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domingo, agosto 31, 2014

New Report Details Ireland's Problem of Transphobic Violence
A new report from a transgender rights organisation in Ireland documents the widespread violence, abuse, and harassment transgender Irish face in their daily lives. The stories it shares will surprise no one familiar with transgender narratives.

Russians would prefer to see nudists in public than trans people
hocking polls have previously revealed that Russians are overwhelmingly in favor of the 'gay propaganda' law, with 5% even saying LGBT people should be 'exterminated'

‘Lady Valor’ Kristin Beck, a transgender retired Navy SEAL, is the anti-Barbie
Kristin Beck worries about the safety of other transgender women, not so much for herself.

Man arrested in Palmer Park shooting death
Police have arrested a man who allegedly shot a man, burned down a house to hide the evidence, and then shot two transgender women near Palmer Park.

Closing arguments under way in Mississippi's fatal buttocks injection trial
Closing arguments are being presented Friday in the trial of a woman accused of killing a Georgia woman in 2012 through illicit silicone buttocks injections.
Mississippi jury finds woman guilty in fatal buttocks injection trial

CIDH felicita a Suprema Corte de México por adopción de protocolo para casos que involucren orientación sexual o identidad de género
La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) felicita a la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación (SCJN) de México por la adopción de un protocolo de actuación para quienes imparten justicia en casos que involucren la orientación sexual y la identidad de género, de conformidad con normas vinculantes e internacionalmente reconocidas en materia de derechos humanos. La CIDH desea reconocer también el importante papel del Presidente de la SCJN, Juan N. Silva Meza, en esta importante iniciativa.

Vanessa Champagne Paris Returns to Court
Nineteen-year-old Perfilio Rodriguez, a transgendered woman also known as “Vanessa Champagne Paris” was before the court today. It was the first appearance since being granted bail for allegedly assaulting Golda Orosco, the sibling of UNIBAM’s executive director Caleb Orozco.

Población transexual padece segundo ataque en Chile en menos de un mes
La nueva agresión a una joven en Iquique, propinada por un cabo de la Fach, se suma a la que quitó la vida a Zaconi Orellana el pasado 4 de agosto. Aunque la nueva víctima no está en riesgo vital, deberá pasar por diversas cirugías. El caso es asesorado por diversos órganos gubernamentales, así como por Fadise, Diversidades Creando y el Movilh.

El mundo under despidió a Hija de Perra con característico funeral
Durante esta semana se dio a conocer la muerte de una de las máximas exponentes de la cultura underground chilena, Hija de Perra, artista, actriz, experta en enfermedades venéreas y musa que inspiró diversas obras.

sábado, agosto 30, 2014

Travesti é esfaqueada no bairro de Sete Portas
O estado de saúde dela é considerado grave, Jaqueline foi esfaqueada no tórax , internada no centro cirúrgico do HGE.

Norway’s health minister promises to improve gender recognition laws
Norway’s Minister for Health, Bent Høie, has promised to improve transgender rights by changing the country’s outdated system of gender recognition.
Høie promises to reform sex change law

Denmark OKs legal gender change on demand
Europe’s largest homosexual activist organization, ILGA Europe, has praised Denmark’s Parliament for allowing citizens to change their sex on identification documents on request.

Gender re-assignment bill reaches commenting round
Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health wants to eliminate clauses in current draft legislation which would force gender re-assignment candidates to undergo compulsory sterilisation, prove their infertility and dissolve existing marriages. The draft bill may not be approved in time for the next election since changes were not discussed during government formation talks during the spring.

Halil Kandok on Figen’s death: “Alert alert, another trans committed suicide”
Is this a suicide, or a hate murder committed with a secret weapon, a weapon of hatred? To remain silent in the face of discrimination is a weapon that kills gay and trans people.

Iranian lesbian: Authorities tried to ‘fix’ my sexuality by forcing me to have gender reassignment surgery
An Iranian lesbian has said the country’s authorities tried to force her into having gender reassignment surgery to “fix” her sexuality.
Iran pressures lesbians, gays to have sex change operations – report

Homophobia in the workplace? Fear of transgender people is even worse
Around two-thirds of transgender people say they suffer discrimination, whether on the job, looking for work or in seeking promotions.

Russian Court Orders Local Authorities to Recognize Transsexual’s New Gender
A Chelyabinsk court has ruled in favor of a transsexual who took the local civil registry office to court over its refusal to recognize his newly acquired gender, Rossiiskaya Gazeta reported Thursday.
Russian court takes transsexual’s side in gender dispute - report

CeCe McDonald Talks About the Bullying That Pushed Her Out of School
Around fourth grade, CeCe McDonald realized that she was trans. “There was this fierce little diva inside me and she wanted to be free,” McDonald recently told a crowd at the Gay-Straight Alliance Network’s (GSA) national gathering.

California’s Respect After Death Act Passes, Awaits Governor’s Signature
Today, California’s Respect After Death Act (AB 1577) was sent to Governor Brown for his signature, having now passed in both the Assembly and Senate. The bill will provide guidance to help ensure that transgender people have their gender identity reflected on their death certificates. It was authored by Speaker of the Assembly Toni Atkins and sponsored by Equality California and Transgender Law Center.

Federal agency to meet with judge on transgender settlement issues
A case that began over what bathroom a transgender state employee can use has taken another legal twist, this time with a federal agency being asked meet with a judge.

D.A. still hasn't produced any Morris records
The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office last week stopped short of denying it has key dispatch records in the Nizah Morris case, but the agency hasn’t yet provided any records in response to PGN’s request for them.

Vanessa Champagne Was Robbed; Robber Shot By Police
Vanessa Champagne Paris - she's become a national figure, the first transgender person to be thrust into the public spotlight. But, the news tonight is that she continues to be the victim of crime. This one went un-reported but on June 10th she was robbed in Belmopan. It happened right on the walkway through the center of the capital where Vanessa was walking late at night. Luckily police have been deployed to the crime hotspot and responded immediately:

sexta-feira, agosto 29, 2014

Transgender Pride Flag Designer Applauds Smithsonian LGBT Artifacts Collection
Earlier this month, the Smithsonian Institute announced it had introduced a number of LGBT artifacts into its collection, including scripts and props from Will & Grace, a tennis racket owned by Renée Richards, and the original transgender pride flag. Monica Helms, who designed the flag, told ThinkProgress that the Smithsonian’s acceptance of the flag is a “huge step” for transgender people.

