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domingo, novembro 30, 2014

Roubo de celular do travesti morto em Arandu ajudou investigação
Aparelho foi roubado e depois vendido pelo suposto assassino.
Suspeito pode ter relação com travesti que, segundo a polícia, se prostituía.

Homem é atacado por travesti em motel na Serra, ES
Segundo PM, cliente desistiu de programa e se recusou a pagar por ele.
Polícia foi chamada por um funcionário do estabelecimento.

Travestis são presas por matar colega em Contagem
Três pessoas foram presas e apresentadas nesta sexta pela Polícia Civil, sendo duas travestis e o namorado de uma dessas
Uma briga envolvendo troca de namorado e disputa de ponto de prostituição teria sido a motivação para o assassinato da travesti Marina, de 23 anos, no dia 17 de julho deste ano, em Contagem, na região metropolitana de Belo Horizonte. Os três suspeitos do crime, sendo outras duas travestis e o namorado de uma delas, foram apresentados nesta sexta-feira (28) pela Polícia Civil.

Homosexual morre em acidente após ameaçar caminhoneiro em Goianinha, RN
Na madrugada deste sábado (29), um homosexual morreu vítima de um acidente na BR 101 em Goianinha, litoral sul do estado.
Segundo informações repassadas pela Polícia Militar de Goianinha ao Portal NCO, o jovem homosexual pediu carona a um caminhoneiro, depois de algum tempo dentro do veículo, ele puxou uma faca e começou a ameaçar o condutor, que foi pego de surpresa, parou bruscamente o veículo e saiu.

Travesti foi morto e outro ferido a golpes de faca peixeira na saída de um motel no RN
Uma confusão na saída de um Motel terminou com um travesti morto e outro esfaqueado em Mossoró no Rio Grande do Norte. O crime foi registrado na manhã de sábado 29 de Novembro 2014, as margens da Br 304 próximo ao viaduto de acesso ao Shopping e a Universidade Potiguar.

REPORT: New Defense Dept. Policy Could Allow for Open Trans Service
New policy changes to military regulations within the Department of Defense could allow transgender members to serve in the military, contends a new report from the Palm Center.

Transgender Woman Reports Sexual Assault in D.C. Restaurant Bathroom
A transgender woman reported being sexually assaulted in the bathroom of a restaurant near Dupont Circle in northwest D.C. Thursday evening, police said.
Transgender female sexually assaulted on Thanksgiving

NYS High Court Sets Aside Hate Crime Conviction But Allows Retrial
The New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest bench, ruled unanimously on November 24 that the Appellate Division had correctly reversed the hate crime manslaughter conviction of Dwight R. DeLee in the 2008 killing of Lateisha Green, a transgender woman, in Syracuse. Unlike the intermediate appeals court, however, the high court gave prosecutors the opportunity to resubmit hate crime manslaughter charges against DeLee to a grand jury.

Conti impulsa un subsidio de $8.000 para travestis
Es para aquellos que fueron "encarcelados o víctimas de violencia institucional" por motivo de identidad de género.
Legisladora K no descarta que subsidio para travestis se pueda replicar a nivel nacional
Impulsan un subsidio especial de $ 7680 para personas trans
Inflación trans | Cómo pasar de un subsidio de $1900 a $8000 en dos años

sábado, novembro 29, 2014

Polícia Civil prende suspeito de assassinar travesti em Arandu
Crime aconteceu em 8 de junho; corpo foi encontrado em um cafezal.
Suspeito morava e trabalhava na capital; ele estava sendo monitorado.

Pink Life marked TDoR: Trans murders are political!
Pink Life Association in Ankara organized a series of events in memory of transphobic hate crime victims. Commemorating their late friends for the 7th time in Turkey, trans activists gave speeches at the Turkish Parliament.

Join the National Trans and Gender Diverse Working Group
Australia's first National Trans* & Gender Diverse (NTGD) working group has annouunced the election of co-convenors and is seeking volunteers to join the executive group.

Another Lap for Michael Phelps’s Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend
The intersex 'cougar' has been the focus of uninformed tabloid coverage, but she appears to have willingly stepped into the spotlight.

Oh, boy! Pentagon cozies up to transgender troops
New regulation opens door to more sexual variants
Retired General and Flag Officers Call on Military Services to Comply with Recent DOD Rules Affecting Transgender Personnel
US military urged to allow transgender troops to serve openly
Report: Loophole could allow transgender troops to serve under new DoD policy

WATCH: Ariz. Activist Convicted of 'Walking While Trans' Will Appeal
After being found guilty of 'manifesting prostitution,' advocate Monica Jones is pushing back against the law that she contends is unconstitutionally vague and targets trans women of color.

Trans Man's Speech Dedicated to Trans Women of Color
Trans women are being killed in the streets. What are we doing about it?

Transgender Day of Remembrance: 11 Photos of West Hollywood's Vigil and Candlelight March
Last Thursday was Transgender Day of Remembrance, and West Hollywood saw a candlelight march and vigil in commemoration. For those who couldn’t make it, or did and want to remember the night, we’ve picked out some of the best photos from the event.

Transgender Group Stages The Largest Of An Array Of Protests Wednesday Night
Thumping their chests in unison, about 125 protesters blocking a major intersection in the Grove neighborhood staged a protest that mirrored those of the past few months; but with a slightly different message.

Family, police search for missing Rowan County transgender woman
[Editor’s note regarding pronoun usage: Family, some friends, law enforcement and other media are using male pronouns to refer to Walker. However, qnotes has chosen to use female pronouns to identify her. Walker’s Facebook profile uses female pronouns and, according to law enforcement, Elisha is the name reported to the investigators and which she apparently used in her daily life.]

Vineland schools to add transgender policy
The school board has introduced a policy to address the needs of the district's transgender students.

