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sexta-feira, janeiro 30, 2015

Prefeitura vai pagar bolsas de R$ 840 para travestis e transexuais
Programa "Transcidadania", lançado esta quinta-feira por Haddad, será voltado para pessoas em situação de vulnerabilidade social

Pope receives ‘transgender’ woman and female partner for private audience
Pope Francis granted an audience on Saturday to two women the world’s press are dubbing a “transsexual man and his fiancée.”

UK bank accuses woman of fraud just because she is trans
Got an apology and £500 payment in return

Germaine Greer: Transphobia does not exist
'Arachnaphobia, yes. Transphobia, no'

Transgender Rights in Ireland (or Lack Thereof)
Charlotte Ryan looks at navigating the uneven terrain of transgender rights and the transgender experience in modern Ireland

Police Harassment, House Raids and Detainment in Istanbul
December 4, 2014 Over the last week the police have targeted trans women and sex workers in Istanbul. House raids were conducted targeting the homes of trans people working and living in Findikzade and Haseki regions.

Half of transgender sex workers subjected to police violence: Report
December/06/2014 A report drafted by a civil rights organization has drawn a picture of the plight of transgender individuals in Turkey, finding that half of all transgender women sex workers in the country have been subjected to physical violence from police. It also states that the murder of transgender individuals in Turkey amounts to 40 percent of the total number of such killings in all of Europe.

Eunuch charges man with assault; he says she wanted to castrate him
Dec 6, 2014 It was no ordinary domestic squabble. The 'wife' said her 'husband' had assaulted her and cheated her of cash and ornaments worth Rs 3 lakh. But then, she really was a man, Nandram alias Raju. A resident of Bhamaura tehsil, she said she had long had feminine traits. Her lover forced her to undergo a sex-change operation at Moradabad three years ago, she said, and her lover and she had taken to living as man and wife.

Trans inmates to be placed based on self-identified gender
New Ontario policies ‘most progressive’ in North America, government claims

Former transsexual says surgeons too quick to operate
A man who underwent a sex change then had it reversed is warning that surgeons are too quick to operate in cases like his.

Victory for Monica Jones!
Monica Jones won her appeal in Arizona last week. In reversing her conviction and ordering a new trial, the court criticized the trial judge’s decision for the legally flawed conclusion that Monica’s testimony should not be considered not trustworthy because she had a motivation to lie to avoid punishment.

ASUN unanimously supports recognition of preferred gender identification at UNL
The Association for Students at the University of Nebraska has voted unanimously to support the recognition of preferred gender identity at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

SD House to SDHSAA: Don't create transgender policy
The South Dakota house on Wednesday introduced a bill that would block the South Dakota High School Activities Association's policy on transgendered student-athletes.

Trans woman murdered in Tyler
Transgender woman Ty Underwood, 24, was shot to death in Tyler on Monday, Jan. 26.
Police: Tyler homicide not being investigated as hate crime

Victory for Transgender Rights in Saks Fifth Avenue Case!
Transgender Law Center applauds Monday’s decision by Saks Fifth Avenue to withdraw its motion to dismiss in a federal case brought by a former employee alleging she was discriminated against, and eventually fired, because she is transgender.

Columbus School District adopts guidelines relating to transgender students and sports
First, it was the Baraboo School District. Now, a second Madison-area school district is working to be more accepting of transgender students. A core value of the Columbus School District is to be accepting and welcoming to all, and now, new guidelines have been adopted relating to transgender students.

quinta-feira, janeiro 29, 2015

'A universidade pode ser nossa', diz transexual aprovada no Sisu
Clara foi uma das 95 transexuais autorizadas a usar nome social no Enem.
Ela foi aprovada em pedagogia na UFPE na primeira chamada do Sisu.

Travestis e transexuais podem emitir cartão do SUS com nome social em Vitória
O público poderá solicitar e emitir o documento nos dias úteis, das 14 às 18 horas. A emissão do Cartão SUS com nome social pode ser feito no Centro de Referência DST/Aids, em Vitória

First-ever transsexual minor runs for Canary Island Carnival Queen
Sixteen-year-old Lola Rodríguez is the first-ever transsexual candidate for Carnival Queen in the Canary Islands.

Pope Francis 'embraces transgender man in meeting at the Vatican' and tells him there is a place for him in the Church
Pope Francis has reportedly arranged to meet a transgender man at the Vatican, embraced him and told him that there is a place for him in the Catholic Church.
Transsexual Spaniard meets Pope in Vatican

“¡Un poco más de luz!” Se trata de una sesión de fotos temprano en la mañana para la revista Glamour del Reino Unido

Green Party leader ‘disappointed’ by candidate’s comments about trans people
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has apologised, after Green candidate Rupert Read made controversial comments about transgender women.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage's top aide sorry for calling trans women 'she-males'
Top Ukip official Matthew Richardson forced to apologise after 'unforgivable' anti-trans rant and 'she-males' slur

Germaine Greer: I don’t believe in transphobia
Germaine Greer has claimed that transgender women aren’t women, because they don’t know what it’s like to have a “smelly vagina”.
"I don't believe in transphobia": Germaine Greer speaks out at the Union
CUSU LGBT+ host alternative event to Germaine Greer

Tiverton transsexual's fight against discrimination continues
Campaigning for equality has become Kay Browning's passion since he hit the headlines last July for speaking out about the discrimination he had faced as a transsexual man.

Bank ordered to pay compensation after mistaking trans woman for ‘fraud’
The Financial Ombudsman Service has ordered a bank to pay compensation, after a trans woman was blocked from her account because she has a deep voice.
'Bank mistook my sex change for fraud' – when poor service counts as discrimination

Swedish swimming pool opens gender neutral changing room
A public swimming pool outside the Swedish capital is reopening this weekend after building a third changing room, for people with a “neutral gender identity.”

