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sábado, abril 30, 2011

Governo da Paraíba promete investigar esfaqueamento de travesti
Em reunião com militantes, governo paraibano diz que vai investigar morte de travesti

RO: Travesti é morta com 7 facadas em Ji-Paraná
Uma travesti conhecida como "Bibi" foi morta com sete facadas na madrugada de hoje, no bairro São Pedro, em Ji-Paraná (Rondônia). De acordo com testemunhas, a vítima estava nas proximidades de um posto de gasolina quando saiu com um caminhoneiro.
Travesti é encontrado morto com 7 facadas em Ji-Paraná

El Tribunal de Estrasburgo decide no reexaminar el caso de Alexia Pardo
A Alexia Pardo, que lleva años peleando en los tribunales el régimen de visitas de su hijo porque considera que es discriminatorio por su condición de transexual, no le quedan ya más posibilidades, al fallar la Gran Sala del Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos que no reexaminará su caso. La decisión, que le fue comunicada la semana pasada, supuso un jarro de agua fría para Alexia Pardo porque sigue insistiendo que todas las sentencias dictadas en Lugo y fuera de Lugo son claramente discriminatorias hacia su persona. (Foto)

Gender bender: Bhavna becomes Bharat after 18 yrs
Bhavna Dhuda of Magharvada village of Junagadh district stopped wearing skirts, bangles even going to the girl's high school in her native Keshod town on turning 18. She told her mother that she was sprouting a moustache and felt like a boy. A chromosome test confirmed it. For the last five months, Bhavna is called Bharat and now enjoys company of boys in the village.

Transgenders to celebrate in Kolkata Saturday
The city hub Metro channel, accustomed to seeing protests and rallies by political parties and other organisations, will see a huge gathering of the third sex Saturday celebrating the annual transgender day.

[India] [Film]
Now a movies on transgender community!
Queens! Destiny of Dance is one of the upcoming movies based on the transgender community of India. The movie has got curious viewers intrigued who have lined up to see what the movie's going to be like.

[India] [Film]
‘Narthagi’ – Fighting to be heard
Of late the graph of Tamil cinema has taken a new dimension. More films are released which makes the audience sit up and think about various happenings around them. These days, audiences are opening up to accept newer themes belonging to varied genres. There is one more film going to be released shortly, which will be a forerunner for similar films to be released in future. For the first time ever, a film based on the life of a transgender will be released in Tamil.

Man gets life for sex slaying of male nurse
A Vancouver Island man has been given a life sentence for the brutal sex slaying of a male nurse.
Kim Winslow Rothgordt was found guilty of second-degree murder for hitting James Shannon, 52, at least 10 times with a hammer before jamming a candle into his right eye, piercing his brain, after the pair had consensual sex in February 2008.

Student admits frolic with transvestite
A 19-year-old student pleaded guilty at the Syariah Court here to indecent behaviour with a transvestite.

Anti-Equality Legislation Moving in the States
With many state legislatures facing adjournment dates in the next few weeks, anti-equality lawmakers around the country are ramping up attacks on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Harmful legislation has already passed in a few states and is advancing in others.

[USA] [Commentary]
With Respect, Please Stop Misrepresenting Me
While I appreciate all of the support, I am setting the recordnstraight: I am a heterosexual woman, who happened to have born intersex, and yes, I did have a transsexual medical condition, yet that has been treated and corrected. I urgently ask the gay and transgender communities to stop inaccurately identifying me as “transgender” because this falsehood is continuing to make my battle even more difficult.

[USA] [Commentary]
More Maryland Mickey D's Bathroom Transphobia
Here we go again. Another Maryland transwoman who is getting transphobia served with her Big Mac.

U.S. Department of Labor Moves to Protect Transgender Employees From Discrimination
Updated Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Bars Discrimination Based on Gender Identity

States Advance Protections Against Gender Identity Discrimination
As the Nevada legislative session draws to a close, two bills protecting transgender individuals passed the Senate and now head to a favorable vote in the Assembly. Senate Bills 368 and 331 passed 13-8 and 11-10 respectively, both outlawing transgender discrimination in housing and public accommodations. A third bill, Senate Bill 180, failed 10-11, and would have designated violence based on gender identify or expression a hate crime.

Transgender and homeless Chicagoans get IDs at Center
Dozens of transgender and homeless Chicagoans obtained state IDs and other documentation at the Center on Halsted April 22. The secretary of state set up shop at the Center and issued free state IDs to homeless people and also helped transgender people update their IDs to reflect new names and gender presentations.

Jenice Armstrong: Videotaped attack shows teen's intolerance toward the transgender
On a YouTube video gone viral, two female customers savagely attack a transgender woman at a McDonald's in suburban Baltimore
Attack on transgender woman prompts rally
McDonald’s Transgender Attacker Has Assault Arrest In Same McDonald’s
Weighing Solutions to Hate Crime After Brutal Baltimore Attack
Maryland Delegate Calls for Trans Anti-Discrimination Bill Following Attack
Video brings hate crimes to light
Trans woman speaks out about Baltimore's McDonald beating
Assault on Maryland Transgendered Woman May Be a Hate Crime

[Commentary] Staff editorial: A needed transformation
[Commentary] The Assault on Chrissy Lee Polis: The Not So Innocent Bystanders
[Commentary] Evil is the indifference of good men and women
[Commentary] An epiphany in Rosedale
[Commentary] A Perfect Storm
Being transgender: Advocates say sexual identity is in the mind, but does the public get it?

[Commentary] After the Baltimore McDonald's attack, trans people are newly resolute

Transgender Male Brings Employment Discrimination Suit
Urban Treatment Center in Camden, New Jersey hired El’Jai Devoureau to do a job that (under the center’s rules) only a male can do: watch other men urinate.

Bill to protect transsexuals from workplace discrimination advances
A family therapist in Las Vegas told a Senate committee on Wednesday that she has been fired twice on grounds she was a transsexual.

Vegas Hotel Apologizes to Trans Woman
After security guards booted a transgender woman from the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino for using a women's restroom, hotel officials have issued an apology to the woman and the entire LGBT community.
Cosmopolitan responds to backlash over report on banned transgender guest
Where do you pee at Cosmopolitan if you’re transgender?
UPDATE: Cosmo welcomes back banned transgender guest
The Wrong Amount Of Wrong: Barred For Life From The Cosmopolitan For Being Transgender
Las Vegas hotel ejects, bans transgender guest; now says it regrets the incident
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas apologizes for banning transgender guest

[NY, USA] [Film]
Film 'Renee' Explores Controversial Life of Transsexual Tennis Star
In 1976, Renée Richards walked onto the court of the La Jolla tennis championship as an unknown housewife from Southern California. Her 6-foot-2-inch frame was clad in a super-short white tennis skirt, her size-12 feet stuffed into feminine white sneakers. For Richards, who was actually a highly successful ophthalmologist and formerly a man named Richard Raskind, the unknown-housewife ruse fell apart as quickly as her opponents’ game. Richards swept the tournament, and woke up the next morning as the most famous transsexual athlete in history.

