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terça-feira, setembro 30, 2014

Brasil é o país com mais mortes de transexuais do mundo
Foram 486 mortes no período entre janeiro de 2008 e abril de 2013, segundo o relatório da ONG internacional Transgender Europe

Serbia LGBT pride march takes place undisturbed as riot police stand guard
Waving rainbow-colored flags, several hundred gay activists proceeded undisturbed through downtown Belgrade on Sunday thanks to the protection of thousands of riot police.

Beauty pageant with a difference
A young man is to take part in the Miss International Queen competition to be held in Pattaya, Thailand, next month. Student Myo Ko Ko San, 20, won the title for Myanmar last November in his hometown of Mandalay, in an event organised by the Rainbow Organisation.

It took 77 years, but N.J. native finally became the woman she always knew she was
Wearing slacks, Mary Janes and a honey-blond pageboy wig, 82-year-old Renee Ramsey drives her old Chevy past the Dollar General and the Piggly Wiggly in Summerville, S.C., chatting her way through the routine errands that now bring such joy.

Hobby Lobby Needs Proof Of Genital Surgery To Let Trans Woman Use Ladies’ Restroom
Hobby Lobby is a chain of craft stores running in accordance with Christian values. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled in the company’s favor to not provide employee health insurance that covers certain types of birth control.

EEOC Files Groundbreaking Cases on Behalf of Trans Workers
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has for the first time used the 1964 Civil Rights Act to file federal lawsuits against two companies for discrimination against transgender people. While the EEOC has interpreted Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to prohibit anti-transgender bias since 2012, today marks the first time the agency has brought lawsuits on behalf of transgender workers.

[USA] [Commentary]
Please Stop Saying That Trans Women Were “Born Boys”
As an out-and-proud trans woman and activist, I find myself having a lot of the same conversations about being transgender over and over again. Some of them are pretty benign, like how I chose my name or whose writing was influential in my work. Some just come with the territory, like those about harassment, discrimination, and health care access.

New Law Gives Trans Californians Respect After Death
A new law in California will prevent misgendering transgender people after death.

City expands transgender protections
The city has expanded its nondiscrimination ordinance to include gender identity or expression. The Human Rights Commission and Mayor Setti Warren recommended the change giving full rights and protection to the transgender community, and the Board of Aldermen two weeks ago passed the measure unanimously.

Transgender Nevada candidate could be a first in nation
When Republican Assembly 30 candidate Lauren Scott gave a lecture and slide show on Sex, Laws and Stereotypes at the Washoe GOP headquarters recently, some local Republicans said it was probably the first time gender identity and transgender expression have been openly discussed there.

Man chased, shot in anti-gay attack in Brooklyn: cops
A 22-year-old man dressed as a woman survived a vile anti-gay attack in Brooklyn on Saturday when he was chased and shot by a group of men shouting homophobic slurs, police said.
Three arrested in New York City for an anti-gay attack

segunda-feira, setembro 29, 2014

Protection of Trans People under the Istanbul Convention
Trans People and the Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention)

New EU Commission and their relevance for trans-topics
On Sept 10 EU Commission president Juncker presented his candidates and a new structure for the heads of the European Commission.

‘I had to tell my ma that I wasn’t gay, I was trans’
As attitudes change, some transgender students aren’t afraid to put their true identities on display when the debs comes around

India: Disabled trans woman dies after being pushed from a moving train
A 22-year-old trans woman has died after being pushed from a moving train by a group of young people.

Transgender activist recounts abuse in prison
It happened 14 years ago but transgender activist Nisha Ayub remembers vividly how she was caught for cross-dressing in Malacca.

Dad Has a Surprise for the Kids
‘Transparent,’ With Jeffrey Tambor, Begins on Amazon
'Transparent' is the most daring new series of the season

Barney Frank: Transgender people don’t have rights legislation because they wouldn’t help lobby
Retired congressman Barney Frank has attacked the head of the Human Rights Campaign for apologising to trans groups, and claimed trans people are only excluded from rights legislation because they wouldn’t help lobby for it.

EEOC suing two companies, alleging transgender workers illegally fired
A federal agency on Thursday filed its first lawsuits to protect transgender people in the workplace, accusing a Michigan funeral home and a Florida eye clinic of illegally firing employees who were making a transition to female.
EEOC Sues Detroit Funeral Home Chain for Sex Discrimination Against Transgender Employee
Michigan funeral home sued for firing transgender worker in historic anti-discrimination case
Transgender Bias Suit Filed Against Lakeland Eye Clinic
EEOC Sues Lakeland Eye Clinic for Sex Discrimination Against Transgender Employee

Advocates press for transgender protection in Nassau
Advocates for the transgender community pleaded Monday with Nassau legislators to revise the county's human rights law to give them specific protection -- but were rebuffed by Republican lawmakers who said the group already is covered.

Hundreds rally in Philadelphia to call for LGBT hate crimes protections
More than 200 people advocated for changes to the state’s hate-crimes law in the wake of the beating of a gay couple in downtown Philadelphia.

[Trinidad and Tobago]
Trinidad and Tobago: Prime Minister says gay rights is ‘not legally possible’
The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago has gone on record to say the country is nowhere near ready to establish a referendum dealing with the decriminalisation of homosexuality and gay rights as “it is not legally possible.”

A Transgender Student Was Fined For Wearing A Skirt To School, So These Boys Wore Skirts In Protest
When a transgender student in Brazil was recently fined for wearing a skirt to school, a group of male classmates rose to support her in spectacular fashion — by all showing up at school wearing skirts themselves.

Fallo de la Corte Constitucional mejora la situación laboral de personas transgénero de Bogotá
De acuerdo a cifras de la Línea Base de la Política Pública para la garantía plena de los derechos de las personas lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transgeneristas e intersexuales (LGBTI), las personas transgeneristas de la ciudad de Bogotá son a quienes más se les vulnera su derecho al trabajo, con un 92,44%.