UNM to accept ‘preferred names’ for transgender students
After some transgender students wanted to use a different name at the University of New Mexico and were nearly failed out of class because of it, a UNM student group says its working with university officials to make a change. UNM says it will soon let transgender students use their so-called “preferred names” on some school records in an effort to be more accepting.

FOX19 Investigates: State sued for stopping transgender inmate's hormone treatment
A Cincinnati transgender woman lived out a real-life "Orange is the New Black" while incarcerated in an Ohio prison.

Appeal for Morris dispatch records moves forward
Efforts to settle PGN’s open-records request for complete dispatch records pertaining to the Nizah Morris incident from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office have been unsuccessful.

Health Care Providers Work to Offer Services for Transgender Patients
Health care providers in central Virginia are banding together to offer services for transgender patients.

Tacoma to Offer Trans-Inclusive Health Benefits for City Employees
Following the release of the 2014 Municipal Equality Index (MEI), more cities are embracing inclusive health care coverage for all.

Remembering Transgender Murder Victims
Organizations met last week for a Milwaukee remembrance day. World-wide the number of such victims is increasing.

quinta-feira, novembro 27, 2014

El 80% de los transexuales de Castilla y León emigran por la discriminación
Nace en Palencia la asociación Chiguitxs LGTB+ para trabajar por la igualdad, con independencia de la orientación sexual

FA: Trans people can now play pro football
Football Association in UK has groundbreaking trans policy

Drag queens refused by cab driver file discrimination claim
The drag queens who were refused by a taxi driver from Taxicentrale Amsterdam, has decided to file a discrimination claim.

New policy for transgender on anvil
Gujarat Government plans to carry out a state-wide survey to find out the number and socio-economic status of the transgender community.

A Night to Remember
Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil Held at Norman Bethune Square
Transgender losses honoured in vigil

Right-Wing Group Targets Trans-Friendly Federal Nominee
David Lopez, the current EEOC general counsel awaiting Senate confirmation for his second term, has built a career fighting for the rights of LGBT and disabled workers. Now the Family Research Council wants him to pay for it.

New Suicide Hotline Dedicated to Trans People Now Open for Calls
San Francisco-based Trans Lifeline has collected an all-trans staff of volunteers who aim to make the crisis hotline experience more comfortable and accessible for trans callers.

Schools seeing an increase in transgender students
School can be a struggle for many students, not just academically but socially, especially students who question their own identity. A local outreach group for transgender and gay teens said they've seen an increase in the number transgender students attending school in the Savannah area.

Transgender Victims Remembered: Despite legal progress, 233 were killed in anti-transgender violence over the last year
Two lines of people holding unlit candles stretched down the long center aisle at the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore last Thursday. As the service attendees—more than a hundred total—reached the front of the line in pairs, two volunteers helped them light their candles and place them upright in a large box, while up at the pulpit a volunteer read off a list of names. “Calvin Curtis Lipscomb. Nov. 8, 2013. Detroit, Michigan. Lady Butterfly. Nov. 17, 2013. Porto Seguro, Brazil. Sahlil. Nov. 17, 2013. Karachi, Pakistan.” Name, date of death, location.

Religious Right, Catholic Church continue fight against trans-inclusive athletics policy
The political arm of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, as well as the Minnesota Family Council and the Minnesota Child Protection League, have ramped up efforts to oppose a policy aimed at increasing inclusion for transgender high school students.

Family of transgender woman speaks out after killer released on technicality
Roxann Green remembers getting a letter from her son, Moses at the age of 16 telling her he was ready to be who he truly was, ready to be a woman.
"I miss her everyday. Every day of my life I miss her," says Green.

Houston Trans Woman Beaten, Officials Offer Lukewarm Response
As Houston lawmakers continue to debate the HERO antidiscrimination ordinance, trans resident Thailand Warr says police didn't address her being viciously attacked by seven youths with the seriousness it merits.

Names and places raise awareness on Transgender Day of Remembrance
Makelly Castro, 24, of Brazil; Ashley Sherman, 25, of the United States; and Rosa Syad Ribut, 35, of Canada were killed this year. All three were transgender women, having been assigned with a male sex at birth.

Luzdarly es la reina GLBTI de Imbabura
En la entrada del Teatro Gran Colombia, la banda Municipal daba la bienvenida entonando sus canciones para los asistentes, que empezaban a llegar de a poco hasta las instalaciones en donde se elegiría a la nueva ‘soberana’ GLBTI de la provincia.

En cuerpo ajeno... Compensar autoriza cirugía de cambio de sexo
Tras una disputa jurídica que duró siete meses, la EPS dio vía libre al procedimiento que cuesta alrededor de $40 millones.

Cali celebró la primera versión de Miss Transformista
Este certamen de carácter social busca promover los derechos de los LGBTI y apoyar campañas de prevención de enfermedades de transmisión sexual.

terça-feira, novembro 25, 2014

Murder, gang rape and acid attacks: Hyderabad remembers trans hate victims
India's sixth largest city has reported 10 anti-trans murders, three gang rapes and five acid attacks since March

Hundreds demand repeal of anti-gay laws at Bangalore pride
Up to 2,000 people yesterday (23 November) protested India's anti-gay laws at Bangalore pride, the first since the country recriminalized homosexuality in December last year.

In Photos: Bangladesh's Trans Pride Parade Was Massive and Fabulous
Earlier this month, Bangladesh hosted the largest trans pride parade in the nation's history. The festivities occurred November 10, the one-year anniversary of the government's decision to recognize hijras — a term that refers to transgender, intersex, eunuch, transvestite, or transsexual members of South Asian societies — as a third gender.

