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quinta-feira, maio 31, 2012

European Parliament condemns consideration of anti-gay laws
The European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning anti-gay laws in Europe last week, specifically calling on Russia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania as well as Ukraine to address existing and draft legislation and ‘demonstrate, and ensure respect for, the principle of non-discrimination’.

Associação Nacional de travestis e transexuais tem nova presidenta
A Antra- Associação Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais, realizou eleição nesta quarta-feira, 30/05/2012, em Maceió, onde foi eleita Cris Steffany para presidenta e toda diretoria para uma gestão no triênio 2012/2015

Faces Transforming: research on female-to-male transsexuals
As I study the photographic images before me, the boy’s face radiates innocence and boldness. He looks like a bit of an imp. I look at his adult face, and can still see the impishness in his expression. He is middle aged now, balding, with ruddy, coarse skin and beard shadow. This is rather astounding – because this person started out life as female.

Hartford transsexual loses court appeal against harassment conviction
A woman who was ordered to do community service in a graveyard after harrassing her neighbour has had her punishment slashed after complaining the lawnmower she has to push is too heavy.

Xavier Dolan's Transgender Film 'Laurence Anyways' Wins Cannes Gay Prize
Director-writer Xavier Dolan's Laurence Anyways has taken the third annual Queer Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.
Actress Suzanne Clement Honored at Cannes for Performance in Trans Film

Erdoğan shown to have rooted for LGBT rights
Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been taped supporting LGBT rights in the past, but his ruling party is now against recognizing sexual orientation and gender identity

Irã deixa de pagar operações de redefinição sexual
Transexuais se submetem à operação para evitar perseguição, pois homossexualidade é duramente reprimida no país.
Irã deixa de pagar operações de mudança de sexo

A first for the third gender
A former transvestite beauty queen has made Thai political history in local elections in Nan
Thai transgender politician vows to fight for rights of all

WATCH: Transgender muslims
A new documentary explores gender nonconformity in Indonesia

Transgender prostitute awarded $46,000 after sex attack
A former transgender sex worker who was raped by a client has been awarded more than $40,000 criminal injuries compensation.
The woman, who can not be identified, was attacked by a man who she agreed to meet for sex at a Perth hotel in June 2007.

Still in search of an apology
A human rights complaint by a transgendered woman in Fort Smith has been referred for a public hearing.
Gabrielle Landrie, who filed the complaint against Thebacha MLA and territorial cabinet minister Michael Miltenberger, welcomes the matter moving to a hearing.
"My reaction is hopefully, possibly I might get my apology," Landrie said. "That's what I'm looking for."

Shaw Media retracts suggestion it will air transgender reality show
Shaw Media retracts suggestion it will air transgender reality show
Shaw Media is stepping back from comments suggesting it plans to air a reality show about transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova.

[USA] [Comentary]
Obama admin. says anatomically male studeny has right to use women's restrooms
The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith recently changed its restroom policies after Jennifer Braly, a transgender student, filed a complaint with the Department of Justice.

Trans Against Me! lead singer relieved by fans' cheers
Laura Jane Grace, who shot to fame as Tom Gabel, makes San Diego debut
Lead singer of Against Me! cheered at first performance since revealing she is trans

Anti-gay groups collect signatures to force vote on discrimination ordinance
Opponents of a new city ordinance that would expand the civil rights protections to include its LGBT citizens, said Tuesday they had collected enough signatures of registered voters to force the city council to either repeal the measure or place it on the November ballot for a city-wide referendum.
Petition to Stop Gay Rights Ordinance Meets Deadline; Court Fight in the Works?
Fairness Ordinance opponents turn in signatures
Opponents to 'fairness ordinance' hand in 10,000 signatures
Future unclear on Lincoln gay bias law

Candy Darling’s ‘Drawings and Musings’ For Sale
Tomorrow evening, the Clayton Patterson Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum on the Lower East Side will open the exhibition “Candy Darling: Drawings & Musings 1969/1972.” The show features works by Candy Darling, the late transgender artist and muse of Andy Warhol, Lou Reed and Salvador Dalì. The show will consist of 17 drawings along with photographs and a large painting from Darling’s estate, the only one she ever created.

Osage Transgender Running for Osage Congress Shares Her Story
Jozi Tall Chief is making history as the first admitted intersex/transgender to run for a seat in the Osage Nation government.
“I am the first intersex/transgender candidate in our tribe and I am making history by not only drawing attention to our tribe and issues,” said Tall Chief, “But we are enlightening our people to the old tradition, which we call today ‘Two-Spirit.’”

Más irregularidades en caso de transexual
El ex director de la División de Drogas de San Juan teniente Luis D. Flores le habría solicitado al subdirector de la División, el teniente II Jaime Colón, que omitiera información sobre la autorización que le otorgaron él y el comandante Pedro Sánchez, en el informe PPR-65, para efectuar una intervención en el apartamento de la transexual Ivana Fred Millán, ocurrido el 15 de mayo en el condominio Bahía de Santurce. Fred Millán alegó que fue víctima de un allanamiento ilegal.

Gender-Neutral Housing To Be Offered At Uw
UW students will have the option to live in gender-neutral housing in three campus residence halls beginning next fall, the culmination of years of effort from student leaders from all corners of the UW campus.

Mariela Castro rechaza disculpas a homosexuales
La hija del gobernante cubano Raúl Castro eludió el planteo de disculparse con la comunidad homosexual por las décadas de persecución, diciendo que sería “un ejercicio de hipocresía”
Hija de Raúl Castro afirma en Nueva York ser una "revolucionaria disidente"

March Against Homophobia Celebrates New Outlook in Cuba
"This discussion has changed my mind about homosexuality. Now I understand what my Lesbian friend went through. When she graduated from medical school in Cuba, she cried. She told me that she could live her life the way she wanted to when she was in Cuba. But now she would return to Honduras as a doctor and would have to hide her lifestyle, hide who she is."

Transgender in Guatemala: violence, police harassment and impunity
The transgender community in Guatemala, along with the stigma and discrimination associated with their gender identity, are facing murders, violence in all its many forms, forced disappearances and even extrajudicial executions.

quarta-feira, maio 30, 2012

"Não posso sair incentivando ninguém a fazer essa cirurgia", diz Lea T sobre mudança de sexo
Lea T. está passando uma temporada no Brasil. A modelo voltou ao país dois meses depois de realizar a cirurgia de mudança de sexo na Tailândia. Nesse período a jovem se recuperou na sua casa na Itália ao lado da família.

