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segunda-feira, junho 30, 2008

Movimentos sociais juntam-se à marcha - Parada LGBT junta um milhar de pessoas no Príncipe Real
Cerca de um milhar de apoiantes da causa LGBT (lésbica, gay, bissexual e transgéneros) juntaram-se esta tarde na Praça do Príncipe Real, em Lisboa para mais uma parada LGBT.
Marcha LGBT - Orientação sexual não é um tema “fracturante”
“Fracturante é a discriminação.” Esta foi a palavra de ordem do manifesto da marcha anual do movimento de lésbicas, gays, bissexuais e transgéneros (LGBT), que ontem reuniu em Lisboa cerca de mil activistas e apoiantes.
Orgulho sai do armário para pedir leis mais justas - Pelo reconhecimento das relações familiares não convencionais
"Homem verdadeiro leva no pandeiro". Esta foi uma das palavras de ordem da parada do orgulho homossexual realizada ontem em Lisboa, mistura de festa e manifestação que juntou cerca de mil pessoas, com pouca política, muitas plumas e alguma (escassa) nudez.
Foto Reportagem: Dia LGBT em Lisboa

Indemnização recusada à mãe de Gisberta
Segundo o Jornal Correio da Manhã, a Comissão de Protecção às Vítimas de Crimes não vai atribuir qualquer indemnização à mãe de Gisberta, a mulher transexual sem-abrigo, que em 2006 morreu no Porto afogada num poço após vários dias de agressões perpetradas por 13 jovens.

Sunday's gay parade in India marks 1969 Stonewall riots in New York
Excerpt: The sexual minorities are pressing for other demands, as well. For instance, the Bangalore-based GAY and Sangama, two sexual minorities' forums, want sex change facilities in the city's leading hospitals, provisions for sex reassignment surgeries for transgender groups and welfare schemes for the LGBT people.
Gay pride rally turns curious heads in Bangalore
On a breezy Sunday afternoon, about 600-700 gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans-genders and their frenzied supporters caused a flutter in India's IT hub by staging a colourful "pride rally" to observe the Stonewall Riots Day under the watchful eye of a vigilant police. The two-hour rally, flagged off from a city college grounds in upscale Basavangudi suburb, once populated by conservative Brahmins, culminated at Town Hall for a public meeting to the beats of drums, blaring music and a native dance by about 100 activists comprising hijras, kothis (feminine homosexuals) and 'double-dekkers' (local term for transsexuals) .

High turnout expected for Toronto's Pride Parade
Thousands of revellers will step out onto downtown Toronto streets Sunday afternoon for the annual Pride Parade.
Skies clear for Dyke March
Excerpt: Of course, not everyone at the event was either a dyke or transsexual - the other group of prominence at today's march. Women of all ages were seen walking around holding the hands of their husbands.

Transgender people fight for equal employment rights
Diane Shroer is a retired U.S. Army colonel who made the transition from male to female in 2004. When she applied for a job with the Library of Congress as a specialist in terrorism and international crime as David, when she was legally a man, she was hired.
Congress comes out to the Transgender Community - Part 2
You never seem to see Congressman Barney Frank enter or leave a room, or so it seems to me on every occasion I have seen or talked with him personally. Even sitting at the witness table, he folds his hands in front of him with his palms flatly on the table and bends over and rests his chin on them to lower his profile. But, when the time comes, Barney Frank literally explodes in your face and you know you're in a room with a very astute and respected politician.
[Blog/Commentary] The Religious Right comments on the Transgender Workplace Discrimination Hearings
Nearly every major Religious Right organization opposing LGBT rights has commented on the Congressional Hearing on Discrimination Against Transgender Americans in the Workplace, which was held on Thursday, June 26th. Here's a look at what some of them have said.

[TN, USA] [Commentary]
Rights groups mum on beating
Excerpt: But from the folks who rally the troops when police brutality rears its head, especially when the officers are white and the victimis black (as was the case in the Feb. 12 incident), well, the silence was deafening.

On the frontier of transgender civil rights
Although the gay community has increasingly been assimilated into the mainstream, those identified as transgender seem to remain on the fringes of society

Lynn Edward Harris (1950 - ) actor, bookkeeper.
Lynn Elizabeth Harris was born in Orange, California, south of Los Angeles, with ambiguous genitals. She was not surgically 'corrected', and was raised as female. Her father was a character actor, who left when she was a young child. Lynn was an intelligent child who could recite Shakespeare at age 3.

domingo, junho 29, 2008

Marcha do orgulho gay em Lisboa
Activistas da causa homossexual desfilaram hoje do Príncipe Real à Praça do Comércio na 9º Marcha do Orgulho Gay, em Lisboa, em luta pela igualdade de direitos, ao som da música e palavras de ordem como «homofobia é inconstitucional».
(foto Tiago Petinga/Lusa)
Contra a homofobia - Mais de 1500 pessoas marcham em Lisboa (Vídeo)
Marcha Gay em Lisboa (Vídeo)

Travesti queima com ácido
Seis pessoas ficaram queimadas, na noite de sexta para ontem, com ácido sulfúrico, numa rixa entre um travesti, o seu proxeneta e um cliente no centro do Porto.

Girl, 17, set to become Britain's youngest sex-change patient
For most mothers, their daughter's 16th birthday is marked by such traditions as a party, preparing for a school dance, or maybe even allowing them to go on holiday with their friends for the first time.

Transsexual suffers verbal abuse in Gloucester pub
A TRANSSEXUAL has spoken of her distress after suffering a "barrage of abuse" in a Gloucester pub.
Paula, from Cheltenham, says she was sworn at and humiliated at a meeting of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender network.