Paying tribute to transgender victims of violence
It was a big turnout for the saddest of reasons.
About 130 people crowded into the basement of Crossways in Common at Young United Church on Thursday to remember the 1,509 murdered and missing transgender people recorded worldwide since 2008. (Many countries do not report.)
Students hold candlelight vigil, awareness campaign for Transgender Day of Remembrance
Transgender Day of Remembrance highlights widespread transphobic violence

Transgender girl's complaint goes ahead despite move
The family of a bullied eight-year-old transgender girl is leaving Winnipeg.
Isabella "Bella" Burgos and her family will be moving to British Columbia.
Her dad, Dale Burgos, said from Nanaimo the family had planned the move before controversy erupted over the treatment his daughter has received from a parent at her school.

Transgender People are invisible in most data surveys says new report
Transgender people and other gender minorities have long been an invisible group in population- based surveys says a recent report. Due to a lack of data they are also under- represented says the GenIUSS Group.

Trans Lifeline provides suicide prevention by and for the trans community
Yesterday, we marked the sixteenth annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, focusing on the transgender and gender-nonconforming people taken by violence in the past year. On November 1st, an integral resource was launched to help trans people in crisis—the Trans Lifeline, a free crisis and suicide prevention hotline that is managed and staffed by volunteers who are themselves members of the trans community.

UC Research Examines an Emerging Issue: Treatment of Transgender Prison Populations
The perceptions and treatment of transgender populations will be examined at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology.

Woman to appeal prostitution-related conviction
A transgender woman who is an advocate for sex workers will appeal her conviction in Arizona on a prostitution-related charge in a Phoenix courtroom.

Vigil Held for Natl Transgender Day of Remembrance
Transgender men, women and their supporters came to Sacramento’s Trinity Cathedral Saturday to take part in a National Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Friends say Idaho transgender woman's memory not honored at funeral
Jennifer Gable was presented as a man at an open-casket service.
Transgender woman buried by family as a man at Idaho funeral

Twin Cities celebrates Transgender Day of Remembrance
Stoned to death. Stabbed 33 times. Pushed out of a moving car then run over. When hate and fear rage out of control, people destroy by any means necessary. Eighty-one transgender people were murdered in the past year throughout the world.

Students honor victims of anti-transgender violence
A transgender support group led by Ian Pike, a junior studying civil engineering and member of GLBT Community Alliance, organized a memorial in Wolf Plaza for the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Thursday with the help of GLBT Community Alliance, the NC State GLBT Center and the NC State Women’s Center.

Gang of Seven Brutalize Houston Trans Woman
Early Thursday evening, a 33-year-old trans woman claims she was brutalized by seven strangers in the lobby of her southwest Houston high-rise.

Radford adds gender identity to anti-discrimination and harassment policy
The Radford University Board of Visitors voted unanimously Friday to add gender identity to its anti-discrimination and harassment policy.

Police: Man who identifies as woman harassed, attacked on street
An assault suspect used a homophobic slur against a man who identifies as a woman, telling her "You have to pay to be a [expletive] on our block" before possibly breaking her jaw Tuesday in Pioneer Square, according to the Seattle Police Department.

segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2014

URGENT ALERT- Haters Plan to Trigger Trans* to Suicides
Yesterday, on the English-language imageboard website known as 4Chan, a conversation was captured that points to an offensive by transphobic haters to target transgender people to trigger suicides. Hate speech online is common. However, 4Chan users recently gained attention and notoriety for starting, orchestrating, and escalating Gamergate, an organized campaign against women involved in the video game industry. They target anyone who speaks out against their misogyny. Numerous threats of violence and death against women (and their families) have been associated with this campaign.
4chan plans “genocide” against transgender women

Construindo Samuel
Como é que tu estás?” “Eu estou bom, eu estou bom, eu estou bom”, tinha de parar de dizer “eu estou boa”. É como se tivesse um ginásio dentro da cabeça, era preciso treinar muito, repetir, repetir, fazer muitos exercícios para que as palavras lhe começassem a sair certas. Houve dias em que foi para a cama mentalmente exausto, “eram tantas as dores de cabeça. É um esforço enorme”. Conseguiu, agora raramente se engana. Mas Samuel mudou mais depressa do que o mundo à sua volta. Para a mãe, é mais difícil: ainda lhe saem frases misturadas, como “ela agora é o meu filho”. Ana precisa de mais tempo para se habituar à ideia de que deixou de ter uma filha.

Homossexual é morto a pauladas na Granja Portugal

Is Winnie the Pooh Transgender or Intersex?
One town in Poland seems to think so — and they are not happy about it.

Police storm ‘trans’ exhib, censor photos of naked men
Police raided a photographic exhibition by Greek trans activist Paola Reveniotis on Friday night and confiscated photographs of naked men, reminiscent of the medieval ages that Cyprus lived through in past decades.
Police defend shutting down trans exhibit
Cyprus LGBT group slams police censorship

Society discriminatory against sexual minorities
In a survey conducted jointly by the Blue Diamond Society, UNDP and the Williams Institute of University of California Los Angeles, 60 percent of the around 1,200 respondents from gender and sexual minorities said they have faced abuse and discrimination in at least one setting.

Jakim’s ‘spiritual camp’ tried to ‘change’ us, lament Muslim transgenders
The “spiritual camps” that Islamic authorities claim to have successfully addressed transgenderism were deceptively positioned as outreach programmes that turned out to be “rehabilitation” programmes, members of the community have revealed.

Dedicated transgender suicide hotline launched
A San Francisco group has launched a dedicated suicide hotline for transgender people.
The Trans Lifeline – the first project of its kind – is staffed by San Francisco area volunteers, and aims to tackle the alarmingly high rate of suicide among people who are trans.

High School teacher undergoing sex change
Parents and students in a Fresno County town received news this week that one of their local high school teachers is undergoing a sex change.

