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sábado, setembro 30, 2006

30 de Setembro de 2006 (a partir das 23h30).

Gare Marítima de Alcântara(ao lado do Buddha Lisboa, antigo Salsa Latina).

Autocarro: 14, 28, 32, 43, 104; Eléctrico: 15;Comboio: Estação de Santos, Linha Cascais.

Os lesboetas podem, e devem, ir à Lesboa Party pela temática, mas queremos que fiquem pela bebida, companhia, diversão. E pela música da DJ Tânia Pascoal

Existe-il des travestis hétérosexuels ?
Marie, 22 ans, Canada
Quel est le meilleur moment pour faire sa transition et combien de temps ça prend !
Anna, 16 ans, Canada

Will Cross-Dressing Activists Come To Your School?
As our children have returned to public schools this fall, they face a new threat to their sense of morality and sexuality: Transgender activists are targeting children for seduction into gender confusion.

Transgeneration : série documentaire choc
Pour inaugurer sa nouvelle case "série documentaire" , PinkTV propose "Transgeneration" , un programme en 10 épisodes qui dresse les portraits de deux filles et deux garçons "transgenres" .

Ban prisoner sex changes, says Nile
The NSW Government has been asked to ban sex change operations for state prisoners following the controversy surrounding convicted killer Maddison Hall.

'I'd need a sex change to be MP again'
Former Scarborough MP Lawrie Quinn says he would need a sex change if he was going to win back his seat at the next election!

Transgendered firefighter takes stand during Knoxville firefighter's appeal hearing
A transgendered Knoxville firefighter whose complaint landed another firefighter on a three day suspension took the stand during Wednesday's appeal hearing.

Film about transgender Filipinos in Israel comes to U.S.
You can't accuse filmmaker Tomer Heymann of tackling a mundane subject in this documentary, a multiple award winner at various festivals.

Pitt Teams Up With Nip/Tuck Creator For Transsexual Show
Brad Pitt has teamed up with Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy to produce a new TV show about the life of a transsexual married sportswriter.

Female reproductive organs removed from hermaphroditic 'man'
Doctors in Ho Chi Minh City have just removed all female reproductive organs from a 24-year-old hermaphrodite classified genetically as male.

Trans woman's asylum case re-opened
A transsexual woman who was arrested last month in San Francisco and faced immediate deportation to Indonesia has won the right for her asylum case to be re-opened, the United States Board of Immigration Appeals announced on September 20.

Tranny boom filtering into prostitution
There are almost 12 million Internet sites that come up for the search "tranny." The gender labeled, officially transvestite or transsexual, is a man or woman who has crossed over to the other sex by means of dress, hormone or — in the extreme — surgery. For the plural form — `trannies' — only two and a half million links pop up.

Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act Becomes Law!
The nation's first bill to address use of panic strategies, the Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act (AB 1160), was signed into law today by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Authored by Assembly woman Sally Lieber and Sponsored by Equality California, the bill puts California firmly on record as opposing a defendant's use of societal bias against their victim in order to decrease their own culpability for a crime.

Atta Boy ... Or Girl
By day he's a moral crusader, visiting schools and youth groups to encourage racial integration in his hometown. But at night Atta Yaqub has been seen camping it up with Asian transvestites around the streets of Port Glasgow.

Transgender trauma
While some tourists jet in from around the globe specifically to enjoy the androgynous charms of Patong’s legion of ladyboy prostitutes, there are still cases where off-guard male tourists end up with a ladyboy under the misunderstanding that he is a real woman.

Transsexual faces new charges
A transsexual convicted in 2001 of killing her husband by castrating him in a crude operation is facing new charges for reportedly mailing a threatening letter to a Butler County assistant district attorney and spitting on a state police trooper.

Transgender thief charged in Baltimore
A transgender thief described by one prosecutor as an "incorrigible" con artist is in trouble with the law again - despite being released from prison last year to die of AIDS at home.

Pinelands Regional hires transgender substitute teacher
Lily McBeth, a transgender woman, was among several substitute teachers the Pinelands Regional Board of Education hired Thursday night without comment from board members or the public.
Transgender substitute teacher hired; no audience comment
Lily McBeth was one of several substitute teachers the Pinelands Regional Board of Education voted to hire Thursday night. None of the handful of local residents who attended the meeting spoke on the hiring of the 72-year-old transgender Little Egg Harbor woman.

