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domingo, setembro 30, 2007

Juiz decidiu soltar os dois skinheads perigosos - Lobo nazi em liberdade
Espancou um imigrante quando festejava o aniversário do nascimento de Hitler, a 20 de Abril, e guardava fotografias de crianças negras com a frase ‘Por favor não alimentem os animais’. Está acusado de vários crimes mas, terça-feira, o ‘Lobo nazi’, como se apresenta o skinhead Carlos Seabra, vandalizou o cemitério judaico em Lisboa. Foi apanhado pela PSP e o juiz mandou-o ontem à tarde em liberdade.

Denuncia a la Armada por discriminarle tras su boda con una transexual
Un militar que reside en Ferrol desde hace un año denunció que la Armada le niega el permiso de 15 días por matrimonio alegando que la suya «no es una boda» por haberse casado legalmente con una transexual. El afectado, Pedro Rodríguez, inició su calvario en agosto de este año cuando, después de haberse casado durante sus vacaciones a finales de julio, acudió a su superior para solicitarle el permiso de 15 días por matrimonio, que le fue denegado.

Un colectivo transexual pide que los primeros tratamientos para el cambio de sexo sean en los Centros de Atención Primaria.
La Plataforma de Inclusión de Derechos Sanitarios Transexuales pidió hoy al Ministerio de Sanidad que los primeros tratamientos para el cambio de sexo sean en los Centros de Salud de Atención Primaria.

Transvestite takes on Arab TV
The Arab world's most famous cross-dresser has a show of his own this Ramadan season. Airing every night during the Muslim holy month, the program is a comical, music-infused spin on the age-old "One Thousand and One Nights."


Focus on need for bringing the transgendered to mainstream
Led by Member of Parliament Kanimozhi, speakers at a seminar here on Thursday underscored the need for initiatives for brining the transgendered to the mainstream. Society's discomfort with difference was the main reason driving the discrimination against the transgendered, Ms. Kanimozhi told the seminar organised by FICCI(Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Ladies Organisation (FLO). The inclusion of the transgendered to the mainstream was the theme of the seminar.
Indian companies should have policies to prevent transgender bias
Companies in India should incorporate and put in place a policy framework to prevent discrimination against trans-genders, a top management consultant said on Thursday.

[New Zealand]
Transsexual MP offered granny role in film of life
Former prostitute, drag queen, mayor, MP and man, Georgina Beyer has been a person of many parts - but the prospect of playing her own grandmother in a film of her life proved one role too far.

El filme "XXY" representará al país en los Oscar y Goya
El filme 'XXY', de la directora Lucía Puenzo, fue elegido este jueves para representar al cine argentino en las preselecciones de los premios Oscar, de la Academia de Hollywood, y en los premios Goya, la distinción equivalente en la Academia Española.
Argentina enters 'XXY' in Oscar race
Drama "XXY," the freshman pic of novelist and screenwriter Lucia Puenzo, is Argentina's candidate for the foreign-language Oscar nomination and the Spanish Goya Awards.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Is ENDA about to go trans-free?
Excerpt: Fortunately, Barney Frank and the House Democratic leadership are more realistic politically and hopefully HRC's usual pragmatism will keep it on board, even if trans protections are removed. If HRC holds tough, no one will sing their praises higher than your's truly, though to me the decision is a political, moral and civil rights no-brainer.
Trans protection may be dropped from ENDA
New laws designed to protect LGBT workers in the United States may be watered down because leading Democrats are split over the inclusion of gender identity.
House cuts transgender people from hate crimes bill
Even as the Senate passed a hate crimes bill sought for a decade by gays and lesbians, House Democratic leaders decided Thursday to strip transgender people from another long-languishing civil rights bill, generating dismay in the gay community and furious but fruitless lobbying for more time.
[Blog/Commentary] The Washington Post Argues Against A Trans Inclusive ENDA
This is a "connect the dots" post. It's an hindsight argument as to why HRC's/Logo's VisibleVote* 08<http://visiblevote0 8.logoonline. com/> choice of Jonathan Capehart was an LG choice for a journalist/question er, and not an LGBT choice for an LGBT debate.
[Blog/Commentary] ENDA in trouble over trans inclusion - and weak Dem spines
Who knew that Lou Sheldon's hysterical propaganda about "she-males" and bathrooms would cause Dems to start quivering over support for the trans-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
"Separate but equal" ENDAs
Rep. Barney Frank will introduce two separate versions of the Employment Non discrimination Act -- one that prohibits job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and another one that does the same for transgender people, his staff said Friday.
Tammy Baldwin Withholds Name From ENDA Stripped of Trans Protections
The offices of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and out gay Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank have confirmed that the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, will be taken up by the Labor and Education Committee without protections for transgendered Americans that were part of the bill as originally introduced this year.
[Blog] Should we kill ENDA if transgendered people aren't included?
There's a debate raging in the gay community over an upcoming vote on the most important piece of civil rights legislation to the gay community, ever. We are on the verge of passing, at the federal level, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, legislation that would make it illegal for an employer to fire, not hire, no promote another wise qualified employee or job candidate simply because they're gay. Some are now arguing that if transgendered people are not included in ENDA, the gay community should not support its passage.
[PR/Action Alert] Help Save the Gender Identity-Inclusive ENDA
We need your help today to ensure that no member of our community is left behind. You can make a difference if you act immediately.
[Blog] It'sa the ENDA the worlda
I had the great good fortune this morning of sitting on a panel at the Out & Equal conference here in D.C., discussing ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act). Like everyone else on the panel, when I accepted the invitation I had no idea that two days before the panel, the Blade would break the story that leaders in the House were getting ready to remove "gender identity" from ENDA to ensure passage -- basically, dropping transgenders to get some conservative freshman Dems on board.
[Blog Commentary] ENDA - To Support It or Not?
Hate Crimes passes the Senate! The Democrats deserve our thanks because they managed to include not only the words sexual orientation but "gender identity" as a protected class.
[Blog Commentary] Déjà Vu All Over Again!?!
Fresh on the heels of Southern Comfort Conference (SCC), many of the transgender community reveled in what seemed a penultimate victory: HRC – yes, the Human Rights Campaign – was actually appearing to take the transgender community as equals. (Obviously the ultimate victory would be equal rights for us all, jobs and all.) All of the years of HRC’s historic missteps seemed to magically disappear. We’re now a welcome, if amnesiac community for the Equal Sign people.

