman is claiming the local Salvation Army discriminated against her because she is transgender.

Ocho mujeres trans denuncian agresión en el Carmen de Bolívar
A las personas LGBTI se les negó la entrada al baño de un establecimiento nocturno. Pidieron protección a la Policía.

A New Paradise: The Transgender Tribes of the Colombian Amazon
This article originally appeared in the Colombian edition of VICE magazine.
My first experience of photographing LGBT tribe communities was the muxhes of the Oaxaca isthmus, Mexico, where I'm from. They are a homosexual community which has transcended the idea of gender to assume an exaggerated female identity – based on the constant search for beauty. You might say they have developed a so-called "third gender". I photographed their world for several years.

La lucha de una transgénero judía por exigir su aceptación social
Laura Frida Weinstein es una mujer adulta, cuyo rostro refleja alegría y ganas de devorarse al mundo cada día. Como cualquier mortal tiene momentos en que no quiere salir a trabajar, en los que se siente cansada, en los que se deprime. Es una ciudadana común y corriente, así la hostilidad del entorno pretenda convencerla de lo contrario.

sábado, fevereiro 27, 2016

Travesti queimada viva morre após dois meses de internação em Curitiba
A Assessoria de Direitos Humanos e Igualdade Racial de Curitiba confirmou nesta quarta-feira (24) a morte da travesti atacada e queimada viva em dezembro do ano passado. O caso foi acompanhado pela Fundação de Ação Social (FAS) e pelo Transgrupo Marcela Prado.

"Abuse! There's no excuse": Bedford transgender hate crime victim speaks out
The victim of Bedfordshire's first transgender hate crime prosecution has spoken out to help raise awareness of hate crime during LGBT History Month.

Rebecca Root: ‘We might be approaching a breakthrough in the understanding of trans issues’
Trans actress says it’s an honor that she and BBC show Boy Meets Girl are nominated for British LGBT Awards

Proposed new law to remove barriers for Luxembourg transsexuals
Transsexuals would no longer be expected to show proof of a gender reassignment in order to have their name and civil status changed, under a proposed new law.

Gay and trans PN officials condemn conversion therapy, PN still mum
St Julian’s mayor Karl Gouder and Attard Councillor Alex Mangion have both condemned gay conversion therapy but stopped short of providing an opinion on what the stance of Nationalist party, which they form part of, should be.

Male Actors Not Allowed to Show Effeminate Behavior on Screen, Says Broadcasting Body
The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, or KPI, has forbidden local television stations from showing male actors behaving and dressing as women, according to a circular letter issued on Tuesday (23/02).

Transgenderism is a mental disorder, says Indonesian psychiatric body
Medical association’s claim follows spate of inflammatory statements by officials and rise in violence towards LGBT people

Malcolm Turnbull orders review of Safe School LGBTI program after right-wing pressure
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ordered a review into a controversial school education program aimed at promoting acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBTI) students.
Bernardi calls for end to funding of Safe Schools
Greens call for an inquiry into LGBT bullying following the PM's request for report into Safe Schools
Safe Schools Coalition welcomes federal investigation into its program

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts changes gender rules for uniforms
Students at a leading Sydney high school have won a battle to change their uniform policy to allow students to wear boys or girls uniforms regardless of their gender.

Transgender podcast offers education and connection around the world
Two Wollongong women are shining a spotlight on transgender issues with a new podcast, drawing on their own experiences, interviewing others and educating everyone.

[New Zealand]
Police advise protesters to make formal complaint
No Pride in Prisons have alleged that Police officers broke one of the protesters thumbs and two others were choked during the Auckland Pride Parade protest on Saturday night.

WRPS gender policy designed to respect everyone’s rights
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools is going ahead with the Administration Policy it drafted in December in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity and will not revise it in relation to locker rooms, washrooms or athletics.

The fight over transgender rights in school restrooms intensifies
In clashes over which restrooms and locker rooms transgender students should use, the U.S. Department of Education has warned public schools that a 1970s sex discrimination law makes it illegal to deny them access to the facilities of their choice.

The Road Ahead: Fighting Anti-LGBT Legislation
HB 1008 is now headed to the desk of South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard. It proposes to restrict students’ access to restrooms and locker rooms according to chromosomes and birth certificates.

