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segunda-feira, abril 30, 2012

Felipa Tavares fala como é a vida de uma modelo transexual
Felipa Tavares é uma modelo transexual. Nascida Felipe, ela contou que, desde cedo, sabia que havia algo diferente com ela. Sentindo-se menina num corpo masculino, ela disse que sempre teve jeito, hábitos e maneira de vestir femininos. Aos 18 anos, alistou-se no exército, onde teve até um romance com um sargento enfermeiro.

Travestis e transexuais debatem saúde e educação na UFMG
Laerte Coutinho, cartunista, abrirá Encontro de quatro dias no campus Pampulha.

Sex Swap Killer In Lesbo Bust-Up
A double killer who had a sex swap and was moved to a women’s jail is divorcing the lesbian murderess he wed behind bars.
Deranged strangler Douglas Wakefield, who had the sex change at taxpayers’ expense and changed his name to Tai Pilley, married fellow lifer Thelma Purchase.

NHS sex swap for grandad aged 80
A former RAF officer is to have a sex change aged 80 — in a £13,500 NHS op.
Ruth Rose — a grandad of four who used to be called James — will become the oldest person in Britain to have the procedure.

I'm a straight man who dresses as a woman ... and I'm looking for love
Although it's her day off work, Beth is dressed for the office: pencil skirt, white blouse, red mid-height heels and cardigan, one of her favourite looks.
She's having a sandwich in a southside Dublin pub and no one pays attention when she walks towards the toilet, except for a middle-aged couple in the corner who giggle and nudge each other.

Les Amies de Place Blanche: Transvestites of 1960's Paris
Christer Strömholm (1918-2002) is considered one of the great photographers of the 20th century, though he is little known outside of his native Sweden.

Father puts his son into rehab to cure his homosexuality
Ivan Kharchenko, a 16-year-old young man, was released from the clinic under the public pressure. Ivan's father forced him to go to the clinic having learned of his homosexual orientation, Novaya Gazeta wrote.

Equal rights
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Social Welfare, Special Education and Women Development, Sitara Ayaz said transvestites are a part of our society and as citizens of the country deserve equal rights in each sector of our social setup.

Thousands march in Japan gay pride parade
Some 2,500 people marched in a gay pride parade in Tokyo on Sunday, vowing to transform a low-profile campaign for the rights of sexual minorities into a major movement in Japan.

On transgenders & feuding sisters
NO WAY – Aside from the Ara Mina-Cristine Reyes “sister act,” what’s the other sizzling issue, the talk of the town?
Should transgenders be allowed to join the Miss Universe beauty pageant?

Finally, a woman: A transgender’s story
Wrapped up in the trimmings of a man was a phoenix waiting to be reborn—a woman waiting to give love, and be loved.
I met with a dear old friend who was visiting the country, now every inch a real lady, and happily married. Classified by society as a transvestite, “Ramona” gamely talks about her life, her heart song, and what she calls “the best money I’ve ever spent.”

Transsexual surgery not needed to change birth certificates
People who live as the opposite sex should not have to undergo sex-change surgery before they can change their gender on their birth certificates, Ontario's Human Rights Tribunal has decided.

Updates from April 27 hearing
On Friday, April 27th, CeCe McDonald appeared in court for her final pre-trial hearing. Both the defense and the prosecution argued motions on which evidence could be admitted or not, whether or not to allow expert witnesses, and whether or not supporters can wear Free CeCe gear in court.
MPR: Another trial that Minnesotans should be watching

Ordinance would add protection for gay, transgender citizens
Given a choice, Josh Castillo would prefer his life to be considered unremarkable.
“I’m a fairly average guy. I live in a middle-class neighborhood, I have a mortgage, a son ... I run and go fishing,” said Castillo, a hospital social worker. “If I didn’t tell you I was transgendered, you wouldn’t know.”

They're turning into women -- at taxpayer expense
Editors' note: The transgender inmates are referred to throughout with feminine pronouns, reflecting legal and medical standards and their own preference.

Members of College of Charleston's LGBT community share stories, concerns
College can be liberating.
These are the years when many young people leave home to examine new ideas and explore new surroundings. In the process, they might begin to discover who they are.

Transgender Man Beaten In Memphis
A Memphis transgender man was taken to a nearby hospital with bruises and a concussion after being beaten Saturday night.

Hate crimes in Tenn. jump; cause not clear
Hate crimes in Tennessee jumped in 2011 from a five-year low the year before.
According to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation statistics reported in the Commercial Appeal, 261 hate crimes were recorded last year.

Asesinados 20 homosexuales en Honduras entre 2010 y 2011, según ombudsman
Al menos 20 miembros de la comunidad lésbica, gay, bisexual y transgénero (LGBT) fueron asesinados en Honduras entre 2010 y 2011, informó hoy el Comisionado de los Derechos Humanos, Ramón Custodio, que responsabilizó de ello "a personas particulares y agentes de seguridad".

Transexual saldrá por primera vez en la TV nacional
Bailar, cantar, animar, subirse a una tarima y entretener al público. Desde su infancia, Maité Trejos, de 23 años, tenía claro que su sueño era ser animadora. Pero no quería aparecer frente a la pantalla como hombre.

Nicaragua elige a Miss Gay con exótico espectáculo de diversidad sexual
La comunidad homosexual de Nicaragua coronó a su Miss Gay, la reina de los travestis, con un exótico espectáculo de bailes y desfiles en trajes de baño y fantasía en el Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío, que abrió por primera vez sus puertas a la cultura de la diversidad sexual.

VIDEO: Otra mujer transgénero trabaja para Alcaldía de Bogotá
Isabella Torres Moreno, que estudió arquitectura, es la subdirectora de Barrios de la Secretaría de Hábitat.

domingo, abril 29, 2012

Modelo transexual Carol Marra desfila de maiô em Minas Gerais
Ela exibiu pela primeira vez na passarela os seios com silicone recém-colocados.

