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terça-feira, dezembro 30, 2014

Travesti é morta com cinco tiros no Santa Marta, em Ribeirão das Neves
Vítima não portava documentos e não foi identificada; não há informações de motivação para o assassinato
Uma travesti, não identificada, foi assassinada com cinco tiros, na madrugada desta segunda-feira (29), em Ribeirão das Neves, na região metropolitana de Belo Horizonte. Nenhum suspeito foi identificado ou localizado.

UK’s only transgender military pilot talks of the support she received from Prince William
The woman, who has served alongside the prince as a search and rescue pilot, has spoken out about her life, career and transition process
The RAF’s only openly transgender plane pilot, Flight Lieutenant Ayla Holdom, has given a moving interview to the Mail on Sunday in which she discusses her life – and was full of praise for the way in which her colleagues in Britain's Royal Air Force accepted her transition.

Icelandic Trans Woman Facing Job Discrimination
Jó­hanna Erna Guðrún­ar­dótt­ir has been struggling to gain employment since coming out as transgendered, reports MBL.
“Like most minorities in our society [I face discrimination],” said Jóhanna Erna, 18. “But you just try not to let it get to you.”
While she might try not to let it get to her, trans discrimination is getting in the way of her earning a living.

Supreme Court to hear govt plea against its order on transgenders
Agreeing to examine a string of objections, the Supreme Court has sought replies from the National Legal Services Authority and all states on a plea moved by the NDA government against the historic April 15 judgment that granted constitutional recognition to transgenders as a third gender and gave them the right to have a family.

Student, 17, gets sex-change go-ahead despite parents’ objections
A student has won the right to have gender-changing surgery at just 17 — against the wishes of his parents — after a court ruled he should be free to make his own decisions about medical treatment.

Transgender prisoner held in solitary confinement in Colorado
Unique Taylor is a 37 year old Transgender woman held in solitary confinement in the supermax prison in Florence Colorado. Taylor was convicted for a drug-manufacturing conspiracy but since being imprisoned, has been raped and assaulted and has been fighting to be recognized as a woman. Susan Greene writes about her story in the Colorado Independent and speaks with KGNU’s Angela Palermo.

Kansas City police apologize for anti-transgender posts during ‘tweet-along’
The police department in Missouri said it regrets posting offensive tweets during a live stream detailing two officers' interaction with a transgender prostitute.

Scholar Won't Stop Fighting Alleged Transphobia, Loss of Housing
Meredith Talusan is fighting to have her Cornell-affiliated housing coop address alleged mistreatment by her housemate.

Transgender teen commits suicide, cites Christian parents in blog
After years of abuse and rejection from strict Christian parents, an Ohio transgender teen commits suicide by stepping in front of a moving tractor trailer truck.
Leelah Alcorn, also known as Joshua Alcorn, was struck and killed by a passing semitrailer on southbound Interstate 71 in Union Township Sunday morning. The tragic event appears not to have been an accident, but a suicide.
On her blog at Tumblr, Leelah left a poignant suicide note, detailing a life of pain and rejection, a life dominated by Christian parents who refused to understand, or simply could not understand, that their precious child was a female trapped in the body of a male.

ACLU joins Virginia transgender boy’s fight to use boys’ restrooms at school
Virginia teen Gavin Grimm was ordered by his school board to either use the girls’ bathroom or staff facilities despite his living as a boy since the start of the school year

Transgender Rights Advance In Cuba
The New York Times on Saturday highlighted the story of Ana Rafaela Diaz Gomez, a transgender Cuban woman.

'World's first trans doll' shocks Argentina
A fairy toy dubbed 'the world’s first transgender doll' has shocked parents in Argentina who are afraid it could 'influence' their children’s sexuality.
The discount Fashion Happy doll is made in China and comes with a skirt, high heels, decorative fairy wings — and a penis.
It is unknown whether the 'genitalia' is intentional or a factory defect.
Forgotten Victims: Remembering Slain Sex Workers
Last Wednesday, sex workers in Oakland, Belfast, and Rio de Janeiro protested on the steps of their respective city halls, while sex workers in New Orleans, Seattle, and Montreal marched through the streets carrying red umbrellas and candles. Since 2003, Dec. 17 has been known as the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, and this year it was commemorated in over 60 locations worldwide.

Europe’s Game-Changing Bearded Lady
Eleven hours after my plane touched down in Austria, one miscommunication about the difference between Friday and Saturday and a frantic search for lederhosen in the non-negotiable final minutes of shopkeepers’ hours in Vienna and I arrived at the eighth annual Almdüdler Trachtenpärchen Ball, hoping no one will notice that my socks didn’t match my leather knickers, awaiting like everyone else here the arrival of Conchita Wurst, the Queen of Austria.

Police detain trans women in Malatya on grounds of “Reasonable suspicion!”
Police conducted house raids on the residences of trans women in Malatya. One trans woman was forced out of a taxi and taken into custody. Local sources speculate that the new “reasonable suspicion” standard on police searches is the reason behind the recently increased pressure on trans women.

Taiwan Removes Surgical Barriers to Trans Citizens' Legal Recognition
With Taiwan's celebrated decision, the number of countries worldwide that require proof-of-surgery to change legal gender now drops to 28.

Gays in Aceh go into hiding from syariah cops
Overwhelmed by fear, members of the main gay rights group in the Indonesian town of Banda Aceh started burning piles of documents outside their headquarters in late October, worried that the syariah police would raid them at any moment.

