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quinta-feira, julho 31, 2014

Sex-change operation possible motive for Tokyo robberies
On July 7, Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested 30-year-old Ikki Jin for allegedly slipping a sleeping powder into an alcoholic drink consumed by a 23-year-old male and robbing him of a total of 350,000 yen in cash and valuables in February.

Going To Prison Made CeCe McDonald Want to Fix Them
The Fighters: With a conviction that changed her life, CeCe McDonald found herself fighting against the struggles transgender women face in America's already unbalanced judicial system.

Why We Don’t Know the Size of the Transgender Population
In 2001, Kerith Conron was working on LGBT issues in Boston’s health department. She discovered that homeless transgender people were sleeping on benches because the shelters, which were segregated by gender, didn’t know what to do with them. As a result, transgender people weren’t included in the city’s assessment of who needed shelter.

Amnesty International marks first year of Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence with new calls for release
Amnesty International has renewed its calls for the release of Chelsea Manning from prison, one year into her 35-year sentence under the Espionage Act for disseminating classified information via WikiLeaks.

BREAKING: Transgender Teen Girl Stabbed in DC
This just in: police say a 15-year-old transgender teenager was stabbed in the back on a green Line Metro train at around 4:30 this afternoon. WRC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C., reports:

Orlando unanimously moves forward with transgender revisions
Orlando’s City Council unanimously approved revisions to include gender identity and expression in the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance during its first reading on July 28.

Chicago Trans woman launches tech focused creative design firm
Last week, TransTech Social Enterprise (TTSE), announced the launch of their tech ­focused training and apprenticeship program for the LGBT community with a focus on trans identified individuals. The venture will have two components: the Training Academy with workshops focusing on professional development and the TransTech Apprenticship Program which is a creative design firm that offers a graphic design and web development apprenticeship. On July 20th, TransTech will host a free orientation in Chicago, where it's based, to introduce these programs to the community. The orientation will go through a model workshop following their TTSE signature structure of empowerment, education, and employment.

Equality Michigan Petitions Michfest to End Exclusionary Policy
A perennial source of controversy, Michigan Womyn's Music Festival's 'womyn born womyn' intention comes under fire from one of the state's largest LGBT advocacy organizations.

WATCH: Inspirational 9-Year-Old Trans Girl Has Big Dreams
When 9-year-old Cee Cee Ott grows up, she wants to help other trans people by becoming a surgeon specializing in gender-confirming surgeries.

Transgender pizza employee said she quit over discrimination
Dylan Paul, 24, said she was more than hurt when she complained that a customer mis-gendered her while she was working last Monday.
Transgender Pagliacci Employee Fired, Then Offered Job Back, After Complaining About Customer Harassment

quarta-feira, julho 30, 2014

Anti-LGBT attacks rising sharply in Spain
Spain, a frontrunner in recognizing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights and same-sex civil unions, is widely believed to be a place where sexual orientation and identity are not a reason for concern on the part of security forces and public opinion.

Stonewall chief Ruth Hunt: we will do more to promote transgender rights
New CEO is to open talks with LGBT community in bid to maximise 'equality tipping point'

Separate lock-ups, prisons needed for transgenders~
A Delhi court has stressed on the need for separate lock-ups, prisons and other provisions for transgenders, who have been declared as “third gender”, saying they have full legal rights and “cannot be shuttled between man and woman depending upon convenience”.
'Give separate jail facilities to transgenders'

Illinois takes step to end trans insurance bias
Several Illinois-based advocacy groups joined together today to praise the Illinois Department of Insurance for taking a crucial first step in addressing discrimination against transgender Illinoisans in insurance coverage.

Transgender woman attacked in Mid-City; Police urge community for tips
The New Orleans Police Department said sexual orientation is the reason behind an attack happened over the weekend in Mid-City.

Report: Discrimination, Harassment Harms Transgender Health
According to a new report, discrimination and harassment could lead to physical and mental ailments like headaches, nausea, depression, and anxiety.

AVP learns of an attack on a transgender woman in the South Bronx; calls for increased awareness of violence faced by transgender women in New York City
The New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP) has learned of an attack on a transgender woman that occurred last Wednesday, July 23rd, around 1 am on East 149th Street near Third Avenue in the South Bronx. According to a media source a transgender woman, age 29, was harassed by two men shouting homophobic and transphobic slurs. The men followed her into a deli where they instructed the clerk not to server her, and then assaulted her, leaving her with an injury to her ear.

Transgender discrimination complaint against Athens RV park owner ends in settlement
The Department of Justice's pursuit of a transgender discrimination complaint filed by two East Texas residents ended recently in a mediated settlement.

Activistas cubanos piden investigar omisión identidad de género en nueva ley
Activistas cubanos reclaman a la Fiscalía General y a la Asamblea Nacional que investiguen la omisión de una referencia contra la discriminación por identidad de género en el nuevo Código de Trabajo de la isla, un caso que ha provocado polémica entre grupos que defienden la diversidad sexual en la isla.

Los y las integrantes del Proyecto Arcoíris:
Inconformes con la respuesta a nuestra misiva al Presidente de la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular, ofrecida por José Luis Toledo Santander, presidente de la Comisión de Asuntos Constitucionales y Jurídicos del Parlamento y de la comisión que, por acuerdo del Parlamento, tuvo a su cargo la redacción final de la Ley No.116 Código de Trabajo.

Video: Documentary explores Jamaica’s underground gay and trans community
A new video documentary was released today highlighting the lives of homeless gay, bisexual and transgender (GBT) youth in Jamaica.

Video: Indignación por golpiza que le dan a un transexual en Honduras
El hecho ocurrió en San Pedro Sula ante los ojos de una patrulla de la Policía Militar, que contribuyó a la golpiza.

Denuncian 168 crímenes contra la diversidad sexual en Honduras
Más de 168 crímenes se han registrado en Honduras entre 2009 y julio de 2014 a causa de la homofobia, denunciaron hoy activistas de la diversidad sexual, que anunciaron para mañana una marcha para exigir justicia por estos asesinatos y el respeto a sus derechos humanos.