Milhares se reúnem em Berlim para parada gay
Milhares de pessoas desfilaram em Berlim neste sábado na tradicional "Gay Pride", que teve como convidado especial Rudolf Brazda, que aos 95 anos é o último sobrevivente dos Triângulos Rosas, os homossexuais perseguidos pelos nazistas.

[República Checa]
Passeata gay na Rep. Tcheca termina com choque com neonazistas
A primeira passeata de homossexuais na República Tcheca, sob o lema "Queer Parade" e na qual participaram centenas de pessoas, terminou hoje em Brno com um enfrentamento com um grupo de neonazistas, que atacaram os participantes com bombas de gás lacrimogêneo.

Little Iceland is warm to sexual freedom
Excerpt: Trans-Ísland is the country's only transgender association. Samtökin '78 notes that "...the legal status of transsexuals in Iceland is unclear. Unlike some neighbouring countries, there is no specific legislation on the issue."

Parada gay no México exige dia nacional contra a homofobia
Milhares de pessoas participaram neste sábado na Parada do Orgulho Gay no México, quando exigiram que o presidente Felipe Calderón declare 17 de maio como o Dia Nacional contra a Homofobia, a exemplo de outros países.

Transgenders scripting success in Tamil Nadu
Kalki is a highflying transgender IT professional. But her road to success wasn't easy. Her parents she says didn't accept her sexual orientation and forced her to take male hormone tablets. Away from home she was often a victim of sexual abuse. These factors only inspired her to dream big. Now the techie also runs a foundation for the betterment of transgenders.

Boy or girl? India's hermaphrodites slowly fit in
Born with both male and female genitalia, a life of uncertainty seemed to await Ali and his family, but changing attitudes means hermaphrodites once-scorned in India are finding their place.

'I'm a Girl' -- Understanding Transgender Children
Last year Barbara Walters spoke with the families of three transgender children who agreed to share their story. Now, one year later, "20/20" has reached out to the families again to learn what's happened since the original episode aired. All three families said that the story helped change their world for the better. Advocacy groups also report a significant surge in young transgenders coming out.

Prejudice Police?
Inmate beating brings up issue of transgender discrimination.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Mostly Absent From The Hearing, But Commenting As If They Were There
One of the things I noticed about the An Examination of Discrimination Against Transgender Americans in the Workplace hearing is that minus the Alliance Defense Fund, there weren't any conservative Christian organizations speaking at the hearing; minus the Traditional Values Coalition any conservative Christian organizations leaving press materials at the hearing; and minus the ranking minority member of the subcommittee (Rep. John Kline, R-MN) there were no Republicans there to ask questions of the witnesses at the hearing.
[Blog/Commentary] Contrast
The US House of Representatives Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee held, for the very first time, a hearing on "An Examination of Discrimination Against Transgender Americans in the Workplace" yesterday.
[Blog/Commentary] Congressional Blackout
Excerpt: What's wrong with this picture is that with the exception of Diego Sanchez, (second from the top) every other participant in it is white. There are no African-American transgender people testifying at this hearing.
[Blog/Commentary] Congress comes out to the Transgender Community - Part 1
Angela has been an activist for the transgender community is some form or another for the last 42 years. Some of our community's activists weren't even born then. She has been on the board of NTAC, It's Time, North Carolina and the several other organizations too numberous to mention. Currently, she serves as the Vice President of the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) and is one of its Co-Founders. Also, Angela is one of my closest friends.
Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination 1/8<>
Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination 2/8<>
Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination 3/8<>
Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination 4/8<>
Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination 5/8<>
Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination 6/8<>
Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination 7/8<>
Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination 8/8<>

sábado, junho 28, 2008

Brasil afora
Mix roda o País e traz para você quais Estados lembrarão do Dia Mundial do Orgulho Gay

Patriarca da Igreja Ortodoxa na Bulgária pede proibição de parada gay
O patriarca da Igreja Ortodoxa búlgara, Maxim, enviou hoje uma carta ao prefeito de Sófia, Boyko Borissov, reivindicando a proibição da Parada do Orgulho Gay prevista para amanhã no Iuzhen Park, um dos maiores parques da capital da Bulgária.

Argentina cria a primeira cooperativa trans do mundo
A marginalidade a que estão submetidas travestis e transexuais em todo o mundo pode, em partes, ser explicada pelo fato de que apenas uma faixa muito pequena delas consegue trabalhos que não estejam relacionados à prostituição. Por esta razão, a Associação de Luta pela Identidade Travesti-Transexual da Argentina inaugura, a partir desta sexta-feira (27), a primeira Cooperativa de Trabalho do mundo composta por travestis e transexuais.

[USA] [PR]
ACLU Applauds First-Ever Congressional Hearing on Gender Identity in the Workplace
The American Civil Liberties Union today applauded the House Education and Labor Subcommittee on Heath, Employment, Labor, and Pensions for holding the first-ever congressional hearing on transgender issues and gender identity discrimination in the workplace. Chaired by Representative Robert Andrews (D-NJ), the committee heard from retired Army Colonel and ACLU client Diane Schroer. The ACLU is currently representing Schroer in a Title VII sex discrimination lawsuit against the Library of Congress.
Transgenders air their plight on Capitol Hill
After getting hired as a national security analyst with the Library of Congress, David Schroer took his new boss out to lunch to share some news: On his first day of work, he planned to show up as Diane.
[Blog/Commentary] A Congressional First
At Pam's blog, Autumn Sandeen gives her reaction to the historic hearing by the House Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee on the topic of workplace discrimination against the transgendered -- the first hearing of its kind in Congressional history.

Transgender Woman Barred From Women's Restroom At Gym
Controversy surrounds a local gym that told a transgender who is undergoing treatment to become a woman she cannot use the women's bathroom.

