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quinta-feira, outubro 30, 2014

Transgender Supermodel Lea T. Opens Up About Life After Having Gender Confirmation Surgery (VIDEO)
In 2011, Lea T. was one of the most in-demand supermodels in the world. She had it all -- beauty, fame and a big paycheck. But, as she revealed that year on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," she had spent much of her life tormented by a painful secret.
Lea T Tells Oprah Winfrey: I Believe In Love And Heart, Not In What's Between Your Legs

WATCH: PrEP and the Need to Stop Treating Trans Women as Men Who Have Sex With Men
A principal investigator on one of the most pivotal studies about PrEP says trans women are being overlooked by researchers on this and other issues related to HIV.

Research Suggests that Substantial Numbers of Transgender People are Parents and Report Positive Parenting Experiences
A new Williams Institute report shows that substantial numbers of transgender people are parents, though at rates that appear lower than the U.S. general population. Most studies reviewed in this report find that between one quarter and one half of transgender study participants are parents.

Transgender man alleges called ‘it,’ threatened by East Point Police
A transgender man says he was pulled over for speeding last week by an East Point Police Officer and then harassed, called “it” and was threatened by officers who said they would search his genitals to determine his gender, according to a video released by SNaP Coalition. East Point is located southwest of Atlanta.

Vigil honors life of Tajshon Sherman
A vigil on Tuesday night honored the life of a 25-year-old found dead two days ago on the east side of Indianapolis.
Family members hold vigil, ask for public's help to find Tajshon Sherman's killer
Vigil held for slain 25-year-old found on Far Eastside

Man Charged With Attempted Murder as a Hate Crime in Anti-Gay Brooklyn Attack
A 21-year-old man is being indicted on a charge of attempted murder as a hate crime for allegedly opening fire on three men in Brooklyn last month after taunting them with anti-gay slurs, officials say.
Suspect indicted in Bushwick transgender shooting
Brooklyn man indicted on charge of attempted murder as a hate crime, first since Hate Crimes Unit created

Austin ISD to add 'gender identity' to anti-discrimination policies
Austin ISD’s board of trustees approved amendments Oct. 27 to add “gender identity” to the district’s anti-discrimination policies for students and staff.

quarta-feira, outubro 29, 2014

NHS Scotland data breach risks 86 transgender clients
In a major data breach incident NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has erroneously revealed 86 email addresses of transgender clients who have attended gender identity service, some compromising full name and date of birth, putting them at risk.
NHS Scotland accidentally leaks list of transgender patients

Kellie Maloney: I’d be dead if I hadn’t come out as a trans woman
Former boxing manager Kellie Maloney has said that she would have taken her own life if she hadn’t come out as transgender.

Lydia Foy settles transgender birth cert case against State
Effective end of 21-year action based on Government intention to enact laws next year

US marine denies murder of Philippines trans woman
He says there is no 'probable cause for murder or any other crime'

Australian Tabloid Apologizes for Sensationalizing Trans Woman's Murder
Australia's The Courier Mail came under fire for its transphobic approach to covering Mayang Prasetyo's murder. Three weeks later, the newspaper finally has a response.

Win for Civilian Army Worker: Agency Says Restroom Restriction, Mis-Gendering Was Discrimination
NCTE applauds the Transgender Law Center and Tamara Lusardi in obtaining a decision from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) found that the Department of the Army engaged in unlawful discrimination of Ms. Tamara Lusardi and ordered corrective action on her behalf.

A local start-up is tackling transgender unemployment
"Why do most people use the internet?" asks Angelica Ross as she begins a presentation on freelancing.

Trans Woman Blazes Trail for Women, LGBTs in New York's Fire Department
Brooke Guinan has been quietly raising the profile of LGBT folks and women in the FDNY for years. Now she's become a visible role model, taking part in V.O.I.C.E.'s new 'So Trans, So What?' campaign.

Muestra fotográfica ‘Reinas de Quito’ inaugura festival LGBTI
La serie de fotografías ‘Reinas de Quito’, de Raúl Chacón, está abierta al público junto con una selección de videoarte en el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC) como parte de la muestra ‘En Carne Viva’, una de las actividades paralelas de la duodécima edición del Festival Internacional de Cine LGBTI El Lugar Sin Límites.

Tutela sobre libreta militar sienta un precedente para transgeneristas
Grace Kelly, transgenerista que ganó una tutela que le permite trabajar sin el obstáculo de la libreta militar, dijo en RCN La Radio que la comunidad LGTBI sigue gestionando instrumentos legales como el de la cédula para quienes se cambian de sexo.

'Bogotá tiene un imaginario equivocado de las personas transgeneristas'
En el marco de la ‘Semana por la Igualdad’ se realizará ‘Mujer T’, un espacio en el que se premiará a mujeres transgeneristas con la mejor iniciativa social para su población.

Transgénero será vocera de la alcaldía en Bogotá
Alcaldía de Bogotá nombró a su nueva "Mujer T", quien defenderá los derechos de la comunidad LGBT en la capital colombiana, como parte de un programa para defender los derechos de este colectivo y en especial de las personas transgénero.

terça-feira, outubro 28, 2014

PS quer criar dia contra homofobia e transfobia
Socialistas propõem também que identidade de género fique consagrada no Código do Trabalho como um factor de não discriminação
PORTUGAL: PS quer protecção laboral para pessoas transgéneras e transexuais
PS quer criar dia nacional contra homofobia
PS propõe acrescentar “identidade de género” ao CT e criar Dia Nacional contra homofobia e transfobia

Drag queen Marcia Pantera é chamada de "macaco" e é agredida em frente de clube gay
Ícone da noite LGBT, a drag queen Marcia Pantera passou por momentos de agressão e indignação na última sexta-feira (24). Ela foi chamada de "macaco" e agredida em frente ao clube Danger, no centro de São Paulo.

"Metade da humanidade não sabe que existimos", diz homem trans do "Amor e Sexo"
Quem assistiu ao programa Amor e Sexo, da TV Globo, que falava sobre a queima de cueca na última semana, se surpreendeu quando um rapaz de óculos e camisa social levantou a placa "Pelo direito de ser homem". E explicou que se trata de um homem transexual.

A trans woman in Tarlabaşı, Istanbul, has been stabbed in the back; the police failed to intervene. Lawyer Levent Pişkin evaluated the situation, saying that “the increase in attacks is related to the Islamic conservatism. That the assailants remain ‘unidentified’ is the covering up of the crime.”

The media has a direct responsibility for the discrimination and violence that target trans individuals.

