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domingo, março 31, 2013

Gloria Perez elogia atuação de Maria Clara Spinelli e anuncia que vai aumentar cenas sobre tráfico de travestis
Gloria Perez comentou com exclusividade ao NLucon sobre a participação de Maria Clara Spinelli, a atriz que deu vida a uma travesti que será traficada na novela Salve Jorge, da TV Globo. De acordo com a autora, a atriz – que faria até então apenas uma participação especial – surpreendeu e a personagem ganhará novos capítulos no desenrolar da trama.

Homem que roubou aplique de travesti é condenado em Santa Catarina
Réu abordou a vítima em uma rua de Balneário Camboriú durante tentativa de assalto.

Sargento reformado mata travesti
Um militar reformado do Exército foi preso em flagrante após confirmar a autoria de um disparo de arma de fogo que acabou matando Jefferson Nardon.

How I was seduced by girl who said she was a boy
Sickened Megan Adie last night blasted the crossdressing lesbian who duped her into sex — and said: “She is a very dangerous person.”

Poland's Gay and Trans MPs Take A Seat Against Bigotry
The first openly gay and transgender lawmakers to serve in Poland sat in the front row of Parliament earlier this week after a former president said that LGBT members should sit "behind a wall."
Gay, Trans Polish Lawmakers Moved To Front Row In Lech Walesa Protest

School district rejects mediation in complaint filed on behalf transgender girl
A Colorado school district is refusing to agree to mediation with the family of a transgender girl who wants to return to school.

Fallon Fox: Reaction To Coming Out Transgender Has Been Mostly Positive
Fallon Fox, the first mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to come out transgender, has said that reaction has been mostly positive.
Ask the Fight Doc: What are your thoughts on transgender MMA fighters?

Matan a pedradas a un travesti en el norte de Honduras
Autoridades de la Policía reportaron el hallazgo de un cuerpo sin vida que pertenecía a un travesti conocido como “Natas”, suceso acaecido en la ciudad de Chamelecón, norte de Honduras.

sábado, março 30, 2013

7 Tips: Responding to Transphobia Online
1. Do not comment when you are angry or heated.
Take some time to cool down and collect your thoughts. Typing out your comments in a word processor ahead of time helps you slow down, and comes with spell check!

Transexual é morto por companheiro em Minaçu
Um transexual foi morto pelo companheiro em Minaçu, nesta quinta (28).
A vítima, de 40 anos, foi esfaqueado durante uma discussão com um homem de 31 anos. Os dois mantinham um relacionamento. O homem se entregou à polícia e confessou o crime.

Transgender golfer dreams of playing in LPGA
The letters were slipped inside a zippered pocket of a briefcase, a brown, weathered keeper of painful secrets.

Transgender fighter's next bout postponed
Fallon Fox in semifinals of Championship Fighting Alliance all-women's tournament
Doctors Weigh In: Fallon Fox Has No Unfair Advantage
Leading sex reassignment physicians weigh in on Fallon Fox
Fallon Fox and the Transgender Quandary
Liz Carmouche Says She'll Fight Fallon Fox
Fallon Fox tells CNN world needs education on transgender athletes
Fallon Fox Comes Out as First Transgender MMA Pro Fighter
Dr. Benjamin not on board with transgender female, Fallon Fox fighting professionally
Liz Carmouche: I'd Be Happy To Fight Fallon Fox
First transgender MMA fighter goes public
CFA Stands Up for Its Fighter, Fallon Fox, In Midst of Transgender Controversy

Judge sides with transgender woman in bathroom dispute
Sheriff's deputy ordered Jones to leave women's restroom at courthouse in 2011

Human rights, fairness groups urge Beshear to veto religious-freedom bill
Human rights and fairness groups are pressuring Gov. Steve Beshear to veto a bill that they say would make it easier to discriminate against gay, lesbian and transgender people in Kentucky.

Insurance Agency Reverses, Agrees To Cover Transgender Student’s Treatment
ome fraternity brothers at Emerson College decided to an amazing thing for one of their newest members: help raise money to pay for his breast reduction surgery as part of his gender transition. Their initial goal was $2,000, to cover just a quarter of Donnie Collins’ costs, but have so far raised not only the full $8,125 it would cost, but now over $20,000.
WATCH: Insurance Will Cover Trans Frat Brother's Top Surgery

Salem College transgender policy unclear
Two months after Salem College announced it was developing a policy on transgender students, a letter from the chairman of the trustees is being interpreted by some in the college community as an indication that no overt policy will be adopted.

Nevada Senate Committee Approves Bill to Add Gender Identity to State Hate Crime Law
Yesterday, the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved SB 139, a bill that would add gender identity into the state’s existing hate crime law. The bill now moves on to the full Senate where we are hopeful that it will pass as early as next Monday.
Nev. Senate committee advances bill to add gender identity to hate crime statute

Black Transmen launches female group at 2nd annual advocacy conference
The Rev. Carmarion D. Anderson is a trans woman known for many things in Dallas: minister, mom and activist.
Anderson grew up in Dallas in a strict Pentecostal family. She had a calling to the ministry at a young age, but she said her gender identity prevented her from ministering at the church she grew up in when she came out as trans to her family at 16.

Spa World Policy Remains Muddy
Spa World, the suburban Centreville, Va., Korean-style spa at the center of a public-relations storm in recent days following news surfacing of a November incident in which it asked a patron, Riya Suising, to leave due to complaints of her perceived gender identity, posted a statement on Facebook Wednesday in an attempt to further clarify its policy regarding LGBT patrons.

