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segunda-feira, agosto 31, 2015

Conheça a história de uma diretora transexual de escola da Capital
Adriana Souza rege a Escola Estadual General Ibá Ilha Moreira, em Porto Alegre, e fala sobre respeito às diferenças

Assexuais lutam por respeito e visibilidade
Há quem diga - normalmente em tom de brincadeira - que chocolate é tão bom quanto sexo. Para alguns, no entanto, ele é muito melhor. E não somente o chocolate. Na contramão dessa sociedade cada vez mais hipersexualizada, existem indivíduos que dizem haver coisas muito melhores na vida do que transar.

Elliot Kerrigan on transgender drama Boy Meets Girl
Transgender drama Boy Meets Girl is a sitcom about a couple in love first, and a challenge to society second, writer Elliot Kerrigan tells Jay Richardson

De Ali a Fatemeh y de Fatemeh a Amir, la lucha de los transexuales iraníes
Una fetua de Jomeiní abrió la puerta al cambio de sexo. A la sociedad le cuesta aceptarlos

Transgender Pakistanis - Making ends meet
Riffie Khan has a Double Master’s degree from Shah Abdul University in Shikarpur in Economics and Political Sciences. However, despite her academic achievements, she has been unable to hold down a job. In 2003, Khan was forced to leave her job at the National Medical Centre in Karachi, where she worked as front desk officer, because she did not fit in. Khan is one of many transgender people in the country who suffer in their professional and personal lives due to discrimination. “It’s the educated people that upset me the most,” she says. “When they discriminate against people like me, it hurts even more.”

India urged to include intersex people in bill protecting trans rights
Indian’s parliament has been urged to include intersex people in a bill to protect the rights of trans people.

The Sistergirls of Tiwi Islands: How a remote community in northern Australia has the highest population of transgender people in the country - including children as young as six
Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory has the highest population of transgender people in Australia
'Sistergirl' or 'Yimpininni' is a term used to describe transgender, homosexual or bisexual indigenous people
Locals say as many as five per cent of the population consider themselves a Sistergirl
While they are largely accepted in the remote community, there are still many instances of serious abuse
Meet The Transgender “Sistergirls” Of The Tiwi Islands

Transgender Activists See Long Road Ahead Toward Workplace Inclusion
When the White House announced last week that it had hired its first transgender staff member, the move was hailed as a milestone in the fight for equality for one of the most marginalized groups in the U.S. workforce.

Scottsdale City Council may reconsider creating LGBT anti-discrimination law
The Scottsdale City Council could reconsider moving forward on a law that would protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Rowan transgender man and wife got license
A transgender man and his wife stepped forward Saturday with paperwork showing that Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis apparently issued them a marriage license in February even though she has blocked forms for same-sex couples over the past two months.

A soldier changes gender: From Edward to Jennifer, with stops in Gitmo, Iraq and Afghanistan [video]
Edward Long was a career Army National Guardsman, a fiery sergeant major who guarded suspected terrorists in overseas prisons and guided young soldiers through brutal 12-hour days in some of the most dangerous places on Earth. A model commander, rock-steady, fearless, driven by a spirit of duty.

Dominique Jackson: Her Truth Inspires Transgender Women
On a postcard-perfect August day in New York, the fountain under the landmark Unisphere in Queens is a popular playground for kids on scooters and young lovers chilling in the fountain’s mist. A few yards away, the Emily Baumgaertner—Pulitzer Center inside the Queens Museum is also crowded. Activist and author Dominique Jackson, seated two rows in front of me, is assembling her thoughts of the first screening of My Truth, My Story.

‘I Am Nancy,’ a Brooklyn man’s journey to womanhood: Part 1
Caitlyn Jenner’s gender dysphoria began long before she was rich and famous, says Nancy Owen of Bay Ridge, an authority on women born in men’s bodies.

Another university is scrapping ‘he’ and ‘she’ for gender-neutral pronouns
Another university is trying to be more inclusive by encouraging the use of gender-neutral pronouns.

domingo, agosto 30, 2015

Homem é preso em Teresina suspeito de ter matado travesti Makelly Castro
Makelly foi morta em 2014 e suspeito preso nesta sexta (28) na Zona Norte.
Delegado contou que existem provas concretas contra o professor.
Professor universitário e jornalista é preso pelo assassinato da travesti Makelly

Parliament to review gender laws for trans children
A Parliamentary committee is to look at provisions for transgender children in the UK, it has been confirmed.

First transsexual church wedding in Denmark
A church in the Danish city of Ringsted, west of Copenhagen, will on Saturday host the first religious wedding of a transsexual couple in Denmark, public television channel DR reported on Friday.

List Intersex in Transgender Bill, Urges NGO
The non-inclusion of intersex persons in the Transgender Rights Bill, 2014, passed successfully in the Rajya Sabha recently is a cause for concern for gender rights activists.

Silas Howard, the first trans director of Transparent, on his experiences with the show
Plus, see exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the set.

Once a Pariah, Now a Judge: The Early Transgender Journey of Phyllis Frye
Nearly four decades before Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world, Phyllis Randolph Frye came out as a transgender woman in a far less glamorous way. No Diane Sawyer, no Vanity Fair.

Is Agender Fashion a Trend, or a Movement?
The concept of agender fashion has recently gotten a lot of ink. But in a trend-driven industry, are issues of gender truly being addressed, or simply given lip service? Refinery29 hosted a discussion on this topic this week as part of its F*ck The Fashion Rules initiative. Moderated by writer Katherine Bernard, the panel consisted of model agent (and former model herself) Jenny Shimizu, Grace Dunham; Kristiina Wilson, photographer and EIC of You Do You, a genderless fashion site; Anita Dolce Vita, editor-in-chief of the site Dapper Q, and performance artist and community organizer Alok Vaid-Menon.

'George' Wants You To Know: She's Really Melissa
George is 10, loves to read and has a best friend named Kelly. Everyone thinks George is a boy, but she doesn't feel like one.

