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sexta-feira, agosto 31, 2007

Sex-change republican wants cost of surgery written off
A US-based Irish republican who underwent a sex change should be allowed to include the operation as a medical expense on tax returns, her lawyer has argued before a Boston court.
Trans tax trial concludes
The United States Tax Court resumed hearing testimony Aug. 23 in Rhiannon O'Donnabhain's lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for denying her a medical deduction for the cost of her sex reassignment surgery. The IRS's expert witness, forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz, testified that he does not believe Gender Identity Disorder (GID) meets the medical definition of a disease and that IRS regulations only permit medical deductions for treatments related to diseases or injuries; he argued that taking a medical deduction for sex reassignment surgery to treat GID violates IRS regulations. Dietz defined a disease as a pathology that has a biological basis.

Private School Keeps Transgender Teacher On Staff
For 12-years a band and music teacher named Leslie Webster has taught at the Duke School for Children - a private kindergarten through eighth grade school near the Duke University campus. Now Ms. Webster has become Mr. Webster and at least one parent of 9-year-old is very concerned.
Parent Doesn't Want Children to Learn of Teacher's Sex Change
A teacher at a Durham private school underwent a sex change over the summer, sparking a debate among school administrators and at least one parent over how to approach the issue in class.

Onetime JonBenet murder suspect began gender transition
The former suspect in the 1996 murder of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey told the Bay Area Reporter that he had sought gender reassignment surgery, not because of any driving desire to become a woman, but to help him avoid capture by police.

Victim's kin split at hearing for ex-cop in 'Starlight' case
The attempt to secure a new trial and possible freedom for a former San Antonio police officer serving 24 years for forcing sex on a transsexual in 2005 took another strange turn Wednesday, with what the judge called the "family troubles" of the victim's clan on full display in federal court.
Former Officer Convicted of Rape Wants New Trial
A former police officer sent to prison for raping a transsexual wants a new trial. The ex-cop says he was set up. The transsexual, who goes by the name, Starlight, told San Antonio police that she was picked up at a bus stop, raped, and beaten by Officer Dean Gutierrez.

Transgender student leaves Craven dorm
A transgender student who is awaiting sexual reassignment surgery and was temporarily granted access to a female restroom while living in a male wing of Craven Quadrangle relocated Monday, officials confirmed.

Wisc. Trans Inmate Case Narrowed
A federal judge in Wisconsin has rejected an attempt to expand an existing suit challenging a new state law that forbids providing hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery for transgendered inmates at government expense.

Teen gets probation for beating transsexual
The teen who severely beat a pre-operative transsexual on Palm Beach after he discovered she was a man from the waist down was sentenced to probation Thursday.

quinta-feira, agosto 30, 2007

[UK] [Television]
BBC3 commissions new teen transexual documentary
BBC3 has commissioned eight documentaries for its third Body Image season, including the story of an 18-year-old who travels to Thailand to undergo a sex-change.

Transsexual loses bid to change details
A transsexual has lost a Federal Court appeal to have her birth certificate changed to alter her sex from male to female.
The Victorian woman, referred to as AB, completed surgery to alter her sexual organs to become a female in April 2002.
She applied in July 2005 to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages to have her sex changed from male to female on her birth certificate.
But her request was rejected on the grounds she was married.

Duke Transgender Student Moved Out of Dorm
Some students at Duke University and their parents say they were shocked by a decision to let a male student who plans to become a woman live in female dorm.

Our society is fixed on the idea of two genders. What is it like for a student in between?
Photo by Sam Nalven / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE

Parents split over sex change
Ulster BOCES officials described a 90-minute closed-door meeting with parents Tuesday evening as sensitivity training in anticipation of Principal Gary Suraci's planned gender change operation.

[USA] [Press Release]
US: Investigate Death in Immigration Detention
Human Rights Watch and the ACLU of Southern California in a letter < english/docs/ 2007/08/28/ usdom16755. htm> sent yesterday called upon the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security to promptly, thoroughly and independently investigate the death of Victor (Victoria) Arellano, a transgender detainee with HIV/AIDS, in US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody in July 2007.

quarta-feira, agosto 29, 2007

In recent years, theatre has increasingly looked across to cinema for inspiration. And no journey from screen to stage has excited quite the sense of anticipation that attends the Old Vic's stage version of the 1999 film All About My Mother.
Photo: On the verge: Lesley Manville, Diana Rigg, Tom Cairns and Samuel Adamson

Thirteen sex rights groups – from 11 of Chile's 15 regions – met last Sunday to create the Chilean Federation for Sexual Diversity (Fedisech). Founding members include groups advocating women's rights, worker's rights, ethnic minority rights, and student's rights.

[Australia] [Science]
Poets, songwriters and film-makers have advanced many theories down the years on what makes a man a man, but science has always had a straight forward answer - the Y-chromosome.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
J. Michael Bailey wrote the book The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism <http://tinyurl. com/yvpsgh>, which was published in 2003. Dr.Bailey and the transgender community have both been dealing with the shockwaves ever since publication.

The principal of the Ulster BOCES Career and Technical Center in Port Ewen will undergo a sex change operation, according to BOCES Superintendent Martin Ruglis.
Parents and school officials in Ulster County are addressing a bizarre situation after a Port Ewen principal announced he will undergo a sex change operation.

A former San Antonio police officer convicted of civil rights violations for forcing a transsexual to have sex with him in a squad car two years ago returned to federal court Monday seeking a new trial, with his lawyers citing what they said was new evidence that the cop was himself the victim of a setup.

terça-feira, agosto 28, 2007

Tre corone assegnate in una notte alle più belle e non solo: miss Grand Prix, miss Trans e miss Muretto sono state elette la scorsa notte. Come tutte le miss, una volta incoronate, hanno pianto, in alcuni casi polemizzato, e dedicato la vittoria a mamma o fidanzato.