Transsexual asylum seeker's body found
The naked and bound body of a Turkish citizen found on Sunday afternoon after police broke down the door to her apartment has been reported as being a 35-year-old transsexual asylum seeker.
Body discovery triggers murder investigation

Intersex 'not third gender'
A plea by an intersex five-year to be given legal recognition, which would have introduced a third gender in the law books, has been denied.
High Court judge Isaac Lenaola refused to give an order but directed that the baby be given birth a certificate.
In his decision the judge said Kenyans are not ready for a third gender.

Eunuchs in turf war again
A eunuch, active in the eastern city parts, has accused a rival group of assault in Sardarnagar on Monday. While police didn't buy the theory of an acid attack, they have started investigation into the assault.

Malaysia state to challenge repeal of cross-dressing ban
Malaysia's Federal Court Monday (26 January) allowed Negeri Sembilan state to challenge the Court of Appeal's ruling against its Islamic cross-dressing ban.
Federal Court grants Negri Sembilan govt leave to appeal cross-dressing ruling
Federal Court allows Negri Sembilan to appeal transgender ruling

US marine's request to drop Philippine transgender murder case rejected
Joseph Pemberton charged with killing Jennifer Laude in October 2014
Panel in Manila rules that case can be based on circumstantial evidence

Ontario will now assess transgender inmates based on identity, not anatomy
In what’s being called the most comprehensive policy of its kind in Canada, inmates in Ontario will be assessed and housed based on their gender identity — not their anatomy.


Two Transgender Women Of Color Killed Within Nine Days
Police and reporters misgendered the victims and, in one case, seemed to blame the woman for her own homicide, LGBT advocates told BuzzFeed News.

HRC Condemns Rep. Chris Smith’s Rejection of LGBT Rights as Human Rights
Today, HRC condemns Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) for his comments during today’s House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa hearing on Nigeria. Smith said he does "not construe homosexual rights as human rights," and continued to question whether U.S. opposition to anti-LGBT legislation had negatively impacted the U.S.’s engagement in Nigeria. The Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs’ Subcommittee on Human Rights should know better. LGBT rights are human rights.

Court Tosses Out Prostitution Conviction For Woman Who Was Just Walking Down The Street
An Arizona appeals court has vacated a conviction against a transgender woman who was profiled for sex work, creating new hope that she might receive justice.
Arizona Appeals Court Overturns Monica Jones's Conviction for 'Walking While Trans'
Phoenix transgender activist's conviction in prostitution case thrown out

Transgender woman says she was denied bathroom access inside Balboa Park
A transgender woman is sharing her story after she said she was prevented from entering a restroom inside Balboa Park.
Giselle de la Rosa said last Friday night, after having coffee with a friend at The Prado, she walked a few steps to the women's bathroom in the House of Hospitality.

'Gender Identity' Protection A Top Concern For Critics Of Idaho Gay Rights Bill
Opponents of a gay rights measure in Idaho are highlighting what they call the “bathroom” problem.
They say protections in the bill for transgender people could lead to unsafe conditions in women's public restrooms and locker rooms.

After criticism, Hogan amends executive order to include gender identity
Gov. Larry Hogan's first executive order after taking office last week didn't sit well with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocates, who said it disregarded hard-won legal protections for transgender residents in Maryland.

Local group plans transgender support rally
A month after an Ohio teen committed suicide, a local group is working to raise awareness of issues facing transgender people.

Cincinnati group to hold Twitter 'town hall' on transgender violence
The Cincinnati Human Relations Commission wants a discussion on social media about ending violence against transgender people.

Lakewood Police admit transgender shoplifter wasn't treated correctly during booking
'Dude Looks Like a Lady' song played during arrest

Oregon drivers can change gender designation under new DMV policy: Diversity news
As the Portland Metro area becomes increasingly diverse, local governments are looking for ways to reach out to minority communities. The Portland Police Bureau recently hired its first equity and diversity manager. Elle Weatheroy comes from a police family -- her father and brothers have all served in the Portland force. Maxine Bernstein has more on Weatheroy's new role in the city.

First transgender discrimination case to challenge ADA’s constitutionality
In the summer of 1989, U.S. senators debating the Americans with Disabilities Act excluded behavior they deemed immoral from the ADA’s protections, including “transvestism, transsexualism, pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, gender identity disorders not resulting from physical impairments, or other sexual behavior disorders,” according to the text of the law.

Rafael Cruz warns Christians: ‘God will hold you accountable’ if transgender people use public toilets
Rafael Cruz, the father of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), asserted on Tuesday that banning discrimination against transgender people would mean that football teams could “shower with girls.”

Texas Trans Woman Fatally Shot; Police Search for Leads
No arrests have been made yet in the murder of Ty Underwood, but friends of the victim say police should consider the attack a hate crime.
Online movement started for transgendered Lufkin woman killed in Tyler
Transgender woman killed in Tyler, friends believe it was hate crime
Trans woman murdered in Texas

Saks Fifth Avenue Withdraws Assertion Claiming Transgender People Are Not Protected by Title VII
In two major victories for transgender civil rights, today Saks Fifth Avenue withdrew a motion to dismiss a lawsuit in which Saks had argued that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not protect transgender workers, and the U.S. Department of Justice filed a historic statement of interest in the same case affirmatively stating that Title VII covers transgender people. This is the first time that the Department has made clear that Title VII prohibits any type of discrimination against transgender people, not just discrimination based on gender stereotypes.
Saks Withdraws Motion to Dismiss Trans Worker's Lawsuit
Saks backs down from claim on trans people and Title VII

Corte ordena reintegro al colegio de estudiante transgénero en Magdalena, rechazada por su "apariencia"
La Corte Constitucional ordenó al colegio Jhon F. Kennedy de Aracataca (Magdalena) disponer de un cupo educativo a una persona declarada ‘transgenerista’ a quien le habían negado el ingreso por su apariencia.