La Semana de la Diversidad se tomó Chapinero
Hasta el 13 de marzo tendrá lugar una nueva edición de la “Semana Local de la Diversidad Chapinero”, una muestra más de respeto y reconocimiento hacia las personas LGBT.
Fuertes críticas a la Semana de la Diversidad Sexual en Chapinero
Choque de trinos entre alcalde y concejal por Semana de la Diversidad Sexual
Polémica entre Petro y concejal por festival de la diversidad sexual

El Inadi falló a favor de una transexual concordiense
La resolución del organismo nacional estableció que autoridades del hospital Felipe Heras, en Concordia, habían “vulnerado derechos consagrados”. La transexual, quien posee título habilitante desde 1992 para ejercer la enfermería, siempre tuvo escollos para encontrar trabajo.

sexta-feira, março 29, 2013

Transexual de Piracicaba põe nome social no Cartão SUS, mas reclama
Luciana Stocco questiona 'destaque' para nome de batismo no cartão.
Direito de modificação é garantido por portaria do Ministério da Saúde.

Homem efetua disparo durante briga com duas travestis em Campinas
Confusão ocorreu na manhã desta quinta-feira no Jardim Campos Elíseos.
Segundo a Polícia Civil, tiro atingiu box do banheiro e ninguém foi baleado.

Les transsexuels suédois veulent maintenant obtenir des réparations financières et avoir des enfants
Les trans suédois, après avoir obtenu l'abolition de la stérilisation lors des changements de sexe, veulent maintenant obtenir des réparations financières et avoir des enfants.

Ruzgar Erkoclar: Sex Change Operation Tests Turkey's Limits Of Tolerance
The most-talked about celebrity in Turkey these days is a 26-year-old actor named Rüzgar Erkoçlar. The actor’s career had started at age 10, followed by a popular sanitary pad commercial at 15 that lead the way to stardom. But what has made Erkoçlar the center of attention these days has nothing to do with the screen, but a sex-change operation.

Police break into homes and arrest 20 trans women in Istanbul
On the night before International Women's Day, the homes of trans women was broken into by police on suspicion of 'providing space for sex work'

[Iran] [Opinion]
Repression, homophobia and transgender policies in Iran
Because of Islam's many sects and a lack of centralized religious authority, there is no one opinion on the status and rights of LGBT peoples.

History Made in Israel as Man Marries Transgendered Wife Under Chupah
History was made in Israel earlier this week as, for the first time in the Jewish State, a man married his transgendered wife under a chupah.

Much happier as a man than a woman
Ashiq Koshy, who started life afresh after undergoing sex change operation at Bangkok reveals that he is very much happier in his new avatar as a man.

Construction closes gender-neutral bathroom at NSCC
A student at the Nova Scotia Community College is raising concerns about the lack of gender-neutral toilets in the province after renovations at the school have closed his only bathroom option.

Colorado School Refuses Mediation In Transgender Girl Coy Mathis Case
A leading transgender rights group on Thursday announced that the Colorado school which has barred 6-year-old transgender girl Coy Mathis from using the girls' bathroom at her elementary school has refused mediation to settle the dispute.
[Commentary] Day’s Worst: School rejects mediation talks about transgender girl

Llega al Congreso de Puebla la iniciativa Agnes Torres
Integrantes del Comité Orgullo Puebla y del Colectivo Transexual acudieron este jueves al Congreso del Estado de Puebla a entregar la iniciativa Agnes Torres, con la cual buscan que se modifique el Código Civil para reconocer la personalidad que asumen los transexuales.
ONG presenta iniciativa 'Agnes Torres' en Puebla
Van por que se reconozca personalidad de transexuales en Puebla
Presentan propuesta de Reforma de Ley Agnes Torres

Rendirán homenaje a Agnes Torres en congreso sobre sexualidad
El Consejo Nacional de Estudiantes y Profesionales de Psicología (CONAPEP), la organización Prodiana AC, y el proyecto ciudadano Humana Nación Trans, rendirán un homenaje a la activista y psicóloga transgénero Agnes Torres, asesinada hace un año en Puebla.

[Costa Rica]
Concentración por respeto a la diversidad sexual
El Movimiento diversidad realiza una concentración esta tarde en el parque de la Merced, a manera de manifestación por la declaratoria de interés de la Conferencia de bioética que se efectúa en nuestro país, la cual posiciona la homosexualidad como una enfermedad y criminaliza la Fecundación in vitro.

Candidata transexual inscribe en RN su precandidatura a diputada por Independencia y Recoleta
Valentina Verbal participará en las primarias de la colectividad por un cupo por el distrito Independencia y Recoleta.
Valentina Verbal inscribe su pre-candidatura a diputada en Renovación Nacional
Transexual que quiere ser candidata RN: Carlos Larraín ha cambiado

quinta-feira, março 28, 2013

Desconhecido encontrado morto em Porto de Galinhas
Um corpo de um homem foi encontrado na noite desta terça-feira (26), em Porto de Galinhas, no litoral sul de Pernambuco. O cadáver estava em estado de decomposição e foi achado em um matagal, nas terras da Fazenda Gameleira. De acordo com a polícia, o homem que não foi identificado e estava apenas com a camisa, pode ter sido vítima de um assassinato. Segundo a perícia, o corpo estava parcialmente queimado.

Lucy Meadows death 'could set transgender community free'
The tragic death of Lucy Meadows could be a "watershed moment" for Britain's transgender community, her MP has claimed.
Lucy Meadows vigil: Petition to sack Richard Littlejohn
London: Hundreds gather outside Daily Mail offices to remember Lucy Meadows
Misrepresentation of Transgender People in the Media

[Commentary] Lucy Meadows: why her death will not be in vain
[Commentary] The Lucy Meadows bandwagon

New LGBT inclusive domestic violence law signed by Obama
President Obama has signed the Violence Against Women Act, which now also protects LGBT Americans from domestic violence and sexual assault.
Obama signs LGBT-inclusive domestic violence bill
Bishops Oppose Violence Against Women Act Because Of LGBT Provisions

‘Bizarre,’ ‘hideous’ transgender policy forced upon Mass. students
The Massachusetts Department of Education is mandating what a pro-family group describes as a “hideous directive” that will allow students identifying as transgender into opposite-sex locker rooms, bathrooms, and athletic teams.