Women’s College Opens Doors To Transgender Students
On Wednesday, Mills College, based in Oakland, California, becomes the first all-women’s college in the U.S. to openly welcome transgender and gender non-conforming students. No other single-sex college has such a policy, which has prompted controversy and protest on some campuses.

Zoey Tur, Transgender News Helicopter Pilot, Granted Restraining Order
Zoey Tur, who used to be news helicopter pilot Bob Tur before gender reassignment surgery, was granted a restraining order, RumorFix has confirmed.

Global trans* group holds fundraiser
Members of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) met at the J.W Marriott, 151 W. Adams St., on Aug. 24.

'These Murders Are A Steady Drumbeat': A Year After Trans NYC Murder, Community On Edge
It's been a year since Dolores Nettles rushed to the hospital and listened to her daughter's heart beat for the last time. Since then, she has been waiting for the results of an investigation into her daughter's death. Police say they're on the case, but Nettles is skeptical. "What's taking so long?" she asked. "I'm not really understanding what's really going on."

Attorney makes case for self-defense in Sacramento light-rail killing
The lawyer for Lynnsey Evakarla Braun argued at a preliminary hearing Tuesday that her client fired out of self-defense in the Jan. 23 killing of a man on a light-rail train in downtown Sacramento.

Defense: No evidence in silicone injection death
Defense attorneys for a woman accused of killing a Georgia woman in 2012 through illicit silicone buttocks injections tried Wednesday to undermine the testimony of the lead investigator, who acknowledged under cross-examination that investigators have not matched silicone seized from the defendant's house to that found in the victim's body.

Health Department Reaching Out To Transgender Community To Improve Health, Safety
The Transgender Tipping Point"- it was the focus of a recent "Time" magazine cover, calling it America's next civil rights frontier.

Transgender candidate misses history-making moment by 22 votes
Brittany Novotny was a bundle of nerves as she waited for her computer to reboot so she could get the first returns of the evening.
Transgender Oklahoma House candidate concedes defeat

Medicaid Expands Coverage For Transgender Oregonians
Alex Paige, a trans woman from Portland, describes the gender dysphoria she experienced as “a supreme unhappiness with the way my body looked, the way it felt, the way other people interacted with me.” Thanks to an Aug. 14 vote by the Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC), treatments for gender dysphoria will be covered under the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) beginning January 2015.

Transgender Man Attacked in Montrose Wants Hate Crime Charges
A transgender Houston man who was allegedly attacked by teenagers in Montrose wants to know why they aren’t charged with a hate crime. The victim says authorities aren’t taking the attack seriously enough.

quinta-feira, agosto 28, 2014

Travesti esfaqueada na saída do Axé Brasil pode ter sido morta por causa de peruca
Cleibe Gonçalves, de 30 anos, conhecido como Samanta, foi golpeado três vezes no peito
A briga que terminou com uma travesti morta, há cerca de duas semanas, pode ter sido causada por um motivo banal. Cleibe Gonçalves Júnior, de 30 anos, conhecido como Samanta, foi assassinado a facadas por causa de uma peruca.

Condenado por matar travesti no ponto ficará 6 anos preso
Thiago Henrique Lemos de Andrade foi condenado a seis anos e nove meses de prisão anteontem, pelo assassinato de Sérgio Ricardo Farias, 41 anos, a travesti "Joana", em 7 de outubro de 2011. Thiago havia sido preso em abril do ano seguinte, mas conseguiu sair da cadeia em menos de quatro meses e respondia em liberdade.

Meet the former navy officer turned champion pole-dancer: Transgender woman tells of her happiness after winning bronze in international competition
Natasha Payne, 51, took bronze in the World Pole-Dancing Championships
She began life as a man named David and came out as transgender in 2008
Has never been happier and wants pole-dancing to become Olympic sport

Motion to introduce gender neutral passports gains cross party support
A motion which calls on the Government to issue gender neutral passports to those who identify as non-gender, bi-gender and intersex, has gained support from dozens of MPs.

Trans woman died by suicide, inquest finds
A Dublin trans woman died by suicide, an inquest has found.
26-year-old Nikita Keane was found dead in her home on July 16 last year.
Assault victim (26) undergoing transgender treatment died by suicide - inquest finds
Trans woman hangs herself in Dublin

Trans activist Figen commits suicide
Trans activist had been tortured by the police on a Mersin street in the recent past.

Laverne Cox Distances Herself From Controversial Trans Inmate
After releasing a video in which she read an inmate's letter from prison, Laverne Cox has distanced herself from the project after learning of the gruesome details of the prisoner's past.

1 year after transgender woman fatally beaten in Harlem, still no charges
There are new calls for justice from the mother of a transgender woman who was fatally beaten one year ago.

Murió “Hija de Perra”, Drag Queen y exponente chilena del “Marginal Style”
Conocida por su labor como activista social por los derechos de las mujeres y la diversidad sexual, instructora de enfermedades venéreas dictó charlas en diferentes universidades del país y fue habitualmente invitada a encuentros de diversidad y sexualidad tanto a nivel nacional e internacional.

quarta-feira, agosto 27, 2014

Proposta da OMS: identidades trans não são doença
As ONG’s GATE (Global Action for Trans Equality) e STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization bem como a Transgender Europe (TGEU) informaram que a Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS) publicou on-line as suas mais recentes propostas sobre saúde trans numa versão beta do CID-11 (CID-11 Beta Draft)

TGEU presents Europe-wide Gender Recognition Campaign at EU Agency
On Aug 27, Transgender Europe will hold a public event "Being Trans* in Europe" at the premises of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Europe-wide Campaign Access All Areas! Gender Recognition Opens Doors. will be presented, followed by a panel discussion with distinguished international and local human rights experts.

Corpo é achado sem os olhos em terreno baldio
Polícia tenta identificar o cadáver que foi encontrado no Jardim Ipê, em Itaquaquecetuba; a vítima, um homem, vestia roupas íntimas femininas
Um mistério intriga a Polícia Civil em Itaquaquecetuba. O corpo de um homem branco, com cerca de 1,70 metro, de cabelos castanhos escuros, magro e que usava roupas íntimas femininas foi encontrado sem os olhos, na tarde do último domingo, em um terreno baldio da rua José Carlos Ferreira, no Jardim Ipê.