Community comes together at Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil [photos]
The transgender community and allies came out Thursday night to honor those they’ve lost and discuss how to protect each other in the future at the Transgender Day of Remembrance. The event, held this year at the Phillip Rush Center Annex and organized by the Juxtaposed Center for Transformation (JCT), featured a slew of speakers from all corners of the trans community who relayed their message using the theme “It’s Time.”

Transgender woman presented as male for her open casket funeral
Friends of a transgender woman who died last month from an aneurysm say they were shocked when family members presented her as a man for her open casket funeral.

Rogers Park transgender woman, her landlord both file lawsuits
A transgender woman, who has already filed a discrimination complaint against her landlord, alleging that he tried to throw her out of her Rogers Park apartment because of her gender identity and because her fiancé is Black, is now suing the landlord for violating the city's Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance. The landlord in turn formally filed to evict the woman a few days after her lawsuit was filed.

domingo, novembro 23, 2014

Transexual obrigada a usar banheiro masculino será indenizada
A Primeira Turma do Tribunal Regional do Trabalho do Paraná condenou a Kraft Foods do Brasil a indenizar em R$ 5 mil por danos morais uma trabalhadora que, embora nascida com características masculinas e possuir nome de batismo masculino, se autoidentificava como sendo do gênero feminino. A condenação foi motivada pelo fato de a empresa determinar, após algum tempo, que ela usasse o vestiário dos homens.

Presos suspeitos de matar homossexual com requintes de crueldade
A Polícia Civil apresentou na manhã de ontem, dois suspeitos de envolvimento na morte do vendedor Wanderley Medeiros dos Santos, mais conhecido como Leley, de 48 anos. Ele, que era homossexual, foi morto cruelmente com golpes de garrafa na cabeça na noite do último sábado, em sua casa, no bairro Barroso. De acordo com informações dos agentes da 91ª DP, tudo leva a crer que o caso se trata de latrocínio (roubo seguido de morte).

Travesti é morto a facadas e tem o órgão sexual decepado

Valença: Jovem assassinado a tiros no Quilômbo
Na noite deste domingo, 16/11, por volta das 18h20minh, o jovem Elivan dos Santos, 31 anos, vulgo Ramona (homossexual) residente no Jacaré, foi vítima de homicídio e um jovem de prenome Ricardo foi vítima de tentativa de homicídio por arma de fogo dentro de uma residência no Quilombo do Novo Horizonte em Valença-Ba.


Um travesti acaba de ser assassinado agora pouco no centro de Campo Grande, proximo a Igreja nossa senhora do Desterro, mais detalhes daqui a pouco...
É o seguinte pessoal, o travesti com nome de pamela, foi assasinada por um cliente, que se recusou a pagar o programa, o travesti ia chamar a policia, quando o homem efetuou o disparo, populares ainda socorreram , mais ja chegou ao hospital sem vida

Cadavere di un trans Giallo al San Camillo
Il seno nudo, la faccia scavata, i capelli neri raccolti, e le braccia magrissime ripiegate sul petto rimasto fuori da un paio di coperte colorate. Aveva gli occhi chiusi ma non stava dormendo.
È così che è stato ritrovato il cadavere di un transessuale, ieri mattina, in una delle grotte nei pressi della sala mortuaria dell’ospedale San Camillo Forlanini a Monteverde.

Dead trans woman ‘dressed as a man’ for open casket funeral
Friends of a transgender woman who died suddenly have reacted with shock – after discovering she was dressed as a man for her open casket funeral.
26-year-old Idaho woman Jennifer Gable, who worked for Wells Fargo as a customer service coordinator, died suddenly of an aneurysm last month.

Michael Phelps ‘Embarrassed’ That He Didn’t Know Hookup Girl Was A Guy has learned that Michael, who allegedly met Taylor Lianne Chandler, on the dating app Tinder, is upset that she was not upfront with him about being ‘intersex.’
Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend: She Confessed To Him She Was Intersex Before Going Public
Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Says: He Hasn’t Called Since I Revealed I Was Intersex
Michael Phelps’ Tinder Hookup: ‘I Still Love Him’
Michael Phelps se diz "envergonhado e horrorizado" após se relacionar com transexual, diz site

sábado, novembro 22, 2014

Eurasian Trans Health
On October 27-28, 2014 in Moscow took place the 2nd Regional practical Conference ‘Eurasian Trans Health’. The same as last year, healthcare professionals and representatives of civil society organizations got to know successful foreign practices, exchanged their experiences and, with a glance of regional specifics, discussed the problems of medico-social follow-through for patients seeking support due to their sex or gender identity.

Allowing civil courts to override Shariah will make Malays BAD MUSLIMS - Ibrahim Ali
The civil courts' ability to override decisions made by the Shariah courts‎ could jeopardise the faith of Muslims, Malay right-wing group Perkasa said today.

12 Tips For Nurses And Doctors Treating Transgender Patients
Transgender medicine is a concept that is just now taking shape.

WATCH: Yes, Trans Women Are Harassed Daily
Even for those who survive, antitrans harassment is a harrowing daily occurrence for many transgender people, especially trans women of color.

Trans Women of Color Face an Epidemic of Violence and Murder
Between October 2013 and the end of this September, according to international reports gathered by the European group Transrespect versus Transphobia (TvT), 226 transgender people were murdered around the world. Most were trans women of color. Those numbers were gathered by painstakingly raking through news articles and by reports submitted through partner organizations in places like Honduras and Thailand.

'Pregnant Man' Busted for Stalking [Update]
The famous 'pregnant man' Thomas Beatie, was arrested Thursday for felony stalking -- according to cops he's engaged in some major spy games to track an ex over the last couple years.