Alerta por el repunte de contagio de VIH entre jóvenes gays y trans
Hace unos años el virus se expandía más entre mujeres hetero. Hoy los varones homosexuales parecen más expuestos. El preservativo es clave para frenar el repunte.

domingo, setembro 28, 2014

UN Human Rights Council condemns violence and discrimination against LGBTI people
After surviving a total of seven hostile amendments from Egypt, resolution passes 21-16 with seven abstentions

"Você quer ser mulher? Então vai apanhar como mulher", dizem agressores a Gabe
Depois do segundo ataque que sofre este ano, o garoto de 19 anos, morador do bairro de Interlagos, em São Paulo, conta que não passa um dia sem que alguém mexa com ele na rua

Amazon's 'Transparent' Is This Year's Best New Show, And Everyone Should Watch It Right Now
The urge to define Amazon’s newest original series, “Transparent,” as just a show about a transgender parent coming out to her family is strong, but maybe also misplaced. The series is about a father, Mort, transitioning to a woman, Maura, and while "Transparent" deals with the struggles and complications of being trans in today’s society, it also has so much more ground to cover.
Amazon's Transparent Is Great Television in Transition
How Netflix and Amazon became leaders in humane portrayals of transgender characters
'Transparent' is all about openness, and secrets
Transparent’ captures a family in transition
In ‘Transparent,’ Jill Soloway argues that transgender rights are women’s rights
Meet Two of the Trans Minds Behind the Groundbreaking New Show 'Transparent'
Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor tells Gay Star News: 'The (trans) revolution is here and it needs to keep going'

'I'm A Guy' Documents A Transgender Man Who Doesn't Want Medical Intervention
What does it mean to identify as transgender, but not want to surgically or medically alter your body -- or ever "pass" as your self-identified gender?
Nothing, besides the fact that you are transgender.

Federal Agency Files Landmark Lawsuits Against Transgender Discrimination
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed two federal lawsuits alleging employers in Florida and Michigan broke the law when each fired a transgender woman.

Trans activists to hold vigil outside Black Caucus conference
A campaign called Black Trans Women’s Lives Matter is holding a vigil and “call for peace” at 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27, outside D.C.’s Walter Washington Convention Center, where the Congressional Black Caucus is holding its annual Washington conference.

Lakeland woman part of historic transgender civil rights lawsuit
A Lakeland woman is filing an historic lawsuit, saying she was wrongly fired after her employer found out she was transitioning from male to female.
Transgender woman suing former employer for discrimination

Transgender Inmate Can't Sue Over Sexual Assault
A transgender who was sexually assaulted in the Orange County jail failed to prove that the county deliberately risked her safety, a federal judge ruled.

A Transgender Woman Says She Was Locked In A Cell With Her Rapist
In a lawsuit, Zahara Green says she was wrongly placed in a men’s prison — and when she asked for protective custody, found herself sharing a cell with the inmate who had been abusing her.

sexta-feira, setembro 26, 2014

NGOs urge Finnish Prime Minister to adhere to Human Rights Standards
Transgender Europe, ILGA-Europe and Amnesty International have written a joint open letter to the Prime Minister of Finland, Alexander Stubb, urging him to ensure that Finland's gender recognition legislation fully complies with international human rights standards. The gender recognition law in Finland is currently under review.

Forró do Bené é condenado a pagar R$ 2 mil de indenização a travesti que queria usar banheiro feminino da casa
O travesti Francisco Roberto Feliz, conhecido no mundo GLBT como Raquel, vai ganhar R$ 2.500 da Direção do Forró Bené do Cavaco por ter ingressado com uma ação visando indenização por danos morais sob o fundamento de que, ao participar de evento das dependências da Casa de Show, e tentar utilizar o banheiro feminino, acabou sendo impedida de adentrar no local. Segundo Raquel, isso lhe teria causado grande constrangimento pela discriminação sexual sofrida.

Russia’s Constitutional Court upholds gay ‘propaganda’ law
A Russian federal law banning gay “propaganda” has been upheld by the country’s highest court.
In a ruling released on Thursday, the Constitutional Court said the law does not breach Russia’s constitution.

India trans woman pushed off train, dies
The disabled woman was pushed by two youths and died on the spot
An Indian transgender woman died yesterday after she was pushed off a moving train in Bangalore.
India: Disabled trans woman dies after being pushed from a moving train

Malaysia: Transgender People Under Threat
The Malaysian government should urgently seek the repeal of all laws and regulations that discriminate against transgender people, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Transgender people in Malaysia face criminal prosecution under laws that effectively prohibit “cross-dressing” and discrimination in accessing employment, health care, and education.
Malaysia among worst countries in world for transgenders: report
Malaysia among worst places to be trans
HRW calls for repeal of laws against transgenders

ACLU Demands Government Provide Chelsea Manning Necessary Medical Care
Today, Chelsea Manning filed a lawsuit in federal court in the District of Columbia against Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and other Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of the Army officials for their failure to provide necessary medical treatment for her gender dysphoria, a condition with which she was originally diagnosed by Army doctors more than four years ago.
Pentagon officials sued for denying Chelsea Manning medical treatment
Manning sues Defense Dept. for gender treatment
Chelsea Manning files suit over military’s decision not to provide hormone treatment
Chelsea Manning Sues Federal Government for Hormone Therapy

Fifth Annual Transgender Health Fair
Metro Detroit will celebrate the Fifth Annual Transgender Health Fair this upcoming weekend. Vendors and exhibitors from around the area will combine their knowledge and resources to better improve the healthcare experience for the trans community.

Trans Survivors Find Refuge From Violence, Poverty
In a world where transgender women are particularly at risk, a safe haven emerges in Portland, Ore.