City Council defends rights of transgender individuals
The Rochester City Council has called on Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Legislature to ensure equal rights and protections for all New Yorkers regardless of their gender identity and expression.
Rochester City Council Calls For Gender Identity Rights

Local lawmaker proposes anti-discrimination bill
Dan Miller, now the controller for the city of Harrisburg, doesn't want what happened to him 20 years ago to happen to anyone else.
Mr. Miller was fired from his accounting job by a boss who said homosexuality "incapacitated him from properly discharging his duties."
LGBT-rights bill gets another shot
Anti-Discrimination Law Advances Through City Council Committee

Professor Terminated for Being Transgender
A transgender professor was denied tenure and fired from Southeastern Oklahoma State University for her gender identity. Rachel Tudor, who is transgender, was told by the school's human resources department that she could only use the single-use handicapped restroom after she underwent gender reassignment surgery.
[Petition] Reinstate Dr. Rachel Tudor

Bill To End Nashville's Gay Protections Law Clears Tennessee House
The Tennessee House on Monday approved a bill that would repeal Nashville's newly-approved gay protections ordinance.

Trans Protections Approved in Dallas
A vote of 3-2 added nondiscrimination protections for transgender workers in Dallas County Tuesday.
Equal Trans rights Dallas: Local mom objects to kids exposed to 'that'
San Diegan speaks in Texas on transgender issues; Dallas County votes to add rights

TX giving marriage law second look
The Texas legislature is working on closing a loophole that deals with transgendered individuals who are married.
Two Conflicting Laws Are Making Issues For Marriage Clerks And The Legislature Is Looking To Remove The 2009 Allowance And Go Back To The 1999 Court Decision
[Commentary] Texas, Maryland Resist Transgender Legislation

El Inadi le entregó un DNI a un joven que padece disforia de género
Nació mujer pero vivió toda su vida como hombre. Ahora en su DNI figura como Alejandro Iván Iglesias. El joven transexual se hizo conocido por su participación en Gran Hermano, donde emocionó al público con su fuerte historia. (Foto)
Un "Gran Hermano" recibió un nuevo DNI, respetando su identidad

Sida: realizan una campaña de salud en la comunidad transexual
El Ministerio de Salud desarrolla trabajos de prevención y detección de posibles portadores en grupos de transexuales. Es para evitar la expansión del virus, que ya afecta a 660 correntinos.

quinta-feira, abril 28, 2011

Famed former first couple standing again in elections
A couple who made history as the first transgender mayor and mayoress of Cambridge are bidding to return to the political frontline.
Jenny Bailey was first citizen between 2007 and 2008 but stood down when she passed on the ceremonial post in search of a quieter life.
She hit the headlines with her partner Jennifer Liddle when it emerged both were born boys but had gone through gender reassignment later in life.
(Photo: Jennifer Liddle, left and Jenny Bailey)

British ex-pat becomes 'France's oldest transsexual' aged 60
A British ex-pat and former builder who used to be called a 'man mountain' by friends has become France's oldest sex-change resident, at the age of 60.
Colin Oliver was a married father-of-five with six grandchildren, but has since become Chloe after decades of wishing to be female.
The transition is the result of hormone treatment over the past five years in France, where she moved to in order to start a new life. (Photo)

Paquistão inclui transexualidade em documento de identidade
A Suprema Corte do Paquistão aceitou incluir um terceiro gênero no documento de identificação nacional, medida que favorece os direitos e a visibilidade dos transexuais no país.
Pakistán permitirá que Hombres y mujeres Transexuales tengan su género elegido en Documentos Oficiales
'Transgenders' sex not to be verified through medical board'
Pakistan allows transsexuals to have own gender category (Video)
Pakistan allows trans men and women their own gender category

[India] [Film]
'The film does not make fun of the trans-gender'
Akhil Bhartiya Jankalyan Trust which works for the rights of trans-genders has sent a letter to the producer of Queens-Destiny of Dance, Madanlal Paliwal threatening him to 'cut out the scenes that might hurt the sentiments of the kinnar samaj or strict action shall be taken against the film and the Censor Board will be asked to even shun the film's release.'

Protest at hospital over transgender’s death
The death of a 25-year-old transgender sparked a protest in front of Victoria Hospital here on Tuesday.
The sexual minority committee and members of Samara alleged that duty doctors at the hospital denied admission and treatment to the HIV positive transgender.
Transgender's death triggers protest

Votes for supporters of transgender rights urged in federal election
An online campaign is calling on Canadians to reelect MPs who support transgender rights and to vote incumbents opposed to transgender equality out of office.

White House to host first ever meeting with transgender activists
Transgender activists intend to discuss federal policy issues at an upcoming White House meeting that will be the first ever held by the Office of Public Engagement to focus solely on trans issues.

Candy Darling, mujer transexual, y una de las superestrellas de Warhol, revive en documental recién estrenado
La filiación del Registro Civil no dice nada: James Lawrence Slattery, nacido en 1943 en Forest Hills-Queens (Nueva York), hijo de una empleada de biblioteca y un alcohólico violento y sin oficio.

Inmate demands taxpayers cover sex-change surgery
A 42-year-old male prisoner who identifies himself as a female is requesting that the State of California pay for his sex-change operation.

Student in High Heels Booted from Class
A male student at a Florida high school was removed from class when the response to his wearing high heels sparked "safety" concerns from the principal.

Transgender Accused Of Posing As A Doctor Will Do Jail Time
The transgender woman accused of giving fake breast exams will spend nearly a year behind bars.
Kristina Ross, 37, was sentenced to 360 days in jail. Back in March, she pleaded guilty to two battery charges as part of a plea deal.
Transgender woman gets jail time for giving fake breast exams

Hundreds Rally in Md. for Trans Victim
Some 300 people gathered in Maryland Monday evening for a vigil in response to the brutal beating of Chrissy Lee Polis captured on video at a McDonald’s last week.
‘We shall overcome’: Hundreds of LGBT supporters rally after Transgender woman is beaten in McDonald’s
[Commentary] Between Torment and Happiness
[Commentary] Chrissy Lee Polis: The New Kitty Genovese?

Senate passes two sex discrimination bills, nixes a third
The Nevada Senate Monday approved two bills designed to stop discrimination against gays and transgender individuals.
But the third piece in the package was defeated when Democrat John Lee of North Las Vegas joined Republicans in opposing SB180, which would have added crimes against gays and transsexuals to Nevada's list of hate crimes.