'Miss' proposed for transsexuals, transvestites
The Gay Political Group of Thailand is to propose allowing both transsexuals and transvestites to use the title Miss to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) today.

Disclosure thwarted adoption, trans man says
A local transgender man says privacy invasions related to his sexual status prevented him from adopting in the tri-state area.
The trans man, who asked to remain unidentified, said he and his wife worked with a local adoption agency, Methodist Family Services of Philadelphia, for about four years, hoping to adopt a child in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware.

Finding the Real Me
The famous Chinese movie star Chen Xiao Ching once said, "It's hard being a person, harder being a woman, and even harder being a famous woman." What about being a transgender woman? Pauline Park, the chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy, understands best the weight of this question.

[OR,USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Gender Discrimination Charges In PDX, OR
My name is Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi and I have two separate gender discrimination complaints against two nonprofits in the city of Portland, OR. They have been officially charged for discrimination in housing through the Bureau of Labor and Industry. I believe these claims could have been avoided by having a clarification about people who are bigendered. Yes, I am saying another label in the gay community that is not being well used to describe individuals who are now called transgendered.

segunda-feira, agosto 27, 2007

União Zoófila

Verão de 2007 é o pior de sempre no número de animais abandonados
Nunca os portugueses abandonaram tantos animais como este Verão, garante a fundadora da associação de protecção de animais SOS-Animal, que hoje levou a cabo mais uma campanha de adopção de cães e gatos

«Temos falado com outras associações, temos comparado estatisticamente com outros anos e todos nós dizemos que este verão tem sido o pior. Tem sido uma coisa horrível», disse Lígia Santos à Lusa, adiantando como possível explicação a actual crise económica que pode estar a levar muitos portugueses a abandonarem os seus animais por entenderem que estes são demasiado dispendiosos.

«A vida está cada vez mais complicada monetariamente, mas as pessoas têm de entender que quando se adopta um animal é como se fosse um bébé que nós temos para o resto da vida, têm de pensar previamente nas férias, nas despesas de saúde que eles dão, nas despesas de alimentação», alertou.

Apesar de ser difícil saber quantos animais são abandonados anualmente, Lígia Santos estima que possam ser «milhões por todo o país e milhares só em Lisboa» tendo em conta que existem milhares de associações de protecção de animais por todo o país e canis e gatis em todos os municípios.

«As pessoas adoptam no Inverno e quando chega o Verão acabam por abandonar o seu fiel amigo», diz a fundadora da SOS-Animal para quem «o homem não é o melhor amigo do animal».

Contra o aumento de abandonos e na tentativa de arranjar um lar para cada um dos animais da associação e do canil de Lisboa, a SOS-Animal organizou durante o dia de hoje mais uma campanha de adopção de animais no Parque do Alvito.

Habitualmente, a associação tem campanhas de adopção no Parque do Alvito no terceiro domingo de cada mês e no primeiro sábado de cada mês na Casa da Guia, em Cascais.

«Vamos agora ter uma terceira data fixa mensal no Terreiro do Paço (todos os domingos, em parceria com a iniciativa 'Aos Domingos Terreiro do Paço é das Pessoas') para qualquer pessoa que queira adoptar. Temos sempre muitos animais que estão na rua e que nós tentamos trazer às campanhas", explicou Lígia Santos.


Transexualidade Feminina n'As Tardes da Júlia
No programa desta segunda-feira, dia 27 de Agosto, na TVI, debater-se-á o tema da Transexualidade Feminina, à semelhança de um dos primeiros programas de Júlia Pinheiro que versava a Transexualidade Masculina.

Mob Tries To Lynch Men Awaiting Sentencing For Homosexuality
A mob attempted to break into a prison in northern Nigeria on Saturday and lynch 18 men awaiting sentencing on morals charges that state controlled NAN news agency reports.

Third transgender undergoes sex change surgery in TN
The total number of transgenders undergoing sex change surgeries at Vellore Government Medical College Hospital under a state-sponsored scheme has gone up to three, with one Deepa having operated upon by a team of five doctors recently.

Shaking off shroud
Excerpt: The Thai film, Beautiful Boxer, directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham draws on the life of Parinya Charoenphol, a Muaythai boxer, who underwent a sex change operation to become a woman.

domingo, agosto 26, 2007

La autoridad a cargo de la Oficina de Defensa de los Derechos del Niño, Niñas y Adolescentes de la provincia adelantó su opinión sobre el debate generado por la docente transexual al frente de un curso. Aseveró que Melina Gutiérrez "no vulnera ningún derecho" mientras cumpla con su función educadora. "A los chicos habría que decirles que existe el derecho a la preferencia sexual", razonó Gowland. El defensor deberá formalizar su opinión una vez que el grupo de padres presente la queja en la oficina provincial.

Aún en pleno siglo 21, para un transexual que no oculta su condición no sólo es difícil acceder a cargos públicos; también lo es permanecer en ellos. Marcos Giordano sabe esto por experiencia. Llegó a desempeñarse como director de escuela por concurso hace cuatro años, después de sortear numerosos obstáculos. "Siempre me sentí mujer, quise tener hijos y una familia. Hay una contradicción entre mi físico y mi psiquis y esto me provoca angustia", relató a La Voz del Interior, la máxima autoridad del Ipem 315 José Hernández de la ciudad de San Francisco, a 206 kilómetros al este de la ciudad de Córdoba.

Excerpt: Dozens of residents shouted abuse and hurled stones at the men as they were escorted into an armored prison vehicle after the hearing, prompting police to fire tear-gas at the crowd.

