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segunda-feira, novembro 30, 2015

1977: Story of transgender pioneer Angela Morley to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4
A new radio play celebrates the pioneering arranger who became the toast of Hollywood

Transgender community takes to streets against Punjab govt
A large number of people belonging to transgender community staged a protest demonstration outside the Punjab Assembly against non-implementation of job quota in government departments and what they said excesses meted out to them by the police and the Social Welfare Department.

What 'The Danish Girl' actor Eddie Redmayne learned from playing a transgender role
Redmayne portrays Lili Elbe in the new movie 'Danish.' 'The first time I walked on set [as Lili] I felt scrutinized,' the actor said. 'It was interesting because it was something that a lot of the [transgender] women I'd met had spoken about.'

Meet Apple's New, Inspiring Transgender Programmer
When she became a senior software engineer at Apple this year, Brielle Harrison reached her most important milestone yet. She is one of a small number of transgender programmers who are continually breaking the glass ceiling in America’s technology industry.

Ted Cruz Describes Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter As ‘Transgendered Leftist Activist’
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is the latest presidential candidate trying to downplay the role anti-abortion rhetoric may have played in motivating the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs Friday afternoon. When a reporter asked him at an Iowa campaign stop Sunday evening about suspect Robert Lewis Dear saying he was motivated by “no more baby parts,” Cruz countered that he’s also been reported to be a “transgendered [sic] leftist activist.”
Planned Parenthood shooter revealed as a Bible reading conservative Christian

After a Defeat in Houston, the Fight for Gay Rights Shifts to Jacksonville
The first major gay rights showdown since Houston’s rancorous vote to repeal its anti-discrimination ordinance is shaping up here in Jacksonville, the largest city in the nation whose leaders have never enacted civil rights protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Missouri school district adopts transgender policy
A southwest Missouri school district has a new policy governing accommodation for transgender students that some civil rights advocates are calling discriminatory.

Houston mayor says nothing could have averted HERO loss
Weeks after the high-profile defeat of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, Mayor Annise Parker said she doesn’t think anything could have changed the outcome of the vote.

Community support follows cancellation of Mount Horeb school reading of transgender book
Last Monday, a 6-year-old student went to school at Mount Horeb Primary Center with a new public identity.
It was her first day introducing herself to classmates as the girl her mother says “she really is.”
Kids At This School Will No Longer Be Allowed To Read A Book About Trans People
Wisc. School Bullied By Hate Group Into Cancelling Reading of Book About Trans Kid
Mount Horeb, WI Rebukes Transphobes, Schedules Public Readings Of 'I Am Jazz'

Killings of transgender Argentines test nation’s liberal laws
Diana Sacayán was found tied up in a 13th-floor apartment in Buenos Aires in October, stabbed to death. A month earlier, Marcela Estefanía Chocobar, 26, was decapitated and her body dumped on a vacant lot in Río Gallegos, in Patagonia. Also in September, in Santa Fe, a city on Argentina’s Pampas lowlands, the corpse of Fernanda Olmos, 59, was discovered on her bedroom floor, a plastic bag pulled over her head. She had also been stabbed.

domingo, novembro 29, 2015

Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa a 18 de Junho de 2016
Já foi divulgada a data da Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa para o próximo ano. 18 de Junho é Sábado escolhido para a 17ª edição. O anúncio foi efectuado esta tarde no Facebook oficial da Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa.

Travesti que mandou matar Abelha é condenada a 15 anos de prisão
Foi condenada em primeira instância a 15 anos de prisão a travesti Mirella (Wellington Princy de Souza e Silva). Ela teria mandado matar em 2013 a também travesti Abelha (Adilson Felippe).

Preconceito leva a agressões e causa prejuízos
Travestis / Relatos de quem já foi ou é vítima de atitudes hostis
A atitude de colocar a primeira roupa de mulher, aos 12 anos, deu início a um processo de autoafirmação, mas também desencadeou uma série de agressões físicas e psicológicas por parte da família. Sobretudo da mãe, que não aceita o único filho como travesti e o colocou para fora de casa. Nicole tem 14 anos de idade e se prostitui desde os 12, quando foi expulsa da casa da família por assumir sua atração por homens.

Travestis sofrem ameaças na Pituba após reportagem
Uma travesti que trabalha na Avenida Manoel Dias da Silva, na Pituba, entrou em contato com a reportagem nesta sexta-feira, 27, para denunciar que algumas colegas estavam sofrendo retaliação por parte de "cafetinas", que também são travestis. Conforme relato, a represália ocorreu após publicação de reportagem, na última quinta-feira, 26, sobre "cafetinagem" em sete pontos de prostituição de travestis, na capital baiana.

# campaign in solidarity with trans prisoners
Over 100 social media accounts will post, tweet, and share the same hashtag, #transsolidarity, this morning in an attempt to draw attention to the issues faced by trans prisoners.

'My boyfriend told me he wanted to become a woman - now our relationship is stronger than ever'
Hannah Williams says boyfriend Danny's revelation came as a huge shock - but the devoted girlfriend stuck by her partner as they became Lexy and even took her shopping and showed her how to apply makeup

Confused about gender, sex and sexuality? This trans YouTuber can help
When Lewis Hancox came out as transgender, a lot of people asked him “are you sure you’re not just a butch lesbian?”

The fight for equality: a transgender woman's struggle in society
STOP. Just for a second. And imagine. Imagine how it feels to live a life in which your every move has to be mapped out in advance as if you're a pawn on a chessboard. One miscalculation and you could end up dead. Imagine a life of constant fear, of not knowing where the next piece of physical, sexual or verbal abuse is likely to come from. Take a wrong turn and it may well be your last. Imagine a life in which death is all you can contemplate; suicide is the last vestige of control. Imagine, just for a moment, being trapped in a body that you don't recognise as your own.

Eddie Redmayne: Playing a trans woman made me look at my own gender identity
Eddie Redmayne has responded to a reporter who asked if he questioned his own gender identity, after playing a trans woman in a film.

Transgender people concern over sex reassignment legalization in Vietnam
A number of Vietnamese transgender people have concerned how a recent revised law that recognizing of the right to sex reassignment will take effect on them.

[New Zealand]
Trans women arrested after release from prison
A Gisborne transgender women has been arrested only 11 days after being released from prison where she was serving time for similar charges.

Transparent’s Gaby Hoffmann: ‘The whole question of gender is so foreign to me’
Amazon’s Emmy-winning comedy-drama tackles pretty much every taboo in modern family life. With her own eccentric upbringing, one of its stars can identify better than most

Gay Star News chats with first transgender actor to appear on daytime soap in US
Scott Turner Schofield: 'I'm thankful for the amazing and beautiful story that The Bold and the Beautiful is telling'

These actors’ best roles were as women
Playing a woman is hardly a drag.
Eddie Redmayne stars as a transgender pioneer in Friday’s “The Danish Girl,” and like many male actors before him, he’s discovering that donning a wig and a dress is a good way to stand out in a crowded movie field.

The trans women who could change Oscars history
This summer, a little movie called “Tangerine” came out. It was a scrappy, low-budget comedy shot on an iPhone 5s. Its plot concerned two sex workers in West Hollywood trying to track down a pimp and his mistress. You probably missed it.