Job fears for doctors who object to providing sex change ops
Doctors who refuse to provide ‘sex change’ operations could be struck off, under new General Medical Council (GMC) draft guidance.
[Commentary] Doctors “forced to carry out sex change ops”, says the Daily Mail

Trans in Media: The ASAI rule on Paddy Power
The Complaints Committee of the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland have ruled on the reaction to the Paddy Power 'Ladies' Day' Advertisement. The ASAI asked Paddy Power to voluntarily withdraw the ad from broadcast while they were investigating the numerous complaints received.

Neglected group: Special cards, security to be provided to transgenders
The district government plans to issue special cards, and provide additional security to the transgender community, said Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s (K-P) Minister for Social Welfare Sitara Ayaz during a meeting with a delegation of the K-P Shemale Association on Friday.

Man sues parents for not allowing sex change operation
Bidhan Barua, a second-year commerce student from Guwahati, will now have to wait longer for a sex-change operation.
Thwarted by his parents and stonewalled by the hospital where the surgery was scheduled for April 17, Barua had moved court. On Friday, the Bombay high court bench asked him to approach another bench.
Guwahati: Man takes parents to court over sex change operation

What's in a name?
Ben Boudreau would simply like to have his professors call him by his name, but this is proving to be far more difficult than he envisioned.

Transgenders face difficulties with voter identification law
Creative writing sophomore Ben Griffith hopes to have a hassle-free voting experience this election season. But as a member of the transgender community, he could face a unique set of obstacles due to Arizona’s voter identification law.

Cities in Kansas Weigh Sexual Orientation Protections under Civil Rights Laws
Kansas has become the new battleground in the fight to expand the rights of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community as city councils in Lawrence, Hutchinson, Salina, Wichita, and Pittsburg are weighing whether to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to protected classes under the jurisdiction’s civil rights laws.

Campus-sponsored talk by 'genderqueer' porn star raises eyebrows at Williams College
Colleges and universities have been known to push the envelope when it comes to inviting controversial figures to campuses, and Williams College, a prestigious private institution in western Massachusetts, is the latest -- by inviting a porn star.
Outrage after transgender porn star is invited to give lecture at elite New England college

A day of protests at jail
About 40 supporters of Chrishaun Reed "CeCe" McDonald, a transgender woman who was charged with second-degree intentional murder, shouted on Thursday afternoon for her to be freed from jail.
Judge will rule if tattoo is allowable evidence in murder trial

CRIME REPORT: Memphis man faces felony in assault on transgender man
A 20-year-old Germantown man told Memphis police that being transgender motivated an assault that left him with a concussion last week, according to police.

Tennessee hate crime rate relatively low, TBI says
They're often cases of vandalism, a "certain word spray-painted on the side of the wall," says Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Kristen Helm.

Transgender Widow Seeks Benefits
The transgender widow of a South Texas firefighter sued the City of Wharton this week for workers' compensation benefits she was denied because she was born a man.

AS Board unanimously passes resolution to oppose legislation on gender health issues
Applause filled the Viking Union conference room as the Associated Students Board of Directors approved a resolution that they would oppose all legislation that infringes on the health and safety of students based on gender identity.

[Ecuador] [Opinion]
Red Trans, en taller de inclusión social
Tal y como anticipó OPINIÓN, en la mañana de ayer se llevó a cabo en un céntrico hotel de Machala un taller sobre la participación ciudadana y la inclusión social en la sociedad del buen vivir.
El encuentro, promovido por el Ministerio de Coordinación de la Política y Gobiernos Autónomos Descentralizados (MCP- GADS), congregó a integrantes de la Red Trans de El Oro. Las ponencias estuvieron a cargo del analista de conflictos del MCP, Xavier Garcés,

Tamara Adrián dice que Sousa "demuestra prejuicios" sobre tema transexual
A partir de las declaraciones emitidas esta semana por Osmel Sousa, presidente de la Organización Miss Venezuela, sobre la no pertinencia de que concursen mujeres transgéneros en el certamen nacional de belleza, la abogada, docente y activista Tamara Adrián concedió una entrevista a Prodavinci donde expone sus puntos de vista al respecto.

Ley de Identidad de Género: Hemos recorrido un largo camino, muchachxs
Lohana Berkins señala aquí algunos mojones en ese camino que hoy está llegando hasta el Senado de la Nación.
Por el derecho a la vida
Asuntos legales
Estado de vigilia
Al alcance de la mano

First School for Transvestites Opens in Buenos Aires
With 35 students, the first secondary school specifically for transvestites and other members of sexual minorities who face discrimination in mainstream schools opened in March in the Argentine capital.

sábado, abril 28, 2012

Presentado el documental Pisando fuerte
La directora del Instituto de la Juventud de Extremadura, Rosa Álvarez, ha presentado este jueves junto al presidente de la Fundación Triángulo, José María Núñez, y el coordinador del trabajo, David Luceño, el documental Pisando Fuerte que expone las experiencias vividas por jóvenes extremeños del colectivo de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT) que residen en zonas rurales de Extremadura.

Georgia to secure LGBT rights
The Georgian Criminal Code has recently been amended in order to secure LGBT rights, the Russian newspaper Vzglyad reports.

Siberia passes anti-gay propaganda bill
Russia's third-largest city Novosibirsk is the latest to join in the criminalization of 'gay propaganda'.
Russians Facing Tidal Wave of Proposed Anti-Gay Laws

Student's fight for sex change in Bombay High Court
A college student from Guwahati has taken his parents to court alleging that they are trying to prevent him from a sex-change operation. His father says the surgery cannot be treated as "a personal decision" and that the 21-year-old must get the consent of his entire family, including his grand-parents and his uncles. "I gave birth to a son, not a eunuch," said his father to NDTV.
Fighting for sex-change, Mumbai student drags parents to court

Transgender woman stands for election in Thailand
A transgender woman is standing for election at provincial level for the first time in northern Thailand

Free Viagra and transgender surgery on the chopping block at DND: sources
There could soon be less spring in the step of those at National Defence as the department considers halting the decade-long practice of distributing free Viagra to the troops.
Also under consideration is the cancellation of taxpayer-funded transgender medical procedures for members of the military.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Another Pageant Convinced to Revise Anti-Trans Rules
A month ago, the Jenna Talackova Miss Universe Canada disqualification controversy brought transphobic beauty pageant rules under mass public scrutiny for the first time ever.