Exclusive: Rikers Ready With Housing Unit for Some Trans Inmates
On Rikers Island, man-to-woman transgender inmates who have not undergone genital surgery will now have the option of not being housed with the general population of men, but to be detained in a new transgender unit opening this week in the New York City jail’s oldest building.

Transgender beating victim talks about her recovery
After a savage beating, a transgender woman talks to 13abc about her recovery and her message to the community.
Man accused of assault pleads not guilty

Austin police has first openly transgender officer
The Austin Police Department now has its first openly transgender officer. Senior Officer Greg Abbink has been with the force for a decade. Joining as a woman, it wasn’t until this year that he says he really started living.

Two years pass with no sign of Sage Smith
Family, neighbors, friends and community leaders gathered Wednesday night to honor the life of Dashad “Sage” Smith, who disappeared from Charlottesville two years ago this week.
Vigil Marks 2 Years since Dashad "Sage" Smith Disappeared

sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2014

48% of young trans people attempt suicide, 30% in the last year
'While society’s attitudes towards transgender people are changing, it is still not fast enough and the negative impacts on trans people’s mental health every day are huge.'

WATCH: Does It Get Better for Trans People?
It Gets Better Project and Gender Proud have partnered to seek out stories that honor Transgender Day of Remembrance.

LRPD Unveils New Transgender Policy
On a grading scale of zero to 100, Little Rock has a failing score of 13 when it comes to its interactions with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. This was a rating the city's police chief was aware before it was released. On Wednesday, he announced new policies to help raise that number.

Meet The Trans Teen Who Just Won $25K to Make Schools Trans-Inclusive
Inspirational trans organizer Eli Erlick was awarded a Peace First fellowship to continue her important work with Transgender Student Education Resources.

Trans Women to Get Own Housing Unit on Rikers Island
The New York City jail is opening a new housing unit for transgender women to offer protection against rape and other violent incidents.

Travesti murió tras intervención quirúrgica con aceite de avión
El intento por mejorar su cuerpo le costó la vida a un travesti, quien se puso en manos de otro travesti que se dedicaba a realizar operaciones quirúrgicas en un apartamento en El Chorrillo.

quinta-feira, novembro 20, 2014

Comunicado GTP: 16º TDOR

Celebra-se hoje, 20 de Novembro, o 16º Transgender Day Of Remembrance, ou TDOR. Este dia, em que se evocam as pessoas trans vítimas de homicídios, começou a ser celebrado nos EUA, em memória de Rita Hester, uma dessas vítimas, e é hoje celebrado em mais de 180 cidades de 20 países à volta do mundo na América do Norte, Europa, Ásia, África e Oceânia.

A ideia subjacente a esta iniciativa é um chamamento à atenção social dos crimes perpetrados contra pessoas trans, bem como avivar um sentimento de comunidade entre essas pessoas, onde se pode fazer o luto pelos seus mortos, bem como honrar a memória de pessoas que de outro modo seriam esquecidas.

Baseada nas listagens emitidas pelo Trans Murder Monitoring Project (TMM) duas vezes por ano, que se iniciou em Abril de 2009 e que monitoriza, colecta e analisa notícias de homicídios mundialmente, este ano conta com uma listagem de mais de 226 assassínios de pessoas trans, que pode ser consultada no site do projecto Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide sob as formas de tabelas, listagens de nomes e mapas.

Todos os anos em Novembro, a Transgender Europe emite um comunicado especial dos resultados obtidos pelo TMM com a intenção de ajudar activistas pelo mundo fora a conscencializarem a(s) sociedade(s) dos crimes de ódio cometidos contra a comunidade trans, sendo que este ano foram contabilizados 226 crimes de pessoas trans de 1 de Outubro de 2013 a 30 de Setembro de 2014. Desde 1 de Janeiro de 2008 foram contabilizados 1.612 crimes em 62 países,.

Foram reportados crimes em 28 países nos últimos 12 meses, sendo os mais relevantes: 113 no Brasil, 31 no México, 12 nas Honduras, 10 nos EUA e 10 na Venezuela. Estes casos são os que puderam ser encontrados em pesquisas na internet e pela colaboração com organizações e activistas trans. Em muitos países, a informação sobre assassinatos de pessoas trans não é produzida, sendo impossível estimar a quantidade de casos não reportados.

Estes números alarmantes demonstram de forma bem clara a premente necessidade de reacção contra a violência sobre a comunidade trans, bem como a necessidade de procura de mecanismos que a protejam.

Começa-se mesmo a falar em “transcídio” por parte de alguns activistas trans, face à continuidade de elevados níveis de violência mortal sobre a comunidade trans numa escala global e uma coligação de Organizações Não Governamentais (ONG’s) da América do Sul e Europa iniciaram a campanha “Stop Trans Genocide”.

Com casos em todas as regiões mundiais (Europa, Àsia, África, Américas do Norte, Central e Sul e Oceânia), os números mais relevantes encontrados em países com movimentos trans ou LGBT foram os seguintes: Brasil 644, México 177, Venezuela 83, Colombia 82 e Honduras 70 nas Américas Central e do Sul, 100 nos EUA na América do Norte, Turquia 36 e Itália 27 na Europa, Índia 37 e Filipinas 32 na Àsia.

Desde 2008, 1.267 assassinatos nas Américas Central e do Sul, que representam 79% do total.
138 assassinatos na Àsia em 16 países,
104 assassinatos na América do Norte.
90 assassinatos na Europa em 13 países.
9 assassinatos em África em 4 países.
4 assassinatos na Oceânia em 4 países.