Filipina Trans Woman's Alleged U.S. Marine Murderer Granted Trial Suspension
During the 60-day delay, Filipino advocates have high hopes for a review of the Visiting Forces Agreement, which has allowed the U.S. to remain involved in U.S. Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton's custody.

When Albert met Ann: 'Ridiculous' marriage laws force transgender divorce
When Albert met Richard, he offered to buy him a gin and tonic.
Homosexuality had been legal for almost a decade in Britain, and young men flocked to gay bars with a giddy ardour they were still reticent to display on the street.

After 25 Years, DNA Leads to Arrest in Trans Woman's Murder
Carla Salazar's murder was a mystery for 25 years, until advances in forensics finally led police to a suspect — the first arrest by a new task force focusing on cold cases.

Florida Man Gets 30 Years in Prison for Murdering Trans Woman
A 23-year-old Florida man has been sentenced for the murder of Ashley Sinclair (pictured), over a year after the transgender woman's murder.

Detroit LGBTQ community mourns passing of transgender man
The body of a 22-year-old Michigan transgender man Jay Ralko who had been missing for thirteen days was discovered on December 23 in Warren, Michigan. A statement released by Equality Michigan the following day noted that police believe the cause of death to be suicide, pending the results of an autopsy.

Ana’s Story: Gender Reassignment in Cuba
The Cuban government paid for Ana Rafaela Diaz Gomez’s sex change, yet challenges still remain for same-sex couples on the island. (3:59) Video: Alexandra Garcia and Andrew Blackwell]
In the 1960s and 1970s, the Cuban government brutally repressed sexual minorities, but in the last seven years there has been an evolution of rights for people who identify as L.G.B.T. This transformation was led by Mariela Castro, a straight woman who is the daughter of the current president, Raúl Castro.

This Thursday December 25, 2014, Juan Luis Morales Almeida (Culturally name Marisol) about 39 years old, was found wrapped in blankets after propinársele six stab wounds to his body (one in the jugular), which appear to have robbed life. Its premises, located in av. Causarina by the entrance of the Eight northwest of Guayaquil, was the scene. Relatives and friends of the victim suspect that this bloody fact was made a partner known as “Robert”.

domingo, dezembro 28, 2014

Feriados, violência doméstica e transsexuais abrem 2015 no Parlamento
O Parlamento prepara-se para os últimos meses da XII legislatura e, para a maioria PSD-CDS, o primeiro momento complicado deverá surgir no dia 15 de janeiro.

Corpo de travesti é encontrado dentro do Canal do Trabalhador no Ceará
Segundo a polícia, o corpo foi encontrado por moradores da região.
Corpo da vítima foi estava sem roupas e com marcas de violência.
O corpo de uma travesti foi encontrado na noite desta sexta-feira (26) dentro do Canal do Trabalhador, no município de Pacajus, Região Metropolitana de Fortaleza. De acordo com a Polícia Militar, o corpo foi achado por moradores da região.

Com sinais de violência, corpo de travesti é encontrado em Caucaia
Um travesti, sem identificação, foi encontrado morto na manhã desta quinta-feira (25), no bairro Urucutuba, em Caucaia.
Durante a reportagem, nenhum amigo ou familiar compareceu ao local. Tudo indica que a vítima foi assassinada a pauladas.
O corpo foi encontrado por populares com um short jeans, blusa vermelha e uma peruca, dentro de um capacete.

Three transphobic hate crimes recorded in Gwent last year
Gwent Police is bucking the national trend after fewer transphobic hate crimes were recorded in 2014 than in the year before.
The force said it recorded three gender identity crimes between January and November, compared with seven in 2013 and one in 2012. The crimes included assault, harassment robbery and criminal damage.
Transphobic crimes soared in 2014

Transgender hate crimes on the rise as charity claims cases are 'massively under-reported'
The number of hate crimes against transgender people has risen this year.
Eleven police forces recorded more offences from January to November than the whole of 2013.

Transgender hate crime is on the rise, say new figures
There has been a rise in the number of hate crimes against people in Northern Ireland who have changed gender, according to new figures.

Israeli army aims to become more welcoming for transgender recruits
New policy to help transgender soldiers from the time they get first draft notice through getting gender-appropriate uniforms and housing.

LGBTs in Aceh go underground due to Sharia law
After a new anti-homosexuality law passed in Indonesia's province of Aceh in late October, LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) groups say they are being being forced deeper underground.

Inside A Finishing School for Transwomen
Since the age of six or seven, Wendy Roome knew was something was terribly wrong about her. It was the 1950s. And she was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.
Then known as William, she felt uncomfortable, nervous, and withdrawn and kept even family and good friends at arm’s length lest they find out her deepest, darkest secret.
She would sneak into her mom’s closet and try on her dresses. When Roome graduated from college, she worked enough nerve to buy women’s clothes, but only at stores 50 miles from home and she paid in cash.

Rhode Island drops surgery requirement for transgender birth certificate changes
Civil liberties advocates are praising the state of Rhode Island for making it easier for transgender residents to change their gender designation on their birth certificates.

sexta-feira, dezembro 26, 2014

Travesti circula de calcinha e sandálias no centro de Porto Alegre
Uma travesti circulava praticamente sem roupa em Porto Alegre na tarde desta terça-feira. Um leitor enviou a foto para o WhatsApp do Diário Gaúcho. O flagrante foi feito por volta das 17h30min quando o travesti, vestindo apenas calcinha e sandálias, atravessava a Rua Siqueira Campos esquina João Manoel, no centro.