Cross-dressing Yakkun Sakurazuka's handlers tight-lipped on comic's past
Cross-dressing Yakkun Sakurazuka -- decked out in a retro schoolgirl's sailor-suit uniform, flowing honey-brown tresses, wielding a bamboo kendo sword and spouting bad-mouthed advice -- is arguably Japan's hottest new talent, but Shukan Josei (10/10) notes his career hasn't always been this good.

Trans conference draws record attendance
Taking a closer look at the lives of transgender men, and, for the first time, cracking open its doors to the general public pushed attendance at the Southern Comfort Conference to its largest number since 2000, organizers said.

quinta-feira, setembro 28, 2006

A rede ex aequo – associação de jovens lésbicas, gays, bissexuais, transgéneros e simpatizantes enviou hoje o Relatório Anual de 2006 do seu Observatório de Educação LGBT à Ministra da Educação, dia em que a associação participou no Fórum da Educação para a Cidadania, iniciativa do próprio Ministério da Educação e da Presidência de Conselho de Ministros para o qual foi convidada.

Os resultados deste relatório são coerentes com os apresentados no relatório A Exclusão Social da Juventude LGBT na Europa da IGLYO/ILGA Europa, apresentado a 13 de Setembro ao Parlamento Europeu, estudo para o qual a rede ex aequo, assim como muitos dos seus membros e associados contribuiram. Para além da referência de testemunhos de jovens de vários países, inclusive de vários jovens LGBT portugueses, tanto do sexo masculino como do sexo feminino, o estudo chega à conclusão, com base em mais de 700 questionários respondidos por jovens de 37 países europeus, que os jovens LGBT na Europa enfrentam níveis muito elevados de discriminação e preconceito no seu dia-a-dia: 61,2% enfrentam discriminação na escola, 51,2% na vida familiar e 29,8% no seu círculo de amigos. O relatório demonstra claramente que a discriminação com base na orientação sexual e na identidade de género dificulta a inclusão social da juventude LGBT. Este relatório pode ser consultado em

quarta-feira, setembro 27, 2006

UA sets bar for transgender access rights
The UA allows transgendered people to use the restrooms with which they best identify, making it one of the most inclusive campuses in the country, a UA official said.

Alice Dreger: Disorders of Sex Development
Alice Dreger recently announced that she is resigning from the Consortium on the Management of Disorders of Sex Development ("The DSD Consortium") , and is trying to distance herself from the pathologizing terminology being used by that Consortium – as if she never had anything to do with it.

Public To Weigh In On Whether To Have Gender Change Reflected In
The city has decided to let the public weigh in on whether transgendered people should be granted new birth certificates to reflect their new gender.

Transgender IDs no longer a drag
The city is about to make it easier for transgender New Yorkers to get new birth certificates reflecting their new sex.

Call to ban sex change for prisoners
The NSW government has been asked to ban sex change operations for state prisoners following the controversy surrounding convicted killer Maddison Hall.

Who knew? Filipino drag queens welcomed in Israel
You can't accuse filmmaker Tomer Heymann of tackling a mundane subject in this documentary, a multiple-award winner at various festivals.

Transgender Veterans form a Chapter of TAVA in Georgia
The Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) wishes to announce the formation of a chapter of TAVA in the State of Georgia.

terça-feira, setembro 26, 2006

Gender? It's A Gray Area
According to pop psychiatrist Louann Brizendine, author of the best-selling new book "The Female Brain," men and women come equipped with completely different operating systems -- not only below the belt but between the ears.

Change of sex IDs on city docket
Transgendered New Yorkers would be able to get new birth certificates under a proposal being reviewed by the city's Board of Health.

segunda-feira, setembro 25, 2006

domingo, setembro 24, 2006

What if It’s (Sort of) a Boy and (Sort of) a Girl?
For decades, doctors have operated on babies born with ambiguous genitalia. But there is a growing debate about the role physicians — and parents — should play in physically shaping children.

DSD Consortium: Homophobia and transphobia exposed
Very oddly, the DSD Consortium handbook website lists no DSD Consortium address, contact information or member information, but simply posts links to the brochures published by ISNA, as you'll see

Trading genitalia
Will penile transplant spark a new trend in organ donation?