LGBT Groups Work To Advance Health Equity
The Center for American Progress, the National Center for Transgender Equality, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force are partners in the Health Equity and Accountability Act Community Working Group, a broad coalition of health equity advocates. A cornerstone of this group’s work over the last year, the Health Equity and Accountability Act, is a groundbreaking effort to promote health at the intersections of disparities related to factors such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigrant status, and disability status.

EEOC Rules Gender Identity Covered Under Title VII; Protects Transgender Workers
An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) opinion handed down Friday says transgender Americans are protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Big EEOC win for trans woman
Commission: Transgender people protected under federal job discrimination laws
EEOC Rules Anti-Trans Bias is Sex Discrimination
EEOC's 'gross distortion' of Civil Rights Act

[Commentary] Op-ed: EEOC Decision Guarantees Employment Protections for Transgender People
[Commentary] Celebrating historic week for trans Americans
Transgenders now have job protection thanks to EEOC Opinion

[Commentary] EEOC's Ruling Is A Major Step Forward In Protecting & Affirming Americans Born With The Transsexual Medical Condition
[Commentary] EEOC and Transgender Employees

Senate Passes LGBT-Inclusive Domestic Violence Act
The Senate passed the first LGBT-inclusive version of the Violence Against Women Act, which will now provide explicit protections for LGBT survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.
U.S. Senate passes LGBT-inclusive domestic violence act
Senate passes LGBT-inclusive domestic violence bill
Senate Passes Reauthorization of Domestic Violence Law

Transgender attacks on the rise in Mission District
There's been a disturbing increase in the number of attacks on transgender people in San Francisco, especially in the Mission District.

LGBT, gender-neutral themes planned for housing on the Hill
A new type of themed housing for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex and allied community might be available for Hill residents in fall 2013, housing officials announced.

Transsexual Woman Among SF Crime Victims Honored For Willingness To Testify
Mia Tu Mutch thought she would die when two men beat her up in the Mission District for being a transgender woman, but a year later she was honored by the San Francisco District Attorney for traveling the country to speak out against hate crimes.

White House conference in Atlanta attracts activists from across the state
In 2009, some 2.6 million people were tested for HIV. Of those, only 4,100 were transgender.
That was one of the startling facts revealed at the White House LGBT Conference on HIV/AIDS held April 19 at Morehouse School of Medicine. The conference was one of many LGBT-related conferences the White House plans to hold throughout the year.

SGA tables transgender support resolution
A resolution to make WKU more inclusive for transgender and gender-nonconforming students was ultimately tabled at the Student Government Association meeting on Tuesday night.

University, student groups strive to make campus supportive of LGBT community
On the popular Facebook group Tufts Memes, an item was recently posted showing a desperate Snow White turning to alcohol because her Prince Charming is gay. The caption is “#tuftsproblems.”

CeCe McDonald supporters meet with Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman
After initially refusing a meeting, Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman agreed to meet with CeCe McDonald's family and supporters April 24. Hours before the meeting, Freeman's office issued a letter to McDonald's supporters defending his decision to charge her with two counts of second degree murder.
[Commentary] Free CeCe!: Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman's aggressive prosecution of CeCe McDonald

A 'triumph' for transgender people
Local advocates praise federal ruling that gives clear workplace rights

Trans Woman Among Nation's Top Crime Fighters
Victoria Cruz was just honored by the Justice Department for her work with abuse survivors.
Victoria Cruz, Latina Transgender, Given Award From Justice Department For Her Work With Abuse Victims

FBI to return evidence in bomb-threat case, woman says
A Vinco woman said Wednesday that computers belonging to her and her spouse – both suspected in making bomb threats to Pitt – would be returned by the FBI today.
(Photo: Katherine Anne McCloskey, 55, of Vinco, said Wednesday that computers belonging to her and her spouse – both suspected in making bomb threats to Pitt – would be returned by the FBI today.)

Student transgender group files complaint against Pitt
The Rainbow Alliance, an undergraduate student group at the University of Pittsburgh, has filed a complaint with the city's Commission on Human Relations over Pitt's practices for transgender students.

Tenn. Pol. Blames Bad Parenting, Not Bullying, For Suicides
Tennessee state Rep. Jeremy Faison apologized Tuesday after saying poor parenting and improper values are chief causes of teen suicides, and not bullying.

Teen Charged With Beating Transgender Male
Chase Mason Kelley, 18 years old, is facing charges of aggravated assault after Memphis Police report he beat up a man because he is transgendered.

Transgendered widow sues Wharton over husband’s death benefits
The transgendered widow of a Wharton County firefighter has now filed a lawsuit against the City of Wharton after being denied her husband’s death benefits.
Nikki Araguz sues Wharton for workers’ comp
Transgender civil suit: Attorney will not comment on pending litigation

Trans-man calendar launched to raise funds
For a lot of transgender people, finding the money to pay for surgery and other medical procedures is a tough battle. Most health benefit plans offered by even the most liberal of employers don’t cover many procedures, and medical bills can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Comunidad está abierta a propuesta
El trabajo con la organización Transgénero Hidalgo es totalmente social, no de índole político, pero si cualquier candidato tiene intención de colaborar a favor de la diversidad sexual y la no discriminación es bienvenido, sostuvo la dirigente del organismo, Karen Quintero.

Las últimas horas de Agnes Torres
La noche del viernes 9 de marzo Agnes Torres cenó milanesas de pollo y ensalada, bebió un par de vasos de agua de jamaica. Serían las ocho y veinte cuando llegó a casa de Devany Sangines en la zona de bulevar Atlixco y la 35 Poniente. Inicialmente ambas amigas se habían citado para comer, pero la cita fue reagendada hasta entrada la noche. Ambas se habían visto la noche del jueves. Salieron con amigos mutuos a tomar una copa en Conteiner City. Por el desvelo fue que Agnes se dijo indispuesta para comer y la cita se tornó en cena. Tenía otro compromiso por atender así que desde antes y por teléfono, uno recién comprado, le advirtió que pasaría rápido a su casa.