Excessive force: ASI suspended after transgender death
District Police Officer (DPO) Sarfraz Falki on Sunday suspended an ASI from duty after the death of a transgender dancer in police custody. A departmental inquiry has also been initiated against the policeman.
Pakistani trans woman dies from apparent police beating

The sex change commission in Ukraine
Transgender citizens in Ukraine have good reason to think that they are all but invisible. Even the EU is not pushing for inclusiveness; and then there is the sex change commission…

domingo, outubro 26, 2014

Meet someone who isn’t male or female and wants a new type of passport
For over 20 years Christie Elan-Cane has fought to attain legitimate identity for non-gendered individuals. During this time Elan-Cane has gained the support of a number of MPs and leading international law firm Clifford Chance.

Heartbreak of sex-change soldier: 'My family disowned me when I became a woman'
A former guardsman who "always felt like a woman" opens up about how gender reassignment surgery drove her friends and family away

Activists to hold ‘Day of Outrage’ over murder of trans woman Jennifer Laude
Activists in the Philippines say the media attention of Jennifer Laude’s murder signals “a slow movement towards bringing transgender issues to the mainstream,” and are set to campaign today to push for justice.

Courier Mail’s now "sorry"for 'she male’ headline
Prompted by several complaints to the Press Council, Brisbane’s Courier Mail newspaper has again reflected on the controversy which surrounded its transphobic ‘she male’ front page, and has today finally said “sorry.”

Victory! TLC Client Wins Discrimination Case
Transgender Law Center praised the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency, for its recent groundbreaking decision(.pdf) that the Department of the Army engaged in unlawful discrimination against a transgender employee, Tamara Lusardi. After Ms. Lusardi, a disabled veteran, transitioned from male to female on the job, her supervisor continued to call her “sir” and “he,” and she was told that she could not use the same restroom as all other female employees. Transgender Law Center is representing Ms. Lusardi.
Transgender federal employee wins historic discrimination case

Trans Texan trailblazer Monica Roberts needs her community
Monica Roberts, legendary blogger and advocate who has worked tirelessly for the transgender community over the last two decades, is facing homelessness. Roberts is a native Houstonian and a trailblazing trans community leader who is the founding editor of the award winning blog TransGriot, She's a history buff, thinker, lecturer and award winning advocate on trans human rights issues who works diligently at encouraging acceptance of and promoting awareness about trans people. She is also a dear friend of GLAAD's whose voice and influence in the LGBT movement has helped us amplify the everyday stories of people in the transgender community. Her blog has been nominated for a GLAAD Media Award, and she is highly visible and is passionate about the advancement of transgender lives in her home state of Texas and nationally.

Smith students staging rally Saturday in support of including transgender students
Smith College students frustrated with a delay including transgender women on campus are having a demonstration Saturday during Family Weekend.

Delaying Puberty With the Help of the State
Earlier this month, Oregon became the first in the country to offer puberty-suppressing drugs to transgender teens on its Medicaid plan.

Complaint: Job rescinded due to transgender status
An Oregon person who identifies as neither a man nor a woman has filed a sex discrimination complaint against a Wisconsin-based wilderness therapy program claiming a job was lost after the person identified as transgender.

Menasha parents upset over school’s transgender accommodation
Menasha School district officials are hearing from some upset parents.

sábado, outubro 25, 2014

Travesti é encontrado morto no Morro Inglês

Homofobia seria motivo de agressão, diz jovem
Pai do jovem contou que está indignado com ocorrido e afirmou que vai procurar Justiça

Transsexual, 72, accused of sexually abusing schoolboy in the 1970s when she was living as a man
Ann Edmead accused of sexually abusing boy in 1970s when she was a man
Accused of raping and indecently assaulting alleged victim from 1973 to 1979
72-year-old had sex change in 1982 and has written books based on her life

Dentist who killed wife wants sex change
Mark van N., the dentist who confessed to killing his wife and mutilated the death of some 100 patients, wants to die.

[China/Hong Kong]
Trans marriage bill vetoed in second reading
Hong Kong lawmakers have dismissed an amendment to marriage laws that would recognise transgender people who have undergone surgery.

Suspected killer of transgender call center agent stabbed 18 times arrested in Caloocan
A 22-year-old man identified as Felix Salut was arrested by the Caloocan Ciy police after he was accused of killing transgender call center agent Norlan “Cielo” Mercado last month.

Why Is an Obscure 1968 Documentary in the Opening Credits of Transparent?
The opening titles of Transparent, the critically acclaimed series currently streaming on Amazon Prime, are culled mostly from video clips of bar and bat mitzvah videos from the 1960s to the '90s—ending with the time code "JAN. 1 1994." It’s a nostalgic montage that alludes to a crucial turning point in the show’s narrative: the year that Mort Pfefferman, played by Jeffrey Tambor, begins to come out as Maura—a transgender woman.

The New Face of Transgender Youth
What defines gender? Is it biology, the heart and mind, or some combination of both? As the debate surrounding transgender children swirls, one girl is sharing her personal story in the hope that she can help others.

Landmark Report Finds Army Discriminated Against Trans Woman
Tamara Lusardi, a trans Department of the Army employee, has found justice after years of misgendering and being barred from using the women's restroom.
Army unlawfully discriminated against transgender employee, report finds

Transgender Inmate Seeks Name Change
Lakisha Short is a transgender who is serving a 55 year sentence in Delaware state prison.

Pasco teacher announces plan to change gender (w/video)
Parents, students and teachers at Mitchell High School in Pasco County learned early Thursday that social studies teacher Robert Konrad no longer wants to be identified as a male.

D.A. admits to releasing redacted Morris document
The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office last week released a document pertaining to the Nizah Morris case, and admitted it’s redacted.

Transgender inmate's lawsuit accuses state of not protecting her from attacks
Lawyers for a transgender woman who says she repeatedly has been threatened, forced into sexual encounters and physically assaulted filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, alleging prison officials failed to safeguard the inmate despite numerous requests for protection.

quinta-feira, outubro 23, 2014

2º encontro nacional de jovens trans
Nos próximos dias 7, 8 e 9 de novembro, a rede ex aequo, em parceria com o coletivo Braga Fora do Armário, apresenta o 2º Encontro Nacional de Jovens Trans. Este será um fim-de-semana de convívio, ativismo e celebração, com porta aberta para tod@s @s jovens trans, assim como para os seus aliados e simpatizantes.
Será uma oportunidade para aprendermos mais sobre as experiências de vida da juventude trans, mas também para repensar aquilo que é necessário para construir um movimento trans participado e consciente da sua posição na sociedade.
Encontra-te connosco em Braga, uma cidade cada vez mais fora do armário – e vem fazer história na conquista de mais igualdade para as pessoas trans em Portugal!