Transgender community to rally in Philly
Area transgender groups are planning to rally next month with the 4th Annual Philly Trans* March in Philadelphia in an effort to highlight both the accomplishments and challenges in their community.

Transgender Student Remembers Year Marred By Bullying
Last year, we introduced you to Pawtucket student Hannah Rini, who was about to start her first year of middle school as an openly transgendered student. Before her first day at Goff Junior High she was filled with hope about the new friends she would make. She felt confident because of the way her elementary school friends accepted her when she came out:

Despite AT&T's denial that Matthew Hileman faced discrimination, he says the company tried to keep him from releasing a recording of coworkers discussing an 'ass-whooping.'

Transgender victim says he was targeted at gunpoint
A Seattle man says he believes teenaged robbers targeted him Monday night because he is transgendered.

Actress’ son is a boy trapped in a girl’s body
Love your children, however they are, is the advice from British actress Adjoa Andoh.
She’ll be on the Island for TedX Bermuda next month, speaking on lessons learned as the parent of a transgender child.
I’m transgender. It’s not a choice

Matan a balazos a homosexual en una esquina en Zihuatanejo
Un sujeto asesinó a balazos a un travesti en la esquina conformada por las calles Dr. Miguel Silva y Francisco I. Madero, accionó su arma en contra de otros dos homosexuales vestidos de mujer pero no logró herirlos.

Asesinaron a pedradas a un transgenerista en Medellín
Indignación ha generado en la comunidad LGBTI del país, el asesinato del transgenerista Gabriel Duque López, quien fue asesinado a pedradas, en hechos ocurridos en las últimas horas en el centro de Medellín.
Asesinan a piedra a homosexual en Medellín
¡Alerta! En Medellín, en solo 4 meses asesinaron a 11 miembros de la comunidad Lgbti

La Iglesia bendijo la unión entre una transexual y su pareja
Luisa Paz, militante por los derechos LBGT en Santiago del Estero y José Coria recibieron bendiciones, un día después de haberse casado por civil. Mirá las fotos

terça-feira, setembro 23, 2014

‘Red lipstick’ crisis at IMC TV
A trans employee of IMC TV, known for the news she covers on LGBT issues, has been sacked by her boss. The ‘red lipstick’ crisis, which had led to a protest by Turkish Airlines flight attendants, was cited among the reasons for the termination of Michelle Demishevich Kurt’s employment contract. Along with Michelle’s attire, her “attitude and conduct” constituted justification for her getting the axe.

India Gets First Transgender TV News Anchor
Just months after India's Supreme Court decided to recognize transgender individuals as a third gender, Padmini Prakash is making history.
Padmini Prakash is India’s first transgender news anchor
India hails first transgender newsreader after law recognises third sex
India gets first transgender news anchor months after third gender legally recognised

Report confirms sexual assault on eunuch
The medical examination of eunuch, who had on Tuesday complained of sexual assault by three policemen of the Dargah police station here on June 4, has confirmed the assault.

16 trans women jailed after arrest at wedding
Sixteen transgender women have been jailed in Malaysia.
The arrests took place at a wedding ceremony in Bahau on Sunday 8 June.

Trans* group criticises Woolworths’ handling of teen customer
A trans* advocacy group has criticised supermarket giant Woolworths for its handling of an incident that saw an employee laugh at a young trans* customer last week.
Trans teenager says supermarket cashier ‘laughed in face’ over old ID

segunda-feira, setembro 22, 2014

Trans woman prevented from entering the Turkish parliament: “If you have a blue ID, you are a man”
A trans woman was discriminated against this morning [September 19, 2014] prior to a press conference to be held by the CHP (Republican People’s Party) MP Aykan Erdemir at the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The woman who wished to attend the meeting concerning LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) rights was asked to go through security checkpoint designated for men on the grounds that she carried a blue identity card.

IMC TV Statement on Demishevich’s Firing
Given the claims circulating in certain news sites and social media upon our parting ways with Michelle Demishevich, we feel the need to clarify the issue.
IMC TV Lays Off Trans Reporter Demishevich
Turkey's First Trans Reporter Fired After Alleged Dispute Over Lipstick
Trans journalist fired from television station

Fallon Fox wants UFC deal, responds to Ronda Rousey's 'ridiculous bone structure arguments
'Fallon Fox has responded to Ronda Rousey's recent statements about her having an 'unfair advantage'.

'Black Trans* Women's Lives Matter' To Hold Vigil in D.C.
Organizers ask: If #BlackLivesMatter, why aren't Black trans women's murders causing national outcry?

domingo, setembro 21, 2014

Tanto Para Conversar
Tanto Para Conversar é um espaço de troca de ideias entre convidados e apresentador. O conceito deste programa é dar importância à palavra e a partir daí a conversa é um ENCONTRO entre o convidado e o seu interlocutor.

Fotógrafa capta características femininas e masculinas em transexuais
“Gender Studies” é um ensaio fotográfico feito pela artista parisiense Bettina Rheims, que explora indivíduos que fogem da categorização de ser homem ou mulher.

Martial arts champ refuses to take on transgender fighter Fallon Fox
Mixed martial arts champion Ronda Rousey has refused to fight against trangender athlete Fallon Fox.
Ronda Rousey: Transgender fighter has 'unfair advantage,' but I'd knock her out anyway
Ronda Rousey on Fallon Fox: There's no 'undo button' on going through puberty as a man
Rousey won't fight transgendered MMAer Fallon Fox
Transgender ‘female’ boxer gives female opponent concussion, breaks her eye socket

Martine Rothblatt, Trans CEO, Speaks Out On Controversial New York Magazine Cover
Martine Rothblatt, who graced the cover of New York Magazine last week as the highest paid female CEO and highest paid transgender CEO in America, responded to critics of the magazine’s cover, which stated she “used to be a man” and which photographed her wearing a suit. Some transgender activists took issue with the magazine’s portrayal. But Rothblatt, the founder and former chair of Sirius Satellite Radio, and author of a riveting, fascinating new book on her research on the not-too-distant future of robot clones and possibly even life after death, defended the portrayal, explaining that she believes transgender identity is often fluid and not so fixed, a way in which she defines her own gender identity.