Grupos LGBT de Nicaragua repudian historieta transfóbica
Grupos, organizaciones y activistas de diversidad sexual de Nicaragua se pronunciaron en contra del diario La Prensa (de Nicaragua) por una caricatura que han publicado que incita a la discriminación, violencia gráfica, el odio, la censura y tergiversa la condición de un sector de población de la diversidad sexual.

Asesinados cuatro transexuales en tres meses en Uruguay
La transfobia parece haberse instalado en Uruguay. Ya son cuatro los transexuales asesinados en el país en los últimos meses, un hecho que acaba de condenar la ONU en un comunicado.
Cuarto asesinato de una mujer trans en 2012

[Venezuela] [Opinion]
Miss venezuela: Estética tranfor y transfobia
Y de pronto, como cuando se rasga un almohadón de plumas, la ignorancia transfóbica de Osmel Sousa sale a la luz. Puede que sepa mucho de la estética drag; puede que, a través de su concurso, haya logrado imponer esos códigos de showcera a la mujer venezolana, creando la tiranía de las lolas postizas, la bemba explotá’ y las cejas estiradas al punto de casi tocar la línea del cabello (bien batido, por supuesto).
Tamara Adrián le responde a Osmel Sousa sobre transexualidad y Miss Venezuela

sexta-feira, abril 27, 2012

Trabalho do Ministério Público da Paraíba no combate ao tráfico de travestis
Trabalho do MP-PB no combate ao trabalho e exploração infantil e tráfico de travestis. Saiba um pouco mais sobre o trabalho do Ministério Público da Paraíba nessas áreas. Procurador-chefe do MP está sendo homenageado por trabalho.

Physical Attacks Against 2 Transsexuals in Ankara
Two transsexual sex workers in Ankara were subjected to continuous rape and physical attacks by two perpetrators. The two perpetrators were arrested by the police.
On 31 March 2012, two clients came to the house of two transsexual sex workers and had sex with them. However, they rejected to give money for the service. Also, they stole their mobile phones and approximately 1000 TL (450 Eur). The perpetrators also threatened the sex workers not to inform the police otherwise they would kill them. The attackers had two big "choppers". The victims did not inform the police because of their fear.
On 8th of April, the same perpetrators again came to their house and forcibly entered the house threatening them. They raped the two transsexuals, stole their 2000 TL (900 Eur) and 3 mobile phones. They also stole the cars of the sex workers.
After this incident, the victims informed the police and after a week long investigation, the police arrested the two perpetrators.

Nepal's Third Gender and the Recognition of Gender Identity
On Dec. 27, 2007, the Supreme Court of Nepal issued a decision that has been called "arguably the single most comprehensive judgment affirming protections for gender identity anywhere in the world.

First Fines for Promotion of Homosexuality in Russia
For the first time participants in actions aimed at the promotion of homosexuality among minors have been penalized in Russia’s Arkhangelsk Region, the regional prosecutor’s office reported on its website on Wednesday.

Siberian Lawmakers Pass Anti-'Gay Propaganda' Bill
A Siberian regional legislature passed in the first reading on Thursday a bill banning promotion of homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender practices among minors and adopted it in its Administrative Offenses Code.
Novosibirsk Region Latest to Pass Anti-Gay Law

Trans woman standing for election in Nan
A trans woman has registered as an election candidate for the Nan Provincial Administrative Organisation.
"I want to represent the trans women and all groups of homosexuals across the country in parliament and press the government to pay more interest to women and trans women," Yollada "Nok" Suanyot, president of the TransFemale Association of Thailand, said on Wednesday.
Transgender's candidature a new first for provincial poll

Next Miss Universe Singapore could be born a man
It is an event designed to celebrate the country's most beautiful women.
But next year's Miss Universe Singapore could be won by somebody born a man, after organizers revealed that they are considering accepting contestants who have had a sex change.
[Commentary] Why including transgender women in Miss Singapore Universe is a good thing

[New Zealand]
GenderBridge seeks input in future direction
Auckland-based transgender support and advocacy group GenderBridge is this Saturday holding an interactive planning session, to map the way forward.

Trans action group takes shape
A new Australian trans health action group based in Queensland held its first meeting in Brisbane last week to discuss anxiety and depression problems linked to gender identity issues.

Trans man fights bill for 'necessary' surgery
A transgender man from Nova Scotia in Canada files human rights complaint against insurers after being 'wrongly' charged for a hysterectomy

Landmark Employment Ruling Protects Against Anti-Transgender Discrimination
In a decision described by one legal expert as “game-changing,” the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that existing federal law protects transgender individuals from sex discrimination on the basis of their gender identity.

EEOC ruling on trans rights triggers new call for ENDA
LGBT rights supporters are continuing to press for passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, following a ruling this week from a U.S. agency expanding non-discrimination protections under existing law to include transgender workers.
[Commentary] EEOC Ruling: Trans Discrimination Violates Title VII
[Commentary] Big Ruling for Transgender Rights
Gov’t says transgender people protected under federal job discrimination laws

California Senate committee advances bill to limit reparative therapy
Legislation designed to protect LGBT minors from what critics charge is harmful and ineffective ex-gay therapy, advanced through a California state Senate Committee on Monday.

[USA] [Commentary]
Miss Universe pageant gets a gender makeover
The Miss Universe pageant is once again marred by scandal.
This time a contestant’s gender is in question, and for any would-be backseat investigator quick to comment that the controversy can be solved within the first word of the exhibition, it’s more complicated than that.
[Commentary] Pro: There’s more to gender than chromosomes
[Commentary] Con: Talackova has made a mockery of pageants

Alaska DMV Must Allow Sex Designation Change
An Alaska Superior Court judge has ordered that state’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to adopt a regulation establishing a procedure for changing the sex designation on a driver’s license. In a March 12 ruling, Judge Michael Spaan found that the lack of an established policy facilitating such a change violated the state constitutional privacy rights of a transgender individual, who would be placed in the position of “outing” themselves as transgender every time they are asked to show their license.

Chaz Bono to be honored at Transgender Law Center party in Palm Springs
The Transgender Law Center is slated to celebrate its 10th anniversary on May 3 with special guest Chaz Bono, the transgender son of Cher and late Palm Springs Mayor Sonny Bono, officials announced.