Travestis enfrentam cotidiano marcado por violações
Coordenadora de Diversidade Sexual da Secretaria da Justiça aponta que a maior vulnerabilidade é sofrida por aquelas que acabam por ganhar a vida com a prostituição

Pena dada ao ex-policial militar Cirineu Carlos Letang Silva corresponde à morte de 52 detentos que estavam no terceiro pavimento do Pavilhão 9 do complexo penitenciário. O fato ocorreu no dia 2 de outubro de 1992, quando uma operação policial para reprimir uma rebelião resultou na morte de 111 presos; Letang já está preso por ter sido condenado anteriormente pela morte de cinco travestis

Travesti é presa suspeito de matar cliente de 74 anos em MG
Um travesti foi preso suspeito de matar um cliente de programa, em Juiz de Fora-MG. De acordo com ele, o cliente, um aposentado de 74 anos, tentou agredi-lo, o que acabou gerando uma confusão. Na briga, o idoso morreu.

Ensanguentado, travesti corre pelas ruas de Moema e polícia encontra corpo em restaurante italiano
Jovem foi apreendido sob suspeita de assassinar homem em bairro nobre de São Paulo
Moradores de Moema foram surpreendidos na madrugada desta segunda-feira (8) com a cena de uma pessoa que acreditavam ser uma mulher correndo, seminua, pelas ruas do bairro nobre da zona sul de São Paulo e chamaram a polícia.

Pelo menos sete LGBT foram assassinados nos últimos 7 dias; saiba
Excerto: Já em Itaquaquecetuba, em São Paulo, a trans Paulinha B. F., de 26 anos, foi encontrada morta no trevo de entrada da cidade. Ela não possuía evidências de violência e estava com as calças na altura do joelho. O Consultor de Polícias LGBT da Secretaria Municipal de Políticas para Mulheres acompanha o caso na Delegacia Central detalhes sobre o caso.
Uma travesti foi encontrada morta no Morro Inglês em Paranaguá, Paraná. Segundo a polícia, a trans fazia programa e foi assassinada em outro lugar, devido a marcas de um veículo. A principal suspeita é que ela tenha sido morta por estrangulamento e jogada posteriormente no local.

Taiwan to allow gender change without surgery in a month
Adults can change their legal gender after a 6-month consideration period

Distributor raises screenings for documentary on Vietnam transgender people over audience welcome
The distributor of a documentary on transgender issues has made a decision to increase the number of its screenings following a passionate embrace by Ho Chi Minh City cinemagoers.

Missing Person Found In Metro Detroit
Ralko was found dead in his vehicle in the Meijer parking lot at 13 mile and Mound on Dec. 23., according to Louis Galasso, Warren police deputy commissioner. Police suspect suicide.
Ralko's sister Molly posted on Facebook that she was proud to be his sister and that Ralko had been through a lot.
Missing transgender man found dead, suicide suspected
Missing transgender man with mental illness found dead

Forgotten Assault
A brutal attack on two transgender women in 2011 foreshadowed several troubling years of violent crime against the LGBT community in Cleveland, and the city's ill-equipped ability to respond

Nizah Morris advocates march through Center City
Holding candles and chanting "trans lives matter," about 60 advocates for Nizah Morris marched through Center City this week.

Echaron a una travesti y su novio por besarse en un local de Belgrano
La pareja se tomó una selfie dándose un beso y el encargado de Mostaza les pidió que se retiren. Ahora, organizan un escrache al negocio.

Avanza en la Provincia el cupo laboral para travestis
La Cámara de Diputados bonaerense aprobó ayer un proyecto de ley que busca crear en el sector público de la provincia un cupo de al menos el 1% de los empleos para que el colectivo trans, travesti y transgénero pueda tener acceso a un trabajo digno.

quarta-feira, dezembro 24, 2014

Gildásio Rodrigues dos Santos (piau), de 22 anos de idade, foi encontrado morto na manhã do domingo (14) na cidade de Belém-PB. O jovem estava com sinais de estrangulamento.
A irmã do “Piau” confirmou que a vítima deixou uma carta onde informava que estava tendo problemas na relação com seu namorado. O jovem teria dito para sua mãe que vinha sendo ameaçado. A irmã disse ainda que eram constantes as brigas motivadas por ciúmes. Essa pista foi determinante para que a polícia chegasse ao acusado.

Travesti é assassinado no anel viário de Aparecida
O corpo da vítima ficou estirado em plena chuva. Rafael da Silva Souza, de 30 anos, foi assassinado na madrugada desta quinta-feira (10) no anel viário de Aparecida de Goiânia.

Travestis são mortas com 41 facadas em casa na região Leste de BH
Um duplo homicídio, na noite desse domingo (14), assustou os moradores do bairro Boa Vista, na região Leste de Belo Horizonte. Duas travestis de 31 anos foram assassinadas, ao todo, com 41 facadas. A motivação dos crimes ainda é desconhecida.

Travesti é morto a pedradas em posto de combustível em VG
Um travesti foi encontrado morto na manhã desta segunda-feira (15.12) em um posto de combustível em construção na região da Estrada da Guarita, em Várzea Grande. Segundo informações da Delegacia de Homicídio e Proteção à Pessoa de Cuiabá (DHPP), a vítima teria sido assassinada a pedradas.