Schincariol se manifesta sobre comercial com travesti
Schincariol se defende e diz que não quis discriminar travestis em novo comercial

Carioca de Nova Iguaçu sonha com vaga de dançarina transexual de Valesca Popozuda
A carioca Marcelly Morena, de 26 anos, quer o título de dançarina transexual de Valesca Popozuda. Moradora de Nova Iguaçu, ela é produtora de funk e diz que vai jogar com todas as armas para realizar o sonho de dançar ao lado de seu ídolo.

Para Record, transexual feminina Léo Áquila é homem
Não é perseguição religiosa, mas o fato é gritante. A Rede Record, ligada intimamente à Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus, comete uma grave falta de respeito com a diversidade de identidade de gênero.

Beauty who beat hundreds of women to final of modelling competition revealed to be a man
Angkookrat Warangnam beat hundreds of women to make it into the final of a modelling competition - and then shocked organisers by revealing she was a man.
Thai lady boy Angkookrat, known as Toon, was one of 200 'women' to enter the Brighton's Next Hot Model contest.
Shy Toon sailed through the preliminary rounds, wowing judges with her deep brown eyes, long dark hair and slimline figure.
After being given the green light by every member of the panel, the Lady Boys of Bangkok star, 26, revealed that she was born a man.
'It didn’t cross our minds she was a man': Ladyboy wins second place in girls' modelling contest
Thai boy judged second best girl in model contest
Brighton Hot Model finalist is a Lady Boy

Petition urges Ukraine president to stop anti-gay gag law
Generation will be 'forced into the shadows' if anti-gay 'propaganda' law is passed

Gay activists detained in thwarted Moscow pride
Police detained dozens of people in Moscow on Sunday after Russian Orthodox Church activists broke up two gay rights protests

Robert Mugabe appointed as UN international envoy for tourism
The Zimbabwe president, accused of ethnic cleansing and bankrupting his country, asked to champion tourism

Thai Transgender Activist Wins Provincial Election
Yollada “Nok” Suanyot has won election as the top financial officer in Thailand’s Nan province, making her the nation’s highest-ranking transgender politician.
Thai transgender wins provincial administration seat
Trans woman wins historic seat in Thailand
Transgender wins PAO seat
Thai Transgender Wins Election for Provincial Council
Transgender politician vows to fight for rights of all

[USA] [Commentary]
Victoria Carmen White Didn't Deserve To Die
There's a pair of disturbing memes I hear in these trans murder cases like the recently concluded Alrashim Chambers one far too often that deserve to be called out and eviscerated.

SF LGBT film festival offers a varied, excellent program
This year's San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival looks more exciting than ever. The festival starts in just over two weeks but tickets are on sale now for Frameline members and June 1 for the general public.

Frameline36: Transgender Films

Transgender Against Me! Singer Does First Post-Coming Out Show
Laura Jane Grace, once known as Tom Gabel, was received well by a San Diego crowd.

[PA, USA] [Commentary]
Philadelphia in vanguard of transgender tolerance
When the possibility of prohibiting discrimination against transgender people comes up, opponents often raise concerns about bathroom usage, of all things: "What about the men’s and ladies’ rooms?" It seems like a frivolous basis for denying an entire group of citizens their civil rights, but all too often, that’s the tenor of discussions about legal protections for transgender individuals. It places little stock in our ability to assimilate, sympathize with, and simply deal with people whose experience of the world does not match our own.

Kate del Castillo se transforma en transgenerista
Con un amenazador aspecto, la actriz mexicana personifica a una prisionera "matona" y transgénero en la película "K-11".

Todavía existe una fuerte homofobia en Tucumán
En las provincias argentinas se observa una realidad muy diferente a la de Buenos Aires, de acuerdo con un informe que evalúa la situación en el NOA.

terça-feira, maio 29, 2012

Comunicado GTP sobre Lei de Identidade de Género da Argentina

O Grupo Transexual Portugal felicita a Argentina e todos os activistas trans e aliados que, por meio de uma dura luta asseguraram que o seu país tenha hoje a mais progressiva lei de identidade de género do mundo.

A lei argentina é baseada na autodeterminação e providencia um total reconhecimento da identidade de género auto percebida de cada indivíduo. Com esta lei, as pessoas trans deixam de necessitar provar a submissão a procedimentos cirúrgicos, terapias hormonais e relatórios médicos que diagnosticam uma doença mental para verem reconhecido o seu género real, aquele com que se identificam.

Ao mesmo tempo garante a qualquer pessoa trans o direito de se submeter a qualquer tipo de intervenção médica (cirúrgica ou endocrinológica) pelo serviço de saúde argentino, de sua livre vontade, e garante que o serviço de saúde garantirá esses procedimentos.

Esta lei é considerada muito justamente como a mais avançada do mundo por não ter requisitos médicos associados, nem cirurgias nem tratamentos hormonais nem diagnósticos, sendo por estes motivos única no mundo, encontrando-se a anos luz de outras leis existentes, como a portuguesa.

A 24 de Maio deste mês a presidente argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner promulgou a Lei de Identidade de Género. Esta lei passou pelo senado argentino sem um único voto contra, entrando em vigor a 4 de Junho.

A lei portuguesa unicamente permite o reconhecimento da identidade de género de uma pessoa mediante um diagnóstico de doença mental (transtorno de identidade de género/transexualidade).

Para a obtenção do referido diagnóstico, uma pessoa trans tem de suportar inúmeras consultas com psiquiatras e psicólogos que “avaliam” cada caso de acordo com os seus próprios preconceitos em vez de se guiarem pelos standards internacionais como os da World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Muitos falsamente associam a identidade de género de cada pessoa à vontade de submissão a cirurgias, com afirmações preconceituosas de que “só é transexual quem se quer operar”, por exemplo, ou outras similares.

Estas avaliações são feitas num total desrespeito pelos standards of care já referenciados, bem como no desrespeito pelo DSM-IV da American Psichiatric Association e do ICD-10 emitidp pela Organização Mundial de Saúde. Todos revelam a falsidade deste tipo de argumentos.

A Lei de Identidade de Género argentina aparece assim como uma pedrada no charco, provando também que a despatologização da transexualidade não implica a perda do direito a tratamentos e cirurgias fornecidos pelo serviço nacional de saúde, como muitos médicos ameaçam as pessoas transexuais para que estas não apoiem as campanhas de despatologização e continuem a desejar serem consideradas como doentes mentais.

Os media contribuem para este status quo, ao associarem quase sempre as pessoas transexuais a procedimentos cirúrgicos. O facto da aprovação desta lei, um dos mais importantes acontecimentos do ano no referente às pessoas trans, ter sido ignorado na quase totalidade dos media, nomeadamente nos media dirigidos a uma população LGBT é bem revelador da posição retrógada e anti trans em que os mesmos se posicionam.