Letters, 9/23: Transgender rights
The Board of Directors of the Gender Identity Center of Colorado has a responsibility to speak up against blatant attacks on the members of our community. We believe that David Harsanyi's column is just such an attack.

sábado, setembro 23, 2006

«Pizzo» ai colleghi: arrestati due trans
Taglieggiavano colleghi transessuali facendosi pagare ingenti somme per «poter lavorare» nella zona di Piazza dei Navigatori ma sono stati arrestati.

First penis transplant reversed
Surgeons in China who said they performed the first successful penis transplant had to remove the donated organ because of the severe psychological problems it caused to the recipient and his wife.

Transsexual killer to remain behind bars
Transsexual killer Maddison Hall will remain behind bars for at least another 15 months after the NSW State Parole Authority today confirmed an order revoking her parole.
Taxpayers foot killer's jail sex-change bill
Transsexual killer Maddison Hall paid for her sex-change operation from public funds after winning a secret payout from the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

Senate Passes Gender Blind Housing Bill
The Student Assembly Senate met with a packed house on Tuesday to debate three bills regarding gender blind housing, expanding the use of Flex Points and petitioning the City of Williamsburg regarding the future of the College Delly.

TV's new year line-up: heavy on heteros
Broadcast network's 2006-2007 line-up will be shorter on queers and heavier on heteros, according to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Life Sentence For Florida Trans Woman's Killer
The family of a transsexual woman murdered in 2003 say they can finally rest easily with the sentencing of the man who killed her.

Handbook for Parents is transphobic and homophobic
The Consortium for the Management of Disorders of Sex Development in Children has published a handbook specifically for parents of children born intersexed or as the Consortium prefers to call them – disordered in their sex development. It is very revealing that the consortium has published handbooks for doctors and for parents but nothing intended for the actual child. There is a reason for this. The Consortium serves the interests of the two groups just mentioned at the expense of the child being managed.

At issue: Gender and identity
A Batavia teacher has changed gender. The Sept. 5 essay, "Changing genders crosses the line," is an example of "crossing the line" into ignorance and intolerance.

Dr Alan is also singer Elaine
A TOP surgeon leads a bizarre double life — as a transvestite singer.

Long live the queens
The idea of turning Stephan Elliot's high-camp hit The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert into a stage musical was floated many years ago.

O Serviço vai oferecer tratamento hormonal e fará cirurgia de readequação genital.

O evento pretende também conscientizar seu público para uma vida social de respeito, livrando-o de situações de constrangimento em escolas, unidades de saúde e na própria família.

O movimento Ação Mulher, da campanha Vidigal-Governador, participou na noite de terça-feira, da inauguração da Associação de Transgêneros, Travestis e Transexuais do Maranhão (Atrama).

Por otra parte, la Asociación Madrileña de Transexualidad Clínica aseguró ayer que el Ayuntamiento de Madrid permitirá a los transexuales utilizar su nombre social para votar y presentarse como candidatos a las elecciones como representantes vecinales que se celebrarán el 19 de noviembre.

El director general de Inmigración del Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Tomás Vera, señaló a Efe que los votantes de las próximas elecciones vecinales del 19 de noviembre sólo pondrán ejercer el derecho al voto en las urnas con el nombre que aparezca en el padrón municipal.

quinta-feira, setembro 21, 2006

Transgender man's killer gets life

A Largo man who stabbed a transgender man to death after the two left a Clearwater nightclub together was sentenced Monday to life in prison.

"Estava eu e um amigo a sair dos armazéns do Chiado, ali mesmo na Rua Garrett, quando um Skin (vindo de um grupo maior que estava no interior do centro e que não nos apercebemos que nos tinham seguido), nos aborda. Faz chocar a cabeça do meu amigo contra a minha e, perante a minha estupefacção, dá-me um soco na cara, atira-me um objecto que não identifiquei contra a cabeça e dá-me uma patada. Isto enquanto outros dois agridem o meu amigo. Chamando-nos paneleiros, claro. Em pleno fim de tarde de Domingo (essas 19:40), com o vigilante dos armazéns a ver e toda a gente da rua impávida e serena!

Depois os agressores retiraram-se para o interior dos armazéns. O vigilante disse que a responsabilidade do que acontecia fora do centro não era responsabilidade deles e encaminhou-nos para a esquadra do Rossio. Quando chegámos com a polícia, claro que já nenhum agressor se encontrava presente. Sabemos que eles estão todos filmados pelas câmaras de vigilância, mas para se ter acesso às gravações tivemos de apresentar queixa-crime .