Obama praised for screening trans films in the White House
Barack Obama has won praise from the director of upcoming film The Danish Girl – after he held a special White House screening.

Transgender guard sues corrections department
A transgender prison guard is suing the state Department of Corrections saying he has been the victim of discrimination.

Transgender community lags behind others in workplace benefits
Delaware companies are ranked among the best in the nation for corporate policies supporting lesbian, gay and bisexual workers, but members of that community say state businesses lag behind in meeting the needs of transgender employees.

Y defends transgender locker room policy
Woman cancels membership over 'inappropriate' allowance

New Report Quantifies Disparities for Transgender New Yorkers
A new survey-based assessment of the educational, employment, income, housing, and health status of transgender residents of New York State demonstrates startling disparities in their well-being, even when compared to other segments of the LGBT community.

Recovery program for transgender people creates culture of trust
Transgender people are more likely to battle substance abuse and homelessness. Helping some in this region along the road to recovery is Philadelphia's Morris Home, the only U.S. in-patient recovery program exclusively focusing on trans people.

Hate group’s threat halts reading of “I am Jazz” at Wisconson elementary school
The ‘liberty council’ a known hate group, threatened a Madison elementary school with a lawsuit if they read “I am Jazz” as planned.
School bans book about trans student after threats from hate group
Religious extremists get trans kid Jazz Jennings’ book “I Am Jazz” BANNED!

Trans people win right to change name and gender in Bolivia
The policy was announced by the country’s justice minister last week.

sábado, novembro 28, 2015

Travesti morta com 15 facadas no Bairro Universitário tinha 21 anos
Foi identificado como Leonardo Marcolan Shavetock, 21 anos, travesti conhecida como Penélope. Ela foi morta na madrugada de ontem (26) com pelo menos 15 facadas na Rua Ucy Nagamine esquina com Euvira Matos de Oliveira, região conhecida por ser ponto de travestis, no Bairro Universitário, em Campo Grande.
Travesti morta com 15 facadas no Bairro Universitário tinha 21 anos
Disputa por ponto de prostituição pode ter motivado morte de travesti

Travestis vencem preconceito com profissionalismo
Nickele Nascimento, de 31 anos, garçonete no restaurante Savanna Steakhouse, no bairro de Vilas do Atlântico, em Lauro de Freitas. Rosana Salvatore, 49, cabeleireira e artista performática. Além de travestis, as duas têm em comum o desejo de mostrar à sociedade que elas podem ser muito mais que corpos transformados nas esquinas das áreas de prostituição.

Travesti abandona prostituição para voltar a estudar: "Queria desistir da vida"
Travesti deixou a prostituição e voltou a estudar graças ao programa Transcidadania . “A sensação é de se libertar de uma coisa que você é obrigada a fazer"

Loose Women panellist: Transgender is ‘fashionable’ with kids like self-harming and bulimia
A panellist on Loose Women has claimed that being transgender is fashionable with kids, like self-harming and bulimia.

UK Government issues guide for employers on hiring and supporting trans staff
It’s also issued guidance for service providers on how to make transgender customers feel valued and welcomed

The harsh reality
A survey conducted in Fiji in 2011 funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) showed 57.2 per cent of transgender individuals were subjected to verbal and emotional abuse.

Charlie Sheen 'fears transsexual man he hired gave him HIV'
A source claims the 50-year-old actor believes he was made HIV-positive by a transsexual he hired to come to his home in Los Angeles

In ‘Transparent,’ a Heroine Evolves Further Still
On the set of “Transparent,” a handful of actors dressed for a flashback scene on a 1930s ocean liner — cloche hats, woolen jackets, long skirts — crowd together on benches in a large wooden container perched atop a gimbal, a device that can simulate the rolling of a ship. Sitting cross-legged on a long table a few yards away, the director Jill Soloway, who created this Amazon series, quietly throws out a few suggestions to the gently swaying actors.

Proposed Change To USA Judo Bylaws
The USA Judo Board of Directors has proposed an amendment to the USA Judo Bylaws.
The proposition will amend Bylaws Section 4.1 G & H and will reflect the following change:

Review: ‘The Danish Girl,’ About a Transgender Pioneer
“The Danish Girl,” Tom Hooper’s new film, is a story of individual struggle that is also a portrait of a marriage. In this respect and others it resembles “The King’s Speech,” Mr. Hooper’s earlier historical drama, a multiple Oscar winner a few years ago. In that case, the union of George VI and Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was the foundation on which the tale of George’s elocutionary striving was built. Here, the marriage is bohemian rather than aristocratic, but the stakes, while personal, are every bit as profound and consequential as the matters of state that drove the monarch to the microphone.
For 'The Danish Girl,' Eddie Redmayne studied issues facing transgender people

New policy would force Princeton schools not to tell parents if kids identify as ‘transgender’
Princeton public school teachers must call boys "girls," if they so "identify," and may not even tell their parents what sex the child is, or wants to be, if a new proposal is implemented.

Transgender woman turns pain into pages
They’re the emotions that often plague people around this time of year.

Nutter signs bathroom bill into law
Transgender activist Dawn Munro pointed out her regular seat at Fergie’s Pub; it was two from the end that’s closest to the bathrooms.

Investigator in Morris case resigns
Edward F. McCann Jr., a local prosecutor who supervised a controversial investigation of the Nizah Morris incident, has resigned.

Mount Horeb school cancels reading of transgender book after lawsuit threat
Around the same time a bill proposing restrictions on school bathrooms for transgender students prompted an emotional public hearing in an Assembly committee last week, one Dane County school made an effort to be more inclusive of a transgender student.

Asesinatos de mujeres transexuales en el limbo en Veracruz
*Se reportan en 2015 por lo menos 15 asesinatos de mujeres trans pero la cifra negra, es mayor dice Silvia-Susana-Jácome-García.

Activista de la comunidad LGBT de Pinar del Río denuncia acoso policial
Leodán Suárez, líder del proyecto de apoyo a la comunidad LGBT de Pinar del Río Luz de vida, denunció el miércoles en declaraciones a DIARIO DE CUBA que la Seguridad del Estado le está acosando con amenazas y citaciones informales, a las que se niega a acudir.

Transexuales podrán cambiar legalmente de nombre y género en Bolivia
La ministra de Justicia de Bolivia, Virginia Velasco, anunció hoy la aprobación de una ley que permitirá el cambio de nombre y género de las personas transexuales y transgénero en sus documentos legales de identidad.
Transgender people will soon be able to officially change names, genders
Transgender Bolivians Gain Right to Change Gender on ID Cards

Carnavaleros no quieren que trans compitan en concurso de reinas
El presidente de Daecpu señala que deben ser certámenes separados
Espert: "Hagan concurso de trans, putos y de bufarrones"

sexta-feira, novembro 27, 2015

Travestis pagam R$ 50 a cafetinas para 'trabalhar' na rua
A prostituição das travestis vai muito além do livre arbítrio de fazer o que quiser com o próprio corpo. Descer para a pista, em Salvador, está condicionado ao pagamento de R$ 50 por semana às cafetinas ou às pessoas designadas por elas para fazerem a cobrança. Quem não paga está passível de sofrer represálias.