Marine suspected of trans woman’s murder transferred to Philippine custody
The U.S. military turned over a Marine suspect in the gruesome killing of a transgender Filipino woman to the Philippine military’s main camp in the capital Wednesday, easing a looming irritant over his custody, officials said.

Annie Lennox Discusses Transgender Issues And Feminism
Singer-songwriter Annie Lennox sat down with HuffPost Live today to discuss a number of issues, including the evolution of the feminist movement.

Parents push Volusia County School Board toward better transgender policies
Two families are pushing back against Volusia School Board policies that prevent their transgender children from using restrooms and facilities aligned with their gender identities.

Exclusive: Despite Protests, Smith College Still Won’t Admit Transgender Women
“We are sick of Smith bureaucracy refusing to recognize the urgency of this matter, or to make trans women a priority.”

Raleigh unanimously passes transgender worker protections
North Carolina’s capital city became the sixth statewide to protect transgender workers from employment discrimination. City Council members passed the revised policy unanimously at a meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Fliers passed out after attack on transgender woman
A Brooklyn councilman is doing his part to help catch the men wanted for a brutal attack on a transgender woman in Bushwick.
Search Continues for Transgender Woman's Attackers

Transgender applicant files complaint against Bend’s New Vision Wilderness
The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries is investigating an employment discrimination complaint against a Bend wilderness therapy program.

Discussion to focus on transgender rights, disappearance of 'Sage' Smith
Transgender activist CeCe McDonald will be at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center on Nov. 1 to talk about the trans rights movement and the disappearance of Dashad”Sage”Smith.

quarta-feira, outubro 22, 2014

Homem é morto com cerca de 15 facadas
O corpo de Agnaldo Cláudio Columbelli, de 45 anos, foi encontrado já sem vida por familiares dele no início da noite de sexta-feira (17), na residência da vítima, nos fundos de um terreno, na Rua Lavapés, no centro da cidade.

Morte misteriosa de homossexual é investigada pela polícia
A morte misteriosa de um homossexual mobilizou a Polícia Militar nesta quinta-feira (2), no bairro Granja Portugal, em Fortaleza. A vítima foi encontrada em um terreno de difícil acesso. Segundo os policiais, o rapaz era usuário de drogas e já tinha testemunhado uma tentativa de homicídio.

Alagoas é considerado o segundo Estado mais violento do país para a comunidade gay

Ex-bailarino de Mara Maravilha vira transexual
Kiara de Souza hoje é atriz e professora de balé clássico. ‘Vou fazer a cirurgia de troca de sexo na Tailândia’, disse ela ao EGO.

Intersexualidad: «Nunca me sentí niña y mi comportamiento masculino era un problema»
Al nacer, Gabriel fue considerado niña, pero tenía ocultos sus órganos sexuales masculinos. Sus 43 años de vida han sido una lucha por encontrar su identidad y superar un problema que afecta en diferente grado a uno de cada 2.000 bebés. Lo relata en

St John’s Gender Equality Festival in transphobia U-turn
The committee for the upcoming St John’s Gender Equality Festival have released a statement apologising for the transphobic content of an article in the festival zine, leading to the resignation of three committee members who refused to add their names to the apology.

The Art of the 'Gender Bender Festival'
The annual Gender Bender Festival in Italy aims to expand perceptions of gender through art and culture, starting with its distinctive poster art.

READ: Jennifer's German fiance reacts
To whom it may concern:
I want to take words in that case, as I am the "fiance" of Jennifer since two years (as mentioned in your reports), which is not the full truth, as we were engaged since December 2012 officially and with full knowledge and acceptance of her family.

Jenny McCarthy Says She Feels Trans 'Inside,' Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth. Again.
Jenny McCarthy is seemingly unaware of what is actually means to be transgender.
During an interview with Pride Source this week, the conversation turned to McCarthy's role in the sitcom "Just Shoot Me!" McCarthy appeared on the show in the early 2000s as Brandi, a transgender woman and college friend of David Spade's character. She told the outlet it was her "favorite role ever."
Jenny McCarthy: I feel transgender inside, and I hope my son’s gay so he can do my hair

Fallon Fox: Transgender Fighter's Success Putting Promoters in Awkward Spot
The controversy surrounding Fallon Fox was one of the biggest MMA-related stories of 2013. Of course, how could it not be? A male-to-female transgender was tearing up the regional women's featherweight scene and was one of the star attractions in Florida's Championship Fighting Alliance. While the coverage of Fox has faded in recent months, the story is far from over.

Victim targeted for transgender? Or 'outing'?
An Albany man is fearing for the safety of his family after his son was shot last night. The man believes he was the intended target of the violent attack.

Transgender woman from Rome cites YouTube videos in court filing
A transgender woman from Rome who’s behind bars says in court documents that she’s recorded videos in her cell that plead for help against sexual abuse and enslavement.

Transgender FDNY firefighter tapped as inspirational icon for global campaign
The FDNY’s first and only transgender firefighter, Brooke Guinan, 27, was chosen by the LGBT-rights organization V.O.I.C.E as a poster child for its latest awareness campaign. Guinan is a third-generation FDNY firefighter.

Pawtucket School System Responds to Bullying of Transgender Student
A few weeks ago we brought you the story of Hannah Rini, a transgender student in Pawtucket, who was bullied to the point where she left Goff Junior High School before finishing 7th grade. Pawtucket School officials declined to comment before the story aired, and they still say they can't discuss Hannah's story directly because of student privacy rules.

Exigen cambio de nombre y sexo legal en el registro civil con marchas en Santiago y Rancagua
El Frente por la Diversidad Sexual y el Colectivo Chile Igualdad para Todos organizaron en Santiago y Rancagua, en forma respectiva, marchas por los derechos de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transexuales e intersexuales que se enmarcaron en el Día Internacional por la Despatologización de la Transexualidad.

segunda-feira, outubro 20, 2014

Os problemas dos outros

Catarina Marques Rodrigues, jornalista do jornal online OBSERVADOR, publicou a 18 deste mès (Outubro de 2014) uma reportagem sobre crianças transgénero. Reportagem esta inserida na 1ª Conferência Internacional de Pais de LGBT, uma iniciativa da AMPLOSIG (Associação de Mães e Pais Pela Liberdade de Orientação Sexual e Identidade de Género), mais conhecida pela denominação de AMPLOS.