Survey: Majority of Americans Back Up Open Transgender Military Service
Today, the American Military Partner Association (AMPA), the nation’s largest organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) military families, responded to the results of a new national survey that show a majority of Americans support open service by transgender people in the U.S. military. The results were released by University of Illinois Springfield Survey Research Office and were part of a survey aimed at “gauging attitudes towards transgender inclusive policies in health and healthcare, K-12 education, U.S. military, and in prisons.”
Transgender soldiers may get time off to have sex-change operations after military ban dropped

“There Are No Human Rights Here”
“I have never been in jail before,” Natalia said, her voice trembling as tears fell slowly down the side of her face onto an orange jumpsuit. She explained that she had been raped by two men near the border in Tijuana only weeks before entering the United States to seek asylum. She had fled to the US after repeated sexual assaults in Mexico. She was being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Santa Ana City Jail in Southern California, in a segregated “housing pod” for gay men and transgender women.

Transgender Woman Barred From Tempe Mosque Unless She Dresses as a Man or Can "Prove" She's a Woman
Leaders of a Tempe mosque have decided that if congregant Sumayyah Dawud wants to continue attending prayers and other community functions at the Islamic Community Center, she must either dress and pray as a man or provide medical documentation that she is anatomically female.

Longmont police arrest transgender teen on suspicion of attempted murder, assault
A 16-year-old transgender boy faces possible attempted murder and assault charges after Longmont police say the teen crashed a sport utility vehicle into another car and tried to stab the occupants Friday morning.

Saco murder case highlights quandary of transgender inmates
With studies showing such inmates are more likely to become victims of sexual assaults, jail administrators are seeking the safest strategy for housing them.

Transgender student, volleyball program draw big crowd to Hillsboro R-3 board meeting
An overflow crowd apparently drawn by controversial topics led the Hillsboro R-3 Board of Education to move its monthly meeting Thursday night (Aug. 27) from the district LearningCenter to the nearby Hillsboro Intermediate School gymnasium.

Training focuses on treating transgender victims of sexual assault
Medical professionals attended a training this week on providing care to transgender victims of sexual assault.

Pro-HERO ad shuts down trans bathroom myth
Days after opponents of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance began airing a disgusting transphobic spot, the coalition supporting HERO responded Friday with its own radio ad.

sábado, agosto 29, 2015

Transexual famosa é barrada por produção de Xuxa e desabafa: 'preconceito'
Ariadna diz que foi barrada para estar na plateia da apresentadora Xuxa Meneghel.

Polícia investiga ameaça contra LGBTs na internet
Em publicação, agressor disse que iria matar as vítimas com facadas na rua

Genesis P-Orridge: Caitlyn Jenner should 'stop being a spokesperson'
The former Throbbing Gristle member spoke to Against Me! lead singer Laura Jane Grace about Jenner’s position in the transgender movement

Transgender rights case forwarded to CJ Mutunga
A case fighting for transgenders’ rights and entitlement to Parliamentary slots has been referred to CJ Willy Mutunga.

[New Zealand]
Corrections apology for transgender inmate
The Corrections Department will apologise to a transgender prisoner following a revelation her transfer request went nowhere when a staff member went on leave.

Transgender advocates land meeting with Victor Boudreau
New Brunswick Transgender Health Network says province is last to fund gender reassignment surgery

Transgender Americans face dearth of sexual reassignment surgeons
Americans seeking sexual reassignment surgery have found that specialists are few and far between

Transgender porn quickly growing in popularity
While many Americans might say Caitlyn Jenner's much-watched interview with Diane Sawyer was their introduction to the transgender community, the adult entertainment industry says transgender porn has been a big seller for years—and it's getting bigger.

Lesbian Feminist Cathy Brennan Sues AfterEllen for Defamation
Radical feminist activist, blogger, and attorney Cathy Brennan claims a San Francisco writer 'maligned' her in an online post about MichFest, lesbians, and trans women.

Parents, school boards question LGBT agenda
Public school boards in two different states are pushing back against controversial transgender policies.

Funeral held for Kandis Capri, transgender Phoenix woman killed in August
About 500 people paid their respects Thursday at the funeral for Kandis Capri, many calling her kind, generous and genuine.

Transgender Woman Suing Over Discrimination at Burger King
Steph Williams-Blackmon works at a Springfield Burger King on West Jefferson.

Planet Fitness Seeks To Dismiss Trans Locker Room Policy Lawsuit
Planet Fitness is asking for a dismissal of a lawsuit involving the company's trans-friendly locker room policy, claiming it promotes discrimination against transgender people.

Transgendered student uses girls’ locker room, causes controversy
Should transgender students be allowed to use the gender-specific locker rooms and restrooms of their choice?

‘A story of personal empowerment’: Transgender transitions in the workplace and beyond
Awareness of transgender individuals and trans* issues has grown substantially in the past couple of years, but for many people—transgender and cisgender alike—uncertainty still prevails.

Potsdam Central School develops guidelines to create more accepting environment for transgender students
The superintendent of Potsdam Central School shared guidelines the district will be following in an effort to create a more accepting environment for students identifying as transgender.

NEWS10 Special Report: Growing up transgender
When Caitlyn Jenner was presented the Courage Award at the 2015 ESPY Awards, she made an appeal that people not pick on teenagers who are transgender.

Suspect arrested in brutal attack on trans woman
A transgender woman was among three people who were violently attacked in North Philadelphia last week, allegedly by the same man.

Both sides in trans case urge judge to issue ruling
In a rare show of unity, both sides in the Kate Blatt antibias case are urging a federal judge to promptly rule on Blatt’s challenge to the Americans With Disabilities Act’s exclusion of gender-identity disorder as a protected disability.

SDHSAA gives first nod to transgender athlete rule changes
The South Dakota High School Activities Association has taken the first step to change its policy on transgender student participation in athletics amid concerns among state lawmakers about the rules.
South Dakota Keeps Trans-Inclusive School Sports Policy

Drag Performer Murdered in Texas Home
Locals worry that the death of Torrance Cheeves, also known as Miss Whoochie, may be a hate crime.
A Texan drag performer was murdered this week, and friends believe he may be the victim of a hate crime.
Torrance Cheeves, known in the local gay scene by his stage name Miss Whoochie, was found dead Wednesday in his San Antonio residence.