Agnes, una cuota de sangre para la lucha LGBTI… en vano
Cuando Agnes Torres supo que Bárbara Lezama había sido asesinada, en abril del 2011, tuvo miedo. “Las personas como yo no viven mucho”, le dijo entonces a su mamá sin saber que un año después dicha sentencia habría de cumplirse.

sábado, setembro 20, 2014

The Strange Case of An 18th-Century Sex Change Surgery
A chance discovery leads to one of the earliest known instances of the operation

First transgender news anchor says she's rid of her demons
Padmini Prakash, a 31-year-old transgender from Coimbatore, says she's freed herself from her social and personal demons.

Final draft of transgender policy ready
Departments, however, are yet to respond to it

Getting voter card still a distant dream for many transgenders in Maharashtra
Voter registration continues to be an uphill task for thousands of transgenders living across Maharashtra. Going by the latest figures, only 10% transgenders have registered with the election commission. According to latest figures released by the poll panel, 1,071 transgenders have enrolled as voters so far.

Model filial son kept double life a secret
Liu Ting, 28, was once declared a model son - a boy who had been taking good care of his sick mother, even carrying her on his back when he went to college.
But the winner of China's top honor for his moral uprightness was secretly considering suicide.
While traditional Chinese culture upholds filial piety, it frowns on transsexualism.

Trans teen humiliated by Woolworths’ staff
A Wollongong transgender teenager faced ridicule by a Woolworths’ staff member after being asked to present a driver’s licence in order to purchase cigarettes.

Consider College Options Carefully as a Transgender Student
Prospective students should ask if a campus has gender-neutral bathrooms and an LGBT center, experts say.

White House continues to back ENDA discharge petition
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on Thursday the administration continues to back a discharge petition to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, but wouldn’t articulate whether President Obama supports a narrowed religious exemption for the bill.
[Susan Davis moves to force House vote on ENDA, emphasizes importance of transgender protections

Black Trans* Women’s Lives Matter
Black Trans* Women’s Lives Matter is holding a vigil and ‘call for peace’ outside the Congressional Black Caucus Conference to honor the Black and Latina women murdered in 2014 and to draw attention to this ongoing epidemic.

Trans* woman claims self-defense in case
Like any 22-year-old growing up in a country that has historically prided itself on opportunities available to all, Eisha Love had dreams. On a website, she showcased photographs of herself, saying she was looking to get a start in life. "I am a hard worker and a fast learner," she wrote. "I know I was born to model."

MN trans community battles barriers to survival
To judge by popular culture, it might appear that transgender people are finally gaining acceptance in mainstream society. Laverne Cox, known for her role in the Netflix drama “Orange is the New Black,” recently made the cover of Time magazine, next to the headline “the transgender tipping point.”

State board adds gender identity to proposed anti-bias rules
A state licensing board added gender identity to proposed anti-discrimination rules after hearing support for the change from mental health professionals and two transgender people Thursday.

Commissioners pass antidiscrimination personnel policy
The Otero County Commission on Tuesday amended the county's personnel policy to include state and federally protected classifications regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and other items.

NGLTF calls for Morris probe
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the oldest national organization advocating for the LGBT community, is calling for a state probe of the Nizah Morris case.

[Puerto Rico]
Se asoma pugna por cambio de sexo en certificados
Representante denuncia que presentaron una medida en la Cámara que autoriza cambiar el sexo en certificado de nacimiento

sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2014

Advancing Trans* Movements Worldwide
Lessons from a Dialogue between Funders & Activists Working on Gender Diversity

Homossexual é assassinado com disparo na cabeça na capital
Na manhã desta Quarta-feira (17), o homossexual foi encontrado assassinado com disparo de arma de fogo na cabeça na Ponte do Baralho no lado de João pessoa O mesmo estava com o cabelo cortado dentro de uma sacola e enchimentos de seios ao lado da vítima, o mesmo ate final da reportagem não possuía nenhuma identificação aparentando ter 16 anos de idade.

Revista chama Deena Love de "traveca" e internautas reagem contra transfobia
Pela primeira vez na história do programa The Voice Brasil (Globo) uma drag queen se apresentou e foi um dos grandes destaques da reestreia, emocionando os jurados.
A apresentação repercutiu nas redes sociais em diversas páginas de entretenimento, e principalmente entre as pessoas LGBT e artistas drags.

Gender Recognition Legislation to be published before the end of this year
Yesterday (17th September), the Government announced that Gender Recognition Legislation would be among legislation to be published before the end of 2014.
Broden Giambrone, Chief Executive of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), welcomed the news.
Gender recognition bill to be published ‘by end of the year’

HSE foots €1.5m bill for sex-change ops
The Health Service Executive (HSE) has paid for at least 49 patients to undergo sex-change operations abroad, at a cost to the taxpayer of around €1.5m.

Greek hate speech law extended to cover gender identity
Last week, Greek lawmakers voted to include gender identity among the grounds coved by its hate speech law.

Michelle Demishevich, first and only Turkish Transgender TV reporter fired for red lip stick
Michelle Demishevich was fired yesterday after experiencing discrimination at her job as Turkey’s first and presently only transgender reporter. But according to LGBT Turkey she wasn’t fired becuse of her trans status.