Sempre me irritou este apagamento meio consentido pela AMPLOSIG das duas últimas siglas (IG). Denunciam uma certa orientação inicial, pois no início, quando se começou a ouvir falar da AMPLOS, dava a ideia que era direccionada com exclusiviade para problemas LG. Com a crescente visualização das identidades trans, a partir de uma determinada altura (e isto foi dito numa reunião sobre a temática T, não me recordo se a mim ou publicamente) a sigla seria AMPLOSIG, pois incluíria a temática T (a meu ver muito graças ao activismo trans e de apoiantes com uma visualização crescente nos últimos anos). No entanto continua a ser denominada somente como AMPLOS, com a aceitação táctica da direcção da referida associação. E isto chateia-me um bocado. Sem falar da posição patologizante que a referida associação tem adoptado.

Mas voltando ao artigo: Menções à discriminação sofrida pelas crianças (e, tem que se dizer, pela esmagadora maioria das pessoas trans, crianças e/ou adultas) e uma procura na internet que, estranhamente, não deu resultados, tanto que a pessoa em causa, Sandra, mãe de uma criança trans, teve de contactar com “amigos homossexuais” á procura de uma explicação. E digo estranhamente porque com a quantidade de informação existente na internet sobre o tema, é extremamente improvável que uma busca não dê resultados positivos ou, pelo menos, pistas, como por exemplo, palavras chave para se fazer uma nova busca. Estranho, improvável, mas tudo bem.

A definição de transgénero e transexual, pela Drª Zélia, é que me arrepiou. Segundo ela, uma pessoa transexual remete para uma transformação física em oposição a uma pessoa transgénero. Pois, continua-se na mesma tecla, a identidade de género, que É e que devia ser considerada como A definição de uma pessoa transexual, é relegada para segundo plano, enquanto as “transformações físicas” é que contam. Ou seja, a mesma lógica que dizia que uma pessoa transexual era aquela que queria fazer a cirurgia de correcção de sexo, continua a vigorar, agora “mascarada” como “transformações físicas” não especificadas. Pena.

Ainda mais pena foi a menção de um “estudo” feito pelo tristemente célebre Dr. Kenneth Zucker, aqui citado como “um dos maiores especialistas em transgenderismo na infância”. As pessoas trans (pelo menos as mais informadas) conhecem-no pelas suas controversas e transfóbicas posições, nomeadamente na advogação da negação da identidade de género nas crianças, i.e. na presença de uma criança trans, o que se deve fazer é negar a essa mesma criança a sua identidade e forçá-la a agir de acordo com as normas sociais do sexo com que nasceu. E é isto um dos “maiores especialistas mundiais”??? Há relativamento pouco tempo, um dos “maiores especialistas em homossexualidade” retratou-se admitindo que falsificou dados num estudo realizado por ele. Não será necessário mencionar que a sua posição em relação à homossexualidade era totalmente antagónica. Este tipo de atitudes são demasiadamente comuns no continente norte-americano (EUA e Canadá) por “especialistas” que por acaso são republicanos (no caso dos EUA) ou de direita. O que me leva a duvidar muito sobre o referido estudo do Dr. Zucker. Também não é referida qual a definição de transexualidade que o Dr. Zucker advoga, que pode ser diferente de outras. Pelo menos que a minha é de certeza. Portanto a sua afirmação de que um terço das crianças trans que acompanhou são transexuais suscita-me um sem número de dúvidas. Não acredito nele.

Pior, ele considera as mulheres trans como “um mau subproduto de homens gays”. Sem palavras nem comentários.

O artigo na sua globalidade está acima da média, jornalísticamente falando. E o que sobressai dele? A constatação que O(S) PROBLEMA(S) não estão na cabeça das pessoas trans, que (algumas) desde crianças têm a plena consciência de quem são, mas sim na incapacidade dos outros de aceitarem esta realidade. E como consequência, talvez porque mudar a sociedade será mais complicado e demorado, as pessoas trans é que são obrigadas a terem consultas psiquiátricas/psicológicas em vez das restantes pessoas.

E depois têm de se submeter ao que os “especialistas” consideram ser a definição, por exemplo, de transexual, em que os critérios diferem de país para país e mesmo de médico/psicólogo para médico/psicólogo. O que traz mais problemas às pessoas trans do que os que resolve. Não poucas vezes uma pessoa trans, que tem de suportar altos níveis de transfobia, aparece nas consultas só para levar com mais transfobia em cima.

Mais razões existem para eu ter tomado uma posição anti-patologização, depois de muito tempo. Os recentes desenvolvimentos na Organização Mundial de Saúde, com uma proposta para retirar a transexualidade/transgenderismo do rol das doenças mentais, mais a lei de identidade de género argentina e mais recentemente a dinamarquesa indicam-me que estou no bom caminho, no caminho certo. Com o corolário da OMS ter adoptado uma posição assumida por mim há muito tempo, com a proposta de mudar as pessoas trans para a classificação de “condição médica”.

Isto sem prejuízo de quem considere que necessita de ter consultas psiquiátricas/psicológicas. O que se deseja é o fim das consultas forçadas. E o velhinho argumento da irreversabilidade da transição como desculpa para essa obrigatoriedade já deixou de existir, com os (pouquíssimos) casos de arrependimento existentes, e que regridem novamente para o género inicial, sem problemas cirúrgicos.
STP Press Release: International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization 2014
The International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization 2014, convened by STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization1, took place on Saturday, October 18, 2014. Within the framework of this Call to Action, 108 groups and organizations coordinated more than 90 actions for trans depathologization in 45 cities2 of different world regions throughout this day and the entire month of October under the slogan “Stop Trans Pathologization - Stop Pathologizing Gender Diversity in Childhood – For the Diversity of Gender Expressions and Identities”. Furthermore, to date 390 groups, organizations and activist networks in six continents, as well as numerous individuals have declared their support of STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization3.
Today is the International Action Day for Trans Depathologisation

“Olá, eu sou o João e gosto de brincar com coisas de menina”
São crianças transgénero. Meninos e meninas com uma identidade cruzada. Não há números em Portugal, mas há discriminação nas escolas e silêncio nas famílias.

Travesti é morta facadas no São Bernardo
Um homicídio ocorreu neste sábado (13) em um prédio abandonado localizado na Rua São Francisco, no bairro do São Bernardo.
Uma travesti identificado como Denilson Silva e Silva, conhecido como Dandara, foi assassinado a facadas.

Transphobia at Starbucks
Instead of serving her coffee, the Starbucks at the Cevahir Shopping Mall, Istanbul, gave Michelle Demishevich her money back. Demishevich, who protested with a sit-in at the coffee shop, is awaiting a written apology.

