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domingo, junho 29, 2014

A pílula (nunca foi) dourada
Chegamos a uma fase da nossa vida em que nada mais interessa do que dar valor a quem realmente o merece e a quem demonstrou e/ou demonstra que nos aceita, que gosta de nós e nos respeita. E, conforme os anos vão passando, as décadas da nossa vida vão passando, apercebemo-nos que a paciência é necessária em muita coisa, mas por outro lado, já nos falta para quase tudo.

Dois assassinatos nesta madrugada em Araguaína, um deles era travesti e fazia ponto
No início da madrugada desta quinta-feira, 19, dois homicídios foram registrado em Araguaína Tocantins. O crime aconteceu por volta de 1h da manhã, na avenida Santos Dumont próximo a rodoviária.

Candidate for EU President under fire over ‘politically transsexual’ joke
The man set to become the next president of the European Commission has been condemned for joking that he is “politically transsexual”.
Juncker mocks trans people – Unacceptable Statement by Candidate for top EU Job

Høie promises to reform sex change law
Norway's health minister has pledged to push through laws to allow transgender people to change their gender in the country's population register without being castrated or otherwise sterilized.

Thousands turn out for Trans March in S.F.
Thousands of people descended on Dolores Park on Friday afternoon for the nation's biggest transgender pride event, the 11th annual Trans March, before moving the celebration to the site of the Compton's Cafeteria Riot at Turk and Taylor streets in San Francisco.

sexta-feira, junho 27, 2014

Friends of deceased transgender person relieved after suspect enters guilty plea
Friends of a transgender person violently killed two years ago in New Westminster say they are relieved they don’t have to be put through a long and drawn-out trial.

US school adopts anti-discrimination bathroom policy for trans students
Students at Atherton High School are now allowed to use whatever bathroom in which they feel the most comfortable

Trans woman stages protest outside McDonald’s after female toilets ban
A trans woman has staged a protest outside a McDonald’s in Richmond, Virginia, after she was told she could not use the female toilets.

Trans woman found murdered in Baltimore
A transgender woman has been found murdered in a field in Maryland.
Murdered transgender woman was ‘fun-loving, caring person’

Maryland district court allows transgender bias suit to go forward
The U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland recently held that a retired U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) officer can pursue her sex discrimination lawsuit against Howard County for rejecting her application to serve on a mounted horse patrol.

Cleveland man charged in fatal shooting of transgender woman
Police have charged a Cleveland man with murder in connection with the fatal December shooting of a 22-year-old transgender woman.

Miles participan de la parada de Orgullo LGBTT en Boquerón
Aunque este año la Parada de Orgullo de la comunidad LGBTT en Boquerón pareció ser más concurrida que años anteriores, todavía existe el temor de muchos integrantes de esta comunidad a exponerse ante el mundo.

quinta-feira, junho 26, 2014

Vancouver School Board’s new ‘gender identity’ policy ignores parents: critics
Concerned parents have managed to stall for a time what they say is an under-the-radar attempt by the Vancouver School Board’s (VSB) LGBTQ+ committee to have the board adopt radical revisions to its existing “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities” policy. They believe the policy revisions, which are now expected to be put to a vote on June 11, would usurp parental authority and potentially harm children.

La. Trio Accused of Enslaving Trans Woman
After meeting online, an unnamed trans woman's stay with a Louisiana couple turned violent as she was beaten, forced to perform sex acts, and complete household chores against her will.
Trans woman kept as sex slave by Louisiana trio for two years

SIUE transgender student says university failed to respond appropriately to assault report
A transgender student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville says she was assaulted by her roommate and the university did nothing about it. However, the university contends it investigated the incident and took the appropriate action.

LGBT Community On Alert After Transgender Woman Found Dead
Living in fear. A growing number of attacks of transgender people and two murders put the LGBT community on edge. The latest victim–a transgender woman found dead in a field in Northeast Baltimore.

Cleveland man accused of December transgender killing
Police accused a Cleveland teenager of murder in connection with the fatal December shooting of a 22-year-old transgender woman.

Port Angeles School Board tables new transgender policy amid loud outcry
The Port Angeles School Board delayed a decision on a transgender student policy, which is required by the state, after hearing protests from an overflow crowd last week.

[Latin America]
No todos aprueban resolución
La Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) aprobó en su Asamblea General una resolución que condena todas las formas de discriminación contra personas por motivos de orientación sexual, pero Paraguay y otros 10 países no se sumaron al consenso.
OEA no impondrá temas polémicos como aborto o matrimonios entre personas del mismo sexo: Insulza

Proponen reformas para reconocer derechos plenos a transexuales
Con el fin de reconocer plenamente los derechos humanos de la comunidad transexual y transgénero, así como el derecho a la identidad de género, la diputada Miriam Saldaña Cháirez, propondrá reformar los artículos 35, 134 y 135 bis del Código Civil del DF y la derogación de los artículos del Código de Procedimientos Civiles del Distrito Federal.

Detienen a unos 15 homosexuales y trabajadoras sexuales tras operativo
Unas 15 personas que se dedicaban a la prostitución entre ellas mujeres y homosexuales fueron retenidas por unidades de la Policía Nacional por dedicarse a la prostitución clandestina.

quarta-feira, junho 25, 2014

Travesti é morto a tiros; vizinho foi baleado na perna
Um travesti de 23 anos foi morto a tiros no bairro Tijucal, em Cuiabá na noite de ontem (23). Ele foi identificado como André Luiz Borges Rocha.