quarta-feira, janeiro 28, 2015

Travesti Piu, passista da Beija-Flor, é torturada e assassinada em favela do Rio
A travesti Piu, conhecida como uma das integrantes mais fieis da escola de samba Beija-Flor, foi torturada e assassinada na última semana por criminosos do Morro da Mina, em Nilópolis, na baixada Fluminense.
De acordo com o jornal Extra, os integrantes da escola de samba estão revoltados com o crime contra a integrante de 25, que frequentava religiosamente todos os ensaios.
Travesti passista da Beija-Flor é encontrada morta após tortura em favela

Travesti é encontrado morto na Lagoa das Flores
No início da manhã de hoje (segunda-feira), o corpo de um homem foi encontrado com sinais de diversas perfurações oriundas de disparos por arma de fogo em uma estrada de terra na Lagoa das Flores. As primeiras informações são de que se trata de um travesti natural do Rio Grande do Sul, conhecido como Leo.
O que motivou o crime ainda não foi descoberto pela polícia. Com informações e foto do Blitz Conquista

Trans adolescente que cometeu suicídio é lembrada em sarau no Aracaju; veja
Reunindo cerca de 500 pessoas, foi promovido nesta terça-feira (20) mais uma edição do Sarau Debaixo, no Viaduto do Dia, em Aracaju. Desta vez, o evento ocorreu como uma das ações que antecedem a Semana da Visibilidade Trans da cidade.

Una menor transexual opta por primera vez a reina del Carnaval de Las Palmas
Lola, una adolescente de 16 años, es la primera menor transexual que aspira a convertirse en reina del Carnaval. Su objetivo es claro, "demostrar que todos los transexuales como diversidad". Su familia no para de animarla, especialmente su abuela, quienes aguardan a verla el próximo día 13 sobre el escenario para lograr el sueño de su vida.

Transgender man has private audience with Pope Francis
A transgender man from Spain had a private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Saturday.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s top aide goes on trans women rant
Indicates a UKIP government would cancel funding for treating gender dysphoria

Germaine Greer: transgender women don’t know what it’s like to ‘have a big hairy smelly vagina’
Germaine Greer tried to steer debate away from the ‘side issues’ of her past transphobia in a question and answer session at the Cambridge Union

There's no wrong way to be a woman
Neuroscience Proves What We've Known All Along: Gender Exists on a Spectrum

Gender reassignment in prison, approved!
Y.A., a 28 year-old convict having issues with their sexual identity, applied to the court while in Maltepe prison to change their name and gender. Last year in January, following the issue of a doctor’s report stating that they had gender dysphoria, Y.A. legally changed her name to Asli A. at the 6th Anatolia Civil Court. Within a month of the name change, Asli A.’s request to change their gender was approved.

Öykü Ay: “The Lord helped and we’ve opened the first trans shelter” in Turkey
Turkey’s first trans shelter is opening. The hero of this initiative is Öykü Ay. Also known to the trans community as “the veiled,” Öykü says, “The Lord helped and we’ve opened the first trans shelter. Thousands of thanks to all the girls. It boosted our morale. It showed us that we can handle any difficulty once we’re united.” Here is the most encouraging story of late…

‘Born a woman, but always been a man’
Transman Dorian Wilde believes that his life story reflects the marginalisation and vulnerability of the transgender community in the country.

Gender dysphoria in children going undiagnosed: Brisbane support group
GPs are struggling to properly diagnose children with gender dysphoria, also known as gender identity disorder, according to a Brisbane transgender support network.

The man who's had TWO sex changes: Incredible story of Walt, who became Laura, then REVERSED the operation because he believes surgeons in US and Europe are too quick to operate
Walt Heyer had sex change to become a woman when he was 42 years old
After eight years living as Laura Jensen, he reverted back to being a man
He believes the desire to change gender stems from psychological trauma
Heyer controversially disputes that Gender Dysphoria is a genetic disorder
Now 74, he acts as a counselor to those considering a sex change surgery
Psychological vetting of patients before operation is inadequate, he claims

Learning to Talk Like a Woman
For many transgender people, achieving a feminine voice can be difficult. A singer-turned-vocal coach specializes in helping them adjust.

Police release identity of Fern Valley Motel murder victim
Police have released the identity of a man found shot to death at the Fern Valley Motel Jan. 9.
Twenty-year-old Sherman Edwards of Indianapolis died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.
Police were called to the 2700 block of Fern Valley Road and when officers arrived the found Edwards' body on the motel property. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
Another African-American Trans Woman Killed In Kentucky

New Yorkers must wait seven months to apply for city ID card
City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said Sunday that the wait is about seven months. Some 100,000 people have made appointments to apply for the cards.

Transgender woman calls Lakewood detective's punishment appropriate
It's become the most unoriginal and offensive way to get under Robin Adelmann's skin. Whenever someone in a public setting wants to humiliate her, they play the Aerosmith song "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)."

Trans woman nominated to top PA post
Just a few days before his inauguration, Gov. Tom Wolf announced the nomination of a transgender woman to his top level of administrators.

Trans woman challenges GID exclusion
Trans woman Kate L. Blatt this week filed a legal challenge of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s exclusion of gender-identity disorder as a protected disability.

Texas Trans Woman Fatally Shot; Police Search for Leads
No arrests have been made yet in the murder of Ty Underwood, but friends of the victim say police should consider the attack a hate crime.
Ty Underwood, a 24-year-old transgender woman of color, was fatally shot early Monday morning in North Tyler, Texas, reports local news station KYTX.
Police found Underwood when responding to a 911 call from a woman who said her children had heard gunshots and that a car had run into a telephone pole nearby. Detective Andy Erbaugh told reporters he believes that Underwood was near or inside the car when shots were fired at it; Underwood was likely struck while she was trying to drive away.

The Movie That Proves Why Trans Actors Should Play Trans Roles
With humor and humanity, Tangerine vividly captures a world unknown to most audiences.

Columbus approves transgender policy
Students transitioning genders will now have clear guidelines for co-curricular participation in the Columbus School District. The board approved a policy at Monday night’s school board meeting.