“Turns out I had to pay off the state to be a whore”
Excerpt: "Then, a close friend of mine arranged for me to start interning at a five-star hotel. During my internship, both the hotel clients and the staff harassed me incessantly. People kept offering sexual relations in a way that could be considered harassment. That’s when I understood that if you are a trans individual, you have to be a sex worker. If you are employed in other lines of work, you will be harassed much more so than cis women. People see you as a potential sex doll. When men get boners, they see you like sex dolls they could use to satisfy themselves.”

Modeling her way to transcending societal norms
When you meet Anjali Lama, the first thing you notice about her is her tall stature, slim figure and well-defined facial structure further flattered by long straight tresses.

Albion Park transgender teen 'ridiculed' by Woolies staff
An Albion Park transgender teen was left disgusted by supermarket staff on Monday who laughed at him because he no longer resembled a licence photo taken before his gender transition.

Canadian Hockey Opens Doors for Young Trans Players
The governing body for amateur hockey in Canada has made its policies more welcoming for transgender players.

Facebook Warns Drag Queens They Will Delete Every Profile In Two Weeks
The world’s largest social network has decided to move forward with deleting all LGBT Facebook profiles who do not change their personal profile names to their legal names during a two week grace period.
Facebook rebuffs drag queens on name policy

Transgender Girl Found In Hartford After Escaping From Therapy Program
The transgender teenager whose transfer to an adult prison made national news slipped away Tuesday from a therapy program at Hartford's Institute of Living after being transported there from a secure youth facility by the Department of Children and Families.
Conn. Trans Teen Jane Doe Found After Escaping Therapy Program

Buford Highway bar kicks out trans woman
A Buford Highway club that denied entry to a transgender woman on Friday compared LGBT people to goats and says it banned the woman for her own safety.

OWS transgender protester sues cops over ‘unconstitutional’ arrest
A Massachusetts man claims he was mistreated and humiliated by cops after being arrested during a 2011 Occupy Wall Street protest on the Brooklyn Bridge – all because he’s transgender.

quarta-feira, setembro 17, 2014

Travesti de 17 anos é morta em Guarulhos
Criminoso foi preso no bar onde ocorreu a discussão
Uma travesti de 17 anos morreu após ser esfaqueada por volta das 5h10 da manhã deste domingo em Guarulhos, na Grande São Paulo.

ICD-Revision Proposal Mechanism is online
The WHO has published an online tool to propose changes to the ICD-11 Beta Draft. Proposed changes to the titles/definitions can be submitted. It is also possible to add new or delete existing entities, add synonyms and other content model parameters and propose more complicated structural changes.

European Council to discuss for first time LGBT-rights at high-level conference
On 28 October 2014, the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU, in cooperation with the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) and the General Secretariat of the Council will host the high-level conference “Tackling sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination: next steps in EU and Member State policy making”. The event will take place in the Council of the EU premises (Justus Lipsius) in Brussels.

TGEU Statement Norwegian Ombud decides forced sterilisation is discrimination: there is no good argument to uphold current practice
TGEU welcomes the decision of the Norwegian Equality Body outlawing forced sterilisation, necessary for a change of gender marker, as discriminatory. On Sept 9, the Norwegian Equality Ombud Ørstavik, took a decision in the case of John Jeanette Solstad Remø. The Equality Body found that the responsible Ministry of Health could not provide substantive arguments to uphold the sterilization requirement, but referred to an practice established since the 50s. Remø had complained about the requirement to undergo sterilisation before being recognized as female.

X in Passports and New Trans Law Work
We have learned from Danish trans people that the reformed gender recognition procedure actually works also in practice. In addition to the much-celebrated removal of any medical requirements in gender recognition, the already previously existent possibility of a gender marker X in the passport is now also available upon application, without approval from the Gender Clinic.

Hate Speech Law recognizes Gender Identity
TGEU member organisation Greek Transgender Support Association (G.T.S.A.) has successfully, together with other NGOs, advocated for an inclusion of gender identity as a protected characteristic in the Greek ‘Anti-Racist’ law, adopted on Sept 10, 2014 in Athens.

Moscow Takes a Break From Ukraine Fighting to Hate on Gays Some More
Fresh off (not) waging war in Ukraine, Russian officials hosted an international forum on "Large Family and Future of Humanity" this week that ended with a call for the international adoption of anti-gay laws.
Moscow anti-gay conference plans spread of ‘gay propaganda’ laws across the world

Bangladesh opposes ICPD’s LGBT rights move
It has also opposed the idea of comprehensive sexuality education programmes put forward by the ICPD

Transgender student wants own identity in yearbook
A transgender student from Ateneo de Manila University started an online petition to allow transgender students to appear in the gender they identify with in their yearbook.

[New Zealand]
No replacement found for MtF surgeon
No plastic surgeons have stepped up to fill the shoes of the nation's only gender reassignment surgeon, who has retired.

Hockey Canada embraces gender identity inclusion
Jesse Thompson can't wait until hockey season starts again, facing only his on-ice opponents. Hockey Canada has agreed to make changes to protect young players in Ontario from discrimination and harassment based on a player's transgender status. These changes resolve a human rights application Jesse filed after facing difficulties at his local arena.
Hockey teen nets human rights goal: Transgender players can choose dressing room

This Is What Happens To Transgender Kids Who Delay Puberty
As transgender visibility and acceptance has increased, young people have been identifying themselves by a different gender than they were assigned at birth sometimes as young as their pre-school years. Some of those young people have been using a hormone treatment to delay the onset of puberty, giving them a unique opportunity to mature before committing to a gender transition, and a new study finds that the results of such treatments are very positive.
Blocking Puberty Is Beneficial for Transgender Youth

Firefighters Find Burned Body on Sidewalk Below Hillside Fire; Arson Suspected
A woman who found a man's burning body possibly dressed in female clothing in a yard blaze near a boarded up apartment building fears he was the victim of a hate crime. Patrick Healy reports for NBC4 News at 6 p.m. from the Harvard Heights neighborhood Monday, Sept. 15, 2014.