People of Ağrı React to Posters of Transvestite Woman
Billboard advertisements in Ağrı for Asya Elmas, presented in recent local elections as the People’s Democratic Party (HDP)’s Kadıköy Municipal Council candidate to promote the HDP’s Presidential campaign propaganda, have drawn public reaction.

The Pentagon can easily drop its ban on transgender troops, study finds
The Defense Department repealed its controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy banning gay people from openly serving in the military three years ago in September. Some senior officers questioned the decision, fearing it could cost lives, but Pentagon officials said the repeal has not hurt military readiness or cohesion.

Detroit local media misgenders, stereotypes three transgender victims of violence
According to local news outlets in Detroit, police are investigating three recent shootings in the Palmer Park area as possible hate crimes. One of the victims was killed, and the two other victims were injured in separate incidents. All three victims are transgender women.

Islan Nettles' Family and Friends Still Seek Justice 1 Year After Murder
One year after Islan Nettles' death, a group of advocates and supporters gathered at the site where the transgender woman was beaten to death — in a bid to keep the case in the public eye.
One year later, family, friends seek justice for transgender woman’s murder

City to offer transgender surgery benefits
Medically necessary "transgender" procedures will be covered under the City of Cincinnati's health insurance starting next year.

segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2014

Trans activist ended her life in Turkey
A trans activist who experienced police violence ended her life in the southern city of Mersin.
A member or Mersin 7 Colors LGBT Association, trans activist Figen, committed suicide by jumping into the sea last night.
Executive board member of Pink Life Association for a period of time, Figen lost her life in the evening today (August 24).
Figen was one of the trans women who experienced the police torture on July 21. Three activists from Kaos GL and Pink Life associations set off to Mersin in order to claim the funeral.

Transvestites, cross-dressers held at Doha chalet wild party
Securitymen raided a chalet in Doha area where they apprehended nine transvestites and cross-dressers who were dancing and serving alcohol. According to security sources, when the Director of General Department for Criminal Evidences Major General Mahmoud Al-Tabakh received information about a group of transvestites and cross dressers holding an illegal party in a chalet, he immediately dispatched securitymen to the location for investigations.

Transgender woman seeks legal recognition
Mamun Molla alias Tanisha Yasmin Chaity has been seeking legal recognition as a hijra for nearly a decade. Although born male, she does not identify herself as a male.

Remembering Islan Nettles
Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic passing of Islan Nettles. The 21-year old was walking in her own neighborhood in New York City when she was beaten to death by a man for no reason other than because she was transgender. That man, fueled by ignorance and transphobia, walks free today. He has not been charged. Local and state law enforcement has not prioritized this case. Justice has not prevailed.
A Year Later, Still No Justice for Islan Nettles

Transgender Candidate Could Mean Historic Oklahoma House Race
The weekend campaign push is on before Tuesday's runoff election and there are several key races across the state, including one that could prove historic with a transgender candidate.

[Republica Dominicana]
TRANSSA denuncia agresión a activista trans LGTB por parte de agentes de la PN
El director de la entidad manifestó que la joven fue lanzada al suelo, torturada y agredida verbalmente por un oficial apellido Morillo.

Conductor ebrio daña columna de la Catedral Metropolitana
En horas de la madrugada de ayer, Denis Armando Ramírez, de 33 años, conocido como Johana Ramírez, y dirigente de la organización Otrans Reinas de la Noche, chocó el vehículo que conducía contra las columnas del atrio de la Catedral Metropolitana y destruyó una.

domingo, agosto 24, 2014

Mais de 150 portugueses à espera para mudar de sexo
Têm um sexo diferente daquele com que se identificam mas demoram anos até conseguirem concretizá-lo: em Portugal, pelo menos 158 pessoas estão à espera de mudar de género, entre as que se encontram em avaliação psicológica, as que já iniciaram o processo e as que estão em fase de cirurgias. Estes transexuais estão a ser acompanhados na Unidade Reconstrutiva Genito-Urinária e Sexual (URGUS), no Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra - o único no serviço público a realizar estas intervenções - e no Hospital de Jesus, em Lisboa.

Chelsea Manning Isn't Getting Treatment, Despite Gov't 'Lip Service'
Manning's doctors have deemed her transition-related care medically necessary, but a new statement from the Wikileaks source says Defense Department promises are just lip service.


Detroit police investigating whether 3 shootings of gay, transgender men are related
Police are looking into the possibility that the recent shootings of three men — one fatal — in the Palmer Park area may be related to their sexual orientations.
ADVISORY ALERT: LGBT Killer On Loose In Metro Detroit

Transgender woman says guard ordered her out of South Park Mall
A transgender woman says she was insulted and told to leave Southpark Mall in Colonial Heights because of how she looked.

sábado, agosto 23, 2014

A step in the right direction: WHO proposes to remove F64 ”gender identity disorders” from the mental and behavioural disorders
TGEU welcomes that in the ICD 11 beta draft section 7: Mental and behavioural disorders (used to be section F in the ICD 10) the category ”gender identity disorders” has been removed. As well other stigmatizing categories from the former F65 category such as Fetishism, Fetishistic transvestitism or sadomasochism do not show any more.

BBC Commissions Transgender Sitcom
Boy Meets Girl will revolve around a trans woman's romance with a younger man.

Gay rights group calls for House investigation of Wikipedia edits
Excerpt: The edit changed Cox's description “a real transgender woman” to “a real man pretending to be a woman.”
Wikipedia bans House of Representative's account after user mocks ‘Orange is the New Black’ actress

Rest In Power, Kenishia Hubbard 1964-2014
Was stunned to hear that one of our transsisters, Left Coast advocates and my fellow Texan Kenishia Hubbard suddenly passed away at age 50 on Monday August 18 in San Diego, CA..

Van nueve homicidios por homofobia
Ante los nueve homicidios homofóbicos que se han registrado en la región durante este año, la comunidad lésbico gay inició la campaña “aguas con tu ligue”, con el fin de prevenir este tipo de hechos.