Seis mortes em uma noite violenta na grande Goiânia
Entre os assassinatos, um foi de um travesti e há suspeitas de que o crime seja de homofobia
Segundo a Delegacia de Homicídios de Goiânia (DIH), seis pessoas foram mortas a tiros na noite dessa terça-feira, na região metropolitana de Goiânia. Ainda não se sabe a motivação de nenhum dos crimes e na investigação não há suspeitos.

Joállisson Gomes Policarpo, 23 anos, morreu nesta sexta-feira (12/12) em decorrência de queimaduras que sofreu em um incêndio na madrugada do domingo (07) numa casa na Rua José Inácio da Costa, Bairro da CONPEL, em Pocinhos, no Agreste.

Dupla de homossexuais brutalmente assassinada no bairro Miguel Couto
Moradores do bairro da Grama e Geneciano, próximo a Miguel Couto, em Nova Iguaçu amanheceram assustados após acordarem com a notícia que havia duas pessoas mortas por tiros, na Estrada do Mato Grosso.
Segundo informações de populares, as duas vítimas são transexuais e são conhecidas somente como Wesley e Nego. Ainda de acordo com populares, as vítimas possuem marcas de tiros e aconteceu durante a madrugada de ontem. De acordo com policiais da DHBF (Divisão de Homicídios da Baixada Fluminense), ainda se sabe a motivação do crime, mas já vão começar as investigações.

Travesti é morto com dois golpes de faca
O Travesti Danilo Roger Ramos Silvério, 23 anos, foi morto nesta madrugada, atingido por dois golpes de faca. O crime aconteceu por volta da 01h30 da madrugada, no pátio de um posto de combustível, bastante freqüentado por prostitutas e travestis.

Amnesty Disappointed with Ireland's New Trans Bill
Though happy it's being delivered before the end of the year as promised, Amnesty International says Ireland's gender-recognition bill will need amendments to make it good.

Women’s Ministry cuts funds from NGO helping transgenders
The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has stopped funding a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that assists transwomen, sex workers and people with HIV, amid a brouhaha over transgender rights.

It's official: Dr. Kenneth Zucker is a criminal in California
Dr Kenneth Zucker, who chaired the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-V committee on Gender Identity (over the objections of the transgender community), and who built his career on reparative therapy (i.e. torture) for transgender minors, is now a criminal in the state of California.

Miami-Dade County adds gender identity to human rights ordinance
The Miami-Dade County Commission on Tuesday voted to amend its existing Human Rights Ordinance to prohibit discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment on the basis of gender identity and gender expression.

segunda-feira, dezembro 08, 2014

Trans Woman dies in the Netherlands after violent incident
Once more sad news fem the Netherlands. Sonny (Gerritson Noel) Angila from Groningen, Netherlands died this Tuesday, December 2nd. Last Sunday night, November 30, she had been hospitalized after having been strangled in a fight at home. This Tuesday Sonny died.
Sonny was originally from Brazil or the Dutch Antiles and was 31 years old when she died, according to TGEU Steering Committee member Vreer.
The press release of the Dutch Transgender Network (TNN) highlights that it is already the second case this year of a transgender person loosing their live due to violence. „These murders are the signal for the politics to better protect the lives of transgender persons.“ says TNN Chair Carolien van den Lagemaat.
We are shocked and saddened. Our thoughts are with those close to Sonny and the transgender community in the Netherlands. May she rest in peace and the perpetrator(s) be brought to justice!

Identifican a homosexual asesinado en Mundo Nuevo
En la Agencia Tercera del Ministerio Publico fue identificado legalmente el hombre que fue asesinado cruelmente este fin de semana en la colonia Centro de la congregación de Mundo Nuevo.
De acuerdo al reporte el occiso respondía en vida al nombre de Antonio García, de 26 años, quien fuera identificado por sus familiares.
Este joven tenía otras preferencias sexuales, es por ello que al ser encontrado sin vida vestía ropa de mujer, como una falda y una blusa morada.

No me hallo: Los hombres trans también existen
Durante años, los hombres transgénero y transexuales han sido invisibles a la sociedad. Para empezar, no es sencillo asumirse como una persona trans, los prejuicios aún tienen un peso en la sociedad que impide que tanto hombres como mujeres que han pasado por una transición de género puedan tener una vida plena, la mayoría de las veces.

Lo que padecen las mujeres transexuales en reclusión
En México el sistema penitenciario es el reflejo de un Estado en detrimento, corrupto, violatorio de Derechos Humanos, alejado por mucho de proporcionar una vida digna, o una reclusión digna.

Travesti asesinado a golpes tenía cinco días desaparecido
Wilman José Buelva Cassiani, de 29 años, quien fue hallado muerto la tarde de este viernes cerca del kilómetro 4 de la vía a Perija, en el municipio San Francisco, tenía cinco días desaparecido.

Muere popular transformista Francis Françoise
Mauricio Zenteno fue uno de los precursores del transformismo en Chile.
El artista, que por años trabajó junto a Ché Copeta, estuvo también en el Teatro Municipal gracias a la obra "Migrantes".
Una falla multisistémica fue la que produjo, la mañana de este martes, la muerte de la conocida transformista chilena Francis Françoise, para muchos, la reina madre del transformismo en Chile.
Retratos urbanos: Mauricio Zenteno, leyenda del transformismo en Chile

Identificaron a la trans encontrada muerta al costado de la Ruta 34
Hasta el momento se desconocen las causas de su muerte. El juez interviniente ordenó que se le practique la autopsia de rigor.
En la madrugada de hoy, una trans fue hallada sin vida a un costado de la Ruta 34, a la altura del kilómetro 723, a escasos metro del canal ubicado en Tabla Redonda. Hasta el momento, se desconocen las causas de su fallecimiento, aunque en la parte posterior a su remera, se encontraron huellas de neumáticos, según detalló la policía.