Three protest treatment of transgenders at club
Excerpt: Her name and appearance identifies her as a woman, but her identification lists her as a man, and she said she doesn't plan on having the necessary surgery to complete her transformation from male to female.
Transgender Sierra Broussard, right, and supporters Faye Robinson, center, and Caralee Carpenter, left, all of Appleton, walk along College Avenue in front of Park Central in downtown Appleton Thursday evening. Post-Crescent photo by M.P. King

sexta-feira, junho 27, 2008


Transgrupo do Paraná discute processo transexualizador
Na semana que antecede a Parada da Diversidade de Curitiba, o transgrupo Marcela Prado realiza o 2º Espaço Trans, evento que pretende discutir e abordar todos os aspectos do processo transexualizador, dos enfoques psicossociais aos jurídicos.

Parada Gay de Jerusalém reúne 2 mil pessoas e 2 mil policiais
Depois de serem obrigados a desfilar dentro de um estádio em 2006 e ameaçados com atentados a bomba em 2007, militantes homossexuais comemoraram nesta quinta-feira, 26, as duas mil pessoas que desfilaram pelas ruas de Jerusalém, na 7a. Parada gay da cidade. Além dos dois mil participantes, outros dois mil policias fizeram a segurança do evento.

Say no more: Transsexual Israeli tops Lebanese song chart
Excerpt: "We found out they were playing my music by chance," the 32-year-old Aderet said on Wednesday. She grew up in a religious home in Jerusalem and launched her musical career after undergoing a sex change operation following her IDF service over 10 years ago.

WB man changes sex to marry partner, gets ditched
Egged on by his gay partner to go for a sex change so that they could marry, a man undergoing the process found to his dismay that his partner showed no interest in him any more nor could he return to his original self now.

On Stonewall anniversary, transgender activists remind LGBT movement of its roots
Like many such celebrations, the Twin Cities Pride celebration takes place in June, in part to commemorate New York City's Stonewall Inn uprising, which began in June 1969, and is widely recognized as a galvanizing event in the history of sexual rights organizing.

[TN, USA] [News/Commentary]
Memphis tranny wants $1.3 million after police beating
Duanna Johnson, the Tennessee transsexual who was abused by Memphis police, is willing to drop her case if they give her $1.3 million.
Johnson deserves every penny of it
after getting beaten by a cop just for being a tranny.
2nd Memphis officer fired for beating during arrest
A second Memphis police officer has been fired for beating a transgender woman.
Patrol officer Bridges McRae, 28, was fired Wednesday during an administrative hearing.

Collection of trans HIV data slow
Despite the mountains of surveillance data about HIV/AIDS, when it comes to the transgender community there is precious little information about the scope of the epidemic. Lee Thornhill, prevention and education manager for TransCEND (Transgender Care and Education Needs Diversity), a trans-focused program at Cambridge Cares About AIDS, said based on the program's work and the experiences of their clients it is clear that transgender women are at increased risk for HIV infection. Yet when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health departments collect surveillance data on new infections, trans women are generally coded into a risk category that does not square with their own identity: men who have sex with men (MSM).

Officials announce HRC dinner boycott
A handful of San Francisco's LGBT elected and appointed officials – joined by more than a dozen gay, youth, housing, and labor activists – gathered at the LGBT Community Center on Tuesday, June 24 with a message that they said was in the spirit of unity and LGBT Pride: Boycott the Human Rights Campaign's fundraising dinner next month.

Trans March turns five
Now in its fifth year, the annual Trans March will kick off Pride weekend Friday night with what organizers expect will be its largest crowd yet. Attendance could number 10,000 marchers this year as several hot button issues have focused attention on concerns facing the transgender community.

Professor lives as 'full-time' transgender woman
As a polymer and fiber engineering professor, Dr. Gwynedd Thomas teaches Auburn University students about the correct composition of protective body armor. In a way, she says, this instruction is a metaphor for the protective yet false shield she carried around most of her life. Until recently, she begrudgingly accepted and portrayed her birth gender—male—so she wouldn't have to face the social repercussions.

Gender confusion goes to the Hill
Today Congress will hold its first-ever hearing dedicated to the plight of transgender employees.
[Blog/Commentary] Gender Identity Discrimination in the Workplace gets First Hearing in Congress
Today, for the first time ever, Congress is holding a hearing to educate Members of Congress exclusively on gender identity issues.This groundbreaking event should also lay the groundwork for congressional action to prohibit arbitrary discrimination against transgender Americans.
The House Hearing Has Ended
The last few minutes were highlighted for me by Sabrina Tarabolleti's disclosure that she's been fired (again) from a job patching potholes by the Florida Dept. of Transportation … and by Rep. Andrews' closing remarks about "progress is glacial … and it can be even slower than that … " and his comments about the need to help the forgotten or neglected, who have few votes and little money or power.
[Blog/Commentary] Some Quick Thoughts About The Congressional Hearing...
It ended about ten minutes ago as I write this, and I have to say I was, for the most part, impressed. At some points, even proud.
[Blog/News] Congressional Hearing on Transgender Discrimination
Today the House Education and Labor Committee's Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions held a hearing on discrimination against transgender employees. Retired U.S. Army Colonel Diane Schroer, a highly-decorated veteran who transitioned from male to female after 25 years of distinguished service in the Army, testified before the committee. Diane interviewed for a job as a terrorism research analyst at the Library of Congress and accepted the position, but the job offer was rescinded when she told her future supervisor that she was in the process of gender transition. The ACLU is now representing her in a Title VII sex discrimination lawsuit against the Library of Congress. This is her testimony.
[Blog/News/Commentary] Congressional Hearing - initial thoughts
I don't know that I've ever been prouder to be trans than I am this morning. For many of us watching these hearings is an emotional thing. I know it was for me.
MORE initial thoughts
[Blog/Commentary] From DC: First Impressions From The Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee Hearing
Well, in was a historic hearing. The Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee held a hearing today, entitled An Examination of Discrimination Against Transgender Americans in the Workplace