Agora, como ninguém se mexeu e não tendo agente de autoridade na altura presente, não houve identificação dos agressores ao vivo. As gravações duvido que sirvam de prova em tribunal mesmo que toda a gente os veja a agredir-nos. É a linda justiça que temos. Provavelmente tudo ficará arquivado e nós seremos mais um número invisível nas estatísticas. Isto tudo, enquanto se continua a negar que existam crimes de ódio em Portugal, e que a homofobia não é relevante. "

Esta é a descrição feita por um dos lesados de (mais) um bárbaro acto prepretado por um bando de skins. O facto, só por si, é grave. Mais grave ainda se torna quando se vê o sítio e a hora em que aconteceu. Já não é a primeira vez que cenas destas acontecem, e infelizmente não será a última. Mas é algo que não pode ser posto de lado. Pode acontecer com qualquer um em qualquer lado.

Já o teria mencionado mais cedo, mas como estou a fazer os trabalhos finais do curso (acaba sexta-feira), e como sei que muitos blogs já teceram comentários sobre ele, não pensei em escrever, apesar da gravidade.

No entanto algo aconteceu que me obrigou a mencionar este facto, para não falar das perseguições que se têm passado no Porto. No meu post de ontem, recebi um comentário do seguinte teor: "PENALEIRO PRECISAS DE MORRER A BEM DA NOSSA GLORIOSA NAÇAO HEIL HITLER ". Autorizei a sua publicação por precisamente, e apesar de não dar crédito nenhum a este tipo de ameaçazinhas anónimas, achar que deve ficar bem à vista como um alerta para toda a gente que seja diferente (transgender, raças, credos, etc).

Estes grupelhos autointitulados de skins ou neonazis e mesmo não passando de grupelhos de inadaptados e débeis mentais, podem ser perigosos quando em bando.

Mas que fiquem a saber que não é com ameaçazinhas deste tipo que me metem medo. Já fui ameaçada com processos em tribunal, com ameaças que me 'faziam a folha', e no entanto continuo aqui. E vou continuar aqui. E quantas mais ameaças me fizerem, mais me convencem que devo continuar aqui. Porque se me ameaçam é porque sou incómoda, e vou continuar a sê-lo, espero, ainda por muitos anos.

Jinhos a tod@s e vamos tendo cuidado...

P.S.: Alguém me pode informar o que é um "penaleiro"?

quarta-feira, setembro 20, 2006

Psychologist Says Gender-Dysphoric Kids Need Case-by-Case Intervention
Reports say a growing number of public and private elementary schools are allowing young boys to enroll as girls and vice versa. One five-year-old boy who is said to be rejecting his biological gender was enrolled by his family in Broward County Schools and is being called the youngest transgender child in the U.S.

Fatal 'Pumping Party' Defendant Gets New Trial
A man, who was convicted of murder in the death of a woman who had industrial-grade silicone injected into her buttocks, will get a new trial.

segunda-feira, setembro 18, 2006

Sex change case ordeal
The courts have agreed to hear the case of a Bahraini woman undergoing a sex change operation, in a bid to legally recognise her new status as a man.

domingo, setembro 17, 2006

Forty sex changes in 2005
More and more Swedes are switching teams and undergoing surgical sex changes. During the past 13 years, the number of applications has tripled.

Murderer Wants State-Funded Sex Change
When Michelle Kosilek was convicted of murder in 1993, she wasn't known as Michelle.

Please don't call me "tranny"
Not sure what is "politically correct" when speaking with a transgender person? Here's a primer on what to say. Part 11 in The Advocate's ongoing Transgender 101 series.

Trans conference lures corporate sponsor
For the first time in its 16 year history, the Southern Comfort Conference for transgender people and their families has attracted corporate sponsorship, including money from a company which provides U.S. military forces with missiles and airplanes.

sábado, setembro 16, 2006

Transgender Woman Wins Discrimination Ruling
The Colorado Civil Rights Division has ruled that the firing of a transgender woman was the result of illegal sex discrimination, according to lawyers representing her.
Colo. Worker Wins Transgender Bias Case
A woman who was fired while preparing to undergo sex-change surgery was let go in violation of state anti-discrimination law, the head of Colorado's civil rights agency has ruled.

Advocates Protest Name Change Denial
The Sylvia Rivera Law Project is objecting after a Manhattan Civil Court judge denied name changes to four transgendered women who sought the new names as part of transitioning to their female sex.