Transgender travel study shows there's work to be done
Only 10 percent in survey perceive Broward to be transgender-friendly

Rome transgender woman files suit against state DOC from prison
An incarcerated, trans gender woman from Rome has filed a federal lawsuit against Georgia’s Department of Corrections, claiming the DOC and prison officials failed to stop repeated sexual assaults against her.

Identifican al transexual hallado sin vida en Tierra y Libertad; le decían "La Garcia"
Los primeros informes referentes al presunto homicidio de un transexual, indican que su nombre era Héctor García y la gente la conocía como “La García”, aparentemente no era nayarita, pero tenía tiempo radicando en esta ciudad, ella se dedicaba a realizar pulseras y las vendía en el Centro Histórico a los paseantes y locales comerciales.

Matan a un transexual hondureño en el sector de Ticamaya
Un transexual fue asesinado la madrugada de este sábado en la carretera que al sector de Ticamaya de Choloma, Cortés, en la zona norte de Honduras.

La titular de la Asociación de Travestis de Santiago se casa, luego de 29 años de convivencia
Luisa Paz contraerá matrimonio con Jose Coria, el albañil al que está unida desde hace casi tres décadas.

segunda-feira, setembro 15, 2014

Identidade versus sociedade
Dei os meus primeiros passos no activismo trans em 2002. Fazendo parte de uma minoria dentro das minorias, achei sempre que fazia parte e era um imperativo de consciência lutar, apoiar e defender as pessoas, os seus direitos, e tornar as pessoas trans visíveis socialmente. Visíveis como todas as outras pessoas e com os mesmos direitos. 12 anos depois vejo que pouca coisa mudou, a nível social, e que até piorou em muitos aspectos.

No final da noite de ontem, sábado 13 de setembro de 2014, por volta das 23h:00, socorristas do Siate (Sistema Integrado de Atendimento ao Trauma e Emergência) do Corpo de Bombeiros e policiais militares do 14º BPM de Foz do Iguaçu, foram acionados para deslocarem até a Rua Sérgio Gasparetto, esquina com a Rua Pardais, defronte a uma empresa de assessórios no Bairro Portal da Foz, para darem atendimento a uma vítima de disparos de arma de fogo.

Travesti é encontrada morta em estrada rural de São Manuel
Uma travesti de 33 anos foi encontrada morta em uma estrada rural, na manhã deste domingo (14), em São Manuel (71 quilômetros de Bauru). A vítima F.L.S. estava com perfurações e marcas de violência pelo corpo.
São Manuel: Polícia prende homem acusado de matar travesti

Franky Nguyen's painful path toward womanhood
Franky Nguyen went cold at the sight of a body covered in a white sheet being wheeled out of the Thai operating room she'd soon enter on a stretcher.
(Photo credit: Franky Nguyen. Designer Franky Nguyen after over ten gender reassignment procedures.)

San Francisco supervisor backs drag queens over Facebook ‘stage name’ bans
A San Francisco supervisor has called on Facebook to meet with drag artists who are protesting the website’s ban on stage names.

Radio hosts fired for calling trans people ‘nut jobs’ return to airwaves
A pair of radio hosts who were fired for making transphobic comments have been given a new show just four months later.

domingo, setembro 14, 2014

Travestis relatam ameaça e cobrança de 'diária' para fazer programa sexual
Grupo que trabalha no Centro de Piracicaba (SP) fez boletim de ocorrência.
Homem ameaçou matar as vítimas caso não recebesse R$ 40 de cada uma.

X in Passports and New Trans Law Work
We have learned from Danish trans people that the reformed gender recognition procedure actually works also in practice. In addition to the much-celebrated removal of any medical requirements in gender recognition, the already previously existent possibility of a gender marker X in the passport is now also available upon application, without approval from the Gender Clinic.

PRESS RELEASE: “Gender identity is included in the new Anti-Racist Law
Greek Transgender Support Association (G.T.S.A.) a recognized NGO that supports the rights of the trans community, is stating its satisfaction for the adoption of the so-called “anti-racism” law in the Greek Legal System which includes gender identity in the definition of violence or hatred instigated crimes.

Calcutta high court drops rape charge against intersex Indian athlete Pinki Pramanik
The Asian Games gold medalist was accused by her live-in partner of rape and impersonating a man in 2012

India government asks Supreme Court to clarify pro-trans ruling
The government says transgender rights should not be extended to gay people
Why Modi Govt objects to SC ruling on Transgender rights: Explained

Transgender Raped by Police Seeks Justice, Community Upset with Modi Government
The transgender community, which has been seeking justice for a rape victim, has expressed disappointment at Narendra Modi-led NDA government's move demanding clarification from Supreme Court on its decision to give third gender recognition to transgenders.
Transgender raped by cops fights for justice

Fallon Fox to fight Tamika Brents Saturday night
Fallon Fox, the history-making trans MMA fighter who came out last year, takes to the ring this Saturday, Sept. 13, in a Capital City Cage Wars match. She will be fighting against Tamika Brents, who has had a thing or two to say about Fox in the past.

Hollywood homophobia: Study finds that LGBTI actors still face discrimination
Both gay and non-gay actors report hearing homophobia on set and think that the entertainment industry still has a problem casting gay actors in straight roles

Facebook is under fire from gay and transgender users who are being forced to use real names
There have been multiple reports that Facebook is forcing gay and transgender users to use their legal names instead of their online personas or chosen names, as part of a crackdown on pseudonyms, despite the danger this poses to some users
SF Supervisor Calls For Facebook To Meet With Drag Queens Over Profile Restrictions
Facebook Cracking Down On Fake Names On User Profiles

Transgender Homecoming Princess crowned at Sand Creek High
A historic homecoming vote. Sand Creek High School students voted in possibly the first transgender Homecoming royalty in Southern Colorado.
Transgender girl wins bid for homecoming princess at Colorado Springs high school amid concerns

Discrimination in health care industry common for transgender people
Jamy Rae Zubich-Hanson wrote her graduate-school paper about developing clinical competency for mental health professionals who want the expertise to serve transgender patients.