Cirugías trans: avances para la capacitación en hospitales de Rosario
Tanto el Roque Sáenz Peña como el Centenario llevan desde hace un año los procesos de masculinización y feminización. Cinco pacientes se sometieron a la intervención. Ahora buscan realizar la intervención de reasignación de sexo genital. Los detalles

terça-feira, julho 29, 2014

Male Prisoners Switching Sexes to Get Special Treatment
Prison officers claim there has been a surge in the number of male prisoners who are declaring themselves transgender – in order to access facilities like separate changing rooms and laundry services.

Ex-MEP Nikki Sinclaire charged with money laundering and misconduct in public office
Nikki Sinclaire, one of the first openly transgender politicians to sit in the European Parliament, has been charged with money laundering and misconduct in public office after an inquiry into her expense claims.
Former UKIP MEP charged with money laundering

Support for transgender man who was banned from using men’s toilets in Devon nightclub
Support has poured across social media for a transgender man who was banned from using men’s toilets.

Uni helps trans students with sex change process
Following in the footsteps of Turin and Padua, transsexual students at the University of Urbino will now also be able to have two sets of student record books.

Nigeria’s Security Service claims ‘gay cross-dresser’ masterminded bombing that killed 80
Nigeria’s State Security Service have arrested a ‘homosexual cross-dresser,’ over a an attempted assassination on the country’s former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari but the country’s Opposition think it’s a set up

Court allows transgender activists to register lobby group
A group seeking to have their transgender status recognised in Kenya has won a major legal battle.
Kenya court victory as transgender rights group is allowed to officially register

Include third gender children in schools: HRD Ministry
The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has advised all States and Union Territories (UTs), barring Jammu and Kashmir, to take appropriate action for the inclusion of “third gender’’ children among socially and educationally backward classes for admission in educational institutions under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) to universalise elementary education.

Call for Malaysia to keep sexuality and gender identity in new anti-discrimination bill
Human rights groups are calling on Malaysia’s National Unity Consultative Council to stand strong in the face of criticism after it included sexuality and gender identity among protected groups in a draft new anti-discrimination bill

DON'T YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO! Judge slams Negri Islamic authorities for gunning after transgenders
A Court of Appeal judge is disturbed by the continuous persecution of the transgender community by the Negri Sembilan state Islamic authorities, since the court is yet to make a decision on the constitutionality of Section 66, which bars cross-dressing.

A light shines on trans issues, but not bright enough
This year is the first time the International AIDS Conference has had a dedicated transgender space, but as several transgender delegates tell GNN, there is still a long way to go to raise the visibility of transgender issues in health and HIV.
AIDS 2014 criticised over lack of trans* speakers as HIV rates skyrocket

[New Zealand]
Transsexual can be kept segregated, says judge
A judge says a drug-addicted transsexual who allegedly tried to rob two chemist shops of drugs can be kept in segregation while on remand in a male prison.

Science magazine’s new cover receives backlash for being transmisogynistic
Science, an academic magazine published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has debuted a cover for a July issue that has been called transmisogynistic.

Andreja Pejić fala sobre a sua cirurgia de reassignação
Andrej Pejić, o famoso modelo masculino que ganhou gama em 2010 quando Carine Roitfeld o fotografou em roupa feminina para a Vogue de Paris, deu o lugar a Andreja Pejić.

Obama takes executive action to outlaw LGBT workplace discrimination
President Barack Obama signed an executive order Monday prohibiting federal contractors from LGBT workplace discrimination and protecting transgender federal employees from discrimination, marking the end of a long campaign by LGBT-rights advocates to convince Obama to take such executive actions.

Trans women denied photo IDs at D.C. DMV office
In response to an inquiry from transgender advocate Ruby Corado, the director of the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles said on Monday she would take immediate steps to make sure DMV employees approve photo identification cards for transgender applicants who qualify for them.

Center: Transgender inmate denied treatments
The Southern Poverty Law Center has threatened legal action against the Georgia Department of Corrections for refusing to provide hormone treatments for a Valdosta State Prison inmate with gender identity disorder.

segunda-feira, julho 28, 2014

Concerns that British Prisoners Are 'Pretending to be Transgender' to Win Privileges
The has been a sharp rise in the number of male prison inmates in Britain claiming to be transgender, leading to fears that some could be lying to officials to gain privileges.

We are the third sex, don’t tag us as ‘others’
...say the well-known members of Hijra community in the city, as Deputy Chief Election Commissioner of Maharashtra refuses to put the 'Third Sex' column on the voters' ID

Model contests discriminate transgender in Vietnam
Lan Phuong, one of the most well-known models in Vietnam, was trained by the PL Model Company. Even after hours of watching her conduct interviews and move up and down the catwalk, no one could guess she is transgender.

[New Zealand]
Georgina Beyer to stand for Mana Party
Former Labour MP Georgina Beyer will stand for the Mana Party in Te Tai Tonga, the South Island Maori seat.
Georgina Beyer joins Mana Party

Fenway Report: Trans People Continue to Experience More Discrimination, Poorer Health
Last week most of the online attention to LGB health was focused on the Center for Disease Control’s report on Sexual Orientation and Health Among U.S. Adults that was released on July 15. The report summarized data from The 2013 National Health Interview Survey, which was the first time in the CDC’s 57-year history they included questions about sexual orientation on the survey.

Funeral for murdered transgender woman held in Kinston
The transgender woman who was found murdered on June 16, was laid to rest Thursday.
Mia Henderson, 26, was found in a Baltimore alley by police serving a warrant in the neighborhood.

Housing Dispute Puts Quaker University at Front of Fight Over Transgender Issues
A growing number of openly transgender students have forced schools around the country to address questions so basic that they were rarely asked just a few years ago, much less answered: What defines a person’s gender, and who gets to decide?

domingo, julho 27, 2014

Travesti é assassinado na Avenida Babita Camargos, em Contagem
Conforme testemunha, dois homens vestidos de preto passaram em um Fiat Punto, se aproximaram do travesti e atiraram à queima roupa
Um travesti foi assassinado a tiros na madrugada desta quinta-feira na Avenida Babita Camargos, local conhecido como ponto de prostituição em Contagem, na Grande BH. Uma testemunha contou aos policiais militares que os travestis da região estavam ameaçados, inclusive dois deles foram alvos de um atentando na semana passada perto da Via Expressa.