Parabéns Argentina
Parabéns comunidade trans argentina

que este exemplo depressa se espalhe pelo mundo inteiro.

Pelo Grupo Transexual Portugal,

Eduarda Santos e Lara Crespo

ABGLT denuncia discriminação contra travestis em comercial de cerveja
Militância afirma que nova propaganda da Schin discrimina travestis e pede imediata suspensão da TV
Nova Schin é acusada de homofobia e retira do ar comercial de travesti

CRT de São Paulo realiza videoconferência sobre preconceito
Campanha sobre preconceito contra travestis tem videoconferência nesta segunda

Miss Brasil Gay 2012 é cancelado por falta de apoio privado
Triste notícia. A organização do Miss Brasil Gay comunicou que a 36ª edição do evento foi cancelada por falta de recursos. O evento estava previsto para ocorrer em 18 de agosto em Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais.

Mais de 300 transexuais querem ser dançarinas de Valesca Popozuda
A dançarina Valesca Popozuda quer transexuais (e travestis?) para sua Gaiola das Popozudas! Foi dada a oportunidade de brilhar e mais de 300 trans já se inscreveram, de acordo com o site MixBrasil.

Quebec actress captures Cannes prize
Canadian Suzanne Clément has been awarded the Best Actress prize in the Cannes Film Festival's sidebar competition, Un Certain Regard.
The Quebec actress claimed the prize for her role in Xavier Dolan's cross-dressing drama Laurence Anyways.

Transgender woman wins provincial election for the first time
A transgender who ran for a local political position in Nan province on Monday became the first transgender to win a seat.
Yonlada or Nok, whose real name is Kirkkong Suanyos, received 3,808 votes while her rival candidate; Pawat Settayawong got 3,659 votes.
Thailand: election victory for transgender star

NY comptroller pushes transgender corporate rights
Texas-based oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. stockholders will vote Wednesday on a proposed company policy to ban discrimination against gay or transgender workers, a shareholder resolution pushed by New York Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

Parents of transgender children are faced with a difficult decision, and it’s one they have to make sooner than they ever imagined.

Defendant in Maplewood Transgender Murder Acquitted
Alrashim Chambers, the defendant in the 2010 murder of transgender model Victoria Carmen White, was found not guilty of murder, bias intimidation and two weapons charges by a jury in Essex County on Friday.

Transgender issues and restroom access
Safe Zone and Triangle Alliance members ignited conversations about discrimination against transgender people and the use of public restrooms due to a campus incident in March, which uncovered the lack of awareness and knowledge about transgender people on campus.

La historia del dirigente pingüino ariqueño que anunció por Facebook su nueva condición sexual
Manuel Fernández (21), reconocido dirigente secundario tras el movimiento estudiantil 2006, contó cómo fue la reacción de la sociedad de Arica desde que decidió asumir una identidad femenina y comenzar a vivir como Scarleth.

Reflexiones en torno al protocolo de atención a personas trans
Recientemente Chile se enteró de la noticia de que las cirugías de reasignación sexual para personas trans serán incluidas en las prestaciones del sistema público de salud. Durante años, diversas organizaciones como MUMS, GAHT, OTD, MOVILH, entre otras, desde su particular área de acción, han estado batallando para que eso ocurriera.

Buscan inclusión social para comunidad LGBT
Desde la Gerencia de Empleo se están implementando nuevas políticas de inclusión, a partir de la aprobación de la Ley de Identidad de Género, es por ello que Nuevo Diario, LV11 y FM 88.1 acercan la visión de Luisa Bravo, miembro de esta institución, quien se refirió a la realidad de esta comunidad en la provincia y los proyectos a futuro.

Trabajo conjunto para garantizar la identidad de género en la Provincia
El subsecretario de Gabinete provincial Juan Pablo Alvarez Echague se reunió con representantes de organizaciones que agrupan a la comunidad homosexual y transexual argentina

segunda-feira, maio 28, 2012

Nomi Ruiz, a transgénero que promete incendiar o próximo Arraial Pride
Nascida e criada em Brooklyn, Nomi Ruiz tornou-se famosa aos 21 anos quando ingressou o projecto Hercules and the Love Affair, participando nos temas “You Belong”, Hercules Theme" e "I'm Telling You", sendo uma das vozes mais marcantes do movimento “nu disco” que explodiu no final da década passada.

Denuncian el "extremismo homosexual" en el Congreso Mundial de Familias
La organización estadounidense Alliance Defence Fund (ADF) asegura que el "programa homosexual" trata de "destruir la vida"
La ‘caverna’, el PP y la Iglesia se reúnen para mandar a la mujer al hogar y a los gays al psiquiátrico

Nepal to Allow 'Other' Gender on Official IDs
The government of Nepal announced this week that it will allow citizens to choose “other” as the gender option, rather than male or female, on official ID cards.

Campaign to give social identity to transgenders
Transgenders will take out a rally in the town next month.
This is an initiative by 'Lasyakairali Pehchan,' an NGO working among transgenders and homosexuals.
The aim behind the rally is to make these people acceptable in society.

Arkansas university changes restroom policy for transgender students
An Arkansas university has changed its restroom policies after a transgender student filed a complaint with the U.S Department of Justice.

Against Me!'s Tom Gabel Makes Live Debut as Laura Jane Grace in San Diego
'I was worried people expected me to come out looking like Little Bo Peep,' says singer

Mayor delivers remarks at D.C. Black Pride kick off
Mayor Vincent Gray and D.C. Congressional Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton were among those who attended D.C. Black Pride’s opening reception at the Hyatt Regency near Union Station on Friday night.
“If you are a lesbian, bisexual, if you are transgender, you have a place in the District of Columbia,” said Gray. “I’m proud to be the mayor of a city that has that kind of mentality. I’m proud to come here tonight. I’m proud to be with you and I’m proud to be a part of a city that will stand up for the right thing.”

Newark Man Acquitted in Murder of Transgender Model
Alrashim Chambers was acquitted Friday of the murder of transgender model Victoria Carmen White.
New Jersey man found ‘not guilty’ in fatal shooting of transgender woman
[Commentary] Nobody Did It

“Yo lo que quiero es que se resuelva”
Los cambios en la División de Drogas en San Juan fueron acogidos con beneplácito por dos de las personas que denunciaron irregularidades en las operaciones de esta unidad.
(Foto: Ivana Fred Millán, una transexual, denunció que más de una decena de agentes le allanaron el apartamento sin orden judicial y le robaron $2,200 en efectivo.)

ExMissUniverso mexicana prefiere no opinar sobre transexual
Sobre la participación de la transexual Jenna Talackova, de 23 años, en el concurso de Miss Universo Canadá, Ximena Navarrete prefiere mantenerse al margen porque tiene sentimientos encontrados.