¿Sergio o Andrea Carolina?... El maestro travesti que puso en jaque a secundaria
Padres de familia toman la escuela en Zapopan hasta que Educación intervenga. Dicen que los adolescentes se sienten confundidos e intimidados

“Esto así no va a quedar, quiero que echen a los camilleros”, dijo la mujer trans abusada en el Hospital Rossi
Andrea Elizabeth Fernández, una mujer trans de 47 años que denuncia haber sido insultada, golpeada y abusada por dos camilleros del Hospital Interzonal Rossi aseguró que iniciará acciones legales para que sus victimarios no vuelvan a trabajar en el nosocomio

segunda-feira, janeiro 26, 2015

"Me aceitar como trans foi processo lento. Ficava tentando me convencer de não"
Luc Athayde-Rizzaro vive abertamente como homem há quatro anos. Em entrevista ao iGay ele conta como foi o processo de se entender, se convencer, assumir o gênero com o qual se identifica e de contar para o pai, Marcelo Tas

Jovem transexual tenta usar banheiro masculino e é agredido dentro de bar
Episódio ocorreu em estabelecimento de São Carlos, SP, no fim de semana.
Procurado, o proprietário do pub não quis se manifestar sobre a denúncia.

São Paulo oferecerá salário mínino para qualificação de travestis
Uma iniciativa da prefeitura de São Paulo em prol da população LGBT será anunciada no fim deste mês. Travestis e transexuais da capital receberão bolsa de um salário mínino, mensal, para voltar aos estudos, através de cursos do Pronatec. A ideia é pioneira no Brasil e na América Latina.

El bendito encuentro entre Francisco y Diego
El Papa recibió ayer en El Vaticano a un placentino que se siente fuera de la Iglesia desde que se sometió a una reasignación de género
Creyente y católico practicante desde la niñez, pide al Santo Padre que le ayude a encontrar su rincón en la casa de Dios

Transgender worker ‘sacked’ for using female toilets
A trans woman has alleged she was sacked by an employer because she refused to stop using the women’s toilets.

UKIP General Secretary: If you love shemales, come to the UK
Recordings have emerged of UKIP General Secretary Matthew ­Richardson using a slur to refer to transgender women.

Gender Recognition Events
This week the long-awaited Gender Recognition Bill was debated in the Seanad, and the debate will continue over the next number of weeks. This is a key and crucial moment in the history of trans rights in Ireland.

Transgender Individuals In Italy Share Stories And Photos
When he first realized that he wasn’t interested in playing with dolls or trying on his mother’s makeup, he was seven years old, dressed in lacy pink clothing and at that time regarded as first of four sisters. Forty years have gone by since then. Four decades full of vacations, love stories, disappointments and hormone therapies. Today Loris is a respected engineer and has fallen crazy in love with Carla.

Thailand's Leading Modeling Agency Announces Transgender Board
Apple Model Management Agency, Thailand's leading modeling agency, has announced the worldwide launch of its new Transgender board. Claiming to be the very first in the world to represent transgender models, the agency is at the forefront of a positively changing trend in the fashion industry.

Transgenders in Malaysia ‘vulnerable and marginalised’
The transgender community in Malaysia is facing increasing barriers in day-to-day living, according to Dorian Wilde, an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) activist and founder of Transmen of Malaysia (ToM).

[New Zealand]
Applause as Loh's gender acknowledged
A small round of supportive applause greeted a short address by a young trans woman during the funeral of Charlotte Loh this morning.

Teenager puts face on transgender movement
The apparent suicide of a 17-year-old transgender girl in Ohio has touched the lives of thousands.

Transgender group wants new rules for birth certificates
Kaleo Ramos said he was 9 when he contemplated suicide. He had been born a girl, and his birth certificate indicated he was female. But he identified as a male, and life at school was hard.

Out at CHM opens series with transgender resilience
The Chicago History Museum began its 12th annual Out at CHM series on January 22 with Transmopolitan: Transgender Resilience.

A Lakewood Detective Played Aerosmith's 'Dude (Looks Like a Lady)' While a Transgender Woman Was Being Interviewed
After being arrested for shoplifting at Sapell's in Lakewood, Robin Spitfire Adelmann found herself at the Lakewood Police Department on Dec. 21, 2014.
Lakewood officer punished after playing 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' during transgender woman's questioning

Meet the Trans Woman Named Pennsylvania's Next Physician General
With nearly three decades of medical experience, Dr. Rachel Levine is ready to become her state's next top doctor.
Pa.'s new physician general brings an LGBT point of view

Trans Woman Killed in Virginia; Media Again Misgenders Her
Lamia Beard died at a hospital after being shot in the early morning hours last Saturday, and local media outlets are failing to report accurately on the trans woman's death.
NCAVP mourns the death of Lamia Beard, a transgender woman of color killed in Norfolk, Virginia; the first homicide of a transgender woman of color that NCAVP has responded to in 2015
Trans woman of color murdered in Va

Transgender community rallies against conversion therapy
Vigil remembers suicide of transgender teen in Ohio

Activists hold Trans Health Insurance Forum at Gay City
In 2009, Danni Askini was raising hell to debunk “Gender Identity Disorder” from the official list of diagnosable mental illnesses. It’s not like concepts of disease are immutable, after all: Homosexuality was a sickness until 1973, when doctors suddenly agreed that it’s wasn’t. Why shouldn’t transgender people similarly shed the stigma of pathology?

“Soy una mujer de izquierda”: la precandidata transexual del DF
Diana Sánchez Barrios se ha convertido en la primera mujer transexual en buscar una jefatura delegacional en el DF, el sábado pasado se presentó como precandidata del PRD para gobernar la delegación Cuauhtémoc.
La aspirante que dice no alinearse con su mamá

Con bloqueo piden destituir a profesor travesti
Padres de familia de la Escuela Secundaria Mixta número 4, que se localiza en la colonia La Estancia, en Zapopan, Jalisco, tomaron la institución para demandar el despido de un profesor travesti.
De acuerdo con la versión de los inconformes desde el inicio del ciclo escolar se acordó que el mentor de nombre Sergio, impartiría sus conocimientos vestido como hombre, sin embargo a sus hijos los ha descontrolado que su maestro ahora se haya convertido en maestra y les pida que la llamen Andrea Carolina.