[OK, USA] [Commentary]
Transgender professor denied tenure, terminated
Despite the complete support of her colleagues and direct superiors within Southeastern Oklahoma State University's English, humanities and language department, Rachel Tudor, a professor of American and Native American literature, modernity and theory, humanities, composition and philosophy, has been denied tenure and informed that her employment will be terminated as of the end of this spring semester.
[Commentary] Oklahoma English Prof Denied Tenure at Public College Based On Gender Identity

Portland Response to Chrissy Polis Attack Sparks Debate
Earlier today, we blogged about the attack on transwoman Chrissy Polis at a Maryland McDonald’s and the response by some members of Portland’s queer community. The initial plan, according to a Facebook event that has shifted over the course of the day, was to hold a demonstration at the West Burnside McDonald’s in which participants were encouraged to dress in their “best and most colorful ensemble.” But the demonstration organized by local performers Chi Chi and Chonga in collaboation with Genderfucking Takeover — a group that formed in the wake of last year’s Memorial Day Weekend assaults on a group of men in drag — quickly attracted criticism.

Tennessee House approves bill that would void Nashville non-discrimination policy
The Tennessee House of Representatives on Monday approved a bill that would nullify Nashville’s new ordinance banning discrimination by city contractors against gay, lesbian and transgendered people.
Tenn. Continues Assault on GLBT Equality
[Commentary] Editorial: House votes for discrimination

Texas Senate GOP Wants to Rescind Trans Marriage Rights
Senate GOP lawmakers in Texas want to stop transgender and transexual people from marrying their heterosexual partners, saying that trans people who were gender-assigned at birth the same sex as their now spouses are engaging in same-sex marriages which are banned in the state.
How Texas May Accidentally Legalize Some Same-Sex Marriages
Transgender Marriage Will Be Banned In Texas

Dallas County adds gender identity, expression to non-discrimination policy
Dallas County commissioners on Tuesday voted to include transgender employees in the county’s non-discrimination policy.
Transgender rights approved in Dallas County
WATCH: Dallas County adds trans protections
Dallas County adds protection for transgender employees

Alumno transexual es agredido por el director del colegio en Rancagua, Chile
Jueves 22 de abril, siendo las 16:30 hrs., en el Establecimiento Educacional de Rancagua, Liceo Comercial Diego Portales, el Director Sr. Ángel Soto Olave, desato su furia y transfobia en contra de un alumno transexual, menor de edad, empujándolo contra la pared, azotándose el alumno la cabeza en 3 ocasiones contra la pared, posteriormente lo empujo violentamente a una oficina para seguir maltratándolo, cierra la puerta aprisionándolo espalda, brazo y rodilla, lo grita constantemente diciéndole que “‘El ES LA AUTORIDAD Y DEBE RESPETARLO”, todo esto con alumnos y apoderados de testigos, para finalmente entre el Subdirector Sr. Claudio Inostroza a calmar la situación y sacar al alumno de esa sala, quien ya estaba con un ataque de pánico y llanto.

Alejandro de Gran Hermano recibirá un nuevo DNI, respetando su identidad
Alejandro Iglesias, participante de la edición 2011 del programa Gran Hermano, recibirá mañana su nuevo DNI, el cual respeta su identidad de género.

quarta-feira, abril 27, 2011

"El ochomil de dos transexuales" Dos mujeres trans vascas en su lucha por la normalización del colectivo
Ambas son empresarias y con hijos, y reivindican mayor visibilidad para un colectivo discriminado - "Es más fácil meterse con un grupo por el morbo"

Pakistani transgenders get expanded rights
Pakistan is well known for being a fiercely conservative Muslim country. Two politicians have already been assassinated there this year for opposing the country's so-called "blasphemy laws," which ban blasphemy against Islam under the penalty of death.
So it may come as a surprise to many that Pakistani transgender people, known as "hijras," have gained expanded federal protection and recognition in the last few years.
Pakistan transgenders pin hopes on new rights
Supreme Court for law to register eunuchs as she-males
Pakistan allows transsexuals to have own gender category

Search is on to find Thailand's prettiest ladyboy
Thirty Thai ladyboys are getting ready for beauty camp as the countdown to Miss Tiffany Universe 2011 begins.

Dois ataques transfóbicos no mesmo dia
Uma transexual de 41 anos foi submetida a um brutal espancamento na madrugada de segunda-feira, 18 de Abril, num posto de gasolina na 65 de Infantería, em Porto Rico, que se encontra sob administração americana, tendo como resultado ficado internada no Centro Médico de Río Piedras com a espinha fracturada, denunciou a mãe da vítima.

Jesus Catalan Pleads Guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter in Killing of Transgender Paulina Ibarra

Transexual é espancada dentro do McDonald's
Transex é agredida dentro de McDonald's e funcionários ainda ajudam agressoras.
Prosecutors weigh additional charges in Maryland McDonald's attack
Prosecutors review charges in attack at McDonald's
2nd Victim Details McDonald's Beating
Witness to Md. beating praised for trying to help
Community rallies around victim of McDonald’s attack
"I'm not a hero. I would have done it for anyone"
Maryland Delegate Asks For Trans-Protective Bill After Attack; County Executive Says It's a "Wake Up Call"
Hundreds turnout to protest McDonald's beating
Transgender Rally In Response To McDonald's Attack
Hundreds rally in Md. to protest trans violence

[Commentary] Whether a hate crime or not, community must support victim of McDonald's beating
[Commentary] Attack at McDonald's
[Letters to the Editor] McDonald's attack rooted in ignorance
[Letters to the Editor] McDonald's attack not an isolated incident
[Commentary] MARYLAND; Hundreds Attend Rally Against Anti-Transgender Violence

Transgender rights in the spotlight in Maryland and Texas
In February, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) released the first study of its kind on discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming people.
The report painted a scary picture. 41 percent of respondents said they had attempted suicide, which is 26 times the national average. More than 90 percent said they faced some kind of discrimination. In places of public accommodation, over half of respondents reported being verbally harassed, and eight percent said they had been physically attacked or assaulted.

Online Dish: Bill Would Restrict Transgenders' Restroom Choices
It's a part of Mother Nature going to the bathroom. But for the transgender community in Maine it is becoming a constant battle.

Democrats push through 2 anti-discrimination bills, 1 fails
Senate Democrats have pushed through two bills to outlaw discrimination against transsexuals in housing and public accommodations.
But a third bill to expand the state's hate crimes law to include transsexuals failed Monday by one vote.
Nevada State Senate Passes Two Non-Discrimination Bills; Now on to Assembly
Senate OKs two of three transgender rights bills
Hate crime bill dies in Nev. Senate; texting snag

Arrestan a sospechoso de agredir a transexual Francheska González
La jueza Leilani Torres Roca, del Tribunal de San Juan, determinó causa para arresto contra José "El Gordo" Ortiz Castro por la agresión contra la transexual Francheska González Vázquez.
En el limbo pesquisa por vicioso ataque a Francheska González
Transexuales y una prostituta también fueron víctimas de presunto agresor de Francheska
Suspect in Transgender Puerto Rican’s Brutal Attack Arrested

Transexual busca convertirse en senador de la Palma
Christina Hayworth, activista de la comunidad lesbiana, gay, bisexual, transexual y transgénero (LGBTT) que asiste a muchas conferencias de prensa del Capitolio, acudió el jueves pasado al Partido Nuevo Progresista a buscar los papeles necesarios para radicar la candidatura a senador por el distrito de Carolina.
Mujer transexual histórica en los hechos de Stonewall se presenta a senadora en EE UU

TN House votes to reverse Metro
The state House of Representatives approved a bill that would reverse Metro's new ordinance banning discrimination by city contractors against gay, lesbian and transgendered people.