Mariela, la segunda revolución Castro
La hija del actual presidente cubano es una activista por los derechos del colectivo LGTB
Irrita por igual al sector más cavernario de los exiliados y al más talibán del partido comunista
En una polémica visita a EE UU criticó el jueves a la "mafia" de Miami y felicitó a Obama

Un alumno transexual ya estudia en colegio militar
La Defensoría del Pueblo del Guayas y la Dirección Provincial de Educación ratifican los preceptos constitucionales que garantizan la no discriminación.
Tania Cruz es la primera trans femenina del Ecuador que se atreve a reclamar sus derechos constitucionales para regresar al colegio -que abandonó en primer curso, cuando iniciaba su proceso de cambio de género- y, finalmente, después de recibir la asesoría legal de dos instituciones públicas, logra vestir la falda plisada con blusa blanca de botones que la institución militar reserva para los cuerpos femeninos.

Desconocidos atacan a concursante de Miss Gay Nicaragua 2012
"Nathaly Dickson Flasher", concursante de Miss Gay Nicaragua 2012, fue herido de un impacto de bala cerca del corazón por parte de desconocidos en una céntrica avenida de Managua, informó hoy la prensa local.
Atacan a concursante de Miss Gay Nicaragua 2012
Miss Gay 2012, el reinado que promueve los derechos homosexuales

Organización de Transexuales OTD, Solicitan Capacitación a Funcionarios de los Centros de Salud
El Director del Servicio de Salud O´Higgins, Dr. Cristián Gabella, la Subdirectora Médica del organismo, Dra. María Angélica Moreno, y el Director del Hospital Regional Rancagua, Dr. Francisco Daniels, se reunieron con los representantes de la Organización de Transexuales por la Dignidad de la Diversidad, para escuchar y acoger las peticiones del grupo en torno al acceso a la salud.

Ante el anuncio del señor Ministro de Salud, el día jueves 24 de mayo de 2012, sobre que las operaciones de readecuación genital y otras prestaciones de salud que requerimos las personas trans, serán cubiertas por el Fondo Nacional de Salud (FONASA) y luego de esperar más de 7 meses a que entren en vigencia efectiva las políticas públicas que anunció en septiembre del 2011, no podemos dejar de manifestar nuestra incredulidad a que esto se concrete realmente y no por ánimos de desmerecer la destinación de fondos específicos para las intervenciones de personas transexuales, lo cual es algo muy bueno, sino porque un Ministro que no ha sido capaz de responder siquiera una carta a esas mismas personas transexuales que dice querer ayudar, aunque sea validando que padecemos de un trastorno mental y de una “identidad sexual que podemos sanar y recuperar”, como si algún día la hubiésemos perdido o se nos hubiera atrofiado, no puede tener nuestra confianza.

=Iguales cuestiona política para transexuales del Minsal
Este jueves el ministro de Salud, Jaime Mañalich, anunció junto al Movilh la nueva política sanitaria para las personas transexuales. Entre ellas, la ampliación del paquete de atenciones de Fonasa y el pago de las operaciones de cambio de sexo. ‘‘Esto es muy importante para las personas que requieren recuperar su verdadera identidad’‘, señaló el secretario de Estado. Sin embargo, en opinión de la Fundación =Iguales, tal objetivo se cumplirá una vez que se reconozca la identidad de género.

Argentina Leads World with Ground-breaking Gender Identity Law
On 24th May Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner signed the Gender Identity Bill into law. This law was unanimously passed by the Argentinian Senate earlier this month and will come into effect on the 4th of June.
The Argentinian Law is based on self-determination and provides full recognition of self-defined gender identity. Transgender people in Argentina will not need to prove they have had surgical procedures, hormonal therapy or other psychological treatment such as a diagnosis of a mental illness. This law clearly separates a legal right from medical interventions.

Un “tercer baño” que no figuraba en los planos
Polémica en Salta. Un boliche de la ciudad de Orán sumó un sanitario exclusivo para gay y trans. El dueño dijo que lo hizo a pedido de los clientes.

La diversidad sexual y la identidad de género como un derecho humano
Escrito por un médico psiquiatra y sexólogo y una periodista, "Cuerpxs equivocadxs" se orienta hacia la comprensión de la transexualidad como una manifestación más de la rica y multifacética diversidad humana.

domingo, maio 27, 2012

[UK] [Commentary]
Radical feminists are acting like a cult
The banning of trans people from RadFem2012 is just one of the disturbing aspects of this monolithic conference
[Commentary] Ovaries Before Brovaries
[Commentary] Sex Segregation and Hypocrisy in the Transgender Community
[Commentary] Equality for... Me and my friend only
[Commentary] A BIT OF CONTEXT

Gays still second class in new Moldova equality law
Moldovan Parliament’s new law on ensuring equality has prompted mixed reactions

Transgender diva seeks political office
Consider Yollada “Nok” Suanyot among the more unique challenges for campaign strategists. After all, the public is seldom presented with a male-born political candidate who was famously arrested as a teen for using a fake ID to enter — and win — women’s beauty pageants.
(Photo: Yollada “Nok” Suanyot at a press conference. She released this picture of herself on Hi5, a social media network popular in Asia.)

Tales of the Waria: Inside Indonesia's Third-Gender Community
This past March the Associated Press broke an unexpected story concerning Barack Obama's childhood in Indonesia. Apparently, as a young boy growing up in Jakarta, Obama's care had been entrusted to a transgender woman named Evie. American readers were shocked. What were the chances of the president having a transgender nanny -- and in Indonesia, of all places? Having worked closely with the transgender community in Indonesia for the past several years, I can say: actually, not that bad.

Strong woman: Surgery leads to ‘rebirth’
Shandi Strong prefers to focus on everything she has gained — not lost.
Though no one would blame her if she did dwell, since the list of what she lost is long: her marriage, her children and her job.
But what has she gained?
For Strong, that can be summed up with one word: rebirth.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Miss Universe and the politics of transgender beauty
Miss Universe: A laudable honorific. Mistress of not just our lowly solar system, but intergalactically so, outranking even Miss Whirlpool Galaxy and Miss Omega Centurai. Reigning over the totality of matter and energy, Miss Universe reaches across the darkness to gather stars for her astronomical tiara.

[USA] [Commentary]
Can Children Know, At Age 2, They Were Born The 'Wrong Sex'?
Kathryn's Dad thought she was going through a tomboy phase. Kathryn's Mom suspected it might be something more. From the age of two onwards, Kathryn herself was utterly certain: "I am a boy," the child insisted.