Garland adds LGBT protections to keep HUD grants
Three council members vote against equal access, jeopardizing housing for 1,525 families

sexta-feira, agosto 28, 2015

Professional trans networking group celebrates first birthday in City of London
‘As a trans woman, working in the corporate world, I know that feeling of being alone’

Gender-neutral title Mx added to Oxford Dictionary
Other words added include brain fart, fat-shame and wine o'clock

[New Zealand]
Corrections failure revealed in Follett case
Trans woman Jade Follett made a written request to be moved to a women's prison two months ago, but it was not processed when a Corrections staff member went on leave.
Trans inmate moved to women's jail
Transgender prisoner moved to women's jail

Transgender barred from US Open 39 years ago today
Thirty-nine years ago on August 27, 1976, transgender eye doctor and tennis player Renee Richards was barred from competing in the United States Open tennis tournament. While temporarily defeated, Richards knew she was not going to go down without fight.

The New York Times' Stumbling, Problematic Transgender Coverage
When you hear of a media outlet peddling debunked and misleading research in order to argue against providing transgender people with important medical care, you probably don't think of The New York Times.

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Highlights Violence Against Transgender Women Of Color
From the August 25 edition of MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts:

Should Parents Get to Decide a Child’s Gender?
Even as transgender rights progress, intersex children are still left in legal limbo.

LGBT Legal Organizations Call for Decriminalization of Sex Work as Federal Government Initiates Prosecution of’s Owner and Employees
On August 20, leading LGBT rights legal organizations in the United States issued a joint statement supporting Amnesty International’s August 11 Resolution that advocates for the human rights of sex workers, including repeal of laws against prostitution. Just days later, on August 25, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) raided the New York City offices of, the world’s largest on-line escorting website, carted away boxes of business records and computers, and arrested the company’s chief executive officer, Jeffrey Hurant, and six employees.

Trans Rally at Warner Bros to Protest ‘Whitewashing’ of ‘Stonewall’ Movie Thursday
LGBT history gets garbled when people don't pay attention when it's happening. And it's happening now.

Berkeley agency responds to bias claim
A Berkeley nonprofit that provides services to people with disabilities is defending itself after city leaders announced they would investigate a bias claimed filed against it by a transgender former employee.

Transgender network helps students transition
For many in the transgender community, college can be a key period for those questioning their gender identity. However, one group at the University of Florida is offering help with the transitioning process to those students who need it.

Black Trans Lives Matter rally takes over Underground Atlanta
LGBT activists and supporters gathered for a rally in downtown Atlanta on Tuesday to call attention to a rash of anti-trans violence, with a reported 17 transgender people being killed across the country so far this year.
Atlanta activists rally against anti-trans violence

Woman killed in Illinois is 19th transgender homicide reported this year
Keyshia Blige’s death in March , which police say is ‘definitely not a hate crime’, went unnoticed by LGBT groups for months

Transgender community talks safety concerns in Kansas City
Two recent murders in Kansas City have many around the country questioning whether or not the metro is safe for transgender people.

Man indicted on assault charge in attack of transgender woman, hate crime charge dropped
A hate crime charge has been dropped in the assault of a transgender woman on Monroe Avenue.

Gay transgender Rikers Island inmate was repeatedly raped by correction officer: suit
A gay transgender inmate transitioning into a woman was repeatedly raped by a Rikers Island correction officer and jail officials did nothing to stop it, a new suit charges.

'Gender identity' and 'gender expression' added to OU's equal opportunity statement
The language of OU’s Equal Opportunity Statement has changed to include the terms ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression,’ an action that has prompted praise from student group Queer Inclusion on Campus.

Landmark settlement sets new standard for treating transgender patients
A recent federal crackdown is being hailed as a landmark in establishing standards for nondiscriminatory care of transgender patients, and industry experts say every health-care provider should take it as a warning and ensure compliance.

State Lawmakers Reintroduce PA LGBT Nondiscrimination Bill
The proposed Pennsylvania Fairness Act would update a bill from 1955.

Transgender advocates weigh in on SDHSAA policy
The South Dakota High School Activities Association is bringing the topic of transgender athletes back to the table Thursday.

City Council approves Houston Equal Rights Ordinance ballot language
The Houston City Council approved final language for the city’s Equal Rights Ordinance on the November ballot Wednesday.

Houston's Largest Newspaper Just Shut Down The Anti-LGBT "Bathroom" Myth
The Houston Chronicle thoroughly debunked a popular myth being peddled by opponents of the Houston Equal rights Ordinance (HERO). Other Houston news outlets, which have been uncritically repeating the false talking point for months, should follow the Chronicle's lead.

quinta-feira, agosto 27, 2015

Travesti assassinado a tiros no Parque Presidente Vargas; fotos exclusivas
Crime ocorreu em frente a casa de um vereador, na madrugada desta segunda-feira
Um travesti, aparentando entre 25 e 30 anos, foi assassinado a tiros na madrugada desta segunda-feira (24), por volta das 03h. O crime ocorreu em frente a casa de um vereador, na Rua Antônio de Castro, no Parque Presidente Vargas, em Guarus, Campos.
Identificado corpo de travesti executado a tiros em Guarus

Demissão de professora escancara transfobia nas escolas
Mesmo em ambientes que deveriam primar pela educação para a tolerância e pluralidade, o preconceito de gênero ainda é realidade

Suspeitos de integrar milícia e grupo de extermínio de gays são presos na Paraíba
Segundo o delegado Seccional do Brejo, Walber Virgolino, as investigações começaram no primeiro semestre deste ano quando homossexuais foram mortos e os modus operandi foram os mesmos

Conselho da ONU organiza primeira reunião dedicada aos direitos LGBT
Sírios e iraquianos relataram perseguição sofrida por Estado Islâmico.
Esta é a primeira vez que tema é discutido por Conselho de Segurança.

Sitcom star Rebecca Root says trans actors should play trans roles
The trans star of a new BBC sitcom also revealed she was offered a headline role in a top TV show twelve years ago – but it was later scrapped.