Inédito: Hija de Castro vota "no" en Parlamento
Otra tradición revolucionaria fue hecha a un lado en Cuba: una diputada votó "no" en el parlamento.
A Castro breaks tradition with 'no' vote in Cuba
El nuevo Código de Trabajo de Cuba recoge el principio de no discriminación por orientación sexual pero deja fuera la identidad de género

[Republica Dominicana]
Joven trans es torturada por oficial apellidado Morillo del Destacamento del ensanche Luperon
El pasado domingo 17 de agosto fue víctima de abuso policial la joven trans Veronica cuyo nombre legal es Miguel Padilla.

Este año van 30 personas LGBTI asesinadas
La Fiscalía General entregó un reporte en el que organizaciones alertan por los homicidios.

Abren comedor comunitario para trabajadoras sexuales y población LGBTI
La Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá y la Secretaría Distrital de Integración Social, inauguran este miércoles, la ‘Casa Nutrir Diversidad’ para 150 personas vinculadas a la prostitución, a los sectores LGBTI o que se encuentren en alta vulnerabilidad. El comedor funcionará en las localidades de Los Mártires, Santa Fe y Candelaria.

Se inicia construcción de la Política Pública para la Diversidad Sexual y de Género
En este proceso se trabajará con todas las organizaciones que estén viabilizadas y reconocidas en defensa de los derechos de las personas lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transgéneros e intersexuales (LGBTI).

Flor de la V le responde a Jorge Lanata: "No necesito un cartel que diga 'Soy travesti'"
La conductora se refirió a los dichos de Jorge Lanata sobre su sexualidad y aseguró: "Soy mujer por convicción".
Flor de la V aseguró que en la TV argentina hay mucha gente "homofóbica" como Lanata
Lanata: "No discrimino, opino que Flor de la V es un travesti y punto"

Por primera vez, Santiago de Estero tiene dos candidatas trans
Las elecciones a intendente que se celebrarán el 31 de este mes tendrán un tinte especial para la comunidad de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales.

sexta-feira, agosto 22, 2014

MP denuncia caso de travesti morto a pedrada no Piauí como homofóbico
Para promotor, suspeito confessou crime e deverá ir a júri popular.
Ubiraci Rocha denunciou o caso como homicídio triplamente qualificado.

Parents beat 8-year-old to death because he played with dolls
The parents of an eight-year-old beat “every inch” of him, until he was dead, because he played with dolls, a court heard.
Boy's alleged abuse described in graphic grand jury testimony

Detroit police investigating whether 3 shootings of gay, transgendered men are related
Police are looking into the possibility that the recent shootings of three men — one fatal — in the Palmer Park area may be related to their sexual orientations.
Detroit Police investigating three hate crimes

Apparent Bucks suicide points up transgender stresses
Jessica Moscatel came out as transgender in 11th-grade English class this spring. The teen asked classmates and teachers to call him Riley Matthew Moscatel from then on.

Trans rights behind bars
The Hearts on a Wire Collective, active in Philadelphia, advocates for transgender inmates and provides perhaps the only community they have.

quinta-feira, agosto 21, 2014

Video: Conchita Wurst rejects ice bucket challenge, but responds in her own way
Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst has rejected the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but instead opted to respond in a different way.

Kellie Maloney donating ‘significant portion’ of Big Brother fee to trans support group
Kellie Maloney will donate a “significant portion” of her Celebrity Big Brother fee to a transgender support group, it has been revealed.

Labor Department issues guidance to protect trans workers
The Labor Department issued guidance on Tuesday spelling out that the Obama administration will interpret an executive order prohibiting gender discrimination in the workforce to protect transgender workers.
Federal Contractors Put on Notice: Labor Dept. Issues Non-Discrimination Guidance
22% of workforce protected from Gender Identity Discrimination
Labor Department extends employment protections to transgender workers

Laura Jane Grace Doesn't Apologize for Being Herself
The Entertainers: Band front woman Laura Jane Grace is delivering on her promise not to become a demure shrinking violet after coming out as trans.

Milestone: Smithsonian Accepts Original Trans Pride Flag
Today, Monica Helms, a transgender activist and Navy veteran, presented the original transgender pride flag created 15 years ago this month to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. The flag will be added to the Museum’s permanent archives along with several other objects that represent cultural milestones in LGBT history. Along with the transgender pride flag, the Smithsonian accepted artifacts from Helms’ military career and Renee Richards’ racquet used to play in the 1963 All-Navy Championship and the 1964 New York State Men’s Championship.
Atlanta transgender activist donates flag to Smithsonian
(Photo: NCTE Executive Director, Mara Keisling with Monica helms)

Transgender student may go to other schools
Rachel Pepe, the 13-year-old transgender middle school student who says she was being forced to return to classes as a boy, may now have alternatives after a meeting with schools Superintendent William O. George.
State, federal law protects gender identity
N.J. School Reverses Position, Will Let Trans Teen Attend As Girl She Is
Victory: Garden State Equality Affirms Transgender Student Support
New Jersey School District Accommodates Trans Teen After Their Initial Awfulness

17-Year-Old Bucks Co. Trans Man Ends His Life By Stepping in Front of an Amtrak Train
GALAEI‘ s TransHealth Information Project (TIP) just released information about the passing of 17-year-old transgender man Riley Matthew Moscatel, formerly known as Jessica. The young man, a student at Bucks County Technical High School, was killed when an Amtrak train hit him Monday afternoon. Coroners are ruling it a suicide.

Cuban president’s daughter casts first ‘no’ vote since the Revolution over trans and HIV exclusion
Mariela Castro, a member of Cuba’s National Assembly and daughter of President Raul Castro, cast a ‘no’ vote in protest over a new labor code that protects sexual minorities but not transgender people or people with HIV from discrimination

Sin esclarecer crímenes homofóbicos en Coatzacoalcos; violencia va en aumento
La comunidad gay en el Estado de Veracruz, incluyendo Coatzacoalcos, no tiene protección de ninguna ley, siguen siendo discriminados, y están siendo víctimas de la inseguridad. En el año, en la entidad se han registrado 18 homicidios, de los cuales, cuatro fueron en este municipio, declaró Luis Giovanni Pérez, presidente del grupo Diversidad Sexual Ambientales de Coatzacoalcos.