[USA] [Commentary]
Peter LaBarbera Pledges to Forever Fight the 'Hydra-Headed Monster of the Homosexual/Transsexual Lobby'
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality president Peter LaBarbera is chairing a panel at the World Congress of Families in Madrid, Spain, where he is warning members that the United States has become a “force for immorality, abortion and perversion” and is empowering the “hydra-headed monster of the Homosexual/Transsexual Lobby” through television shows like Glee. He even retold a story of a man who “said good-bye to the homosexual ‘deathstyle’” and became “miraculously free of AIDS” but lamented that others will be swept up by the “barrage of pro-homosexual propaganda emanating from Hollywood and the media”:

Victory for Transgender Woman at University of Arkansas
After the Department of Justice applied pressure, the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith will now allow a transgender woman to use women's restrooms.
Victory for transgender students over Arkansas University toilet facilities
Student Successfully Changes Transgender Policy at University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
U.S. Dept. of Justice Tells Ark. University to Allow Transwoman to Use Bathroom
DOJ denies requiring male entry to female bathroom

Man Admitted to Hospital for Kidney Stone, Discovers He’s a Woman
A Colorado man who was admitted to the hospital for a kidney stone received surprising news when the nurse came back with test results revealing he was actually a woman.
Denver photographer Steve Crecelius said he’s felt a little different all his life.

D.C. cop charged with shooting at trans women denied release
An off-duty D.C. police officer who was arrested last August for allegedly firing his service revolver into a car in which three transgender women and two male friends were seated was ordered held in jail on Thursday while he awaits trial.

Ready, set, DRAG!
If you’re a NASCAR fan, this may not be the drag race you were looking for, but, oh what fun it was! Teams of four gathered at Hartigan’s Irish Pub to take part in the 3rd Annual Queen City Drag Race on May 12. The event is an annual fundraiser that benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as well as other charities selected by the contestants.
Drag resurrected
Drag, not just for queens anymore

[Commentary] Is drag still a relevant and vital part of the LGBT community?

Accused killer tells court he had no idea victim was transgender N.J. woman
A 25-year-old man on trial for murder and bias intimidation testified today that when Victoria Carmen White was killed, he had no idea she was a transgender female and had no reason to harm her.
Newark man found not guilty in killing of Maplewood transgender woman
Call To Action: Racial Justice Groups Should Denounce The ‘Not Guilty’ Ruling of African American Woman Victoria White’s Murderer

[Commentary] Alrashim Chambers Trial-WTF? Chambers Acquitted

EEOC Investigation involving transgender Oklahoman
One Oklahoman believes she was discriminated against because of her sexuality and was fired when people found out she was really a man.
“Other people judge me before they even know me,” Shartell said.
At first Shartell did not want to show her face on camera.
She’s a man who looks and lives like a woman and says when people at work found out she was a man, she lost her job.
Now, she is revealing who she is and her story.

11th annual trans conference grows in scope and size
The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference returns next week with a broad spectrum of offerings for personal and community exploration.
The 11th annual PTHC will run May 31-June 2 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, with more than 200 panel discussions and workshops.

New regs seek to combat prison rape
The U.S. Department of Justice last week issued regulations to strengthen the implementation of a law that seeks to alleviate sexual victimization in the nation’s prisons.

El Gobierno Nacional promulgó la Ley de Identidad de Género
El Gobierno promulgó, mediante un decreto, la Ley de Identidad de Género. La norma establece que toda persona “tiene derecho al reconocimiento de su identidad de género tal como la siente”, corresponda o no con “el sexo asignado al nacer”.

sábado, maio 26, 2012

Valesca Popozuda quer dançarinas trans no palco
Valesca Popozuda já recebeu cerca de 300 inscrições de dançarinas transexuais

Rio recebe sessão de cinema sobre travestis e transexuais
Trans que quebraram o preconceito e venceram na vida são tema do CinelcubeLGBT

Drag queen reclama de homofobia no Fashion Rio
'Eu só queria ir ao banheiro", disse Núbia Pinheiro, que foi impedida de entrar no toilette feminino do evento.
A drag queen Núbia Pinheiro, 32 anos, reclamou ter passado por um episódio de homofobia nesta quinta-feira, 24, em um dos banheiros do Fashion Rio, no Jóckey Club, na Gávea, bairro da Zona Sul carioca. Impedida pela segurança de utilizar o toilette feminino, ela comentou:

Foro de la "Familia": Un foro ultraconservador llama al regreso de la mujer al hogar
Rearme ideológico, con ingredientes de moral, religión y ultraconservadurismo, frente a los tiempos que corren. “Autenticidad de la mujer: redescubriendo la vida en el hogar”, “soluciones al comportamiento homosexual”, “cómo mantener a la familia unida: soluciones prácticas”, “contra la ideología de género” o “ataques a la familia” —traducido al inglés como “el lobby homosexual”—. Son algunos de los temas, junto con “el doloroso drama del aborto” o “el coste social de la pornografía”, que abordará desde este viernes hasta el domingo en Madrid el Congreso Mundial de Familias (CMC) en su sexta edición. La organización ultraconservadora que lleva el mismo nombre, nacida en 1997 en EEUU, desembarca en España de la mano de Hazteoir, una asociación contraria al aborto y el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo.
Recetas ultraconservadoras para prevenir "los ataques a la familia"
Foro de la "Familia": El obispo de Alcalá de Henares arremete contra “la ideología de género”
Foro de la "Familia: Reig Plá y los nuevos ataques a la familia: ideología de género, feminismo radical y matrimonios gais con hijos

We welcome today’s ruling of the Budapest Metropolitan Court, which annuls the banning order against the Budapest Pride march issued by the Budapest Police last week. However, as the Court could not examine the fact that the police clearly violated its equal treatment obligations, we are taking further legal action with the help of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee.

Intolerant Eurovision Host: Gays Face Rampant Homophobia in Azerbaijan
The Eurovision Song Contest has a massive gay following. But homophobia is rife in this year's host country, Azerbaijan, where gays and lesbians have to keep a low profile and fear violent attacks. Even so, locals say that gay Eurovision fans traveling to Baku needn't fear for their safety -- because the regime doesn't want any trouble.

Mixed reactions to adoption of Moldova’s anti-discrimination law
The Moldovan Parliament adopted earlier today a Law on Ensuring Equality. While the adoption of an anti-discrimination legislation is a positive measure, ILGA-Europe is concerned that the ground of sexual orientation is not explicitly mentioned in the list of grounds of discrimination covered by the law, except in relation to discrimination in the workplace.

Mugabe and Pillay clash on gay rights
President Robert Mugabe on Thursday clashed with visiting United Nations rights chief after the veteran leader denounced gays and lesbians while the UN boss said countries must stop “criminalising homosexuals and sex work.”