10th Circuit Upholds Trans Woman's Firing
A Salt Lake City bus driver has lost her trans discrimination case before a three-judge panel of the U.S. court of appeals for the 10th circuit.

LOCKED, LOADED & READY FOR MISFIRE: Transsexuals not different
Beyond the makeup and feminine clothing are people like you and me

[USA] [News/Science/ Commentary]
Why are there only two sexes?
Why is the mating game almost always a dance of two, whether the scene is a swank Manhattan watering hole or the shallows of an average pond? Why not three or four possibilities, or even more?

[USA] [News/Commentary]
I Don't Want a Sex Change
Yesterday's historic cloture-proof vote in support of the Matthew Shepard Act, commonly referred to as the hate crimes bill was a major victory. Every Democratic Senator joined together with a handful of Republicans to reach 60 votes in favor of a bill that classifies crimes against people that are motivated by their sexual orientation or gender identity a federal crime.
Passage of 'hate crimes' measure met with conservative disgust
A spokesman for the Family Research Council (FRC) says the "hate crimes" legislation passed by the Senate yesterday poses a major threat to Americans who publicly express their opposition to homosexuality. He is also denouncing the successful effort to attach that legislation to the Defense Authorization bill.
Hate Crime Act
Randy Thomasson, the president of the Campaign for Children and Families says, "This bill is completely unnecessary because every violent crime is a crime of hate. In actuality, this is more about promoting homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality than it is about preventing crime."
Irrelevance in hate crimes
Politicians are often accused of being irrelevant. But rarely has a group of them been so intent on proving that charge than the senators who voted last week for The Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007.

[USA] [Commentary]
Our Fight For Anti-Discrimination Laws
Being in the legislative minority is easy - pulling together to block bad things does not require a lot of agonizing over tough decisions. Being in the majority is a mixed blessing.

sexta-feira, setembro 28, 2007

Sex-change kid becomes model
CUTE blonde Kim – who as a German BOY in 2004 became the world's youngest person to start hormone treatment for a sex-change – makes her debut as a model.

Transvestite died after gay sex
A TRANSVESTITE died shortly after arriving at another man's home for gay sex, a court has heard.
The victim, David Currie from Warrington, suffered serious internal injuries during their sex session which led to a fatal heart attack claimed Andrew Edis, QC, prosecuting.

Durante três anos Natalia, de 17 anos, lutou nos tribunais argentinos para conseguir uma autorização judicial para mudar de sexo com consentimento dos pais. Após duas recusas, conseguiu finalmente a permissão. Uma decisão sem precedentes que transforma a Argentina no primeiro país da América Latina a autorizar a mudança de sexo a um menor.

She's a Boy I Knew
At the age when most small children are thinking about their first day of school and how to ride a bike, Gwen Haworth (who at the time was a young boy named Steven) knew that her gender identity was awry.

House Democrats likely to drop gender identity provision
House Democratic leaders are strongly considering dropping anti-discrimination protections for transgender persons from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, after an internal Democratic head count on Wednesday found that the bill would likely be defeated if it included the trans provision, multiple sources familiar with the bill said.
Gay Groups Unite To Oppose Stripping Trans Protections From ENDA
Nine national LGBT organizations announced Thursday they would fight any attempt to strip protections from the transgendered from the Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA.
Task Force: LGBT community refuses to abandon transgender inclusion in ENDA
Nine national LGBT advocacy organizations issue collective call for gender identity to remain in Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

[USA] [Blog Commentary]
A non-transgender-inclusive ENDA? No way!
If media reports from the last 24 hours are accurate, it is unconscionable that congressional leaders would rush to a decision to strip protections for transgender people at the same time as states across the nation are adding these protections at an unprecedented pace.