Adelie Bergstrom: She still models, as woman now
Successful Australian male model Andrej Pejic publicly announced a name change in July.
Pejic became a transgender woman named Andreja after gender reassignment surgery.
Pejic now plans to model only female clothes and has already increased her advocacy on behalf of other transgender individuals.
Former Rochester resident Adelie Bergstrom, 31, of Duluth, also used to model as a man.

Gay men in Suriname accuse police of assault and mistreatment
Police Commissioner Humphrey Tjin has ordered an investigation into media reports that a number of gay prostitutes were assaulted by police officers earlier this week.
The bi-weekly De Ware Tijd newspaper reported that two gay men, reportedly from Guyana, were assaulted by three police officers close to a police station in the city.
The story in the newspaper is accompanied by a full face picture of a heavy made up man dressed in female clothing and wearing a wig.

sexta-feira, setembro 12, 2014

Scottish leaders outline position on LGBT equality ahead of independence vote
The leaders of the main political parties in Scotland have outlined their party’s commitments to advancing LGBT rights regarding each potential outcome of the independence referendum.
Scottish Labour leader: Independence would diminish equality in Scotland

Government objects to SC empowering third gender
n a precarious position over its stand on the LGBT community, the NDA government has moved the Supreme Court, raising several objections against the historic April 15 judgment that granted constitutional recognition to transgenders as a third gender and gave them the right to have a family.

Survey: Landmark survey finds hundreds of children with gender identity disorder
Most children in Japan between the ages of 6 to 18 who admit to having gender identity disorder receive some sort of special gender support from their schools, a landmark study shows.

WATCH: Toronto School Board Member Tongue-Tied Over Transphobic Tweets
A Toronto School Board member was struck dumb when a local reporter asked him about his tweets claiming he 'reserved the right' to believe that trans people don't exist and may or may not be mentally ill.

STUDY: Voter ID Laws in 10 States May Disenfranchise Transgender Citizens
This November, thousands of trans people in ten Southern and Midwestern U.S. states will face strict photo ID laws that may bar them from voting.

25-Year Sentence For Man Who Beat, Robbed Transgender Prostitute
A 23-year-old man who orchestrated the brutal sexual attack and robbery of a transgender woman was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Following the sentencing, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance said, "Several decades ago, a case like this one may not have gone to trial, but today’s sentencing and the convictions of these defendants represent a significant step towards obtaining justice for all crime victims, regardless of background."

International transgender model visits Vermont for Pride Week
Becoming an acclaimed fashion model is not easy, but for Phillipina model Geena Rocero there were a few extra hurdles along the way. The international model risked her career to reveal a secret on a motivational speaker series called Ted Talks.

Beloit, Janesville schools adopt transgender rules
Last night, Beloit's school district became the latest district in Wisconsin to approve new rights for transgender students. It's a trend sweeping the state.

quinta-feira, setembro 11, 2014

Homem é preso suspeito de matar travesti em Caçapava, SP
Crime aconteceu na madrugada desta quarta-feira (10) na zona rural.
Segundo a PM, suspeito teria contratado travesti para um programa.
Homem é preso acusado de matar travesti após programa em Caçapava

Epic change endangers U.S. election validity
Barack Obama is well known for attacking voter ID laws, contending they are being pushed “by racist Republicans who want to disenfranchise blacks.”
But now there are allegations claiming secure-ballot advocates are targeting transgenders.
It was the Williams Institute that declared in a statement Tuesday that transgenders may face “possible disenfranchisement.”
New Study: Strict Voter ID Laws Pose Unique Barriers and Possible Disenfranchisement for More than 24,000 Transgender Voters
The Potential Impact of Voter Identification Laws on Transgender Voters in the 2014 General Election

More women’s colleges address transgender applicants
Women’s colleges are revisiting policies around enrolling transgender students as institutions of higher learning – single-sex, coed and those with religious affiliations – demonstrate varying degrees of acceptance for changing norms.

American Medical Association: Trans people shouldn’t need surgery for legal gender recognition
The American Medical Association has called on states to stop requiring trans people to undergo surgery before recognising their legal gender.

Wall Street Journal article says trans people shouldn’t be offered gender reassignment
The Wall Street Journal has published an article calling transgender people confused and “mistaken” about their gender identity.
Published under the Opinion section last week, the article was written by Dr Paul McHugh. Until 2001 McHugh was the director of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, as well as the psychiatrist-in-chief at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

26 percent of transgender voters in Alabama could be shut out by photo ID law, study shows
More than 1,000 transgender Alabamians could have issues at the ballot box due to the state's voter identification laws, a new report shows.

Man Sentenced To 25 Years For Beating, Robbing Transgender Prostitute
A man who beat and robbed a transgender prostitute in a Manhattan hotel room was sentenced Tuesday to 25 years behind bars.

As family pleads for mercy, Harrisburg babysitter gets state prison on child-sex conviction
As Caprice Dennison's family expressed disbelief that the crime had even occurred, a Dauphin County judge sentenced the Harrisburg resident to state prison Tuesday for molesting a 14-year-old boy.

What we know about the Alejandra Leos killing
On Saturday Alejandra Leos, a transgender woman living in North Memphis, was shot at least three times and was left lying on the street outside her home. In the 24 hours following her murder, police originally identified Leos as a man but according to news reports, “family members say Alejandra Leos lived life as a woman.”