Justiça decreta prisão preventiva de pintor por 6 mortes e estupros, diz MP
Jorge Oliveira passa a ser réu no processo e responderá preso pelo crime.
Segundo promotor, provas apontam que 6ª vítima é Kelvin Silva; falta DNA.

Travesti é encontrado morto em quarto de hotel da zona leste de SP
O principal suspeito de cometer o crime pagou a conta do hotel com o cartão de crédito da irmã. Os funcionários do estabelecimento encontraram o travesti morto na cama dez horas após o crime. Ele tinha um corte profundo na garganta.

If you're young, trans and looking for love, the outlook on the BBC's latest documentary isn't optimistic
Nevertheless, the subject was handled sensitively in this case - but it does make me fear if it's just the beginning of a slippery slope

Five transgender Kenyans sue state to change their names
Five transgender Kenyans are suing to compel the state to register their new names on their national ID cards.

Transgender community demands implementation of SC ruling
The transgender do not want to dance on the streets or beg for money, claimed Bindiya Rana. Accept us as equal humans and provide us chances for employment, she demanded.

Officially Recognized But Publicly Shamed: Transgender Life in Pakistan
One Friday night earlier this year, a nervous but meticulously made-up crowd of transgender women sat in the upper circle of the smart Al Hamra Arts complex in Lahore, Pakistan. Bored with waiting for the performance to begin, one and then all of them stood up to take in a better view of the surroundings.

Vietnamese transgender people celebrate win
This week, Vietnam passed a law which will allow people who have undergone gender reassignment surgery to register under their new gender. For many people living in limbo since their operation this was an extraordinary moment, as the BBC's Nga Pham finds out.

Magistrate will be asked to consider an assault victim is a 'six-foot-six, 120kg transgender person' when he sentences the man found guilty for fracturing her cheekbone and eye socket
Stephanie McCarthy was viciously bashed outside a pub in Newtown
One of her attackers has claimed he felt intimidated by physical size
Nicholas Wells claims he only 'grappled her (McCarthy) in self-defence'
But CCTV footage shows him aiming three upper-cut punches at her face
Mr Wells and his friend Alexis Clifford Ozanne pleaded guilty to assault
It comes after she faced her other attacker outside Newtown Local Court

Transgender man has penis construction surgery using skin from his stomach
Early on Billy-Joe told his girlfriend he was transgender and wanted to become a man. That was five years ago. He was 21. "This is going to be difficult journey are you with me?" he asked. He had already once tried to take his own life. "The road seemed so long at the time."

[New Zealand]
Trans women encouraged to contribute to UN report
Trans women are encouraged to join the conversation in ending discrimination against women ahead of New Zealand’s periodic report to the UN.

Alberta education minister satisfied with Catholic school board progress on LGBTQ policy
Alberta’s education minister is pleased with the progress being made by the Edmonton Catholic School Board as it works to develop policy on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Edmonton Catholic school board now a leader on transgender policy, education minister says

Caitlyn Jenner plans to vote for oppression
In the past, a transgender voter interested in ordinary equality and civil rights for transgender people could have found reasons to vote against a Democrat and for a Republican.

National survey shows public supports rights, protections for transgender people
From Donald Trump and the Syrian refugee crisis to terrorism and the Islamic State, there will be more than enough political fodder to go around the Thanksgiving dinner table this year.

How ‘The Danish Girl’ Will Open New Doors For The Transgender Community
Director Tom Hooper’s latest film The Danish Girl is already stirring Oscar buzz, as well as a bit of controversy. Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of Lili Elbe, the first transgender woman on record to undergo sex reassignment surgery, is certainly worthy of such consideration, as is Alicia Vikander’s as the character’s loving but conflicted wife. Such recognition could cause it to become one of the most widely viewed films about a transgender character ever released.

Transgender 'Tangerine' star Mya Taylor is making the most of her moment
"Tangerine" star Mya Taylor adjusted her glasses, flipped her long hair off a shoulder and took in the cracked linoleum floor and the picture-heavy menu at Donut Time in Hollywood.

The new Happy Birthday Marsha trailer is everything that Stonewall should have been
Now that’s more like it, the trailer for Happy Birthday Marsha is out and it is everything Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall should have been.

Electing trans officials: A new frontier in politics
Recent years have seen a record number of openly gay people seated in the U.S. House, the election of the first out lesbian to the U.S. Senate and the appointment of a bisexual woman as governor of Oregon. But there remains a dearth of openly transgender officials at any level of government.

San Clemente Bus Driver, Former Navy Technician Transitions From Man to Woman
Editor’s Note: This is the first part of a two-part series about transgender policy in the Capistrano Unified School District and the people it affects.

Voices From South Florida's Transgender Community
November is Transgender Awareness Month and a number of events took place across South Florida to celebrate the trans community and raise awareness around key issues affecting transgender individuals including homelessness, unemployment and violence.

Settlement coming in District 211 transgender case?
Special school board meeting scheduled for Wednesday night

Board considers transgender policy
The Marionville R-9 School Board had about 15 policy revisions in its packet to cover during the November 17 meeting.

Transgender Policy Enforced
Law allows Dallas High School student to use boys locker room with others

Gender-identity language divides County Council
Proposal would have added transgender employees to protected groups
Split votes kills proposal, as well as larger package of employee benefit changes
Meeting turns into an airing of grievances over YMCA transgender policy

Festival honors transvestites in Mexico
A lively parade of transvestites wearing flowers and ribbons on their heads partied through the streets of an indigenous Mexican town in the weekend of their 40th annual “muxe” festival.

Bolivia permitirá a transexuales cambios legales
Ministra de justicia anunció aprobación de ley para documentos legales de identidad
Bolivia proposes law allowing transgender people to officially change names, genders

quinta-feira, novembro 26, 2015

Travesti é baleada após recusar pedido de cliente em Vila Velha
Caso foi registrado no bairro Jardim Marilândia. Segundo a polícia, a vítima é moradora de rua e costuma fazer programas em Vila Velha. O suspeito não foi localizado

Crowdfunding helps transsexual singer live his dreams
The transsexual Spanish singer Viruta FTM is today launching his album Pasión Mutante in Barcelona, to coincide with the International Day dedicated to transsexual victims of hate. The collection of 11 songs of various musical genres is the result of a successful and original crowdfunding campaign.

10-year-old trans boy disqualified from swimming gala
A 10-year-old has been disqualified from a swimming gala after coming second in a race, because his mum says he was “outed” as trans to the judges.

The UK's first transgender Army officer full of praise for 'tolerant' Liverpool - where she now calls home
Abigail Austen made the transition in 2007 while she was serving for the British Army

Suffolk transgender woman Shannon Taylor from Newmarket talks about ‘disgusting hate’, assaults and threats
A Suffolk transgender woman has spoken out about the “disgusting” hate and abuse she receives on an almost daily basis.

Transgender prison death: Peers back reform
Peers have backed calls for a shake-up of the government's handling of transgender prisoners.

Transgender prisoner Vikki Thompson 'considered at risk'
A transgender woman who was found dead at a male prison was considered to be "at risk of self-harm", an inquest has heard.
Trans woman in men’s prison: ‘I’m so close to ending my life’

US politician claims British equality laws ban people praying for Paris
A Christian activist in the US has claimed that the UK’s Equality Act bans people praying for Paris – by enforcing “homosexuality and transgenderism”.