Senate Extends Protections to Gays, Lesbians in Hate Crimes Act
Senators voted Thursday morning to give the federal government more jurisdiction to prosecute hate crimes and included protections for gay, lesbian and transgender victims, attaching the measure to an annual defense policy bill.
Senate Passes Hate Crimes Legislation
Excerpt: "While transgender people still have many obstacles to overcome, we are overjoyed that the hard work of so many people is coming to fruition," said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality.
U.S. Senate Passes Hate Crimes Bill by Huge Margin, But Bush Veto Looms
A federal bill including sexual orientation as a hate crime is named for the Wyoming man brutally murdered by two men.
The Senate voted to pass the Matthew Shepard Act today, by a margin of 60 - 39. The measure, if signed into law, would extend federal hate crimes protections to America's GLBT community.

[USA] [Books/Commentary]
Book excels in gender issues
A rare event has occurred in the area of gender studies - the publication of "The Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman On Sexism and The Scapegoating of Femininity" by Julia Serano. Not often do readers have the luxury of reading a thorough, fairly objective yet personal appraisal of misogyny from a transsexual woman.

Suddenly Susan
''Largo'' used to conjure images of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, or lodge Bertie Higgins' ''Key Largo'' lyrics in your head. Today, Largo is more likely -- at least within the GLBT community -- to remind a person of something entirely different: discrimination.

Trans/intersex advocacy org attacked by NYPD
This is just despicable. On the fifth anniversary celebration night of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, an organization that provides free legal services and advocacy to low-income people of color who are transgender, gender non-conforming or intersex, two of their community members were attacked and arrested without warning by the 9th precinct of the NYC Police Department, as well as others being pepper sprayed in the face.
Police Brutality Strikes Fifth Anniversary of Sylvia Rivera Law Project
On the night of September 26, police officers attacked members of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Crossdresser blamed in drive-thru pepper-spray attack
Broward Sheriff's Office deputies arrested what they described as a crossdressing male teen in the pepper spray attack at a McDonald's drive-through, agency spokesman Mike Jachles said Thursday.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
'Male stewardess' just didn't fly
Excerpt: Now that Congress is discussing the merits of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, we would do well to remember that there are plenty of men and women like Diaz who are still struggling against prejudice and stereotypes to attain their dream careers -- no matter how lofty or earthbound those happen to be.

[USA] [Blog Commentary]
Political Good News-Bad News
Today is a day of mixed emotions for me. This morning the Senate passed <http://www.senate. gov/legislative/ LIS/roll_ call_lists/ roll_call_ vote_cfm. cfm?congress= 110&session= 1&vote=00350> by a 60-39 margin (John McCain R-AZ abstained) Sen. Ted Kennedy's (D-MA) Hate Crimes amendment to HR 1585 that covers transgender people like myself.You'll recall the trip I made to DC last May <http://transgriot. blogspot. com/2007/ 05/back-to- hill-lobby- day-report. html> in order to lobby in favor of HR 1592 (the Hate Crimes Bill) and HR 2015, the Employment Non Discrimination Act or ENDA. And that's a nice segue into the bad news part of this post.

It's Put Up Or Shut Up Time
According to the Washington Blade:<http://www.washblad thelatest. cfm?blog_ id=14507> -- "House Democratic leaders are strongly considering dropping anti-discrimination protections for transgender persons from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, after an internal Democratic head count on Wednesday found that the bill would likely be defeated if it included the trans provision, multiple sources familiar with the bill said. "

quinta-feira, setembro 27, 2007

[International] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Is Your MMOG Buddy a Transsexual?? (cue shock music: da-da-daaaaaah!)
Today in our brand new feature "Seriously, that's an issue for you? Ummm, OK, well, I'll be over here being, y'know, normal" Timothy Burke over at Terranova has a thoughtful discussion of reports that a Chinese MMOG has suspended the accounts of players whose avatars (and those readers of a genteel disposition may wish to turn away now) were not the same sex as the player!
Men banned for being women in MMO
No virtual boobies for males in King of the World. It's all gone tits-up - or "out", more aptly - for numerous Chinese blokes playing MMO King of the World, as the game's publisher has brought the axe down on in-game sex changes for men.

'Oh, the things I did!'
Lou Reed sang about her and Andy Warhol made her a superstar. As Holly Woodlawn heads for Britain, John Patterson meets a drag queen legend.

Iran: Death To Gays, Surgery For Transsexuals
While Iran criminalizes homosexuality with the penalty death, it at the same provides sex reassignment surgery for transsexuals according to a British report.

Argentine boy sex change approved
A court in the central Argentine province of Cordoba has for the first time agreed that a sex change operation can be carried out on a minor.
The case concerns a 17-year-old male called Nati who wants to be a woman.
Argentine judge grants sex change for minor
A judge in Argentina has approved the country's first sex change operation for a minor.