Transgender rights spread, but opposition mounts
As more state and local governments extend anti-bias protections to transgender people, fierce opposition is surfacing. In Colorado, conservatives contend a new state law will enable sexual predators to frequent women's bathrooms; in Maryland a "Not My Shower" campaign seeks to overturn a comparable county law. Though frustrated by the resistance, and insistent that the alarms are unfounded, transgender rights activists are heartened by an overall trend toward greater protection under the law. In the past 15 years, 13 states and more than 90 cities and counties – home to roughly 40 percent of the U.S. population – have passed measures banning various types of discrimination against transgender people.

quinta-feira, junho 26, 2008

Sworn to virginity and living as men in Albania
Pashe Keqi recalls the day nearly sixty years ago when she decided to become a man. She chopped off her long black curls, traded in her dress for her father's baggy trousers, armed herself with a hunting rifle and vowed to forsake marriage, children and sex.

[Australia] [Blog/Commentary]
There is a political group within the Transsexual movement called "HBS" or "Harry Benjamin Syndrome".
I'll quote from the The Original HBS Site :
Harry Benjamin's Syndrome is an intersex condition developed in the early stages of pregnancy affecting the process of sexual differentiation between male and female. This happens when the brain develops as a certain sex but the rest of the body takes on the physical characteristics of the opposite sex. The difference between this and most other intersex conditions is that there is no apparent evidence until much later after the baby is born or even as late as adolescence.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Gender-bending: the original spirit of Pride
Downtown Toronto will shut down Sunday as people gather to celebrate homosexuality and gender-bending. The occasion is Pride Day, one of Canada's largest cultural events.

[Canada] [Letters to the Editor]
Transsexuals: misunderstood by hetros and gays
This column included a rather shrill letter from a gay man who wouldn't let his name be published "for fear of the gay thought police." He was responding to a column by transsexual Nina Arsenault. Since she is well known, Ms. Arsenault really does not represent the lives of many of us who continue to struggle with an isolation that your correspondent, quite frankly, has contributed to.

[CA, USA] [Commentary]
There’s No ENDA to the Cowardice
Supervisor Tom Ammiano probably gave the best characterization of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a national gay rights organization that is currently on the hot seat for dropping "gender identity" from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the Congressional gay rights bill. Said Ammiano, who is running for State Assembly this November: "HRC shouldn't be the Human Rights Cowards."

5th Annual Trans March Kicks Off Pride Weekend
The 5th annual Trans Price March will take place Friday June 27th in Dolores Park. There will be a rally at Dolores and 19th Street starting at 3pm. Thirty different Trans and gender-variant live bands, artists and performers will be featured on stage in a spectacular pre-march show. The march itself will begin at 7 pm, circling through the Castro, down Market and back to Dolores Park for additional music and performances.
The theme of this year's march is "Marching for a Gender Inclusive ENDA", with an objective to bring a focus on transgender civil rights and to celebrate the support of the LGBT family.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Duanna Johnson: The tip of a "tremendous number" of cases in Memphis
I just got off the phone with Murray Wells, the lawyer representing Duanna Johnson. You might remember Johnson from the video last week of her being held down by one cop and beaten by another.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Transitioning on the Job: Part One
This past week, I made the decision to begin identifying as male. The decision to be male-identified and start hormone therapy hasn't been a sudden one for me, but it's been building for the past several years. Anyone who has known me over the past few years is probably not particularly surprised. I'm harboring relatively few serious concerns about this transition, mostly out of awareness that I have an incredibly trans-aware and trans-identified group of friends and that my girlfriend is the most supportive person in the world. Opening this door makes me feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my chest, and I'm very excited to be undertaking this process.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Transgender Military People and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
In about a week, we will once again celebrate one of our country's patriotic holidays, Independence Day, also known as the 4th of July. The other two major patriotic holidays are Memorial Day and Veterans Day, whereas Flag Day is a minor one that people seem to miss. Inevitably, on the three major patriotic holidays, LGB people have a desire to write articles about the need to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I am fully supportive of the need to repeal this stupid law. What I'm not happy about is that in these discussions and articles, transgender veterans are always left out.

quarta-feira, junho 25, 2008

Cine MixBrasil exibe documentários sobre transexuais
Dois registros documentais sobre transexualidade e que fizeram parte da mostra de curtas do Festival MixBrasil de Cinema da Diversidade serão exibidos nesta terça-feira (24), a partir da meia-noite, pelo Canal Brasil.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Thomas Beatie: When a 'Man' Isn't a Man
Excerpt: They are, of course, talking about a woman who calls herself "Thomas Beatie" who cut off her breasts and takes testosterone to make her body look masculine, but did keep her female reproductive organs and impregnated himself with frozen sperm.

[USA] [Commentary]
Bosom amputees on parade
Excerpt: Reported "Supported by politicians, corporations and public schools, Northampton's 'Gay Pride Parade' included gruesome display of body mutilations – women who've cut their breasts off march shirtless in defiance of homophobic society – women who have purposefully had their breasts surgically cut off because they want to become men. They removed their shirts and paraded their scars in public, after taking male hormones – with several of them prominently growing facial hair."