Transgender groups in the Philippines call on government to pass laws to protect LGBTIs
The transgender community in the Philippines held a community press conference for the first time yesterday to call for justice in the Jennifer Laude case

Working with Laverne Cox, Standing in Solidarity with Trans Women of Color
L'lerrét Jazelle Ailith wowed audiences with her powerful participation in Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word. We spoke with the trans youth advocate to learn more about her activism and getting to work with her hero.
Violence Against Trans Women of Color

Teen who set agender victim on fire will serve 7 years under plea agreement
A California teen accused of setting fire last year to an agender individual who was sleeping on an Oakland city bus, has entered a plea of no contest to felony charges.

N.Y. Court May Reinstate Hate Crime Conviction for Trans Woman's Killer
Found guilty of a hate crime in the first-degree manslaughter of Lateisha Green, Dwight DeLee was set free on a technicality. But advocates hope to see the decision overturned.
New York High Court to Hear Appeal Today in Case of Slain Transgender Woman Lateisha Green

El género en la cédula, la otra lucha de los GLBTI
El primer logro significativo de los últimos años de los grupos de gays, lesbianas, bisexuales, transexuales e intersexuales (GLBTI) fue que se reconozca en la cédula de identidad la unión de hecho entre personas del mismo sexo.

Transexual legalizará la unión de hecho con su pareja
El 5 de noviembre de este año, Rose Jamileth Marín Benítez, transexual de 19 años y morador del barrio Los Ángeles de Jaramijó, legalizará la unión de hecho con su conviviente.

Sentencia de la Corte Constitucional ordena protocolo para cambio de sexo
Sentencia T-622/14
Referencia: expediente T-4.335.550
Acción de tutela instaurada por Natalia en representación y nombre de su hijo Pablo contra la EPS y Medicina Prepagada Suramericana S.A.
Derechos fundamentales invocados: dignidad humana, identidad sexual, personalidad jurídica, salud, vida digna y seguridad social.

Organizaciones de Diversidad Sexual conmemoran Día de la transexualidad en Puerto Montt
En el Día mundial de la Transexualidad, dirigentes de minorías sexuales en Puerto Montt se sumaron al llamado por el respeto a la diversidad y a la derogación de la transexualidad como enfermedad mental.

Dia de acción mundial por la despatologización trans - Leyendo entre líneas
Las noticias lo anuncian así: “Por primera vez en la historia, la Organización Mundial de la Salud sacaría la transexualidad del capítulo dedicado a ‘trastornos mentales y del comportamiento’”. Sin embargo, la despatologización parece un punto todavía lejano en el horizonte. ¿Qué hay de bueno y qué hay de mejor? A estas y a otras cuestiones responde un activista clave en la mirada despatologizante que ostenta como excepción y como orgullo en el mundo la Ley de Identidad de Género argentina. Mauro Cabral es codirector de GATE, desde donde coordina su iniciativa internacional sobre el proceso de reforma de la Clasificación Internacional de Enfermedades.

domingo, outubro 19, 2014

La lucha por la despatologización de la transexualidad celebra su día
Este sábado celebramos de nuevo el Día Mundial por la Despatologización de la Transexualidad. Una reivindicación nacida desde los sectores más a la vanguardia del activismo LGTB, y que con el paso del tiempo ha sido asumida por todo el movimiento y comienza a abrirse paso a nivel institucional. Pero aún queda mucho por conseguir.

Preso em Aquidauana homem suspeito de matar travesti em Camapuã
Crime ocorreu no dia 23 de janeiro de 2013, na localidade conhecida por “Curva do Catito”, saída para a cidade de Chapadão do Sul.

Homossexual é encontrado morto vítima da homofobia
Moradores da Rua Leônidas, loteamento Bairro Novo, Jorge Teixeira, encontraram na manhã desta quinta-feira, 16, o corpo de um homem em um terreno baldio, próximo ao Pavão Materiais de Construção.

Vidéo: Hélène Hazera et Sophie Labelle sur la situation des trans’ en France et au Québec
À la veille de l'Existrans, TV5 Monde a donné la parole à la militante et à l'auteure de livres jeunesse sur les discriminations et les violences dont sont encore victimes les personnes trans'.

US ‘will ensure justice is served’ after Marine charged with murder of trans woman
The US Military says it will comply with a subpoena, after a Marine was charged with the murder of a transgender woman.

Senator Plett against transgender rights bill
A local Conservative senator has been at the forefront of a vocal opposition to a transgender rights bill meant to give equal rights to the minority group.

'My soul is male': Charice reveals her gender identity after Oprah quizzes the Glee star about sexual reassignment
She came out as a lesbian in 2013.
And now Charice Pampengco has revealed her gender identity is male on an upcoming episode of Oprah Winfrey's Where Are They Now.
After the chat show host asked the Glee star point blank about a possible sex change, the 22-year-old replied 'my soul is like male'.

Health Department Now Ready to Ease Transgender Birth Certificate Changes
In a decisive reversal of its position from eight years ago, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is prepared to reform its regulations regarding amendments to birth certificates so that transgender people born here can change the gender designation on that record without providing proof of transition surgery.

School police officer suing school district after changing sex
A Clark County School District police officer is suing the school district saying that he was humiliated and ridiculed and passed over for promotions all because the female officer changed genders and began living as a man.

Male students dressed like female celebs told to go home
When administrators at White Pass Jr. Sr. High School in Randle, Washington, asked students to dress up as their favorite celebrities for Spirit Week, Mason Mudge and Chandler Krueger did just that.
Students punished for dressing like girls for Spirit Week

quinta-feira, outubro 16, 2014

Suposto serial killer assume assassinato de oito mulheres em Goiânia
Em depoimento à polícia, o suspeito de ser o serial killer de mulheres em Goiânia disse que se sentia angustiado e matava para aliviar essa angústia. Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha, de 26 anos, assumiu também o assassinato da jovem Ana Lídia Sousa, ocorrido no dia 2 de agosto em um ponto de ônibus do Conjunto Morada Nova, próximo à Cidade Jardim, em Goiânia. Além de Ana Lídia, ele teria confessado a morte de outras sete mulheres.

With Decisive Vote, Kyrgyzstan Moves to Adopt Russia-Style Anti-Gay Law
Lawmakers in Kyrgyzstan have voted overwhelmingly to adopt a tougher version of Russia’s so-called “gay propaganda” law. The Kyrgyz version mandates jail terms for gay-rights activists and others, including journalists, who create “a positive attitude toward non-traditional sexual relations.”

Malaysia increasingly unsafe for trans people
Malaysian Islamic-purity enforcing police are making it increasingly difficult for transgender men and women to live a life without fear of arrest and harassment in a country where Islam is the official religion.