Watch: Pat Robertson Goes Nuclear Discussing Trans Rights
Televangelist Pat Robertson took some time in his "700 Club" broadcast Tuesday to inject some good old fashioned cold war style fear mongering to the debate over which public restrooms transgender Americans have the right to use, Right Wing Watch reports.

Bathrooms Become Battlegrounds in Anti-Discrimination Debate
As bathrooms become battlegrounds in the national debate over anti-discrimination laws, a city council's decision to protect the restroom choices of transgender people in Charlotte, North Carolina, was cheered Tuesday by rights advocates as a courageous move. But it may not stand for very long.

New HRC Report Reveals Unprecedented Onslaught of State Legislation Targeting Transgender Americans
Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, released a report detailing an alarming onslaught of legislation nationwide targeting transgender people, and particularly children.
Transgender rights targeted in twice as many bills this year as in 2015

Fearless and compassionate, Caitlyn Jenner opens up about the transformative power of beauty and her M·A·C partnership in support of transgender communities
Caitlyn Jenner e MAC: as primeiras imagens da parceria

The Federalist Uses Image Of High School Student To Attack "Transgender Mafia"
In the latest in a slew of articles attacking transgender people, the right-wing web magazine The Federalist used an image of a transgender high school boy to blast the "dangerous adult fantasies" of the "transgender mafia."

The Power Struggle Over Transgender Students
Who should have the ultimate say over school policies pertaining to trans youth?

RNC officially encourages lawmakers to target transgender students with bathroom bills
Just in case you wondered where the RNC stands on all these bathroom bills that target transgender students by prohibiting them from using the bathroom that best aligns with their gender identity, the RNC has you covered with this official policy resolution on Title IX and gender identity.

GLAD changes its name
A New England-based LGBT legal advocacy group on Feb. 23 announced that it has changed its name.

Rude Employee Lands Subway Outlet in Court
A Subway restaurant employee harassed a transgender woman by calling her "sir" and falsely accusing her of shoplifting, the woman claims in court.

TLC Reaches Settlement in Case of Trailblazing Transgender Prisoner, Michelle Norsworthy
Michelle Norsworthy, a transgender woman who won a groundbreaking preliminary injunction from a federal district court in April 2015 ordering the state to provide her with gender-confirmation surgery, settled today with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Through today’s settlement, the state has dropped its request that the court vacate its April ruling and has agreed to provide almost half a million dollars to cover attorney’s fees and costs. As a result, the ruling will continue to stand as significant legal precedent that other courts across the country will look to when considering cases involving transgender people and health care.
Attorneys: Transgender inmate's surgery order will stand

High school opens 'all gender' restrooms
Roosevelt High School is now the first Des Moines public school to have gender-neutral restrooms.

Evansville officials vote to bolster LGBT protections
Evansville officials have voted to give a commission enforcement and investigatory powers into claims of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

1st transgender candidate on the ballot in Kent Co.
The voters in rural Sparta Township will be the first in Kent County to see an openly transgender person’s name on the ballot.

Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance passes 7-4
Charlotte's proposed non-discrimination ordinance, dubbed by some as the "bathroom bill," passed Monday night with a vote of 7-to-4.
Charlotte City Council approves LGBT protections in 7-4 vote
Charlotte OK's LGBT-Inclusive Ordinance
City Council votes 7-4 to add LGBT protections to Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance
Pat McCrory Promises Retaliation If Charlotte Approves LGBT Protections
McCrory: If Charlotte approves LGBT protections, ‘immediate’ state response likely
Charlotte Proposal Stokes Debate Over Transgender Rights
North Carolina Lawmakers Target Restroom Provision in Charlotte Ordinance
Conservatives push back on transgender bathroom rights in North Carolina
Controversy grows as NC vows to overturn Charlotte’s transgender ordinance
Charlotte's Gender-Identity Bathroom Decision: Should It Come to Asheville?

EXCLUSIVE: Transgender woman to sue city for $3M for failing to protect her from male inmates at Rikers Island
A transgender former Rikers Island inmate plans to sue the city for $3 million for allegedly failing to protect her from predatory male inmates last spring.