Congress to Hold Historic Hearing on Gender Identity in the Workplace
This Thursday, June 26, the House Education and Labor Committee's Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions will hold a hearing on discrimination against transgender employees. Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ) will chair this historic hearing, the first Congressional hearing on transgender issues and gender identity discrimination in the workplace.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The DSM-V and Kenneth Zucker
In May, the American Psychiatric Association announced the makeup of the team responsible for revising the fifth (and latest) edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as the DSM-V.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Transgender invisibility in marriage laws
If she identifies as a woman, she is a woman. But that is obviously too much for the state of Virginia to understand, so they are trying to figure out if they should prosecute a husband and wife for getting married, because it turns out the wife is an MTF. So technically they are violating the same sex marriage. Since a transgender woman's personhood is not recognized by the state.

terça-feira, junho 24, 2008

Junho é o mês das marchas Pride, por excelência. Um pouco por todo o lado concretizam-se, umas autorizadas pelas autoridades vigentes, outras nem tanto, umas sem muito alarido pelos detractores dos direitos LGBT, outras provocando mesmo contra-marchas e/ou manifestações policiais antagónicas.

É o mês em que muito se fala de Stonewall, e do que lá se passou em 1968.

E afinal, que se passou no bar “Stonewall Inn” há 40 anos? Considerado por muitas pessoas o início das reivindicações dos direitos das pessoas homossexuais, foram três dias de tumultos e manifestações contra a perseguição e abuso por parte das forças policiais contra a população Gay.
Claro que a revolta de Stonewall não foi, nem nunca poderá ser considerada como o despoletar de todo um movimento que alastrou a todo o mundo. Infelizmente, e apesar dos inúmeros autores que afirmem que sim, Stonewall não passou de uma continuação da revolta de Compton´s Cafeteria, ocorrida dois anos antes. Tal como a ridícula insistência que Thomas Beatie é o primeiro homem transexual grávido, também Stonewall não foi a primeira tentativa de dar resposta à repressão existente na época nos EUA.

Sobre a revolta de Compton’s Cafeteria, protagonizada maioritariamente pela população T já escrevi um breve post em Outubro de 2007, que quem quiser pode rever clicando AQUI. Falemos agora um pouco sobre os acontecimentos de Stonewall e da importante presença e liderança T nestes acontecimentos.

De notar que tudo aconteceu em 1968, e nesta época não se falava muito de transexualidade e transgenderismo. O comum nesta época era falar-se no máximo em travestismo, logo era tudo gay.

O bar Stonewall Inn, conotado com os lados mais obscuros da sociedade e supostamente controlado pela máfia, era frequentado principalmente por gays afro-americanos e hispânicos, sendo que muitas das pessoas lá presentes eram travestis (transgéneros).

Por causa das supostas ligações à máfia, era alvo regular de rusgas, sempre nos mesmos moldes e por volta das mesmas horas. A 28 de Junho, no entanto, uma rusga inesperada aconteceu no Inn. Por volta da uma e vinte da manhã, oito polícias entraram no bar com um mandato de busca válido para procurar bebidas alcoólicas ilegais. Dos oito polícias apenas um se encontrava fardado. Começaram a questionar os clientes e a muitos deles pediram a identificação. Muitos foram acompanhados para fora do bar, e alguns foram mesmo detidos. A multidão que tinha sido levada para fora pela polícia, começou a ficar inquieta e mesmo zangada, acabando por iniciar tumultos fora do Inn. Enquanto a polícia enchia as carrinhas com os detidos, a multidão respondia com impropérios, até que eventualmente irrompeu a violência.

A activista trans Sylvia Rivera afirma que liderou o ataque. Atiraram-se garrafas à polícia, chegando-se mesmo a usar parquímetros como armas. Dave van Ronk, um cantor de música folk que passava por ali foi agarrado pela polícia, arrastado para dentro do bar e agredido. A revolta estava imparável. Depressa a notícia do que acontecia se espalhou pelas imediações, e muitos residentes e frequentadores de outros bares da área convergiram ao local. Quando a polícia se refugiou dentro do bar, a multidão bloqueou as entradas e tentaram pegar-lhe fogo.

Os protestos eram tão fortes que, de cada vez que a polícia dispersava a multidão, uma nova massa de pessoas formava-se nas suas costas, impedindo-os de acabarem com a revolta. Durante os vários dias de tumultos, a multidão de cerca de 400 pessoas continuou a lançar garrafas e pedras e a atear incêndios nas imediações do Inn. As tentativas frustadas da polícia para capturar os revoltosos esbarravam na rapidez dos manifestantes. Se fossem apanhados, seriam agredidos e imobilizados no chão. Começou-se a gritar “Gay power” e alguns activistas travestis começaram a cantar:

We are the Stonewall Girls
We wear our hair in curls
We wear no underwear
We show our pubic hair
We wear our dungarees
Above our nelly knees

Pela noite dentro, a polícia foi conseguindo isolar muitos transgéneros e pessoas não-conformistas de género, incluindo mulheres “masculinas” e homens “efeminados”, geralmente agredindo-os. Na primeira noite foram detidas 13 pessoas e quatro polícias, bem como um número indeterminado de manifestantes sofreram ferimentos. Sabe-se que pelo menos dois manifestantes foram severamente agredidos pela polícia. A multidão agora estimada em cerca de 2000 pessoas defrontou 400 polícias.

As forças de segurança acabaram por ter de convocar forças adicionais, a Tactical Patrol Force, um esquadrão anti-motim originalmente treinado para lidar com manifestantes anti-guerra do Vietnam. Esta força tentou dispersar a multidão, que lhes mandou com uma chuva de pedras e outros projécteis, não conseguindo quebrar a concentração.

Eventualmente as coisas foram acalmando, mas a multidão regressou outra vez na noite seguinte. Embora menos violenta que a primeira noite, a multidão tinha a mesma energia da noite anterior. Escaramuças entre a polícia e a multidão foram-se sucedendo até por volta das quatro da manhã. O terceiro dia de tumultos sucedeu cinco dias depois da rusga ao Stonewall Inn. Nesse dia cerca de mil pessoas concentraram-se no bar e mais uma vez provocaram extensos danos.