Remembering 'Ganda': The tragedy of Jennifer Laude
Jeffrey Laude – Jennifer to friends – was beautiful inside out, says her family and friends, and confident about her sexuality
Death of Trans Filipina Prompts Calls to End Military Pact with U.S.
U.S. Marine in custody after killing of transgender Filipino he met at disco: report
US marine detained in slaying of Philippines trans woman
Philippines: Trans woman found murdered in Olongapo
US marine detained in slay of Olongapo transgender
US warships in Subic locked down for transgender slay probe
Marine detained in Filipino's killing: Navy memo
Police hunt down foreigner for slay of transgender in Olongapo

Community divided over Victorian Government’s LGBTI health achievements
The Victorian Government's LGBTI health and wellbeing advisory committee is wrapping up as the state heads into next month's election, but the community is divided over what it actually achieved.

Bill to repeal sexual reassignment laws launched in SA
South Australian Greens upper house MP Tammy Franks has this afternoon introduced a bill to repeal the Sexual Reassignment Act 1988.
Franks pointed out that the current legislation had never been reviewed in 26 years, despite community and scientific attitudes having advanced significantly in that period.

Sarah Silverman denies that ‘sex-change’ pay inequality video is transphobic
Comedian Sarah Silverman has denied that a video as part of a campaign against gender pay inequality, in which she said she would get a “sex change” to earn as much as men do, was “transphobic”.

Education Dept. reaches settlement in trans student harassment case
A California school district will be required to ensure all students are protected from discrimination or harassment on the basis of their gender identity as a result of a voluntary agreement reached with the Department of Education.
California school district settles transgender discrimination complaint

LAPD Offers $50K Reward for Leads in L.A. Trans Woman's Murder
Authorities are offering $50,000 for information leading to the arrest of as many as three men suspected of killing Aniya Parker in an early morning robbery this month in East Hollywood.

Rogers Park trans woman alleges landlord discrimination
A Rogers Park woman has filed a complaint with the Chicago Commission on Human Relations, alleging that her landlord is trying to illegally evict her from her apartment because she is transgender and her fiance is Black.

Honor for trans activist sparks controversy
The Montgomery County Human Rights Hall of Fame on Sunday inducted Dana Beyer into its ranks amid criticism from two prominent LGBT advocates in the state.

Rally held after transgender woman attacked in Bushwick
The NYPD has released new video showing suspects in a vicious attack that left a transgender woman who is now fighting for her life.
Video Shows Suspects Who Attacked Transgender Woman With Plexiglas: NYPD
Transgender woman in critical condition after apparent Brooklyn hate crime

Ordenan protocolo para cambio de sexo
Corte Constitucional amparó derechos de un menor que nació hermafrodita y le ordenó a una EPS que, si el niño lo desea, le realice una operación de cambio de sexo.

Una pasarela sin estereotipos
La segunda edición del Concurso Mujer T fue el escenario para reivindicar la lucha por la igualdad y premiar las mejores iniciativas sociales, que intentan mejorar la calidad de vida de la población trans.

Luisa Revilla, primera mujer transexual elegida concejala en Perú
Luisa Revilla Urcia se ha convertido este 5 de octubre en la primera mujer transexual de Perú en ser elegida regidora (concejala), en concreto en el distrito de La Esperanza de Trujillo. Una excelente noticia en un país en el que la transfobia social sigue siendo muy importante.

Las mujeres transexuales discriminadas del empleo
Generar oportunidades de inclusión y educación fueron las demandas en un taller sobre diversidad sexual que se hizo en la escuela Victorino de la Plaza.

quarta-feira, outubro 15, 2014

I’m Still a Criminal
I have never mistreated anyone. I have always been a nice person. I have been helpful. I have been loving. I have spoken the truth. I have only asked to be treated as an equal, not as someone special.
But I am a criminal.

Travesti é assassinado na noite desse domingo em Camaçari
Um assassinato ocorreu no Centro de Camaçari, na noite deste domingo (12 de outubro) por volta das 20h. O crime aconteceu em uma rua que fica entre a Radial C e Radial B, (localidade próxima a antiga Vaca mecânica) famosa por ser ponto de encontro entre travestis e clientes.

Garoto de programa mata traficante
Um garoto de programa acabou matando um traficante a facadas na noite de ontem, na 708 norte. O crime teria ocorrido por ameaças que o vendedor de drogas teria feito ao seu algoz. Testemunhas disseram que as ameaças de morte e agressões por parte do traficante morto eram frequentes a prostitutas e travestir que fazem ponto na W3 Norte. A vítima, conhecido como Zé Gotinha, tinha vários antecedentes criminais.

Silvetty Montilla estreia reality show para escolher a drag mais completa; assista
Inspirado no reality show "RuPaul's Drag Race", o reality show "Academia de Drags" - apresentado por Silvetty Montilla - estreou nessa segunda-feira (13) no Youtube e promete escolher a drag queen mais completa.

Modelo transexual brasileira fotografa para revista francesa
A modelo transexual brasileira Camila Ribeiro tem dado o que falar no disputado mundo fashion. Conhecida por fazer parte da nova safra de modelos transex, a bela, que já foi destaque da Candy Magazine – publicação européia que já teve capas ilustradas por personalidades como Chloe Sevigny, Tilda Swinton e James Franco, sempre clicados por top fotógrafos do calibre de Steven Klein, Mariano Vivanco e Terry Richardson – esteve recentemente no litoral paulista, onde fotografou editorial para a revista francesa Stories Collective.

Why trans people can finally breathe a sigh of relief in Scotland
Nathan Gale, of Scottish Transgender Alliance, explains why trans people will be free from the 'spousal veto'

81-year-old woman becomes oldest person to have gender reassignment surgery
An 81-year-old transgender woman has become the oldest person in the UK to undergo gender reassignment surgery.
Ruth Rose, a former RAF navigator who has three children with her ex-wife, began transitioning to female four years ago, aged 77.
Trans woman at 81: 'It's never too late to be yourself'

Kay on a trans mission to end discrimination
A Tiverton man who was born a woman is on a crusade to raise awareness about transphobia and will be seen on national television later this year.

[Saudi Arabia]
Saudi Arabian transgender woman Leena, newest victim of Facebook’s Name Policy
Facebook’s vow not to out transgender people is meaningless in Saudi Arabia.
Just weeks ago Facebook Products SEO Chris Cox apologized for the company’s procedures which led to the suspension of many transgender people’s accounts. But to many including our journalist in the UK his promises have meant little as her account is still shackled.

China's 'oldest transsexual': A life of silent denial
When I meet Yi Ling, her long black hair worn over her shoulder and a designer handbag slung over her arm, she is already quite a media personality.
Her story has been covered in both the Chinese and the international press. And no wonder.