Emerson Student Gets Sex-Change Coverage After-All
The Emerson College student turned down for sex change surgery will get coverage after all, ABC News reported today.

Maryland lawmakers confident transgender anti-discrimination bill may pass this year
Coming off the heels of a successful campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in the state, LGBT advocates — joined by student leaders and university officials — are hopeful that a transgender anti-discrimination bill will make its way to Gov. Martin O’Malley’s desk this legislative session.

Senate committee approves bill adding attacks on transgender individuals to hate crimes list
A bill adding attacks on transgender persons to a list of hate crimes and stiffening the penalty for offenders was unanimously approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Profiled by NYPD, Transgendered People in New York Fear Carrying Condoms
Three years ago, Bianey Garcia was on 86th Street in Jackson Heights with her boyfriend. It was late at night, and they were holding hands and kissing. A van slowly pulled up next to them, and they quickly realized it wasn't any regular van: Garcia says that eight police officers got out and pushed her to the ground, and one of them snatched her purse. "Some condoms spilled out," she says, adding that the police officer told her, "You're a fucking prostitute. You're doing sex work." She was not, but was arrested anyway.

Andy Warhol's muse on her death bed: One photographer's look at decadent New York in the 70s
A black and white photograph of a transsexual icon, Candy Darling - who starred in several Andy Warhol projects, is among the collection of timeless portraits by Peter Hujar that touch on the taboo subjects of the 1970s in New York City.

Non-discrimination bill clears committee
A bill that would prohibit discrimination against people based on sexual orientation and gender identity in housing and employment passed a senate committee by a narrow vote on Thursday.
Statewide LGBT antibias bill clears historic hurdle in Utah
Legislators working on state law to protect LGBT in housing, workplace
Utah Senate committee advances bill prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination

quarta-feira, março 27, 2013

Transforming Health, From Serbia to Sacramento
Many of us already know the appalling examples of trans people being denied medical care. There's the story of Roberts Eads, a trans man who was the subject of the film Southern Comfort. He developed ovarian cancer and went to doctor after doctor who refused him treatment because they worried that his presence would harm their practices. Then there's the story of Tanya Hunter, a trans woman who was the victim of a car accident. As she lay bleeding on the street, the first responder only mocked her. She died not long afterwards, when even the ER doctor refused to help.

A atriz paulista MARIA CLARA SPINELLI, premiada como Melhor Atriz nos festivais de Paulínia, Mônaco e Los Angeles pelo longa “Quanto Dura o Amor?”, de Roberto Moreira, fará uma participação na novela “Salve Jorge” esta semana.

Lucy Meadows Death: Hundreds Attend Candlelit Vigil for Transgender Teacher at Daily Mail Offices
Hundreds of people, including a substantial contingent from the transgender community, have gathered outside the Daily Mail offices to hold a candlelit vigil following the death of Lucy Meadows.
Hundreds attend candlelit vigil for Lucy Meadows outside Daily Mail office
Press Complaints Commission receives complaints over Daily Mail Lucy Meadows article
Hundreds gather outside Daily Mail offices for Lucy Meadows vigil

[Commentary] If Richard Littlejohn didn’t exist, you’d have to make him up
[Commentary] Trans people and the media: compromise is neither desirable nor possible

Not All Trans People Feel “Trapped In The Wrong Body”
The guys from Channel 4’s hit reality show My Transsexual Summer talk about My Genderation and challenging the media's obsession with one kind of trans narrative.

Woman posed as boy for sexual intimacy with girls
A woman has admitted obtaining sexual favours from teenage girls by pretending to be a boy.
Christine Wilson, 25, had been confused about her sexuality since childhood and acted and presented herself as a male, a court heard.
Lesbian poses as boy to seduce teenage girls
Woman 'posed as a boy' to get girls for sexual intimacy
Man ‘guilty’ of fraud for not telling girlfriend he was trans

I was born in the wrong body and want to help others like me
A Salford Fixer is drawing on his own experience to smash stereotypes and promote understanding about the transgender community.

Trans man announces plans to marry his mother’s best friend on live television
A trans man took to ITV’s This Morning programme earlier this week and announced his intention to marry his mother’s best friend. The newly engaged couple found support in the groom-to-be’s mother.

Mariage pour tous et parents trans’: Chloé Avrillon lance l’alerte
Dans sa rédaction actuelle, le projet de loi «mariage pour tous» pourrait mettre en danger les liens de filiation entre les parents trans' et leurs enfants. Ces liens pourraient être remis en question lors de la demande de changement d'état civil. Pour attirer l'attention du législateur sur ce problème, Chloé Avrillon a écrit aux parlementaires. Nous reproduisons sa lettre ci-dessous.

Gender identity included in hate crime law in Greece
'Gender identity' named for the first time in Greek law, transgender people will now be legally protected from hate crime

Maltese women still face challenge to enjoy their human rights
Human rights advocates Aditus say transgender and migrant risk becoming socially marginalised without access to integration services.

First gay and trans MPs take front-bench seats protesting former president’s anti-gay remarks
Polands first openly gay and trans lawmakers took front bench seats of the Polish parliament on Wednesday to protest against remarks made by a former president who said gay members should sit “behind a wall” in parliament.

Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women Gave Speeches in the Turkish Parliament
Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) welcomed women’s organizations on the occasion of 8 March International Women’s Day in its yesterday’s weekly meeting in the Turkish parliament. Kaos GL and Pink Life Associations were among the NGOs BDP invited to give speeches at the meeting.

McLeod asks constituents to weigh in on transgender rights
Bathroom bill or potty panic?
The House of Commons is debating a bill to specifically include the transgendered in the Human Rights Act since they are the most victimized demographic in Canada, according to proponents.

Quebec launches first awareness campaign to tackle homophobia and transphobia
The Minister of Justice in Canada’s province of Quebec has launched a campaign against homophobia, including television and radio ads attempting to help people become more open and accepting towards same-sex couples.