Public Abuse of Trans Individuals by Police
In Mersin, police officers attacked trans women in public, shouting “Get out of here” and assaulting them with batons.

A Trans Beauty Queen is Crowned
Yanki Bayramoglu, a 23 year-old dancer, spoke to us about being trans in Turkey, her newfound fame and her boyfriend

Sex-reassignment surgeries funded in all but two provinces
But gaps remain in which surgeries covered where for trans people in Canada

EXCLUSIVE: Andreja Pejic Is in Her Own Skin for the Very First Time
You won’t be seeing any more of Andrej Pejic, the androgynous male model who rose to fame in 2010 after Carine Roitfeld had him photographed in womenswear for Paris Vogue. An onslaught of editorials followed (including a shirtless Dossier Journal cover that was essentially banned by Barnes & Noble for fear their customers would think he was a naked woman), and he even walked as the beautiful bride in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring ’11 Couture show (below). But Andrej’s days on the runway are over. However, Andreja’s career is just getting started.

Transgender inmates pushing policy changes
Awareness for transgender individuals continues to grow in society. A person who is born a man or woman, but who in every other way see themselves as the opposite sex. For many people it can be an uncomfortable topic. For others they completely accept it. Where the topic is being discussed more is inside our county jails and state prisons. Transgender inmates change the way booking, housing, and safety protocols are done. The increased number of transgender individuals coming in are causing correctional officers to reevaluate.

quinta-feira, julho 24, 2014

A transexualidade e o transgénero ganham espaço no universo mediático. Cinema, televisão e música são alguns dos palcos que dão visibilidade ao tema. Lourenço, Conchita, Laverne ou Rayon são parte dos protagonistas.

El Ayuntamiento de Torremolinos prohíbe las actuaciones de transformismo en el Orgullo de la localidad
El Ayuntamiento de Torremolinos, gobernado por el PP, ha prohibido de forma expresa la celebración del “Orgullo Solidario”, un evento que pretendía servir de colofón a la campaña de recogida de alimentos emprendida por el colectivo LGTB y los empresarios de los principales locales de ocio gay de la localidad malagueña, a no ser que se garantice que esa noche no habrá actuaciones de transformistas, al considerar que estos artistas “no dan buena imagen”.

'It’s not just a piece of paper': B.C. transgender girl, 11, sets the records straight with new birth certificate
Harriette Cunningham of Comox says she’s not finished fighting for gender-variant people

Janet Mock won’t ‘be thrown into a corner as the trans correspondent
Marie Claire readers are about to see a new name in the magazine’s masthead, one they might already be familiar with. Janet Mock, an author and former editor at, was first in the pages of Marie Claire in 2011, when Marie Claire published the story of her journey as a transgender woman.

Naples Woman Starts Group Advocating For Protections Of Transgender Community In Southwest Florida
A woman in Naples has started an advocacy group aimed at helping Southwest Florida’s vulnerable transgender community.

Addition to Roeland Park’s non-discrimination ordinance voted down 4-3
The battle over a proposed addition to the non-discrimination ordinance in Roeland Park came to a head Monday night with a vote by the city council. More than 150 people sat in stunned silence when the council members made their decision.
By 4-3 vote, Roeland Park City Council rejects anti-bias ordinance

Policy changes for state transgender employees
Denial of coverage of surgical procedure leads to lawsuit
Maryland to Provide Transition Care to Trans State Employees
Maryland shifts insurance policy to cover transition-related care of transgender employees

Baltimore trans women on edge after two murders
Lt. J. Eric Kowlaczyk of the Baltimore Police Department addressing the media after officers found Mia Henderson’s body on July 16.

Nueva controversia por reaparición de 'trans' en Bocagrande
La ciudadanía de Bocagrande, especialmente la establecida en el sector de la Avenida San Martín (Carrera 2) y Carrera 3 con Calle 4, expresa su preocupación por la progresiva alteración de la vida nocturna en la zona.

Comunidad LGBTI en Medellín denuncia asesinato de cuatro este año
Advierten que en esta ciudad persisten los crímenes de odio a miembros de esta población.

Minsal se compromete a regular cirugías para transexuales
Movilh dijo que la ministra también respaldó que se incorpore en la "Carta de Derechos y Deberes del Paciente" el derecho a la no discriminación.

Joven gay fue hallado muerto en su habitación de Magdalena
Un joven homosexual identificado como Julio César Cotrina Fasabi (21) fue encontrado muerto en la habitación que rentaba en el distrito de Magdalena. Aparentemente llevaba unos cuatro días sin vida en ese lugar, que lucía ordenado.
Era conocido como Cristal Celeste había sido elegido ‘Miss Gay Tarapoto 2014’, reportó “América Noticias”. Vivía en Lima desde inicios de este año y en los últimos meses trabajaba como estilista en un centro de belleza del citado distrito limeño.

terça-feira, julho 22, 2014

Drag queen banned from Scottish TV over fears 'kids would ask questions'
Bee Fiarse said he is ‘totally and utterly flabbergasted’ by what happened, describing the producers as ‘prejudiced’
Scotland: STV attacked for refusing to allow drag queen in Pride coverage

Racist murder attempt against a trans woman in Thessaloniki. The perpetrator was detained
The Greek Transgender Support Association, a recognized non-profit organization for the support the of the rights of the trans community, notifies with this press release about the transphobic murder attempt against a trans woman in Thessaloniki.

WATCH: The Trans Reporter Changing Turkish Society
Michelle Demishevich is the most prominent transgender person in predominately-Muslim Turkey.
Michelle Demishevich is the symbol for transgender rights in Turkey, a nation at the crossroads of East and West.
Transsexual TV Reporter Becomes Turkey’s Face of LGBT Rights

Armed Assault Against Trans Women Followed by Harassment
3 trans women were attacked in Harbiye which was followed by police harassment. Wounded women were kept waiting in the hospital for a long time, delaying treatment.