Marine detained in killing of transgender Filipino woman
Military authorities detained a Marine in connection with the weekend slaying of a transgender Filipino he allegedly met in a bar, officials said.
The serviceman was kept on board the USS Peleliu while NCIS uncovers what happened Saturday night at the Celzone Lodge in Olongapo City, according to a memo obtained by the Marine Corps Times newspaper.
Filipino transgender advocates call killing a 'hate crime'
Lejeune Marine detained in death of transgender Filipino
Philippines: Activists call for custody of US marine suspected of murdering trans woman

Transparent creator: I will recruit a transgender writer for second season
The creator of Amazon comedy-drama series Transparent has pledged to recruit a transgender writer for the show’s second season.
Transparent Seeks Trans Female Writer for Second Season

[GA, USA] [Video]
Atlanta Pride Trans March’s huge turnout drowns out anti-gay protesters
The annual Atlanta Pride Trans March took to the city streets this year for the first time since its inception in 2009 and some 300 people marched and chanted down 10th Street to Peachtree Street and then back into Piedmont Park.

Transwoman Brutally Beaten in Bushwick
A 28-year-old transwoman was beaten by four men on a Bushwick street at about 11:20 p.m. on October 12, according to the New York City Police Department.
Rally held after Transgender woman attacked in Bushwick

Texas Voter ID law ruled unconstitutional. Here’s a breakdown on its impact
A federal district judge on Friday, Oct. 10, struck down Texas’ voter photo identification law, just 10 days before early voting in the state is to begin.
In her 140-plus-page decision, federal Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos called the law “a poll tax” and “discriminatory” against African-Americans and Hispanics.

segunda-feira, outubro 13, 2014

Transgender Violence Tracking Portal: One Year Later
For the first time ever, there is a database where people the world over can see exactly what is happening to transgender people globally in terms of violent acts against them. The Transgender Violence Tracking Portal (TVTP) was launched earlier this year in the hope of accumulating as much data as possible in order to serve as a true resource and, ultimately, to put a stop to such acts in totality.

Ato pela criminalização da LGBT-FOBIA em São Paulo
Aconteceu no ultimo sábado(11), o Ato pela criminalização da LGBTfobia, "Basta! Chega de Mortes de LGBTs!", o manifesto de iniciou na Praça Roosevelt e caminhou pelas ruas do centro, passando pelo Largo do Arouche, Vieira de Carvalho e finalizando na Praça da Republica.

Programações culturais movimentam o Dia das Crianças em Boa Vista
Música, teatro e dança são algumas das atrações para o público infantil.
Na programação deste domingo (12) tem a Corrida Kids Algodão Doce.

Britain's oldest sex change as James becomes Ruth at 81 thanks to NHS surgery
Ruth accepts her operation will attract criticism because of her age but insists her only regret is that they didn't give her bigger BOOBS

Listen: Yorkshire radio host comes out as transgender
A local Yorkshire radio host has announced on air her transition to female.
Stephanie Hirst, 39 – until now known as Simon Hirst – made the revelation yesterday, on National Coming Out Day.
Ms Hirst previously hosted the ‘Hirsty’s Daily Dose’ breakfast show on Capital FM Yorkshire, but abruptly left the station in June.
Radio presenter to change gender
DJ Simon Hirst reveals he is becoming a woman after quitting Capital Radio 'Daily Dose' breakfast show

Reward offered in murder of Los Angeles transgender woman
On 2 October, Aniya Parker was shot in the head as she tried to get away from three men

Prominent LGBT activist accused of raping wife pleads guilty to domestic violence
Dana Contreras, once ranked 5th most important LGBT person in tech, gets three years of probation after agreeing to a plea deal

Transfobia en la comunidad gay
Algunos homosexuales y lesbianas rechazan a las personas transgénero por miedo al discrimen y a verse socialmente diferente
Atrapados en la invisibilidad

[América Latina]
Poéticas y políticas de la intersexualidad
En los últimos años la presencia pública de la intersexualidad ha aumentado de forma ostensible. A mediados de los noventa, el caso de Edinanci Silva, la judoca brasileña que tuvo que demostrar su ‘condición de mujer’ para participar en los juegos olímpicos, tuvo resonancia mediática a nivel mundial. Más recientemente, la tendencia a incluir la “I” en la sigla que identifica los movimientos de la diversidad sexual de varios países (pasando a llamarse LGBTI), la inclusión de intersexuales como destinatarios/as de políticas públicas para poblaciones discriminadas y la promulgación de leyes que reconocen la existencia de un ‘tercer sexo’ o ‘sexo indeterminado’, como fue el caso de Alemania, son celebradas por algunas/os como avances en la garantía de sus derechos. Pero mayor visibilidad e inclusión no se traducen en mejores condiciones de vida.

Buscan facilitar cambio de género
El bajo costo del trámite para cambiar de identidad de género, así como la facilidad para realizar el documento permitirá que más personas transgénero tengan certeza jurídica, considero la activista Diana Sánchez.

Salud Pública volverá a realizar operaciones de cambio de sexo, ofrecerá hormonas y prótesis a personas trans
El viceministro de Salud Pública, Leonel Briozzo, aseguró que a la comunidad transgénero en Uruguay se le brindará la posibilidad de acceder a la hormonoterapia, a prótesis mamarias, y a las intervenciones de reasignación de sexo. En la actualidad las intervenciones quirúrgicas de cambio de sexo están suspendidas.
MSP ofrecerá hormonoterapia y cambio de sexo a personas trans

Denuncian ataques de skinheads a homosexuales
El crimen de una travesti, en Mar del Plata, es otro eslabón en la alarmante cadena de brutales ataques de grupos homofóbicos neonazis. Piden una ley antidiscriminatoria, porque por ahora no tienen cabida jurídica.

domingo, outubro 12, 2014

Duas pessoas são baleadas na Avenida Farrapos, em Porto Alegre
Dono de um bar atirou contra um travesti e um catador nesta sexta-feira.
Os dois foram levados ao Hospital de Pronto Socorro em estado grave.

Barras registra primeiro casamento religioso com transexual
O primeiro casamento religioso com uma transexual no Piauí ocorreu no município de Barras, a 119 km de Teresina. A cerimônia foi celebrada pelo Pastor João Leite, da Igreja Evangélica da Comunidade Metropolitana, de Teresina. A união matrimonial entre Jenny Kate Machado Dos Santos e Rogério Ramos reuniu cerca de 80 convidados, entre familiares e amigos.