Jock Talk: Trans volleyball player breaks barriers
Life can be a challenging puzzle at times, but Peachy Tabilos says she's long known two things for certain: in her heart she was born to be a woman, and she was born to play volleyball. These days that means playing volleyball on the City College of San Francisco men's club team.

Join Kathryn & Jeremy Mathis and Tell Coy's School to Stop Discriminating Against Her
Last week, TLDEF filed a Complaint on behalf of 6-year-old Coy Mathis after her elementary school told her that she can no longer use the girls' bathrooms because she is transgender. This week, Coy's parents Kathryn & Jeremy have started a petition asking Coy's school to allow her to once again use the girls' bathrooms so that she can return to school and be with her teachers and friends.
Elementary school refuses to speak, as twenty thousand Americans stand up for 6-year-old transgender girl
School Responds In Case of Transgendered Girl
District won't enter mediation in case of transgender girl
Family file lawsuit against school for barring their trans daughter from using girls’ bathroom

Fallon Fox Comes Out as Trans Pro MMA Fighter
She talks with Outsports about gay-conversion therapy, her passion for Mixed Martial Arts and her post-coming-out fears
Pro MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Comes Out as Transgender
Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox outed as trans woman
ESPN: Florida Unlikely to License Fox to Fight Women, Next Fight is Postponed
Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox puts California panel on the spot
MMA Licensing Board Does Have National Trans Policy
How Fallon Fox became the first known transgender athlete in MMA
Dispelling the mischaracterizations of Fallon Fox
Professional mixed martial arts fighter forced to come out as trans woman

New Clinic Helps Transgender Children
Lurie Children's Hospital provides resource for families with children suffering with gender issues

Convicted transgender killer is closer to getting taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery
One Massachusetts hospital and six surgeons are considering performing Michelle Kosilek’s sex change surgery. But the convicted murderer, born Robert, still has a hard legal fight before his operation.

Gallery owner Nikki Araguz is practicing the art of living
Art covers the walls from floor to ceiling at the Starving Artist, a new Montrose-area gallery. Tables and glass cases display jewelry, sculpture and trinkets. Sunlight beams through big windows in the converted house on West Alabama, and a toy poodle named Bentley greets visitors at the door.

terça-feira, março 26, 2013

Transgender Europe welcomes Creation of European Intersex Human Rights Organization
On December 10th 2012, Europe’s first Umbrella-Intersex-NGO was founded during the Second Intersex Forum at Stockholm. Transgender Europe congratulates the founding members to their decision to give intersex persons and their concerns a common platform and cohesive voice at the European level.

Técnica e travesti, Gretchen dá aulas para meninos carentes
Gretchen comanda há 11 anos uma escolinha de futebol para crianças de 10 a 15 anos, no bairro do Pacheco, em Jaboatão dos Guararapes

Problema imobiliário em SP ganha crítica de coletivo artístico
Coletivo AVAF usa imagens de mulheres trans para questionar crescimento urbano em SP

Hundreds gather outside Daily Mail offices for Lucy Meadows vigil
Members of transgender community and others stand in freezing cold to remember teacher who killed herself
Professora trans suicida-se após pressão da imprensa
Trans Schoolteacher Commits Suicide After Being Harassed By Press
Liberal bigots monster Richard Littlejohn and the Daily Mail over Lucy Meadows’ death
Protest outside Daily Mail offices after Lucy Meadows death
Vigil to take place outside Daily Mail offices in memory of Lucy Meadows as pressure intensifies on paper

[Commentary] Why I'm not calling for Richard Littlejohn to be sacked
[Commentary] The Lucy Meadows bandwagon

Final surgery ends gender swap journey
A transexual woman has completed her journey to womanhood after undergoing gender reconstructive surgery.

Gay and transsexual lawmakers take front seats in Polish parliament, protesting rant by Walesa
Poland's first openly gay and transsexual lawmakers have taken seats in the front bench of Parliament to protest hostile remarks by former President Lech Walesa.

Mothers' Group Works to Broaden LGBT Tolerance
In Turkey, when parents discover that their child is gay, violence and even murder can result. But one Istanbul-based organization is fighting to reverse that trend by appealing to the parents themselves.

In order to be herself, transsexual woman gives up her Lithuanian passport
Kristina has to pay a high price for being a woman, which she feels she is, rather than a man she was born – she is giving up Lithuanian citizenship. She will become a German national, because her own country cannot help her with her sex change or medications she needs.

Muslim leader says intersex hijras deserve equal rights
Faiz Syed clarifies video to offer supportive comments on intersex people in India, calling them ‘Allah’s creation’

Nanaimo school trustees urged to investigate gender-neutral washrooms
Nanaimo school officials are looking into whether it is feasible to include gender-neutral bathrooms in schools after hearing from a transgendered youth and a sexual health educator.
Gender-neutral washrooms a safety issue, Nanaimo school trustee says

NCTE Leads Effort to End LGBTI Sexual Abuse in Immigration Detention
Last week, the National Center for Transgender Equality, with our partners at Just Detention International led advocacy efforts urging Secretary Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to strengthen protections against sexual abuse of LGBT people and people with intersex conditions in immigration detention. In addition to organizing over 800 individual comments and dozens of organizational comments, NCTE joined eight other national LGBT and allied groups in filing over 30 pages of public comments on the proposed regulations that address this problem, which is part of the implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

STUDY: Mental-Health Providers Less Comfortable With Bi Men, Trans People
A rather unique survey coming out of California suggest that mental-health providers are still failing the LGBT community to some extent.
Survey Finds Mental Health Disparities Impacting LGBT Community

Student promotes transgender awareness at CSUN
Cadence Valentine is no wallflower.
When it comes to transgender issues, she is a proactive advocate. By prioritizing, organizing and having the courage to persistently challenge the status quo, she brings about awareness and positive change.

Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox faces licensing problems
Fallon Fox is bracing herself for controversy, and as the first on-record transgender female fighter in mixed martial arts, she's going to get plenty of it.
Female transgender MMA fighter being investigated

NCTE and 7 Other LGBT Groups File Brief in Michelle Kosilek Case
The National Center for Transgender Equality is proud to have joined seven other organizations last week in filing a friend-of-the-court brief with the First Circuit federal appeals court in the case of Kosilek v. Spencer. The case, which has received significant public attention in recent months, is the latest in a series in which Massachusetts prison officials have refused to provide medically necessary treatment to transgender prisoners. In September, a federal court ordered the state to provide sex reassignment surgery for Michelle Kosilek after prison doctors determined it was the only adequate treatment for her severe gender dysphoria.
One Massachusetts hospital signals interest in performing sex change surgery on Michelle Kosilek

New Transgender Student Guidelines Raise Questions At Mass. Schools
Schools across Massachusetts are facing new guidelines regarding students and gender identity. “I had all of these problems and everyone kept telling me that they couldn’t help me,” said Logan Ferarro, now on staff at BAGLY, Inc., The Boston Alliance of Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Youth. Logan transitioned from female to male as a senior in High School in Wilmington.
New Directives Sufficient for Transgender Students?
Massachusetts Lawmakers Retaliate Against Youth With ‘Transgender Issues’

Spa World Controversy Still Simmering
Activists call for statewide LGBT protections, want spa to issue official nondiscrimination statement

Travestis y transexuales imparten curso a policías de Soledad
Relatan cuáles son los principales abusos en su contra y las zonas de mayor incidencia.

Algunas candidatas de la Vendimia gay ya tienen la nueva identidad
Seis postulantes de la 18ª Vendimia Gay tramitaron el nuevo DNI. La fiesta será el sábado a las 23 en Arena Maipú.

segunda-feira, março 25, 2013

End Trans Discrimination: the Survey
The National Transgender Discrimination Survey is the most extensive survey of transgender discrimination ever undertaken. Over 6,450 responses are included in the survey, which explored discrimination in all aspects of life.

Terapia da fala para trans
O pretende ser um espaço de partilha de conhecimentos destinado a profissionais de saúde que trabalham na área da Identidade de Género, pessoas transexuais e seus familiares, bem como a outros interessados no tema.
Simpatizantes/aderentes do Grupo Transexual Portugal poderão usufruir de descontos que vão de 25 a 100%. As pessoas interessadas deverão contactar o GTP por email ou por msg privada no Facebook.

Lucy Meadows, trans teacher whose gender reassignment made news, found dead at home
Primary school teacher Lucy Meadows has been found dead at her home in Accrington, Lancashire. The news was announced to pupils and parents on the school's website.
Trans teacher found dead after tabloid press tells her story
The Daily Mail: Fire Richard Littlejohn for victimizing Lucy Meadows, leading to her possible suicide (petition)
Primary school teacher, 32, who announced to pupils he was changing sex is found dead at home
Teacher due to begin new term at school as a woman is found dead
Nathan Upton 'Sir' who became 'Miss' found dead: School in shock at death of sex-change teacher, 32
Sir who became Miss is found dead after return to school
Sex change teacher found dead
Transgender teacher found dead at Lancashire home
Media blamed for teacher's suicide
Transsexual teacher dies after media coverage
Trans teacher believed to have killed herself 'had told of press harassment'
Transgender primary school teacher who 'took own life' had sought protection from media hounding before her death
Daily Mail urged to fire Richard Littlejohn after death of Lucy Meadows
Death of trans teacher Lucy Meadows prompts calls for Daily Mail to sack Richard Littlejohn
Daily Mail urged to fire Richard Littlejohn after trans teacher's death
Activist Helen Belcher to meet MPs over media mistreatment of trans people
Analysis: Trans suicide and the way the media reports the trans community

[Commentary] Her name was Lucy: Press coverage of a teacher’s death
[Commentary] Press regulation, freedom of speech and the death of Lucy Meadows
[Commentary] The Ongoing Saga of Tabloids and Trans People
[Commentary] The end of a free press…
Trans Woman Commits Suicide After Being Bullied By The Daily Mail
Death Of Lucy Meadows, British Transgender Teacher, Scrutinized As New Details Emerge
Daily Mail's Richard Littlejohn Faces Online Wrath For Column On Transgender Teacher Lucy Meadows

[Commentary] Lucy Meadows story not in the public interest
[Commentary] What lies behind the monstering of trans people in the press?
[Commentary] Unable to cope with difference?
[Commentary] The death of Lucy Meadows
[Commentary] Lucy’s Law
100,000 sign petition for sacking of Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn over Lucy Meadows article

CeCe has moved to Stillwater!
As of March 2013, CeCe has transferred from the Minnesota state prison in St. Cloud to the prison in Stillwater, MN. She anticipates that she’ll be in Stillwater until her expected release date in December 2013. If you write CeCe, send her books, or visit her, make sure to check for her updated address!

Trans woman gang-raped in New York hotel
Transgender woman was sexually assaulted by three men at gunpoint, with police saying it is possible there were more men involved

FDNY hunk sentenced to five years probation for assaulting transsexual stripper ex-girlfriend
A beefy FDNY calendar boy with a weakness for glamorous transsexual strippers was sentenced to five years probation today for assaulting and then continuing to compulsively contact one of his exotic she-male exes.
Hulking ex-fire fighter Taylor Murphy, convicted of assaulting transgender girlfriend, walks with jail-free sentence

Bill would add gender identity to Nevada’s hate crime law
With her 7-year-old transgender son — he was born as a girl but identifies as a boy — sitting on her lap, a Sparks mother urged the Senate Judiciary Committee today to pass a bill to expand the law on hate crimes.
Nevada lawmakers consider adding gender identity to hate crime statute

Spa World Clarifies Policy
Virginia spa popular with LGBT community says it does not discriminate on gender or sexual orientation
Health spa refuses to allow ‘abnormal’ gay and transgender customers
Centreville’s Spa World at center of controversy, lack of anti-discrimination laws for LGBT customers noted

domingo, março 24, 2013

El SESPA, condenado a facilitar a una transexual una operación de cambio de sexo
El SESPA ha sido condenado a facilitar a una transexual asturiana una operación de cambio de sexo en un centro público o privado, según ha podido saber TPA noticias. La sentencia, del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Asturias, revoca una anterior del juzgado de lo social número 3 de Oviedo.