Atherton OKs transgender student bathroom policy
In just 21 minutes on Thursday, the Atherton High School school-based decision making council ended weeks of discussion and debate on how transgendered students are treated by passing a policy that allows students to use the restroom and locker room of their sexual identity.
Atherton's SBDM coucil votes 8-1 to approve new non-discrimination policy
Atherton High School votes to keep gender identity policy

Transgender woman murdered in Baltimore
A transgender woman was found dead in Northeast Baltimore early on Tuesday.
The Baltimore Police Department said she was discovered around 6:30 a.m. in the 1400 block of Fillmore Street. The Baltimore Sun reported the victim, whose name was Kandy, was found in a field near a post office in the Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello neighborhood.
Baltimore Police, LGBT Community Searching For Clues In Murder Of Transgender Woman

New York State Makes It Easier For Transgender People To Update Their Birth Certificates
On Thursday the New York State Department of Health announced it will no longer require transgender New Yorkers to provide documentation of gender reassignment surgery or hormonal treatments to update the gender on their birth certificates.
Trans New Yorkers Celebrate Birth Certificate News
New York State Modernizes Policy Around Gender Markers on Birth Certificates

Transgender violinist, vocalist to play Carnegie Hall
History will be made at New York City's world-famous Carnegie Hall, when accomplished violinist and vocalist, Tona Brown, becomes the first African-American transgender woman to perform at the storied Weill Recital Hall at 7:30 PM, on Wednesday, June 25, during LGBT Pride Week. Ms. Brown, whose notable achievements include singing the National Anthem for President Barack Obama, as La Principessa in the opera Suor Angelica, and her upcoming role as Delia in the new Netflix series City Lightz, will headline a truly unforgettable evening as part of the many celebrations of LGBT Pride in New York City.

Black Madam breaks her silence
Black Madam, the transgender urban Goth singer facing murder and assault charges for injecting silicone into women's buttocks at "pumping parties," has broken her silence.

Lumberton transgender teacher out of a job again
A substitute teacher who was suspended after Lumberton ISD parents said her gender identity became a distraction in class is without a job again beginning tomorrow.

terça-feira, junho 24, 2014

15ª Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa
Realizou-se ontem mais uma Marcha do Orgulho LGBT de Lisboa com uma participação muito significativa
Concentrados no jardim do Príncipe Real por volta das 17:00 eram apenas algumas centenas que estendiam as suas faixas com reivindicações, frases feitas reflexo de discriminações vividas, de exigências de uma vida melhor, digna, igual.
Lisboa foi palco de uma grande manifestação da ‘Diversidade contra a Austeridade’
Cerca de 3000 pessoas marcharam em Lisboa pelos direitos da comunidade LGBT

Uma "aguarela" contra a discriminação [Vídeo]
A sede do Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra acolhe até 28 de junho a exposição de fotografia "Aguarela", de Pedro Medeiros. O projeto está integrado no Plano de Iniciativas para o Combate à Discriminação pela Orientação Sexual e Identidade de Género, organizado pela Saúde em Português (Organização Não Governamental para o Desenvolvimento situada em Coimbra).

Travesti é morto a pauladas após programa com policial
O travesti bebia com amigos, quando foi levado para um morro, no Rio de Janeiro, e em seguida encontrado morto a pauladas. Veja!

Court overrules diagnosis-requirement
A Swedish administrative court overruled the diagnosis-requirement in Swedish gender recognition law.

[South Africa]
20-year wait for sex change surgery
People wanting sex change surgery at the province’s only transgender health-care unit, at Groote Schuur, could wait for 15 to 20 years, thanks to limited funding and staff shortages.

Transgender turns hostile, denies forced sex-change
His sordid tale of brutalisation came as a shocker when it was reported in March. Vinod alias Trisha, 19, approached the CB-CID in 2009 and alleged that a group of transgenders had abducted him, forced him to undergo a sex-change operation, raped him and pushed him into prostitution.

Shame on Toronto's McPride Parade
This weekend, after years of fighting for the right to be seen and heard, thousands of people took to Yonge St. in the largest Trans March of all time. This wasn't the largest Trans March in Canada--this was the largest Trans March in the world. Ever.

Transgender Teen May Go To Massachusetts Facility
The transgender girl imprisoned since April 8 without criminal charges has been tentatively accepted at a private mental health treatment center for children and teenagers in Massachusetts, Connecticut child protection officials said Thursday.
Transgender Teen Could Be Moved Out of State
Jailed Conn. Trans Teen to Be Released
DCF finds placement for jailed transgender teen

Trans Woman in Florida Found Burned to Death
Yaz’min Shancez's remains were found behind a Fort Myers, Fla., dumpster. Police remain without leads.
Last Thursday, Fort Myers, Fla., police uncovered the burnt remains of 31-year-old transgender woman Yaz’min Shancez. Shancez was discovered behind a garbage bin at a rental facility located at 2807 Fowler Street in Fort Myers.

Medicare coverage for sex-change surgery lifted
A 33-year ban on Medicare coverage for sex-change operations has been lifted.
This move could cause a domino effect when it comes to private insurance plans.

KOKUMO Is Missing!
Just got the alert from one of my BTMI brothers that KOKUMO is missing. The Chicago based artist was in the Baltimore area and was last seen on Thursday at her hotel.

Trans Woman Found Murdered in Baltimore
Earlier this week, a transgender Baltimore resident was found dead in a field, just days after local advocates celebrated the state's new antidiscrimination law.

Cross-dressing students cause stir at Middleton High School
Cross-dressing students cause stir at Middleton High School
A number of Middleton High School students defied a request from school officials not to cross-dress during a senior dress-up day, and it could cost one student attendance at graduation.

sexta-feira, junho 20, 2014

European Social Charter Committee prompts member states over sterilisation-requirement
The European Social Charter (ESC) guarantees a number of important social and work-related rights. In its last national reporting cycle the Social Charter Committee asked member states to report on the right to health (Art 11). TGEU, ILGA Europe and local partner organisations to the opportunity to submit shadow reports for 25 countries on the issue of forced sterilisation and trans-related health care.

Bill to enable transgender people to secure legal recognition
Draft legislation allows for lowering of age of recognition to 16 years

Trans-inclusive Anti-Discrimination law
The Belgian Anti-Discrimination law and Gender Law are since April 24 fully inclusive of gender identity and expression.