USG approves transgender bathroom use, candidacy announced
The Undergraduate Student Government passed legislation on transgender use of bathrooms in and around residence halls this past Monday, which could begin a process of implementation within the next semester.

Transgender community mourns another Philly slaying
Maya Young had a distinctive birthmark: One side of her face was light and the other dark, with a line down the middle separating the brown tones.
Transgender Woman Stabbed to Death in Frankford

On the Ground in South Dakota, with Hundreds Mobilizing Against HB 1008
The sense of urgency is palpable here in South Dakota. Over the next couple of days, I am in Sioux Falls and heading to the state capital Pierre tomorrow, fighting alongside local advocates for our last chance to stop HB 1008, a bill targeting trans students, from becoming law.
Transgender South Dakotans meet with Gov. Daugaard

Lawsuit challenging Fairfax nondiscrimination policy dismissed
Circuit Court rules the anonymous plaintiff has no standing because he is not injured by policy
Sorry, Liberty Counsel — LGBT Protections Can Stay at Virginia Schools

One brazilian transwoman in critical condition, another dies after suffering for 2 months
The ABCDS (Ação Brotar pela Cidadania e Diversidade Sexual), a São Bernardo do Campo based ONG is reporting that last Saturday, February 20th, a trans woman was shot in the stomach and thrown from a car.

Nació la Colectiva Lohana Berkins: en pie de lucha para el paro del 24F
El sábado pasado un centenar de personas de la comunidad LGTBI nos encontramos siguiendo la convocatoria de Susy Shock y Marlene Wayar, reconocidas artistas y activistas de la comunidad trans.

sexta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2016

Morre travesti queimada e agredida no Capão da Imbuia
Morreu na quarta-feira (24) em Curitiba a travesti Natascha, 37 anos. Ela foi atacada e queimada no dia 27 de dezembro por pelo menos, três homens na avenida Victor Ferreira do Amaral, na esquina com a rua Paulo Kissula, no bairro Capão da Imbuia. Desde então Natascha estava internada no Hospital Evangélico. Natacha foi socorrida pelo Siate e encaminhada em estado grave ao hospital com queimaduras de segundo e terceiro graus por todo o corpo. As chamas atingiram principalmente a região da cabeça.

Video of 20 men beating a Brazilian Trans Woman has emerged
We have previously reported about the Trans woman attacked by 20 men, destroys her FFS and the susquent revelation by her in a local blog that the Brazilian trans woman was attacked by… 20 cis gay men, apparently

New transgender swimming club launched
A new transgender swimming club has been established in Glasgow.

Gender change DJ presents BBC investigation into waiting times
Stephanie Hirst, the local radio presenter who revealed her gender change on BBC Radio 5 live, is to front an investigation into the lengthy waiting times for transgender patients in an investigation for BBC Inside Out North West tonight.

Irish college student on the moment he told his parents he was transgender - 'I was prepared to stay in England if they didn't accept me'
Coming out as transgender can be extremely scary and it can be particularly frightening when it comes to opening up to family members.

Sex Change Macedonians Complain of Rejection
Legal gaps and administrative problems make life difficult for Macedonian trans-gender people who want to formalize their change of sex.

Indonesia's only transgender Islamic school shut down
'We decided this based on security, order and people’s comfort'

Australian transgender children closer to accessing hormones without court permission
Coalition and Labor signal they are open to removing judicial oversight provisions that make Australia the only country in the world to force families to obtain permission before a child can transition
Families with transgender children gather in Canberra to lobby for hormone treatment law changes
Young transgender people go to Canberra to lobby for change
Fighting for Isabelle: The battle for transgender kids to get access to cross-sex hormones

Deputy PM voices opposition to Safe Schools
Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce has criticised the Safe Schools Coalition's All of Us resource as promoting a political agenda and crossing the line between education and advocacy.

[New Zealand]
NPIP always intended to disrupt parade
No Pride in Prisons say it was always their intention to disrupt the Auckland Pride Parade on Saturday.
Allegations of assault during parade protest
Pride unaware of assault allegations from NPIP

Catholic school district drafts gender policy
The Grande Prairie Catholic School district unveiled its draft administration policy for gender identity in schools last week.