We're not 'others': Transgenders demand EC recognition as 3rd gender
As Maharashtra gears up for Assembly polls, the transgender community is at loggerheads with the Election Commission with the latter refusing to accept the community's demand to be recognised as 'transgenders' or 'third gender' on voter identification cards and on the electoral rolls, as opposed the 'others' label used for them currently.

Birth certificate mandatory for NID card
Transgender population that earlier registered in the voter list choosing their gender either as “man or as “woman” would now be able to list their names as voters with self-identity

Why did ‘Science’ magazine choose to make two headless transwomen the cover of its AIDS/HIV issue?
When you see the cover of the latest issue of Science magazine, the dimly-lit high heels and mini-skirted legs of two Jakarta, Indonesia, sex workers lure you in to the cover, which is curious. The print, positioned at their feet, reads “Staying a step ahead of HIV/AIDS.” The women appear to be walking.

Military to begin initial gender identity treatment for Chelsea Manning
The Bureau of Prisons has rejected the Army’s request to accept the transfer of national security leaker Pvt. Chelsea Manning from the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to a civilian facility where she could get better treatment for her gender-identify condition.

Family says Mia Henderson was visiting Baltimore when she was brutally killed
Transgender woman found dead in alley Wednesday
Another trans woman killed in Baltimore
Transgender woman's death draws national attention, calls for justice

Family mourning death of murdered transgender woman
A Kinston family is mourning the death of a transgender woman who was found dead Wednesday by police in Baltimore.

Alleged murderer found competent
It has been one year since transgender woman Diamond Williams was brutally murdered — but, unlike several unsolved homicides of local transgender women, Williams’ alleged killer is in custody.

D.A. needs more time on Morris request
The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office needs an additional 30 days before responding to PGN’s request for a key document in the Nizah Morris case.

segunda-feira, julho 21, 2014

Após morte de travesti, Polícia investiga maníaco que ataca travestis
Após a morte da travesti Makelly Castro, a polícia está em busca de um homem que estaria perseguindo e tentando matar homossexuais em Teresina. A jovem de 24 anos foi encontrada morta com sinais de enforcamento e despida em um terreno no Distrito Industrial na manhã desta sexta-feira (18).

Forcing Trans Woman's Finnish Divorce Upheld
The European Court of Human Rights saw no violation in forcing a transgender Finnish woman to either divorce her wife or obtain legal recognition of her female identity.

Polygamy, gender identity seen as key challenges for families in Africa
Representatives from the Pontifical Council for the Family gathered in the Republic of the Congo with over 40 bishops last week to discuss the state of families in Africa, highlighting both strengths and challenges they face.

Seeking to save the eyesight of battered trans Ugandan
A group of friends, activists and journalists is seeking contributions to help save the eyesight of a Ugandan trans woman whose eyes have been failing since she suffered a transphobic attack two years ago in Kampala, Uganda.

India’s top female sprinter banned from Commonwealth Games over testosterone levels
An Indian sprinter has been banned from the Commonwealth games because she naturally exhibits high testosterone levels.

Advancing Health Care Access for Transgender People: Medicare, MassHealth and Beyond
While we are far from nirvana, transgender people are seeing cultural and legal advances in profound places these days. Laverne Cox on the cover of TIME magazine – and now nominated for an Emmy award - is one kind of milestone. The removal of barriers in insurance coverage for gender transition related care is another.

Transgender people celebrate their first pride event in Balboa Park
Before Friday's first-ever march for Transgender Pride, transgender people and their supporters gathered at the north end of Balboa Park for a barbecue. The event signaled a new phase for San Diego's transgender community.

Crossdressing housekeeper Daryl Rasmussen, aka Ms Puppy, pleads guilty to killing Denver couple
A crossdresser has pleaded guilty to killing two Denver men who hired him as a housekeeper.

Another Transgender Woman Murdered in Baltimore
Six weeks following the discovery of the murdered body of Kandy Hall, a transgender woman in a Northeast Baltimore field, another murdered transgender victim was found on July 16. Just before 6:00 a.m. police discovered the body of Mia Henderson, whose official government ID name was Kevin Long, age 26, in an alley in the 3400 block of Piedmont Ave. near Lake Ashburton in Northwest Baltimore.

Trabajadoras sexuales transgéneros buscan apoyo a sus derechos en reunión con CAJTA y Carabineros
Representantes de CAJTA y el Presidente de Falange por la Diversidad Sexual, FADISE, Pablo Imaña Herrera, se reunieron con el Jefe de la Primera Zona de Carabineros Tarapacá, General Claudio Nash Berne, para abordar el tema de la problemática del comercio sexual ejercido por personas transgéneros en el sector central de Iquique.

sexta-feira, julho 18, 2014

O TEDH confirma que o divórcio forçado de pessoas trans é legal
O Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos Humanos (TEDH) decidiu a favor do estado Finlandês num caso em que uma mulher queria mudar legalmente o género após a cirurgia de correcção de sexo, mas permanecendo casada com a esposa, decidindo que ela teria que se divorciar para mudar oficialmente de género.
Strasbourg ruling: divorce requirement for legal gender recognition ‘no violation of Human Rights’
Estrasburgo avala la transfobia de estado: ve legal obligar a una persona transexual a divorciarse para ver reconocida su identidad

Laverne Cox é a primeira pessoa transgénera a ser nomeada para um Emmy
A atriz Laverne Cox entrou para a história hoje ao se tornar na primeira pessoa transgénera a ser nomeada para um prémio Emmy.