Transgender man begins walk across America
Mikal Chall is just an ordinary transgender man from Michigan, but he has a big quest: equality. Putting one foot in front of the other and towing his handcrafted trailer behind him, he left San Francisco on April 23 on his journey across the "land of the free" to Washington, D.C.

Anti-Bullying Bill on Track for Vote in D.C.
Long-awaited anti-bullying bill moves forward with some changes, but funding still a concern

Sarasota city manager applicant list at 100 names
Excerpt: Transgender applicant Susan Stanton, who was a finalist for Sarasota's City Manager position in 2007 but lost out to Bartolotta, also made the list of 100.

NCTE Cancels May 1 Chicago Area Reception Standing in Solidarity with Justice4Paige
Due to the tragic April 16th murder of 23-year-old Paige Clay, a Chicago-area transgender women whose death has left us all in shock and demanding justice from the authorities, NCTE has cancelled its May 1 event in order to support a community response to Paige’s murder.

Ferndale Police Department talks transgender
Citing a history of violence against transgender people in the prison system, the Los Angeles Police Department has announced plans for a 24-bed holding facility for transgender detainees in their women's facility. It is the first of its kind in the nation according to The LA Times.

CeCe McDonald Supporters Meet with Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman
Freeman says “The criminal justice system is not built for, nor is it good at, solving a lot of society’s problems.”

Missouri Proposes Its Own Version of "Don't Say Gay" Bill
Tennessee has successfully exported its proposed law, which would ban any mention of homosexuality by teachers or school administrators. But Missouri says its version if more fair.

Feds honor 66-year-old East Flatbush transgender woman
East Flatbush resident Victoria Cruz, a transgender woman who has been “out” since grade school, is a Justice Department 2012 pick as one of the nation’s top crime fighters.
The 66-year-old Latina, known simply as “Vicki,” advises abuse victims from across the city based on lessons she learned surviving years of sexual and physical torment during an era when homophobia was rampant.

Wharton transgender widow files suit for workers' compensation benefits
The battle of a transgender woman claiming to be the widow of a fallen Wharton volunteer firefighter continues almost a year later - and this time, she has filed suit against the city of Wharton for workers' compensation benefits.

Confirman la marcha de Diversidad Sexual
El 23 de junio se llevará a cabo en el municipio la marcha de la Diversidad Sexual, adelantó Jan Novak, presidente del “Grupo Fusión G”, quien a su vez, confirmó que se ingresaron en Cancún los amparos para validar los casamientos entre el mismo sexo efectuados en Kantunilkín, Lázaro Cárdenas, el pasado 28 de noviembre.

Muertes como la de Agnes Torres no han sido en vano: senadores
Las amenazas, hostigamiento, persecución y muerte que han sufrido defensores de los derechos humanos, entre ellos Agnes Torres Hernández, en Puebla, no ha sido en vano, pues ello dio paso a la nueva Ley para la Protección de Personas Defensoras de Derechos Humanos y Periodistas, que aprobó el Senado de la República, coincidieron en señalar legisladores.
Continúa prófugo el presunto responsable del asesinato de Agnes Torres

Venezuela Says No To Transsexuals in Beauty Pageant
The president of the Miss Venezuela contest said that transsexuals would not be able to compete in the local pageant, saying that the country is too socially conservative.

Instalado Consejo Patriótico de sexodiversidad
"Somos una población que merece respeto, que merece visibilidad". Estas palabras de Ronny Ortega, vocera del Movimiento Revolucionario Diversidad Sexual de Aragua, fueron una muestra de la lucha de los 282 movimientos activistas que este martes instalaron el Consejo Patriótico de sexodiversidad del Gran Polo Patriótico (GPP) en el Teatro Teresa Carreño, en Caracas.
Comunidad sexo diversa instala Consejo Patriótico en Caracas
282 Movimientos de Sexo Diversidad agradecen al Gran Polo Patriótico por visibilizar su lucha
VIDEO: La Ministra Isis Ochoa se dirigió al Consejo Patriótico de la sexodiversidad

Una travesti denunció que fue violada por policías en una comisaría
Fue detenida junto con el taxista que la trasladaba. En la seccional los hicieron desnudarse, por separado. Ella fue violada por dos policías. Los encerraron en una pequeña celda de castigo, en condiciones inhumanas.

quinta-feira, abril 26, 2012

Los organizadores del Orgullo Gay denuncian falta de apoyo del Ayuntamiento
Los organizadores de la fiesta anual madrileña del Orgullo Gay han denunciado hoy martes que el Ayuntamiento no le ofrece apoyo económico ni institucional al evento, pese a reconocer que es uno de los mayores eventos mundiales sobre la diversidad y la tolerancia.

Colectivos LGTB proponen una Ley Integral de Transexualidad a los grupos de la Asamblea Regional
El Colectivo de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (LGTB) de la Región de Murcia No Te Prives y el Colectivo de Gays y lesbianas activistas de Cartagena y Comarca (Galactyco) van a proponer, por segunda vez, la aprobación de una Ley Integral de Transexualidad a los grupos parlamentarios que integran la Asamblea Regional --PP, PSOE e IU--.

Barclays unveils app for gay, bi and trans staff
Barclays has launched a new smartphone app to support its gay, bi and trans staff to keep them aware of news and events.

Tragedy of man ‘in wrong body’
A man tortured by his belief that he was “trapped inside the wrong body” and should be a woman, met with a tragic end, an inquest heard.
Andrew Grant, 40, of New Street, Great Houghton, was found lying down the stairs of his home with a noose around his neck, on July 9 last year.

[UK] [Commentary]
News Feed: Swedish asylum failure leaves trans woman at risk of Russian violence
As a Russian trans woman prepares to return to violence or worse if she is expelled from Sweden later this week, that country’s reputation as a less than welcoming place for the trans community is once more in the spotlight.

Turkish transgender woman says she was attacked for taking police to court
A transgender woman who was attacked in Istanbul earlier this week has told Gay Star News that she thinks the incident was designed to scare her off an upcoming court trial with the police.