TRÍO DE DOS Reporteros se rien de mujer trans asesinada junto a dos que confezaron haberla asesinado
Dos hombres mataron a golpes un sujeto que les pidió sexo, pero no les quiso pagar.
Sucedio en la colonia El Barreal, donde fueron detenidos por policías ministeriales.
Lo presuntos asesinos lo encobijaron y pensaban deshacerse del cadáver de Filiberto García, quien contaba con 35 años.

Una vivencia motiva el primer cuento trans
El próximo 26 de enero será presentado el texto, que escribió la transfemenina Diane Rodríguez. Podrá ser leído desde el portal

Trans reciben atención médica en centro especializado
Es un hecho que en Venezuela la población transexual no existe a nivel de políticas públicas. Y eso no es todo: los centros asistenciales no están preparados para atenderla de manera respetuosa. Hay barreras, en muchos casos institucionalizadas, al categorizar a estas personas como locas, pervertidas, delincuentes y una serie de apelativos que nacen de los prejuicios.

Con tutela, transexual logra que Ejército le otorgue libreta militar
Tribunal dice que no hay razón para aceptar alguna discriminación por la orientación sexual.

Transfobia de jueces peruanos demora fallos de cambio de nombre
La lucha de una mujer transexual por cambiarse de nombre demoró seis años. Este proceso usualmente debería tardar entre tres y seis meses, pero debido a la transfobia de los jueces peruanos, la historia se hizo eterna. Y no es una afirmación sin sustento. Para la organización Estudio Para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer (Demus), la palabra TRANSFOBIA suena con fuerza en el Perú.

Denuncian a camilleros del Hospital Rossi por grave maltrato a una mujer trans
La propia damnificada informó que tras ser operada de urgencia por una afección intestinal, fue víctima de un abuso verbal discriminatorio, humillando su identidad de género autopercibida. Durante el traslado a la habitación, los auxiliares le profirieron injurias transfóbicas y homofóbicas tales como “maricón”, “puto”, “viejo” y “travesti”. Además, habrían tocado sus pechos y se habrían restregado los genitales en la mano y cabeza de la paciente.

sábado, janeiro 24, 2015

Quando o corpo não corresponde ao cerebro
A transexualidade apresenta-se como um tema atual, mas ainda capaz de gerar algumas dúvidas e preconceitos. As associações, os transexuais e os especialistas na área tentam combater a falta de informação. Apesar da evolução portuguesa, ainda existe um longo caminho a percorrer.

Transgender joiner Michelle Pindar opens beauty salon after sex change
She made her living fitting kitchens but always hoped to have a more glamorous life.
Now, joiner Michelle Pindar, 56, has fulfilled her dream by swapping hammer and nails for a hairdryer as she embarks on her new life as a woman.
She says she is much happier since becoming a woman and now spends her days waxing, applying make-up or perfecting women's eyebrows and hair in Hull.
"Being a joiner just didn't fit with the girl I wanted to be," she said. "I had a fantastic life as Mike but it is Michelle's time now."
(Photo: Michelle with staff at Body Beautiful Salon)

Green candidate apologises for offending trans people
Green Party candidate Rupert Read has apologised “unreservedly” if anyone was offended by his tweets.

Trans activist passed away after gender reassignment surgery
Doga Asi Cevik who said “Trans people are born twice; once from their mothers and once from themselves” has passed away due to complications after her gender reassignment surgery.
Trans activist Doga Asi Cevik, who provided peer consultations at the Counselling Centre for Transgender People Association (T-Der) passed away on 20 January 2015 due to complications after her gender reassignment surgery.
It was stated that Cevik contracted an “unidentified hospital microbe” and had difficulties breathing due to problems in her lungs after her operation in Antalya.
Cevik had recently left T-Der to complete her gender reassignment process. Lawyer Sinem Hun will follow the legal process in case of neglect in her death.
Former soldier dies after sex change surgery in Antalya
(Photo: Cevik holding a banner which reads "Respect my name, my body, my look, my shape, my gender, my identity!")

Inmate’s gender reassignment request approved
The court has accepted a lawsuit filed by a male inmate incarcerated at the Maltepe Closed Prison concerning his wish to change gender.

Feel Like a Woman? Just Change Your ID Gender!
State tells High Court Israelis may change their gender without undergoing a sex change operation.

Call for equality
Discrimination faced by some members of the transgender community remains rife in everyday areas of Fijian life.
This is the comment made by Bonita Qio of Pacific Rainbows Advocacy Network during a talanoa session in Lautoka yesterday, organised by the Citizens Constitutional Forum and US-based International Republican.
According to Mr Qio, transgenders faced numerous issues when trying to get registered as an NGO.

[New Zealand]
Charlotte Loh to be farewelled tomorrow
A funeral service will be held for 22-year-old Auckland trans woman Charlotte Loh tomorrow.

Award honours New West murder victim
An award honouring a New Westminster transgendered murder victim is being established by her former employer.

Transparent Season 1 Will Stream Free For Everyone, Get The Details
One year ago, Amazon Studios was mostly known for bringing John Goodman back to episodic work for the political satire Alpha House, but it’s now the home of a bustling line of original programming and intriguing upcoming projects. The current standout in the bunch is the Jill Soloway-created comedic drama Transparent, and the recent Golden Globe winner will soon be available for everyone to watch for free, with or without an Amazon Prime account.

Only 13 US states give trans students the right to use the correct toilet
Across the United States, the issue of education rights for trans students is becoming a big issue. Particularly, the rights of trans students to use the toilets and changing rooms that match their gender.

Trans woman pushes NPR to edit 'offensive' podcast about her
NPR's Invisibilia, one of 2015's biggest new podcasts, will edit future broadcasts of the episode

Violence Against Black Transgender Women Goes Largely Ignored
They struggle with transphobia and ignorance—and trying to find a place inside the Black Lives Matter movement.