Transgender Violence Escalates in 2014 in US
The past several months have left many in the transgender community struggling for answers as multiple murders and violent assaults have been perpetrated throughout the United States. The level of violence has notibly increased in 2014 and more reports continue to come into the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal ranging from harassment to murder. Since May 2014, the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal has reviewed numerous incidents of murder, violence and harassment against transgender people:

Police say transgender woman was killed near Lake Ashburton
Black- and copper-colored beads lay around a puddle of blood in a Northwest Baltimore alley where police said a transgender woman was killed early Wednesday in a crime that bore similarities to the slaying of another transgender woman last month.
Reggie Bullock's Brother Murdered In Baltimore
US: Second Baltimore trans woman found murdered since June

quinta-feira, julho 17, 2014

European Human Rights Court confirms forced divorce of trans people is legal
Today, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights issued its verdict in Hämäläinen v Finland (application no. 37359/09), a case pertaining the necessity for a married trans person to end their marriage before being legally recognized in one’s gender identity. The Court rejected the claim that requesting a married trans person to convert their marriage into a registered partnership before being recognized in their gender identity is a violation of the right to private and family life, the right to marry, as well as non-discrimination of the European Convention on Human Rights. TGEU, who has submitted a third party intervention in the case, is highly disappointed that the highest human rights court in Europe missed this opportunity to protect trans persons’ human rights.
European court strikes down transgender marriage case
ECHR rules against trans woman in marriage case
‘I will stay married’: Transsexual woman defiant after court ruling

Nascer no corpo errado
Para grande parte da população é desconhecido mas existe realmente uma diferença entre sexo e género. Enquanto o sexo está relacionado com a identidade biológica da pessoa, o género é a apresentação pública e objetiva do indivíduo que pode ser masculina ou feminina.

Petra De Sutter est la première parlementaire belge transsexuelle: il y a 10 ans, elle était encore un homme!
Il y a dix ans, Petra De Sutter était encore un homme. Âgée de 51 ans, elle a vécu quarante ans comme cela avant de prendre la décision qui a transformé sa vie. Avant de devenir... sénatrice cooptée. C’est une première en Belgique. Une incroyable histoire à découvrir dans nos éditions de ce mercredi.

terça-feira, julho 15, 2014

Transsexual Pregnancy (For Male-to-Female Transsexuals)
Medical advances have transformed the lives of transsexual woman since the 1950's. Hormones provide huge physical and mental benefits, whilst with advances in Sex Re-assignment Surgery techniques it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish the vulva (external genitalia) of a genetically XY male-to-female (MTF) transsexual women from that of a XX women. An increasing number of transsexual women now lead their lives without their sexual partners and even husband ever suspecting that they were born anything other than a woman.

Travesti é achado morto com marcas de tiros em canavial na Zona da Mata
Cerca de cinco disparos de arma de fogo teriam sido efetuados; funcionário de destilaria alertou a PM, que localizou a vítima já sem vida e sem documentos de identificação

Travesti é encontrada morta em piscina de motel de Minas Gerais; suspeito é liberado
A garota de programa Kellen Santorine, que era travesti, foi encontrada morta na manhã de domingo (13) em uma piscina de motel, em Uberaba, Minas Gerais. Junto com ela, estava o mecânico E.G.C., de 29 anos, que tentou fugir pulando o muro do estabelecimento.
Corpo de travesti é encontrado em piscina de motel em Uberaba

Laverne Cox Is The First Transgender Performer To Be Nominated For An Emmy
The actress has received a nomination for her role as Sophia Burset on the Netflix smash hit Orange Is the New Black.
Laverne Cox Makes History With Emmy Nomination

Aurora woman sues Hobby Lobby for transgender discrimination
A transgender employee of Hobby Lobby’s Aurora, Ill. craft store is suing the company for discrimination. Meggan Sommerville, a 16-year veteran of the chain retailer, has filed complaints against her employer for the right to use the women’s restroom—in keeping with her gender identity.

Department of Education Offers Antitrans University a 'Religious Exemption'
An Oregon Christian university has been granted a 'religious exemption' from certain aspects of Title IX, allowing it to discriminate against a trans student.
Breaking: Department of Education Grants George Fox Religious Exemption; Says College Can Refuse Trans Students On-Campus Housing
Religious college that denied trans student housing granted discrimination law exemption

Women charged in transgender hate crime
Seattle police have arrested Artega Jackson and have a warrant to arrest Marjorie Marple for allegedly attacking a woman they thought was transgender.

[Republica Dominicana]
Cientos marchan por el orgullo gay
Marcha empezó en la avenida del Puerto, siguió por la George Washington y luego por la Máximo Gómez

Colombia: Trans women form football club and hold own ‘World Cup’
A group of trans women have formed an all-trans football club to celebrate the World Cup.

Transexual le gana tutela a la Policía por derecho a la igualdad
Personas del mismo sexo que se reúnen cerca al coliseo Humberto Perea no pueden ser retiradas.
Con un fallo de tutela, la Sala Cuarta de la Corte Constitucional amparó los derechos fundamentales de Leonardo David Mizzar Vargas, o Jessica, como prefiere que lo llamen, a la igualdad, a la integridad, al libre desarrollo de la personalidad, a la honra, al buen nombre y a la libre circulación, presuntamente transgredidos por la Policía Metropolitana de Barranquilla.

Ministerio de Salud regulará financiamiento de Fonasa para la readecuación corporal de personas transexuales
Así lo determinó la ministra Molina en cita con el Movilh. Además se incluirá en la Carta de Derechos al paciente el principio de la no discriminación y se estudiará la posibilidad de que Fonasa también cubra la fertilización asistida de todas las parejas, sea cual sea la orientación sexual.

Policía capturó a dos de los sujetos que masacraron a travesti
La policía capturó anoche a Fernando Vásquez Silva, alias ‘Fer’ y George Valentín Garrido, ‘Boquita de Naranjal’, quienes golpearon brutalmente a Víctor Chinchay Leiva, el pasado 23 de junio en Independencia. Según la policía, los desadaptados agredieron con piedras y palos a Chinchay debido a que él era travesti. La víctima, conocida como 'Kiara' se encuentra en coma.

quinta-feira, julho 10, 2014

ES: falso médico que aplicava silicone e botox é preso
Um homem de 39 anos que se passava por médico foi detido em Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (ES) no momento em que entregava medicamentos para uma paciente. De acordo com as informações do delegado Carlos Vitor de Almeida Silva, a prisão ocorreu na segunda-feira após denúncias. “Ele aplicava silicone industrial e botox em travestis e mulheres e ainda vendia remédios manipulados para emagrecer, tudo de forma clandestina. Uma das pacientes teria passado mal após tomar remédios prescritos por ele”, afirmou o delegado.