Stephanie Loveless helps Green Party embrace trans community
After a fierce and sometimes fiery battle that raged for more than two years, local publisher, performer and trans activist Stephanie Loveless has succeeded in securing a place for herself and other trans women in the National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States.

Batavia gender controversy persists
The first day of school was awkward for David Rees, who walked into his forensic science class knowing that his teacher — who last year dressed as a man — would be dressed as a woman.

sexta-feira, setembro 15, 2006


A maior solidão é a do ser que não ama.
A maior solidão é a dor do ser que se ausenta, que se defende, que se fecha, que se recusa a participar da vida humana.

A maior solidão é a do homem encerrado em si mesmo, no absoluto de si mesmo, o que não dá a quem pede o que ele pode dar de amor, de amizade, de socorro.

O maior solitário é o que tem medo de amar, o que tem medo de ferir e ferir-se, o ser casto da mulher, do amigo, do povo, do mundo.
Esse queima como uma lâmpada triste, cujo reflexo entristece também tudo em torno.

Ele é a angústia do mundo que o reflete.

Ele é o que se recusa às verdadeiras fontes de emoção, as que são o património de todos, e, encerrado em seu duro privilégio, semeia pedras do alto de sua fria e desolada torre.

Vinicius de Moraes

quinta-feira, setembro 14, 2006

10 Anos de luta pela visibilidade da cultura LGBT

10 Anos de luta contra a homofobia

Decorre entre 15 e 23 de Setembro, o 10º Festival de Cinema Gay e Lésbico de Lisboa, este ano focado nos temas da transfobia e homofobia.

A programação central e Secção Competitiva terão lugar no Cinema Quarteto, a abertura e encerramento no Cinema São Jorge, onde também decorrerá uma Retrospectiva de Cinema Espanhol de temática LGBT, com um total de cinco longas-metragens, entre os dias 18 e 22 de Setembro.

Entre os dias 25 e 29 de Setembro decorrerá um Ciclo de Cinema Digital, no Goethe-Institut.

Uma sessão especial subordinada ao tema da Homofobia está marcada para o dia 19, no Instituto Franco-Português.

No âmbito do 10º FCGLL que tem como um dos seus temas-base a luta contra a homofobia e a transfobia, e procurando contribuir para a necessária reflexão sobre esta questão, a Associação Cultural Janela Indiscreta (ACJI) e o Festival de Cinema Gay e Lésbico de Lisboa (FCGLL) convidam-vos para participar num Fórum sobre a homofobia e a transfobia em Portugal, no dia 24 de Setembro, pelas 16h30, no Cinema Quarteto.

Parents, school meet tonight on transgender
Batavia School District officials tonight are hosting a meeting with parents to discuss the issue of transgender as it relates to one of the school's teachers.
Batavia district is right to treat teacher with respect
With the media frenzy over the transitioning science teacher at Batavia schools dying down, it is time for a level-headed discussion of what we should know about transgender people.
Parents meet about Batavia transgender teacher
It was business as usual the Batavia City School superintendent said Tuesday night after students spent a full week of classes with a transgender teacher in the high school.
NY Transsexual Teacher Inappropriate Role Model, Says Knight
A school district in western New York has denied requests from five parents who asked that their children be taken out of high school classes being taught by a transsexual teacher. In doing so, says one pro-family leader, the school is deliberately placing children at risk.
44 briefed on sex-change case
About 44 parents gathered Tuesday night to hear about ahigh school science teacher who is dressing as a woman to preparefor sex reassignment surgery.

Trapped in between worlds
With his short, spiked hair, baggy jeans and collared shirt, Jamie Gagne appears to be your typical, young 21st-century guy.

Sex reassignment surgery has all sorts of costs
It's very difficult for transgender people to live life feeling like they are trapped in the wrong body. However, many of them do not undergo sex reassignment surgery, mainly because the operation is very expensive.

Sex-change doctor back at work
A Lynn gynaecologist who underwent a sex change this summer received a warm welcome when she returned to work at the town's Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday.
I am Celia now
A gynaecologist who left his hospital post in May to have a sex change returned to work yesterday as a woman.

Reassessing gender reassignment
The phrase, "I'm a woman trapped inside a man's body," provokes many reactions from people, most commonly an uncomfortable giggle.

[People/Books] Portrait of a Lady
Britain's most famous transsexual, April Ashley, tells all in her new autobiography. She spoke with Katrina Fox.