Transgenders' unions at risk
GOP lawmakers want to override law that people used to get marriage certificates.
GOP rethinks transgender marriage rights
[Commentary] Tough Luck For Transgenders In Texas (But Are We Surprised?)
[Commentary] IRONY: Texas lawmakers cite support for man-woman marriage as reason for banning it
Intentan revocar en Texas la ley que permite el matrimonio de las personas transexuales

terça-feira, abril 26, 2011

Ireland welcomes Equality Tribunal Decision on Transgender Case
Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) welcomes the Equality Tribunal’s decision in the Louise Hannon case to extend protections to transgender people.
TENI Chairperson, Martine Cuypers said: “This is a significant step for transgender equality in Ireland. An important precedent has been set in recognising the inclusion of transgender people under the gender ground of equality legislation.

Three trans women killed in Izmir, Turkey
Again trans women have been victims to transphobia in Turkey. On April
19th three trans women have been shot in Izmir, Turkey.

Transsexual waiter in UAE sentenced to prison
Court orders that transsexual waiter be deported after serving six-month term

SC directs NADRA to include eunuchs in gender column
The Supreme Court on Monday directed the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) not to verify the gender of transgender people through a medical board and amend its laws to declare eunuchs as she-males.
Supreme Court directs NADRA to issue ID cards for eunuchs

Police say this woman is nowhere to be found
Laxmi Tripathi, celebrity transgender activist, has been busy promoting her film Queen's Dance of Destiny and was at Vikhroli on Sunday evening to celebrate Easter along with her family. In fact she even spoke to Mumbai Mirror regarding this report.
However, the Shivaji Nagar police, on her trail for an assault case hasn't been able to nab her. Laxmi was accused by a eunuch last month of assaulting her with a blade and has been, according to cops, absconding ever since.

[India] [Film]
No Country for.......Queens
A Bollywood film titled Queens! Destiny of Dance on transgenders turns the old caricature on its head

Hear Me! My Name is Catherine
A small and fragile transgender woman sits behind bars in solitary in a men’s section of an Idaho county jail for crimes sparked by years of mental and emotional torture brought on my a malicious parent, cruel state actions, and a savage legal system that refuses to recognize the most personal part of an individual’s identity, gender.

Transexual espancada num McDonald's
Uma transexual foi espancada por duas adolescentes num restaurante McDonald's junto à cidade de Baltimore, nos EUA. A violência das agressões, que ocorreram a 18 de Abril, foi documentada por um vídeo gravado por um funcionário, entretanto despedido pela cadeia de restaurantes de fast food.
Atualização da mulher transgénero espancada no McDonald's
Estados Unidos: Transexual espancada no McDonald’s conta o drama
EUA: Trans espancada no McDonald's diz que funcionários foram "coniventes" com agressão
La paliza a una joven transexual fue un crimen de odio
Brutal agresión a mujer transexual en McDonald de EE UU dan la vuelta al mundo en telediarios
Transgender attack probed as possible hate crime
18-year-old charged in McDonald's beating
Another suspect charged in brutal beating of transgender woman at McDonald's
Vigil Planned For Physically Attacked Trans Woman at Baltimore McDonald's
A rally is planned to protest the beating of a transgender woman inside a Rosedale McDonald's
Transgender advocates’ to rally to condemn McDonald’s attack that victim calls a hate crime
Victim in Md. McDonald's attack alleges hate crime
Baltimore rally set to protest beating of trans woman
Woman who tried to stop McDonald's assault identified

[Commentary] Ask Matt Monday: Comments on the Maryland McDonald’s Assault
[Commentary] Pam's Ponderings-Trans People Must Stand Up For Themselves
[Commentary] Comment of the Week: Joann Prinzivalli

Texas lawmakers considering proposal to bar transgendered people from getting marriage license
Two years after Texas became one of the last states to allow transgendered people to use proof of their sex change to get a marriage license, Republican lawmakers are trying to roll back the clock.
Texas may strip away transgender marriage rights

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
Nikki Araguz, on trial for being born intersex
IN Texas, Nikki Araguz, an intersex woman, born in California, owning a California-issued birth certificate stating she is female, married in Texas to a fireman tragically killed in the line of duty, is fighting to be recognized as the legitimate wife of her husband and to receive benefits as his widow.

segunda-feira, abril 25, 2011

Hoje mais do que nunca há que reavivar o espírito do 25 de Abril

Area Transexual realizará Primer Encuentro de Personas Transexuales de la FELGTB en Valencia próximo sábado
El Área Transexual de la FELGTB realizará en I Encuentro de Personas Transexuales de la FELGTB, que se celebrará en Valencia los días 30 de abril y 1 de mayo, con el Colectivo Lambda como entidad anfitriona.

Police terror against trans in turkey
In the video, you can see that transwomen are arbitrarily arrested and fined based on the law on misdemeanors or the traffic law, arguing that they disturb the public order, they wear women's clothes [as they are perceived of being "men" !!], etc.(In turkish, not translated)

Eunuchs strip to extort, shopkeeper files plaint
A shopkeeper on the busy Gandhi road had a tough time warding off a bunch of stubborn eunuchs who demanded a huge sum from him for his renovated store on Saturday. The shopkeeper gave in only after the eunuchs stripped and refused to budge from his store.

Govt gender muddle blurring my identity
Government agencies cannot agree on whether Canberran Peter Hyndal is a man or a woman.
The 38-year-old is trapped in what he describes as ''no-man's land'' his birth certificate reads female and his passport says male.
The Australian Tax Office says he's a man but the Family Assistance Office says he's a woman.
Mr Hyndal spent the first 25 years of his life living as a woman but now identifies as being a man. (Photo)
[Commentary] Govt fix needed on transgender 'no man's land'

[Canada] [Letters to the Editor]
Transgendered teacher's dismissal sheer discrimination
Re: "Transgendered teacher rejects settlement offer in firing case," The Journal, April 11.
Recently, a local radio station held a survey on whether or not people would like to have their child taught by a transgendered teacher.
The survey did not have a preamble explaining that transgendered persons are born with a gender identity that is opposite to their physical body. For example, if a transgendered person was born with a male body, their gender identity would be female. Conversely, if a transgendered person was born with a female body, their gender identity would be male.

[Canada/UK] [Books]
Annabel, By Kathleen Winter
A debut novelist takes on the difficult subject of hermaphroditism in a lyrical story set among hardy people in a 1960s Canadian settlement

[USA] [Commentary]
HB235 Death Comes With Lessons Learned
“Today is not a day to celebrate,” cried voices from Equality Maryland as HB235, the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination bill, was sent back to committee on the final day of the legislative session, thus killing the bill. Still, transgender folk who had opposed the bill because it had lacked protections in public accommodations were toasting their new won power. The ignominious death of HB235 represented for them the end to domination by the lesbian and gay political machine run by Equality Maryland out of their Sharp Street bunker.