Trans teacher Lucy Meadow's death turns town against press
Primary school teacher suffered 'monstering and harrassment' after stories about her were published in newspapers
Muerte de un profesor transexual

Trans activists protest against police transphobia
UK's transgender community protested against anti-trans police actions following claims officers violently handled a transgender woman in the heart of London's gay quarter

Sexchange woman still husband before the law
An Italian court on Monday upheld an appeal from a Brazilian transgender immigrant whose residency was revoked after he became a she in a sex-change operation.

Maharashtra to constitute transgender welfare board soon
Breaking the jinx of gender insensitivity in India, a formal recommendation for a dedicated board for the welfare of transgender community would be made to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan soon. The Maharashtra government is also making efforts to educe a sensitisation programme for police, doctors and even teachers.

Transgenders petition collector for free housing titles in Madurai
A group of transgenders from Madurai district petitioned the district collector Anshul Mishra urging to facilitate housing titles to them. They have applied for free housing patta for 20 transgenders last year, which are yet to be approved, they said.

12-yr-old castrated, forced to be part of eunuch group
When their missing son came back home after six months, his family was unable to decide whether to celebrate his return or grieve his plight. Their son Apurva Singh (name changed) was a victim of forced castration, carried out by a group of eunuchs.

Accused in Lapuz murder returns to court in March
The man accused of murder in connection with the Sept 29 death of a New Westminster transgender woman will return to Provincial Court March 13, at which time a date will be set for a preliminary hearing.

Parejas del mismo sexo y personas transexuales, incluidas en la ley estadounidense de violencia contra las mujeres
El Congreso de Estados Unidos ha aprobado la renovación de la Ley de Violencia Contra las Mujeres (VAWA, Violence Against Women Act), aprobada por primera vez en 1994, bajo el mandato de Bill Clinton, y prorrogada ya en dos ocasiones. Esta vez, sin embargo, lo hace con una importante novedad: entre otros grupos minoritarios, han sido incluidas como beneficiarias las víctimas de violencia en el seno de las parejas del mismo sexo (de hombres y de mujeres) y las personas transexuales.

Calif. lawmaker seeks rights for transgender students
A California lawmaker has introduced legislation aimed at guaranteeing that transgender students have the right to use public school restrooms and participate on sports teams that correspond with their expressed genders.
Measure ensures transgender rights
Bill Will Ensure the Success and Well-being of Transgender Students

Family of transgender first-grader Coy Mathis launches petition
Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis, parents of six-year-old Coy Mathis from Fountain, Colorado, have launched a petition asking Coy's school to allow her to go back to using the correct bathroom.

Yale Considers Paying For Students’ Sex Change Surgeries
One of the oldest and most renown universities in America is considering joining the ranks of other learning institutions that provide insurance coverage for sex change surgeries.

Perkins: LGBT-Inclusive Schools Will Have 'Teenage Boys Invading Girls' Locker Rooms'
Conservative activists are in an uproar over a new transgender-inclusive policy in Massachusetts [PDF] designed to prevent gender identity-discrimination in schools.
Tony Perkins: Tolerating LGBT students means ‘boys invading girls’ locker rooms’

[Latin America]
Latin America’s violence against transgender women hinders HIV efforts
HIV prevalence among transgender women in Latin American countries is significantly higher (35 percent) when compared to the HIV incidence among the rest of the female population (less than 1 percent), reports the Huffington Post UK.
Transgender Latin Americans face violence, bigotry

sábado, março 23, 2013

Madalena, vereadora travesti de Piracicaba, retorna à Câmara após licença para tratar o câncer
Afastada para um tratamento contra o câncer, a primeira vereadora travesti da Câmara de Piracicaba (SP), Madalena (PSDB), voltou a frequentar as sessões parlamentares na quinta-feira (21).

Mais um travesti morto em Goiânia
Um travesti foi morto a tiros nas proximidades do Agnos Motel no Bairro São Francisco, em Goiânia, na noite desta segunda-feira (18/3).

Teacher due to begin new term at school as a woman is found dead
The news of Lucy Meadows death was announced to pupils and staff at St Mary Magdalen's School, in Accrington
Trans woman commits suicide after being bullied by the Daily Mail

‘I fought Government on transgender issue’
Woman angered by Gonzi’s reference to her marriage battle

Parents Get on Board With Turkey's LGBT Movement
In Turkey, the word “family” often carries coded messages. A “good family girl,” for instance, denotes a virgin, and a “family restaurant” usually means one with no alcohol on the menu. Director Can Candan has now made what he calls a “family film.” But far from catering to taboos, his documentary breaks one: Parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals in Turkey are speaking out for the first time in support of their children, marking a new milestone for the movement in the country.

[South korea]
Transsexual people can amend official gender without surgery, South Korean court rules
Five transmen win a court case in Seoul to get gender officially recognized without needing a genital operations

[New Zealand]
Queer Avengers support ‘two ticks’ campaign
Tuesday 5 March is Census day in New Zealand and The Queer Avenger’s are supporting a call for gender diversity in the census.

LGBT state employment protections reintroduced in Ga. General Assembly
Ga. State Rep. Karla Drenner (D-Avondale Estates) reintroduced the Georgia Fair Employment Practices Act this week. The bill, first introduced in 2011, would add sexual orientation and gender identity to protected statuses for public employment under the Fair Employment Practices Act.