REPORT: 2016 is the Most Dangerous Year for Transgender Americans
The data from the Human Rights Campaign paints a stark picture for trans people: of the more than 175 new anti-LGBT pieces of legislation nationwide, 44 target the transgender community.

Missouri Catholic archbishop urging parishes to cut ties to Girl Scouts over LGBTI acceptance
St Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson says the Girl Scouts promote values that are incompatible with Catholic teachings and is urging parishes to find alternative programs for girls

Charlotte city leaders to vote on controversial policy changes
Charlotte city leaders are expected to vote on some controversial changes to several non-discrimination ordinances at their meeting Monday.

NJ School District Temporarily Tables Policy for Transgender Students
The Toms River Regional District tabled a proposed policy that would allow transgender students to decide which restroom they want to use. (Published Monday, Feb. 22, 2016)

Oklahoma State theater professor says her department censored a play dealing with gender identity for fear donors would object.

RNC endorses anti-trans bathroom bills
Amid consideration in state legislatures of “papers to pee” bathroom bills aimed against transgender students, the Republican National Committee has approved a resolution endorsing the legislation.

Transgender former council member in Rapid City speaks out against bathroom bill
Marla Murphy doesn’t go out much. She worries that if people recognize her on the street, they might come after her like before.
Transgenders speak out against bill
Transgender Bathroom Bill Draws Reaction Across SD

Liberty Counsel lawsuit against Va. school district dismissed
A Fairfax County Circuit Court judge on Feb. 19, 2016, dismissed a lawsuit against the Fairfax County School District over its inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in its nondiscrimination policy.

quinta-feira, fevereiro 25, 2016

Novamente Travesti leva tiro em São Bernardo do Campo
Recebemos a denuncia que no ultimo Sábado (20 de agosto de 2016) na parte da manhã a Travesti Dielly Foster foi jogada para fora de um carro já baleada no estomago próximo ao terminal Ferrazopolis . A mesma foi encaminhada para o Hospital Anchieta em São Bernardo do Campo. Suas amigas que presenciaram, identificaram que o suspeito é um rapaz moreno boa aparência olhos claros que dirigia um CELTA PRETO. O mesmo ja tem feito abordagens indelicadas contra elas, nesta região onde as próprias Travestis ja tem informado a Policia Militar e nenhuma atitude foi tomada

Brazilian trans woman fatally stabbed in transphobic crime
A trans woman (transvestite according to Brazilian news) was fatally stabbed in Campina da lagoa, on the center west of the Paraná Region.

Winner of national transgender beauty pageant stripped of her title because she was 'not transgender enough'
Jai Dara Latto, 22, was named Miss Transgender UK in a glittering ceremony in London

Academic Julia Gasper Compares LGBT Texts To Paedophillia
Well known anti-LGBT+ activist Dr Julia Gasper has attacked Oxford University’s social sciences library via Twitter for stocking LGBT+ literature.

'A remarkable story': 'Trans pioneer' found in Victorian Manchester canal to be remembered in new play
1859. A man’s body is recovered from a Manchester Canal. Upon routine examination, it is discovered that the man is biologically female.

'Contorted' route to get transgender help in Wales
Transgender people in Wales face a "contorted" route to medical or surgical help, campaigners have claimed.

Transgender patients in England face 'long waits' for appointments
Transgender people are waiting up to 18 months for an initial consultation at specialist NHS gender identity clinics.

Sexual conversion bill ‘violates’ Constitutional provisions - Curia
A position paper published by the Curia on the advice of seven experts in the field says that the Conversion Therapy Bill being presented to the Maltese Parliament violates the constitutional provisions on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
Updated | Church warns gay conversion bill 'will affirm superior status of homosexuals'
Government and Church clash over gay conversion therapy bill
Government digs in as Church says bill to prohibit gay conversion therapy raises 'serious ethical, legal issues'
Church position paper on gender bill ‘profoundly flawed’ - MGRM

Turkish government excludes LGBTI people from “Equality Agency”
A law draft proposing the foundation of Turkey Human Rights and Equality Agency does not bring protection based on sexual orientation and gender identity despite of opposition parties’ efforts.