Transphobic attack on The Day of Remembrance for Transgender Victims of Hate
On the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Transgender Hate Crimes, someone attempted to kidnap a trans woman then beaten with a crowbar.

Trans woman stabbed and strangled to death!
Nilay, a trans woman in Maltepe, Istanbul has been found dead at her home. She was first stabbed and then strangled with the bathrobe cord. Police said to Istnabul LGBTI activist who requested information, that “Already dead, why do you care?”

Supreme Court upholds transgender activist’s cremation request
After her suicide, May Peleg’s ultra-Orthodox family loses appeal to bury her according to Jewish law

Vietnam's transgender say new law paves way for surgeries
Gay and transgender activists in Vietnam say a new law recognizing their rights will pave the way for gender reassignment surgery in the communist country and reduce discrimination.

Unknown assailant repeatedly stabs and kills transgender woman on quiet bridge
Muhammad Safrizal AKA Shella Aprilia (27) was tragically stabbed to death on the Supriadi Bridge in Cipayung, East Jakarta at around 1:30AM today.

Man gets 3-1/2 years for attacking transgender escort
A Winnipeg man who flew into a violent rage after hiring a transgender escort has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison.

P.E.I. radio station pulls 'derogatory' ad after complaints
A local radio station has pulled an ad that both Pride PEI and the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women complained was derogatory to transgender people.

VIDEO: Trans boy abused in Canadian psychiatric hospital
One man's story of survival and growth

The ‘tyranny’ of sex-change surgery and its political sycophants
A recent move by Ontario’s Liberal government to expand referrals for sex-reassignment surgeries (SRS) opened yet another front in the decades-long political and ideological war over the perception and treatment of gender dysphoria.

Traveling While Trans: When the Security Line Is Anything But Secure
On September 21, Shadi Petosky attempted to board a flight at the Orlando International Airport, when she was stopped by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents who flagged her crotch as an “anomaly.”

The Trans Murder That Started a Movement
When Rita Hester was murdered 17 years ago, the LGBT community promised not to let her die in vain.
Yes, We Still Need a Transgender Day of Remembrance (and Resilience)
TDOR 2015: A Malaysian Transwoman’s View
Transmissions: The next day
Four Years to Live: On Violence Against Trans Women of Color

As 2015 Sees A Record Number Of Documented Transgender Murders, A Glimmer Of Hope
Friday marks the Transgender Day of Remembrance, an annual memorial first started in 1999 by Gwendolyn Ann Smith. This year, a record number of transgender murders were documented, a depressing reminder of how rampant anti-trans violence is. However, the fact that such cases are being accurately reported and documented with greater frequency may also provide a glimmer of hope that change could be possible.

Caitlyn Jenner Is Not a "Hero"
When Bruce Jenner, notable Olympic athlete, decided to become a transgender woman at the time when the nation was, and still is, divided by LGBTQ concerns, she represented freedom from oppression for all transgender women. Caitlyn Jenner did for herself and the LGBTQ community a great thing; she opened herself up to public scrutiny and encouraged love and support for all genders. But her actions as of late lead me to believe she is not worthy of the accolades the press gives her. From a drunk driving incident that left a woman dead, to continuing to use a country club male membership, it seems that most issues a transgender woman faces in life Caitlyn can skirt by using affluence and social connections.
You Don't Care Who Won a Glamour Award, You're Just a Transphobic Bigot
Defending Caitlyn Jenner Against Rose McGowan

Odd alliance against 'bathroom rights' for transgenders
It appears some in the radical homosexual movement are drawing a line on how far their liberal views should go.

Cruz: Obama Administration’s support for trans teens is “lunacy”
Presidential candidate accuses government of forcing schools "to let boys shower with little girls"

New HUD Rule Strengthens Protections for Trans People in Shelters
The federal agency wants to make sure trans people are housed according to their gender identity.

New surgery could allow trans women to give birth within five years
'The human drive to be a mother for a woman is a very serious thing. Transgender women are no different'

Transgender stars of Tangerine make history with Indie Spirit Award nods
Kitana Kiki Rodriguez nominated for best actress while Mya Taylor gets supporting actress nod

Transgender Pilots Frustrated Over Extra Scrutiny From FAA
When it comes to clearing pilots for takeoff, the Federal Aviation Administration uses regular medical exams to make sure they’re fit to fly. But the process may not be fair for everyone in the cockpit.

Couple accused in transgender attack
A San Francisco couple accused of hate crimes stemming from the assault of a transgender woman in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood Sunday claim they acted in self-defense and pleaded not guilty before a judge Friday afternoon.

Transgender women living with HIV in Los Angeles County face an array of unmet legal needs
Transgender women living with HIV in Los Angeles County face a variety of legal needs that have a significant impact on their access to resources such as income, health care and housing, but most do not receive any legal assistance, according to a new analysis by researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law.

Killer in '12 trans death ID'd
Police have identified the man they believe fatally shot a transgender woman in 2012 in downtown Oakland.

Defense misgenders trans assault victim
As the couple accused of attacking a transgender woman in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood pleaded not guilty recently, the attorneys representing them repeatedly misgendered the victim.

Trans employees open up about workplace issues
Accomplished opera singer Breanna Sinclaire, recently honored by Out magazine as one of the top 100 LGBT advocates of the year, still worries when she applies for a job or meets new co-workers.

Trans activist charged with ‘disobeying’ police at D.C. protest
he U.S. Attorney’s Office on Thursday decided against prosecuting transgender activist Jes Grobman for allegedly assaulting a police officer at the site of a trans rights demonstration in which protesters blocked evening rush hour traffic at 14th and Irving Streets, N.W.

Transgender elementary school teacher a first in Florida
Parent files complaint with school board

NH native charged in Maine supermarket killing sentenced to life behind bars
A Maine woman who pleaded guilty to fatally slashing a woman in a random attack in a supermarket is going to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Following trend in smaller schools, Marionville adopts transgender policy. One mom not happy
Joining a growing number of Missouri schools, the Marionville School District adopted a policy Thursday regarding transgender students.
Missouri schools navigate transgender restroom policies

In NC, Heated Rhetoric Over Transgender Lawsuit In Virginia
A federal lawsuit involving a transgender high school student in Virginia is leading to heated political rhetoric in North Carolina.

McCrory will join transgender bathroom lawsuit
Governor Pat McCrory will join South Carolina and sign on, in his capacity as governor, to a friend-of-the-court brief in a case involving a transgender student's request to use a school's male bathroom.

Transgender New Yorkers Face Higher Unemployment, Poor Health, Report Says
Disproportionately high levels of unemployment and poverty in New York's transgender community are connected to the health issues they face, a new study found.

Supporters 'adopt' stretch of I-71 in memory of Leelah Alcorn
Alcorn walked into traffic to end her life in 2014

Bill proposes regulating transgender bathroom use
The start of the 2016 legislative session is only a few months away, but one proposed bill is already stirring up controversy.

Don Huffines wants to recall the ‘bathroom ordinance’ … except we don’t have one
Don’t you hate when Highland Park residents interfere in Dallas politics?