Atlanta banishment legislation dropped; task force to study prostitution issues
In a work session today, the Atlanta City Council's Public Safety Committee dropped the proposed banishment ordinance targeting prostitutes and decided to instead form a task force to study the root causes of sex work.
LGBT advocates help put Atlanta’s ‘banishment ordinance’ on hold

Trans man from IDHR complaint attending mediation with spa
A transgender man who filed a complaint against a spa that refused to allow him use of the men's shower facilities will attend mediation with the spa.

Appeals court to hear case on gender reassignment surgery for convicted murderer
A federal appeals court will hear arguments in April in an appeal of a judge’s ruling granting a taxpayer-funded sex change for a Massachusetts transgender inmate.

The State House event from hell: Mass. Governor and top politicians join radicals celebrating transgender law -- bizarre bill signing ceremony
Vocal anger & hostility toward pro-family citizens. (See photos & videos.)
Coming to other states soon . . .

Did State Board of Education use radical transgender group's document to draft their directive for state's schools?
Radical lobbying group's similar document published three months earlier
Fighting back: MassResistance addresses State Board of Education and Education Commissioner over forcing transgenderism in schools!
Schools review gender guide
Concerns over transgender-students policy
GLAD Fights to Protect Transgender Youth in Schools

Transgender male: 'I never associated with being female'
On Sept. 28, 1992, Jill Gliko gave birth to an 8 pound, 3 ounce girl that she and her husband, George, named Monica Michelle.

Transgender Woman Reported Gang-Raped in New York
A transgender woman was sexually assaulted by at least three men Thursday in a hotel room in midtown Manhattan, website reports.

Transexual Ivana Fred Millán termina su declaración contra 18 policías
La transexual Ivana Fred Millán terminó hoy con su declaración contra 18 agentes del orden público, a quienes les imputa efectuar un allanamiento ilegal en su apartamento en Santurce, el pasado 15 de mayo.

Spa World, Virginia Bath House, Admits Discriminating Against 'Abnormal' Gay, Transgender Visitors
UPDATE: Spa World manager James Lee said reports his business had admitted to refusing gay and transgender customers was inaccurate. Though he did not deny Suising's claim, Lee said President Sang Lee had misinterpreted the question, had meant to write only that sexual activity, either gay or straight, is not allowed at Spa World. "The Korean-English barrier just made a small miscommunication," he told Washington City Paper. (as of March 4 at 11:07 a.m.)

Agnes Torres, un activismo con-ciencia
eguramente con la intención de comprenderse a sí misma, emprendió un serio trabajo científico para demostrar que la transexualidad no es una condición anómala y, desde ahí, incidir en las leyes y las políticas públicas

Caribbean LGBT group reports: Two homophobic deaths a month in 2012
Caribe Afirmativo, a group that champions gay rights in Colombia's Caribbean region, documented 25 homophobic deaths in the region last year

“Soy travesti poque así naci”
Diana Caballero es una persona travesti heterosexual de 65 años. Desde hace un tiempo decidió hacerse visible para intercambiar experiencias con personas que comparten su identidad.

No es cosa de nenas
La convocatoria llamaba, a todas aquellas mujeres que recordaran alguna “escena chonguita” en sus infancias, a buscar el registro fotográfico y tratar de decodificar el significado de esa imagen y esa vivencia que tan poco concordaba con lo que se espera de una niña, hecha y derecha. Así nació el libro Chonguitas: masculinidades de niñas (La Mondonga Dark), con 44 imágenes y testimonios, compilado por fabi tron y valeria flores.

quinta-feira, março 21, 2013

UK trans community to protest against police 'brutality'
Transgender community to protest against police transphobia following claims officers were violent while handling a transgender woman in the heart of London's gay quarter
London: Protest planned for trans woman allegedly mocked by police in Soho

Identité de genre: les explications de Daniel Borrillo devant la Commission nationale consultative des droits de l’Homme
Le juriste Daniel Borrillo était auditionné hier, mardi 19 mars, par la Commission nationale consultative des droits de l'Homme (CNCDH) sur le dispositif français en matière de transidentité, et en particulier sur les expressions «identité sexuelle» ou «identité de genre» aussi bien sur le plan du droit de la non-discrimination que sur les questions d'état civil.

AD – Marriage rights for Transgender people
AD calls upon the Maltese government to withdraw its submissions against Joanne Cassar with immediate effect, and remove the legal obstacles against her ability to marry.
Malta should withdraw submission against Joanne Cassar – AD

Eunuchs arrested for robbery but no place in cop station to lock them up
Five eunuchs were recently arrested for robbing a businessman of Rs 11,000 but the policemen were flummoxed about where to accommodate the accused during interrogation: police stations have separate lock-ups for men and women but none for the third gender.
‘Robber’ eunuchs let off for lack of lock-up facility!

[New Zealand]
Queer Avengers pleased select committee acknowledges the trans* community
The Queer Avengers say they are pleased the Select Committee have recommended passing the Marriage Amendment bill and speak in particular of the important inclusion of the trans community.

Le Parlement approuve un projet de loi protégeant les personnes transgenres
Un projet de loi qui pourrait criminaliser la discrimination contre les transgenres canadiens a été adopté aux Communes, mercredi.
Parliament to Vote on Rights of Trans Canadians

Sens. Casey and Kirk Reintroduce LGBT-inclusive Anti-Bullying Bill in the Senate
Today HRC applauds the reintroduction of the Safe Schools Improvement Act (SSIA), S 403, in the Senate by Sens. Bob Casey (D-PA) and Mark Kirk (R-IL).

Kate Del Castillo In K-11: Mexican Star Leads Thriller As Despicable Transsexual Inmate
Mexican actress Kate del Castillo is giving life to what may be one of the most complex characters in her career, a violent Chicano transsexual trapped behind bars in the disturbing thriller “K-11.”