Appeals Court: No Special Rights for Transsexuals
The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that transsexuals are not a protected class and affirmed a transportation company's decision to terminate a male bus driver for planning to use public women's restrooms during work. Under pending legislation in Congress, the outcome could have been drastically different.
Federal Appeals Court Rejects Demand of "Transsexuals" for Special Rights
A federal appeals court has issued a significant ruling saying that an employer's concern over the use of restrooms by "transsexual" employees is legitimate, according to Alliance Defense Fund Senior Legal Counsel Brian Raum. Raum explained further that the court ruled that "transsexuals" do not qualify as a protected class under Title VII.

US hate crimes law faces key vote in Senate
Attempts by Republican Senator and Presidential hopeful John McCain to block new legislation that would extent hate crimes to cover LGBT people will come to a head tomorrow with a crucial vote.

[USA] [Blog/News]
EEOC releases informal discussion of transgender discrimination under Title VII
The EEOC has released a letter it recently issued in response to a public inquiry about Title VII coverage of transgender workers.

quarta-feira, setembro 26, 2007

Sex change funding undermines no gays claim
When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's combative president, provoked his latest controversy in New York this week by asserting that there were no homosexuals in his country, he may have been indulging in sophistry or just plain wishful thinking.
While Mr Ahmadinejad may want to believe that his Islamic society is exclusively non-gay, it is a belief undermined by the paradox that transsexuality and sex changes are tolerated and encouraged under Iran's theocratic system.

Androgynous boy with female genitals refuses to become woman
A Moscow-based hospital performed an operation on an androgynous boy who had a genetic set of chromosomes typical of female organisms. At his very young age the boy was diagnosed as having cryptorchidism. His parents, natives of the Middle East, wanted the son to grow older to have a special operation to solve the problem. The boy faced first problems in connection with the diagnosis at the age of twelve when he discovered that his genitals were bleeding.

[Singapore] [Books/People]
Leonard to Leona, Singapore transsexual bares all
At the age of 10, Leonard Lo was determined to become a woman.
Now 22 years later, Singaporean transsexual Leona Lo details the shame and anger she felt on her journey in a cathartic book that is raising eyebrows in this regulated city-state with old-fashioned attitudes toward sex.

Candis Cayne: Actress, Dancer, And Transsexual Performer
For those of you who do not know who Candis Cayne is well she is an actress, dancer, and transsexual performer.
Candis Cayne was born Brendan McDaniel in Maui, Hawaii. Her parents had moved there from California so they could teach at a Waldorf school.
PHOTO: Candis Cayne
[People/Television] Transsexual actress joins mainstream American drama
American transsexual actress Candis Cayne will feature in the new U.S. prime time drama Dirty Sexy Money.
Cayne a well-known performer in New York City will play Carmelita, the transsexual lover of married Senator Patrick Darling, played by Billy Baldwin.

[USA] [Commentary]
Why America shouldn't enact hate crime laws
To perpetrate a crime of violence against an individual solely because of his race, religion, color, creed, or national origin is so morally repugnant that it necessarily engenders outrage in people of good will. It is, therefore, not only instinctive but commendable that a concerned society would want to do something meaningful to deter what is essentially an insult to the national conscience.
[Commentary] Fabricated fears about hate crime legislation
Excerpt: Unfortunately, some clergy across the nation have joined together to oppose this bill in an aggressive and divisive manner. For instance, conservative African-American leaders - most notably Bishop Harry Jackson of Maryland's Hope Christian Church - have been inundating the media and faith communities with the message that this legislation will allow police to storm into worship services and arrest clergy if they speak against being gay. They make the incendiary allegation that the bill will create "thought crimes" by punishing people for thinking ill of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

Academic Attack Against Transwoman by Alice Dreger
When I was South Carolina Coordinator for Lesbian Issues in NOW many years ago, I introduced a resolution at the state level in the National Organization for Women. That resolution which included trangender women made it clear that all women were to be part of the organization's membership and that all legislation that NOW would endorse must include all women. That resolution made it all the way to the National level and was passed. It is sad that some women still have less right to speak freely and lack equal protection under the law.
I received this e-mail from a woman who simply made a call for a paper. I wish to share this with all parties who support the right of all women to be heard. - Curtis E. Hinkle, Founder: Organisation Intersex International

terça-feira, setembro 25, 2007

¿Cuál es el cuerpo homosexual?
La película de Lucía Puenzo premiada en Cannes echó luz a un mundo de cuerpos de sexos distintos y demasiadas preguntas sin resolver. Mauro Cabral es un militante y académico del Espacio Latinoaméricano de Sexualidades y Derechos. De paso por Brasil, presentó un seminario de intersexualidades que recoge las preguntas que en este momento parecen marcar la agenda de un entramado de identidades resistidas y dificiles, donde se une lo biológico, lo cultural y lo jurídico.