Trans women arbitrarily arrested in Athens
Policy officers arrested on April 29 seven trans women in Athens. According to the NGO Greek Transgender Support Association the arrest were arbitrarily and motivated by racist profiling. The women had deliberately not been informed about the alleged crimes.

Registration denied to Greek trans woman
A Greek trans woman is denied a registration certificate in Cyprus, as the country lacks gender recognition procedures. The Cypriot Ombudsman accused the Civil Registry and Migration Department of transphobia for an administrative delay of more than three years to issue the certificate.

Killing a Trans is Reason for Reduced Sentences
Soybozkurt, a felon who murdered a trans woman in Avcılar and for whom the prosecutor asked for a sentence of life in prison was given a reduced prison term of fifteen years.

Court tells Psychologist to respect a client's choice of pronoun
The Psychologist questioned Robins wish to be referred to as "hen". Then Robin was denied continued care at the psychiatric clinic because no one felt that they had LGBTQ competence. Gothenburg right center says that psychiatry is obliged to provide care for all and sued Region of Västra Götaland for discrimination against transgender.

Trans man who gave birth wins right to be registered as 'father'
An American trans man, residing in Sweden, who gave birth to a child earlier this year has won the right to be registered as the father of the child. The decision has been appealed by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Georgia’s new trans-inclusive equality-law is toothless
A new anti-discrimination law was adopted, which is inclusive of gender identity and expression but without a robust framework to enforce sanctions.

[China/Hong Kong]
Sex change surgery: an effective solution to an unusual mental condition
Sex reassignment surgery offers transsexuals a way to accept their bodies; it is not undertaken lightly, but is the last step in a long journey

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal rules in favour of transgender worker booted from London market
A London market’s treatment of a transgender worker and the business that employed her was discrimination, a tribunal has ruled.
Human Rights Tribunal Finds Trails End Discriminated Against Transgender Individual

Transgender woman killed Tuesday in Northeast Baltimore
Baltimore police acknowledged Wednesday afternoon that a homicide victim found early Tuesday in a field in Northeast Baltimore was a transgender woman, but details surrounding the case remained scarce.
Baltimore police investigate transgender woman's slaying

quarta-feira, junho 18, 2014

E depois a partir da meia noite...

World Health Org. Calls for Removal of Surgical Requirements for Legal Gender Change
The World Health Organization released a detailed report urging national and local governing bodies to remove surgical requirements for legal gender recognition.

TGEU welcomes the EU Parliament's call on combating violence against women as much needed, but slams its views on sex work
The European Parliament adopted the resolution “Combating violence against women” on February 25 2014. It requests the EU Commission to submit, by the end of 2014, a legal proposal for measures in the field of prevention of violence against women and girls.

TGEU's Position on the reform of the ICD-10
Read the position of Transgender Europe on the revision of the International Catalogue of Diseases here.

Carolina’s letter dated 26.05.2014 and the refusal of bathroom visits as a form of abuse
Carolina wrote a new letter to our organization on 26.05.2014. In her three page letter, she talks about how she was denied trips to the bathroom even though she was taken to the hospital in the morning and was kept on the transport bus for hours. After knocking on the door of the transport bus for 45 minutes, the soldiers refused to let her visit the bathroom, saying “Are we going to take you to the men’s or women’s bathroom?” This clearly is a form of maltreatment and even torture. Carolina also attached a two-page report, issued by Istanbul Faculty of Medicine – Department of Psychiatry on 09.01.2012, which provides a response to the soldier’s question. In the report, it is decided that Carolina “be allowed to live in line with her female identity, roles and behaviors.”

Canada trans boy, 12, given historic new birth certificate
Judge ruling could lead to a wave of incredible transgender rights victories across Canada

American Medical Association: Trans people shouldn’t need surgery for legal gender recognition
The American Medical Association has called on states to stop requiring trans people to undergo surgery before recognising their legal gender.

Anaheim police investigating suspicious death of transgender victim
Anaheim homicide detectives late Thursday were investigating the suspicious death of a transgender victim whose body was found in a parking lot.
Vigil Held For Transgender Activist Found Dead Behind Anaheim Dairy Queen
Anaheim gathering honors transgender woman found dead
Mystery over death of transgender activist in Orange County
Mystery Surrounds Death of Young Trans Activist in Calif.
Police still investigating transgender woman's death
Cause of transgender death undetermined, autopsy finds
Friends of transgender woman who was found dead gather in Santa Ana
Body of transgender activist found in Anaheim was likely moved

Trans Pride LA evacuated due to bomb threat
200 people were evacuated from the Trans Pride LA festival on Saturday night, due to a bomb threat.

terça-feira, junho 17, 2014

Travesti é assassinado em edifício de Boa Viagem
Suspeito ainda teria ateado fogo no corpo da vítima em um canavial em Ipojuca, Litoral Sul do Estado
Um homem de identidade não revelada foi assassinado a golpes de faca na madrugada desta segunda-feira (16), no apartamento 803 do Edifício Itapuama, na Rua Mamanguape, em Boa Viagem, Zona Sul do Recife. O mecânico Ulisses Júnior de Lima, morador do imóvel, é o principal suspeito de ter cometido o crime.

Transgender Community Asks for Apology, not Jail, Following MARTA Attack
Members of Atlanta’s transgender community say they want an apology from - and not jail time for - two men accused of attacking two trans women on a MARTA train.

Medford mulls policy change to protect gender ID rights
Medford officials are finalizing a change to the city’s anti-discrimination policy to protect transgender people from being denied equal service at businesses, restaurants and other locations.

Transgender Man Sues Over Pool Discrimination
Pool employees in Staten Island kicked a transgender man out of the men's locker room and told him he could either use the women's facilities or leave, the man claims in court.
Trans Man Sues City for Being Tossed from Public Pool’s Locker Room

domingo, junho 15, 2014

UN calls for an end to forced sterilisation of trans and intersex people
The World Health Organisation has urged for an end to the forced sterilisation of transgender and intersex people around the globe.