Cambio de sexo tiene entusiasmados a muchos
En Honduras casi todo se ha vuelto imposible: tener una casa, un empleo, vivir en paz… Sin embargo, no todos los hondureños tienen las mismas necesidades. Más de 40 hombres y mujeres lo que solicitan es que se les permita cambiar de sexo.

quarta-feira, agosto 20, 2014

Travesti é morto a facadas na Região Leste de Belo Horizonte, diz PM
Segundo corporação, vítima foi morta por outro travesti no Sagrada Família.
Polícia informou que ninguém foi preso.
Um travesti de 30 anos morreu na madrugada deste sábado (16) depois de levar três facadas no bairro Sagrada Família, na Região Leste de Belo Horizonte. De acordo com a Polícia Militar (PM), a vítima foi morta por outro travesti na Rua João Carlos.

Travesti é encontrado morto com 6 facadas
Polícia acredita que crime pode ser passional

Transgender boxing promoter Kellie Maloney joins Celebrity Big Brother house
Transgender boxing promoter Kellie Maloney has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.
The former UKIP candidate and manager of Lennox Lewis revealed last Sunday that she is transgender, and has begun to transition.
Kellie Maloney went public about life as woman 'after newspaper threats'
Frank Maloney sex change: Ex-boxing promoter realised she was 'different' from the age of three
Trans boxing legend Kellie Maloney: Newspapers hounded me into coming out

Paris Lees appointed as first openly trans Stonewall Awards panel judge
Prominent journalist and broadcaster Paris Lees has been appointed as the first openly trans member of the Stonewall Awards judging panel.

Catholic Malta enacts ‘transgender’ employment discrimination law
An amendment to Malta’s Employment and Industrial Relations Act means that employment “discrimination” against “transsexuals” is now officially prohibited in the Catholic country. The provision, which was quietly passed in May, came into effect on August 12th.
Illegal to discriminate against trans-people at work

Lots of guns but no trans!
Helin wrote about her “adventure with the military” for KaosGL’s 117th issue (March – April 2011) titled “Militarism.”

‘Open varsity doors for transgenders’
After Delhi University’s move to introduce third-gender option, activists in Madurai are planning to approach educational institutions to open the doors for transgender students.

'Moral model' plans gender reassignment surgery
Liu Ting, celebrated as a national "moral model", announced last Thursday he plans to have gender reassignment surgery at a hospital in Guangzhou.

Brisbane LGBTI-friendly club accused of trans* discrimination and assault
One of Brisbane's major gay-friendly venues has been accused of transphobic discrimination and assault following an alleged incident with security and a patron last week.

7 Trans Films From The Summer Film Festival Circuit That You Must See
There's no doubt that 2014 has been a big year for trans representation in film, and this summer's film festival circuit made that all the more clear. So we asked trans artist, writer and filmmaker Ewan Duarte to run down his favourites from festivals like Outfest, Newfest and Frameline, and these were his big seven:

Gavin McInnes Pushed Out of Ad Agency While Defending Transphobic Views
Despite being dismissed from his position at the ad agency he cofounded after publishing a violently transphobic essay, Gavin McInnes is sticking by his views.

Attorneys for Chelsea Manning promise fight if Pentagon doesn’t grant gender treatment
Attorneys for Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning said last week they will sue the Defense Department if officials do not immediately provide gender dysphoria treatment for the soldier, who is serving time in a military prison for leaking classified documents to the anti-secrecy Web site WikiLeaks.

Arraignment scheduled for man who allegedly killed Fontana transgender woman in 2013
An arraignment was scheduled on Aug. 18 for a San Bernardino man who allegedly killed a transgender woman in Fontana last year.

Friends and family celebrate Mia Henderson's life while they still search for answers in her death
Friends recall fond memories of Mia Henderson as they gathered for a private celebration of life ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

New Jersey School: Transgender Teen Must Identify As A Boy
A New Jersey school has told 13-year-old Rachel Pepe that she cannot return to school this year dressed as and identifying as a girl, even though coming out as transgender earlier this year helped relieve her of years of depression.
13-year-old trans girl banned from school unless she dresses as boy

A year ago, Islan Nettles was killed in New York City
The New York City Anti-Violence Project remembers the 2013 death of a trans woman and points to alarming hate crime numbers

Panfleto amenazante causa desplazamiento de personas LGBTI en el municipio de Aracataca – Magdalena
Un documento firmado por “Los Paisas” advierte que “Este es un ultimátum todos los bandidos, rateros, mariguaneros, rateros, maricas, cobradores de vacunas, tienen un plazo no mayor de 24 horas para que se vayan de Aracataca o si no ya saben lo que les espera llegamos para quedarnos y hacer una limpieza social…”

Denunciaron a Lanata por sus dichos contra Flor de la V
La Federación Argentina LGBT ya realizó una presentación ante la Defensoría del Público y está haciendo otra ante el INADI por los dichos discriminatorio del periodista. Según adelantó a INFOnews la legisladora María Rachid, la actriz evalúa iniciar acciones legales.
Teresita Luna salió a fustigar a Lanata por Florencia de la V

Me gusta la diversidad
La Argentina es el cuarto país donde la red social permite a los usuarios elegir entre hombre, mujer y otras 52 categorías. El efecto en la ampliación de derechos. Y la idea de sacar la definición en el DNI.

segunda-feira, agosto 18, 2014

Employment discrimination against transgender people outlawed
A legal amendment to the Criminal Code, effective as of 12 August, now makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against transgender individuals, on grounds of sex. Previously, the law only made reference to sexual orientation, without specific reference to those who underwent gender reassignment.

Four Questions Reveal Horrifying Situation for LGBTs in Kenyan Refugee Camps
Kuchu Diaspora Alliance founder Victor Mukasa needs help housing, providing health care for, and protecting Ugandan LGBT refugees in Kenya.

Attorney: Manning not being provided approved hormone therapy
Convicted national security leaker Chelsea Manning isn’t receiving medical treatment for her gender identity condition as previously approved by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the American Civil Liberties Union and Manning’s attorney said Tuesday.

San Francisco Police academy graduates first transgender officer
The class of recruits the San Francisco Police Department graduated Friday night show the diversity of the City by the Bay in many ways, but one of them is a true pioneer for the department: Mikayla Connell is the first transgender person to enter the academy and graduate.