Como se pode observar, a presença T nesta segunda revolta foi tão importante, pelo menos, como na primeira revolta, dois anos antes. Além da já referida Sylvia Guerrero, estiveram presentes, entre outras pessoas T, Marsha P. Johnson e Miss Majors, figuras de relevo na luta pelos direitos LGBT nos EUA.

É sem surpresa, no entanto, que se vê uma tentativa pela comunidade LG de minimizar e/ou silenciar o importantíssimo papel que a comunidade T teve ao protagonizar duas revoltas que ficaram para a história da luta pelos dieitos LGBT e que despoletaram por todo o mundo uma consciencialização e um activismo. No entanto Stonewall é conhecido como uma revolta gay.

No New England Trans Pride, uma Marcha que celebra o orgulho trans e que teve o seu nascimento este ano, não terá sido por acaso que o seu lema foi: “Remember Stonewall? That was us!” (Lembram-se de Stonewall? Fomos nós!) e onde foi relembrada a crítica participação da comunidade trans.

Não se pode deixar que outros, especialmente as comunidades L e G, eliminem a importante e histórica participação que a comunidade transgénero deu e dá, todos os dias, na luta pelos direitos LGBT. Muitas vezes com o custo da própria vida.

As Marchas pride celebram as revoltas de Compton’s Cafeteia e de Stonewall, embora somente se fale nesta última. Mas que a comunidade T nunca se esqueça e se orgulhe de que estas revoltas contaram com a participação fulcral de muita gente T.

Stonewall (também) fomos nós!

Travesti do caso Ronaldo vai participar de peça sobre gays enrustidos
Andréia Albertini, travesti que ficou famosa após um encontro com o jogador Ronaldo, vai integrar o elenco de um espetáculo teatral, com estréia prevista para a próxima quinta-feira (26), em São Paulo.
A peça se chama "A Estrela Sou Eu". É uma comédia sobre gays enrustidos. Albertini fará papel de travesti que se prostitui nas ruas. Ela falará de casos como o que envolveu Ronaldo, mas sem citar nomes.

Sargento que assumiu ser gay é preso novamente
O sargento Fernando Alcântara de Figueiredo, de 34 anos, que assumiu recentemente manter um relacionamento homossexual com o companheiro de farda Laci Marinho de Araújo, de 36 anos, desde 1997, foi novamente preso hoje. Ele havia sido solto no sábado após cumprir oito dias de detenção sob a acusação de ter infringido normas militares. De acordo com nota à imprensa divulgada pelo Exército, o sargento cumpre punição de quatro dias de detenção "por ter se apresentado com o uniforme em desacordo com as disposições em vigor, em entrevista concedida à revista Época".

Helsinki Pride goes green
Helsinki Pride, Finland's largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual event, is to begin on Monday.

Suprema Corte autoriza Parada Gay em Jerusalém
A Suprema Corte israelense rejeitou nesta segunda-feira um recurso que visava impedir a realização na próxima quinta-feira (25) da Parada Gay em Jerusalém.
O recurso foi apresentado por um pequeno grupo de extrema direita, a Frente Nacional Judia, que considera o evento uma provocação.

Catholic Church accused of delaying discrimination bill in Croatia
ILGA-Europe claimed that the Roman Catholic Church is trying to prevent gender identity from being included in the proposed Combating Discrimination Bill.
The group said the purpose of the new law is to fill in the gaps identified in the 2007 Progress Report on Croatia by the European Commission.
Croatas culpam Igreja por atraso em lei de igualdade
Nesta segunda-feira, dia 23, um grupo de advogados enviou aos oficiais e representantes governamentais da Croácia um comunicado expressando o desapontamento do grupo em relação à demora do país em introduzir a lei anti-discriminatória já aprovada.

Sex change man in 'identity' crisis
A Bahraini who underwent a sex change operation and was declared a man by a high court last week has complained that he still has an identity card which bears a female name.
The man now known as Hussain has an identity card which contains his old name of Zainab, UAE daily Khaleej Times reported on Monday.

[US/UK] [Entertainment]
Joseph Fiennes to play transsexual in Nip/Tuck man's new series
Excerpt: So Joseph Fiennes. He's a married father of two who tells his family he's a transsexual. There isn't a lot of news about Pretty/Handsome other than that, apart from the fact that Joseph Fiennes is in it, as is Carrie-Anne Moss, Blythe Danner and Robert Wagner.

Va. says groom and 'bride' deceived local officials
The couple walked into a Norfolk courthouse on a spring day, exchanged a few words, and within 10 minutes, were seemingly husband and wife.
It was an unremarkable ceremony - except that several weeks later, officials realized the shapely bride might not have been a woman.

segunda-feira, junho 23, 2008

El SAS absorbe cambios de sexo de toda España
En el Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS) hay una lista de espera muy especial que no existe en otras comunidades autónomas. Es la que conforma el centenar largo de pacientes transexuales que aguardan una media de dos años para cambiar de sexo, y poco más de un año para otro tipo de cirugías menores. En esta "alta" lista de espera, según reconocen los propios profesionales, no sólo figuran andaluces sino ciudadanos del resto del país que vienen a la Unidad de Trastornos de Identidad de Género (UTIG) del Hospital Regional Carlos Haya de Málaga.

«No puedes ser negro y marica»
Colombia, tras Afganistán e Irak, es el tercer país del mundo en número de refugiados, más de 552.000. Ihliana Palacios (28 años), es una de ellos. Huyó de su tierra perseguida porque no es ni hombre ni mujer. «Yo decidí lo que quería ser». Su padre le dijo «no puedes ser negro y marica». Y ella eligió. «Todavía es difícil hablar de tercer género.