No luck at tall: 6ft 7in sex-swap beauty has no luck finding love
A towering Transsexual says she is struggling to find love.

Real-life Hayley Cropper speaks publicly for the first time at Pride Superbia event
Annie Wallace, who was working in computer repairs at the time, was approached by producers of the ITV show after she wrote to the Radio Times

Poppy says Term ‘Kteuy’ is Out of Date
It is time to change the language used to refer to people who have changed their physical appearance to match their sexual identity, the most famous transgender Cambodian told Khmer Times yesterday.

Valé transgender icon and campaigner Kathy Noble
Frank Ernest Noble was born in London in 1934. In 1980, he moved to Australia. Then, in 2001, at the age of sixty-six, he checked into a hospital on the Gold Coast. When he walked out, he was a she.

[New Zealand]
Hunger strike planned for trans prisoner
Trans rights activists will go on a hunger strike unless a female transgender prisoner is moved to a women’s prison by tomorrow.
Hunger strike unless transgender prisoner moved

Pretty Little Liars Continues To Offend Trans Community
As reported in a previous article, television show Pretty Little Liars recently revealed their big villain to be a ‘crazy’ murderous trans woman, in a trope that has been used to hurt the trans community for decades.
ABC Family Refers to Transgender ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Villain as “He. She. It” in Deleted Tweet
People are angry at Pretty Little Liars for calling trans character ‘it’ in deleted tweet

Inside Scoop on I Am Cait Ratings: 'Impressive,' 'Really Strong,' and Steady
Caitlyn Jenner's highly-praised docu-series is at a critical juncture with three episodes left in the season and no firm commitment for more.

Spirit Halloween Releases Incredibly Transphobic Caitlyn Jenner and “Tranny Granny” Costumes
In case you missed it, the popular pop-up Halloween retailer Spirit Halloween has recently drawn ire after unveiling what many are calling a tasteless costume for Caitlyn Jenner.

Can Dr. Drew Capture the Trans Experience?
The HLN cable TV host is devoting two nights of his show to a panel discussion of the 'lives, loves, and discrimination' experienced by transgender Americans.

Against Me! singer: I still struggle ‘daily’ with transgender dysphoria
Laura Jane Grace, the lead singer of Against Me!, has said that she still struggles “daily” to accept herself.

Military transgender ban set to end next May
The Pentagon’s ban on transgender troops would end May 27 under a draft timeline on repeal of the policy that affects about 12,000 troops, according to a document obtained by USA TODAY.

WATCH: In Wake of Trans Murders, Janet Mock Teaches Us Why We Must #SayHerName
The 18 transgender women killed this year 'had value, had purposes, and were loved,' Mock affirms. 'And they will be missed.'
Cable News Largely Ignores Spike In Murders Of Transgender Women Of Color

Who Threw the First Brick at Stonewall?
The trailer for the movie Stonewall, which dramatizes the 1969 riot that helped spark the gay rights movement, has generated consternation and anger among many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

#BlackTransLivesMatter Activists Near Staples Center Shut Down Portion of Figueroa
Dozens of activists on Tuesday night gathered on a street corner near Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles to call attention to issues in the black transgender community.

Black Lives Matter organizers hold rally in D.C. for black trans women
Venus Selenite, 25, moved to D.C. from Louisiana seven months ago to begin her transition to a woman. Selenite, a black queer trans woman, says that since that time, she has been harassed on the streets and the Metro. One time, a man on a bike chased her for two blocks in Columbia Heights, trying to make sexual advances on her.

Number 19: Trans Woman Killed Near Chicago in March
Keyshia Blige, who died in a shooting in a Chicago suburb in March, has become the 19th confirmed transgender woman killed in the U.S. this year.
The victim in a deadly shooting near Chicago in March has been identified as a transgender woman, bringing the total number of trans women reported killed in the U.S. this year to 19.

Kentucky School District Adds Trans Protections After 'Bathroom Bill' Fails
Only one of the seven school board members voted against the new policy, over questions of administration input and enforcement.

Demonstration marks ‘Trans Liberation Tuesday’ in Amherst
Recognizing the violence that has claimed the lives of at least 17 transgender black women this year, about 60 people spent an hour walking through downtown Amherst Tuesday afternoon to bring attention to what they see as an invisible epidemic.

Hundreds March In Columbus To Raise Awareness For Transgender Rights
More than 100 people walked through the streets of Columbus Tuesday evening to raise awareness about transgender women.
Black Lives Matter Rally for Lives of Transgender Women

What's Really 'Filthy, Disgusting, and Unsafe' About Houston's Transphobic Radio Ad
Right-wing opponents of equal accommodation in Houston are pulling out all the stops (for basic decency) in advance of a November vote on the city's nondiscrimination ordinance.
HERO opponents air first ad, citing trans bathroom panic
The First Anti-HERO Radio Ad Is Pretty Ugly

quarta-feira, agosto 26, 2015

Conchita: “Não sou uma pessoa transgénero. Sou travesti e faço entretenimento”
Foi a avó que lhe comprou a primeira saia, conta Conchita Wurst, a cantora de 26 anos que desafia as noções de masculino e feminino. Entrevista no dia em que atuou em Portugal pela primeira vez.

Transexual assume a Secretaria de Direitos Humanos da República
Você precisa conhecer a paraense Symmy Larrat, que assumiu a função de coordenadora-geral de Promoção dos Direitos LGBT (Lésbicas, Gays, Bissexuais, Travestis e Transexuais) da Secretaria de Direitos Humanos da Presidência da República.

Trans activist fears for her safety after false claims she tried to ban drag fun run
Channel 5 TV’s Wright Stuff even used the wrong trans charity’s logo

Trans girl forced into prostitution to pay for hormones dies aged just 23
Gifted student Synestra De Courcy inspired others on Facebook and Twitter

“A trans woman has to be flawless”
Ece is a 41-year old dentist and a trans woman. A week ago, she lost her job, because her colleagues refused to work with her. Ece wants everybody to know that there is a trans dentist in Turkey.