At 50, Roy Berkowitz-Shelton was a caring, well-respected family doctor with a flourishing practice in Massachusetts. He was bald and had a beard. He and his wife, Allison, had a long and loving marriage and two nearly grown kids.
There was just one problem with his life. Ever since he could remember, Roy had been attracted to women's makeup and clothes. One day, on a trip to the grocery store, he blurted out: "Allison, I feel I'm a woman."

A Scottsdale nightclub embroiled in controversy over accusations of transgender discrimination has canceled a concert planned for Monday that would have featured a transgender singer.

The issue of immigration reform is not going to away anytime soon. The fact that there are up to 20 million illegal immigrants within our borders has become one of the touchstones of 2007, and will continue to haunt both parties going into the 2008 presidential contest.
Amid the backdrop of partisan acrimony, an HIV-positive Mexican transgender woman died in federal custody last month under circumstances that have sparked outrage among LGBT and immigrant activists.
Photo: Victoria Arellano was apparently not given her HIV medications while in custody of U.S. immigration officials.

sábado, agosto 25, 2007

Peruvian Transsexual Surprises Kidnappers
A former police officer and a friend got a surprise when the Peruvian woman they thought they were kidnapping on a Moscow street turned out to be a pre-operative transsexual.
Kidnappers snatch Peruvian transsexual
A former police officer and a friend must have been surprised to find the woman they snatched on a Moscow street turned out to be a pre-operative transsexual.

Inside Kate
After writing my last film review on TransAmerica (March/April 2006 issue), I received an email from the editor, Tiffany. I was surprised to see it was from Katherine Connella who read my review. I wanted to learn more about Katherine (Kate) so I contacted her and asked if she would be willing to educate others on her life as an entertainer, Christian, author and hermaphrodite. More than willing to share her knowledge, Kate and I conducted the following interview.
Photo: Katherine Today
[Commentary/ Films] The Refreshing Side of TransAmerica
It has been three days since I saw the film TransAmerica. I cannot get the film, Felicity Huffman's portrayal of a transgender man or the underlying content of the film out of my head.

Lawyers attack credibility of IRS witness in sex-change case
Lawyers for the woman who deducted the $25,000 cost of her sex change operation on her federal taxes attacked the credibilityof a high-profile government witness on Thursday who testified that gender identity disorder is not a disease.
IRS witness: Transgenderism not a "disease"
A woman should be allowed to deduct her $25,000 gender-reassignment surgery on her federal taxes because her gender identity disorder was a medical condition, her lawyers argued Thursday. The U.S. tax agency would not let Rhiannon O'Donnabhain take the deduction, claiming that her operation was cosmetic and not medically necessary.

Ex-Largo Official May Be Seeking Ariz. Post
The former city manager of Largo, who was fired earlier this year when his sex change plans were made public, reportedly has applied for the city manager's job in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe.

Friday guest blogger: Julia Serano
Julia Serano <http://www.juliaser> is an Oakland, California-based writer, spoken word performer, trans activist, and biologist.

I'm Just an Angry Transsexual Activist Mafioso
In KQED's recent interview of J Michael Bailey and Alice Dreger <http://www.kqed. org/epArchive/ R708221000? itemMD5=04fd25b4 5673a8d717a864ad 17517387> , Bailey said: "Again I reject the assertion that it's all transgendered people are offended by my book. Many transgendered people are actually very happy that people are finally talking about this phenomenon called autogynophelia, which they feel captures their motivation."

Ulster BOCES principal plans sex change
The highly acclaimed principal at the Ulster BOCES Career & Technical Center is undergoing a sex change.

A Bi-Transgender Fight
You know you've made it in San Francisco as a marginalized group when you start getting in fights with other marginalized groups -- so a local bisexual advocacy/social group <http://www.ebar. com/news/ article.php? sec=news& article=2119> is under fire for their policies excluding <http://www.chasinga mysocialclub. com/about. html> certain transgender persons.

Telling My Sister I'm Transgendered
After two years of living in Georgia as Sarah, I decided it was time to tell someone in my family that I am transgendered. I moved here to hide it from and protect them but I have become more content with the person I am and thought it was time to start telling my family the real reason I moved away.

sexta-feira, agosto 24, 2007

Diversidades sexuales transitadas
Con motivo del 1er. Foro sobre Transgenerismo y el 1er. Encuentro Nacional de los y las Transgeneristas en Colombia: "Cuerpos Transgresores- Cuerpos Transéroticos", realizado en Bogotá 17 al 20 de agosto del 2007, Manuel Velandia comparte con los/las, les lectoras/es de AG Magazine su reflexión con relación a las identidades sexuales haciendo énfasis en las identidades trans, motivo de discusión por los/las, les participantes en el citado evento.

Buenos Aires Transvestites Push Neighbors to Share Rose Garden
Transvestite prostitutes working one of Buenos Aires's toniest neighborhoods are squaring off against wealthy residents who say they shouldn't ply their trade in a public park where children romp.

Polémica en Ushuaia porque un profesor travesti dicta clases
Está inscripto como hombre. Enseña Historia y Cívica en tres colegios secundarios públicos. Algunos padres se quejaron porque no les avisaron. Los directivos dicen que accedió por puntos y que es "irreprochable" .
La noticia de que un travesti ejerce como docente en tres colegios secundarios públicos de Ushuaia desató ayer una polémica entre los consideran que esa información debe ser o no puesta en conocimiento de los padres y alumnos.

Same-Sex Wedding or Birthday Party?
Excerpt: Both Sadiq and Musa were among the 18 suspected homosexuals arraigned penultimate week before the court and charged with what the Police First Information Report (FIR) titled "Idle Persons and Vagabonds," described as "dressed in women's fashion practising sodomy as their profession thereby committing an offence contrary to section 372, subsection 2(E) of Bauchi State Shari'ah Penal Code Law, suggested 2001."