Autoriza SEP folios del Instituto creado por mujer "trans"
La profesora transexual Claudia Rena en compañía de su esposa Alouette Lafont, obtuvieron los números de folio de trámite para la incorporación de su Instituto a la Secretaría de Educación Pública, ampliando con ello su oferta educativa con una licenciatura, dos maestrías y dos especialidades en diseño y arquitectura.

Born in Iran - in the wrong body
Sex changes are legal in Iran, but the transgendered struggle for cultural acceptance

Woman interrupted
School caretaker Martine Stonehouse is Toronto's transsexual Norma Rae.
While her transformation from man to woman is a dramatic tale in itself – interrupted by the sudden delisting of the surgical procedure – the story of her journey, from being an outcast with only one friend and never a date, to an activist and leader, is inspirational, too.
Her experience has elevated the profile of this city's tiny transgendered population and illuminated the human rights transgressions against those who are different in our society.

Transgender woman wants to compete at Olympics
A transgender woman from Canada is attempting to become the first transitioned athlete to compete in the Olympic Games, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Co.

He’s Pregnant. You’re Speechless.
WHEN Thomas Beatie gives birth in the next few weeks to a baby girl, the blessed event will mark both a personal milestone and a strange and wondrous crossroads in the evolution of American pop culture.

Dealing with Merrimack dad’s transformation
Being transgender has a dramatic impact on one's life, part of which is predictable and part of which is unforeseen. These effects are shared by the person's family, who may feel that trust is shattered and their lives have been flipped upside down. Some go through a kind of grieving process. In some circumstances,with time, couples are willing and able to stay together, even though their relationship has changed drastically. Others never recover from the perceived deceit, and families split apart. When children are involved, things can get even more complicated.
Families handle their transgender members differently, as The Telegraph explores today in its series. This is the Cannon family's story.

Mom accepts transgender Manchester tween
In the first grade, 6-year-old Nicholas stood up one day and told his teacher he had something important to say.
Not just to her. But to the whole class.
"My name is Nicholas, but I want to be called Nikki because I'm really a girl," he told his classmates at Parker-Varney School in Manchester.

sábado, junho 21, 2008

Tory claims "sex change" surgery is a choice
A Conservative MP has claimed that gender reassignment is a "matter of choice."
Mark Pritchard, who represents The Wrekin, expressed his view during Business Questions in the House of Commons yesterday.
He said that while he is "not against sex changes" he wants a debate on their cost to the NHS.

Irlanda realiza 25ª Parada do Orgulho Gay de Dublin
Mais de 10 mil pessoas são esperadas para celebrar, no próximo sábado (21), a 25ª Parada do Orgulho Gay da capital irlandesa. Segundo maior evento do país (atrás apenas do Dia de St. Patrick), o evento a cada ano se torna maior e mais importante. Segundo o prefeito de Dublin, Paddy Bourke, a Parada deste ano será um evento "para ser lembrado".

L'employé licencié pour avoir voulu changer de sexe témoigne
Il se prénomme Baptiste, mais se fait désormais appeler Clarisse. Ce père de famille, licencié après avoir annoncé à son patron qu'il souhaitait changer de sexe, a obtenu réparation devant les prud'hommes. Il s'exprime pour la 1re fois sur son combat.

Una popular cantante transexual turca planta cara a militares y jueces
"Si yo hubiese tenido un hijo y alguien sentado en un despacho me hubiese dicho 'haz esto, haz lo otro' y por culpa de ello tuviese que enterrar a mi hijo, ¿lo encontraríais aceptable?". Estas palabras de la cantante transexual turca Bülent Ersoy la han metido en un buen lío con los militares.
Transsexual Turkish Singer on Trial for Criticizing Mandatory Military Service
A popular transsexual Turkish singer went on trial Wednesday on charges of trying to turn the public against military service.

Bahraini Court Rules Former Woman Now Male
Once a woman, a Bahraini man has won his fight to be legally recognised as male and says that by being the first to publicly announce his transformation he has softened Arab society's rigid views on gender.
Bahraini woman wins battle to become a man
A Bahraini man won his three-year legal battle to have his sex change officially recognized by the courts, press reports said on Thursday, in a culture where such topics are seen as taboo.

Miss Tiffany, a good son
Although still old fashioned in many ways, Thai society has long accepted - even embraced - its lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LBGT) communities.

Thai school opens 'transvestite toilet' for transgender students
A Thai school has added a third option to the standard 'boys' and 'girls' bathrooms - a 'transvestite toilet'.

Fiscal pide datos en Argentina sobre la supuesta hermafrodita
El fiscal José Planás, quien investiga el casamiento frustrado entre una mujer y otra persona que asegura ser hombre, solicitó a las autoridades argentinas información respecto a la verdadera identidad de Jesús Alejandro Martínez o Catalina Vera, persona que dice tener ambos sexos, pero que el fiscal afirma que es mujer de acuerdo a los datos proporcionados por el médico forense Silvio Chirife.
Liberan a supuesta pareja lesbiana
La pareja que fue detenida el pasado sábado a la noche, cuando estaba a punto de casarse en la iglesia de Lambaré, ante la sospecha de que se trataba de lesbianas, ha sido liberada ayer a la siesta por orden del fiscal José Planás, quien no obstante imputará a ambas personas.
Juez liberó a pareja de mujeres que intentó casarse por Iglesia
Una paraguaya y una argentina detenidas tras intentar casarse por Iglesia el pasado sábado fue liberada por un fiscal que las imputó de todos modos por supuesta producción de documentos no auténticos y producción mediata de documento público de contenido falso.

Polémica al rojo en concejo municipal de Independencia
Un verdadero "circo romano" se vivió ayer en la comuna que dirige Antonio Garrido (RN), quien se negó a pedirle disculpas públicas al transexual al que la semana pasada trató de "mariconcito" y reiteró que si él quería le daba trabajo.