Detained Trans Immigrant Marichuy Gamino to Be Released
Activists are rejoicing that the transgender asylum-seeker from Mexico, who was reportedly raped and placed in solitary confinement this past year, will be freed — but say there are many more who need help.

North Carolina Democratic Party candidate called transgender opponent ‘a man’ at forum
‘There ain’t no man left in here, honey,’ Janice Covington, a transgender woman, told former state House Rep. Patsy Keever at a Gaston County forum Tuesday after being called ‘a man.’ She compared the comment to a ‘bigoted slur.’

UNL to offer 'gender-inclusive' housing to transgender students
When a transgender student applies for housing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, these are the options: room with people who don’t match your gender identity, live alone or go someplace else.

Horrors Persist for Trans Inmates at Rikers
The transgender housing unit on New York City’s Rikers Island, announced as opening imminently in mid-November as one of a raft of reforms to reduce violence at the troubled jail, has only just accepted inmates now. And Gay City News has spoken to two transgender prisoners who say that in the interim, they were mistreated by staff and sexually assaulted by other inmates.

S.A. transgender male fights for parental rights
Dino Villarreal always considered himself the father of Sandra Sandoval’s sons.
Villarreal, 48, a San Antonio transgender male, had been living with Sandoval for eight years when she adopted a newborn boy with Down syndrome in 2002. Two years later, Sandoval adopted another boy.

Police ID victim of early morning Norfolk shooting
A Norfolk man was killed and another man injured early Saturday morning in separate shootings that occurred about two blocks apart.
Trans Woman of Color Lamia Beard Murdered in Norfolk

Vivir y morir como transexual en La Pintana: La horrorosa muerte de Dilan
Dilan Vera Parra, transexual de 26 años, murió tras ser apuñalado en el tórax en la comuna de La Pintana. Su madre dice que horas antes las mismas personas le rociaron bencina en el rostro e intentaron quemarlo. Ahora clama por justicia y asegura que la muerte de su hijo fue un crimen homofóbico. Aquí su historia.

Joven transexual fue encontrado muerto en Lo Espejo
El cuerpo de un hombre que ejercía el comercio sexual fue encontrado en la madrugada de este lunes en la comuna de Lo Espejo con, al menos, 8 heridas cortopunzantes.
Se trata de José Luis Salazar Almeida, transexual de 24 años, que en la mañana de este lunes fue encontrado muerto por los vecinos en la calle Guadalupe, cerca de la caletera de Américo Vespucio.
Investigan muerte de travesti que recibió al menos ocho puñaladas en Lo Espejo

Le partieron el cráneo a una trans en Villa Carlos Paz
Fue a las cuatro de la madrugada en la Avenida San Martin, en la ciudad cordobesa de Villa Carlos Paz. Desde la noche del 1 de enero Gabriela está internada y casi no puede hablar, por lo que le resulta difícil reconstruir quién o quiénes la agredieron.
Gabriela, una mujer trans, estaba en su parada habitual en la avenida San Martín, una de las más concurridas de la ciudad cordobesa de Villa Carlos Paz. Eran las 4 de la madrugada y se estaba prostituyendo cuando recibió una golpiza con odio: quedó internada con fracturas en la cara, el cráneo, un hematoma cerebral y moretones en todo el cuerpo. Un vecino la vio tirada, pensó que estaba muerta, y la ayudó. Desde la noche del 1 de enero que Gabriela está internada y casi no puede hablar, por lo que es difícil reconstruir quién o quiénes la agredieron.

sexta-feira, janeiro 23, 2015

Portugal adds gender identity to the Labour Code
The Portuguese Parliamentarians outlawed employment discrimination against trans people in a vote on Friday, January 16, 2015.

Man organising transsexual wedding hits back at online trolls and urges positivity
A man who is organising the wedding of a dying Worcester transsexual has defiantly hit back at the online trolls abusing him for helping the couple.

Green Party candidate accused of transphobia
Cambridge Green Park parliamentary candidate Rupert Read has been accused of allying with anti-trans feminists.
Twitter spat as Green Party Candidate accused of transphobia
Cambridge Green Party parliamentary candidate Rupert Read accused of transphobia

Hateful 'Parody' of Trans-Inclusive Bathroom Signs Pollute U.K. Campus
The sign, which misgenders and leans on tired myths about trans women as inherently 'threatening,' has been swiftly denounced and removed as its creator remains anonymous.

Gender Recognition Bill still problematic, campaigners say
Transgender rights activists query medical evaluation clause as debate starts in Seanad
Tánaiste says recognition of transgender identity a sign of growing maturity
Press Release: Trans Voices Must Be Heard as Gender Recognition Bill 2014 Debated in Seanad
Gender Recognition Matters - Help Share TENI's New Video
TENI Resources on Gender Recognition Bill Now Available

Bologna to host 6th European Transgender Council
In autumn, we invited you to hand in your candidacy to host the next European Transgender Council 2016. Many trans and LGBT organisations expressed their interest to organise the 6th European Transgender Council and to welcome all of you in 2016 to their respective cities. To see our community so eager and ready to invest themselves to make the largest event for trans people in Europe happening makes us happy and proud. We would like to thank all the applicants for their candidacy and the effort they invested in it. Unfortunately a decision had to be made and it was a difficult one!

Malta grants first asylum status to transgender refugee
Protection was granted by the Commissioner after the case was considered and the individual circumstances of the case were reviewed.

L'armée israélienne a décidé de soutenir les transsexuels
Tsahal est considérée comme l'armée la plus tolérante au monde à l'égard des Gays et Lesbiennes

India Sees Passionate Protests Against 'Transphobic' Storyline in New Film
New film I's popular director and star cannot shake activists who are demanding an apology for the movie's demeaning, hypersexual portrayal of a trans woman.