Exclusive: Collin Co. Woman Sues Employer, Insurance Co. For Discrimination
A Collin County woman is suing her employer, L-3 Communications and its insurance company, Aetna for employment discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Vigil for Dashad "Sage" Smith Three Years After Her Disappearance
Lee Park was lit with candles on Friday night as community members gathered together for a vigil about Dashad "Sage" Smith, a young transgender female who has been missing for three years.

Groups: Ease process to change gender on Va. birth certificates
Diversity advocacy groups Equality Virginia and the National Center for Transgender Equality have asked the state to make it easier for a transgender person born in Virginia to get their gender changed on their birth certificate.

What Is It Like To Be Transgender In Vermont?
More than two dozen Vermonters turned out in downtown Montpelier Friday to raise awareness about transgender issues and remember trans people who have been killed because of their gender identity.

A transgender woman shares her journey to truth
For Transgender Awareness Week, KING 5 shares the story of a transgender woman from Pierce County who is in the process of transitioning.

AG Schimel says WEDC didn't violate law, DOJ won't defend schools sued over transgender bathroom bill
Wisconsin's attorney general says the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) did not break the law with its tax credit program.

Trans teen remembered as friend, leader
In many ways, Mackenzie Murtomaki was unique. Murtomaki was smart, artistic, a leader in Calumet High School's Junior ROTC program and also transgendered, born into a body that didn't fit their (Murtomaki's) perception of their real gender.

GOP defends transgender restrictions proposal
Wisconsin bill would prohibit students from using bathrooms and locker rooms for the gender with which they identify.
Wisconsin Republicans Defend Transgender Restrictions Bill
Milwaukee Ald. Zielinski to introduce resolution condemning Assembly's anti-transgender bill

quarta-feira, novembro 25, 2015

Primeira transexual do mundo a assumir cargo em um mecanismo ligado à ONU é brasileira
A primeira transexual do mundo a assumir um cargo em um Mecanismo de Prevenção e Combate à Tortura, órgão que atua em parceria com a Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU), é brasileira.

Travesti denuncia agressão de seguranças em boate em Campos, RJ
Yasmim Fazolly disse que foi expulsa por usar o banheiro feminino.
Travesti alega que foi atingida por barra de ferro.

Hanged, stoned, killed by their parents: 271 trans people murdered this year
Transgender Day of Remembrance: The US has seen 27 killings of trans people in 2015, the highest in years

Mum of transgender 8-year-old forced to hide blades and scissors over fears child would cut off penis
Avery Jackson was just four when she confessed she was in fact a girl and desperately unhappy with her body and even asked questions about dying

DUP minister defends £3,500 grant to festival which showed play of Jesus as transgender
A DUP minister has defended a grant awarded to a festival that screened a play portraying Jesus as a transgender woman.

Poster for LGBT helpline could go up in every GP surgery
Helpline Switchboard has sent 10,000 posters to GP surgeries across the country, offering free support to people who are struggling with their identity.

Transgender child aged 10 disqualified from boys' race at school swimming gala
The child's “disappointed” mother wrote to organisers, saying she believed the disqualification stemmed from the child’s gender transition

Trans documentary I Am Leo wins kids’ BAFTA
CBBC’s first documentary about a transgender person has picked up a children’s BAFTA.

Toys R Us to scrap ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ labels on toys
Toys R Us will no longer label its toys as “for boys” and “for girls” online – becoming the latest retailer to make the gender-inclusive move.

Transgender woman from Virginia, Claire Green, is “Looking for Love” in new BBC documentary
Claire Green says she is moving away from Virginia’s gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains to Richmond, the state capital, because she wants to “make a future for myself…move on from the past.”

Once risky, 'Danish Girl' movie catches transgender zeitgeist
"Risky" was a word British director Tom Hooper heard a lot when he was trying to get "The Danish Girl" made seven years ago.

Trans Kadın Önce Bıçaklandı Sonra Boğularak Öldürüldü! Trans Woman Stabbed And Strangled To Death!
Nilay, a trans woman in Maltepe, Istanbul has been found dead at her home. She was first stabbed and then strangled with the bathrobe cord. Police said to Istanbul LGBTI activist who requested information, that “Already dead, why do you care?”
Nilay, a 33 years old trans woman in Maltepe, Istanbul lost her life after transphobic hate crime. Nilay who was attacked yesterday (23 November) around noon at her house suffered several stabbings on her body. The murderer strangled her with the bathrob cord after stabbing her.
Yanki Bayramoglu, friend of deceased Nilay stressed the fact that this transphobic hate crime took place right after 20 November Transgender Day of Remembrance:

First he stabbed her, then strangled!
“The attack took place yesterday after 3pm. Our mutual friend Emel talked to Nilay on phone around 3 pm. Nilay said that her client was about to arrive and then she hanged up. Later, we tried to call her again but couldn’t reach. Emel got suspicious at night and went to her home. She insistingly knocked on the door but there was no answer. They called for a locksmith and found Nilay’s dead body.”
“I saw the house myself, too. Everywhere was scattered. There was blood. The girl’s body was stabbed everywhere. In the end when she was in death agony, he strangled her with the cord of a bathrobe, and left her there with the knife he used.”

The family is on the road to pick up the body
After Nilay’s friends found her body, they called the police. CSI team and the state prosecutor decided to move Nilay’s body to Kartal Training and Research Hospital’s morgue.
Bayramoglu, stated that they informed the family of Nilay and they are on the road from Diyarbakir to pick up her body.~

Police to Istanbul LGBTI activist: “Already dead, why do you care?”
Kivilcim Arat from Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association said that they have kept calling police offices all night after they heard about the attack in order to get concrete information. However, they were not informed by the police officers. Arat, “Police officers talked to me in a very disrespectful manner and mockingly. We were trying to get information for legal follow up procedures, but they did not provide us any information. They said ‘he is already dead, his throat is cut open, why do you care’ and such other sentences.”
According to the information provided by police to Yanki Bayramoglu, the suspect has not been identified yet. Istanbul LGBTI lawyers will follow up the legal process after murdering.~

Transphobic Hate Attack Three Days Ago!
On 20 November Transgender Day of Remembrance, a trans woman was attacked by a group of men in Istanbul. Around 3 am in the night, Adriana was wounded by a pry bar.

Cremation of transgender activist going to Israel’s Supreme Court
The Supreme Court of Israel will hear the appeal brought by the haredi Orthodox family of a transgender activist over the activist’s cremation.

Transgenders ramp up efforts for recognition
Tall models sashaying down a makeshift ramp to the tune of Bollywood numbers and a cacophony of hoots, whistles and cheers to greet them. This hybrid dance-cum-fashion show, which took place at the Civil Lines on Thursday, could be like any other-except for one crucial difference: All the models were transgender.

Make gender choice official, says Phuket Poll
More than half the respondents to an online poll by The Phuket News have voiced their support for transgenders or transsexuals to choose the gender shown on their Thai government identity cards.

Vietnam recognizes transgender rights in breakthrough vote
Transgender people in Vietnam will be recognized under the law and have all relevant rights to their new gender, according to the Amended Civil Code passed by lawmakers on Tuesday.
Vietnam recognises transgender people, allows sex change on legal documents

Trans army officer is patron of glbti foundation
The highest ranking transgender woman in the Australian Defence Force has been appointed as a patron of a not-for-profit organisation working to promote and protect the human rights of glbti people in the Asia Pacific region.