Joint Statement on Withdrawal of Support for ENDA and Call for Equal Workplace Protections for LGBT People
The following national LGBT legal organizations have signed onto the below statement: American Civil Liberties Union; Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders; Lambda Legal; National Center for Lesbian Rights; and Transgender Law Center.

Ill. Trans Woman Alleges Discrimination by Hobby Lobby
While questions swirl about whether there's reason to worry about Hobby Lobby's possible anti-LGBT biases, one transgender employee says she's confronted discrimination there for years.

Las trans contra la libreta militar
Comunidad LGBTI busca que se elimine el requisito de la libreta militar para las transgeneristas en tanto se consideran a sí mismas mujeres y la ley así lo reconoce. Alto tribunal estudia este caso.

El Comité de Derechos Humanos encuentra brechas en la protección de los derechos humanos para personas trans e intersex
El Gobierno reconoce los problemas y promete reformas
UN Human Rights Committee Identifies Gaps in Human Rights Protections for Trans and Intersex Persons

quarta-feira, julho 09, 2014

Transsexual police worker Helen Doe charged with attempted murder
A police worker who is a prominent member of Croydon’s transsexual community has been charged with attempted murder.
Helen Doe, 52, of Montgomery Close, Mitcham, appeared in custody at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court yesterday (July 7) charged with the attempted murder of a 64-year-old man at an address in Mitcham on Saturday (July 5).

Lithuanian Parliament Refuses to Consider a Bill Establishing Procedure of Legal Gender Recognition
On July 8th, 2014 the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas considered the bill amendment to the Law on Public Registry No. XIP-2017(3). Despite the fact that the bill consists of multiple amendments to the law in question, i.e. seeking to simplify the functioning of the public registry by enabling residents to submit inquires and to fill in forms on-line, the whole package was blocked because it bears the provision on legal gender recognition. The Parliament returned the bill to the Committee on Legal Affairs requesting to ‘fix it’ through removing the provision on establishing the procedure of legal gender recognition.

Inside The Quiet Struggle For LGBT Rights In Ukraine
When the pro-Russian separatists arrived at the homes of Oleg Yashtulov’s activist friends looking for evidence of any connection to him, he refused to leave the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. As a human rights and LGBT activist, Yashtulov has to watch his step, so he has secured an informant from inside the group to let him know if he is at risk. Finding nothing with his friends, “they made these visits to my informers, but did not find anything,” said the 23-year-old. “This was good because they would be killed, and then I would probably be killed.”

Bobby Darling: My sex-change operation backfired
Cross-dresser Bobby Darling, whose desire to turn into a woman is well-known, has had a change of heart. After getting breast augmentation done in March 2010, Bobby has decided against going ahead with more sex-change surgeries. Reason? He has realised that it is his identity as Bobby Darling that has been getting him acting offers.

Australian trans man to take annulment of marriage to wife to United Nations
Paige Phoenix has had his marriage to his wife annulled by the Victorian state government despite his passport saying he is male and living as a man for seven years but he hopes the United Nations Human Rights Committee will find in his favor
WATCH: Australia Voids Trans Man's Marriage, Now He's Fighting Back

[New Zealand]
Trans people "thrown under the bus"
A transgender rights advocate says Justice Minister Judith Collins has thrown trans people under the bus in blocking a move to include gender identity in the Human Rights Act.

Trans Comedian Avery Edison Files Human Rights Complaint
After being detained by Canadian border officials and placed in a men's correctional facility, transgender comedian Avery Edison has filed human rights complaints with Canadian agencies.

Activist compares trans job discrimination with Nazi murders of Jews
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted a panel of transgender activists last month on the topic of “employment discrimination” during which at least one presenter compared the plight of gender-confused people whose employers won’t recognize their preferred, non-biological sex to the slaughter of millions of Jews by Adolf Hitler during World War II.

Two Transgender Women Told to Remove Makeup and Wigs for License Photos and Called "It" by Staff at West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund Calls Upon DMV to Allow Women to Take Driver's License Photos as Their True Selves and Without Harassment
DMV Actions Restricted Free Speech and Violated Constitutional Protections
Trans Women Harassed, Called 'It' by West Virginia DMV Employees

terça-feira, julho 08, 2014

La marcha del Orgullo Gay llena las calles del centro de Madrid
La manifestación ha recordado a los países donde los derechos de gais, lesbianas, transexuales y bisexuales "son pura ilusión"
"Somos muchos, y nadie podrá pararnos"

Transexual esconde heroína no estômago
Telefonema anónimo tramou Ruben Crisóstomo, de 29 anos, do Porto, apanhado em Malta.

[China/Hong Kong]
Transgender man plans to challenge proposed law on marriage rights
A transgender man will challenge the government over its controversial Marriage (Amendment) Bill, which would force transgender people to undergo a dangerous sex-change operation in order to be recognised as their chosen gender and allowed to marry.
Hong Kong: Trans man to legally challenge new transgender marriage law

State voids trans man’s marriage over ‘inconsistent’ documents
An Australian trans man and his wife have had their marriage invalidated, because the state of Victoria won’t update his birth certificate.
Victorian government invalidates marriage of transgender man

SK Green Party nominates first transgender candidate
B Garneau to run for election in Regina Wascana Plains riding in 2016

Trans women told to remove ‘wigs and makeup’ for driver’s license photo
Two West Virginia trans women were ordered to remove their wigs, makeup and jewellery in order to take photos for their driver’s licenses.

Realiza población LGTB marcha contra la discriminación
Con la presencia de más de mil personas, se realizó la III Marcha LGBTI en San Luis Potosí, misma que inició en el Parque de Morales y se traslada por la avenida Carranza para luego llegar a la Plaza de Los Fundadores.

Estilista, lapidado
Lapidan a joven homosexual; era estilista y fue asesinado a pedradas y golpes contra la pared de un predio en la colonia Francisco Villa, al sur de la ciudad.