Transgender-themed film screening commemorates activist’s death
Film starring late transgender activist Bianka Shigurova is a powerful social commentary on transphobia in Georgia.

Out on the streets: Transgender people continue to face adversities
Forced out of their homes across Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, many people who are transgender moved to the provincial capital in search for a better life. However, they are still facing countless challenges.

Hard-liners visit Yogyakarta transgender Islamic school
Dozens of Islamic Jihad Front (FJI) members visited on Friday the Al Fatah Islamic boarding school for transgender students in Sayangan hamlet, Kotagede district, Yogyakarta, with the school pledging not to bow to acts of intimidation.

Improvement in treatment of transgender women in military recruitment
Improved treatment of transgender women during the military recruitment process has been hailed as a sign of good progress in the campaign to bring about sexual equality in the country.

Lack of regulated healthcare sees Thai transgenders turn to black market hormones
Chalit Pongpitakwiset has always felt like a man. Now the 25-year-old wants everyone else to see it too.

Tokyo cops conclude dogs ate transgender man’s face after suicide
Tokyo Metropolitan Police have concluded that the face of a 38-year-old transgender man was eaten by his pet dogs after he committed suicide at his residence in Fussa City last year, reports Nippon News Network (Feb. 19).

[New Zealand]
Protesters again disrupt Ak Pride Parade
Three groups of protesters from the No Pride In Prisons trans rights activist group briefly delayed tonight's Auckland Pride Parade with a sit-down action blocking the parade's progress.

New report shows rise in support of nondiscrimination laws
A new report released by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute shows seven in ten, or 71 percent, of Americans support LGBT nondiscrimination laws.

'I Was a Slave to Testosterone': How Sex Changes for Trans Women on Hormones
The experiences of transgender women on male-to-female hormone replacement therapy disrupt the conservative notion of intrinsic sex differences. Three trans women explain what it was like to change their hormonal sex, and how it unlocked parts of their physiological and mental sexuality they never knew existed.

Viral voguing star Brendan Jordan comes out as trans
A teen who rose to fame whilst voguing in the background of a video, has come out as transgender.

Wounded Soldier to Receive First U.S. Penis Transplant
Doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital are preparing to perform the first penis transplant in the U.S. The recipient will be a veteran injured in war.

Transgender Boys in Girls' Locker Rooms a New Civil Right?
School districts across the country are scrambling to develop policies for transgender students. They're facing financial pressure from the Department of Education, which released updated guidelines applying to gender identity in 2014.

Transgender bathroom bill withdrawn in Florida
A proposed transgender "bathroom bill" and another ordinance granting homosexuals the same civil rights protection as racial and sexual minorities were withdrawn on Thursday night.

Georgia Senate passes hybrid anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ bill
The Georgia Senate passed a hybrid so-called “religious freedom” bill Friday along party lines 38 to 14 after three hours of lively debate, leaving Georgia companies bracing for a possible boycott on the scale of what happened when Indiana passed a “religous freedom” bill last year. The bill now goes to the House for final approval. House Bill 757, Rep. Kevin Tanner’s (R-Dawsonville) “Pastor Protection Act,” had been considered one of the least discriminatory of all the “religious freedom” bills currently under consideration—that is until a Senate Rules Committee hearing on Tuesday.
Georgia Senate Approves 'License to Discriminate'

K-State internal practice allows individuals to choose bathroom based on gender identity
Students at K-State may use the restroom that fits their gender identity, according to posters that appeared on some bathroom doors on campus Thursday.

More MD Health Insurance Plans to Be Trans-Inclusive
On the heels of last year’s successful advocacy that resulted in the elimination of the Transgender exclusion in most health insurance policies issued in Maryland, and its 2014 victories on behalf of transgender state employees, FreeState Legal (and Equality Maryland) announced on February 10th that health insurance plans sold in Maryland on the individual, small group, and student health insurance markets will no longer have transition-related care exclusions.

St. Louis archbishop seeks to cut ties with Girl Scouts over ‘incompatible’ values
St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson is urging priests to sever ties with the Girl Scouts, saying the organization promotes values “incompatible” with Catholic teachings.