Trans rights get a boost in NSW Parliament
With today being Transgender Day of Remembrance, plans are afoot in NSW Parliament to amend laws that prevent trans people from changing their gender on birth certificates without first having to undergo a surgical procedure.

[New Zealand]
Trans prisoner protest targets Correction Minister
Red paint was thrown at Correction Minister Sam Lotu-liga’s electoral office on Wednesday night, in protest of Correction’s handling of transgender prisoners.
No Pride in Prisons share support for protesters

Two agencies would accept B.C. birth certificates without gender marker
Two agencies that could be affected if the British Columbia government stopped listing sex on birth certificates have told the province they could live with the change.

Alberta NDP gov't will make discrimination against transgender people illegal
Edmonton Pride Centre spokesman declares it a great day for human rights in Alberta

Trans advocates want more from anti-discrimination law
Liberals pledged to protect gender identity, but what about expression?

B.C. Corrections makes it official policy to house transgender inmates based on gender identity
British Columbia has become the second province in Canada to make it official policy to hold transgender prisoners in facilities based on gender identity as opposed to physical attributes.
British Columbia prisons implement reforms for transgender prisoners

Trans student group demands more from university
Trans Emergency Caucus says resources would help students, Peel community

WATCH: SNL Knows How to Shut Down Transphobic Thanksgiving Talk
Hint: It all starts with a simple ‘Hello.’

WATCH: Transgender Pilots Subject to Extra FAA Scrutiny Despite Policy Change
A pilot from California says she was forced to undergo an extra psychological evaluation because she is transgender.

Transgender Women’s Health Benefits From Transition Surgery, Study Finds
A new study finds that transgender women may actually experience physical health benefits from undergoing transition-related surgery compared to those who only use hormone therapy.

Fox Contributor Laments Girls Trying To Join Boy Scouts Because It Violates "Classic American Tradition"
From the November 23 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

Watch This State Representative Call Out The Extreme Group Behind Laws Targeting Transgender Students
During a hearing on a bill aimed at denying protections for transgender students, a Wisconsin state representative called out the extreme anti-LGBT legal organization working to enact similar laws across the country.

Feds Tell Shelters to House Trans People According to Gender Identity
Yesterday, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a new regulation that would require homeless shelters receiving federal funds to house transgender people according to their gender identity.

San Diego Unified School District considers solution to problem of gender expression and bathroom
According to the San Diego Unified School District's policy regarding Nondiscrimination of Transgender Students, "all persons, including students, have a right to privacy; this includes keeping a student's actual or perceived gender identity and gender expression private." That means, in part, that "students have the right to be addressed by a name and pronoun corresponding to their gender identity that is consistently asserted at school." But it also means, according to Bob Sagat Middle School Principal Barnaby Brickhouse, "that it's impossible to designate a particular bathroom as being for the exclusive use of either boys or girls. It amounts to a forced declaration of gender. Some people have proposed the free-pee-for-all of unisex bathrooms as a solution, but I don't cotton to that."

Oakland: Police name homicide victim as transgender woman's killer
On the eve of the 17th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, Oakland police have identified a resident fatally shot three years ago as the man who shot a transgender woman weeks earlier, authorities said Thursday.

Pioneering UCSF Clinic Helps Transgender Youth Be Themselves
Clues to a transgender identity can start very early.

Task Force Condemns Police’s Treatment of Transgender Activist
The National LGBTQ Task Force condemns the treatment of transgender activist Jes Grobman by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia. Grobman was arrested during a “Transgender Week of Action” protest in DC yesterday, November 18 at about 6pm ET. Initial charges brought against her yesterday have been dropped, but today new charges were brought against her while she was in court and she will appear in court again soon. At the time of her arrest, activists were blocking an intersection next to the Columbia Heights Metro, and police did not follow procedure for issuing verbal warnings to clear the intersection before she was arrested. The protest was attended by dozens of transgender community members, and Jes Grobman was one of the lead organizers along with Alexa Rodriguez of the TransLatina Coalition.

LGBT Debate Will Have Greater Focus on Transgender Hoosiers
The legislative debate over LGBT rights next year is likely to focus more than ever before on the T.

Lawsuit challenging Jindal’s anti-LGBT religious objections order going to trial
A lawsuit challenging Gov. Bobby Jindal’s executive order offering protections to people who oppose same-sex marriage is headed to trial.

Transgender community finding acceptance in Kent County
Members of the transgender community here and elsewhere face challenges as they work toward gaining acceptance and the same rights of everyone else around them.

Carefirst expands coverage to transgender patients
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, the state's largest insurer, is expanding coverage so gender reassignment surgery is covered for transgender customers in Maryland.
Transgender insurance exclusions lifted in Maryland

Pat McCrory goes after transgender protections in Roy Cooper political attack
Pat McCrory is asking Attorney General Roy Cooper to join South Carolina in signing an amicus brief opposing the Obama Administration, who filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting a transgender student in Virginia in a Fourth Circuit Federal Appeals Court case over the use of school bathrooms corresponding to the student’s gender identity.
Gov. McCrory Fights Against Allowing Transsexual Students To Use Gender-Specific Bathrooms
McCrory calls on Cooper to oppose transgender bathroom lawsuit
Despite McCrory's request, Cooper won't join Virginia transgender bathroom suit
McCrory, Cooper face off on transgender rights
A Governor, an Attorney General, and a Transgender Kid

Conservative legal group weighs in on NSAA transgender policy debate
The conservative Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom is the latest to weigh in on the Nebraska School Activities Association’s efforts to create a policy on transgender students’ participation in sports.

Princeton Schools considers policy change for transgender students
Board of Education members are considering a proposed policy that could make Princeton Public Schools more accessible for transgender and gender nonconforming students.

Victory! Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Reverses Coverage Denial for Transgender Man’s Medically Necessary Gynecological Care Following TLDEF’s Intervention
We are thrilled to announce that Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York has reversed its coverage denial for a transgender man’s medically necessary gynecological care after we intervened on his behalf. John Doe, who wishes to remain anonymous, began his transition during his teenage years. He underwent medical care as part of his gender transition. He changed his name and updated his social security records, passport and driver’s license to reflect that he is male. In 2013, he purchased a health insurance plan from Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (Empire). He was listed as male on the health care plan.

Today Is Transgender Day of Remembrance
November 20 is the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance to honor and mourn those lost to violence based on hatred of their gender identity, expression, or nonconformity.

Transgender restroom debate brought to Cleveland City Council
Legislation introduced 2 years ago stuck

Transgender student at Lewis & Clark College assaulted
Lewis and Clark College officials say they are investigating an assault on a transgender student, just a day after a black student was assaulted by three white men.

Government: Gender dysphoria has physical cause
The U.S. Department of Justice says gender dysphoria appears to have a physical cause, thus it’s not necessarily excluded as a protected disability by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Lambda Legal Commends Pennsylvania School District for Rejecting Discriminatory Policy
The Northwestern Lehigh school board in New Tripoli, PA announced that it would continue its current practice to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and single-sex facilities that match their gender identity. The Board explicitly rejected efforts by the anti-LGBT Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to implement policies that would discriminate against transgender students.