Man cleared of gay propaganda charge in Russia
Judge cites lack of evidence in charges against straight attorney Sergey Kondrashov
Rights Activists Protest 'Gay Propaganda' Law

Should transgenders be allowed to join beauty pageants?
After consultations with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Donald Trump, owner of Miss Universe pageant, has decided to allow transgender women to compete in its pageants starting 2013. This was after 23-year-old contestant Jenna Talackova, a resident from Vancouver who was born male, was disqualified because she was not a “naturally born female.” This decision elicited mixed reactions from the public. Let’s wait and see how this decision will affect the longest running beauty pageant.

Scholarships for trans conference
Scholarships will be available for a trans health conference in Cairns on August 24 – 25 for people unable to cover the full costs of attending the landmark event.

Trans report set for release
A new report into transgender health and wellbeing will be launched in Katoomba, New South Wales next month.

[USA] [Commentary]
CeCe McDonald Hearing Tomorrow
The struggle to free CeCe McDonald, who 'stood her ground' after she and her group of Black gay and trans friends were subjected to racist, transphobic and homophobic slurs and then attacked by white supremacists while walking past a bar in Minneapolis will play out in a court pretrial hearing tomorrow at 9 AM CDT.
NCTE in Solidarity With Cece McDonald

STUDY: Gender Non-Conforming People Face Severe Discrimination
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has released a new report based on its epic study of transgender discrimination that focuses entirely on people who identify as genderqueer or are otherwise gender non-conforming. Simply because these individuals do not identity as specifically men or women, they face incredibly high rates of unemployment (76 percent), physical assault (32 percent), harassment by law enforcement (31 percent), and less frequent access to healthcare (36 percent).
New study finds genderqueer people face unique patterns of abuse and discrimination

Don Imus Feels Bad For Punching Transgender Woman
Don Imus has said he feels bad for punching a transgender woman he picked up in a bar in his youth.
While discussing real estate mogul Donald Trump's decision to allow Jenna Talackova, a transgender woman, to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant, Imus told Lis Wiehl and Deirdre Imus about the incident.

Victory: Federal Agency Rules Trans People Protected by Sex Discrimination Law
NCTE congratulates our colleagues at the Transgender Law Center, who tonight, announced a significant federal workplace rights victory. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled in a 5-0 decision that an employer who discriminates against a transgender employee or job applicant because of the person’s gender identity is illegal sex discrimination based on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
HISTORIC: EEOC ruling protects trans workers from discrimination
Transgender Breakthrough

Health Disparities Report Highlights Transgender Concerns
Many of us know all too well that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population experiences significant health disparities.

The Future of Gender
Authors Diane Ehrensaft, Genny Beemyn, and Susan Rankin talk about the lives of transgender kids in America.

Filmfest DC: In a Sea of Comedies, Iranian Transsexual Drama 'Facing Mirrors' Wins Circle Award
Tony Gittens, founder and director of Filmfest DC, pushed laughter and lightness throughout Washington, D.C.’s 26th annual international film festival. But when the big prize came out, it went to a far more somber affair.

A five-member jury at Filmfest DC (which ran April 12-22) selected Negar Azarbayjani’s Iranian drama "Facing Mirrors" to receive the Circle Award Sunday night. The award, given to a film the jury believes is “deserving of increased recognition,” comes with a $10,000 cash prize and a chance for a distribution deal with Indiewire parent company SnagFilms.

Man Sought By Detectives Turns Himself In
Brelon Small, who had been wanted by Polk County Sheriff’s detectives for failing to register as a sex offender, turned himself in Sunday evening, the Sheriff’s Office said.
Small, 34, is being held in the Polk County Jail on no bond, the sheriff’s office said.
Small is a transvestite and is known to dress up as a woman, the sheriff’s office said.

Transgender Student Fights FBI Over Bomb Threat Accusation
Seamus Johnston says the University of Pittsburgh is retaliating for a months-long debate over trans rights at Pitt.

Attorney joins transgender Va. inmate’s appeal in lawsuit seeking sex change operation
A Virginia inmate is getting some help in her fight to have the state pay for a sex change operation — the only thing she says will prevent her from performing the surgery herself.

Death of Agnes Torres catalyst for LGBT activism in Puebla
A month and a half after the murder of trans researcher and activist Agnes Torres in Puebla, Mexico, the LGBT community has rallied to demand increased state acknowledgement of the need for human rights protection and anti-discrimination measures. 2B contacted members of LGBT groups in Puebla, the Observatorio Ciudadano and ErosFera, to hear how the community is coping… and fighting back.

Osmel Sousa: “un transexual compitiendo en este certamen no lo aceptará el pueblo católico venezolano”
El zar de la belleza y presidente de la Organización Miss Venezuela Osmel Sousa, ratificó que "el pueblo venezolano cristiano no va a aceptar, por ahora que un transexual compita en el Miss Venezuela (...) Eso no sucederá en el país"
Osmel Sousa: “Sería un irrespeto permitir la participación de transexuales en el Miss Venezuela”
"Los transexuales deberían competir con transexuales": Osmel Sousa
Osmel Sousa: "Detesto a las gordas"

Manifestación en contra de la transfobia
Clamando "!Basta de transfobia!", Ovejas Negras realizó un llamado a las autoridades competentes para que desarrollen investigaciones que permitan encontrar a los responsables de la muerte de tres mujeres trans en lo que va de 2012.

Argentina on the verge of adopting far-reaching transgender rights law
Taking the next step in becoming the most progressive Latin American nation on LGBT issues, Argentina is poised to adopt a far-reaching gender identity law that would grant transgender individuals the right to change their name and gender on their official identification records.
Por unanimidad comisión del Senado dio luz verde al tratamiento de la Ley de Identidad de Género
Identidad de Género tiene dictamen de mayoría en el Senado

quarta-feira, abril 25, 2012

25 de Abril sempre, hoje mais do que nunca

Governo do RS inaugura celas para travestis em presídio
Celas exclusivas para travestis são inauguradas em presídio no Rio Grande do Sul

Salvador recebe em maio simpósio sobre transexuais
Simpósio Nacional de Política para Transexuais será realizado em maio em Salvador

Governo do RS inaugura celas para travestis em presídio
Celas exclusivas para travestis são inauguradas em presídio no Rio Grande do Sul

Aluno do curso de drag queen mostrado pelo Fantástico é demitido
Professor de logística foi desligado da empresa no dia seguinte após a exibição da reportagem do Fantástico, da TV Globo.