Autoayuda contra la transfobia
¿Usted quiere ser una buena persona, respetar los derechos de lxs otrxs y hacerlos respetar, pero se sorprende diciendo atrocidades o quedándose mudo ante comentarios retrógrados? ¿O los dice sin darse cuenta de que lo dice? Aquí van algunas pistas

El día de las bestias
María Rachid presentó un proyecto para otorgar un subsidio a las personas trans de más de 40 años que vivan en Capital Federal. Antes que debate, la noticia generó un aluvión de bromas pesadas.

Los derechos laborales de las trans, uno de los reclamos en la Marcha del Orgullo
Por políticas públicas provinciales que contemplen a la diversidad y por la inclusión laboral de las personas trans, entre otros planteos, este sábado se cumplió una nueva edición de la Marcha del Orgullo en Resistencia.

sábado, dezembro 06, 2014

Unicamp: banheiro feminino apenas para “portadoras de vagina original de fábrica”
Alunos denunciam pichações transfóbicas no banheiro da instituição; para estudante, tal fato ocorre por que as pessoas não estão acosutmadas a ver transexuais transitando pela universidade

Travesti fica em estado grave após ser espancado no RS; veja o vídeo
Crime ocorreu em rua de Passo Fundo, no Norte do Rio Grande do Sul.
Imagens das câmeras de segurança mostram momento da agressão.

ROTAM impede assalto a travestis
Na madrugada desta sexta-feira (05), três indivíduos tentaram realizar uma sequência de furtos a travestis na Avenida Josias Ferreira Sobrinho. Uma da vítimas, de 23 anos, teve sua bolsa roubada mediante força física. Em seguida, ao tentar roubar uma segunda vítima, ouve reação. Os autores sacaram uma faca, mas a ação foi frustrada pela Polícia Militar da ROTAM, que estava em ronda no local e percebeu a ação.

[New Zealand]
Watch Coco Solid's Fa'afafine Documentary For 'Heaven's Gate'
Last month Coco Solid unveiled the gender-challenging rap 'Heaven's Gate', and now the talented wordsmith has followed up with a music video documentary focussing on the fa'afafine community. The empowering single plays the soundtrack to the short film which captures the non-stop vogueing and incredible attitude at the annual FAFSWAG Ball in South Auckland, an event which celebrates the city's thriving fa'afafine and transgender scene. The clip is the musician's co-directorial debut and aims to accurately reflect and pay homage to the queer identities and multicultural communities she grew up in.

Kate Pierson, The B-52s Singer, Drops 'Mister Sister,' First Track From Solo Album [UPDATED]
One of the founding members of the iconic band The B-52s is back with a very queer new single.
Kate Pierson is slated to release a solo album, called "Guitars and Microphones" and executive produced by hit maker Sia, on February 17, 2015. In anticipation of this release, Pierson dropped her first single and video for "Mister Sister" -- a track that she is dubbing a "trans[gender] anthem."

Transparent Creator on Show's First Trans Writer
Jill Soloway explains the choice of Our Lady J and responds to criticism as the popular series resumes.

LGBT-inclusive shows ‘Transparent’ and ‘Normal Heart’ among Writers Guild nominees
Several LGBT-inclusive shows have been announced as nominees in the Writers Guild competition.

Advocates push for transgender rights in military
Three years ago with the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the Clinton administration policy that required gay service members to keep their sexual orientation secret while serving in the military ended. But for transgender individuals, little has changed.

Arizona 'pregnant man' pleads not guilty to stalking estranged wife through hidden GPS tracker
A transgender man in Arizona who gave birth after beginning to change from female to male has pleaded not guilty of stalking his estranged wife.

Transgender Woman Shot, Killed While Pounding on Door of South L.A. Home for Help
Police were on Thursday investigating the death of a 21-year-old transgender woman who was gunned down while pounding on the front door of a South Los Angeles home seeking help.
Deshawnda Sanchez, known as “Tata,” was shot around 4 a.m. Wednesday on the front porch of a home near South Wilton Place and West 62nd Street (map), according to the Los Angeles Police Department.
Police searching for gunman in fatal robbery of transgender woman

Miami-Dade OK's Trans Protections After Hours of Emotional Debate
The ordinance extends nondiscrimination protections to trans people in housing, public accommodations, and employment.

MSHSL Approves High School Transgender Athlete Policy
Minnesota's high school sports league has approved new guidelines for transgender students to participate in sports.
High school league votes to let transgender athletes pick their teams
MN State High School League adopts trans-inclusive policy
High School League overwhelmingly approves transgender policy

Virginia’s New Policy For Transgender Student Athletes Includes Hurdles
The Virginia High School League (VHSL) voted 25-0 on Wednesday to approve a new policy that will allow transgender student athletes across the state to participate on the sports team that corresponds with their gender identity. Though the update is a great improvement over its previous policy, it comes with its own share of hurdles.

quinta-feira, dezembro 04, 2014

Imagens fortes: Travesti é morto a golpes de estilete no Centro de Manaus
O travesti Jonathas Macedo da Silva, aluno de Lgística da Universidade Paulista (Unip) foi morto a golpes de estilete, ontem à noite, no cruzamento das ruas Joaquim Sarmento e Saldanha Marinho, no Centro de Manaus.
A Delegacia Especialziada em Homicídios e Sequestros (DEHS) está investigando o crime.