Mississippi “religious liberty” bill passes committee
Another day, another conservative legislature attempting to pass yet another bill targeting the LGBT community. It’s become par for the course in a post-Obergefell world.

High school moves forward with groundbreaking changes for transgender students
Middle and high school are hard enough. There's a constant battle for acceptance and understanding from peers, friends and teachers. It's even tougher for the growing number of transgender teens.

Two University of Oregon Fraternities Now Accept Trans Men
Delta Upsilon and Delta Tau Delta have rewritten their bylaws to accept all male-identified students.

Penn. Accused of Transgender Discrimination
Pennsylvania discriminates against clinically distressed transgender people by denying Medicaid coverage for sex-reassignment surgery, a transgender man claims in federal court.

Urgent Action Needed in South Dakota
There are currently four bills targeting the LGBT community pending in South Dakota, three of which are especially harmful to transgender people. One is urgent and three others are up next.

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging LGBTQ protections for schoolchildren
A Virginia judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit that sought to overturn protections for gay and transgender students in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Man strips in front of girls in locker room, says transgender law allows it
A man twice entered the changing room of a swimming pool and began disrobing, once in front of a young girls' swim team, saying transgender policies gave him the right to do so.

Wisconsin mother becomes LGBT activist after transgender son’s suicide
A Wisconsin mother, heartbroken over the suicide of her transgender son, is speaking out.

Religious Freedom bill causes upheaval under the dome in Charleston
A social issue has mottled the landscape of a legislative session touted early on to be a business-friendly 60 days that "would move West Virginia forward."

quarta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2016

Gisberta recordada no Porto
Foi este sábado que a Marcha do Orgulho LGBT no Porto lembrou Gisberta e falou Trans com vários convidados.

6ª FEIRA, DIA 26 DE FEVEREIRO, 19H, Confraria Vermelha Livraria de Mulheres (Rua dos Bragas, 32)
conversa sobre invisibilidade e transfobia
Confraria Vermelha Livraria de Mulheres

6ª FEIRA, DIA 26 DE FEVEREIRO, 22H, CAFÉ JUNO (Rua do Anjo, 49)
DEBATE COM: Jó Bernardo (activista trans), Alice Cunha (Panteras Rosa), João Paulo (PortugalGay.PT), Sacha (Panteras Rosa), Liliana Rodrigues (Braga Fora do Armário), Sérgio Vitorino (Panteras Rosa - moderador)
ORGANIZAÇÃO: Krizo - Educação, Arte e Cidadania;
Panteras Rosa - Frente de Combate à LesBiGayTransfobia
APOIOS: Juno Café; Braga Fora do Armário; Projéctil

SÁBADO, DIA 27 de FEVEREIRO, 15:00 - 18:00, no Maus Hábitos - Espaço de Intervenção Cultural (Rua Passos Manuel, 178 4º)
memorial #ESTAÇÃOGISBERTA, com curadoria e conceção de Santiago D'Almeida Ferreira

SÁBADO, DIA 27 de FEVEREIRO, 18:30H, no CONTRABANDO - Espaço Associativo (Rua Mártires da Liberdade, 83)
DEBATE COM: Alice Cunha (Panteras Rosa), Ana Cristina Pereira (Jornalista), Gabriela Moita (Psicóloga), Jó Bernardo (Activista trans), João Paulo (PortugalGay.PT), Sérgio Vitorino (Panteras Rosa - moderação), entre outrxs (em actualização)...
JANTAR SOLIDÁRIO (3,5 euros, pré-inscrição através do endereço electrónico
ORGANIZAÇÃO: Panteras Rosa - Frente de Combate à LesBiGayTransfobia

Peça "Gisberta" chega ao Brasil em Março. Países lusófonos podem entrar na digressão
Depois do Teatro Rápido, em Lisboa, numa versão de 15 minutos, que foi galardoada em 2013 com o Prémio dezanove para Melhor Peça de Teatro do Ano e de ter percorrido o país posteriormente numa versão alargada, "Gisberta" chega ao Brasil. A estreia está prevista para 11 de Março no Teatro SESC Paulo Gracindo, às 20h30 (SESC Gama). Nos dias 12 e 13 de Março a peça passa para o Teatro SESC Garagem às 20h30, também na capital Brasília.
A brasileira que virou símbolo LGBT e cujo assassinato levou a novas leis em Portugal

Vídeo mostra momento em que transexual é agredida por 20 pessoas em SP
Melissa declarou que, embora não saiba identificar quem são, conseguiu perceber que os agressores eram gays.