Activists Warn: Increase in Police Torture
Excerpt: Transsexual Esmeray has claimed that she was beaten in front of the Beyoglu Police Station on 5 June.

[New Zealand]
Beyer exits mayoral race
Georgina Beyer has pulled out of the Carterton mayoral race, saying it is time to move on from politics.
Mayoral race: 'Willie & JT' in, Beyer out
Radio Live talkback hosts and former MPs Willie Jackson and John Tamihere have announced they will stand in the upcoming mayoral elections, but former Rainbow Labour MP Georgina Beyer says she's pulled out of the Carterton mayoral race.

Williamstown candidate husband's sex swap
GREENS candidate for Williamstown Janet Rice has told of her husband's decision to become a woman.
Cr Rice last night confirmed her partner's male-to-female gender transition after 17 years of marriage.

Julia Serano's incredibly original text - equal parts essay, memoir, manifesto, study in etymology and critique of mass media - examines how our culture's disdain for femininity directly informs our view of trans women.
Serano's background as a biologist, performer and transsexual activist makes Whipping Girl insightful, in-depth and multi-faceted. It combines the readability of a memoir, the humorous sass of the best spoken word rant and a thorough, even-handed analysis of biology versus socialization not found in most gender studies books.

[USA] [News/Television]
Brad's transexual TV drama
Brad Pitt is making his first foray into TV by producing a transsexual drama.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Academics, Transsexuals Try to Ruin Psychology Prof Over Book on Transexualism
Vehemently object to book's explanation that transsexual desires based on "idea of being a woman"

Answers sought in pos detainee's death
As immigration emerges as an issue in the 2008 presidential campaign, the death last month of a Mexican transgender woman in federal custody has sparked outrage among LGBT and immigrant activists.

Transgender candidate pursues Tempe top spot
Tempe officials have long talked the proverbial talk when it comes to being a progressive city. Now, they are being asked to take steps along that proverbial walk as the City Council chooses a new manager.

Bi social club bars some trans women
The Chasing Amy Social Club came under attack last month after its anti-transgender membership policy was revealed on a trans woman's blog.

Taking His Clothes Off Gains Trans Artist Prestigious Award
"I love to see peoples' faces when I take off my clothes," says performance artist Scott Turner Schofield about disrobing on stage. Schofield, who receives testosterone treatments but hasn't undergone gender reassignment surgeries, says, "When I take off my clothes. I go from being this cute young man to an adult female to both of those things and more. To me it's this moment of beholding a human body that contains so many complexities that really drives it home."

Anderson's Invites Transgender Band To Play
KTAR uncovered an interesting twist in the case of the Scottsdale bar owner who's banned transgenders.
Anderson's Fifth Estate has invited Psychic TV (
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Psychic_TV) to play on Monday. Tom Anderson said he's made special bathroom arrangements for transgenders on that night only.

quarta-feira, agosto 22, 2007

Se debe otorgar identidad jurídica a transexuales: diputado
El diputado Delio Hernández Valadés (Alternativa), presidente de la Comisión Especial sobre No Discriminación, Nuevos Sujetos y Nuevos Derechos, destacó la necesidad de garantizar los derechos de la comunidad transexual en México.

[Chile] [News/Blog/Television]
Transgender character erased from Chilean version of Argentinean soap opera
You might remember something I wrote a while back about the Colombian television soap opera "Los Reyes" and how shocked I was to see a real transgender woman, Endry Cardeño, play the lead role of, well, a transgender woman <http://blabbeando. blogspot. com/2006/ 01/colombia- transgender- tv-diva.html> - and steal the show.
Photo: Endry Cardeño

Pop-star's Transexual Cousin Fights Government
Stefanie Imbruglia, a first cousin of pop star Natalie Imbruglia, told The Sun-Herald that legislation enacted three months ago prevented her listing an "intended" sex on her passport.
Transsexual Says Australian Gov't Endangering Her Life
A transsexual woman preparing to leave for sex reassignment surgery in Thailand says the Australian government is endangering her life by refusing to give her a passport identifying her as female.
[Blog/Commentary] Aussie Transsexual Fights to be a Woman on Passport
Excerpt: To expect multiple countries to support, with documentation no less, the removal of body parts so someone can be called by another gender in almost as outrageous as this kind of operation.

Transgenders to Receive Humane Physicals
The state human rights body has recommended the military authorities improve their rules on physical examination for drafting transsexuals to minimize their sense of shame.

[Sri Lanka]
ASIA: No room for transgender people in HIV funding
In Asia, as in many parts of the world, men who have sex with men often hide their sexual preferences for fear of being harassed by police, ostracised by their families or discriminated against by their communities.
But transgender people, who do not identify with the sexuality they were born with - known as "warias" in Indonesia and "hijimas" in parts of India - are less likely to hide their sexual orientation, and face even higher levels of stigma and discrimination than men who have sex with men (MSM).

[South Africa] [News/Commentary]
If you really wanna swap sexes, it's do-able
Yes, South African surgeons can feel free to boast.
Despite the scandalous reports of bad reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, liposuction and so on that appear from time to time, the health stats say Mzansi surgeons are still top notch.
Even some international stars come here to get their bodies pimped.
But a very underrated field of surgery in our country is sex reassignment surgery.
More and more people who are unhappy with their sex can now fix it.
It's expensive, it's long and it's a major decision, but thanks to scientific advancement it can be done.