Gender Is Over-rated
At a recent family affair, my philistine cousin was complaining about the gay sex shops in the West Village.

Drag big wig works it for Priscilla
Lismore boy Michael Gates has been hailed the inspiration behind the Guy Pearce character from the hit film Priscilla Queen of the Desert. And he's now landed the contract to create wigs for the musical stage show which opens in Sydney next month.

quarta-feira, setembro 13, 2006

He's the woman, she's the man
Abigail Chay is no stranger to stares. Everywhere the actress goes, heads turn - but there are no wolf whistles to follow.

Sex-change gynaecologist returns to work
M2F sex-change gynecologist Colin Bone returns to work as Celia Macleod...

Eunuchs allege they are being framed in false case
Some eunuchs, who have been booked by the Haibowal police in a case of allegedly castrating a youth and making him a eunuch too, today claimed that they have been falsely implicated in this case as this eunuch (castrated youth) wanted to grab their area of operation.

terça-feira, setembro 12, 2006

in memoriam

esta também não é para esquecer
Sex change gynaecologist returns
Colin Bone, now known as Celia Macleod, had voice coaching. A gynaecologist is set to return to work on Monday after a sex change.

Dancer Willi Ninja; 'Voguing' Master Made Famous in 'Paris Is Burning'
Willi Ninja, 45, a dancer whose skill in the gender-bending art of "voguing" influenced Madonna and was immortalized in the documentary film "Paris Is Burning," died Sept. 2 at New York Hospital Queens. He had AIDS-related illnesses.

segunda-feira, setembro 11, 2006

Students denied transfer from classes taught by teacher who had sex change
A western New York school district has denied a request from five parents who asked that their children be taken out of high school classes being taught by a transsexual teacher.
Batavia Students Start Classes with Transgender Information
Today was not a typical first day of school for Batavia students. Their science teacher changed gender and returned to the classroom as a woman.
Kids Must Take Classes from Transsexual Teacher
A male teacher has returned to a New York state school this year dressed as a female-- and students have been told they must accept him as a her.
School Refuses Student Transfers from Transsexual Teacher's Classroom
A school district in western New York has refused to transfer high school students out of classes being taught by a transsexual teacher,denying a request by parents.

Schwarzenegger vetoes bill on gay protections in textbooks
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have barred textbooks from using language that would be discriminatory to gays, saying the state's education laws already prevent discrimination.
Equality California Criticizes Governor's Veto ...
On Wednesday, Sept. 6, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed Senate Bill 1437, the Bias-Free Curriculum Act, authored by Senator Shelia Kuehl (D-Santa Monica) and sponsored by Equality California (EQCA).

Transgender minister to preach at Downtown Church
The Downtown United Presbyterian Church is proud to announce that Sara Herwig, a transgendered minister, will preach at the Church at 121 N. Fitzhugh St. in Rochester on Sunday, September 17, at 11 a.m. You are cordially invited to come and hear this dynamic minister.

TransNation: Legal eagle gets cocky
Penises don't make the man. So argues Seattle lawyer Spencer Bergstedt in Meema Spadola and Tom Powers's documentary Private Dicks: Men Exposed (firstrunfeatures. com). In the film, participants like Bergstedt, Kate Bornstein and non-trans guys — many of them naked — examine how having a dick influenced their lives.

Dotting the I’s, Crossing the T’s
Trans people face heightened scrutiny in a post-9/11 world

PFLAG, trans activists join forces for Worcester confab
Transcending Boundaries, the Northeast-based organization that annually sponsors a conference of the same name that addresses bisexual, transgender and intersex issues will for the first time in its five-year history team up with Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) for its 2006 event at Worcester's DCU Center Oct. 27 – 29.

New trans anthology features local authors, editor
A new anthology on the transgender civil rights struggle called Transgender Rights has strong roots in the Boston area.

La prima rassegna teatrale italiana a tematica transgender
La prima rassegna teatrale italiana a tematica transgender a Torino dal 15 al 17 settembre

[South Korea]
Screening for Sex Change Becomes More Rigorous
Those wanting to change their legal gender on family registration records must be over 20 years of age and childless, the Supreme Court said yesterday.

Supreme Court Lays Down Rules on Gender Change
The Supreme Court said Friday it has set new detailed rules for gender changes after the number of transsexuals wanting to change their gender in the Family Register soared since the court approved the change in June. The number almost doubled from 22 in 2004 to 47 in the first eight month of this year.