State accused of transphobia
Ombudsman Eliza Savvidou has accused the Civil Registry and Migration Department of transphobia after a transgender woman reported delays in securing a registration certificate as a European citizen.

The Suffering of Bülent the Hermaphrodite
Bülent Coşkun is a hermaphrodite (dual-sexed), who lives in Cumayeri, Düzce. They cannot go out in public. They are constantly pointed at, made fun of and constantly harassed. As if that is not enough, people want to stone and burn Bülent’s house. Bülent is a victim of hate crimes.

Readers blast Chicago Sun-Times for 'transphobic' editorial on Laverne Cox
The Chicago Sun-Times has syndicated a controversial transphobic opinion piece by Kevin Williamson, a former deputy managing editor of the conservative National Review.

Two men charged with disorderly conduct over assault of trans women
Two men have been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, in connection with the assault of two trans women on a train in Georgia.
Two men charged in attack of trans women in Georgia
Fight suspect: Transgendered women provoked us
Suspect in trans beating claims gay panic defense
MARTA fight suspect claims trans woman provoked him; activists claim police continually harass transgender people
US: Suspect in Atlanta train attack uses ‘trans panic’ defence

Transgender man sues NY City over locker room access
A transgender man has sued the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation for discrimination, saying staff at a public pool told him to use the women's locker room.
Transgender man told to use women’s locker room ‘or get out’: suit
Transgender Man to File Suit Against NYC Department of Parks and Recreation After Being Denied Use of Men's Locker Room at Staten Island Public Pool
Transgender man sues city after allegedly being kicked out of men's changing room at Staten Island pool

sábado, junho 14, 2014

World Health Organization condemns forced sterilization of trans and intersex people
The World Health Organization and half a dozen United Nations groups have condemned the forced sterilization of transgender people and intersex people in order to make them conform with the gender binary
Eliminating forced, coercive and otherwise involuntary sterilization

Russian police arrest women at 'Conchita Wurst' rally
Riot police on Saturday arrested two women as a small group of gay rights activists tried to stage a rally in central Moscow dedicated to Conchita Wurst, the bearded Austrian transvestite who won this year's Eurovision song contest.

Indian Census counts transgender people for the first time, finds half a million
The first ever count of India’s transgender population has found nearly 500,000 who were prepared to say they were transgender in filling out census papers – though activists say the real number may be far higher

Australian Court Approves Transgender Teen's Gender Reassignment
A teenager who was born a girl but longed to be a boy has been given the legal right to testosterone treatment and begin gender reassignment.
Teenager born a girl wins right to consent for testosterone treatment to become a boy

OII releases new resource on intersex issues
OII Australia and ACON have joined together to deliver a set of new resources to explain intersex to LGBT people and the broader community.

ACLU Statement on Final Ruling Invalidating Medicare Ban on Healthcare for Transgender Patients
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Departmental Appeals Board ruled today that that Medicare's policy of categorically excluding coverage of sex-reassignment surgery, regardless of a person's individual medical conditions and needs, is unreasonable and contrary to contemporary science and medical standards of care.
Federal Board Overturns Medicare Exclusion of Transition-Related Care
SPARTA statement on HHS policy change
Medicare to Update Healthcare Standards for Transgender Patients
Victory! Medicare Ends Discriminatory Exclusions
HHS Lifts Medicare Ban on Gender-Confirming Surgeries
Medicare ban on transition-related medical care overturned
Medicare Lifts Blanket Exclusion On Covering Transgender Surgical Procedures
Medicare to lift ban on gender reassignment surgery
Obama Administration Opens The Door To Medicare-Funded Sex Reassignment Surgery
Medicare to Now Cover Sex-Change Surgery

Feds Spend $194,788 to Study How Transwomen Use Facebook
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is spending nearly $200,000 to study how transgender women use social networking sites like Facebook and how their use affects their chances of getting HIV.

Arrest made in MARTA fight
Marta Police have arrested two men for their alleged involvement in a fight last week that was caught on video and went viral on the internet.
Second arrest made in MARTA beating of trans women

Medicare sex-surgery ruling may affect DOC
Convicted wife-killer Michelle Kosilek’s efforts to have the state pay for her sex-reassignment surgery received another boost yesterday when a federal board ruled Medicare can no longer automatically deny coverage requests for such procedures, her attorney said.

Bathroom fight prompts transgender customer to boycott McDonald’s
Eryn Brown staged a public boycott Saturday after she said she was denied entry to the women’s restroom at the McDonald’s on Broad Street near Boulevard several times.

sexta-feira, junho 13, 2014

Carmen Carrera Fires Back at T Word Critics
'I want to be respected as a woman, as a mother, as a wife. That’s why I transition,' Carrera said, responding to critics about why she would never advocate for the use of the word 'tranny.'
RuPaul, Justin Vivian Bond, And Lady Bunny React To Trannygate
Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race makes transphobic slur towards trans model

Interview turns bizarre as Rush Limbaugh asks trans woman how to ‘trick’ men into sex
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh found himself being schooled by a transgender woman on the air on Thursday after he used the term “tranny” to describe her.
Transgender Caller Condemns Limbaugh For Using Transphobic Slur

Trans women beaten, stripped on train as passengers cheer
Two women have fled the US state of Georgia as they feel they are not protected by the police

Post-Op Transexual Says She Was Bullied Out of a Job
A post-op transsexual says she was bullied out of her nursing job; and she’s been unable to secure employment elsewhere, because her past employer is holding her back.

Bizarre Murder Case in Oregon
The mother of a woman who was slain in 2011 sued a former police officer who has been charged with the murder of his estranged wife, claiming the transsexual officer solicited and conspired in the murder.

Eighth Ward urges Morris probe
The Eighth Ward Democratic Executive Committee has sent a letter to Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane and District Attorney R. Seth Williams, urging a state probe into the Nizah Morris case.

Town adds protections for gays, transgendered
Gay rights advocates are lauding a move by the Jackson Town Council earlier this week to officially add protections for gay and transgender people into the municipality’s policy manual that governs hiring.