Nigerian sharia trial postponed
A Nigerian judge in an Islamic sharia court here on Tuesday postponed the trial of 18 men arrested for wearing women's clothing earlier this month.
[News/Blog] Transvestite Court Drama Stuns Nigeria
From Roy Pearson to Anna Nicole's baby daddy, this has been a year of trials absurd enough for Kafka, but apparently America doesn't have a monopoly on courtroom bizarre. Over in Bauchi, Nigeria, 18 men went to court today, accused of attending a transvestite hotel party.

[MA,USA/Brazil] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Will Massachusetts Follow Brazil with Free "Sex-Change" Surgeries?
Whether or not the "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill is passed in Massachusetts, there's a good chance that mutilating "sex change" surgery could soon be covered by your tax dollars. Our Supreme Judicial Court will surely confirm that health care, however defined by the individual, is a "constitutional right" as did the Brazilian court.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Further thoughts on why the FTM community is not the place for me
One of the main reasons I'm frustrated with the "transgender" and "ftm" communities is that, at this point, it is very hard to find what I need in those spaces. Not only to their public faces rarely, if ever, represent my experience (or anything like it)... I have found that there seem to be a heck of a lot of people in these "communities" who are actually hostile towards me and all others like me. They are quick to judge and qualify any comment that applies to transitioning transsexual men, or stealth status, or normal masculinity.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Violence against transwomen of color
Two incredibly awful stories recently about young Latina transwomen and their run-ins with the U.S. criminal "justice" system

Building Solidarity with Victims of Anti-Trans Violence
Excerpt: There are many political issues intertwined in these stories. Reproductive rights activists are often first to understand the connection between gender identity and violence. Advocates for abortion rights often cite violence against women among the social problems that limit the choices women can make about their lives and bodies. These are perennial issues for women's rights advocates, but broadening our view to include queer and trans people has proven difficult for many.

Transgender Freaks Attack Researcher For Finding They Are Sex Fiends, Not "Trapped In A Woman's Body"
In academic feuds, as in war, there is no telling how far people will go once the shooting starts. Earlier this month, members of the International Academy of Sex Research, gathering for their annual meeting in Vancouver, informally discussed one of the most contentious and personal social science controversies in recent memory.
[Blog/Commentary] Discussion Impossible - Transgender Sexuality
His name is J. Michael Bailey <http://www.psych. northwestern. edu/psych/ people/faculty/ bailey/>, and he is a psychologist at Northwestern University. What makes Dr. Bailey remarkable is a recent book he wrote entitled The Man Who Would Be Queen <http://tinyurl. com/yp5cfs>. A study about transgender psychology and an explanation of sexual biology, the book proposes that some men who wish to become women are, according to Dr. Bailey, spurred on by an erotic fantasy of seeing themselves as women. This is clearly much different than the alternate approach, which states that men who feel themselves truly to be women are instead victims of a mistaken biology.
[Blog/Commentary] Politically damaging opinions in the Word of God...
Excerpt: And third, on the matter of how far these gentle people are prepared to go in silencing those who are politically dangerous, an LA "transgender advocate and consultant" named Andrea James "downloaded images from Dr. Bailey's Web site of his children, taken when they were in middle and elementary school, and posted them on her own site, with sexually explicit captions that she provided." (James defended her actions by saying that) Dr. Bailey's work exploited vulnerable people, especially children, and that her response echoed his disrespect." ... Utterly, utterly despicable. May God judge her for this sin against the precious little ones.
[ANALYSIS] An Attempt to Pull a ‘Scholarly’ Fast One Against Transsexual Women

segunda-feira, agosto 20, 2007

Vou começar este comentário (pois é um comentário a um post no blog das Panteras Rosa) por contradizer algumas afirmações iniciais. Em primeiro lugar, o post é referente à psiquiatrização forçada das pessoas Transexuais, eventualmente Intersexuais e/ou Andróginas. Porque não conheço casos de Travestis, Cross-dressers ou Drags que tenham de passar por algum tipo de psiquiatrização forçada. Portanto, esta psiquiatrização não se aplica a toda a misturada incluída no termo Trans, como está a ser usado no post. Aliás, uma corrente que está a ganhar muita força nos states é precisamente a definição de Trans unicamente como Transexuais.

Também, e tal como a comunidade Intersexual anda a fazer lá por fora já há bastante tempo de separarem o I do T que significa Transgénero (isto sem prejuízo de qualquer luta comum por quaisquer direitos necessários a qualquer comunidade LGBTTI) não percebo a relutância de se separar o T (Transexual) do T (Transgénero). Afinal, a Transexualidade não tem nada a ver com qualquer das outras comunidades (sendo até que existirão mais afinidades com os Intersexuais), é uma coisa completamente diferente e única. Logo, para se evitarem confusões desnecessárias da parte de pessoas desconhecedoras do assunto, será do senso comum separar estes Ts.

Fala-se de, por exemplo, "ser Trans e não se querer operar". Mas o que é ser Trans? Se se fôr Travesti, é obvio que não se vão querer operar, nem realizarem mudanças no seu corpo, pois a sua Identidade de Género é masculina e não a oposta ao seu corpo. Caso queiram fazer algo, por motivos profissionais, bem, aí farão como quem se quer tatuar, arranjam o dinheiro e vão a um médico no privado e fazem-no. Não precisam de nenhuma psiquiatrização forçada para isso. Obviamente que o SNS terá que reservar as comparticipações para quem tenha uma Identidade de Género oposta ao seu corpo, ou quem tenha características dos dois sexos (visíveis ou não). Se as listas de espera já são o que são, imaginem um monte de pessoas a constantemente andarem a aumentar/diminuir próteses, etc. Era o caos completo. Talvez num mundo ideal até fosse possível, mas neste e aqui não o é. Não se pode perder o sentido das realidades.