[El Salvador]
Comunidad LGBTI solicita audiencia a Vanda Pignato tras asesinatos a transexuales
La Comunidad LGTBI (Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales) del país hizo un llamado a la secretaria de Inclusión Social para que les conceda una audiencia para reforzar la creación de políticas públicas que garanticen la defensa de los derechos humanos. De acuerdo a este grupo, llevan un mes esperando respuesta de parte de ella.

Por primera vez una transgénero llega a dirigir una entidad distrital
Se trata de la nueva directora del Instituto Distrital de Turismo, quien se posesionó este jueves.

segunda-feira, julho 07, 2014

Madras high court comes to rescue of woman branded as transgender, denied cop job
No uterus and ovaries? Then you are a transgender person, not a woman. This is how Nangai (not her real name) was denied the job of a police constable by the state police and medical departments, which concluded that absence of these vital female internal organs meant that she was a transgender person.

[New Zealand]
Latest gender ID protection bid scuttled
Louisa Wall’s current bid to get gender identity protection specifically covered in the Human Rights Act is a no-go.
The Labour MP put forward a gender identity amendment as part of the Statutes Amendment Bill (no 4).

[New Zealand]
Woman who fell from tree recovering at home
A transgender woman seriously injured after falling from a tree has been discharged from hospital but has a long way to go before she fully recovers.

Calls to help sex-change kids as demand for gender reassignment soars
The number of children accessing medical treatment to help them change gender has increased 60-fold, leaving Australia’s only clinic for transgender young people struggling to cope with the rise in demand.

Trans woman files complaints over detention in male facility
Avery Edison’s correctional placement common in Canada, says lawyer
Trans woman held in men’s prison filing human rights complaint
Transgender woman files human rights complaints after detention in Canada

Meet The Trans Scholar Fighting Against The Campaign For Out Trans Military Service
“Trans people, trans organizations, the trans movement did not choose this battle,” Dean Spade says. The law professor says rich donors chose the issue, and maintains the focus will hurt other trans rights issues.

Cold Case Homicide: Felix Patricio Abarca
Felix Patricio Abarca
Crime Date:November 23, 1990
Location:33.5 Mile Marker Sunrise Hwy, Mt. Laguna
Public asked for leads in 1990 homicide

California gender recognition law comes into effect
A new California law which makes it easier for trans people to change their legal name and gender has come into effect.

Louisville Forum on Transgender Issues Doesn't Include Any Transgender Panelists
The Louisville Forum's July discussion will tackle the issue of growing up transgender in Louisville—though none of the four panelists are transgender.

Ballot Law Commission rules transgender candidate can't run for House seat
The circumstances have not changed for the state's first openly transgender legislator, who was never sworn in as a state Representative after the Attorney General said she could not legally hold office.

Fourth Trans Woman of Color Murdered in June
In a dark end to the month of June, a fourth trans woman of color has been found murdered in the U.S. — this time shot to death.

Houstonians Move to Repeal LGBT Rights Ordinance
Equality opponents deliver twice the required amount of signatures needed to overturn an LGBT-inclusive ordinance.

sábado, julho 05, 2014

17-year-old trans teen commits suicide in Turkey
A 17-year-old trans teen named Okyanus Efe Ozyavuz committed suicide in the western city of Izmir yesterday. Having won kick box championships both in Izmir and in the region, Ozyavuz shared a note on his Facebook account which reads “What’s the fucking use of being normal?”
“I cannot even go to the funeral of the person I love”
On the suicide of a trans teen: The “normal” is the perpetrator!
Transgender Efe Ozyavuz commits suicide over gender discrimination

Transgender women find a safe place to practice their faith in Indonesia
On a recent Sunday afternoon, a group of women lay out books, mats and glasses of hot tea on a shady veranda. It’s time for Arabic class at Pondok Pesantren Waria, an Islamic school in the Indonesian town of Yogyakarta.

Transgender woman files human rights complaints over arrest at Pearson airport
A transgender woman from the U.K. who was stopped by customs at Pearson airport and detained in a men’s jail has filed separate human rights complaints against corrections and border officials.

Joan Rivers uses transphobic slur to describe First Lady Michelle Obama
Comedian Joan Rivers caught a reporter by surprise on Tuesday with a very matter-of-fact statement that First Lady Michelle Obama “is a tranny,” which, she says, makes Barack Obama the first gay president.

WATCH: Another Atlanta Trans Woman Brutally Assaulted
The attack marks the second anti-trans assault caught on tape in Atlanta in just over a month.
Late Tuesday, video surfaced of a transgender woman being assaulted in front of Stratosphere Skateboards, a skate shop located in Atlanta's Little Five Points district. This attack comes just one month after two Atlanta trans women were brutally assaulted aboard a MARTA train.

Trans billboard campaign launched in Chicago
Wednesday, the first of 10 billboards highlighting transgender rights was unveiled in Chicago.

Parents appeal transgender policy at Kentucky high school
A group of parents has appealed a decision by a Louisville high school to allow transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity.
Some parents at Atherton High School fighting transgender policy

Third Annual Translatina March in Queens, New York, Hits the Streets to Fight Discrimination
On Monday, in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, over 100 translatinas, New York elected officials and their supporters will hold the third annual Translatina March to raise awareness about the transgender Latina community, fight discrimination, celebrate diversity, demand an end to workplace discrimination, and foster respect and dignity for all residents.

Reeling from killings, trans community calls for understanding
Trans women's issues are getting more attention, but activists say that recent deaths show it's not enough

GLAAD warns media of 'trans panic' narrative in Cincinnati anti-transgender murder
A suspect in the murder of trans woman Tiffany Edwards in Cincinnati turned himself in to police on Wednesday morning. Quamar Edwards (no relation to the victim) was escorted by relatives to Cincinnati police headquarters to face charges for Tiffany's death.
Suspect in transgender woman's murder appears in court

Hearing held in Morris case
A hearing was held last week on PGN’s request for a key document relating to the Nizah Morris case.

Austin Lingerie Store Promises Changes In Transgender Controversy
A transgender controversy that started with a bra fitting, has an Austin lingerie store working on changes to its store policy. A trans woman says she was humiliated at Petticoat Fair last weekend. On Thursday the owner invited consumer reporter Bettie Cross into his store so he could explain what happened and where they go from here.