Update on new transgender policy at Cook County Jail
Last week I wrote an article on a new policy for transgender people that Cook County Jail had put into effect; however, I contacted Sheriff Patterson to clear up some details.

[MD, USA] [Commentary]
Victim of the Baltimore, Maryland anti-trans hate crime speaks
Once again a US citizen has been been the victim of hate crime violence in a McDonalds fast food restaurant franchise simply for having been born different, this time a young woman of transsexual background, Chrissy Lee Polis.
Transexual espancada no McDonald’s conta drama. Funcionário que filmou é demitido
McDonald's employee fired after taping video of fight
Victim of vicious Baltimore McDonald's transgender beat-down says it was a hate crime
Transgender victim of Md. McDonald’s attack captured on video says she’s a hate crime victim
Victim Says McDonald’s Beating Was A Hate Crime
Attack on transgender woman posted on Web
Worker axed over fight tape

[Commentary] Woman Beaten in Baltimore McDonalds
[Commentary] Violence At A Baltimore McDonalds Shows A "Bathroom Bill" Meme Can Have More Than One Meaning
[Commentary] Supersized Trans Equality? McDonalds Hate Crime Underscores Importance of Public Accommodations

Bills under consideration target transgender bias
As a boy, Karen Grayson preferred playing dress-up and dolls with the girl next door to playing baseball or G.I. Joes with the neighborhood boys.

F.E. (SandraDunn) Dunaway: Change requires 'careful approach'
F.E. (SandraDunn) Dunaway worried her campaign for mayor of Amarillo would become a media circus.
When the transgender woman announced in February her plans to run in the May 14 city election the news ricocheted through the Internet, picked up by mainstream media, bloggers and rights organizations alike.
(Photo: Mayoral candidate F.E. (SandraDunn) Dunaway stops for a break while garage sale shopping.)

domingo, abril 24, 2011

Trans discrimination victory
A transsexual woman has been awarded more than 35,000 euros for workplace discrimination by the Republic of Ireland’s Equality Tribunal.
'I was a husband. I was a father. But none of it felt right. I struggled'

[India] [Film]
Breaking all gender barriers
The objective of the makers is to give viewers an insight into the lives of the transgenders so that people develop a better understanding and attitude towards them.

Towards life and liberty
It would take remarkable courage to stand up, be counted, and speak up for a cause shunned by the majority; especially so, when you had the option of staying safely hidden among the multitudes. Kalki is this rare person who has decided to face the world, rather than hide away. She chose to become an activist, rather than a victim.

[Malaysia] [Film]
Malaysia’s First Feature Film with Lead Gay Characters
In Malaysia consensual gay sex is illegal, a remnant of British colonial. Depictions of LGBT people are considered taboo and information disseminated by gay people is considered an insult to Islam.
However, last month ...Dalam Botol based on a novel by Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman appeared in 52 cinemas in Malaysia. The film, according to Sulaiman, is a love story, based on a friend. Therefore she feels nothing wrong with the movie’s themes. The title means ...In a Bottle, originally it was titled Anu Dalam Botol - but "anu" the word for penis - was removed by censors, as was a nude scene.

Transvestites sentenced
Two male crossdressers were yesterday handed lengthy prison sentences for attempting to rob and kill the grandmother of a popular singer during a breakin last June.

Video Highlights Trans Discrimination
A new Web video from In the Life Media explores the pervasive injustices documented in a groundbreaking report about transgender discrimination earlier this year.~

[USA] [Commentary]
Candy Darling Documentary
“Beautiful Darling,” James Rasin’s touching documentary biography of Candy Darling, the transsexual Andy Warhol “superstar,” is a sad, lyrical reflection on the foolish worship of movie stars. Jeremiah Newton, who is a producer of the film and narrates the story, was Candy Darling’s closest friend and onetime roommate who appointed himself guardian of her legacy after her death in 1974 from cancer at 29. The movie shows him arranging her burial beside Mr. Newton’s mother in Cherry Valley, N.Y.

[CT, USA] [Commentary]
Transgender Bill Invades Women's Privacy In Bathroom
The "Transgender Bill" passed by the Judiciary Committee on April 5 is headed for a vote in the House of Representatives. The "Bathroom Bill," as the Family lnstitute of Connecticut calls it, would extend our sexual discrimination laws to people who disagree with the gender they had at birth and would allow them access to places where they would make other people uncomfortable or worse.

McDonald's Employee Took Credit For Filming Brutal Beating In Baltimore Fast Food Joint
A McDonald’s worker has taken credit for filming and uploading to YouTube the latest viral video to capture a brutal assault at a fast food restaurant.
The employee, identified as Vernon Hackett on social network accounts, posted the video clip to his YouTube page earlier this week. According to his Facebook page, the 22-year-old Hackett, pictured at right, has worked for McDonald's since September 2009.
2 accused in videotaped restaurant beating in Md.
Community Outraged by Disturbing Video of Apparent Anti-Trans Assault
Update on Video of Girl in Baltimore McDonald’s
Equality Maryland: McDonalds beating is a hate crime
Baltimore County McDonald's beating video goes viral
2 Teens Charged in Videotaped Maryland McDonald's Restaurant Beating
Web hits: McD's beatdown video goes viral
Victim of McDonald's beating speaks out
Caught on camera: Shocking moment girl is beaten up to point of seizure in McDonald's while staff idly stand by
Transgender Maryland Woman Beaten in Balitimore McDonald’s
McDonald's beating video viral: A racial hate crime? (Graphic Video)
McDonald's employee fired for taping vicious transgender attack
McDonald's Fires Employee Who Filmed Brutal Beating Of Baltimore Patron
McDonald's in Md. to probe response to beating
McDonald's beating video: Victim is transgender, Maryland attack is hate crime, says advocacy group

[Commentary] Transgender Woman Severely Beaten at Baltimore McDonalds While Employees Watch
[Commentary] Woman brutally beaten for using women’s toilet in fast-food restaurant
[Commentary] Fast Food Restaurants Are Public Accommodations
[Commentary] Baltimore Trans Woman Beaten, Legislature Failed to Pass Bill
[Commentary] The Bathroom Predators Are Cis People
[Commentary] Welcome to my world

[NY, USA] [Film]
Renee Richards: Transsexual Tennis Player's Sex Life
Renee -- the fascinating documentary by Eric Drath which is playing the Tribeca Film Festival -- recounts the story of Richard Raskin, who in his 40s, had sexual reassignment surgery and emerged as the world's most controversial tennis star, Renee Richards.

Commissioners to vote on trans protections Tuesday; LGBT community urged to attend
In an unexpected but welcome development for LGBT advocates, the Dallas County Commissioners Court is slated to vote next week on whether to add transgender employees to the county’s nondiscrimination policy.