Professora teria chamado aluna travesti de 'desprezível' no Paraná
A escola estadual Ivanete Martins, de Piraquara (PR), informou nesta quinta-feira que investiga uma suposta ofensa homófobica de uma professora de geografia contra uma estudante travesti. Rafaelly disse que foi ameaçada pela educadora, que teria dito que ela era inútil, desprezível e que deveria se envergonhar.

Valesca Popozuda ganha apertada de uma travesti em camarim
Valesca Popozuda recebeu, após o apresentação que fez no domingo, 22, no Rio de Janeiro, a visita de uma travesti no camarim da boate. Para checar as medidas da dançarina de funk, a fã apertou seu bumbum e seus seios. "Respeito o público GLS e tenho muitos fãs que me recebem com o maior carinho por onde passo", disse Valesca.

Transexual Titica, sensação do kuduro em Angola, é uma das atrações do Viradão Carioca
Oi, oi, oi, Titica, a rainha do kuduro em Angola, brevemente estará entre nós! A transexual, de 24 anos, rebolativa como uma popozuda, se apresentará dia 5 de maio, em Bangu, no Viradão Carioca, promovido pela TV Globo Rio.

Job threat for doctors who refuse sex swaps
Doctors who refuse to carry out sex swap operations will be struck off under new rules by regulatory chiefs.
Doctors 'forced to carry out sex-change ops' under rules meant to 'marginalise Christian medics'

18th-century Painting Appears to Portray Trans Person
The "Chevalier D'Eon," a 18th-century painting of a cross-dressing man, who may have identified as female at one point, recently sold to a British gallery.

Channel 4's 'My Transsexual Summer' cleared by Ofcom
Channel 4's My Transsexual Summer has been cleared by Ofcom after a man shown on the factual series complained that his privacy had been infringed and he had been made to look like he was "disgusted" with transgender people.

Danielle Chénier - CHanger le regard que l’on porte sur les trans
Un vendredi après-midi dans le nouveau quartier près du métro Rosemont, un petit café qui vient d’ouvrir. Danielle arrive à l’heure. Et si elle est prête à parler d’elle, nous commençons à parler de la journée trans du mois de mai et de ce qui se passera.

Presidential elections highlight trans voters’ rights gap
As the dust settles on the first round of the French Presidential election this morning, a sharp warning from France’s National Transgender Association (ANT), that discrimination by the French state means that trans citizens can no longer count on access to that most basic of Human Rights – the right to vote!

International Scientific Congress: Gender Normativity and its Effects on Childhood and Adolescence
24 - 29 septembre 2012 à Luxembourg - September 24th – 29th 2012 in Luxemburg
Congrès scientifique international - International Scientific Congress
The plenary sessions will be held in German, French and English with simultaneous interpreting into these three languages (please check the languages of the workshops).
For further information, please contact Transgender Luxembourg:

Warsaw discusses the needs of legal changes in the Polish gender recognition process
On April 21st, the „Gender under control” conference organized by Trans-Fuzja Foundation, with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation took place in Warsaw. The event was organized under official patronage of the Polish Human Rights Defender, prof. Irena Lipowicz.

Transgender woman in Turkey attacked
A transgender woman was beaten up by seven men outside her home in Istanbul last night
A transgender woman was attacked in the street outside her home in Istanbul last night when she took her dog out for a walk.
Michelle Demishevich told Gay Star News that in the early hours of Monday (today, 23 April) she and her dog were attacked by seven men for about five minutes, while neighbours just watched from their homes.
(Photo: Michelle Demishevich, trans LGBT activist and her dog nina who were attacked last night in Istanbul)

‘Build rehab centers for transgender individuals’
Kuwait should set up rehabilitation centers to treat cases of gender identity disorder, helping prevent cross-dressers and transgendered people from being abused, a parliament member suggested.

Third gender resorting to begging, prostitution
The third gender in Rawalpindi are resorting to begging, and prostitution, after being hard pressed by spiralling inflation, as the people are no longer interested in hiring their services as singers and dancers to add colour to their happy occasions like weddings and circumcision ritual of a newly born boy.

Moscow legislature to approve ban on sex propaganda to kids
The speaker of the Moscow City Duma has promised that the Russian capital will have its own law against propaganda relating to any form of sexual relations with those below the age of consent.
Moscow Wants to Make Anti-Sex Law Federal

Transsexual talent finds the freedom to accept herself
The following is the second part of a two-part story of how Japanese transsexual TV personality Ai Haruna, 39, suffered from and overcame gender identity disorder.
After the operation, Haruna continued to work at the "newhalfs" (transsexuals and male transvestites) club. When she turned 20, opportunities to appear on impersonation TV programs suddenly increased. One day, she was scouted by a Tokyo entertainment agency. She then left her hometown in Osaka Prefecture for Tokyo.

Ensure transgender people's rights
Speakers at a view exchange meeting here yesterday stressed the need for ensuring fundamental rights especially the health, social and legal rights of the transgender people for uplifting their living and livelihood condition.

Malay Network lead 7 NGOs in rally against LGBTs
The Malaysian Malay Network Organisation (JMM) led seven Malay non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in a peaceful rally against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBTs) at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Sports Centre Stadium in Serdang near here, today.
3,000 turn up at anti-gay protest
Thousands scream for hate at anti-LGBT rally in Malaysia

'Ambiga not fit to lead Bersih'
THREAT TO SOCIETY: Her involvement with LGBT disqualifies her
Ambiga Sreenevasan is not fit to lead Bersih because of her alleged involvement in activities related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT), said former Pas deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa.
Ambiga not fit to lead, says senior PAS leader

Homophobic academic center director tells LGBT community to "resist politisation of LGBT issue"
The politicisation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issue should be resisted as it could affect faith of the future generation, said Fiqh Contemporary Studies Centre chairman Nasharudin Mat Isa.

LGBTs observes civil rights march
Complacency would be the word that least describes the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders (LGBT) community in Cebu.