Transgender woman, Vanessa Champagne, bailed
After two nights in lock down at the Belize Central Prison, transgender woman, Vanessa Champagne Paris is finally out on bail.
Vanessa Champagne Gets Bail

sexta-feira, julho 04, 2014

World Health Organization urged to remove sexual orientation ‘disorders’ from disease classifications
A working group of experts reviewing the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases guidelines has recommended the removal of several ‘disorders’ that continue to stigmatize LGBTIs as sick despite the removal of homosexuality as a disorder in 1990

Travesti é assassinado em Itaitinga por ordem de traficantes
Francisco César Gomes de Assis, de 32 anos, o "marimar" foi morto por ordem de traficantes da área. Irismar França tem os detalhes

Brutal agressió trànsfoba a València i concentració de rebuig
“El xic que m’havia increpat em va agafar del braç i va accelerar el vehicle, portant-me a rossegons durant quasi 20 metres”. Concentració dimarts 19.30 hores plaça de l'Ajuntament de València

Transsexual Bondage Advocate Made Chair of Governors at All-Boys School
A transsexual who has publicly stated her "proud support" for bondage has been appointed chair of governors at an all-boys school near Liverpool. Tara Hewitt, who describes herself as "proud feminist" announced her new appointment at Mosslands School in Wallasey on the social networking site LinkedIn.

California Becomes Easiest Place for Trans People to Amend Birth Certificates
Passed last year, California's AB 1121 set up the framework for a more privacy-conscious environment for trans individuals trying to legally change their name and gender.

Funeral held for transgender victim this morning
The church on Brown Street was full Wednesday morning. Yaz'Min Shancez was laid to rest. The 31-year-old transgender woman, whose legal name was Eddie James Owens, was found off Fowler St. shot and burned. Fort Myers Police Department's investigation is ongoing.

Trans woman brutally attacked in Little Five Points
Video has surfaced online of a transgender woman being brutally assaulted in Little Five Points. The attack occurred in front of Stratosphere Skateboards. The Vine video was posted Tuesday and started circulating on Twitter late Wednesday.

Nevada Republican may be nation’s first openly trans state legislator
For Lauren Scott, the potential of being elected as the first openly transgender person to serve in a state legislature isn’t a focus of her campaign.

Quamar Edwards, suspect in transgender woman's slaying, turns self in
Family member says slaying wasn't hate crime
Suspect in Walnut Hills homicide turns himself in
Suspect in Trans Woman's Murder Turns Himself In

Texas Lingerie Store Caught Off-Guard by Trans Customer
A lingerie store in Austin found itself without appropriate policies in place to accommodate transgender patron, but has now committed to updating the shop's policies.

Man who declares himself transgender faces aggravated assault charge
Since Porfilio Rodriguez’s first media appearance following an assault on Central American Boulevard in Belize City a few months ago, he has become a bit of a media sensation.

quinta-feira, julho 03, 2014

Transexual agredida em Valencia durante o dia do Orgulho
No passado dia 29, uma mulher transexual foi arrastada durante uns 20 metros por um veículo após ter sido insultada.

Charity praises Imperial College London for commitment to trans issues
The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) has praised Imperial College London for the university’s work in combating discrimination and prejudice against the trans community, in its first endorsement of a British university.

Obama anuncia ordem executiva sobre identidade de género
O Presidente norte-americano Barack Obama anunciou no dia 30 de junho que a Casa Branca está a preparar uma ordem executiva para banir a discriminação com base na identidade de género entre os trabalhadores federais.
Labor Department Clarifies Stance on Trans Protections
The Department of Labor’s New Transgender Guidance!
Dept. of Labor Affirms Trans Discrimination Protections
Labor Dept. to protect trans employees under current policy
Labor Department will protect transgender workers from discrimination
President Obama To Sign LGBT Non-Discrimination Executive Order
Obama Announces New Executive Order
Obama announces executive order protecting transgender federal employees

Soccer’s Fa’afafine Superstar
Jayiah Saelua plays soccer for American Samoa’s national men’s squad, but unlike her teammates, she’s as comfortable in pointe shoes as she is in cleats.

Transgender Californians Celebrate Streamlined Name & Gender Changes
The final piece of Assembly Bill 1121 (AB 1121) goes into effect today. AB 1121 was a 2013 California bill sponsored by Transgender Law Center and Equality California, and authored by Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego). It was signed into law by Governor Brown in October 2013.
Changing Birth Certificates Now Easier for Transgender People

Former Conn. Police Officer Alleges Antitransgender Discrimination
Two years after coming out as transgender, a police officer loses her job and alleges discrimination.

North Austin Store Accused Of Being Transphobic
An Austin woman fights back after she says she was humiliated at a lingerie store. Kylie Jack's story has enraged the transgender community.
Austin transwoman denied service at lingerie shop

San Antonio’s Transgender Community Shows its Pride
Despite the common belief that it was transgender activist Sylvia Rivera who sparked the beginning of the modern gay rights movement by flinging her high heel shoe at the cops during a 1969 police raid of the now-famed Stonewall Inn, the transgender community has clung to the letter “T” in the backseat of the “LGB” tour bus of gay history. However, as San Antonio prepares for its annual LGBT Pride celebration, there seems to be a luminous feeling of promise that legislation of late may finally result in real-time recognition and long-awaited social change for gender expression.

Transgender woman, Vanessa Champagne, is charged and behind bars
Vanessa Paris Champagne is causing another quandary, but this time, she is behind bars. And it is because it is not clear if the transgender woman should be placed in the female or the male block of the Belize Central Prison. Champagne, who has been attacked more than once, was today before the court to answer to a single charge of aggravated assault with a knife upon Golda Orozco, the sister of UNIBAM Director, Caleb Orozco.

During World Cup, GLAAD calls for news coverage of anti-trans violence in Brazil
With the media flocking to cover news aside from the World Cup in Brazil, news outlets and publications would do well to keep in mind the brutal situation for transgender individuals in the Roman Catholic nation.