Metro Stabbing Suspect Held Without Bond
Court orders competency exam for man accused of stabbing transgender teen

Memorial honors transgender victims
Mykell Hatcher-McLarin, a transgender man, said he feels he has a "target on my back" in Baltimore and could be attacked at any given moment.
Still No Arrests After 2 Transgender Women Killed In Baltimore

Judge rules Black Madam's butt customers can't testify for her
IT DOESN'T MATTER how many successful silicone butt injections the "Black Madam" performed, her lawyer will not be allowed to call any of those happy customers to testify during her February murder trial, a Philadelphia judge ruled yesterday.
‘Black Madam’ Loses Crucial Pre-Trial Motion

domingo, agosto 17, 2014

Kellie Maloney: I’m not homophobic, but I don’t think same-sex couples should have children
Transgender boxing promoter Kellie Maloney says she “still” doesn’t think gay couples should raise children, but denies being homophobic.
The former UKIP candidate and manager of Lennox Lewis revealed on Sunday that she is transgender, and has transitioned to female.
Kellie Maloney: 'Same-sex couples should not raise children'

Transgender woman guilty of Alan Williamson murder
A transgender woman who stabbed her neighbour to death in a “frenzied and savage” attack, has been found guilty of murder.

'Pregnant Man' Can Divorce His Wife
The so-called "pregnant man," a transgender man who gave birth to three children, can divorce his wife, the Arizona appellate court ruled Wednesday.

At Middletown school, a fight over gender
The last time Rachel Pepe was in Thorne Middle School, she was known to her teachers and classmates as Brian.
Now, as she transitions her identity and gender with the support of her mother, Pepe may not be able to go back to her school. Pepe must come back to Thorne dressed as Brian and prepared to act like Brian, her mother was told by a school official. No accommodations would be made and no out-of-district educational options would be available.

Oregon Removes State Medicaid's Trans Exclusions
Following in the footsteps of California, Vermont, and Washington, D.C., Oregon will begin offering transition-related care to transgender residents as part of the state's Medicaid program.
Oregon adds transgender procedures to Oregon Health Plan
Critics say basics should be covered first before gender reassignment

Deaf transgender woman murdered in Honduras
On July 18th, a trans woman was found dead wrapped in a sheet lying next to a roadside on the island Roatan just off the Honduran coast. Reports say she went by the name Lele, was deaf and familiar to people living on the island.

sexta-feira, agosto 15, 2014

Court Rulings Are A Victory For Transgender Men
Two court rulings this past week in California and Arizona allowing divorces to proceed are actually victories for transgender recognition. In both cases, transgender men were seeking divorces from their wives, but because their marriages would have only been recognized as opposite-sex marriages, the men needed the courts to recognize them as men.

Meet an Officer Who Transitioned at the CIA
Not too long ago, openly LGBT people were denied federal security clearances. These days, the CIA has an extensive strategy in place to help trans employees confirm their gender expression.

Baton Rouge anti-discrimination ordinance fails by vote of 4-8: UPDATED
By a vote of 4-8, Baton Rouge's Metro Council voted down a controversial ordinance Wednesday that would have prohibited discrimination in the parish -- including on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

New York State DOCCS: Solitary Confinement Isn’t Protection. It’s Torture.
The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) runs state correctional facilities across the state of New York—facilities, a Solitary Watch investigation found, where transgender women are regularly placed in solitary confinement and subjected to sexual assault.

Bogotá celebrará el primer encuentro de mujeres transgénero
Este miércoles, la Administración Distrital llevará a cabo “Trans-formando Bogotá Encuentro de mujeres trans de Bogotá’, un espacio que permitirá reunir a 500 mujeres transgénero de todas las localidades, con el fin de ahondar en su situación actual y brindarles algunos de los servicios y beneficios que brinda la ciudad.

Los transexuales ya no tienen que penar por la libreta militar
Tribunal Superior de Bogotá amparó los derechos de una transexual a la que le cerraron las puertas por no contar con este documento.
La transgénero que no pudo laborar en la ‘Bogotá Humana’
Colombia LGBTI community celebrates big day for trans rights

Activista transgénera de MUMS logra su cambio de nombre y sexo legal
Con el apoyo Clínica Jurídica de la Universidad de Chile y MUMS – Movimiento por la Diversidad Sexual, Daniela Arraño Peña, Activista Trans de MUMS, ha terminado exitosamente su proceso de cambio de nombre, por lo cual el Registro Civil le hizo entrega de su cédula de identidad con su nombre femenino en su nuevo carnet.

“Trava”, “torta” y “puto”, tres de las 54 nuevas opciones de género en Facebook
Los usuarios ahora pueden precisar cómo quieren ser vistos en el perfil
La lista fue acordada con los defensores de la diversidad sexual.

Meet an Officer Who Transitioned at the CIA
El proyecto de Ley de creación del área en el ámbito provincial, volvió a comisión, lo cual fue una de las notas más polémicas de la sesión de hoy en Diputados. La iniciativa creada por la diputada del Partido Comunista, Sonia López, no contó con los números necesarios para su aprobación.

Jorge Lanata a Flor de la V: "Vos no sos mujer y no sos madre"
El conductor dio su opinión sobre la diversidad sexual y Beto Casella le respondió
Jorge Lanata comentó en su programa radial la noticia que Facebook informó esta semana, de que hay cincuenta alternativas para poner en el sexo, como andrógino o intersexual, entre otros, y comenzó a hacer chistes sobre el tema.

quarta-feira, agosto 13, 2014

Woman ‘was possessed’ when she killed friend
A transgender woman who has admitted killing a neighbour on Christmas Day claimed she was “possessed”, a jury has been told.
Melissa Young, 37, described seeing a very bright light and voices in her head when she “flipped” and stabbed her friend Alan Williamson.

Trans memorial in Barbara Hall Park washed away and resurrected
The trans community at Church and Wellesley put up a makeshift chalk memorial in Barbara Hall Park, but the city promptly removed it as “graffiti.” Now they’ve converged to put it back up.
Toronto to get permanent trans memorial after city removes makeshift one

LGBT Cruise Sets Sail With Trans Travelers Taking Center Stage
In what is being billed as the world's first transgender cruise prepares to set sail, trans people and their allies (queer or straight) hope to find community on the high seas.

Report: Transgender Detainee Was Put in Solitary After Assault
The trans immigration detainee reported being sexually assaulted by her roommate, and now activist groups say her move to solitary confinement is a form of punishment for speaking out.