Alumno transexual es agredido por director de establecimiento educacional (Comunicado)
Jueves 22 de abril, siendo las 16:30 hrs., en el Establecimiento Educacional de Rancagua, Liceo Comercial Diego Portales, el Director Sr. Ángel Soto Olave, desato su furia y transfobia en contra de un alumno transexual, menor de edad, empujándolo contra la pared, azotándose el alumno la cabeza en 3 ocasiones contra la pared, posteriormente lo empujo violentamente a una oficina para seguir maltratándolo, cierra la puerta aprisionándolo espalda, brazo y rodilla, lo grita constantemente diciéndole que “‘El ES LA AUTORIDAD Y DEBE RESPETARLO”, todo esto con alumnos y apoderados de testigos, para finalmente entre el Subdirector Sr. Claudio Inostroza a calmar la situación y sacar al alumno de esa sala, quien ya estaba con un ataque de pánico y llanto.

sábado, abril 23, 2011

Irish Trans Woman Wins Payout
A transgender woman from Dublin, who was ordered by her employer to dress as a man for client meetings, has been awarded over €35,000 by Ireland’s Equality Tribunal.

[Czech Republic] [Commentary]
Five thousand years
In a suburb of what is now Prague, some five thousand years ago, a body was buried. Funeral rites were a very big deal at the time, with a great deal of symbolism attached to exactly how a body was positioned for burial, and what items would be interred with them.

Nepal's transgenders offer blessings to William and Kate
Nepal's transgender community has sent blessings to Prince William and Kate Middleton ahead of their wedding and offered to send someone to the ceremony.
Transgender people in Nepal, mostly men living as women who are known as "hijras" or eunuchs, are considered auspicious at weddings in South Asia, where they are often paid to sing, dance and give blessings to the couple.

[Malaysia] [Film]
Malaysia’s first gay film is unexpected hit
The first gay movie to be made and shown in Malaysia has proved an unexpected box office success in the conservative Muslim country.
Directed by Khir Rahman, Dalam Botol (In a Bottle) is about a post-op transsexual who comes to realize that she may have been better off as a man. It has already earned more than 1million ringgit ($330,000) at Malaysian cinemas, reports the London Guardian, easily recouping its production and marketing costs of 970,000 ringgit.

Antigay Group Boycotts Transgender MTV Character
The Florida Family Association wants advertisers to boycott Degrassi: The Next Generation on MTV over its positive portrayal of a young transgender man.
Florida Family Association Calls for Degrassi Boycott Over Trans Character
Anti-Gay Group Launches MTV Boycott Over Transgender Character

[USA] [Commentary]
Rigid gender roles cause bullying
A couple of weeks ago, J. Crew ran a feature about Jenna Lyons, its president and creative director, painting her young son's toenails pink with the caption, "Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon."
[Commentary] J. Crew Nail Painting - "Right=Dangerous Trans Agenda" - "Left=Potentially Toxic Chemicals"
[Commentary] A Genderqueer Take on the J. Crew Toenail Controversy

[USA] [Commentary]
On Transsexual Separation
I'm sick of hearing the BS SRS=transsexual argument myself, and far too many predominately white transsexuals are the ones pimping it. And now, here's guest poster Zoe Kincade.
I am honestly disheartened to find so many transsexuals buying into this thinking.

Trans Inmate Sues for Reassignment Surgery
A transgender inmate who says she has been repeatedly raped since her 2003 incarceration is asking a federal court in San Francisco for a state-funded gender-reassignment surgery so she can be transferred to a women's prison.
Transgender Inmate Sues State for Sex Change Operation
Inmate asks state for sex-change

Support for trans assault victim
Nearly 300 transgender people and allies attended an April 15 rally at 16th and Mission streets to support Mia Tu Mutch, left, a victim of recent street violence. Tu Mutch, 20, as she is known, was physically assaulted near the 16th Street BART station on April 1; she also said that she was sexually assaulted.

Dengue Fever and Transgender Bills
Excerpt: Civil unions grabbed all the headlines, but another, no less controversial bill related to the LGBT community is still moving through the legislature. HB546, which would make it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of "gender identity or expression," has cleared both the House and Senate and is awaiting Gov. Abercrombie's signature.
Landmark Gay Rights Bills From Hawaii Legislature

[MD, USA] [Commentary]
Trans Marylanders lose a fight, gain respect
The transgender community may have lost a battle for civil rights when the Maryland Senate adjourned for 2011, but we gained something much more important in the long run — respect.
[Commentary] Sen. Frosh is no transgender rights supporter

Nevada Lawmakers Advance Three More Transgender Rights Bills
The Nevada State Assembly approved a measure on Monday, April 18, that would add transgender-specific protections to the state’s employment non-discrimination law.

Sign Up for Equality & Justice Day In Albany - Monday, May 9th
Let's seize the moment. Our cases have captured the attention of the public and elected officials. In Montana, state legislators backed away from legislation to strip lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents of civil rights protections after we intervened. In New Jersey, the state's largest newspaper editorialized, “Protect Transgender Job Rights,” in response to the lawsuit we filed on behalf of El’Jai Devoureau.

Rights group fighting for local nondiscrimination law
A local gay rights group is pushing the city to expand its nondiscrimination laws.

Tennessee Senate panel approves school gay ban bill
A Senate education panel in Tennessee has approved a bill to prevent students from learning about homosexuality in public elementary and middle schools.

Negando el derecho a una identidad en el nombre del padre
El fallo del juez Miguel Güiraldes –que no sólo desconoció la identidad de género de Maiamar Abrodós, sino que asegura haberlo hecho para protegerla de sí misma, de su “delirio autodestructivo”– es una pieza asentada en una larga y rancia tradición jurídica paternalista y autoritaria que pretende erigirse como policía del deseo y del orden moral. ¿Qué dicen esos textos? ¿Quiénes producen ese material? ¿Por qué siguen gozando de prestigio?

sexta-feira, abril 22, 2011

Watchdog rejects BB star complaint
Big Brother star Nadia Almada's complaint against Channel 4 after presenter Davina McCall joked about her "boyish good looks" has been rejected by the broadcasting watchdog.
Nadia, a transsexual who has undergone gender reassignment surgery, complained that Davina's remarks were "transphobic and offensive" after she appeared in Ultimate Big Brother, the final series in the Channel 4 show, last year. (Photo)
C4 off hook for Davina's 'boyish looks' Nadia quip
Big Brother's Nadia Almada 'not unfairly treated'

Dutch university gives transgender man new diploma
The president of the executive board of the University of Amsterdam, Karel van der Toorn, presented transgender activist and alumnus Justus Eisfeld with a new diploma reflecting his correct gender April 6 in New York City.