Por outro lado, afirmações como "quem concorda com a psiquiatrização aceita ser doente" é imbecil, absurda e falaciosa. Que os "psis" detêm poder a mais sobre os processos hoje, é uma realidade que toda a gente conhece. Que se lute por uma diminuição justa desse poder, é uma necessidade imperativa. Que se liberte totalmente a necessidade de, no mínimo, uma espécie de rastreio a determinadas doenças mentais que podem (e já têm sido) ser confundidas com Transexualidade, é uma estupidez. Um caso que publiquei no meu blog há uns tempos: Uma mulher norte-americana bio foi a um cirurgião plástico para que este lhe retirasse o peito, no que foi atendida. Algum tempo depois, arrependida, processou o médico por este não ter visto que estava com uma depressão major e não a ter feito ir a um psiquiatra. É por causa de casos deste tipo (e doutros) que não se deverá NUNCA afastar completamente a parte psi. Como Transexual, não estou interessada em ter cenas destas na consciência por uma questão de rapidez. Posso perfeitamente esperar uns meses mais. Mas vou de consciência tranquila.

Outra coisa que parece que ainda ninguém compreendeu: a Transexualidade não é um terceiro género, nem uma separação do binarismo. Quem é Transexual pertence a um dos géneros do binarismo, ou é um Transexual masculino ou uma Transexual feminina. Na Transexualidade não há meios-termos. Casos em que as pessoas não se identifiquem com um dos dois, será Androginia ou outra coisa qualquer. Transexualidade não é, de certeza. E aí não serei eu a demandar algo por eles, sejam quem forem. Se essa comunidade o desejar, que reivindique. Eu apoiarei (ou não, tenho livre arbítrio). Mas não serei eu, uma Transexual, a falar ou a pretender falar por situações que desconheço e/ou que não as sinto.

(Um pequeno aparte: Dois anos antes da revolta de Stonewall, houve uma primeira revolta, cuja notícia foi abafada e que foi relegada para o esquecimento. Em Agosto de 1966, em San Francisco, num café que estava aberto toda a noite, de nome Comptons, um grupo Transgénero que o frequentava revoltou-se contra a discriminação a que estavam diariamente sujeitos, especialmente por parte das forças policiais.) Fala-se muito (talvez demais?) sobre Stonewall e muito pouco (talvez pouco demais) sobre a revolta de Compton (como ficou conhecida). Inveja?

Outra asneirada muito comum é a afirmação de que "o mal estar das pessoas transexuais com o seu corpo resulta (...) do condicionamento social quanto às construções do masculino e do feminino". Desde quando uma mulher ter seios é uma imposição da sociedade? Absurdo, e sem defesa possível, a não ser devida a uma total incompreensão do que sentem as pessoas Transexuais. Querer fazer-se a CRS por uma questão social? Eh pá, toda a gente sabe que existem Transexuais que NÃO NECESSITAM de se submeter a uma cirurgia demorada, perigosa e de longa recuperação.

Bem, ninguém terá nunca o direito de falar por toda uma comunidade e reivindicar para essa mesma comunidade "direitos" que a própria não aceita, não deseja e não aceita. Tal como eu NUNCA aceitarei ser tratada como Travesti, a grande maioria da comunidade Transexual também não o aceita. Nós não somos Travestis, nem Cds, nem Intersexuais, nem Andróginos. Somos Transexuais, ponto. Podemos (e devemos) apoiar-nos e lutarmos em conjunto. Mas que acabem as confusões. Nem sequer iremos aceitar que nos queiram impôr contra a nossa vontade terminologias com as quais não concordamos nem aceitamos. Para isso já bastam alguns "psis" que não acompanham o evoluir dos tempos. Não precisamos que, em nome de um progressismo, venham aumentar a confusão de conceitos já existente.

Concordem ou não, terão de se conformar com a opinião dessa comunidade, seja ela qual for. Estaremos sempre prontos a lutar ao lado seja de quem for contra tudo que for injusto. Mas não nos tentem impor pontos de vista á força. Temos uma voz, que espero que cresça com o tempo, e é essa voz que pensará por si mesma. Ouvirá as várias opiniões e fará as suas escolhas. Mas imposições forçadas, pah, para isso já temos o SNS.

Ainda havia mais para dizer, mas penso que já vai longo este comentário e vou ficar por aqui...
[UK] [Blog/Television]
Sex Change Hospital on Channel 4

This six-part series, previously seen on More 4, has caused quite a stir among the critics. Giving us a behind-the-scenes look at a sex-change hospital in Trinidad, Colorado, everyone rates the series - saying that the human stories are very moving - but warn that the surgery is exceedingly graphic, so it's not for the squeamish.

Fa'afafine definition still shaky
FA'AFAFINE: (pronounced fah-ah-fuh-fee-nay) means "like a woman" in Samoan, and describes a third gender, with characteristics both male and female.
There's disagreement among anthropologists about the origins of fa'afafine, but there's evidence of their presence in Samoa over atleast the last century, though some anthropologists believe they were part of Samoan culture for much longer. Many other Pacific island cultures have similar words for a third-gender person born male but seen as female.
PHOTO: Tafi Toleafoa

A TRANSSEXUAL is taking on the Howard Government in a bid to be acknowledged as a woman named Stefanie, not a man named Stephen.
Stefanie Imbruglia - a first cousin of pop star Natalie Imbruglia - is fighting a recent law change that forbids her identifying herself as female on her passport.
A TRANSGENDER cousin of singer Natalie Imbruglia says new federal laws will force Australians seeking sex-change operations overseas to risk humiliating body cavity and strip searches.
Photo: All woman ... with the support of cousin Natalie, Stefanie Imbruglia is having a sex change in Thailand.