Identity for sexual minority in citizenship card
At long last, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community will receive recognition as ‘others’ in the sexual identity option in their citizenship certificate.
Third gender finally recognized in Nepal

Karnataka: Transgender eyes assembly polls
Member of Praja Rajakiya Vedike (PRV), a political forum for the upliftment of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, will contest in Assembly elections next year.

Manitoba's Human Rights Code to protect transgender and socially disadvantaged
Justice Minister Andrew Swan introduced a bill on May 23 that will protect Manitobans who are transgender, homeless, unemployed, or undereducated.

ExxonMobil: Evolve already on LGBT workplace protections
The Dallas Morning News on Thursday weighed in on ExxonMobil’s 13-year refusal to add workplace protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

State Department Reports Detail Status of LGBT Human Rights Abroad
This morning, the State Department released its 2011 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, documenting the status of human rights in countries around the globe. Consistent with the Department’s commitment to promoting LGBT human rights under Secretary Hillary Clinton’s leadership, this year’s reports again highlight both the significant challenges faced by LGBT people, and the signs of important progress, around the world.

The Transgender Athlete
Playing fields have long been segregated on the basis of sex. But what happens to the athletes whose physiology doesn't match their gender identity? Against whom do they compete? What obstacles do they face? And how are they being treated by sports' governing bodies?
An Olympic Trial: Dealing With Transgender Athletes

[USA] [Commentary]
Transgender Regretters Seeking $1 Million to $5 Million in Malpractice Compensation
Transgenders who were misdiagnosed and unnecessarily underwent the radical genital surgery should be in line for huge financial compensation.

University offers transgender student access to ladies' room after DOJ letter
The ladies' room at an Arkansas university is now open to female-identifying transgender students -- and one report says the university's students have the Justice Department to thank.
Who has a civil right to use female bathrooms?
Who has a civil right to use female bathrooms?
Transgender Student Contacts Justice Department about UAFS Restroom Policy
Restroom Choice

[Commentary] Thanks DOJ: Women Forced to Allow Men into Restrooms at University
[Commentary] Believe it or not: Justice Dept. orders university to allow a man to use the womens' restrooms on campus

First married pregnant man gets sole custody of children
Thomas Beatie, the world's first married pregnant man, is getting global attention once again.
A Phoenix court granted Beatie sole custody of his three children on Thursday, a big step for Arizona, according to David Michael Cantor of the Cantor Law Group.

SF Dems call on DOJ to investigate McDonald case
San Francisco’s Democratic Party has adopted a resolution urging the U.S. Justice Department to review the case of Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, 23, a Minneapolis transgender woman imprisoned for what supporters call an act of self-defense.

Mariela Castro in San Francisco: Cuba moving toward LGBT equality
In remarks greeted with vigorous, repeated applause, Mariela Castro Espin, director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education, told a standing-room-only crowd here of the progress Cuba has made toward equal rights for its LGBT community, and the great amount of work that lies ahead to win full equality.

Release, Change of Bond Denied for Furr
Off-duty MPD officer accused of shooting at transgender women denied bail as he awaits October trial

Crime Stoppers offering reward in transgender man's murder
Crime Stoppers of Michigan is offering a $2,500 reward to the person who helps police catch the killer of a 35-year-old man.
Norman Williams was the victim. His family describes Williams as a transgendered woman.
Williams was shot dead in or near a car on April 3 on Parkhurst near Woodward in Detroit, an area known for cross-dressing prostitutes.

Petition organizers say they have enough signatures to put gay rights ordinance to vote
Organizers of a petition drive to allow Lincoln voters to decide on a gay rights ordinance say they’ve already collected more than 5,000 signatures — more than twice the number needed — with more signatures coming in.
Petition leaders should have enough signatures to get issue on the ballot
Petition to force vote on anti-bias ordinance
Fairness Ordinance petition language issue

Group supporting 'gender-free kids' sees growing support
From an early age, we are told blue is for boys, pink is for girls and so on.
But what if the interests your child shows don't fit those stereotypes?
In Tacoma, Wash., Morgan, age 7, likes to play with toy robots. And a makeup kit.
He also paints his nails - and wears a leather vest. At the same time.

Suspendidos teniente y dos sargentos por lío con allanamiento a hogar de transexual
Un teniente y dos sargentos adscritos a la División de Drogas de San Juan fueron desarmados y suspendidos sumariamente de empleo y sueldo, producto de la investigación administrativa que inició el miércoles el Negociado de Asuntos Internos, con relación al allanamiento ilegal efectuado en el apartamento de la transexual Ivana Fred Millán, del condominio Bahía, en Santurce.
Suspenden a teniente y a sargentos de la División de Drogas de San Juan por caso de transexual Ivana Fred
Ivana Fred Millán está tranquila al saber que desarmaron a policías

School agrees to allow cross dressing senior to attend graduation in girls’ attire
A graduating senior from Waller High School will walk across the stage with his classmates after all.
For a few days, Brandon Navarro, who is openly gay, expected to skip commencement because of the way he chooses to dress.
“I honestly consider myself more of a cross dresser,” said Navarro. “There are kids at my school and they are gay, but they keep it under wraps.”

Las organizaciones sociales y sindicales, nacionales, del Centro y Sur de América que participamos en este III Congreso de Mujeres Trabajadoras de Guatemala, “El poder que nos mueve, nos permite que sigamos adelante”, ya somos más del 51% de la fuerza laboral en la economía mundial; somos mujeres comprometidas en contribuir al sostenimiento de nuestras familias, recurriendo a la necesidad de prestar nuestra fuerza laboral y someternos a toda clase de violaciones a nuestros derechos humanos y laborales.

17 mujeres transexuales han sido asesinadas durante lo que va del 2012 en Guatemala
Johana Ramírez, de la Organización Trans Reinas de la Noche (Otrans), denuncia que cada año son asesinadas alrededor de 40 mujerestrans, y sólo en este año han muerto 17.