Becoming a woman
Becoming a woman is more than just having breasts. It's also about having the right attitude, a transexual tells LEONG SIOK HUI.

Horizon : Transsexuels au pays des mollahs
Les transsexuels iraniens doivent à feu l'ayatollah Khomeyni le droit de changer officiellement de sexe, en ayant recours à une opération chirurgicale prise en charge par l'Etat. Mais les valeurs sociales continuent de peser de tout leur poids.

Sex-change doctor swops bow ties for string of pearls
Colin Bone used to be known for his collection of 80 bow ties and trademark bowler hat. But since becoming the first Health Service gynaecologist to change gender, Mr Bone - now Miss Celia Macleod - has had to adjust his dress sense. Miss Macleod was pictured for the first time yesterday wearing a stylish patterned outfit and a string of pearls.

Values are missing from public school teaching
Many concerned leaders, educators, parents, community members and students work to make the public schools successful. I am a substitute teacher and parent with children who have attended public schools.

sexta-feira, setembro 08, 2006

Diário de Notícias de Quinta, 7 de Setembro de 2006

O presidente da Confederação Nacional das Instituições de Solidariedade (CNIS) diz estar "muito preocupado" com o clima de instabilidade que está a rodear a gestão da Oficina de S. José. Em causa, o facto de a direcção ter cancelado a colaboração com a associação de apoio social a que pertencem quatro pessoas que testemunharam no processo Gisberta e que desenvolviam trabalhos educativos com algumas crianças da instituição.

quinta-feira, setembro 07, 2006

SIC Online
Oficina de S. José proíbe contacto com associação
Assistentes sociais vão apresentar queixa ao Governo e ao Ministério Público

Jornal de Notícias de 06/09/06
Oficina S. José proíbe rapazes de falar com assistentes sociais
Os rapazes internados na Oficina de São José, no Porto, estão desde ontem proibidos de qualquer contacto com técnicos da "Qualificar para Incluir" (QPI), associação a que pertencem quatro pessoas que testemunharam durante o julgamento do caso Gisberta contra a instituição que pertence a maioria dos 13 menores implicados.

[Saudi Arabia]
KAAU to Set Up Center for Intersex Surgery
King Abdul Aziz University (KAAU) will establish an exclusive center for intersex corrective surgeries at the university's hospital. The center will handle the medical, psychological and social sides of people born with organs of both sexes.

A matter of sex change
Post-op M2F transsexuals show the same pattern of sexual arousal as males...

quarta-feira, setembro 06, 2006

[South Africa]
South African bank assists on transgender IDs
South Africa's First National Bank has grown the favourite of the nation's small transgender minority after it helped out a Burundian female male-born refugee getting a bank account. As a transgender refugee in South Africa, identity problems may often be a big hurdle to overcome.

[South Korea]
Official report on transgender rights released
According to the report, transgendered individuals first experience shame, frustration, and contempt in the school environment, which reinforces and demands normative gender roles. Female-to-male (FTM) transsexuals, in particular, gave up their studies because of the national standardized school uniform, which includes a skirt. Many ran away from home. They endured psychological conflict and felt shame due to the reactions of their parents and teachers.

Saiu ontem (devido à hora em que costumo postar), dia 05 de Setembro no Pùblico mais um artigo sobre os desenvolvimentos do caso Gisberta, da autoria de Tânia Laranjo.
Não traz nada assim de muito relevante, somente que um dos menores foi entregue à família biológica por "terem sido ultrapassados os seis meses de punição sem que a sentença transitasse em julgado."
De notar unicamente que Tânia se refere a Gisberta como "a transexual", e não como "o", como é hábito no nosso meio jornalístico. De aplaudir.
Nada que já não se esperasse e também nada que espante ninguém, depois do vergonhoso julgamento que foi.
E como o Público é só para assinantes (o online of course) e por não poder ter o espaço que gostaria para fazer o upload do pdf de maneira a que pudessem ter acesso e ler, decidi fazer aqui um resumo (muito resumido mesmo) do seu conteúdo. Jinhos

terça-feira, setembro 05, 2006

Texas officer convicted in transwoman's rape
A San Antonio police officer was convicted Wednesday of violating the civil rights of a transsexual who said the officer raped and beat her during a traffic stop.