Pediatricians see growing number of crosss-gender kids like Coy Mathis
Experts say increasing numbers of little kids are showing up in doctors offices insisting they were born into the body of the wrong sex — kids like Coy Mathis, the 6-year-old child banned from using the girls' bathroom at her Fountain school because she is biologically male.

Officers disciplined for accessing information on transgender former colleague
Four police officers were reprimanded this week for improperly accessing the personal information of a former colleague who transitioned from a woman to a man.

Bigotry On Display: Mississippi Students Protest Transgender Classmate
In her senior year at South Panola High School in Batesville, Mississippi, one transgender student decided it was time for her to fully realize her gender identity and began dressing as a girl. The ACLU applauded the school’s interim superintendent, Mike Foster, for supporting the student and recognizing her as the gender with which she identifies. But one group of students, clearly uninformed about what it means to be transgender, decided that she was getting “special treatment” — permission to violate the dress code — and held a protest in which they actually violated the dress code themselves by simply wearing athletic clothing:

PA lawmakers introduce hate-crimes bills
Two Pennsylvania legislators hope to get an LGBT-inclusive hate-crimes law passed in both the state Senate and House this year.

Company defends dismissal of trans employee
LSI Corp., an Allentown electronics firm, filed a lengthy appellate brief Feb. 22 defending its decision to dismiss transwoman Janis Stacy.
Stacy worked for the company as an engineer for about 10 years prior to her January 2008 dismissal.
She filed suit in federal court in 2010, claiming unlawful discrimination due to her gender, gender identity and disability.

Urquhart Brings Anti-Discrimination Bill to 2013 Legislature
With less than two weeks in the 2013 Legislature comes a GOP-sponsored bill that would statewide prohibit discrimination against gays and lesbians in employment or housing.

Spa Company Rejects LGBT Customers Because of ‘Abnormal Sexual Behaviors’
Spa World, in Centreville, Virginia, is under fire for a letter they wrote about banning LGBT people because they have “abnormal sexual behaviors and orientation” and are a threat to children.
Centreville spa openly rejects homosexual, transgendered customers
Spa World Rejects Gay, Trans Customers
Spa World Admits It Kicked Out Transgender Woman, Says It Won’t Do It Again
Transgender woman says she was kicked out of spa because ‘she looked different’
Spa World Has LGBT Community Steamed
Spa World Refuses Gay and Transgender Customers
Woman claims anti-gender discrimination at Va. spa
Oppose Spa World's Discriminatory Policy

Family of Dashad Smith frustrated by lack of developments
More than three months after Dashad "Sage" Smith, 20, of Charlottesville went missing, the search for him continues and the frustration endures.

Milwaukee trial dates set in death of transgender rapper
Five men will go to trial this summer for murder in connection with the disappearance and death of the 22-year-old transgender rapper Evon Young aka Yung LT.

quarta-feira, março 20, 2013

Travesti morto com facada no peito

Les transsexuels sont-ils emprisonnés dans la prison pour femmes ou pour hommes ?
Bonne réponse du riverain Zirghapok : c’est l’état civil qui détermine la prison (hommes ou femmes) dans laquelle sera détenue une personne transsexuelle. S’il est inscrit sur ses papiers qu’elle est un homme, elle sera incarcérée parmi les hommes – peu importe s’il a une poitrine de femme, des attitudes de femmes, et se sent femme. (Il peut même avoir un sexe de femme, les procédures de changement de l’état civil sont longues.)

Transgender actor's family stands behind his decision
The mother of Rüzgar Erkoçlar, an actor who underwent gender reassignment surgery, has said the family supports Rüzgar in every decision he makes as do those who are close to the family. “Rüzgar did not do anything bad. We have always supported him. However, some of the news has damaged us a lot. Rüzgar never received death threats. But some people are making that up,” Erkoçlar’s mother Sema Erkoçlar told Hürriyet.
Turkish trans actor’s mother denies death threat rumours and says family supports him

BREAKING: U.S. House approves anti-violence law with LGBT protections
House Republicans raised the white flag Thursday on extending domestic violence protections to gays, lesbians and transsexuals after months of resisting an expansion of the Violence Against Women Act.

Transgender student sues California Baptist University for expulsion
A transgender nursing student has filed a lawsuit against California Baptist University after being expelled from the school.
RIVERSIDE: Expelled transgender student sues Cal Baptist
Expelled for Being Transgender, Student Says

Unique challenges for transgender player
When the Mission College Lady Saints tip off their playoff game Friday night, 51-year-old Gabrielle Ludwig will mostly be worried about her injured ankle and how it might affect her team's winning streak.

Parents sue school district for not allowing 6-yr-old son to use girls restroom
A couple in Colorado has sued their local school district for not allowing their six-year-old boy to use the girls’ restroom at his elementary school, because he believes he is a girl.
Experts: Gender awareness comes at early age
School's transgender ruling: fairness or discrimination?

DC Trans Coalition Calls Task Force a ''Publicity Stunt''
With assessment yet to be completed, DCTC alleges group analyzing police response to hate crimes is biased

Hearing in sex change request of Massachusetts inmate Michelle Kosilek to be held by federal appeals court in Boston
A federal appeals court will hear arguments in April in an appeal of a judge’s ruling granting a taxpayer-funded sex change for a Massachusetts transgender inmate.
Fed court to weigh sex-change appeal

At 59, New Bedford woman still fights the bigotry
Amanda Medeiros, 59, poised and dressed to the nines, sipped lemon tea by the front window in Lydia's Bakery on The Avenue Thursday afternoon. If she was noticed, fine with her. But getting noticed isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Medeiros says she has been bullied, taunted and shunned, even by family members, since she arrived in this country from the Azores at the age of 15.

UHC lacks convenient, affordable healthcare for transgender students
For some transgender students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University Health Center lacks accommodating healthcare.

Transgender Woman Sexually Assaulted at Gunpoint in Midtown Hotel: Police
At least three men sexually assaulted a screaming transgender woman at gunpoint after a fight erupted over money in their Midtown hotel room early Thursday morning, police said.