Transexuales contra Amor y Rodrigo descubre su "hueso" erecto
Ex activista del PSOE entra a saco contra GH, Telecinco y Milá.
La decisión de "Gran Hermano" de introducir un transexual dentro del concurso está desatando reacciones de todo tipo. Y no todas son del mismo calibre que la de Carla Antonelli.
Amor, transex homófoba, y Paula enseña sus galletas María
En "Gran Hermano" siguen con las hormonas desatadas. La llorona Paula parece recuperarse aplastando sus generosos pechos mientras Amor, ya fuera, nos cuenta cómo "fornicia" sin parar.
Interviú desnuda a Amor, la transexual de Gran Hermano
Ya han aparecido las primeras fotos desnuda de Amor, la transexual de Gran Hermano. Las públicó la página web de la revista Interviú, que ya las lleva en la revista impresa.
El álbum íntimo de Amor
Amor, la concursante más joven de la casa de Guadalix, nació siendo varón. Mency, su madre, desveló en un programa de Tele 5 que su hijo sintió desde niño estar en un cuerpo equivocado. Ahí comenzó su lucha para convertirse en la hembra que lleva dentro.

‘It took 46 years to stop me living a lie’
FOR most of his life, 46-year-old Andrew Cross has been tortured by the feeling that inside his man's body and mind a woman has been aching to get out.

My Secret Self
Physically, it's obvious what we are from the moment we're born.
We're either a boy or a girl. And for the vast majority of us, that's the way it stays.
But for some children, toddlers even, it's not so simple. They insist they were born with the wrong bodies. Little boys, absolutely convinced they should be girls.

Cambiando de género en el trabajo: transexuales y el empleo
La mujer sacó su currículum de una carpeta rosada y se la entregó al recruiter. En la parte superior de la página, en negrita, había tipeado su nombre dos veces: primero como "Mark" y luego como"(Meghan)". No estaba segura cual de los dos era el apropiado para estos casos.

Lynn Conway: La transexual que revolucionó la informática
Ingeniera electrónica e informática, además de inventora, investigadora y profesora universitaria, Lynn tuvo que renunciar a un importante descubrimiento informático realizado mientras trabajaba para IBM por llevar a cabo su deseo más importante: ser mujer.

[USA] [Commentary]
Time to ban job discrimination against gays
Excerpt: If passed this autumn, the legislation, known as ENDA, would protect the freedom of Americans like Officer Carney to do the jobs that they love without enduring constant discrimination and harassment. The legislation would finally make it illegal for employers to fire, refuse to hire, or refuse to promote employees based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Transgender community works to gain protections in South Florida
Policies would seek to protect civil rights

segunda-feira, setembro 24, 2007

[International] [History/Commentary]
Anti-gay, anti-trans laws rooted in class rule
In today’s capitalist citadels, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans mass political movements have overturned many oppressive laws against same-sexuality and cross-dressing. The imperialist ruling classes would be relieved if these movements would now redirect their collective ire against laws still on the books in today’s former colonies and neocolonies.

[UK] [News/Science/ Healthcare]
Sex-change patients' op success
Most male patients undergoing sex-change surgery say they are happy with the results - despite significant complication rates, a survey has found.

Court tries to set a gender
A transsexual robber who struck wearing a miniskirt and knickers on his head created a problem for magistrates, who were unsure whether to remand him in a male or female prison.

Same sex couple’ to appear in court today
Transsexual Shumail Raj and 'his wife' Shahzina Tariq will appear in the Lahore High Court (LHC) today (Monday).

[Malaysia] [Letters to the Editor]
Recognise their needs
I THANK StarMag for the article, Seeking acceptance (Insight, Sept 9) which highlighted the plight of transsexuals.

Transgendered in Malang
The waria community in this East Javanese city are out in the open, but misunderstanding and prejudice are still widespread.
Photo: 82 year old male to female transgender Ibu Siama at the volleyball match

Indonesia’s transgendered community is raising its profile
Before she even opens her mouth, the petite, jilbab-wearing and refined looking Shuniyya Ruhama Habiiballah has already gone a long way towards achieving one of her driving missions in life: to challenge the dominant stereotype of Indonesia’s large transgendered community, who describe themselves as waria, a term for transgendered people derived from the words wanita (woman) and pria (man).
Photo: Popular stereotype: the waria hair salon worker by Irfan Kortschak

Appeals court upholds firing of transsexual
Employer said gender identity was not a problem, that the use of women's restrooms raised a liability issue.

Lotter's Death Sentence Could Be Commuted In Triple Homicide Case
There is no danger of death-row inmate John Lotter walking free.
There is a better than fair chance that his death sentence, for participating in a notorious triple homicide in 1993, will be commuted to one of life in prison.
In separate trials, Lotter, 36, and Marvin Nissen, 35, were convicted of first-degree murder in the slayings of Teena Brandon and two other people in a farmhouse near Humboldt in southeast Nebraska. Brandon was a cross-dresser who represented herself as a man, using the name Brandon Teena.

[USA] [Press Release]
U.S. Medical Students Urge Passage Of Employment Non-Discrimination Act
The American Medical Student Association (AMSA), the nation's largest, independent medical student organization, representing more than 68,000 physicians-in-training, urges the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (H.R.2015), in order to protect every American from discriminatory employment practices based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Teenage and Transgendered
Liz and Amber were just friends until Liz became Jay.