El acceso a la información es un derecho, y a una información completa, clara y sin letra chica, asi ha quedado demostrado en el Amparo que ha acogido el Consejo para la Transparencia, quien ante los antecedentes entregados por Michel Riquelme Norambuena, Coordinador de Zona Norte de la Organización de Transexuales por la Dignidad de la Diversidad, le dió la razón en que el Ministerio de Salud, no cumplio con la Ley de Transparencia y ademas la información entregada al requirente fue deficitaria, por ende obliga al Subsecretario de Salud a responder lo siguiente:

Chile to cover sex change operations
Chile will soon cover sex change surgeries under its public health plan in order to allow citizens of limited means to “recover their true sexual identity,” Health Minister Jaime Manalich said.
Chile to Foot the Bill for Sex Change Operations

El día jueves 25 de mayo del año 2012 quedará en la memoria de miles de personas Trans* en Argentina como el día en que la Presidenta Cristina Fernández promulgó la Ley 26.743 que permitirá el anhelado reconocimiento legal a la identidad de género y asegurará el acceso igualitario a atenciones médicas e intervenciones quirúrgicas bajo el amparo del Estado a todas y todos quienes lo deseen sin la obligatoriedad de esterilidad o evaluaciones psicológicas patologizantes.
Transgender Advocates Hail Law Easing Rules in Argentina
Argentina ha aprobado la legislación de Identidad de Género más progresista de la existencia. ¿Cómo sucedió?
ACNUDH-América del Sur acoge con beneplácito ley sobre identidad de género en Argentina

sexta-feira, maio 25, 2012

IDAHO 2012: International Zeal Met with U.S. Apathy
The World Health Organization on May 17, 1990, removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders, ushering in a new phase of international human rights organizing and demands from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

European Parliament strongly condemns homophobic laws and discrimination in Europe
With a large majority (430 for, 105 against), the European Parliament has adopted a resolution to condemn homophobic laws and discrimination in Europe.
Europe 'strongly condemns' anti-gay laws

Petição faz regressar lei do aborto ao Parlamento
Esquerda contesta, mas só falta encontrar uma data para a discussão no hemiciclo.

Exposição coletiva sobre cotidiano LGBT integra programação da Parada de SP
Coletiva de fotos artísticas mostra rotina de gays, lésbicas e trans e integra programação da Parada

[España] [Opinion]
Congreso Mundial de Familias: el negocio del odio
Llama la atención viendo la portada de eso que los cristofascistas han llamado el Congreso Mundial de Familias y que debería haberse llamado Congreso Mundial de la Homofobia: casi la totalidad de organizadores y patrocinadores son extranjeros, estadounidenses para más señas.

Se constituye la Federación Estatal de Transexuales
El colectivo de personas transexuales es uno de los que sufre un mayor índice de discriminación y exclusión social en este país y ciertamente uno de los que es objeto de mayor violencia.

Krause is also subject to a 10-year restraining order
A transsexual who was ordered to do community service in a graveyard after harrassing her neighbour has had her punishment slashed after complaining the lawn mower she has to push is too heavy.

[UK] [Commentary]
Hit & Miss: should non-transgender actors play transgender characters?
Chloë Sevigny plays a transgender assassin in the new series. Paris Lees, who is trans, also went for the part

Baltic Pride in Latvia will not be banned
Gay rights campaigners hail decision not to ban pride event in Riga as a 'sign of change'

ILGA-Europe tracks Lithuania's LGBT rights development
International LGBTI rights organization, ILGA-Europe, has recently published an annual report, assessing and comparing situation of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) people in European countries.

Anti-Gay Protesters Attack Immigrants
An authorized International Day Against Homophobia rally held in Petrovsky Park on the Petrograd Side of the city was broken up by ultranationalists and Orthodox radicals and ended with attacks and mass beatings Thursday.

Kaliningrad region may pass anti-gay law
The Kaliningrad region's parliament will consider an amendment to the region's Code of Administrative Violations, which envisions fines for "homosexual propaganda" and pedophilia.

LGBT rights worsen in Africa: Amnesty
Discrimination against gay and gender-diverse people has “worsened” in Africa due to homophobic laws and escalating persecution, Amnesty International has reported.

Zimbabwe's president dismisses gay rights
Zimbabwe's president said Thursday that homosexuality doesn't belong in Zimbabwe and it violates women's rights by denying the union of men and women needed to bear children.

Nepal to recognize LGBTIs as 'others'
Nepal has become the third country in Asia after India and Bangladesh to grant separate recognition to sexual minorities based on their gender identities.
Nepalese government to recognize third gender
Nepal's gays, lesbians get citizenship status

After sex change op venue shift, Barua wants counselling at Sion Hospital
After attending two pre-surgery counselling sessions at JJ Hospital, Bidhan Barua has dropped out of the phsycological evaluation sessions from the hospital and now plans to start afresh at the BMC-run Sion Hospital.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Why I Did an About-Face and Boarded the Jenna Talackova PR Train
Transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova cracked the top 12 in the final night of the pageant. Although she didn't win, I was rooting for her the entire way, because over the past few weeks I've come to realize that you can't buy this kind of positive PR. And when such an opportunity comes your way, you've got to milk it for all it's worth to win the hearts and minds of those wary of all things trans.
[Commentary] Beauty Pageants and Natural Women
Miss Colombia disapproves of transgender beauty pageant contestants

Rights code beefed up to include transgender, poor folks
The province's human rights code will be changed so transgender Manitobans and those with a "disadvantaged social status" will be protected from discrimination, Justice Minister Andrew Swan said Wednesday.
Poor and transgendered to be protected under Manitoba human rights code

Transgender at five: Tyler’s story leads to outpouring of other stories
I heard from transgendered senior citizens who lamented their decades living a lie.
I got e-mails from confused parents who had their aha moment when they read Tyler’s story.
And sure, I heard from the haters. The Internet troll employment benefits package apparently doesn’t offer vacation days, so they’re always there.
Transgender children: Learning to listen to their reality
[Commentary] Age 5 Is Not too Early to Learn Your Child Might Be Transgender

Will ExxonMobil Finally Protect its LGBT Workers?
Shareholders and leaders of ExxonMobil, recently named to the top position on the Fortune 500, has continuously voted against introducing LGBT-inclusive antidiscrimination policies. Will that finally change this May?

NCTE’s Mara Keisling Shares Personal Story and Discusses Transgender Issues on Penn State’s Conversations
On May 10th, NCTE Executive Director and Penn State University alumna Mara Keisling sat with Patty Satalia, host of “Conversations from Penn State,” to talk about her personal story, issues facing transgender people, and what NCTE is doing to make a difference. In describing her story, Keisling said “I always like to say I was born, because I think not everybody understands that transgender people are just people like everybody else.” She went on to highlight her personal journey, her fears, and coming out to her family.

Critical Transgender Concerns Awaiting Action at the Social Security Administration
Late last week, the ACLU joined a letter to the Social Security Administration (SSA) drafted by our coalition partners at the National Center for Transgender Equality. The letter expresses a shared concern over a lack of action from SSA on several policy matters of critical importance to transgender people and their families.