Travesti morre esfaqueada e suspeita é de motivação homofóbica
Uma travesti de 25 anos foi morta a facadas em Campina da Lagoa, região Centro Oeste do Paraná. Cristoffer Moreira Batista Neves deu entrada em uma unidade de pronto atendimento da cidade, no último domingo (21), com ferimentos de faca. Não se descarta que o caso seja um crime de homofobia.

Transgender Model Andreja Pejic Scores First Fashion Cover as a Woman
She stuns on the March issue of Marie Claire Spain

Meet Kate Bornstein: Trans-Activist And 'Gender Outlaw'
“I wrote a memoir, wow, almost four years ago now,” Kate Bornstein smiles, as she leans back into her chair, coffee in hand. “It’s called A Queer and Pleasant Danger. The subtitle sums up my life pretty well: ‘The true story of a nice Jewish boy who joins the church of Scientology and leaves twelve years later to become the lovely lady she is today.’”

Belgrade company HAVAS taunts Serbian trans community with transphobic advert
Havas Adriatic, a Serbian advertising company is running a blatantly transphobic campaign on Facebook purposely mocking transgender people. The image with a man in a dress has ”Da vas ovo ne dočeka” which means “So you wouldn’t come to see this” followed by “Tražimo office managera, CV sa fotografijom poslati na office@” which means ”We’re looking for an office manager. Send a cv with a photo to office@..”

Gender on the brain: Male and female brains are not that different, study shows
Is it normal, or reinforcing a "heteronormative world view", if you ask a pregnant woman if she is carrying a boy or a girl?

Northern Alberta school division refuses to make new LGBTQ policy
A northern Alberta public school board says provincial guidelines to protect LGBTQ students and teachers go “too far.”

Two Black Trans Women Killed in 48 Hours
Philadelphia Police officers have confirmed that the body of a 25-year-old black transgender woman found at 11:50 p.m. Saturday belonged to Mya Young (pictured above at left), according to Philadelphia news station WPVI-TV.

Panel OKs Colorado bill on transgender birth certificates
A Colorado House committee has passed a bill to make it easier for transgender people to change their birth certificates.

Galesburg woman is living her truth
We all know how much pressure there is in our society to fit in. And, at the end of the day, we all just want to be accepted for who we are. But, that can be more difficult for transgender people.

Transgender student finds home at Hopkins
“I’ve never been feminine my entire life,” Chris, a freshman at Hopkins, said.

Pro-Discrimination Bill Advances in Mississippi
The bill would allow businesses, individuals, and even state employees to discriminate based on beliefs that marriage is for opposite-sex couples only or that gender is fixed at birth.

Jame Lyn Wallack~
Jame Lyn Wallack was born April 6, 1982, in Rockford, Illinois. She passed away on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016, in Missoula.
Survived by wife Kimberly Wallack; son Jonathon Wallack; daughter Emma Wallack; her parents and three sisters, Amanda Deaton, Beth Wallack, Jessica Jamison; four nieces and five nephews.

WashU Expert: Whether or not it passes, South Dakota bill already impacting transgender students
South Dakota is poised to become the first state to require transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their birth sex.
Critics of Anti-Transgender Bill Threaten South Dakota Boycott
Yes, South Dakota’s Anti-Transgender Bill Really Is That Bad

Virginia House OK's Anti-LGBT 'Religious Freedom' Bill
The measure now goes to the Senate, but Gov. Terry McAuliffe has pledged to veto it if it comes to his desk.
Va. House subcommittee kills anti-discrimination bills

Group launches campaign to put transgender bathroom access to a public vote
The controversy continues over the state’s new transgender locker room access rule. A group of citizens is launching a campaign to get the rule repealed, because of safety and privacy concerns.
Campaign launched to repeal Wash. bathroom rule