O Transgender Violence Tracking Portal, por sua vez, desde o seu início em Março de 2014, tem recolhido informações sobre violência exercida sobre indivíduos trans globalmente, recolheu mais de 2200 informações directas e mais de 8500 adicionais através de pesquisa informática, tendo encontrado, além dos assassinatos, 77 casos de violência física directa, 6 suicídios, 4 mortes por silicone industrial, e 3 pessoas desaparecidas, de 19 de Novembro de 2013 a 14 de Novembro de 2014. 

A cada 32 horas, uma pessoa trans é assassinada, muitas vezes com requintes de sadismo e malvadez, como se pode ver a seguir:
  • Uma mulher trans na Áustralia foi desmembrada e cozinhada pelo seu marido;
  • 5 mulheres trans e inúmeras outras pessoas foram queimadas num clube com uma bomba
  • Duas mulheres trans foram esfoladas vivas
  • Uma jovem de 18 anos foi arrastada por uma moto através de uma cidade resultando em traumatismos cranianos e na morte.
  • Uma jovem de 16 anos foi amarrada e queimada repetidamente na face e torturada até à morte.
  • Um adolescente foi queimado num autocarro ao ir para casa da escola.

Assim pode-se concluir que o Brasil continua a ser o país mais violento contra a comunidade trans. Com uma percentagem de 25.2 homicídios por cada 100.000 habitantes, o Brasil tem o recorde de 58% de todos os homicídios contra pessoas trans.
Nos Estados Unidos as pessoas trans afro-americanas continuam a ser os alvos preferênciais da violência e homicídios trans.

Estes números só contam uma pequena parte das tragédias. As histórias sobre estas pessoas são muito mais que meros números numa base de dados. Eram irmãs, irmãos, amigas, pais, avós e muito mais.

Denúncias sobre violência, assassinatos, desaparecimentos, suicídios ou bullying podem ser feitos aqui.

É contra isto tudo, e para denunciar, que existe o TDOR. Depois de algumas tentativas para implementar este dia em Portugal, protagonizadas pelo Grupo Transexual Portugal, Panteras Rosa e Rede ex-aequo (não necessariamente em sumultâneo nem juntas), com o resultado da quase total indiferença da população trans e da esmagadora maioria dos grupos e/ou associações LGBT, este ano não se conhece nenhuma acção preparada para este dia.

O Grupo Transexual Portugal, como grupo dedicado à defesa dos direitos humanos, especialmente da população trans, não pode deixar de se associar à lembrança e denúncia destes casos que continuam a manchar a humanidade e as religiões, bem como à condenação da indiferença social perante estes casos, muito especialmente por parte da (in)existente comunidade trans nacional.

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Hollyoaks: Paris Lees will become first transgender person to appear in a British soap opera
Transgender journalist, activist and blogger Paris Lees has turned her hand to acting.

Welsh Lib Dems to lead landmark debate on transgender issues
The Welsh Liberal Democrats are marking Transgender Awareness Week on Wednesday by leading a landmark Welsh Assembly debate on issues faced by Welsh trans people.

New Legislation about Fertility and Marriage rights during Transgender Transition Process
On this provision Counselling Centre for Transgender People Association (T-Der) helps to Mahmut Tanal who is intending to prevent abuse of rights and “obligated sterilization” implementation during transgender transition process with two different bills of law.

[Cote D'Ívoire]
Un travesti malmené à Abidjan! Attention vidéo sensible
Pendant que le débat sur la dépénalisation de l’homosexualité fait rage sous nos cieux, certains pays sont en train de passer à la vitesse supérieure en autorisant le mariage entre personnes du même sexe! C’est le cas de la France. Aux Etats Unis, la loi est en train d’être étudiée et provoque beaucoup de polémiques et de manifestations entre ceux qui sont pour et ceux qui sont contre.

UPTU first state univ to recognize third gender
Months after the Supreme Court decided to recognize transgender individuals as a third gender, UP Technical University (UPTU) has decided to include the same in its application form from next session. The 'TG' category will be an option on the application form for UG, PG courses, admissions for which will be conducted via State Entrance Exam (SEE).

Love Junkies drummer comes out as transgender
Lewis Walsh from Perth rock band The Love Junkies has outed himself as transgender, saying he’s not sure if he’s male or female, but he’s “on a spectrum of gender variance.”

[New Zealand]
University of Auckland Commits to Making Campus Safe for Trans, Intersex, and Gender Variant Staff and Students
It’s been a long haul, but this morning Trans on Campus had a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Auckland, Stuart McCutcheon, along with the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Equity, Trudie McNaughton, Director of Student Equity, Terry O’Neill, and Director of Administration, Adrienne Cleland.

Seeing the Individual: Freiya on Being a Woman and Being Transgender
If a stranger approached me to ask me a question about my genitals, I'd be shocked and really quite angry. If a stranger assumed I was suicidal and depressed from knowing one incidental fact about me, that would also rile me. Happenings such as these are the reasons that I think Freiya is one of the calmest, kindest and most interesting people I've met to date, as this happens to her regularly. She has never punched anyone. In fact, her approach is to explain very articulately exactly the reasons she would not like to discuss her genitalia with a perfect stranger, or the reasons it is in fact unfair and judgmental to assume that she is suicidal or depressed because of one aspect of her identity. Freiya is a woman who just so happens to be transgender.

OKCupid begins rolling out new sexuality and gender options
Dating website OKCupid has started testing a broader list of sexualities and genders, allowing people a raft of new identity choices.

Transgender Pioneer and Stone Butch Blues Author Leslie Feinberg Has Died
She was a pioneer in trans and lesbian issues, workers rights, and intersectionality long before anyone could define the phrase. Her partner, Minnie Bruce Pratt, and family offered us this obituary.

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace On Coming Out Transgender
Singer-guitarist Laura Jane Grace of the band Against Me! discussed coming out transgender during an appearance on Larry King Now.