Congressman Rothman Introduces the Juror Non-Discrimination Act
Congressman Steve Rothman (NJ-9) introduced the Juror Non-Discrimination Act (HR 5848) on May 18, 2012. This bill would bar discrimination against jurors on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

[USA] [Commentary]
A Penis and a Dress: Why the Gender Binary Needs to Go Away
If your genitalia don't match the gender you most identify with, the American Psychiatric Association slaps you with the weighted label "gender identity disorder." There's current dialogue around changing the label to "gender incongruence," but it still boils down to the same ignorance: Society is placing judgment on you because you don't play by the rules.

[USA] [Commentary]
Transgendered Alaskan Male Hayden Nevill Considered A Male On His Passport, But A Female On His Alaska Driver's License, And The Alaska DMV Won't Budge
Hayden Nevill, a transgendered Alaskan who identifies as a male, has a legitimate beef. The U.S. Department of State is willing to accept his self-identity as a male, so his passport indicates he's a male. However, the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles is not willing to accept his self-identity as a male, so his driver's license indicates he's a female. So in situations where he needs to use his driver's license as his official I.D., such as renting a vehicle, it can lead to some interesting and uncomfortable experiences, which he describes in an Anchorage Daily News Compass piece entitled "Transgender Alaskans' privacy imperiled".

Warren Beatty's transgender son Stephen 'having second thoughts about taking final step in sex change'
Warren Beatty's transgender son Stephen Ira, is said to be having 'second thoughts' about taking the final step in his sex change.
According to The National Enquirer, the 20-year-old student and activist 'has put his sex change plans on hold.'
A family insider told the publication: 'He suddenly misses his feminine side, dressing up and wearing make-up and jewellery.

First openly transgender athlete competing for spot on American Olympic team
Keelin Godsey has an impressive record: he’s a two-time NCAA national hammer champion and took 5th at last year's USA Track & Field championship, among other accomplishments. However, what makes Godsey stand out is that he used to be a she.

Holder orders women's restrooms open to male
On orders from Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, officials with the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith have given permission for a 38-year-old man to use the women’s restrooms on campus.
EXCLUSIVE: Obama's DOJ Forces University to Allow 38 Year Old Male To Access Women's Restrooms
DOJ pressures university to allow 38-year old man access to women’s restrooms

Advocacy day draws trans folks, allies to Capitol
More than 50 transgender Californians and non-U.S. residents gathered at the West Steps of the Capitol in Sacramento Monday, May 21 as they prepared to lobby legislators on behalf of two bills aimed at addressing discrimination against transgender youth in California's foster care system and non-US residents victims of crime who risk deportation under federal law.

Illinois: Antibullying Bill Rejected From Fears of Being Too Pro-Gay
Illinois legislators rejected an antibullying bill after conservatives expressed fears that the proposed law was too "pro-homosexual."

Homegrown trans rocker Evan Greer keeps her music political
Last month, when Tommy Gabel of Against Me! announced via Rolling Stone that she's transgender (and will now go by Laura Jane Grace), I immediately wondered what Evan Greer might be thinking.

Trans-Health Conference Returns to Philly
This month marks the 11th anniversary of Mazzoni Center‘s Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (PTHC) from May 31 to June 2 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. What began in 2002 as a one-day gathering of transgender activists, allies and service providers, has grown to become the largest transgender conference in the world. Last June, the free event drew as many as 2,000 attendees from around the world to participate in educational and social activities.

Cumbre policiaca por robo a transexual a manos de supuestos agentes
El superintendente de la Policía, Héctor Pesquera, sostendrá hoy una reunión con personal de la División de Asuntos Internos y otros funcionarios policiacos involucrados en la investigación del robo a la transexual Ivana Fred Millán para determinar las acciones administrativas que se tomarán ante la presunción de que fueron uniformados los que cometieron el atraco.
Policías y sargentos quedan retratados tras denuncia de allanamiento ilegal

Transsexual prostitutes struggle to survive in ‘Bayamón Oeste’
Within “Zone of Excellence” praised by Gov. Luis Fortuño after the U.S. Department of Justice bashed the Puerto Rico State Police in September 2011, a zone of sexual mystery and erotic anarchy resides in the northern city of Bayamón.

Logros en el día contra la homofobia en Michoacan
El pasado 17 de mayo, Día Internacional de Lucha contra la Homofobia, Grupo de Facto realizó diversas acciones, tanto en Michoacán como en la Ciudad de México.

Transfobia: Las Otras Muertas
Eran aproximadamente las dos de la tarde cuando un niño pastor se topó con el cadáver de una mujer. El cuerpo semidesnudo presentaba una herida a lo largo del cuello, brazo derecho y en el costado izquierdo; además de varias huellas de tortura, algunas quemaduras, lo que enseguida llamó la atención de las autoridades.

First National Congress against Homophobia in Haiti
The LGBT community in Haiti gathered more than three hundred men and women of sexual orientation stigmatized by Haitian society to tell the country to cease discriminatory practices against them.

Chico Peruano sentía que su pene le estorbaba… Y se lo cortó
La Noticia es impactante y triste, pues da cuenta del poco apoyo que reciben los jóvenes en nuestros países a la hora de afrontar su orientación sexual. El hecho sucedió en Trujillo, Perú, en donde un chico llamado Alberto Flores Guerrero, de 20 años, decidió cortarse él mismo el pene porque, simplemente le estorbaba. Los medios han calificado a Alberto como un joven homosexual, pero algunos sicólogos que se han pronunciado sobre el tema, coinciden en que, probablemente, este sea un caso de transexualidad o disforia de género ya que el Alberto no estaba para nada cómodo con su órgano sexual.

Histórico: Estado pagará cirugías de readecuación corporal de personas transexuales
Así se acordó hoy en reunión entre el ministro de Salud, Jaime Mañalich, y el Movilh, tras una propuesta de esa organización al Minsal que se venía trabajando desde el 2007 y que viene cumpliendo sus principales metas desde el año pasado. En tanto, y tras una denuncia de discriminación, Mañalich aceptó emitir un instructivo que aclare que los homosexuales no pueden ser impedidos de donar sangre en los servicios públicos y privados de Salud.
El Estado pagará las cirugías de cambio de sexo
Mañalich anuncia que Fonasa ofrecerá prestaciones de salud a transexuales

Buscan garantizar la identidad de género en territorio bonaerense
Se desarrolló un encuentro en la Casa de la Provincia entre representantes gubernamentales y de la comunidad homosexual y transexual. “Desde la Jefatura de Gabinete que conduce Alberto Pérez iniciamos un trabajo conjunto para garantizar el derecho a la identidad de género y el libre desarrollo de la persona”, señaló Juan Pablo Álvarez Echagüe. Aún se aguarda por la reglamentación de la Ley Nacional, que permitirá el cambio de identidad sexual en el DNI en los registros civiles.