U.S. Marine Claims 'Trans Panic' in Murder of Trans Filipina Jennifer Laude
Joseph Scott Pemberton, a U.S. Marine private first class, admitted to killing 26-year-old Filipina Jennifer Laude after he discovered she was transgender.
The Failed Logic Of “Trans Panic” Criminal Defenses

Meet Ladybeard, A Cross-Dressing Wrestler And Death Metal Singer From Australia
This hairy, smiling, cross-dressed man is the latest sensation in Japan, but his fame is growing beyond the borders of the Asian country! He’s Australian and his real name is Richard Magarey, but you can call him Ladybeard. Ladybeard is a man of multiple talents, and looking pretty nice in feminine dresses is only one of them: he’s an actor, a wrestler, a martial artist and metal singer.

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume sparks social media outrage
It's nowhere near October, but one ensemble is already on track to be named the most controversial Halloween costume of 2015.

New York Times Op-Ed Encourages People To Be ‘Skeptical’ Of Trans Identities
On Sunday, the New York Times published an op-ed from Richard A. Friedman, Weill Cornell Medical College professor of clinical psychiatry, who asks, “How changeable is gender?” Though Friedman sets up his piece by discussing the biological underpinnings of gender identity and the experience of being transgender, he ultimately explains his “skepticism” about assisting transgender people to change their bodies to match their identities. “After all,” he concludes, “medical and psychological treatments should be driven by the best available scientific evidence — not political pressure or cherished beliefs.”

Rallies Set Tuesday to Address Violence Against Black Trans Women
#BlackLivesMatter organizers plan to draw attention to the wave of fatal violence against this population during TransLiberation Tuesday.

Wanted: Transgender actors for Hollywood, little experience required
When director Sean Baker was looking for transgender women to appear in his indie movie "Tangerine," he did not turn to a traditional talent agency. Instead, he found them through a Hollywood LGBT center.

Keep trans women out of new private prison, 100 LGBT groups tell Obama
Two months ago, when U.S. immigration officials announced that transgender immigrants who identified as female could finally be detained with other women, it seemed like a viable solution to an issue that had rankled the administration for months.

Pretty Little Liars Sent Out An Extremely Transphobic Tweet — It Even 'Upset' The Show's Creator!
Two weeks ago, Pretty Little Liars dropped a bombshell on their watchers when they FINALLY revealed who ‘A' was on the show!

Coalition Gathers Petition Signatures to Oppose California Transgender Bathroom Law
A coalition of individuals and non-profits has been working to obtain signatures for a petition to fight a law that allows transgender individuals to use sex-segregated facilities in public schools, such as restrooms, according to the gender they identify with, regardless of their biological sex.

Healthcare Website For Transgender Community To Launch In Miami
A new website will make it easier for Miami's transgender community to access healthcare providers who are experienced in working with trans individuals.

Chicago commuter trains will stop marking gender on monthly passes
Many Chicago commuters are not even aware of the little rubber-stamp mark on their monthly train pass indicating 'M' for male or 'F' for female.

Transgender people face high suicide risks
M.C. Lampe couldn't take any more bullying. Not one more homophobic taunt. Not one more classmate refusing to sit at a nearby desk or change clothes within view at gym.

Victim Number 18: Another Trans Woman Murdered in Kansas City
Kansas City police confirm to The Advocate that Jasmine Collins, a 32-year-old trans woman, was murdered in June and that a suspect has been arrested.
Police in Kansas City, Mo., tell The Advocate that a 32-year-old trans woman known as Jasmine Collins was murdered earlier this summer, almost two months before the most recent killing of a trans woman — also in Kansas City. Her death brings to 18 the total number of transgender women killed in the U.S. in 2015.
Murders Cast Spotlight On Transgender Safety In Kansas City
Two transgender murders, one city: US fails to track new 'state of emergency'

Proposed Charter Amendment Defines Gender Identity in Houston
The Texas Supreme Court is awaiting a response by the city of Houston over a possible ballot question that would redefine gender identity in the city charter.
5 Things Hispanic Media Should Know About Houston's Fight For Equal Rights
Anti-HERO campaign targets women in first radio ad

"No necesitamos una operación para ser consideradas mujeres"
Kendra Stefani Jordany se considera una mujer transexual, actualmente cursa la carrera de periodismo en la Unah-vs.
Es activista de derechos y estudiante universitaria de la carrera de Periodismo. Kendra Stefani Jordany es una mujer transexual que muestra gran seguridad.
El apoyo de su familia ha sido determinante para convertirse en activista del Centro de Educación y Prevención en Salud, Sexualidad y Sida (Cepres) y tener claros sus objetivos en la vida.
Más de 80 hondureños están en lista de cambio de sexo

Buscan que orientación sexual e identidad género sean reconocidos
Una organización panameña que defiende la diversidad sexual entregará el próximo lunes en el Parlamento una propuesta de ley que busca que la orientación sexual y la identidad de género sean reconocidos como sujetos de derecho en Panamá, dijo hoy a Acan-Efe el proponente, Ricardo Beteta.

Por primera vez en el Atlántico, mujer trans asume un cargo público
Lorenas Arenas dirige desde hace 15 días la dependencia de la Alcaldía de Soledad centrada en esta comunidad. Entre sus misiones está realizar un censo de la población LGBTI en el municipio.

Iguales apunta a WOM por spot de travesti: “Sólo contribuye a prejuicios”
El presidente de la fundación que lucha por los derechos y la inclusión de la diversidad sexual, Luis Larraín, aseguró que el comercial, en el que un travesti dice que "con estas tremendas bolsas me recargan mucho más", sitúa a la transexualidad como un asunto humorítico, cuando "hoy en Chile es un drama".

terça-feira, agosto 25, 2015

Entrevista com Conchita Wurst: "Uso a minha aparência para defender aquilo em que acredito"
A vencedora do Festival Eurovisão da Canção 2014 esteve pela primeira vez em Portugal e conversou com o SAPO Mag.