Trans man sues MontCo supermarket
The trouble started for Sam Melrath when he cut his hair.

Banner disparaging transgender women hung by Lehigh students
Robert Linney went to Lehigh University, as did his daughter.

Gender Neutral Bathroom Bill Signing at Fergie’s Pub a Major Crossroads
When a bill is signed into law, most ceremonies are invitation only and take place in government buildings. That’s why today’s signing of Philadelphia’s gender neutral bathroom bill is such an interesting twist. The ceremony is taking place at Fergie’s Pub, a location that isn’t necessarily the first to come to mind when thinking about the transgender community, despite it being located pretty much in the Gayborhood.

Houston Trans Man Says Police Mocked Him, Failed To Arrest Attackers – VIDEO
Just weeks after Houston voters rejected an equal rights ordinance, a transgender resident says he was assaulted by neighbors with a gun and a knife.

More than five years after firefighter's death, transgender widow to get his death benefits
Nikki Araguz Lloyd finally prevails in legal battle with late husband's family

This transphobic teacher has a lot to learn from her trans student
A teacher who says she was sacked for refusing to address a trans boy as male, has filed a lawsuit alleging she was discriminated against.

Seattle doctor writes book for transgender youth
While there are now transgender parades and conversation about Caitlyn Jenner's transition, transgender youth still face many struggles.

[América Latina]
El 80% de las transexuales de América Latina mueren antes de los 35 años
Las estadísticas destacan que la mayor parte de la violencia contra este colectivo se produce en el entorno familiar.
Se ven forzadas al trabajo sexual y a ser perfiladas por la policía como "peligrosas".

Intentan linchar a dos trasvestis en Chiapas; Comunidad Gay exige intervención de autoridades
Habitantes de uno de los barrios del municipio fronterizo de Comitán capturaron a intentaron linchar esta noche a dos transexuales, a quienes acusaron de robo, lo que provocó la movilización de la comunidad Gay para exigir la Intervención de la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado.

Elite Mexico school celebrates 'skirt day' to challenge gender roles (PHOTOS)
'Every year, every guy in my high school in Mexico wears a skirt/dress'

segunda-feira, novembro 23, 2015

TDOR 2015

How many trans people need to die for Europe to take action?
Every year on November 20, the trans community remembers and mourns those trans people who lost their lives to transphobia. During the past 12 months, 11 trans persons were reported murdered in Europe [1], but many more murders go unnoticed. On this Transgender Day of Remembrance, TGEU calls on the European Commission to extend current European hate crime framework to cover for gender identity, and on the Council of Europe to upscale their efforts to combat transphobic violence.

[Reino Unido]
Transgénero inglesa encontrada morta após ter-lhe sido negada transferência para prisão feminina
Vicky Thompson, de 21 anos, cumpria pena num estabelecimento prisional masculino. Tentou a transferência para uma prisão de mulheres mas o pedido foi-lhe negado.
UK trans woman found dead in men’s prison — foul play not suspected
Transgender woman Vicky Thompson found dead in a male jail
Vicky Thompson: Vigil held over transgender prison death
Trans Woman Dies in U.K. Men's Prison
UK government will launch study into trans prisoners following death of trans woman in men's jail
British govt may change transgender jail policy after prison death
Government challenged after death of trans woman in male prison
Trans woman found dead in UK men's prison
Transgender woman found dead in all-male prison
Transgender woman found dead after suicide threat if she was sent to male prison

Letchworth campaigner recognised in national newspaper as one of the most influential transgender people in Britian
A Letchworth woman has been recognised by a national newspaper as one of the most influential lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people in Britain.

Germaine Greer's Cardiff University lecture goes ahead despite petition to have event cancelled
Topics included the Suffragettes, equal pay and Ms Greer making a controversial statement that she was 'supportive for the relaxing of sex-selected abortion'
Germaine Greer tells university trans women are 'men without cocks' despite large protest

Transphobic attacks up by 25% in London
Police say the figure is due to more transphobic crimes being reported.

Actor Redmayne, playing 1920s transsexual, finds it 'shocking' how little has changed
Eddie Redmayne said he finds the lack of progress on transgender rights in the past century 'shocking' after playing 1920s transsexual pioneer Lili Elbe in his new film "The Danish Girl".

Milena’s freedom comes with her ID card
Thanks to her new identity card, Milena Bargiacchi can enjoy freedom. Because this 26-year-old photographer was born with a feminine soul trapped in a male body. And after fighting fiercely for years in the courtrooms of Emilia Romagna, she has finally managed, at least on paper, to break free from the cage in which Mother Nature had placed her. Just a few weeks ago she became the first transsexual in the region to have what should be her legal right recognised: in other words, the right to change gender on official documents without the obligation (which is still in force in Italy) to do so first by surgery.

Transgender still discriminated
On the occasion of the "Transgender Day of Remembrance" (TDOR), the Institute for the equality of women and men has pointed out that transgender are still discriminated and victim of violence.

Anti-Torture committee scolds Austria over treatment of trans inmates
The Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee (CPT) has for the first time addressed gender identity discrimination in one of its reports. In its report issued on November 11, 2015, it recommends Austria to enable trans persons in detention access to trans specific health and legal gender recognition. Also, non-discrimination policies should be developed.

40 change gender after new law
40 people have changed their gender since Parliament adopted the Gender Identity lawearlier this year, Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela told Labour MP Ettienne Grech in reply to a parliamentary question.

Court: Transgender woman can be cremated
May Peleg left behind a will with instructions that she be cremated, but her estranged ultra-Orthodox family wanted a traditional Jewish burial.

Brutal Attack on Ugandan Transgender Activist Beyonce Karungi
Though our mission is to pursue and protect the rights of LGBT people and people living with HIV nationwide, Lambda Legal is routinely asked to consult with groups around the globe. Over the past couple of years, Lambda Legal attorneys and education staff have met with groups of LGBT and HIV activists visiting from Australia, China, Kyrgystan and Uganda—to name a few. We are always glad to share insights and stories, and to hear from our global siblings working for rights and respect.

Man who nearly dies following DIY castration attempt given free plastic surgery after story goes viral
A 30-year-old man from Guangdong province who nearly died while trying to castrate himself in order to fulfil his dream of becoming a woman has been given free plastic surgery after his story went viral earlier this week.

LGBT people still suffer from widespread violent abuse in Yogyakarta
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities in Yogyakarta celebrated on Friday the Transgender Day of Remembrance by staging a silent rally at the Yogyakarta Police office. They urged the Police to immediately apprehend the perpetrators of violent acts against LGBT communities in Yogyakarta, which had left LGBT people suffering from injuries and bone fractures.

'We don't look after people like you.' Transgender people refused medical care
Transgender people have been refused medical care, kicked out of their jobs and forced to undergo psychiatric and surgical procedures in a systematic violation of their human rights, new research has found.

Call yourself a woman? Feminists take on transgender community in bitter debate
Polarised attitudes towards trans women suggest our gender-diverse community needs to discuss what it means to be a woman.

WRPS developing transgender policy
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Superintendent Terry Pearson said they will follow a directive recently handed down by the Minister of Education David Eggen, but believes they are already doing what is necessary to be inclusive to all students.

Why Making Transgender Reassignment Surgeries More Accessible Matters
Proposed trans healthcare legislation provides a welcome change.