Court of Appeal: Islamic laws subject to Federal Constitution
The Court of Appeal, in a 46-page written judgment, has declared Section 66 of the Negeri Sembilan Syariah Criminal Enactment 1992, which bars men from cross-dressing as females in public as unconstitutional and void.

SEXING THE TRANSMAN: The Buck Angel Interview
Buck Angel is a 42-year old brawny muscular redheaded good-looking bearded hunk. With his heavily tattooed body, his twinkling eyes and his infectious smile, he is in fact one very hot man. But this wasn’t always the case, as in our label-fixated society Buck is actually a transsexual who is very much a man but one with a significant difference than most. He is, as he loves to describe himself so succinctly, 'a man with a pussy'.

Why It’s a Big Deal That Obama Said ‘Transgender’
Every word in every State of the Union speech is vetted. And President Barack Obama’s decision to say a certain word among the 6,718 he uttered on Tuesday is reverberating through the LGBT community. That’s because Obama just became the first President to say the word transgender during such a high-profile occasion. And most advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights are thrilled.

FBI Understates Hate-Motivated Attacks on Transgender People
An FBI hate crime report released today says only 33 people were targeted in bias crimes for their gender identity in the United States in 2013. By way of comparison, the NCAVP issued a comprehensive report in May that found 344 transgender people were the victims of hate-motivated violence last year.

Trans Student Says University Staff Harassed, Kicked Him Out of Locker Room
A.T. Furuya says he was berated by both a schoolmate and gym staff, who allegedly told him to leave the locker room despite San Diego State's clear nondiscrimination policy.

Transgender Inmate Can Sue Prison Over Rape
A transgender inmate who was sexually assaulted in prison may pursue claims that prison officials risked her safety by putting her in a cell with a rapist, a federal judge ruled.

Chicago City Council prohibits police profiling of trans* people
By a unanimous vote January 21, the Chicago City Council approved the expansion of an existing city ordinance prohibiting police profiling based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability, military discharge, marital, financial or parental status to include gender identity and national origin.

N.C. Democratic Party chair candidate under fire for transgender insult
A candidate for the chairmanship of North Carolina Democratic Party is under fire after insulting a fellow candidate who is transgender at a candidate forum in Gastonia on Tuesday.
NC Democratic Party candidate calls transgender opponent ‘a man’

Governor Andrew Cuomo urges civil rights law for transgender New Yorkers
The governor is calling for an amendment to the state’s civil rights law to protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination in housing, employment, credit, education and public accommodations.
Governor Cuomo Calls for Passage of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act in State of the State!

Students frustrated with segmentation of population at Barnard trans admissions forums
Some students and faculty members are frustrated that Thursday’s town hall on Barnard’s transgender admissions policy will only be open to Barnard students and alumni.

Central Clinic introduces Transgender Wellness Program
In response to the suicide of Ohio transgender teen Leelah Alcorn on Dec. 28, the University of Cincinnati has introduced the Transgender Wellness Program to address the mental health needs of the transgender community.

Rest In Peace, Lamia Beard!
Well, didn't take long for me to have to write my first post of 2015 memorializing one of our fallen African-American trans sisters.
This happened in Norfolk, VA, her name was Lamia Beard, and she was 30 years old.
Lamia was found just before 4 AM EST on January 17 suffering from a gunshot wound in the 700 block of E. 25th Street. She was taken to Norfolk General Hospital where she later died.

quinta-feira, janeiro 22, 2015

Código do trabalho poderá vir a proteger pessoas transexuais
Foi aprovada sexta-fera passada, dia 16 de Janeiro, a inclusão da identidade de género no Código do Trabalho.

University poster claims trans women “rape women every nine minutes”
A poster has been put up at University of Bristol misgendering trans women and claiming cis women need to “surrender their boundaries”.
The poster appears to be a parody of one put up by Bristol’s LGBT society which went viral in November. The original poster read “If you’re out in public and you can’t figure out a stranger’s gender, follow these simple steps: 1. Don’t worry about it.” Bristol LGBT society widespread praise for its trans-positive campaign.
UK university poster claims trans people 'rape women every nine minutes'

[Reino Unido]
Foi capitão e agora é a primeira transexual do Exército
Hannah Winterbourne contou a sua história ao Daily Mail onde revela que combateu no Afeganistão como homem, mas percebeu que não se sentia bem no seu corpo. Foi na Alemanha que acabou por tomar a decisão de mudar de sexo. Agora, é capitã do Exército britânico e diz sentir-se muito bem com a sua decisão. Conheça a história de Hannah.

Exeter pensioner mistakenly sent confidential details of transgender NHS patients
A pensioner from Exeter is receiving dozens of confidential letters meant for an NHS clinic that helps trans people.

Gender Recognition Bill to be published today
The Gender Recognition Bill will be introduced in the Seanad this afternoon.

Turkey’s ever first transgender shelter house opens
Turkey’s first-ever shelter house for transgender women has opened in Istanbul, thanks to the efforts of transgender individuals and donations raised at a trans fashion show, the woman behind the shelter has told news website Radikal.

Israel to allow sex changes on ID card without surgery
Following Supreme Court ruling, Interior Ministry changes standards for recognizing gender change
Israel allows gender change on ID cards without surgery

Transgender in Jerusalem: Meet Yiscah Smith, the inspiring ex-Orthodox Jewish activist who created a life as a woman
Smith, born Jeffrey and raised in Long Island, New York, tells The Independent about her struggle to come out as a woman and being 'honest with God'

Pakistan's cross-dressing men dance despite fear
Muhammed Muheisen, chief photographer in Islamabad for the Associated Press, spent two years talking with Pakistan's cross-dressing men and the transgendered, working to gain their trust to offer a rare glimpse into their lives in this conservative country.