Primeira modelo plus size transexual do mundo vai desfilar no FWPS – e conta tudo aqui!
Segunda-feira fui a um desfile e encontrei a Renata Poskus Vaz, organizadora do Fashion Weekend Plus Size, empolgada ela me contou que a primeira modelo plus size transexual do mundo vai desfilar no FWPS este sábado! Confesso que fiquei realmente MUITO feliz e orgulhosa, porque afinal o que estamos querendo mandar de recado é que TODA mulher pode ser e se sentir linda – toda mulher mesmo, sem exceção.

'Deixo legado', diz primeira trans a se formar na UFSC com nome social
Patrícia Aguilera se formou em Arquivologia e foi a oradora da turma.
"Acredito que as coisas serão mais fáceis para os próximos”, diz.

Transgender teen Jasper reveals bullying hell
Jasper Williams is just 16 but his confidence and eloquence belie his years.

Perth move gives transgender woman new lease of life after bigots forced her to flee family home
A former Black Watch soldier was targeted by bigots and forced to flee her family home after she revealed her plans to become a woman.

Transgender sitcom Boy Meets Girl ushers in new era for TV
"Leo, there's something that I need to tell you." Those are the first words from Judy, one of the main characters in BBC Two's new sitcom Boy Meets Girl.

Malaysia will not protect ‘un-Islamic’ gay rights, says PM
Malaysia’s Prime Minister has said his government will not protect LGBTI rights because they are at odds with Islam.

Hate video inciting violence against trans women sparks fear in Malaysia
'Beat them and beat those who walk with them'

US Marine admits choking Filipina trans woman to death
A US Marine has admitted choking a Filipina trans woman to death whilst stationed in the Philippines.
Joseph Scott Pemberton, who was stationed near Manila, admitted during his trial on Monday that he choked Jennifer Laude to death after he discovered she was trans.
Pemberton admits choking Jennifer Laude
Pemberton admits choking Jennifer after oral sex, fight

Queers of Brisbane: Trudi Morrison-Gardiner
This month our Brisbane queer community profile is on Trudi Morrison-Gardiner, an IT specialist originally from Sarnia Ontario, Canada.

Trans* community mourns the passing of “pioneer” Kathy Anne Noble
The Australian trans* community is mourning the loss of Kathy Anne Noble, described as a passionate and courageous “icon” who worked intensely behind the scenes advocating for trans* rights, following her death last week in Brisbane.

JCPS Board set to vote on transgender harassment policy
The Jefferson County Board of Education is scheduled to make a decision Monday on changing it’s anti-harassment policy to include transgender students.

Members of transgender chorus find their voices
He plunged a needle filled with testosterone into his thigh each week. He changed his name to Andre and announced that he was becoming a man. His muscles grew.

The end of LGBT? It’s time to put the 'T' first, transgender groups say
They’re last in the LGBT acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and they were nearly last in this year’s St. Louis Pride Parade. Now the local transgender community is taking the lead.

'Visual inspection' could be part of state law to determine gender identity
A proposal by a state lawmaker could require that visual inspection be used as part of a process to officially determine a person's gender in South Dakota, including for high school athletes.

Opponents Of Houston’s LGBT Protections Call Trans Women ‘Filthy, Disgusting, And Unsafe’
Thanks to the Texas Supreme Court, Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), which creates LGBT nondiscrimination protections for the city, will be subject to a ballot referendum this November. Opponents of HERO launched their “Campaign for Houston” this week with an incendiary radio ad attacking transgender women.
Texas Tech opens El Paso's first transgender clinic
When Dr. Hector Granados arrived at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso in July 2014, he wanted to make a real difference in a community that is woefully underserved.
This Texas city just got its first gender identity clinic

Transgender inmate sues Wisconsin prison officials to live as woman
A 23-year-old transgender inmate at Wisconsin's maximum security prison has sued officials there, claiming they're violating the inmate's rights by not allowing her to live as a woman.

segunda-feira, agosto 24, 2015

A visita de Conchita Wurst a Lisboa em fotos e vídeos
Durante este fim-de-semana a vencedora do festival da Eurovisão 2014 e autora do álbum "Conchita" está em Portugal. Vê aqui como foram as suas primeiras horas e os melhores momentos da primeira actuação no nosso país.

Pioneira em MT, ala LGBT completa quatro anos e detentos lembram agressões, exploração sexual e até jejum forçado
Os longos cabelos, a sombra e o delineador nos olhos, e a base nas unhas revelam uma conquista recente. As camisetas amarelas, feitas para uniformizar, já não conseguem forçar uma identidade errada: acinturadas e com gola mais baixa, marcam a feminilidade da vestimenta.

Lives transformed: do famous transgender people help the cause?
Have celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, Kellie Maloney and Andreja Pejic changed the experience of ordinary transgender people? Elizabeth Day reports

Transsexual Scots teen hopes new BBC TV show will give confidence to other youngsters
From an early age Bee Wallace felt like she was a girl trapped in a boy's body. Now 18 and comfortable in who she is, Bee is set to feature in a new BBC documentary which will be aired tonight.

Laura Jane Grace interview: Punk's transgender pioneer on her struggle for acceptance
It's not her furious sound or punk attitude that has brought Laura Jane Grace face-to-face with hostility. It’s simply that she is a woman. As she prepares to rock out at the Reading Festival, the singer tells Fiona Sturges about the struggles of transitioning from life as a man – and the courage given to her by a new set of fans

Charity race for children's hospice where runners dress in drag is 'a hate crime'
A transgender charity has reported the fun run to the police, saying "We do not need to give the bigots any more ammunition"
Trans-support group: Children’s Hospice run is ‘dehumanizing’

Thousands march in Glasgow’s 20th pride parade
Thousands turned out for Scotland’s biggest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) parade through Glasgow’s city center on Saturday. For the first time in the event’s history, the celebrations

Radio Manchester DJ Stephanie Hirst joins the Pride line up
The transgender DJ, who joined the BBC station a year ago, will broadcast live from the Manchester Pride Festival parade - the second time the event has been on the airwaves

Transgender, intersex people say they are ostracised from playing sport in Australia
Despite sport being an integral part of the cultural fabric of Australia, many transgender and intersex people say they have been ostracised by sporting communities.