'Transando com Laerte': cartunista terá programa de TV em 2015
Vem aí “Transando com Laerte”, programa que será apresentado pela cartunista no Canal Brasil em 2015. A anfitriã — ela pede que a tratem sempre no feminino — conversará sobre temas específicos com seus entrevistados, entre eles Tom Zé, Paulo Lins, Marisa Orth e Xico Sá. Laerte conversou com a coluna.

Castilla y Leon dará tratamiento sanitario completo a las personas transexuales
Un año de negociación entre Fundación Triángulo y el SACyL culmina con el acuerdo que restaura los derechos sanitarios de las personas transexuales en CyL

Lack of B.C. female-to-male surgeries ‘weird,’ says surgeon
A Montreal medical specialist who performs gender-realignment surgery for B.C. residents says she finds it “very weird” not to have seen a single patient from B.C. referred for female-to-male surgery in the two years since the Medical Services Plan announced it would lift a funding ban on the procedures.

Gender Nonconforming Youth Need Multidisciplinary Psych and Medical Care
The unique needs of gender nonconforming children and adolescents require multidisciplinary psychological and medical care, according to a review of clinical practice guidelines for these youth.

What It's Really Like Dating as a Transgender Woman
A recent episode of "True Trans" with Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace addressed how being transgender affects relationships. Laura Jane's description of how it impacted her relationship with her wife in the first half of the episode was a very accurate portrayal of my own observations about the challenges of holding a pre-existing marriage together post-transition.

ACLU: U.S. Army to recognize legal names of transgender veterans
The U.S. Army has agreed to “fully recognize” the new legal names of two transgender military veterans, the American Civil Liberties Union said Tuesday.

Feds Say Transgender Students’ Gender Identity Must Be Respected
New government guidance has LGBT rights advocates "thrilled"
Federal Guidance on Single-Sex Classes Confirms Schools Must Respect Every Student’s Gender Identity

Miami-Dade County adds gender identity to human rights ordinance
The Miami-Dade County Commission on Tuesday voted to amend its existing Human Rights Ordinance to prohibit discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment on the basis of gender identity and gender expression.
Miami-Dade County Commission approves transgender protections
Miami-Dade County votes in favor of banning transgender discrimination

Maine school district ordered to pay $75K in transgender discrimination suit
A Maine court has awarded the family of a transgender girl $75,000 in a settlement of her discrimination lawsuit against a school district where administrators made her use a staff, not student, bathroom.

Farmington Hills family shares their transgender journey
Roz Keith believes training and education will help build communities that are more welcoming to children like her son.

Group opposed to inclusive athletics policy calls being transgender ‘dangerous’
Representatives of the Minnesota Child Protection League have been hitting the conservative radio circuit in order to drum up opposition to a policy that would create a more inclusive environment for transgender students in Minnesota schools. The Minnesota State High School League is poised to adopt a policy that would provide schools with a framework for including transgender high school students in extracurricular activities including athletics. MNCPL has published two full-page ads in Minnesota newspapers and sent out mailers in Greater Minnesota which LGBT groups have characterized as anti-transgender.
CPL sent anti-transgender direct mail across state to derail MN State High School League policy
Transgender dooms girls’ sports? MN pioneer says relax
Minn. could allow transgender athletes to pick team that suits them
High school league braces for transgender athlete vote
Child Protection League stands by photo used in controversial anti-trans ad
The End of Girls’ and Boys’ Sports in Minnesota?

Shen school board approves gender identity policy
The Shenendehowa School District Board of Education Tuesday adopted a policy that allows students and staff to use bathrooms and locker rooms that are not in conflict with their gender identity.

N.J. Trans Veterans Win Important Fight to Change Names on Military Records
In a potentially game-changing move, the U.S. Army has allowed two transgender veterans to update their names on their discharge papers.

Toledo strengthens hate crime law to include transgender people
Toledo City Council voted unanimously Dec. 2 to strengthen the city’s hate crime law, adding language that makes it clear crimes against transgender people are considered hate crimes.
The decision comes after the robbery and assault of transgender woman Candice Milligan in Downtown Toledo last month.

Panel addresses transgender inclusion in Gloucester County schools
Former School Board member Ronnie Cohen cautioned Gloucester County schools on how it addresses a proposed transgender restroom use policy.

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Homossexual morre no Hospital da Restauração após ser alvejado a tiros em Vitória
Morreu no Hospital da Restauração, na capital pernambucana, o homossexual João Veloso de Oliveira, conhecido como Joana, de 36 anos. A vítima foi alvejada por dois disparos de arma de fogo, no Bairro do Iraque I, na noite do domingo (30). Dois homens em uma motocicleta não identificada são os suspeitos de efetuarem os tiros.

Modelo Transsexual Carol Marra lança linha de moda praia
Durante o lançamento do linha, ela disse: 'Sou mulher pra casar'.

Transgender Veterans Achieve Victory in Battle Against Discrimination
In response to ACLU-NJ letter, Army agrees to change names on key identity documents

Amid trans discontent, HRC endorses nominees for EEOC
Following confusion in the transgender community over its previous silence, the nation’s largest LGBT group has publicly announced its support for nominees pending before the U.S. Senate for a federal agency charged with enforcing civil rights law.