Jade, migrante homosexual
El asfalto le parece eterno. Jade se ha quitado los tenis converse de estrellitas que le regalaron en la casa del Migrante de San Luis Potosí. “Ya no aguanto los pies, lo que tiene uno que aguantar para hacer dinero” murmura. El aire está fresco, se aferra a una palestina que lleva en el pecho.

quinta-feira, junho 12, 2014

Corpo de travesti é encontrado retalhado no Álvaro Weyne
O corpo do jovem Itamar Jorge Moreira foi encontrado retalhado nas margens do trilho próximo a estação de trem do bairro Álvaro Weynne. A vítima era travesti, conhecida por "poly". Os motivos do crime ainda são desconhecidos

Rare photograph of April Ashley and Winston Churchill unveiled at Museum of Liverpool
An extremely rare photograph showing Liverpool-born April Ashley meeting Sir Winston Churchill will go on display at the Museum of Liverpool.
The rare image will be included in the April Ahsley: Portrait of a lady exhibition, which has just been extended to run until December 7.
The photograph, showing April and Winston meeting for the first time in 1964 has been re-discovered in tome to mark 50 years since the event took place.

A melhor Lei de alteração de nome e género europeia
A Dinamarca aprovou nova legislação que autoriza a mudança legal de sexo (género) a todas as pessoas trans (transexuais e/ou transgénero) baseada somente na auto-determinação e sem qualquer intervenção médica ou outra, tornando-se no primeiro país europeu em que a sua legislação está na melhor conformidade com os direitos humanos e o segundo a nível mundial a seguir à Argentina.
Denmark goes Argentina!
Dinamarca autoriza el cambio de sexo legal sin esterilización
New Law Puts Denmark At The Forefront Of Trans Rights In Europe
Denmark Becomes First in Europe to Allow Legal Gender Change Without Diagnosis
Denmark becomes the first European country to allow legal change of gender without clinical diagnosis
Denmark: Forced sterilisation dropped for legal gender recognition
Denmark ends forced sterilisation for sex changes

Kyrgyzstan urged by human rights groups to scrap anti-gay bills
The parliament in Kyrgyzstan is being urged to reject legislation which would ban “foreign agents” and “homosexual propaganda”.

Transgender policy in Vancouver schools sparks heated debate
Proposal to keep students’ gender identities confidential worries some parents

terça-feira, junho 10, 2014

Travesti é encontrado morto às margens de cafezal em Arandu
Vítima, de 29 anos, foi encontrada com cortes no pescoço e amarrada.
Ela se prostituía em uma rodovia; autor do crime pode ser um cliente.
Um travesti de 29 anos foi encontrado morto na tarde deste domingo (8), em Arandu (SP). Segundo a Polícia Militar, um morador do Bairro Anhumas, zona rural da cidade, encontrou o corpo às margens de um cafezal com as mãos e os pés amarrados. Havia hematomas no corpo e cortes, possivelmente de faca, na região do pescoço e ombros.
Travesti de 29 anos encontrado morto e seminu é enterrado em Avaré
Travesti de 29 anos encontrado morto e seminu é enterrado em Avaré

AMA Says Transgender Patients Don't Need Surgery To Change Birth Certificate
The American Medical Association today said transgender people shouldn’t have to have surgery to change their birth certificate.

Topeka, Kan., Now Protects Gender Identity, Domestic Partnerships
The city council of Topeka, Kansas, passed an 'equality package' to extend employment nondiscrimination protections to transgender individuals and those in domestic partnerships.

Transgender student named prom queen at Baltimore high school
Destiny Hartis had made up her mind.
She would be elected Digital Harbor High School's prom queen at the school's senior prom on May 15, she remembers thinking that night -- even if it meant spending part of the dance gathering votes from her fellow classmates.
Maryland Transgender Student Crowned Prom Queen

Mother of Gladstone woman killed in 2011 seeks $900K from murder suspect
Excerpt: Benton, a former Gladstone police sergeant, is accused of plotting for more than a year to have Debbie Higbee-Benton killed. Benton underwent a sex change procedure and now lives as a man.
Wrongful death suit against ex-Gladstone cop

Council extends rights protection for gays, transgendered
Mayor hails vote, but opponents vow to force recalls, referendum

segunda-feira, junho 09, 2014

Extend hate crime laws to transsexuals and disabled, say experts
Law Commission report calls for wholesale review of aggravated offences legislation or - alternatively - extending the law to new groups

There’s nothing like third sex: Anna Grodzka
Anna Grodzka, Poland's first and now the world's only transgender MP, has mixed feelings about the Indian Supreme Court's ruling that categorizes hijras/transgenders as the 'third sex.' She accepts that the ruling may be good in the Indian situation as it gives hijras an identity, but denies there is anything like a third sex!

Bulent the Intersex: We Need a Law!
Bulent Coskun, who lives in northern city of Duzce as an intersex person, told their problems to Gulden Aydin from the daily newspaper Hurriyet.

'As long as it's out of my sight': Transgender in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean society, like many parts of Africa, is not very welcoming to lesbians, gays, transgenders, bisexual and intersex people (LGBTIs). Few people have stronger testimony of this than Ricky Nathanson, a transgender woman living in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, who has been prosecuted for using a ladies toilet while being legally considered a man. Many Zimbabweans strongly feel that being anything but heterosexual is unnatural and should not be tolerated, while others feel that one’s sexual orientation should not bother the next person.

RARE DIVORCE: Wife finds out husband was a woman after 9-yr marriage
Even after having dated for seven years, and being married for slightly more than a year, her husband refused to consummate their marriage.
Rare divorce: Wife finds out husband was a woman after 9-year relationship

My husband became a ‘woman,’ and it ruined our marriage – and my future relationships
What happens when a good Catholic girl marries the man of her dreams, and then he tells her he thinks he's a woman?