Transgenders rally against I
A group of transgenders protested on Monday against what they claimed was a humiliating portrayal of the transgender community in the recently-released I, directed by Shankar.
Anti-trans film sparks protests in India

Transphobia on the rise, says Hijra Samiti
Members of Telangana Transgender Hijra Samiti on Monday expressed anguish over the alleged murder of a transgender, Pravallika, on January 17.
The members said transphobic violence was on the rise in the city and alleged that complaints across several police stations on the issue in Cyberabad and Hyderabad have not yielded any positive results.
Hyderabad: Transgenders find it hard to get jobs
India trans activists demand protection amid rise in violence

Activists say sex-change rules reform could take years
Transgender rights activists yesterday said that reforms on gender reassignment regulations might require legislative action, amid speculation that current reforms aimed at revising an administrative order issued by the Ministry of the Interior will not succeed.

Vietnam proposes separate jails for gays
Majority of trans inmates want separate prisons to avoid sexual harassment

[New Zealand]
Obit labels trans woman 'son', 'brother'
A transgender Auckland woman has been misgendered in her death notice, where her family says she was “also known as Charlotte”.
Charlotte Amelia Loh, 22, died suddenly on Sunday.
The death notice Loh’s family has placed in the New Zealand Herald today uses a male birth name, refers to her as a ‘son’ and ‘brother’, and says she was “also known as Charlotte”.
It's understood Loh had specifically asked not to be referred to by the wrong name or pronoun.

Six Nations woman shares her transgender experience
Aiyyana Maracle is an accomplished writer, an award-winning theatre artist, an opera director, a visual artist and a scholar.
Yet she lives in poverty.
Born on Six Nations, Maracle recently returned to her birthplace to build a home with her adult son and his wife. After years of being estranged from her family, Maracle is building new connections and a new life.

January Marie Lapuz Award Created In Honour Of Slain Transgender Woman
A youth leadership award has been created in honour of January Marie Lapuz, a transgender woman who was killed in New Westminster, B.C.

Fighting for inclusive identification
New campaign hopes to improve government-issued identification for trans people

President Obama Acknowledges Humanity of Trans and Bisexual Americans in Historic State of the Union
Tonight, President Barack Obama includes transgender and bisexual people in the State of the Union address in reference to American values and the defense of human dignity. This inclusion is unprecedented in any State of the Union address.
State of the Union: These 3 Words Were Used For First Time Ever

ICE Responds to Abuse of Transgender Detainee Allegations
Last week, I wrote about the case of Nicoll Hernández-Polanco, a Guatemalan transgender woman who is detained in an all-male Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Florence.

SF trans woman's '09 killing remains unsolved
Five years after the homicide of Mariah Qualls, a transgender woman who was found dead in her North Beach residential hotel room, San Francisco police are still working to bring whoever's responsible into custody.

Fired transgender Connecticut police officer sues for discrimination
A transgender Connecticut police officer fired last June has filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation and wrongful termination.

"All This Time I've Had A Daughter, Not A Son": A Talk With Parents Of Transgender Teen
Last December, on an early Sunday morning, in Warren County, Ohio, 17-year-old Leelah Alcorn committed suicide by walking in front of a tractor trailer.

Several gather in downtown Evansville to remember transgender teen who committed suicide
You have probably seen the story about Leelah Alcorn on social media. The 17-year-old, born a male, was transgender and committed suicide in December.

Ky bill targets transgender school-bathroom use
In a rebuke to a Louisville high school, a Kentucky lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would ban transgender students from using school restrooms that don't correspond to their anatomical sex.
Sponsor Of Most Ridiculous Anti-Trans Legislation In America Tries To Justify It, Hilarity Ensues
Ky. Transgender Restroom Proposal Draws National Attention

Transgender Woman Says Change Was Lifesaving, Despite Losing Job, Loved Ones
Until her late 50s, Steph James of Maryland Heights lived a life that, from all appearances, looked like the American dream.
But it wasn’t her dream. Raised as Steve, James always felt she was female. After a successful career, 30-year marriage and three children, she divorced, and began living as a woman. Her story will be included in a book documenting transgender people over the age of 50, called “To Survive on this Shore.” James’ saga reveals a life of trying to conform, sinking into depression and, finally, making life-saving decisions.
Cornellian Decries Alleged Transphobic Harassment
Transgender graduate student Meredith Talusan has been barred from living in Telluride House — an organization independent of the University that provides free room and board for its residents — after leaving the house and actively protesting against what she has called transphobic harassment by her housemate.

GCS discusses transgender policy
As bathroom use by transgender students in schools has grown to a national level, during their monthly meeting Thursday, the Greenville Central School Board of Education discussed the issue and how it may impact their own policies.

Local Mother Shares Her Experience Of Raising A Transgender Child
The suicide of a transgender teen from Ohio continues to fuel an emotional discussion across the country. Last month, LeelahAlcorn walked in front of a semi on I-71 near Cincinnati. The note she left behind said her parents had refused to accept her as a girl, and she believed her life was not worth living.

Pennsylvania’s governor-elect chooses ‘transsexual’ physician general
The soon-to-be governor of Pennsylvania made headlines this weekend by selecting the state’s first transsexual physician general – a pediatric psychiatrist who began living as a woman about five years ago, despite the fact that he was born a man.

Petition seeks anti-trans charter amendment
Not satisfied with efforts to repeal Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance, one anti-LGBT activist is calling for a charter amendment to ban transgender protections in the city.

Trans Woman Gets Help in Fight Against Saks
A transgender woman who says the retailer discriminated against her has responded to Saks's motion to dismiss her case and is getting support from two prominent LGBT rights groups.
Transgender Houston woman suing Saks calls retailer's discrimination stance 'astounding'

La lucha de una mujer transexual para ejercer como abogada
A mediados de los ochenta, era conocida como Sergio Cava, cantante de pelo esponjoso y batido de JAS, uno de los grupos de rock peruanos que más sonó por aquellas épocas. Pocos años antes, Fiorella se había graduado en la carrera de Derecho en la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Combinaba su trabajo de representante de disqueras internacionales con los conciertos en los que tocaba enfundada en pantalones pitillo, camisa, y fachada de varón.