Transgender care excluded in faculty insurance
While transgender students at the UA can receive insurance through Campus Health Service, transgender faculty are not given the same services because their insurance is through the state.

Miami-Dade approves transgender rights measure
The Miami-Dade County Commission has approved an ordinance that would ban discrimination against transgender men and women.

Transgender student’s lawsuit ends with $75K award, order telling Orono schools to allow bathroom access
A final order has been issued in a transgender student’s lawsuit against the Orono School Department over the denial of her access to the girl’s bathroom in grade school and middle school.

Misleading Anti-Transgender Newspaper Ads Spark Outrage in Minnesota
A controversial ad that ran in three Minnesota newspapers this weekend opposing a statewide transgender rights school policy is being criticized for misleading readers with false, fear-based claims about student treatment.
LGBT Sports Coalition condemns Minnesota newspaper for anti-trans athlete ad
Second Transphobic Ad Hits Press as Minn. Debates Student Athlete Policy
Minnesotans spread word about coming transgender policy
Anti-LGBT group takes out anti-transgender ads in papers statewide
Child Protection League Action Uses Stock Photo of Lesbian Novel in Anti-LGBT Ad

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Supremo decidiu se manifestar sobre o uso do banheiro por travestis e transexuais
Na semana passada, travestis e transexuais tiveram um motivo para comemorar: o Supremo Tribunal Federal decidiu que vai se pronunciar sobre o uso do banheiro por transexuais. Mas por quê isso é bom? No artigo de hoje responderei esta pergunta e darei minhas impressões sobre o julgamento que será feito por nossa corte constitucional.

Musician Thomas Dolby’s transgender son gets married
The son of ‘80s pop singer Thomas Dolby married his longtime partner Wednesday in Suffolk, England.
Dolby, 56, tweeted a photo of the happy couple along with words of congratulations.
On Facebook, Dolby wrote: “It’s a day of celebration in the Dolby family. Congrats to you all! So much love! I’ve got something in my eye. *happy sniffle*”
Harper Robertson, 23, is one of three children Dolby has with former U.S. actress Kathleen Beller (Dynasty).
Harper was born female but transitioned.

'We're hidden in full view because we look like the guy next door'
Inspirational members of Cumbria’s transgender community have revealed how changes in society are seeing them find a greater acceptance.

[South Africa]
Love in exile
In 2010, Tiwonge Chimbalanga, a transgender woman, was imprisoned in Malawi for getting engaged to a man. Pardoned and freed, she now lives in exile in South Africa. But does her story represent a triumph for the global LGBT rights movement?

Bangalore police arrest 160 trans women a day after pride
Protesters say the anti-trans 'purge' is unconstitutional

[South Korea]
Seoul postpones human rights charter after anti-gay protests
Christian groups oppose a clause banning LGBTI discrimination

Border Security program accused of contributing to alleged unfair treatment of US transgender activist
The Seven Network's Border Security program has been accused of contributing to alleged unfair treatment of an American transgender activist who had her Australian visa cancelled.
Monica Jones appeared in the Federal Circuit Court on Monday to fight the Immigration Department's efforts to deport her, after she was detained in Villawood Detention Centre last week accused of breaching her visa work conditions.

Department Of Education Issues Guidelines To Protect Transgender Students In Single-Sex Classrooms
The U.S. Department of Education interpreted Title IX to say public schools must treat transgender students “consistent with their gender identity in all aspects of […] single-sex classes.”

Transparent Hires First Trans Staff Writer as Promised
Yesterday, transgender musician and singer-songwriter Our Lady J announced that she has joined the writing staff for Season 2 of Amazon's acclaimed show Transparent. Awesome.

MD Medicaid to Expand Coverage for Trans Health
Earlier this month, Maryland’s Medicaid Coverage Policy Advisory Committee recommended that Maryland’s Medicaid coverage be updated to provide transgender-inclusive health coverage for all participants in Maryland’s Medical Assistance (Medicaid) program. The Medical Assistance program is the primary source of health insurance coverage for low-income adults, families, and children in the State. The updated coverage will provide coverage for medically necessary comprehensive services for gender transition.

Newspapers Across MN Run Another Anti-Transgender Ad
Well-funded opponents of the Minnesota State High School League's new proposed transgender policy continue to run scaremongering ads in newspapers that are more than happy to take their money.
Opposition mobilizes again to MSHSL transgender policy
Transgender Policy' to be considered by Minnesota State High School League

City expands first half of transgender protections
The Cleveland City Council gave a unanimous nod to adding gender identity and expression to an ordinance barring discrimination in employment and promotion with employers contracting with the city.

Analizan en Jujuy si hubo discriminación en torno al sepelio de una travesti
El Inadi de Jujuy analiza si Ailén Noemí Chambi, conocida por ser la primera persona transexual en lograr el cambio de identidad de género en la provincia, “fue discriminada a la hora de su muerte”

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'I always knew I was different' - more rights needed for transgender people
Rona Rees realised from a very young age that there was something different about her.
Rona, from Drefach, who was born Raymond, is one of an estimated 31,000 people in Wales seeking or awaiting gender reassignment surgery.
The 63-year-old said: "I did not know there was a name for it at the start but I knew I was different to the other boys. I didn't know for a number of years what was wrong with me. I put it to one side and just accepted I was odd."

Jersey: Same-sex marriage bill won’t include ‘spousal veto’ for trans people
Jersey’s planned equal marriage bill will exclude a controversial ‘spousal veto’ clause, which can stop trans people gaining legal gender recognition.