When Dr. Roy Berkowitz-Shelton decided to live as a woman, he gambled that his marriage and medical practice would survive the change. In the conclusion of our two-part series, Dr. Deborah Bershel emerges and confronts her new reality.
[Part 1: A Family Doctor's Journey From Man to Woman<http://tinyurl. com/27z2ur>]

domingo, agosto 19, 2007

[Hong Kong]
'Light penalty' for girl who stole brother's identity
A 19-year-old girl who stole her brother's identity card and misled the court and police was on Friday sentenced to an indefinite period in a rehabilitation center.

You go fast, girl
Excerpt: Hayes suddenly announced that he was really a woman named Terri O'Connell. Sports history has its run of transgender dramas, but O'Connell's story is one of the most heart-rending.
Photo: Terry O'Connell

[AZ, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Don't blame bar owners in transgender dispute
Excerpt: A transgender person may "feel" like he's a woman, but outside he is physically still a man and that is how other people will perceive him.

sábado, agosto 18, 2007

PÚBLICO, Edição Impressa, 17 de Agosto de 2007

Denunciada violência contra transexuais

Sofia Branco

O movimento Panteras Rosa escreveu à Inspecção-Geral da Administração Interna (IGAI) denunciando um alegado caso de violência policial contra transexuais.
Duas transsexuais alegam ter sido agredidas por dois agentes à paisana, no Conde Redondo, em Lisboa. Segundo o relato, a 3 de Agosto, uma transsexual foi detida por ter faltado à audiência de um processo em que é arguida e foi levada para a esquadra da PSP da Praça da Alegria, em Lisboa. As duas transexuais que alegam ter sido agredidas, amigas da detida, dirigiram-se à esquadra. Aí, terá havido "confusão, insultos e agressões", provavelmente de ambas as partes, admitem as Panteras Rosa.
Já uma hora depois, de regresso ao Conde Redondo, as duas transexuais que visitaram a detida foram alegadamente agredidas na rua por dois agentes à paisana, que lhes terão feito "uma espera", disse ao PÚBLICO Sérgio Vitorino, das Panteras Rosa.
Realçando que os relatos de agressões contra transexuais na zona do Conde Redondo são frequentes, as Panteras pedem à IGAI, em carta também enviada à Amnistia Internacional, que esclareça se houve "abuso de poder" por parte dos agentes policiais em causa.

Médicos de otras regiones practicarán en Asturias la primera cirugía de cambio de sexo
Un ovetense, a tratamiento en la unidad de atención a transexuales de Avilés, será el primero en someterse al cambio de mujer a hombre.

Brazil to provide free sex-change operations
Brazil's public health system will begin providing free sex-change operations in compliance with a court order, the Health Ministry said Friday.

Una casa per i trans a Bologna
Il comune di Bologna sta studiando una proposta del Mit, il movimento d'identità transessuale, per istituire una casa d'accoglienza per le Trans che vogliono smettere di prostituirsi e, cosa più importante, di essere sfruttate.

Mixed response to poll on transsexuals
The Nation's Internet poll on whether transsexuals should have the legal right to use a gender title of their choice drew mixed reactions from those visiting our website.

Bogotá apoya el respeto por la identidad sexual
A partir de este viernes y hasta el próximo 20 de agosto se realizará el 'I Encuentro Nacional de Transgeneristas en Colombia' que busca compartir en intercambiar experiencias y conocimientos frente a este tema.

Prisoners of gender
New support helps children unhappy with sexual identity.

Patrol logs in transgender death violated directive
Police officers involved in the Nizah Morris courtesy ride handed in patrol logs about the incident that departed from established police procedure, according to a police directive obtained by PGN.

Transgendered man arrested for practicing medicine without license
Police say transgendered man was providing injections for other transgendered people.
Photo: Francis Renee White, 36, faces two charges of practicing medicine without a license.

sexta-feira, agosto 17, 2007

Carla Antonelli: «Soy consciente de mis limitaciones y lucho por romperlas en mil pedazos»
Carla Antonelli ha dejado aparcada su faceta de incansable activista política en defensa de los derechos de los transexuales y, tras diez años de parón, se ha embarcado en la aventura de retomar su carrera de actriz con su participación en la serie de ficción 'El síndrome de Ulises', que Antena 3 emitirá a partir de este otoño.
Carla Antonelli: "Que nadie espere morbo en mi personaje de televisión"
El 20 de julio, Carla Antonelli empezó a grabar su primer papel como actriz fija en una serie de televisión, 'El síndrome de Ulises', comedia de Antena 3 que se estrenará en la próxima temporada.

Justiça obriga SUS a pagar cirurgia de mudança de sexo
O Tribunal Regional Federal (TRF) da 4ª Região estabeleceu um prazo de 30 dias para que o Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS) passe a realizar cirurgias de transgenitalização, conhecida como mudança de sexo. A União ainda pode entrar com recurso no Superior Tribunal de Justiça (STJ).
A decisão abrange todo o território nacional. Em caso de descumprimento do prazo, o SUS terá de pagar multa diária de R$ 10 mil.

Lead roles for transvestites in Tamil film
Two prominent transgender activists of Tamil Nadu will play lead roles in a forthcoming film 'Karuvaraippookkal' .

Begum Nawazish Ali - Drag Queen Defies U.S.
"I'm a drag queen, darling… not an extremist… and I still say if Pakistanis had more self-respect, we'd be even more anti-American," says Ali Saleem, who glosses his lips and dons a sari each week to interview celebrities and politicians on his TV program Begum Nawazish Ali, a talk show sensation in Pakistan. "I'm not speaking religion; it's common sense."