Pretty Little Liars’ Transphobic Secret
Last week, makers of the teen drama/thriller/mystery series Pretty Little Liars revealed the identity of the show’s vicious villain, “A.”

NIH gets $5 million for trans youth study
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced, on Aug. 14, that it has awarded $5.7 million for a five-year study that will evaluate the long-term outcomes of medical treatment for transgender youth, the Windy City Times reports. Among the co-investigators in the study is Dr. Robert Garofalo, division chief of Adolescent Medicine at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and professor of Pediatrics at Northwestern University School of Medicine.

Study finds trans people postpone medical care
A study says that discrimination in accessing health care for transgender people can lead to postponement of needed care two to three times above normal, WGBH News reports.

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume to Be Sold at Retail Chain
Spirit Halloween confirmed the company will be selling Cait costumes at their pop-up stores around the country this season.

DNA links suspect to 1990 homicide of transvestite prostitute
Twenty-five years after a transvestite prostitute was found shot to death in an Ontario field, detectives say they have matched scientific evidence recovered from the crime to an Orange County man already awaiting trial in another killing.~
DNA nabs murderer of Los Angeles-area trans woman killed in 1990

Fired funeral home worker may shape transgender rulings
A Detroit funeral home is headed to trial after firing a transgender employee in a case that has the potential to create a court precedent for federal officials to make sexual identity a protected status in employment discrimination law.

Rights of transgender youth, adults at heart of cutting-edge legal cases
From public schools to private enterprise, transgender men and women — and youth — are challenging old restrictions and forcing changes.

Transgender teen nominated for homecoming queen at metro high school
A high school Senior is making history, being the first transgender student to be nominated for Homecoming queen.

'We'll accept you for who you are': Elizabethtown College adds non-gender specific housing for students
Everyone wants to fit in.

Homeless Man Charged in Brutal Beating of Philadelphia Trans Woman
Philadelphia police have released a statement reporting that a 53-year-old trans woman was brutally attacked and hospitalised on the 18th of August and still remains in critical condition.

domingo, agosto 23, 2015

Polícia investiga demissão de professora por preconceito
Professora assume transgeneridade, ato de se identificar com sexo oposto.
De acordo com o delegado, inquérito irá investigar se houve preconceito.

Rebecca Root interview: ‘I’m not fighting myself any more’
Rebecca Root is about to become the first transgender star of a British television show. She talks about changing perceptions, feeling sexy – and why she wishes she had the nerve of Caitlyn Jenner

Vietnam's lawmakers support gender reassignment, call it basic human right
Many members of the National Assembly's legal committee on Tuesday urged the government to recognize gender reassignment as a human right.

Transgender rights activist wants province to cover surgery
Michelle Leard says gender reassignment surgery should be covered by New Brunswick medicare

Petition to ban conservative LGBT group from Ottawa Pride parade
LGBTory excited to march and include all members of community, says member

Money being raised for Jack Saddleback's transgender surgery
Raising $10,000 to complete transition

Radical Ottawa school board ‘transgender’ draft policy blasted as ‘frightening,’ ‘totalitarian’
A radical draft policy being proposed for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board would inject "transgender" issues in every aspect of the curriculum, while students suffering gender dysphoria will be allowed to use the bathrooms and changerooms of their preferred gender, no matter their biological sex.

'Family Group' Takes Aim At Jazz Jennings With Despicable Campaign
We don't follow this group's logic, but when have they been logical?
One Million Moms Goes After I Am Jazz

Candis Cayne, From Chelsea Drag Queen to Caitlyn Jenner’s Sidekick
Long before Laverne Cox made the cover of Time magazine as a “transgender tipping point,” and long before Caitlyn Jenner made global headlines as a former Olympian transitioning from male to female at age 65, there was Candis Cayne.

NCAVP mourns the deaths of Kandis Capri of Phoenix, AZ; Elisha Walker of Rowan County, NC; and Tamara Dominguez in Kansas City, MO.
NCAVP mourns the deaths of Kandis Capri of Phoenix, AZ; Elisha Walker of Rowan County, NC; and Tamara Dominguez in Kansas City, MO. This spike in violence now brings the total number of reported homicides against transgender or gender non-conforming people to 17.

Pentagon officials meet to dismantle transgender ban
Top Pentagon leaders met this week for the first time to begin dismantling the military's ban on transgender troops, a senior Defense Department official told USA TODAY.

Death or transition: A transgender woman’s journey to happiness
It’s been a year since Juneau resident Jennifer Fletcher started to publicly present herself as a woman, less than two years since she first started to shed her male identity and rebuild herself as female. But the inner journey to get to that point began long before then.

Tempe bar won't face discrimination claim; Briana Sandy claims she was asked to leave
A bar in Tempe accused of discriminating against a transgender woman will not face any fines from the city.
Transgender woman asked to leave bar blasts Tempe ruling on discrimination complaint

Battle over transgender people and student athletics continues in South Dakota
The battle over setting people's gender in South Dakota probably will carry into the 2016 legislative session.

The Southern Comfort Conference Celebrates 25th Year in Fort Lauderdale
The largest transgender conference in the nation has relocated to Fort Lauderdale to celebrate its 25th year.

Chavismo’s LGBT Problem
A couple of weeks ago, CC fellow blogger Audrey M. DaCosta wrote about Tamara Adrian, Venezuela’s fist-ever transgender candidate for public office. Her story made headlines and shone a much needed spotlight on the LGBT agenda in Venezuela. Now, thanks to Chavismo’s handling of their own gay and transgender candidacies, Adrian’s run for office has also given the opposition coalition (MUD) an edge in shaping the debate around this issue, and courting the LGBT electorate during the upcoming campaign.

La CPM exige el cumplimiento de sentencias judiciales
La Comisión Provincial por la Memoria (CPM) denuncia el incumplimiento de las medidas ordenadas hace más de 60 días por el Juzgado de Garantías Nº 6 de Mar del Plata, para mejorar de manera urgente las condiciones de detención de la población trans alojada en la Unidad Penitenciaria 44 de Batán. A la fecha, incluso, muchas de estas condiciones han empeorado.

sábado, agosto 22, 2015

Cliente tem faca cravada na cabeça em desentendimento com travesti
Um homem de 54 anos foi encaminhado em estado grave ao Hospital Universitário após ter uma faca cravada na cabeça. O crime foi registrado no fim da madrugada desta sexta-feira (21) na área central de Londrina.