HUD proposes gender identity rule for shelter placement
Proposed rule would require transgender individuals to be placed according to gender identity

Observing the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Friday
This Friday, November 20th, is the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), an annual observance that honors the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was started by transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith as a vigil to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998. The first vigil commemorated all the transgender people lost to violence that year, and began an important tradition that has become the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. Smith has said the following about the day:

FBI Hate Crime report shows rise in anti-trans violence
The Federal Bureau of Investigation released its report on hate crimes for 2014.
Slayings of transgender women in U.S. reach alarming high

Isa Noyola speaks at first-ever Congressional Forum on Violence Against the Transgender Community
Today, the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus is holding the first-ever Congressional Forum on Violence Against the Transgender Community, following the announcement of their creation of a Transgender Equality Task Force chaired by Rep. Mike Honda (D-Silicon Valley).
NCTE Provides Testimony in Historic Congressional Forum Addressing Trans Violence

Explainer: why transgender students need “safe” bathrooms
Bathroom safety has become the next battle for transgender students on college campuses across the nation.

Bette Midler: ‘Caitlyn may be a woman – but she’s still a Republican’
Bette Midler has hit out at Caitlyn Jenner after the former Olympian turned reality star recently revealed that she is still planning to vote GOP in the next years election.
The fiercely liberal Beaches star – who issued an epic putdown to pop star Justin Bieber earlier this month – tweeted her disgust at Jenner’s politics to her 782K followers.
Caitlyn Jenner Shares Powerful Message to End Hate and Violence on the Transgender Day of Remembrance: ''Listen to Trans Stories''
Caitlyn Jenner: I’m Voting Republican In 2016

Obama is holding a transgender film night in the White House
The White House made the announcement as it revealed the ‘White House LGBT Artists Champions of Change’ – part of a programme recognising the achievements of activists on a range of issues.

WATCH: New Zoolander Film Called Transphobic
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's return in the Zoolander franchise, Zoolander 2, might not be a model of diversity. A new trailer released this week has some activists concerned the film is transphobic.
Trailer for Zoolander 2 called transphobic by some - petition launched

Department of Justice Weighs in on Transgender Exclusion in Americans with Disabilities Act
Yesterday the Department of Justice (DOJ) weighed in on the transgender exclusion written into the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), urging the court to ignore the exclusion in order to avoid a constitutional problem.

The Washington Post's Editorial Board Denounces "Tragic Discrimination" Of Transgender Students
The Washington Post's editorial board denounced the "fear-mongering" that "has become a staple" of debates over transgender student rights and led to "tragic discrimination" against transgender students. The fearmongering is based on the debunked "bathroom" myth hyped by right-wing media.

Sex reassignment surgery may protect metabolic health of transgender women
Transgender women who undergo sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy may be less likely to develop metabolic disease than those who receive hormone therapy alone. This is according to new research recently presented at Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Diseases: Physiology and Gender - a conference of the American Physiological Society, held in Annapolis, MD.

Pima Supervisors Add Gender Identity, Expression to County's Employment Non-Discrimination Policy
The Pima County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday to add gender identity and expression to the county's non-discrimination policy.

Hundreds gather in West Hollywood for Transgender Day of Remembrance
In January, Yasmin Vash Payne, a transgender woman, was found dead with multiple stab wounds on the kitchen floor of a burning Van Nuys apartment. She was 33.

Suspects arrested after attack on transgender woman
For the second time this year, the same transgender woman has reportedly been the target of a hate crime on the streets of San Francisco.
Jailed couple describes trans assault

Analysis shows PrEP appears to work for trans women
Transgender women who were assigned to take Truvada in the iPrEx pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, trial had a similar overall risk of HIV infection as those assigned to a placebo, but participants who had blood drug levels showing consistent PrEP use appeared to be protected, according to a new analysis.

Trans Week of Action demonstration shuts down D.C. intersections
Action is one of many occurring during Transgender Awareness Week, leading up to Day of Remembrance

New sketch released: Do you recognize this transgender woman?
Authorities are hoping a new forensic composite sketch will help identify the person found dead along a Lake County road in 1988, who investigators recently discovered was actually transgender.

Pence sends letter to transgender event
Gov. Mike Pence sent a welcoming letter this week to an Indianapolis church that’s preparing to remember transgender people who have died in violence.

Who's protected -- and who's not -- in Indiana's LGBT, religious rights bill
A measure introduced Tuesday by Republican leaders in the Indiana Senate would expand the state’s civil rights laws to include protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity — but with key exceptions for religious objectors. Here is a breakdown of protections Senate Bill 100 would — and wouldn't — provide.

Trans Sistas Of Color Project Launches With First Event, Outlines Plans
It's been a long time coming, but the Trans Sistas of Color Project is now a reality.

Dallas woman charged in Missouri butt injection death
Missouri prosecutors have charged a 44-year-old Dallas woman with manslaughter, accusing her of recklessly causing a woman's death in July by performing an illegal cosmetic butt injection on her.

Dexter board adopts transgender policy, contracts custodial services
Dexter School Board members covered a variety of topics in an hour-long session Tuesday night.

One More Problem Faced by Transgender New Yorkers: Food Insecurity
The last year has seen some of the most hopeful transgender policy developments ever to come out of New York state. At the end of 2014, the state ended the practice of transgender exclusions—language barring coverage of transgender health care needs—in private health insurance. In March, the state lifted its ban on provision of transition-related care under Medicaid. And just last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he would use the regulatory process to provide long-sought discrimination protections for transgender people.

Descendant of Hasidic Judaism Founder Comes Out as Transgender
Raised ultra-Orthodox in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, Abby — originally Srully — Stein recently began transitioning from male to female.
I left Hasidism to become a woman

A Revolutionary Surgery Could Finally Let Trans Women Carry Children
An Ohio clinic recently made history when it began screening women for a groundbreaking medical procedure: transplanting a uterus into a woman who doesn't have one. Uterus transplants have been successfully carried out in Sweden, but the Cleveland Clinic's trials will mark the first time they've been carried out in the U.S.

Ohio Highway Section Memorializes Leelah Alcorn
Almost one year ago, transgender teen Leelah Alcorn took her life along a stretch of Interstate 71 near Kings Mill, Ohio. She left a handwritten suicide note for her parents, and one on Tumblr that went viral after her death, galvanizing the country around transgender issues and against the so-called conversion therapy Alcorn said she’d been subjected to.

Ohio lawmakers push proposed ban on LGBT conversion therapy
Two Democratic state lawmakers in Ohio are using this week's Transgender Day of Remembrance as an opportunity to push their bill seeking a ban on therapy aimed at changing the sexual orientation of minors.

WATCH: HERO's Defeat Spawns New 'Bathroom Myth' Ad in Houston
The activists who defeated the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance are trotting out the same debunked, transphobic scare tactics to urge the election of conservative candidates.

Strong emotions, opinions voiced at hearing on school transgender bathroom bill
Thursday, you'll be able to voice your opinion on a bill that would set a statewide standard for the bathrooms transgender students can use.

Miembros de la comunidad LGBTI denuncian actos violentos después de divulgación del video
Aseguran que ya pusieron la debida denuncia en la Defensoría del Pueblo.