A partir de hoy, homofobia, lesbofobia y transfobia son delitos en DF
Entra en vigor reforma a Ley para Prevenir y Eliminar Discriminación capitalina
Amplia facultades a Copred
Las sanciones podrán ser de tipo penal, civil o administrativo

quarta-feira, setembro 10, 2014

Segredos e mentiras
Ao longo da minha vida fui-me apercebendo, a pouco e pouco, que não deveria ser sincera nem honesta em relação não só ao que pensava, como também ao que sentia, às razões das minhas acções, e por aí fora. Como mulher transexual, que aos 14 anos se assumiu como rapaz homossexual, coloquei-me no fio da navalha em relação a todos aqueles que me rodeavam.

Homossexual é assassinado a facadas em Uruará
Por volta das 23h de sábado, 06, o homossexual, Antônio Pereira de Araújo, 46 anos, mais conhecido pelo apelido de Terezinha, foi assassinado a facadas próximo a um bar da Avenida Pará, centro-leste da cidade de Uruará. De acordo com a polícia civil foi apurado que Antônio chegou ao bar por volta das 22h30min e em seguida saiu na companhia de um homem baixo e magro, ainda não identificado, e pouco tempo depois foi encontrado morto.

Transgender woman called a ‘lady boy’ by staff and says she is afraid to use work toilets
A transgender woman too afraid to use the toilet at work has spoken out about the discrimination she has faced from colleagues.

Genderqueers seek recognition
People who fall under 'genderqueer' category which covers all gender nonconforming identities are still awaiting recognition, considering the fact that there are more than 25 genders falling under this category.

Transgender woman wins damages over golf course membership rejection
A transgender woman has won a lawsuit against the operators of a golf course who denied her membership after she changed her registered sex from male to female.

Transgender ruling includes surprising twist
A recent human rights decision has gained some attention, not only for awarding three transgender people damages but also because the tribunal found the discrimination had harmed a business owner even though she didn’t identify with that category.

Major transgender conference headed to South Florida
Efforts to court lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travelers are paying off for Broward County.

Allentown Trans Woman Sues Former Employer Over Discriminatory Behavior
A transgender woman in Allentown has filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer, Tilden Township sporting goods store Cabela’s, saying that the company discriminated against her when she was transitioning, even going so far as to fire her because of her gender identity.

Local Memphis station gets transgender coverage right
41-year old Alejandra Leos a Latina transgender woman, was murdered a mere few feet from her home in Memphis Tennessee last Friday. Local Memphis affiliate WREG respectfully reported on this crime and the identity of the victim. Her killer was arrested shortly yesterday, also reported by WREG.
Man charged with first-degree murder of transgender woman in Memphis

Felipe Gil, compositor de canciones de Luis Miguel y telenovelas se declara transgénero a sus 74 años
Felipe Gil, Vicepresidente operativo de la Sociedad de Autores y Compositores de México (SACM) el día 3 de septiembre dejó atrás uno de los rumores que corrían en internet desde el mes de abril de este 2014, y que rumoreaba que el ejecutivo en sus tiempos libres gustaba de vestirse como mujer y mostraban una foto de él maquillado, portando aretes y collar. El rumor el día de ayer se convirtió en verdad, pues Gil decidió revelar en el programa Ventaneando que efectivamente es transgénero y que desde los cuatro años le fascinaba ponerse los tacones de su mamá.

terça-feira, setembro 09, 2014

Trans Pride Brighton defines key year for emerging community
The event, including Europe’s first transgender pride march, focused on celebrating new-found visibility and preparing for challenges ahead
This summer Brighton hosted Europe’s first ever trans pride march as part of its second annual Trans Pride weekend.

Kellie Maloney evicted from Celebrity Big Brother
Kellie Maloney has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Toddler aged 3 assessed for sex change at top London clinic
Three year old child assessed for a sex change at the Portland Clinic in London and is the youngest of 468 minors seen by the centre in the last year

Administrative Court in Stockholm striking out diagnosis in gender recognition (16.05.2014)
Judgement of the Administrative Court in Stockholm on 16 May 2014 on the diagnosis-requirement for gender recognition
The Administrative Court in Stockholm ruled that requiring a mental health diagnosis cannot be mandatory for obtaining legal gender recognition as the relevant law does not have such a requirement.

New Anti-Discrimination Law Could Worsen Situation for Georgia's LGBT Community
Georgia's LGBT community is sceptical that recently-introduced anti-discrimination legislation hailed by some rights groups as a bold step forward for the former Soviet state will improve their lives any time soon.

Gambia Lawmakers Pass Bill to Jail Gays for Life
Gambia's National Assembly has passed a bill imposing life imprisonment for some homosexual acts, officials said Monday, potentially worsening the climate for sexual minorities in a country with one of Africa's most vocal anti-gay leaders.

America’s highest-paid female CEO was born a man
The highest-paid female CEO in America used to be a man.
Martine Rothblatt, 59 — who founded the $5 billion pharmaceutical firm United Therapeutics and also co-founded Sirius — had a sex-change operation in 1994.

Rutgers approves preferred student name policy
Rutgers has approved a student preferred name policy, starting last week. According to the policy, class rosters, Sakai and Rutgers Electronic Grading and Information System will allow students to use preferred names instead of legal names.

Bala Cynwyd doctor helps transgender teen gain her true identity
What would you do if your 10-year-old son told you that God had made a mistake, that he had been born into the wrong body, that he is and always was a girl?

WATCH: Pa. Trans Woman Sues Former Employer
More than seven years after Katie Lynn Blatt says she was fired from her job at sporting goods store Cabela's, she's filing a federal lawsuit alleging antitrans discrimination.

Trans Woman Murdered Outside Her Memphis Home
Last week, Alejandra Leos was found fatally shot several feet from her front door. On Sunday, police arrested Marshall Pegues and charged him with murder.
Alejandra Leos, Transgender Woman, Murdered In Tennessee (UPDATED)
Man arrested for murdering transgender woman
Transgender woman murdered in North Memphis