Malaysia sets up anti-gay camp to correct schoolboys’ effeminate behavior
Somewhere in the conservative state of Terengganu in Malaysia, 66 Muslim schoolboys who “displayed feminine mannerisms” are being taught how to be a man.
Over the next four days, they will undergo counseling to correct their effeminate behavior, through both religious and physical education.
Malaysian Women’s Minister Opposes Antigay Camp

Religious department firm against cross-dressing
The Malacca Religious Department (JAIM) is standing by their action against cross-dressing by 28-year-old hairstylist Abdul Qawi Jamil.

I would rather die than be a man, says singer
CAUGHT for impersonating a woman, a popular singer in Kelantan said he would rather die than assume the role of a man, Harian Metro reported.
Kajol, a transvestite celebrity who claimed to have recorded at least 25 albums in his 11-year singing career, was nabbed by anti-vice officers from the Kelantan Islamic Affairs Department while performing at an expo site in Tanah Merah on April 15.

Drew Deveaux: ladies first
Last week Drew Deveaux, a trans-woman, won “heartthrob of the year” at the sixth annual Feminist Porn Awards, a Toronto event that celebrates woman-centric pornography from all over the world. As a performer, she takes the issues of sex and gender rights out of the bedroom and onto the screen. We spoke to her about whether there’s a place for feminist porn in the city once dubbed Toronto the Good. (Photo)

Queerty goes offline: Popular and provocative gay blog shuts down
''Some five and a half years ago I launched my second blog, Queerty, after seeing an opening for a new type of LGBT site. It joined Jossip, and would [soon] be followed by two sister sites. That journey has come to an end: Queerty is closing.... Sadly, last week, in a scenario that began with some technical headaches, has ended with [353 Media] opting not to continue operating the site.''

Trans People Face Injustice At Every Turn (VIDEO)
The National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force released a report earlier this year which gave a startling look into the level of discrimination America's trans and gender non-conforming community must still suffer. Now, In The Life Media has created a brief documentary based around the report that really contextualizes the problems trans-identifying women face.
“Injustice At Every Turn”: IN THE LIFE Reports on the National Transgender Discrimination Survey

[USA] [Commentary]
Outrage over "pink-polish" ad shows lack of social progress
A few weeks ago, J. Crew sent out an ad showing Jenna Lyons, the clothing franchise's president and creative director, laughing with her five-year-old son, Beckett, who was sporting pink nail polish on his toes. Yep, that's it. The juiciness of this story ends there. And yet, leave it to the media and the conservative pundits to blow this story up to epic proportions.

[USA] [Commentary]
Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey Compares Transsexuality With Being Overweight
The Dallas County Commissioners Court continues to debate adding gender identity/expression language to their recently passed sexual orientation only policy for Dallas County employees and is developing into a textbook case as to why we transpeople despise incrementalism.

Native American transgender woman lets identity shine
Soaking in the attention from the throng of thousands on the parade route, Trudie Jackson beams and waves at the crowd. She yells “Happy Pride!” and shows off her deep crimson Native American dress and her hair tied back with white ribbons.
She is surrounded by several other women, all wearing bright dresses. Together they create a kaleidoscope of colors so that the Indigenous Out and Proud entry, a group of Native American transgender women, is one of the brightest at this year’s Pride Parade. (Photo)

Transgender prisoner sues California for sex change to save him from rape
A transgender inmate at a California prison has filed a lawsuit asking the state to pay for a sex-change operation, in order to protect him from rape and attack by male inmates.
Transgender inmate wants surgery

Students defend male classmate - who wears heels to school!
The school dress code sets a standard. So when a male student at Riverview High School decided to wear heels to school on Friday, an assistant principal asked him to take off his shoes.
"It really wasn't a dress code violation, but a matter of his own well-being, and if the attire causes disruption," explains Riverview principal Bob Heilmann.

Hawaii's Trans Workplace Nondiscrimination Bill Goes To Governor's Desk
The Hawaii state House of Representatives on Tuesday agreed to Senate amendments on a bill that would write into the statue books formal workplace protections for the trans community.
Bill barring transgender bias in workplace awaits gov's OK

Transgender protection snuffed
A law to grant transgendered individuals protection of gender identity and expression was sent back to the Rules Committee after the 2011 Maryland General Assembly.

Suit over transgender students’ bathroom rights to go forward, judge says
A lawsuit over a transgender student’s use of the girls’ bathroom at an Orono elementary school may go forward, but only after a Superior Court justice dismissed the most controversial count.

Nevada Assembly approves transgender workplace protections bill
The Nevada state Assembly has approved a bill that would protect transgender people from workplace discrimination.
The bill, approved Monday by a vote of 29-13, now goes to the Senate for consideration.

[NY, USA] [Film]
The Candor of Candy
With Director James Rasin's new documentary, Beautiful Darling, an icon breaks free from Factory walls

LGBT group says 2 bills in Okla. would ‘turn back the clock on fifty years of civil rights progress’
Oklahoma’s LGBT advocacy organization, The Equality Network, expressed outrage Tuesday over passage of two bills by the state Legislature.
Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is not prohibited by Oklahoma state law. But the two bills would impede the right to sue based on any type of discrimination, according to TEN.

Actos religiosos en memoria de Ashley
Ha pasado un año desde que su hija Ashley fuera asesinada de un disparo en la cabeza y, aunque el hombre que la mató ya cumple una larga condena en la prisión, la madre de la transexual no encuentra consuelo.
Carmen Ocasio dijo que cada viernes va al cementerio a ponerle flores y pasar un rato frente a su tumba. (Foto)

[Puerto Rico]
Brutal golpiza a transexual
La transexual Francheska González se recuperaba ayer en el Centro Médico, en Río Piedras, de las heridas producto de la golpiza que le propinaron varios hombres la madrugada del lunes mientras echaba gasolina en la avenida 65 de Infantería.
Pedro Julio Serrano pide que se investigue la agresión contra transexual como crimen de odio
Sin catalogar como "crimen de odio" golpiza a Francheska González

'Special Access to Discriminate' Act Likely to Pass
A bill speeds through the Legislature that will prevent cities from adding LGBT anti-discrimination policies

Widow of Wharton firefighter denounces proposed transgender marriage ban
The Texas Senate is considering a bill that would prevent a transgender person from marrying someone of the opposite sex.
Nikki Araguz, the transgender widow of a fallen Wharton firefighter, believes the bill is a direct attack on her.

Suman 19 asesinatos a homosexuales en Chihuahua
Un total de 19 homicidios a personas con tendencia homosexual han sido asesinados en lo que va del 2011, esto solamente en la capital del estado, de acuerdo con información de Mercedes Fernández González presidenta del Movimiento Lésbico Gay Bisexual Transgénero Transexual e Intersexual (Lgbtti) del estado de Chihuahua.

[Mexico/El Salvador]
Siete “gays” han pedido cambio de género en DUI
Los demandantes afirman haberse practicado cirugías de cambio de sexo y reclaman que se les permita usar nombre femenino en el documento de identidad. Ningún caso ha sido resuelto.

quinta-feira, abril 21, 2011

'Tem muita travesti talentosa', diz nova diva gay do YouTube
Vídeo em piscina deu fama à transex Luisa Marilac e ganhou remixes de DJs.
Após agressão no Brasil e golpe na Itália, ela explica como saiu 'da pior'.