Why did the U.S. lock up these women with men?
The United States has long been a haven for those fleeing persecution and oppression. But today, the treatment for asylum seekers can be so terrible that some are asking to be sent back to the very countries they were escaping.

Lambda Legal Observes Transgender Awareness Week
In observance of National Transgender Awareness Week November 17th to November 21st, Lambda Legal is joining a host of organizations and community organizers from across the country for a week of education and community events including Transgender Day of Action, Transgender Day of Remembrance and Transgender Day of Resilience.

Parents focus critical eye on Lincoln schools
Parents concerned about gender identity handouts given to teachers have formed a group to push for transparency and parental rights at Lincoln Public Schools.

Transgender community fights for Elliot-Larsen protections
Discussions continue at the State Capitol over whether to expand protections offered by Michigan’s Elliot-Larsen anti-discrimination law. That’s the landmark 1976 measure which legally bans discrimination in the state based on religion, race, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, familial and marital status. Several factions have emerged. Democrats and some Republicans appear to be united behind an expansion that would protect lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender persons. Other Republicans favor a measure that would not include trans persons, but include the others.

Cleveland OKs Protections for Transgender Employees of City Contractors
Cleveland City Council on Monday night unanimously approved employment protections for transgender individuals. ideastream's Nick Castele has more.

Online exchange over Rowan's transgender community turns ugly
A Rowan University student's recent online posting, aimed at advancing a conversation about the needs of the school's transgender community, took a turn for the worse, prompting a university memo Monday and again putting a popular social media application under scrutiny.

Reward in Dashad Smith Missing Person Case Up to $20K
The reward in the disappearance of Dashad Smith is now up to $20,000. This week marks two years since Smith disappeared.
Councilors Get Criticized for City’s Handling Of Sage Smith Case

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Bias against LGBT people
Hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are motivated by a bias based on a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. In some instances, LGBT people have been portrayed by the media and politicians as a threatening and inferior group, posing a danger to public health and "traditional" structures, such as marriage and the family. LGBT people continue to experience stigmatization and lack of legal protection from discrimination and hate crime. Successive ODIHR annual hate crime reports have included reports of physical assaults and murders, with transgender people being particularly at risk. Serious physical assaults carried out by groups, especially around pride parades, are also common features of hate crimes against LGBT people.

'I'm happier now as a woman.. but I'm still the same person': Ex-soldier opens heart on the struggles of being transgender
Martin McKay moved to Glasgow four years ago and decided it was time to find the courage to become Amanda and now at 51, she discusses being the happiest she's ever been

Transgenders a THREAT to Islam and M'sia - Malacca Chief Minister
Issues relating to transgender should be resolved through educating society on the trend, said Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron.
Civil courts cannot discuss Islamic laws, Jakim insists after transgender judgement

School holds ‘Sex Change Day’ for students
A high school in Japan held a ‘Sex Change Day’ this week – where boys dressed in skirts, and girls wore suits and ties.
JAPÃO: Liceu têm “Dia da Mudança de Sexo”

Transgenders need care, not rehab, say experts
Transgenders need medical care to transition them into their affirmed gender identities rather than rehabilitation to return them to what some may consider “normal”, several medical and gender experts said.

Being Me: ‘I want to be a girl, I’m sick of this body’
Isabelle looked like any other young boy to the outside world.
But the child, born a boy named Campbell, wanted to be a girl, and one year ago plucked up the courage to reveal her secret to her parents.

NSW urged to work with federal govt on improving health of intersex people
The NSW Government must work with its federal counterpart in ensuring the health and wellbeing of intersex people, urged a motion passed in the NSW Upper House.

Transgender man files complaint against B.C. health ministry over surgical delay
A transgender man has filed a human-rights complaint against B.C.’s Ministry of Health over delays in his gender reassignment surgery, and advocates say such backlogs are a continuing and unacceptable problem.

Second study confirms medical intervention in trans kids is safe
Detractors are attempting to derail the well-being of trans people with false rhetoric in the media about “rampant regret” after undergoing medical treatment. By using out of context quotes in their rhetoric from unlinked sources, the reader are unaware that they may be older “studies” from the days when being trans was considered a mental illness, or from a wholly biased source. Either way, access to the entire study is not available for the reader to make an objective review.

Watch: Trans MMA fighter destroys claims she has an ‘unfair advantage’ in sport
Transgender Mixed Martial Arts fighter Fallon Fox has rebuffed claims she has an ‘unfair advantage’ in her sport.

Teen given 7-year sentence for skirt-burning on Oakland bus
The mother of an agender teen whose skirt was set aflame on an AC Transit bus in Oakland last year told the 17-year-old attacker Friday that he did a “horrible, terrible thing” but added, “We do not hate you.”

A Day to Remember
The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), held each year on November 20, was established in 1998 to memorialize transgender and gender non-conforming people who have been killed as a result of hatred, fear, and prejudice. The observance evolved from a web-based project into an international day of action, with observances in over 185 cities throughout more than 20 countries.

Ceremony to honor trans lives lost to violence
Once again, the community will gather to remember and celebrate the transgender friends and loved ones who were lost to violent attacks, and to raise awareness of continuing violence against transgender people.

Gizzy Fowler, a transwoman, murdered in North Nashville
Mainstream news coverage downplays sexuality, trans identity

To honor their memory
TDOR events Sunday in Dallas wilal memorialize the at least 71 trans women and men murdered in the last year

Eliminan juicios para cambio de sexo en el DF
Hace dos años, Gloria se unió a la batalla para derribar las barreras legales que hacían tortuoso el camino para cambiar de género en esta capital, luego de que en un viaje a Panamá tuvo problemas con migración porque su pasaporte tenían su identidad anterior, la de un varón.