Teenager cleared of transvestite’s slaying
Prosecutors thought they had a surefire case against a 19-year-old Woodlawn man who they said killed a transvestite in a St. Paul Street apartment complex and set the victim on fire.
But a Baltimore City jury disagreed Thursday — and acquitted Zukael Stephens of all counts.

sábado, setembro 22, 2007

La transexual Amor, entre los primeros nominados de Gran Hermano
Amor, la transexual que participa del reality, está entre los primeros nominados a dejar la casa de Guadalix del concurso de "Gran Hermano" que emite Telecinco.

Euro court rules for Lithuanian transsexuals
The European Court of Human Rights issued a ruling Sept. 11 strengthening the rights of transsexuals in Lithuania.
Such individuals already had the right to officially change their gender but the nation has failed to pass enabling legislation necessary for them to gain access to full sex-reassignment surgery through the country's health care system.

Please call me "Miss," transgendered Thais say
Yonlada Krerkkong Suanyot says she's every bit a woman, except for on her identity card which identifies her as a man.
Although Thailand has a worldwide reputation as a paradise for transsexuals, with gender reassignment surgery widely available and relatively cheap, the kingdom does not allow people to officially change their gender for legal purposes.
Activists are now trying to change that, proposing a new law that would allow transvestites and transsexuals to legally change their gender and adopt the title "Miss".

Photo: Yonlada Krerkkong Suanyot, a Thai transvestite © AFP/File Pornchai Kittiwongsakul

Plans to form Transsexual Association of Pattaya discussed at City Hall Meeting
Khun Wootisuk, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya chaired a meeting at the VIP Room at Pattaya City Hall attended by a group of Transsexuals who were supported by Khun Nayanar from the Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand.

Transgendered Woman Says She Was Asked to Leave Church Positions
This spring, Eyewitness News told you about a Duluthian who was born a man and the struggle with becoming a transgendered woman. Since our story aired, Marla Evans received support from some people while she says she was let go from two roles at her church, St. Mary's Star of the Sea in Duluth.

[USA] [Blog]
What do you think of post op MTF transgenders who like women?
I wasn't sure where I was meant to post this, so basically I'd like to talk about my experience and just ask in general what women here think about post op mtf transgenders who like women. I have also seen them being referred to as trannydykes or lesbian transsexuals on various sites. But I don't want to go into naming because that may be a sensitive issue for some here. Neither is the question about whether you would date a completely transitioned mtf woman, but basically about where you think they fit in the lesbian and biwomen community and if you think they belong.

[USA] [Health/Science]
Psychiatric Comorbidity Among Children With Gender Identity
Objective: To investigate the prevalence and type of comorbidity in children with gender identity disorder (GID).

Idaho pro-family group accuses judge of 'normalizing' transgenderism
The Idaho Values Alliance (IVA) is blasting a ruling that requires taxpayers to foot the bill for hormone injections for a male inmate who wants a sex-change operation.

The Dangers of ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act)
Excerpt: After reading this story, Vic introduced Matt Barber, the Director of Policy for Cultural Issues for CWA (Concerned Women for America). He appeared on Crosstalk to discuss ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, also known as HR 2015.
ENDA would essentially grant federally protected minority status to people based upon sexual orientation (homosexuality) or gender identity (cross- dressers), while at the same time committing wrongful discrimination against people of faith. Specifically, under ENDA, sexual morality could not be considered a factor in hiring or housing.
[Blog/News] More Than 12,000 PFLAG Allies Ask Congress to Protect Gay Workers
On Monday, September 24, the National Staff of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) National will hand-deliver more than 12,000 pro-equality postcards from constituents across the country to both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. The individually written cards were collected from 40 states across the country as part of PFLAG's campaign, "People Don't Get Fired for Being Straight" to support the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).
[Letters to the editor] Transgender 'patriot' speaks out
First, before I begin, I just want to let you know that I support WND and the work you do primarily as it relates to the illegal-alien invasion and the North American Union. My feedback below doesn't change that.
I recently read an article on WND about companies who were listed as providing workplaces safe from discrimination against LGBT employees. I am not only transgender, but I'm very active in the patriot movement.
I began this journey when I was very young, and it's been some years now. I feel badly that the "T" is almost always associated with the LGB as well. I often times do not agree with their politics. In fact, I almost never do. I'm very patriotic, and their politics cannot typically be characterized as patriotic.

[USA] [News/Television]
Baldwin's Not Hiding This Candy
Could Candis Cayne become the first transsexual Emmy winner?
Come Sept. 26, she'll definitely have a shot at it. Cayne pops up in the new ABC prime-time drama Dirty Sexy Money playing Carmelita, the secret transsexual lover of a U.S. senator, played by William Baldwin.

Federal Appeals Court: Transsexuals Have No Civil Rights
A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that found transsexuals are not covered by federal discrimination laws.
The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Krystal Etsitty had no legal recourse in fighting her firing by the Utah Transit Authority in 2005.
The court, which sits in Denver, found that the trial judge was correct in finding that the transit authority feared it could be sued by people born biologically female if it were discovered Etsitty still had male genitals.

sexta-feira, setembro 21, 2007

El cambio de sexo podría salirles gratis a 40 gallegos
La proposición no de ley que los nacionalistas defenderán en la sesión plenaria del Parlamento de Galicia de la próxima semana relativa a que la operación de cambio de sexo sea cubierta por la sanidad pública es vista con buenos ojos desde la Consellería de Sanidade, que ayer no descartaba su aplicación. Según estimaciones de los colectivos, alrededor de cuarenta gallegos están en proceso de reasignación de sexo.