California Senate passes bill addressing 'panic defense' in criminal trials
The California Senate passed the "Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act" on Wednesday, sending the measure to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his consideration.

Clampdown On Chile's Prostitutes Falters
Excerpt: Transvestite sex workers also said they opposed any change to the status quo. "We do not support the idea of another designated red-light district; it will increase the amount of violence towards people like us. What we are in favor of is the legalization of the sex trade," said Bianca Vidal, a spokesperson from the Syndicate of Transvestites.

Tranny is banned from club
Transsexual Chrisey Prior has been thrown out of a divorced and separated club - for wearing women's clothes.

segunda-feira, setembro 04, 2006

All about Almodóvar -- Passion for women of any gender
At 56, Pedro Almodóvar is many things: a Spaniard; a gay man; a connoisseur of the absurd; a prolific writer and director; and one of the few auteurs still standing. But most of all, Pedro Almodóvar is a man who loves women. He loves women of all ages and temperaments and in every shape and size; he loves the very concept of womanhood. His love is a signature scrawled so large across his films that critics have labeled him a "woman's director." Probably some did not intend it as a compliment. It's equally probable that Almodóvar considers it one, anyway.

Transsexual temp “bullied”
A transsexual is considering taking her former bosses to an employment tribunal after claiming she was harassed and refused a reference after her contract was terminated.

Kiss and make up, womyn
The fight over trans women at Michigan Women's Festival only divides us and needs to end.

[Saudi Arabia]
A sex change operation
Riyadh Reem never felt much like a girl when she was growing up. In fact, from the beginning Reem said she felt more like a boy.

BB Nadia 'hit man in pub'
BIG Brother winner Nadia hit a man in a pub when he called her George during a "homophobic" row, a court heard today.
Nadia cleared of pub assault
Nadia Almada, the former Big Brother winner, was yesterday found not guilty of assaulting a man in a pub.
TV Nadia Cleared Over "Hissy Fit" In Boozer
Transsexual Big Brother star Nadia was yesterday cleared of hitting a man in a pub who called her George.

Teen admits assaulting pre-surgery transsexual
A teenager assaulted a pre-op transsexual in her own home because he thought she was spreading vicious rumours about his family, a court heard.

Schwarzenegger Ensures GLBT Protection By Signing Anti-Bias Law
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law on Monday the controversial bill that makes it illegal for state-funded service organizations and institutions to discriminate against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, despite significant opposition from conservatives.

Bagger finds form to make cut
Mianne Bagger, the first transsexual woman to play on the Ladies' European Tour, set up the chance of a first victory with a best of second round 66 in the Finnair Masters in Helsinki yesterday.

sábado, setembro 02, 2006

Forced out: A real ID problem for trans people
Changing one's name and gender marker privately can be tricky if you're transgender, and a new law designed to thwart terrorists is about to make it a lot trickier. Part 10 in The Advocate's ongoing Transgender 101 series

Body found in Delta is Lodi transgender's; no signs of foul play
The case of the Lodi transgender woman who vanished in March 2005 is officially closed: Dental records have confirmed that Alicia Sandoval's body was in her car when it was found submerged in an area slough last month.

San Antonio cop convicted in federal court of violating civil rights
A police officer accused of raping and beating a transsexual after a traffic stop has been found guilty of violating the rights of a private citizen.
Ex-cop's sex assault conviction cheered
The day after a federal jury convicted former San Antonio Police Officer Dean Gutierrez of sexually assaulting her, Gabriel Bernal, arguably the city's most well-known transsexual, spent the day at her sister's house fielding questions from reporters.

Presentation about transgendered teacher online
The Batavia City School District today gave parents the opportunity to see what their high school students will be taught about transgender issues.

Transsexual wants two passports
A man claiming to be a transsexual has asked the LDO for assistance in acquiring two passports, one with a "woman passport photo".

Trans woman seeks asylum, faces deportation
Michelle Saraswati was getting ready to step into the shower on Tuesday, August 8, when there was a knock at the door of her San Francisco apartment. That knock turned out to be a signal that the past few years of uncertainty had caught up with her.

TransNation: Lipstick Conspiracy
Lipstick Conspiracy, the all-transgender rock band from San Francisco, is finally ready to continue its national tour, and the band's fans couldn't be happier.

Feminization Hypnosis
Feminization Hypnosis MP3 claimed to revolutionise the process of feminization for Transgender, Transsexual and Transvestite individuals...