Ícone da noite LGBT, artista Géia Borghi é assassinada no interior de SP
A manhã de sexta-feira (10) amanhece triste. Géia Borghi, ícone trans da noite LGBT desde os anos 80, foi assassinada em Monte Mor, interior de São Paulo.
De acordo com a Polícia Civil, ela estava em chamas ao lado de um veículo também com fogo. Elas levou um tiro no peito e estava com os braços amarrados e uma mordaça.
Perfil: Géia Borghi, a enfermeira artista (1969-2014)
Transexual é amarrado, baleado e tem o corpo carbonizado

Primary school condemned for introducing gender-neutral toilets
A primary school in Sussex is under fire, after it introduced unisex toilets to cater for transgender students.

Trans prison project champion wins civil service diversity award
A project run by an HM Prison Service civil servant, Sharon Drewell won the award for ‘Leading, Championing and Role Modelling’ for making a “massive difference” to transgender prisoners lives.

Romani transgender woman murdered in Istanbul home
A transgender Romani woman has been found by police, killed at her home in the neighborhood of Kurtuluş on the European side of Istanbul, news website Bianet reported on Oct. 10.
The circumstances of the murder are unclear, with police officials saying they are unable to establish whether there had been a robbery at the address.

Armed assault against trans sex worker
Serap, a sex worker who was subjected to an armed assault in Corum, was shot in the leg and stabbed. The police apprehended three suspects in light of Serap’s witness statement. She was able to get away from the assailants and reached the Corum State Hospital.Serap, a sex worker who was subjected to an armed assault in Corum, was shot in the leg and stabbed. The police apprehended three suspects in light of Serap’s witness statement. She was able to get away from the assailants and reached the Corum State Hospital.
The Bar Association: ‘We do not assign lawyers to transvestites’
Serap, a sex worker who was subjected to an armed assault in Corum, was shot in the leg and stabbed. Though the assailants were apprehended, the Bar Association refused to assign a lawyer to Serap on the basis that she is a trans individual.

Discrimination at State Hospital: ‘I do not condone your situation, I will not examine you!’
On March 31 at around 11:30am, a Trans woman who presented at the Department of General Surgery and was then referred to the Gynecology Department of Reşat Belger Göz Eğitim Araştırma Hastanesi (Eyesight Training and Research Hospital) was subjected to discrimination on the basis of her gender identity and the doctor denied her right to health care.
Doctor who denied right to medical care sues her trans patient

Amazon orders second season of Chicago native’s ‘Transparent’
Amazon clearly is happy with the performance of Chicago native Jill Soloway’s new show, “Transparent.” The Seattle-based online giant announced Thursday that it greenlighted a second season scheduled to debut next year.

They’ve got crossover appeal! Trans pop group looks to make it big
Move over One Direction — there’s a transgender pop group determined to take the world by storm!
Nikki Exotica is an American singer aiming to become a star with her new group, The Secret Girls, Barcroft Media reports.
The 32-year-old, whose real name is Nicole Sanders, says the all transgender line-up will be a cross between The Pussycat Dolls and the Spice Girls. She has been working on the idea for almost ten years and her dreams finally came to fruition when she felt the US was ready for their first ever transgender pop group.
(Photo: Nicole Sanders (Nikki Exotika, left) with Mimi outside a Manhattan studio in New York City on Aug. 19)

Alexandra Billings, transgender actor: 'Transparent came up when I had nothing to lose'
The Guardian catches up with the first transgender actor to ever play a transgender character on television about her new role

EXCLUSIVE: Laura Jane Grace Is True Trans
Punk rocker Laura Jane Grace gives fans a taste of her new documentary series True Trans in this exclusive clip and interview.

Sister of Slain Transgender Woman Pleads for Public’s Help in Homicide Case: ‘We Just Want to Know Why’
At an emotional news conference announcing a $50,000 reward Friday, officials and family members pleaded for the public’s help finding three men involved in a fatal attack on a transgender woman in Hollywood.

Transgender woman's remains go unclaimed for more than a year
TODAY, MANY will gather at LOVE Park to call attention to transgender issues.
It seems only right to call attention to something else:
The remains of a transgender woman who was brutally slain and dismembered in July 2013 have lay unclaimed for more than a year.
When I got the call, I thought there was no way that was true.

Peruvian voters elect country’s first trans council member
A Peruvian LGBT rights advocate on Oct. 5 became the first out transgender person elected to a public office in the conservative South American country.

Mar del Plata: asesinan a una trans y denuncian un rebrote neonazi
El caso que conmociona a la ciudad balnearia se suma a graves agresiones sufridas por travestis por parte de jóvenes skinhead.

sexta-feira, outubro 10, 2014

Kenyan Trans Woman Wins Recognition in Landmark Victory
Audrey Mbugua's high-profile lawsuits have not only won her the right to change her school records: They've drawn national attention to the push for transgender equality.

LGBTI legal services condemn Courier Mail’s coverage of trans murder
Queensland’s LGBTI Legal Service Inc. and New South Wales’ Inner City Legal Centre have condemned the Courier Mail for its coverage of the death of a Brisbane trans woman.
Mayang Prasetyo's murder sparks support for transgender community

Arrest made in slaying of O.C. transgender activist
Police in Anaheim have arrested a 38-year-old man on suspicion of killing a transgender activist, whose death triggered protests and raised concerns that she’d been targeted because of her gender identity.
Arrest made in death of transgender woman in Anaheim
California man arrested in slaying of trans woman

Ex-Twitter exec pleads to DV
A former transgender Twitter executive pleaded guilty to domestic violence this week and was sentenced to three years of probation after agreeing to a plea deal.

Murdered L.A. Trans Woman Identified
47-year-old Aniya Parker died early Thursday morning after being confronted by a group of men in East Hollywood.

A Legal Marriage Under Attack
Marriage equality is gaining momentum around the country—bolstered by the U.S. Supreme Court's refusal Monday to reconsider an appeal of a state decision to allow same-sex marriage.
But gay marriages aren't the only unions stirring up some conservative Mississippians. Nick and Jessica Fulgham, who married Sept. 18, received a wave of public backlash when American Family Radio, an anti-gay organization based in Tupelo, broadcast news of their marriage after it happened.
Right-Wingers Accuse Miss. Husband of 'Biological Fraud' for Being Trans

Transgender activist to be honored at Outfest Sunday
Dawn Munro wants to do everything she can to assure that transgender children won't have to experience the horror she did.

Ubiñas: transgender woman's death brings long overdue awareness
Deja Alvarez has lost count of the times she has come to the Criminal Justice Center on Filbert Street.
"Oh my God, I can't even remember anymore," she said, before settling on four.

Self-defense claim in prostitute's slaying
Veronica Johnson said she stuck with Charles Nolan Sargent for 14 years, even after catching him with another woman in their North Philadelphia home.