Saying 'I've been a "tranny" for 32 Years,' RuPaul insists Logo is not distancing itself from him
Drag legend RuPaul Charles took to Twitter over the weekend to make a few things clear: he's not going to stop using the word 'tranny' and LOGO TV is not distancing itself from him because of it.

Michigan’s Transgender Community Organizes around Ending Discrimination
More than 70 people filled the AFL-CIO headquarters of Lansing on Saturday for the first ever Transgender Empowerment Summit. HRC staffer and transgender activist Allison VanKuiken and Kalamazoo Gay & Lesbian Resource Center Program Director Jay Maddock organized, produced, and facilitated the first time event. The summit focused on providing those who are transgender with a briefing about important non-discrimination legislation happening on federal, state, and local levels, in addition to a grant writing workshop, and transgender policy workgroups.

Radio hosts Kimberly and Beck are now sorry for the transphobic tirade that got them fired
'Our lack of sensitivity and understanding of the transgender people and their plight created 12 minutes of radio we that wish we could take back'

Independence Day Parade to feature Pinay transgender for the first time
There was no press announcement from the Philippine Independence Day Council Inc. (PIDCI), but trust Chelle Lhuillier to take this groundbreaking first and make it known to all that she, a transgender woman, will be the first to grace a float at the Independence Day parade on Madison Avenue, touted as the biggest parade outside of the Philippines.

Stonewall Riots veteran Storme DeLarverie dies at 93
Lesbian former drag king Storme DeLarverie has passed away in her New York nursing home aged 93, 45 years after she took part in the Stonewall Riots that put America on notice about LGBTI rights

[Costa Rica]
Estudio: mayoría de los consultados rechaza la discriminación a gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y transexuales
Un sondeo realizado por el Centro de Investigación y Promoción para América Central de Derechos Humanos (Cipac) encontró que la mayoría de las 400 personas entrevistadas en el país rechaza diversas situaciones de discriminación hacia las personas gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT).

sábado, junho 07, 2014

Braga marcha pela visibilidade da parentalidade LGBT
Cidade dos arcebispos recebe a II Marcha pelos Direitos LGBT no próximo dia 14 de junho

O coletivo Braga Fora do Armário organiza no próximo dia 14 de junho, às 16h, a II Marcha pelos Direitos LGBT – Lésbicas, Gays, Bissexuais e Transgénero. Subordinada ao lema “Pelas Famílias Arco-Íris”, esta marcha visa promover a visibilização e o reconhecimento da parentalidade LGBT na sociedade portuguesa, combatendo a discriminação com base na orientação sexual e identidade de género.

A iniciativa inicia-se no Arco da Porta Nova, situado no centro da cidade dos arcebispos, também conhecida por ser uma das mais conservadoras do país. A Marcha passará pela Sé Catedral de Braga, Câmara Municipal e Jardim Santa Barbara, terminando o seu percurso na Praça da República, onde será lido o Manifesto, que contém as principais críticas e reivindicações da população LGBT.

Coletivo ativo em Braga

O Braga Fora do Armário foi criado em 2013 aquando da realização da I Marcha pelos Direitos LGBT, que juntou cerca de 300 pessoas. Desde então, tem vindo a realizar inúmeras actividades com o objetivo de debater, desmitificar e esclarecer dúvidas relacionadas com estas minorias, “que vivem ainda sob o risco permanente da discriminação, do insulto, da agressão e do ostracismo, quer a nível social e profissional, como também a nível jurídico e religioso”, explica a organização.

Esta II Marcha conta com o apoio do Bloco de Esquerda, do Movimento Alternativo Socialista, da UMAR – União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta, da Krizo – Educação, Arte e Cidadania, das ActiBIstas, da Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima, do Caleidoscópio LGBT, do GAT – Grupo Português de Activistas sobre Tratamento de VIH/SIDA, do Grupo Transexual Portugal, da ILGA Portugal, da Juventude Socialista, do Movimento Democrático de Mulheres, d’Os Verdes, das Panteras Rosa, do PolyPortugal, do PortugalGay e da rede ex aequo.

I don't feel male and I don't feel female, La Roux opens up about her sexuality
The British singer talks about labels, and fear of press intrusion if she talks about her partners

Exclusive: Trannyshack London will not change name, despite US rebrand to T-Shack
Trannyshack London has “no plans” to change its name, despite Trannyshack San Francisco announcing a rebrand to T-Shack.

Cannes: Strong Sales for Transgender Coming-of-Age Story 'Darker Than Midnight'
The feature, from first-time director Sebastiano Riso, follows 14-year-old transgender Davide who struggles to break free of a rough adolescence in Sicily.
'Darker Than Midnight (Piu’ Buio di Mezzanotte)': Cannes Review

A transphobic assault in Mersin: What are you doing out on a holy night?
A trans woman, Cansu, was assaulted with bats in the southern city of Mersin. The attackers’ excuse was the holy night [commemorating Prophet Muhammad’s ascent to heaven]: “What are you doing out on a holy night?” And transphobia continued in the hospital too…

Transgender inmate 'raped and beaten' in Black Sea province of Samsun
A transgender inmate has begun a hunger strike, saying she was sexually abused, raped and badly beaten in jail in the district of Bafra in the Black Sea province of Samsun. The transgender woman, who calls herself Avşa, said she was abused in the Bafra T-type prison before being sent to another prison after initiatives made by her family.

Courtney Act responds to RuPaul transphobia accusations
Drag queen RuPaul has come under fire in the past week for the use of the words ‘trannie’ and ‘she-mail’ during the popular cable show RuPaul's Drag Race. Local drag queen Courtney Act, a contestant on the show, has responded to the controversy on Facebook.

Connecticut gay teen is crowned school’s Prom Queen and the students go wild
Danbury High student Nasir Fleming was cheered by his fellow students when he took out the title as Prom Queen at his school dance on Friday night – becoming the first ever male at the school to take the title
Gay male student crowned prom queen in Connecticut

“Esto está sacudiendo poderes económicos en los medios”
Diane Rodríguez, asegura que hay activistas que solo buscan posicionamiento mediático, que respalda la Ley de Comunicación y votaría por Rafael Correa en 2017. Para ella, las comedias televisivas contribuyen a que las transexuales deban soportar en la calle gritos soeces o solicitudes de favores sexuales.