Drag queen activist tipped to win ‘Person of the Year’ award
An Irish drag queen who made a defiant speech about equality is tipped to pick up a ‘Person of the Year’ award.
Drag artist Panti Bliss, played by Rory O’Neill, caused controversy in January this year when she labelled Catholic lobbying group the Iona Institute ‘homophobes’ on an Irish talk show, over their position on same-sex marriage.

Gay Iranians pressured to surgically change gender, seek asylum
Gay people in Iran know that life in their country can be horrific. They can face execution for being themselves. Those who wish to remain in Iran often receive shocking advice from the medical community. And it involves surgery to change their gender, to be more culturally acceptable.

167 Indian Trans Women 'Arbitrarily' Jailed, Protestors Demand Justice
The day after Bangalore's pride parade, 167 hijra were detained under an anti-begging law in a move advocates consider a targeted assault against the women's gender identities.

‘Wife’ with moustache may become reality if LGBTs are allowed
Selangor Umno delegate Datuk Ismail Kijo expressed his disappointment with the efforts by certain quarters who want the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) group to be accepted and recognised.

‘I know it’s bad for my health, but I want to be a woman’
Faced with discrimination and a lack of resources, the Kingdom’s transgender community are taking matters into their own hands – often at great risk
Rith Rasy fears the large doses of hormones she takes to maintain her feminine figure could cut her life short. But the happiness she gets from living as a woman, the gender with which she’s identified since she was seven years old, is enough for her to justify continuing to take six tablets each day, without any medical guidance. The regime she follows gives her breasts, thin, hairless arms and a more womanly figure. But it has also makes her prone to mood swings and memory loss and diminishes her sex drive.

Vietnamese transgender strips off in street to 'show off': official
A Vietnamese woman whose car was pulled over Friday stripped down to her panties only to flaunt her body, a senior police official in the northern province of Bac Giang has said.
Colonel Do Hong Truyen, chief of the provincial traffic police force, on Saturday confirmed the authenticity of the images of the woman in her panties after they went viral on the Internet over the past few days.
(Photo: A photo of the incident in which a Vietnamese transgender woman stripped down to her panties in front of several traffic cops on duty and many passers-by in the northern province of Bac Giang on Friday.)

Vietnam transgender teacher dreams of husband, kid
It has been six years since the day Pham Van Hiep, a male educator in the southern Vietnamese province of Binh Phuoc, had a sex reassignment surgery and became Pham Le Quynh Tram, a female teacher.
Tram told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper after teaching a class in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, one day with an inspiring, charming voice that she is living the happiest days of her life and has both love and passion for career.
(Photo: Pham Le Quynh Tram, a transgender, is shown teaching her students in this file photo.)

Canadian MP: Government ‘trying to kill’ transgender rights bill
Canada’s much-delayed transgender hate crime bill has been stalled yet again, after being bumped off a committee’s agenda.
Transgender bill languishes in Senate after 20 months

University of Calgary approves proposal for on-campus gender-neutral washroom
For most people, walking into a public washroom rarely triggers any fears or anxieties beyond typical concerns of cleanliness or adequate supplies of toilet paper.

Some Colleges Revisiting Admission Policies For Transgender Students
Dozens of women's colleges are grappling with the challenge of how to define policies for transgender students. NPR's Eric Westervelt speaks with Wellesly graduate Alex Poon about his experience as a trans-man on campus.

Antoinette Thornes Is a Trans Actress Who Rocks
The Thornes singer chats about her role as a woman with a secret in the family drama On a Stool at the End of the Bar.
How honest should a trans person be with his or her partner? That’s one question raised in Robert Callely’s world-premiere drama On a Stool at the End of the Bar, which runs through December 14 at off-Broadway’s 59E59 Theatres. Antoinette Thornes stars as Chris, a woman raising three teenagers in New Jersey with her blue-collar boyfriend of 10 years — a happy suburban family ripped apart by the discovery that Chris is transgender. Thornes, a New York rock singer, discusses the high price of passing.

Charleston lawyer stops hiding yearning for life as a woman
The way it happened wasn’t how Anne Kelly planned to come out.
Well, there wasn’t really a plan, but a time was bound to come along that felt right, wasn’t there?
She wanted to be divorced. She wanted to make sure she had answered all of her 9-year-old daughter’s questions. But on the morning of Nov. 3, any plan she might have had changed.
“I had to do it,” she said recently, narrowing her eyes and balling her hand into a fist, recalling that moment.
(Photo by F. Brian Ferguson: Gazette Anne Kelly has been transitioning to a woman for about two years. She recently came out to her friends, who have known her only as Greg Skinner, a 45-year-old man.)

"No me voy a ofender si me dicen Luis o Luisa"
La electa concejal de la comuna de La Esperanza (Trujillo) promete que no solo luchará por la comunidad LGBT, sino por todos los sectores que han visto vulnerados sus derechos. “Todos somos iguales”, señala.

Polémica por proyectos para sumar trans al municipio
Hay dos propuestas que impulsan que haya un cupo fijo para sumar transexuales a la planta permanente de empleados del Municipio. Qué opina cada bloque.

Desmintieron que se impulse un subsidio de 8.000 pesos para transexuales porteñas
La autora del proyecto, María Rachid, aseguró que el proyecto para subsidiar a las personas trans de más de cuarenta años fue presentado hace más de un año, y que la suma del subsidio era de $ 2.400.