'I was Paul for 51 years - then I became Paula'
Excerpt: Now almost 57, Paula says that having a sex change wasn't a lifestyle choice. She admits she has paid an enormous personal price, but suggests the overwhelming need was finally to be true to her real nature. Because Paul retained his German citizenship, the sex change has full legal recognition there. Paula has a new German birth certificate which states that she is now officially female.

Most patients who have male to female sex-change surgery are happy, despite complications
The majority of patients who undergo male to female sex-change surgery are happy with the results, despite the fact that complications are common, according to a study of over 200 patients in the September issue of the urology journal BJU International.

Primer encuentro transexual en Buenos Aires
Organizado por Nexo AC, se realizó en su sede el primer encuentro entre la asociación y reresentantes de la comunidad con el objetivo de poner al corriente los métodos de prevención y diagnóstico del VIH en la población transexual y planificar cómo se llevará a cabo en noviembre el Primer Congreso Transexual de Argentina.

Australian Transsexual In 'Catch 22'
A transsexual who transitioned from male to female in 2002 has been handed a difficult choice by Australia's Federal Court - either divorce your wife or keep your male designation of official documents.

Passport Snub 'Unjust'
The Federal Government has refused to issue a post-operative trans woman a female passport on the basis that she is married to a woman.
PHOTO: Fiona Power and Grace Abrams

Take Action: Let Your Lawmaker Know You Oppose ENDA
Bill seeks to enshrine sexual orientation in federal law.
New Report Explains Why Congress Should Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Excerpt: The report notes that it is now possible to fire or refuse to hire someone for being lesbian, gay and bisexual in 30 states, while transgender workers can be denied or refused jobs in 38 states.
Corporate America ready for ENDA
Excerpt: For the first time, a majority of rated firms - 58 percent - provide employment protections on the basis of gender identity.
ENDA Our Christian Schools?
You may be hearing about legislation HR 2015 currently pending in the US House of Representatives entitled "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" or "ENDA." It's stated purpose is "to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity."

Brandon's mother reeling from murderer's new story
The mother of Teena Brandon now says she doesn't know what to believe about the murder that was the basis of the movie "Boys Don't Cry."

quarta-feira, setembro 19, 2007

Sanidad, frente a la «rebelión» transexual
El Ministerio concierta una reunión con los colectivos «trans» tras la amenaza de una huelga de hambre - Las asociaciones confían en conseguir el cambio de sexo gratis esta legislatura.

Gran Hermano: Amor, la transexual de Gran hermano 9 desnuda en interviu
La revista Interviú ofrece fotografías en exclusiva, en un reportaje de Aurora Echevarría, de la transexual de moda en estos momentos: Amor.
Excerto: Ayer pudimos ver en el debate presentado por Jordi González, como Rebeca ha contado a todos el secreto de Amor de forma peyorativa e insultante. Es decir, todos en la casa saben ya que Amor es transexual.
Transexuales de Cádiz se indignan con Amor de GH 9
Colegades cree que no representa al colectivo transexual y Colega define su comportamiento más propio al de una "zorra".

Décima adecuación de sexo de hombre a mujer en el Gutiérrez
La realizó el urólogo César Fidalgo junto a su equipo, luego de una autorización judicial. La intervención duró 3 horas 20 minutos. La paciente, actualmente en terapia intensiva, recibiría el alta dentro de los próximos diez días.

Calendar boys are transtastic
LOADS of men's groups have stripped for cheeky nude calendars to raise money for charity.
Usually the lads are beefy firemen, hunky cops or even fun-loving farmers.
But now there's a new bunch of blokes in the mix – and they all used to be WOMEN.

Miss TG Brighton is Back Bigger and Better for its Fourth Annual Event
Miss TG Brighton (, an annual beauty pageant and the largest transgender event on the south coast’s calendar, is taking place on Tuesday 2 October, 2007, at the Paganini Ballroom, Old Ship Hotel, Brighton.

Bauchi Cross-Dressing Men Re-Arrested, Served Fresh Charges
The 18 men accused of dressing up as women in a Shaira court have been rearrested and recharged.
The men were granted bail by a Tudun Alkali Sharia court judge last month. Yesterday they were remanded in custody in a court session that was closed to the public.

Frank expects House to pass ban on job bias against gays
Gay rights advocates are optimistic Congress will soon move one step closer to approving a federal ban on job discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender workers.

“Putting the ‘T’ Back in LGBT”
We hear it all the time: "The LGBT Community." We call our selves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, but too often we don't include all the members of our community when we fight for rights or equality.
Some find it increasingly convenient to simply leave out the "T" when asking for support from the American public for the sake of "smallsteps" to equality. Why do leave out the part of us that needs us the most? The transgender citizens of our community need our help and support.

segunda-feira, setembro 17, 2007

The Bailey Smokescreen, Ignoring Science and playing to the Gallery
Every now and then, Professor J Michael Bailey appears, along with his supporters to argue against those who are his critics. I can sympathize with him for doing this considering the sometimes hate filled personal attacks Bailey has been subjected to. But there is a problem.