Denuncian discriminación e impunidad en los crímenes contra la comunidad trans
Organización que aglutina a personas trans anuncia que abrirá causas judiciales por los crímenes contra la comunidad.

sexta-feira, junho 06, 2014

Logo says it ‘will not allow anti-trans rhetoric’ after RuPaul defends transphobic slurs
TV network Logo has distanced itself from statements made by drag artist RuPaul Charles, who defended the use of transphobic slurs.

Arcade Fire respond to criticism over trans music video
The Canadian rock group defend their choice to cast Andrew Garfield as a trans woman in their music video, after criticism for not using a trans actor and pushing stereotypes
Arcade Fire Interview: 'We Exist' Sends Message to the Mainstream

Legendary drag bar Trannyshack will change name to T-Shack
San Francisco drag bar Trannyshack has announced that it will change its name to T-Shack.

Trans Woman Found Murdered in Baltimore
Earlier this week, a transgender Baltimore resident was found dead in a field, just days after local advocates celebrated the state's new antidiscrimination law.
Early Tuesday morning, Baltimore police discovered the body of a transgender woman in a field in Northeast Baltimore. Earlier today, police identified the body as that of 40-year-old Kandy Hall.

Tona Brown será la primera transexual en actuar en el Carnegie Hall de N.York
La mezzosoprano y violinista Tona Brown se convertirá el próximo 25 de junio en la primera transexual en ser cabeza de cartel de uno de los auditorios más respetados de Nueva York, el Carneggie Hall, que además celebrará por primera vez una gala dedicada al colectivo LGBT.

[Paraguay/Latin America]
La OEA aprueba el proyecto de resolución de la Coalición de activistas LGBTTTI y REDLACTRANS en la 44°Asamblea General de la OEA “Desarrollo con Inclusión Social”
Asunción, Paraguay, 04 DE JUNIO DE 2014

Violenta represión policial ante la marcha gay en Paraguay
Los movimientos LGTB y de derechos humanos de Paraguay marcharon la noche del lunes frente a la sede de la Conmebol -ciudad de Luque, Paraguay- donde sufrieron una violenta represión policial, que se saldó con varios heridos de consideración, entre periodistas y activistas.
Violencia policial contra activistas LGTB en Paraguay
La carga violenta contra una manifestación LGTB en Paraguay crispa al activismo en España

quarta-feira, junho 04, 2014

Universo T - uma reflexão
A minoria dentro das minorias. É assim que podemos, de forma simplificada, definir as pessoas trans. Somos mulheres e homens em que o género – seja a identidade ou expressão – se encontram sempre fora da suposta “norma”.

RuPaul: ‘Fringe people’ are upset by transphobic slurs, not real trans people
RuPaul Charles has defended his use of transphobic slurs on RuPaul’s Drag Race, claiming only “fringe people” were offended and not the trans community.
Logo TV Distances Itself From RuPaul For Defending Use Of Anti-Transgender Slur
Logo says it ‘will not allow anti-trans rhetoric’ after RuPaul defends transphobic slurs

Against Me frontwoman: Arcade Fire should have a real trans person in their video, not Spider-Man
The lead singer of Against Me! has attacked Arcade Fire’s new trans-centred new music video, which featured Andrew Garfield.

Community Raises Money to Open Transgender Shelter in Oakland
After years of escalating reports regarding abuse against transgenders in the Bay Area shelter system, one community leader is doing something to alleviate the problem.

Why Is Connecticut Holding a Transgender Teen in Solitary?
There is a 16-year-old transgender girl in an adult prison in Connecticut right now. She isn't there to serve a sentence. There are no charges against her. Still, she has been there for more than six weeks, with no indication of when she might be released.
Rally Planned for Jailed 16-Year-Old Trans Girl

Nude brawl on MARTA caught on tape
A video of a profanity-laced brawl that ends in nudity was recorded on a MARTA train this week and is making the rounds on social media.
MARTA investigates brawl that left transgendered woman nude

How Transgender Youth Pay For Transition Surgeries
Transgender youth often have trouble finding the money to pay for transitioning surgeries, but insurance is starting to cover more of the transition process.

US radio hosts fired after transphobic on-air comments
Two radio hosts from upstate New York have been fired for mocking transgender people.
Kimberly and Beck Apologize
Kimberly and Beck issue apology for transgender statements
Another radio host in hot water
The Buzz shows support, speaks to local trans leaders after transphobic 'Breakfast Buzz' segment

Syracuse man facing appeal in transgender slaying wins freedom after parole violation tossed
A Syracuse man whose innocence in the 2009 murder of a transgendered victim is being disputed in the state's highest court won his freedom today in an unrelated case.

Meet The First African American Transgender Performer To Take The Stage At Carnegie Hall
Earning a performance slot at Carnegie Hall is a daunting challenge for any musician. For violinist and mezzo soprano Tona Brown, a transgender artist of color, there were some additional hurdles along the way. However, changing history is no deal-breaker for the bold artist who once told the Baltimore Sun "You can't tell me I can't do something."

Marshall Psychology Clinic to offer transgender group beginning June 10
The Marshall University Psychology Clinic will be conducting a group focusing on transgender-related issues this summer from June 10 until July 3. The group sessions will be conducted by Kellee Boster, M.A., and Corey Wilks, B.A.

terça-feira, junho 03, 2014

Vancouver's transgender school policy that discourages sex-segregated activities causes divisions among parents
Support and concern poured out Thursday over proposed revisions to the Vancouver school district’s sexual orientation policy at a crowded hearing attended by dozens of parents and community members.

Transgender Students Welcomed in Public Schools - How Should Christian Parents Respond?
California this year became the first state with a law spelling out the transgender student rights in public schools, including the ability to use restrooms and to play on sports teams that match their expressed genders.