Grieving Stevenage mum says lack of understanding for transgender daughter contributed to her death
Synestra De Courcy – who was just 23 when she died – was born a boy, but at the time of her death was hoping to undergo full gender reassignment.
An inquest into her death at a London house party has been opened and adjourned until December.

EXCLUSIVE: UK Police Target Schoolchildren As Young as FOUR With Tax Payer Funded, Transgender Propaganda
Police and local government agencies in the United Kingdom are distributing a “pioneering” document for “empowering teachers to encourage and support” transgenderism in schools at the “earliest stages” after a four-year-old child identified as transgender.

Transgender Student Appeals To Strangers To Help Her Pay For Gender Surgery
A broke student has appealed for strangers to donate their cash so she can undergo surgery to become a woman.

AFR editor blames 'erratic' transgender military officer for Mark Latham row
Michael Stutchbury suggests Catherine McGregor’s ‘unusual behaviour’ helped stir up a media storm around the former Labor leader’ and columnist

Canadian wants every rainbow-colored crosswalk removed
When the crosswalks were completed, a press release from the city explained that “these celebrate diversity and can be found in several cities across Canada.”
Castanet reports that a Kelowna woman will stop at nothing to have the freshly-painted, rainbow-colored crosswalks removed. The crosswalks appeared two weeks ago after a street and utilities upgrade, and Nancy Enns is prepared to go all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada, if necessary.

Transgender Iraq vet competes in new arena
When you first meet Sgt. Shane Ortega, the first things you notice are his muscles and tattoos. They are everywhere and it’s hard not to stare longer than the socially acceptable amount of time. Ortega is in D.C. for a series of briefings at the Pentagon and after multiple days of what he calls verbal ping-pong, he is ready to relax and do some sightseeing.

The biological origins of sexual orientation and gender identity
Male? Female? The distinction is not always clear. Exploring the scientific evidence for the biological origins of sexual orientation and gender identity must continue to both enhance patient care and fight discrimination.

Seventeen Transgender Killings Contrast With Growing Visibility
The brutal death of a 36-year-old transgender woman in Kansas City, Mo., is the latest in what activists are calling an alarming rise in anti-transgender violence.
Why Laverne Cox Declared A ‘State Of Emergency’ In The Transgender Community
Transgender Targets: Trans murder rates are out of control

A Note About 2015 U.S. Trans Survey Delays
Yesterday, we opened up the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey for people to complete and learned that even our 7 servers could not keep up with the number of enthusiastic number of participants. We understand that this has been a frustrating experience with the unusual delays. We are working intently to resolve this issue and we thank everyone who stuck with it and submitted their survey.

God Doesn't Make Mistakes
God doesn't make mistakes (but humans do)

Parents: It's time to protect your school-age children
With schools around the U.S. getting under way for another year, a cultural analyst says parents must be proactive in protecting their children from liberal indoctrination.

No progress yet in murder of trans woman
‘Ms. Shade’ Schuler was one of 18 trans women killed this year in the U.S.

Andrea Lafferty: Affirming Trans Kids 'The Ultimate Act Of Child Abuse'
On Monday, Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition called in to “Sandy Rios In The Morning” from Bentonville, Arkansas, where the school board was weighing adding protections for sexual orientation and gender identity to its employment nondiscrimination code. (The board ultimately voted against the measure.)
Andrea Lafferty: Accepting trans kids is “child abuse”

New transgender guidelines spark controversy in Anchorage School District
On Thursday afternoon, the Anchorage School Board took up it's district's new administrative guidelines when working with transgender and gender nonconforming students and employees. School board member Tam Agosti-Gisler says the board has not passed a transgender specific policy.
Transgender guidelines are nothing new at Anchorage School District

Caitlyn Jenner: '50/50' Chance of Manslaughter Charge in Traffic Accident, Says Sheriff
That's what L.A. County detectives say as they prepare to present their investigation results to the district attorney.

Funeral Service for SF Transgender Activist, Jovana Luna, Announced
The funeral and memorial service for transgender activist Jovana Luna, who died Sunday afternoon, will be held this Saturday from 3 to 9 p.m. at Driscoll’s Valencia St. Serra Mortuary, according to Francisco Rangel, the office coordinator of El/La Para Translatinas.

Couple struggles after husband comes out as transgender after three decades of marriage
Love isn't the issue, says therapist, working out other things is

Suit: Transgender student not allowed in boys' restroom at North Riverside elementary
The parents of a transgender boy have filed a petition against their west suburban elementary school district, claiming officials have discriminated against him by not allowing him to use boys’ restrooms.

Massachusetts Updates Process for Changing Gender on Birth Certificates
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has modernized the standard and process for changing gender markers on birth certificates. As a result, proof of surgery is no longer required.

Planet Fitness seeks dismissal of transgender locker room policy lawsuit
Planet Fitness is asking for the dismissal of a lawsuit involving the company's transgender-friendly locker room policy, calling the suit "woefully deficient" and claiming it promotes discrimination against transgender people.

Transgender man told he’s “higher risk” for plasma donation
A transgender man at Oklahoma State University says he was turned away from a Stillwater plasma clinic because he was at a “higher risk for more dangerous behaviors.”

State agency: D.A. must certify Morris records
The state Office of Open Records has ordered the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office to certify a record believed to pertain to the Nizah Morris incident.

Transgender athlete bill to be drafted at committee’s request
A South Dakota legislative committee voted Thursday to draft a bill that would require transgender high school athletes to apply for activities based on the sex listed on their birth certificate.

Seattle's transgender conference helps families transition from fear to hope
Gender Odyssey, Seattle's annual transgender conference, is in full swing with thousands of therapists, families, and advocates coming together in what is predicted to be the largest of the yearly conferences ever.