High Court “Required” to Find Against Government in Transgender Case, Say Students
The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has said today it anticipates the High Court will tomorrow affirm the right of an individual who has undergone gender reassignment to be recognised as female on her birth certificate. (Please note: There is to be a delay in the announcement of this ruling by the Irish High Court. The ruling is now expected in October.)

Transitioning into new jobs and genders
At the first transgender career expo, men and women meet companies that accept them for who they are becoming.

Body of evidence
There are few topics I have generally avoided in this column – but I want to get into one of them this time out. I want to discuss transgender bodies. As a friend of mine said when I had suggested the topic, "We all have one."

domingo, setembro 16, 2007

[USA] [Commentary]
Take Action: Business Community Stands Against ENDA
Is your organization "religious enough," or could you be forced to hire homosexual employees? If a male employee comes to work dressed as a woman, what can you do? What about a female news anchor who undergoes a "transition" to become a man?
If the Employment Non-Discrimination Act becomes law, it's likely the courts will decide all of that for you.
Measure before Congress would bar job discrimination against homosexuals
Michael Carney, a gay cop in Massachusetts, figures there's one reason he got his job back: The state makes it illegal to discriminate against employees because of sexual orientation.
Push to End Anti-Gay Discrimination
For Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians is just as reprehensible as bias against blacks and women.
That's why the Kansas City, Mo., Democrat is a leading proponent of a House bill that would prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

sábado, setembro 15, 2007

'En una mudanza rápida, me llevaría mi gata, el ordenador y la ilusión de vivir'
Tantos años de activismo político le han merecido la pena. Carla Antonelli quiere dedicarse por completo a la interpretación y para ello se retira de la primera línea política, tras dedicar muchos tiempos y esfuerzos a su etapa como coordinadora del área transexual del PSOE. Sinsabores incluidos, y tras una huelga de hambre que prefiere olvidar, Carla no se arrepiente de su anterior etapa y ya casi no se acuerda de quienes se dedicaron a ponerle zancadillas.

El portavoz confederal de "Los Verdes" y diputado por Sevilla, adscrito al grupo parlamentario socialista, Francisco Garrido, ha preguntado al Gobierno si piensa introducir las operaciones de cambio de sexo en el Sistema Nacional de Salud antes de que termine esta legislatura.

Irish court delays trans test case ruling
The High Court in Dublin has delayed a judgment due today in a landmark case involving a trans person's right to a new birth certificate.

Crises Across Africa: Uganda's Anti-Gay Stampede
A new chapter opened this week in a vicious, media-led witchhunt that is outing gays in Uganda, when a daily newspaper unveiled the latest installment of what it bills as its "Weird Sex Investigation", publishing the names and detailed descriptions of 40 men it claimed are gay..

Transgender Woman Attacked In D.C.
D.C. police are investigating an assault that occurred just after 6 p.m. on Thursday.
According to police, a transgendered woman was assaulted by several individuals in the 800 block of Seventh Street in Northwest.

Texas trans woman says she was fired from Baptist church for wearing make up
Terri Beth Richeson couldn't understand why the business administrator of the First Baptist Church in Wichita Falls kept telling her to quit wearing make up on her job as a church custodian.

[USA] [Film/DVD]
'Hedwig' documentary not noteworthy
If you haven't seen "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" (2001), then the documentary "Follow My Voice: With the Music of Hedwig" will mean little to you.
And unless you support the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and want to peek into the lives of youths who attend the Harvey Milk High School, labeled by the press as the first "gay high school" in New York, this film will bore you.

Congress should pass ENDA now
FOR THE FIRST time since it was introduced 13 years ago, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act received a hearing before the key committee of jurisdiction in the U.S. House of Representatives last week.
Help ENDA job bias
A few weeks ago, Southern Voice received a call from an employee of a local furniture company. The caller wanted to tell us about his new contract, which he said basically forbids workers to be gay.
Bishops and Elders Council Calls for Passage of U.S. Non-Discrimination Bill
The Bishops and Elders Council, a network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) affirming churches and organizations touching the lives of 98 million North Americans, has called on the U.S. Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and on President Bush to sign it into law.

Panel head’s backing of anti-bias law questioned
A recent Scottsdale Human Relations Commission vote favoring a proposed anti-discrimination law aimed at private businesses has some questioning whether chairwoman Michele deLaFreniere has abused her position.

Corporate America recognises gender identity discrimination
According to a recent report from America's Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GenderPAC), the number of major corporations that have added gender identity and expression to their non-discrimination policies has topped 200.

Advocates challenge hate-crimes stats
Philadelphia police reported only four hate crimes against lesbians and gays last year, but GLBT activists say many more incidents went unreported, either due to victims not coming forward or police failing to accurately record their complaints.