Man faces charges in Fontana transgender actress’ 2013 slaying
A 19-year-old San Bernardino man accused of the 2013 slaying of a Fontana transgender woman has been scheduled for arraignment Aug. 18 on a charge of murder.

Orlando bans discrimination against transgenders
In Orlando, it's now against the law to discriminate against transgender people because they identify as members of the opposite sex.

ACLU wants Army to help 2 transgender veterans
New Jersey's American Civil Liberties Union wants the Army to "fully recognize" the new legal names of two New Jersey-based transgender military veterans.

AVP learns of an attack on a transgender woman in a Subway Station in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; calls for increased awareness of violence faced by transgender women in New York City
The New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP) has learned of an attack on a transgender woman in the Franklin Avenue 4/5 subway station in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Monica Roberts of TransGriot posted about the incident on her blog this weekend, discussing a disturbing videos posted to Facebook showing a man assaulting an unidentified transgender woman while onlookers look on and shout and laugh in the background. In one of the videos the offender can be heard making transphobic remarks. The link to the Facebook video are here and here, and we link to them with the warning that they could be triggering and are graphically violent (you also need to be logged into Facebook to view it).

Local Trans Man’s Identity Stolen In Prosthetic Penis Scam
When Philadelphia artist Jaden Remy joined the private Facebook group “All Transmen Know Each Other,” he expected to find support and allies in the 1,000-plus members. He never expected that his identity and pictures would be stolen in an elaborate scam to sell prosthetic penises to other transgender men in the online group.

terça-feira, agosto 12, 2014

Travesti é morto por ex-namorado
Um jovem de 19 anos foi morto a facadas pelo ex-namorado, na Avenida do Imperador, no bairro Centro, por volta das 23h da última sexta-feira (8). O suspeito de ter praticado o crime foi preso em flagrante e disse aos policiais que matou Márcio Gadelha dos Santos, que era travesti, porque a vítima não aceitava o fim do relacionamento.

El colectivo LGBT, el mas agredido en España, según un informe policial
Ha habido 235 incidentes motivados por la orientación o identidad sexual. Fundación Triángulo pide legislar contra la homofobia y la transfobia

Lanzan un cóctel molotov contra la casa del presidente de un colectivo gay en Almería
La asociación juvenil Ola LGTB+ Almería ha condenado un "nuevo ataque" homófobo en la provincia de Almería. En esta ocasión, la presunta agresión la ha sufrido Alejandro Gala, presidente del colectivo juvenil. Según ha señalado a IDEAL, los hechos sucedieron la pasada noche en su domicilio situado en Roquetas de Mar.

Boxing promoter Frank Maloney attempted suicide over struggle to be a woman
Frank Maloney, 61, - now known as Kellie - attempted suicide as he struggled to cope with the desire to be a woman
Frank Maloney sex change: Boxing promoter reveals how transgender struggle led to suicide attempt
The internet reacts positively to boxing star Maloney’s transition
Boxing legend Frank Maloney reveals new life as a woman
Boxing promoter Frank Maloney to become a woman called Kellie

El arzobispo de Monrovia y otros líderes cristianos de Liberia culpan al “homosexualismo” del brote de ébola
“Dios está enfadado con Liberia. El ébola es una plaga. Los liberianos tenemos que rezar y pedir perdón a Dios por la corrupción y los actos inmorales (como el homosexualismo, etc.) que siguen penetrando en nuestra sociedad. Como cristianos, debemos arrepentirnos y buscar el perdón de Dios”. Así reza una resolución pactada entre varias iglesias cristianas de Liberia como respuesta a la crisis del ébola. Entre los que la han respaldado se encuentra el arzobispo católico de Monrovia, Lewis Zeiglier, al que poco parece importar el nuevo tono amable (formal, que no de fondo) que Roma desea imprimir a la hora de hablar de homosexualidad.

Raped Mumbai-based transgender attacked in Ajmer
A Mumbai-based transgender, who was allegedly raped by policemen while in their custody in June first week, was attacked with knives and sticks on Sunday after she recorded her statement before the investigating officer in the rape case.

Demonstrators march in Montreal for trans rights
A walk for trans rights on Sunday saw more than 100 demonstrators in Montreal denounce the current required procedure for name and gender marker changes on identification.

Comunidad LGBTI reclama claridad sobre asesinato de mujer trans
La Organización Lgbti, Caribe Afirmativo, realizó un llamado a las autoridades judiciales para que avancen en las investigaciones para determinar los móviles que generaron la muerte violenta de una mujer trans en medio de una riña presentada en el barrio Nuevo Mileno de Soledad, Atlántico.

Trans, pansexual, andrógino y asexual, los nuevos géneros de Facebook en Argentina
Se convierte en el primer país de Latioamércia en tener nuevas opciones de identificación sexual en la red social.

segunda-feira, agosto 11, 2014

La primera transexual en el Ejército cree que hay que avanzar en igualdad en la sociedad española
Es natural de un pueblo de Huelva con 1.300 habitantes y pertenece al Ejército del Aire
María Pachón Monge, la primera mujer incorporada al ejército español siendo ya transexual, ha asegurado que todavía hay mucho que avanzar a la hora de hablar de igualdad en la sociedad española, en cuestiones básicas como los problemas de los transexuales para encontrar pareja.

Renowned UK politician and boxing manager is now trans woman Kellie Maloney
Although reported earlier in British tabloids, reputable news agencies such as the BBC and UK’s The Guardian are also reporting that the rumors surrounding Kellie (formerly Frank) Maloney are true.
Boxing legend Frank Maloney: 'I'm undergoing a sex change to become a woman'
Former boxing manager and UKIP politician comes out as transgender
Boxing legend and former UKIP candidate Maloney comes out as transgender
Frank Maloney undergoing gender reassignment: Boxing promoter is now living as a woman called Kellie
Boxing promoter Frank Maloney reveals gender reassignment

Transgenders get more passport freedoms
The law that allows transgenders to amend their gender on their passports more easily has gone through today. The law has removed several bureaucratic and stringent steps, making the process more efficient.

Feminists declare war on transgenders
Women are not the same as men.
That’s obvious to most. But a stunning conveyor of that message is radical feminists, who according to the New Yorker, are objecting to claims to womanhood made by men, otherwise known as transgenders.