Terceiro acusado de assassinar travesti é preso em Campina Grande (PB)
Jaílton Santos, 25 anos, terceiro acusado de participar do assassinato do travesti Daniel Oliveira, se entregou nesta terça-feira (19) e foi ouvido pela delegada responsável pelo caso.

London transgender conference cancelled after trans complaints
A conference on transgender issues has been cancelled by the Royal College of Psychiatrists after a leading gender identity clinic pulled out.
The May 20th event in London, titled ‘Transgender: time to change’, angered trans campaigners who said it was one-sided and questioned speakers’ credentials.
They argued that some of the speakers, who included feminist writer Julie Bindel, held “offensive” and “outdated” views on trans issues.
[Commentary] Transphobic conference CANCELLED
[Commentary] U.K.'s Transsexual & Transgender Communities Successfully Shut down a Transphobic Hate-fest "Conference" by The Royal Collage. Stop Misrepresentation!
[Commentary] British Transpeople Successfully Shut Down Transphobic UK Conference

Transsexual ordered to switch back to male wins $50,000
A transsexual sales manager ordered to switch from male to female status at her employer’s whim has won more than $50,000 in a compensation claim.

Another trans murder in Izmir
Update: The two transwomen who were shot with R.B. (M.K and Y.E,) died later at a hospital. 3 deaths in one day.

After Mumbai dabbawallahs, Nepal's hijras bless British royal wedding
Six years after Mumbai's famed dabbawallahs - who meticulously supply lunch-boxes to lakhs of office-goers - offered wedding gifts to Prince Charles and his second wife Camilla Parker Bowles, another enterprising community from a neighbouring nation has made a novel gesture for a second British royal wedding.

Malaysia sends ‘effeminate’ boys to correctional camp to learn masculinity
Malaysian school authorities have sent 66 Muslim teenage boys to a correctional camp to learn “masculine behaviors” after their teachers identified them as effeminate.
Malaysia Sends 66 Boys to Antigay Camp
No to ‘sissy’ boot camp
Malaysia's anti-gay camp violates law says minister
Malaysia’s gay cure camp sparks anger

[Malaysia] [Letters to the Editor]
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
MY younger brother is a transsexual and his life has become so torturous that I cry with him all the time.
Even our parents have disowned him and he lives with me.
Our parents, being in a cushy position in society, see him as a liability to both their jobs and the titles they hold. They were so ashamed of my brother that they dumped him in my aunt’s home at age 14.
He is now 21.

‘Sex change’ for 10-year-old boy ok says Australian judge
Family Court Justice Linda Dessau, who has a history of approving “sex change” procedures for gender-confused youngsters in Australia, has issued an order approving the procedures for a 10-year-old boy.

Kathy was born aged 66, ten years ago
Frank Ernest Noble was born in London in 1934. In 1980, he moved to Australia. Then, in 2001, at the age of sixty-six, he checked into a hospital on the Gold Coast.
When he walked out, he was a she. Now Kathy Anne Noble has written her (and Frank's) life story, "Two Lives - A Transsexual's story and the fight for recognition".

Senate sees ENDA again
Though some believe there is little chance that it will pass, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) has been reintroduced in the U.S. Senate.

[USA] [Commentary]
Gender stereotypes paint pink problems
A recent article in the New York Times, “In Praise of Pink Polish” by Lisa Belkin, opens up a new discussion on gender identity and what actions and behaviors are socially acceptable for a boy or girl. Belkin highlights a recent J. Crew ad in which the fashion company’s president and executive creative director Jenna Lyons poses with her 5-year old son who is shown rocking pink toenail polish.
[Commentary] Just let the kid paint his toenails

[USA] [Commentary]
Wharton Widow, Nikki Araguz, told to leave Sen Williams' Office
A short video clip of Warton widow Nikki Araguz and Human Rights Campaign Board Member Megan Stabler talking with a staffer for Sen. Tommy Williams (R-The Woodlands) has been released on YouTube. The video is below. Mrs. Araguz is the widow of Warton, TX volunteer firefighter Thomas Araguz, killed in the line of duty. Capt. Araguz's ex-wife Heather Delgado who claims that she, the woman Capt. Araguz choose to divorce, should receive the widow's benefits from his insurance, instead of Mrs. Araguz, the woman Capt. Araguz chose to marry.

Lawsuit asks state to pay for inmate's sex-change operation
Lyralisa Stevens says she is harassed and sexually assaulted by male prisoners, and needs surgery to be assigned to a women's prison. State officials say they aren't required to provide that level of care.
Transgender Inmate Asks Appellate Court to Require Calif. to Pay for Sex-Change Operation
(Photo: Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times - Thomas Strawn, a transgender inmate who goes by the name Lisa, applies eyeliner inside her cell. She says she is in a committed relationship with a man in the next cell and would not want to be transferred to a women's prison.)

[GA, USA] [Video]
Georgia transgender woman speaks out on discrimination
A new video is out from In the Life Media featuring two transgender woman — Ja'briel from Hinesville, Ga., located just more than four hours south of Atlanta near Savannah, and Michelle, who is from Los Angeles — speaking out about the discrimination they face.

Hawaii Trans Protections Almost Here
The Hawaii house of representatives overwhelmingly passed legislation Tuesday that would make workplace discrimination against transgender people illegal.
Hawaii passes trans employment protections
Bill barring transgender bias in workplace awaits gov's OK
Hawaii Legislature Passes Transgender Employment Protections
Equality Hawaii, Human Rights Campaign Commend Hawaii Legislature for Passing Transgender Employment Protections

[MD, USA] [Commentary]
Maryland Trans Nondiscrimination Bill is Anti-Family? What?!
Maryland senate president Thomas V. "Mike" Miller, a Democrat, was shown to have a puzzling and rather ignorant view of Maryland's failed Gender Identity Anti-discrimination Act this week when it emerged he called the bill "anti-family" during a television interview that aired April 8. He also said that he knew senators who wouldn't employ "people with male sexual organs who wear a dress to serve as receptionists."

Nevada Moves to Protect Trans Workers
A bill to protect transgender people from job discrimination, introduced by Las Vegas politician Paul Aizley (pictured), cleared Nevada's general assembly on Monday.

Unconfirmed reports indicate Sen. Royce West plans to vote in favor of trans marriage ban
Kelvin Bass, a spokesman for Sen. West, returned my call regarding SB 723. According to Bass: “The Senator was not aware of this bill until reading the Dallas Voice article and had not yet formed an opinion but he will not be supporting the bill.” Although West’s office says he plans to vote against the bill, advocates are still urging people to contact other Democrats in the Senate and ask them to vote against the bill. Again, if no Democrats support the bill, it will die. Contact info for Senate Democrats can be found here.