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Vara registra 80 pedidos de mudança de nomes por travestis
“Meu trabalho, faço com prazer. Não sinto ônus nem peso, nem também sacrifício, principalmente por estar dando a minha contribuição para resolver problemas de pessoas”. O juiz da Vara de Feitos Especiais da comarca da Capital, Romero Carneiro Feitosa (foto) se utilizou dessas afirmações para ressaltar a importância do trabalho que vem sendo desenvolvido pela vara, principalmente no que se refere a realização de casamentos em presídios, mudanças de pré-nomes e de sexo, junto a Vara de Registro Público.

Travesti é agredido com garrafa de vidro após se envolver em briga
O travesti conhecido como "Chocolate" identificado como Claudenor dos Santos, de 23 anos foi agredido com uma garrafa de vidro após uma briga em um bar na rua Osvaldo Cruz, bairro São Francisco em Parnaíba, litoral do Piauí.

Corpo de travesti degolado é achado no bairro da Roseira
Foi encontrado na manh& de sexta-feira, no bairro da Roseira, em Jundia o corpo de um travesti ainda n&o identificado. A vítima, com idade entre 35 e 40 anos, tinha um corte profundo na garganta e provavelmente foi deixada em local diferente de onde foi morta, segundo policiais Júlio e Gigio, da equipe do delegado Marcel Fehr, titular da Delegacia de Investigações Gerais (DIG), responsável pela apuração do caso.

Travesti encontrado morto dentro de casa no Bairro Bela Vista
A Polícia Militar de Colatina registrou uma ocorrência de encontro de cadáver nesta sexta-feira no Bairro Bela Vista. A vítima é o travesti Leucimar Pereira dos Anjos encontrado morto com as maõs amarradas para tràs no interior de sua residência. A polícia não deu mais detalhes da ocorrência.

The emotional element of remembering the trans dead
“I have always been more for celebrating accomplishments and victories and I have never really loved the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), to be honest,” said Helen Kramer, author of My Husband Betty, to LGBT Weekly. “I know so many vibrant, interesting, awesome trans people, and it upsets me that there are so many people who only first learn of the [trans] community through these violent deaths.”

Trans-Violence: Why the ‘T’ is silent in LGBT Pt. 1
On September 27, 2014 California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that would eliminate the “trans-panic” or “gay-panic” defense to seek a reduced sentence for murder or assault against the LGBT community. AB-2501 specifically states, “the provocation was not objectively reasonable if it resulted from the discovery of, knowledge about, or potential disclosure of the victim’s actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation…”
Trans-Violence Part 2: Interview with Allison Woolbert
Trans-Violence Part 3: Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20th

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Preliminary TVTP Transgender Violence Report for Transgender Awareness 2014
As we enter Transgender Awareness 2014 and the International Transgender Day of Remembrance the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal has been working hard to collect and investigate the data of violence transgender individuals suffer across the world and report out what we are finding. This report details out preliminary findings as to the incident reports that we have received so far this year.

Family accused of forcing daughter out of company for being transgender
A Lancashire transgender woman is suing her parents and brother claiming she was forced out of the family business due to her gender identity.
Transgender woman in £300,000 legal battle with parents and brother over claims she was forced out of family business after undergoing sex change

Russia lawmaker moves to close gay marriage loophole
Transgender woman married her girlfriend last week
Russia: Anti-gay lawmaker preparing bill to close same-sex marriage ‘loophole’

[South Africa]
The long walk to a transgender catwalk career
Overseas, models like Lea T and Andreja Pejic are much in demand, but SA still seems too wary of transgendered SA women, writes Sandiso Ngubane.

Thailand launches world's first transgender modeling agency
Bangkok-based agency has 18 girls in its trans division

New Muslim legal group formed to counter landmark transgender judgment
The Malaysian Shariah Lawyers Association (PGSM) has set up a Lawyers for Islam group to assist the government following a landmark ruling by the Court of Appeal that quashed a Shariah law ban on cross-dressing.
Negri Sembilan MB urges halt of action against transgenders pending appeal

Osaka host club first in Japan to employ gals dressed as guys
When it comes to innovation in Japan’s sleaze industry, Tokyo is hard to top.

Transgender woman Robyn Thorne talks about the hardships of transitioning from male to female
Walking through the low gate and down the side of her rented Gundaroo property, Robyn Thorne pauses at the steps of her weatherboard cottage.

New Federal Plans Take Modest Step On Trans Health
The National Center for Transgender Equality expresses our disappointment that virtually every Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) plan has failed to update their coverage to stop excluding medically necessary healthcare for transgender federal employees. Disregarding OPM’s June 2013 invitation to insurance companies to drop discriminatory trans health exclusions, the majority of FEHB plans that were announced have retained these outdated and wrong trans health exclusions.

Transgender discrimination ban prevails in Miami-Dade panel, despite opposition
Raw emotion and invocations of biblical damnation over a proposed ban on discrimination against transgender people dominated Wednesday what was perhaps the fiercest debate Miami-Dade County Hall has seen this year.
Transgender discrimination ban prevails in Miami-Dade panel, despite fervent opposition

Trans In Michigan? The ACLU Wants To Hear From You
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan is seeking support for its advocacy in changing State policy regarding gender markers on State IDs.

Phil Burress: Nondiscrimination Laws Let 'A Mentally Disturbed Person' 'Be Around Women And Girls'
Phil Burress, head Citizens for Community Values, the Ohio affiliate of the Family Research Council, told Religious Right activist Molly Smith this week that a proposal to expand Cleveland’s nondiscrimination ordinance to include protections for transgender people would allow “mentally disturbed” people to “be around women and girls in a women’s restroom.”

Mexico City lawmakers approve trans rights bill
Mexico City lawmakers on Thursday approved a bill that would allow transgender people to legally change their gender without a court order.