Cebu Anti-Discrimination Ordinance pushed
Cebu City may be the first city in the country to have a policy against the discrimination of minority sectors of the society with the proposed Anti-Discrimination Ordinance.

LGBTI aged care on government agenda
The Australian Government will include LGBTI people as a special needs group under the Aged Care Act, and will allocate $2.5m over the next five years for LGBTI training of the aged care workforce, in an announcement greatly welcomed by the likes of ACON and the National LGBTI Health Alliance.

1re exposition internationale de photographies sur les transsexuel(le)s présentée au Québec
Après avoir été présentée en première à Paris en 2011, l’exposition Trans Égéria sera déployée pour la première fois sur le continent nord-américain cet été à travers différentes villes du Québec. Cette exposition, créée par le curateur Frédéric Fontan à la Reflexgallery de Paris et adaptée par l’ATQ et Frederic Fontan au contexte québécois, rend hommage à plusieurs personnalités trans qui ont marqué l’histoire internationale.

Transgender man fights hysterectomy bill
Jessiah MacDonald says surgery should be covered by provincial medical plan
A transgender man in Nova Scotia has filed a human rights complaint after he was handed a $3,400 bill for a hysterectomy that he claims was medically necessary.
Hysterectomy bill subject of transgender complaint
Transgender man fights hysterectomy bill
Transgender N.S. man files human rights complaint over hysterectomy bill

(Photo: Jessiah MacDonald has filed a human rights complaint arguing he shouldn't have to pay for a hysterectomy.)

Com look 'black power', Cher prestigia filho transexual em premiação LGBT
Cher esteve neste sábado, 21, no prêmio Glaad Media Awards para prestigiar o filho, Chaz Bono. O transexual foi homenageado por seu documentário "Becoming Chaz". Glaad a sigla da organização americana Gays and Lesbians Alliance Against Defamation (Aliança de gays e lésbicas contra a difamação)
Chaz Bono, Josh Hutcherson honored at GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles
Cher makes surprise appearance at GLAAD Awards in LA

[Commentary] Transsexual Advocates To Hold Education Rally Outside GLAAD Awards To Counter GLAAD Appropriating Transsexulism
[Commentary] My Response to Love’s “Transsexual” Rally
Cher Surprises Chaz Bono At GLAAD Media Awards

Obama Endorses Gay-Inclusive Anti-Bullying Bills
President Barack Obama on Friday endorsed two gay-inclusive anti-bullying bills: the Safe Schools Improvement Act (SSIA) and the Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA).
Obama Touts List Of 40 Gay Rights Achievements
Obama releases timeline of ‘three years of progress’ for LGBT Americans

Less than 20 turn out for D.C. ‘worldwide’ LGBT march
Saying they were unwavering in their commitment to LGBT equality, a contingent of 14 LGBT activists and their straight supporters held a rally across the street from the U.S. Capitol early Saturday afternoon as part of a series of Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights marches in the U.S. and abroad.

Gender identity and children who struggle with it
Gender nonconformity is a new term for many of us, but for some families it’s an issue that has gone unrecognized for too long.

Chicago youth break Day of Silence with event downtown
After remaining silent for the entire school day as part of the Day of Silence, an event created by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) sixteen years ago to draw attention to the silence felt by marginalized, harassed, and isolated queer students, Chicago area youth gathered at the Thompson Center to break the silence together.

Spectrum hosts Louisiana Queer Conference
About 135 LGBT college students and allies came to campus Saturday for Spectrum’s second Louisiana Queer Conference.

Cape advocate educates about transgender isues
When Alejandro Marcel moved to Cape Cod two years ago, he had a lot of experience educating people about how to treat transgender people respectfully. But Marcel was caught off-guard at a physician's office when he was turned away at the front desk.

Revés jurídico al segundo asesino de Agnes Torres
El Juzgado Séptimo de Distrito propinó un severo revés a Marco Antonio Berra Spezzia, uno de los cuatro presuntos homicidas de la activista, Agnes Torres, al negarle la suspensión definitiva que pidió dentro de su amparo 522 / 2012, contra las acciones emprendidas por parte de la Procuraduría General de Justicia de Puebla.
Asesino de Agnes Torres pierde amparo

Informe de ILGA incluirá reflexión por asesinatos de Agnes y Zamudio
Por primera vez la Asociación Internacional de Lesbianas y Gays presentará el próximo 17 de mayo su reporte anual sobre homofobia de forma simultánea en distintos países, incluido México.

Miss Gay Nicaragua
La comunidad gay de Matagalpa y Jinotega participará el próximo sábado 28 de abril en el evento de Miss Gay Nicaragua, que se efectuará en la Sala Mayor del Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío.

Protestan en Nicaragua por exclusión de diversidad sexual en Código Familia
Decenas de personas, en su mayoría homosexuales, protestaron hoy a las afueras del parlamento nicaragüense contra el nuevo Código de Familia, cuyo primer capitulo fue aprobado este jueves y que, según los manifestantes, lesiona sus derechos y no reivindica la diversidad sexual ante la ley.
Activistas LGBTI protestan frente al Parlamento nicaragüense por nuevo Código de la Familia

Asesinan transgenerista en Maicao
El asesinato a bala del transgenerista Jairo Antonio Villa Márquez en Maicao, prendió las alarmas entre los miembros de de la comunidad LGTBI en el municipio fronterizo.

Las transgeneristas de Medellín piden igualdad en derechos laborales
Presunta discriminación en selecciones de personal contra esta población quedó en evidencia.

Michelle Valencia, la primera presentadora transgenerista en la historia de la televisión
Es complejo saber donde está él, dónde ella: en la niña soberbia y rutilante de cosmética que enfrenta el verdugo silente de una potente cámara. O en el hombrecito que a fuerza de despedirse a gritos del tren equivocado se ha quedado terco en algunas de sus cuerdas vocales, cuando desperdiga como piedras rodantes sus palabras.

Diversidad sexual e identidad, temas que despertaron interés
Ante medio centenar de personas, Lohana Berkins desarrolló por unas dos horas una interesante charla sobre diversidad sexual e identidad de género. Varias veces interrumpida por aplausos, la travesti reconocida en el país por su lucha por los derechos de las minorías sexuales encantó a los presentes.