'Manifesting' Prostitution Law Challenged
A black transgendered woman challenged her conviction of "manifesting" prostitution under a Phoenix ordinance, claiming the law violates her right to free speech.

Piden respeto a la identidad de género
La comunidad Lésbico, Gay, Bisexual, Transgénero, Transexual, Travesti e Intersexual (Lgbttti) realizó su marcha anual durante la cual pidió respeto a su identidad.

domingo, agosto 10, 2014

Minister promises action on transgender rights
Luxembourg Justice Minister Félix Braz has said that the government is in the process of working on reforms to benefit transgender persons in the Grand Duchy, with first results to be presented soon.

Main witness in transvestite’s murder was 'very scared to testify'
Ronald Grima, witness in the murder case of transvestite prostitute Simon Grech, summoned to retestify, defence objects

Celebrity transsexual gets into TV scrap with nationalist
Artur Zawisza, leader of Poland's far-right National Movement, stormed out of a live TV show when Rafalala, a 'transsexual poet', threw water in his face after he called her a "whore".

Sex-change lobby sues Health CS James Macharia
A lobby has sued Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia and a medical board for allegedly failing to develop a national guideline for transgender people as earlier promised.

Trans stabbing suspect to receive 45-day psychiatric evaluation
A D.C. Superior Court judge on Friday ordered a Beltsville, Md. man charged with stabbing a 15-year-old transgender girl on a Metro train on July 30 to undergo a 45-day psychiatric evaluation and treatment regimen.

Chattanooga Voters Reject Law Extending LGBT Protections
Voters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, overwhelmingly rejected an ordinance Thursday that would have extended equal protections and benefits to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender city employees.

sábado, agosto 09, 2014

As duas faces: reflexão sobre mim e os outros
Ultimamente, e entrando na silly season, há mais disponibilidade e mais abertura para a introspecção e para me aperceber daquilo que sou e do que me rodeia. Realmente as pessoas que me rodeiam não são o que parecem, tudo à minha volta foi mudando e nunca podemos tomar ninguém nem nada como garantido.

Forcing Kids To Stick To Gender Roles Can Actually Be Harmful To Their Health
Raising children in societies that adhere to rigid gender roles, with fixed ideas about what should be considered “masculine” and “feminine,” can actually be detrimental to their physical and mental health, according to a study that observed 14-year-olds’ interactions over a three month period.

Equality Authority Launches Important Report on Gender Recognition Bill 2014
Today (Thursday 7th August), the Equality Authority launched their detailed observations on the Revised Scheme of the Gender Recognition Bill 2014. This report highlights the necessity of introducing legislation that protects the rights, dignity and family life of trans people.
Singles clause in Gender Bill is ‘forced divorce’
Couples will be 'forced to split' after sex change

Young, Idealistic And Transsexual: Speaking Out In Africa
Tampose Mapotheng has a cold. His lymph nodes are swollen, and it's a bit uncomfortable for him to talk in the air-conditioned hotel in Washington, D.C., where he is attending a conference. But when I ask him to tell me about himself, Mapotheng's voice grows strong, with a composure that belies his 28 years.

Steps to empower transgender community
An expert committee constituted by ministry of social justice and empowerment has made an in-depth study of the problems being faced by the transgender community and suggested suitable measures to ameliorate their problems.

Sex reassignment surgery on 2-year-old
Doctors at Sishu Bhawan here will conduct sex change or sex reassignment surgery on a two-year-old on Friday. The child was brought up as a girl, but the parents found some ambiguity in the sex organs.

A Bi Bank Robber, His Trans Wife, and a Documentary to Love
The Dog is a documentary whose subject — a romantic queer criminal who inspired Al Pacino — may seduce you as much as he did wives and lovers.

Gay Bar Told It Violated State Law By Turning Away Man in Drag
Nearly a year after being refused entrance to a popular Denver gay bar, a state regulatory agency has ruled in favor of 27-year-old Vito Marzano.

Bronx assault on transgender woman being investigated as hate crime
Police in the Bronx are looking for two men who attacked a transgender woman, and the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

sexta-feira, agosto 08, 2014

Lithuanian Parliament Refuses to Consider a Bill Establishing Procedure of Legal Gender Recognition
On July 8th, 2014 the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas considered the bill amendment to the Law on Public Registry No. XIP-2017(3). Despite the fact that the bill consists of multiple amendments to the law in question, i.e. seeking to simplify the functioning of the public registry by enabling residents to submit inquires and to fill in forms on-line, the whole package was blocked because it bears the provision on legal gender recognition. The Parliament returned the bill to the Committee on Legal Affairs requesting to ‘fix it’ through removing the provision on establishing the procedure of legal gender recognition.

Man charged in trans stabbing to undergo mental screening
A Beltsville, Md. man arrested last week for allegedly stabbing a 15-year-old transgender woman in the back on a Metro train arriving at the Fort Totten Station was scheduled to undergo a preliminary mental health evaluation on Thursday at the request of his attorney.

Paula Overby, first transgender congressional candidate, leaves DFL in protest
Last summer, Paula Overby told us about her plans to become the first transgender person to represent Minnesota in the U.S. House. She spoke of social justice and inclusion and made it known that the DFL best encompassed those ideals.
But at the district convention, on April 26, she withdrew her nomination before the first ballots were announced. Five weeks later, she resigned from the party in protest.

Movilh acusa "homofobia" tras crimen de transexual que ejercía el comercio sexual
La organización defensora de la diversidad explicó que el asesinato de Zaconi Orellana ocurrió el lunes en La Cisterna, en medio de "extrañas circunstancias"
El Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh) denunció que un crimen ocurrido ayer lunes en La Cisterna pudo haber estado motivado "por la homofobia", motivo por el cual solicitarán que se investigue el caso.

UN Human Rights Committee Identifies Gaps in Protections for Trans and Intersex Persons
The United Nations Human Rights Committee ended its dialogue with the Chilean government today about the country’s fulfillment of its human rights obligations in areas related to civil rights, political participation, and judicial guarantees. The committee, which monitors implementation of the key human rights convention on civil and political rights, spent one and a half days in dialogue with government officials on issues of concern, based in part on information received from civil society, the so-called shadow reports.