Trans Punk Singer Takes Issue With Arcade Fire’s New Music Vid
Andrew Garfield, aka Spiderman, dressed in drag for the new music video for the Grammy Award-winning indie band Arcade Fire, but the transgender leader of the punk band Against Me! is taking issue with the clip.
Against Me's Laura Jane Grace slams Arcade Fire for transgender video

Bill to Respect Transgender Identity After Death Moves Forward
In 2012, the passing of 48-year-old Bay Area man Christopher Lee brought to light the issue of recognizing transgender people and their desired gender identities on death certificates.

Radio hosts fired for transphobic segment
Rochester, New York hosts described trans people as 'nut jobs', repeatedly misgendered them, and played Aerosmith's Dude Looks Like A Lady
Rochester, N.Y., Radio Hosts Fired Following Transphobic Rant
Radio Hosts Mimic Fox's Transphobia, Promptly Get Fired
Kimberly and Beck Fired by Entercom
Kimberly and Beck firing draws strong reactions
New York radio station fires hosts over transphobic broadcast

NY man gets 23 years to life in girlfriend's death
A New York City man convicted of killing his girlfriend in a brutal attack with knives, a candlestick and a pillowcase around her neck has been sentenced to 23 years to life in prison.

Derecho de piso - Extorsión en el trabajo sexual trans
El bando de Policía y Buen Gobierno del municipio de Chihuahua indica que para ejercer el trabajo sexual en las zonas de tolerancia de la ciudad se requiere de la renovación semanal de un permiso que otorga la oficina de Regulación Sanitaria, sin embargo, el no portarlo acarrea como sanción detenciones de hasta 36 horas. El problema se agrava porque la falta de este permiso detona actitudes de abuso de poder y discriminación hacia las mujeres transgénero que acuden a estas áreas para allegarse algún recurso económico con la venta de sexo.

Jamaica’s underground gays caught on film
UK’s Channel 4 spent 12 days in Jamaica filming how gay and trans youngsters are forced to live in sewers, and endure homophobic abuse from police and locals

segunda-feira, junho 02, 2014

Rapper Mykki Blanco Arrested in Portugal 'For Being Gay'
The gender-bending artist claims being gay in Portugal landed him in prison.

Sun executives to meet transgender group after Kate Stone furore
Six newspapers admitted they were wrong to refer to scientist's gender reassignment in story about her being gored by a stag

Lib Dem trans campaigner Sarah Brown loses council seat
Transgender campaigner and Liberal Democrat politician Sarah Brown has failed to be re-elected as a councillor in Cambridge.

Catholic Cardinal Praises Eurovision Winner
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn congratulates Conchita Wurst.

Transgenders Cannot Be Punished For Cross Dressing, Says Lawyer
Transgenders are female spirits trapped in a male body and they cannot be punished for cross dressing as it is a fundamental part of their nature, the Court of Appeal here heard Thursday.
Court allows Bar Council and Human Rights Watch to appear in cross-dressing dispute

Move to axe “dehumanising” law that forces trans* couples to divorce
A law that forces married couples to divorce if one partner changes sex is “cruel” and should be axed, according to a NSW upper house MP.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Trans Rights in Australia
For transgender and gender-queer people, acquiring identification papers that reflect one’s gender is rarely a straightforward endeavor. Asking gender-queer individuals, who by definition do not fully identify as either male or female, forces them to align themselves with a gender binary that doesn’t describe them. And while there are many trans people who identify simply as male or female, there are others for whom those labels don’t acceptably acknowledge one’s trans identity.

Against Me! to Play Toronto's Trans* Pride
Against Me! have had a busy 2014 supporting their new Transgender Dysphoria Blues LP, but the beloved punk crew have managed to slot in another upcoming Canadian appearance. On top of the rest of the group's globe-trotting tour schedule, they'll now be appearing at Toronto's Trans* Pride event in June.

NCTE Trains Job Centers Throughout the U.S. on Serving Transgender Job Seekers
The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) recently trained staff from Job Centers on how to make their services transgender friendly and transgender competent.

CeCe McDonald Shares The Struggles Of Being A Trans Woman In A Male Prison Facility
Transgender activist CeCe McDonald was sentenced to 41 months in prison for manslaughter after a racist and transphobic attack against her turned deadly. She joined HuffPost Live to talk about what it was like to serve her time in a men's prison.

New Research Estimates 150,000 Transgender Individuals with Military Service
Estimated 0.6% of adults who report current or past service in the US armed forces are transgender

I-Team: Transgender Navy SEAL exposes fake SEAL from Martinez
A highly-decorated Navy SEAL has taken on a new mission -- fighting for the rights of transgender people. And, she's helping the ABC 7 News I-Team expose a new case of stolen valor in the East Bay.

School Apologizes for Removing Yearbook Photo of Teen Girl in Tux
A Catholic school in San Francisco made headlines when officials removed a yearbook photo of a female student because she wore a tux. Now school officials have apologized and offered to reprint the yearbooks with the photo included.

Transgender policy established by NCHSAA
The N.C. High School Athletic Association has never had a request regarding the eligibility of a transgender athlete, but its board established a policy this month for students who are physically one gender, but identify with the other gender.

Rochester, N.Y., Radio Hosts Go on Transphobic Rant
Hosts of a popular Rochester radio show launched into a transphobic tirade, which included repeated misgenderings and an accusation that transgender people are mentally ill.
Social media reaction is swift after Kimberly and Beck firing
Statement in Response to Hateful, Transphobic Comments on Rochester Radio Show "The Breakfast Buzz"

Brooklyn man gets up to life killing transgender girlfriend
A 23-years-to-life sentence was given to a Brooklyn man who murdered a woman almost three years ago.

UPDATE: Transgendered Woman Granted Name Change
A transgendered woman trying to get her name changed got approval from a judge Wednesday afternoon.
Name change approved for transgender woman