AIDS-Weapon of destruction
Excerpt: There are indications of an increased number of young people who are transgender or transvestite, who are involved in selling sex. Very little is known about their circumstances, specific needs and ways in which services could be made accessible and appropriate for them. However, rather than seeing this group as totally distinct in terms of needs, it is important to recognize them as children, and structure work and offer services that derive from common basic principles and standards.

Se plantea regular que quienes cambien de sexo puedan cambiar el registro oficial de su género
El Gobierno de Tailandia está considerando la posibilidad de regular que quienes se sometan a operaciones de cambio de sexo puedan cambiar también oficialmente su género en el registro civil, según se informó hoy.

Trans-gender group wants women's rights
The TG Thailand group, started by trans-gender beauty queen Yollada Krerkkong Suanyot, is campaigning for Thai transsexuals to have rights as women and be legally called 'Miss'.

Transvestite group to join Indonesian independence celebrations
An organization for transvestites plans to participate in events marking Indonesia's Independence Day this week, a newspaper reported Tuesday.
Trans group to attend Independence Day celebrations
Sixty-two years ago, Indonesia declared its separation from the Netherlands and began a four-year war to try and maintain its independence.

Murder victim a cross-dresser?
A high-level government officer was found murdered and police were shocked to find long-haired wigs, blouses and bras in the apartment where he lived alone.

[New Zealand]
Transgender Awareness Day events in WGN
Today is Transgender Awareness Day, and the Wellington branch of trans social and support organisation 'Agender' seek to remind Kiwis that "Sex is between the legs, Gender is between the ears."

[New Zealand] [Commentary]
Gender inquiry loses plot
The signs are not hopeful for the country's first major inquiry into the rights of "transgender" New Zealanders, writes JOANNE PROCTOR.
In March, the Human Rights Commission released a summary of submissions from its "transgender" inquiry.
The final report is due in September. But already it is looking like a case of good intentions, discredited theories and a lost plot.

Always Feeling Different
I knew I liked girls when I was probably six or seven years old, though I didn't know why I was feeling that way. When I was about 18 or 19 I decided I was gay – it was all I knew at the time. I didn't have an understanding of what transgender or transsexual was.

[Australia] [Documentary]
Miss International Queen
An intimate portrait of one of the world's most unusual beauty pageants.
PHOTO: Miss International Queen

Trans Job Training
While Washington has some of the best civil-rights protections for transgender residents of any jurisdiction in the country -- or the world, for that matter -- those protections don't always insulate the community from the realities of transphobia.

Man accused of illegally using silicone on transgender patients
Police have arrested a man they say injected silicone into transgender patients at his home without a license to practice medicine.

quinta-feira, agosto 16, 2007

"La serie ayudará a normalizar la transexualidad"
ENTREVISTA: CARLA ANTONELLI Actriz de 'El síndrome de Ulises' (Antena 3)
Tanto tiempo luchando para que en su DNI figure como nombre Carla Antonelli para que al final, cuando lo ha conseguido, vaya a ser más conocida como Gloria.

Una confusión muy habitual en las sociedades occidentales, que genera un gran número de mitos y malentendidos, es la diferencia entre transexual y travesti. Con el título, "Cuerpos desobedientes" , el programa de reportajes de La 2, "Documentos TV ", intenta explicar estas dos realidades cuya principal diferencia radica en la identidad sexual.

Descrizione: Questo concorso è stato ideato nel 1992 quando al concorso nazionale di Miss Italia una partecipante venne esclusa perché transessuale.
Periodo: la manifestazione si terrà il 25 agosto 2007.
Il 24 e 25 agosto le finali del concorso nazionale al Priscilla di Torre del Lago.
E' giunto ormai alla sua 15°edizione il concorso nazionale Miss Italia Trans: un appuntamento che nasce infatti nel 1992, quando una partecipante al concorso di Miss Italia, tra le favorite di quell'anno, venne esclusa ad un passo dalla vittoria perché transessuale.

E' stato arrestato nella serata di ieri dagli agenti della Squadra Mobile della capitale il secondo responsabile dell'omicidio del transessuale Stefania Coppi, 35 anni, uccisa a seguito di una rapina all'interno del suo appartamento di via Adelaide Ristori, nel quartiere Parioli, nella notte del 30 luglio scorso.
Nuovo arresto per l'omicidio di Stefania Coppi, la transessuale trovata agonizzante nel suo appartamento ai Parioli in via Adelaide Ristori e poi morta in ospedale. Nel tardo pomeriggio di oggi ad Ardea, è stato fermato un 35enne originario della ex Jugoslavia sospettato di essere coinvolto nella vicenda.

Il Comune di Bologna potrebbe avviare un'esperienza pilota a livello nazionale: una casa per accogliere e aiutare anche con un lavoro i trans che vogliono sottrarsi alla strada e allo sfruttamento.

Accoglienza da star a Campomarino per il parlamentare transgender, habituè delle vacanze molisane «perchè qui è meglio della Costa Smeralda, non ci sono yacht ma tanti bambini». Luxuria ha parlato del suo libro "Chi ha paura della Muccassassina?", della diversità, delle unioni di fatto spaziando fra i vari tempi 'caldi' della politica, incalzata dalle domande di un pubblico numeroso e interessato. Accanto a lei gli amici parlamentari Astore e Razzi. Lìincontro è stato organizzato dall'Amministrazione comunale.

En la provincia de Santa Fe hay unos 10 casos por año. Opiniones de los especialistas.

La orden de un juez penal es la justificación del Consejo Estatal de la Familia para que una niña de nueve años no regrese con su madre transexual, quien la crió prácticamente desde su nacimiento. La institución descarta un acto de discriminación.
Alondra, la madre trans de Rosa Isela. Foto: Abraham Pérez