Campaña para la inclusión social de travestis y transexuales
El puntapié inicial de la actividad se concretará el lunes, a las 16, en la Secretaría de Promoción Social, donde se hará desde una pegatina de afiches en la vía pública, hasta la capacitación de equipos de salud de la ciudad. Además, al día siguiente se realizará en el distrito centro una jornada sobre políticas públicas para la diversidad sexual y el miércoles, a las 9.30, se lanzarán en la librería Ross las actividades del Día del Orgullo Gay-Lésbico-Trans.

Mayor Reacts to Beating at Criminal Justice Center
The Mayor says the jailhouse beat down crossed the line, even saying it was inhuman.
He said he expects the law to come down on the officers involved.
Transsexual Beaten; Officer Fired
Surveillance tape from a Memphis police station shows police officers hitting a transsexual who they had taken into custody.
FBI asked to investigate Memphis police beating
Police have asked the FBI to look into the beating of a prisoner at the Memphis jail.

New rules for transgender kids in NY juvenile jails
Transgender youth in New York's juvenile detention centers can now wear whatever uniform they choose, be called by whatever name they want and ask for special housing under a new anti-discrimination policy that advocacy groups say is among the nation's most progressive.
New Transgender Policy Takes Effect at N.Y. Juvenile Jails
Transgender youth in New York's juvenile detention centers are now allowed to wear whatever uniform they choose, be called by whatever name they want and ask for special housing under a new anti-discrimination policy drawing praise from advocacy groups.
NY Juvenile Detention Facilities Cater to Transgender Fantasies
The inmates are literally running the asylum in New York juvenile detention facilities.
Nueva York: cambian normas para jóvenes transexuales detenidos
Transexuales en centros de detención juveniles en Nueva York están ahora autorizados para vestir el uniforme que deseen, ser llamados por el nombre que elijan y solicitar habitaciones especiales bajo nuevas normas anti discriminatorias elogiadas por grupos que defienden sus derechos.

State: Tranny flick too racy for park lineup
A transsexual punk rocker is too racy, but a psychopath with an ax is just fine with state parks officials when they approved this year's summer movie lineup in Empire–Fulton Ferry State Park.
Three out of eight films selected by the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy — "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," "The Shining" and "Stand By Me" — were under scrutiny because of their R rating.
But after state parks commissioner Carol Ash viewed the films, only "Hedwig" was barred — and Conservancy director Marianna Koval is still scratching her head.

Transgender trucker sues for job discrimination
Backed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 33-year-old transwoman Kaylee Seals filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer on Thursday, alleging discrimination and retaliation due to her gender expression.

Nun's the word for this GLBT gang
They join because they have a calling to minister to the community and help others. They wear habits, take vows and call each other sister.
Only these sisters aren't actual nuns. They aren't even women.
Instead, they are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a non-religious group of mostly gay men devoted to volunteer service and human rights, in a lighthearted way.

Within two hours of coming out as transgendered to her Human Resources department, corporate jet pilot Jamy Spradlin was put on paid administrative leave. To make matters worse, the Federal Aviation Administration delayed renewing her license to fly for nearly a year while they evaluated her psyche for stability after beginning hormone replacement therapy.
Photo: Jamy Spradlin Regains her 2nd Class FAA Medical Certificate, allowing her to fly again

PAC to subpoena Nizah Morris DA records
In an unprecedented move, the city's Police Advisory Commission voted unanimously last week to subpoena records from the District Attorney's Office related to cell-phone use by police officers involved in a "courtesy ride" for a transgender woman in 2002.
Nizah Morris, 47, was found with a fatal head wound in Center City shortly after Philadelphia police gave her a ride during the early-morning hours of Dec. 22, 2002.

sexta-feira, junho 20, 2008

Trans singer on trial for "insulting Turkishness"
A popular transgender Turkish singer went on trial Wednesday on charges of trying to turn the public against military service.
Transexual turca pode ser presa por declaração na TV
Não é só no Brasil que existe o forte atrito entre serviço militar e a comunidade LGBTI. Na Turquia, uma polêmica declaração da cantora transexual Bülent Ersoy tem abalado essa relação. Ela disse no programa de televisão “Pop Idol” que se tivesse filhos nunca os deixaria entrar para as Forças Armadas turcas. Isso é considerado crime no país porque lá o serviço militar é obrigatório a partir dos 20 anos.

Justiça absolve prefeitura que proibiu Parada Gay
Na tarde da última quarta-feira (18), a Corte do Distrito de Tverskoi considerou improcedente a ação reclamatória que a organização Moscow Pride movia contra a prefeitura de Moscou, por ter proibido a realização da Parada Gay da Rússia.

Governo do Kuwait ameaça novamente os gays do país
De acordo com o site britânico de notícias, Pink News, o governo do Kuwait está novamente tentando se ver livre dos cidadãos gays e transexuais do país. Prova disso é que o Comitê de Hábitos Sociais está organizando uma conferência nacional para definir os "hábitos e vícios sociais" considerados prejudiciais à sociedade kuwaitiana e determinar os modos mais eficientes de erradicá-los.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Black transwoman got beaten by cops and no one cared
Check out this video of a brutal police beating in a police station. A Memphis police officer didn't like the fact that Duanna Johnson, a black transwoman, didn't respond to the names "faggot" or "he/she," so he beat her with handcuffs and sprayed her with mace, and no one, not even the nurse who was sent out, helped her.
Alleged Police Abuse of Transgender Woman Being Investigated
The Human Rights Campaign on Wednesday called for a criminal investigation into the case of police brutality against a transgender woman in Memphis.
HRC Calls for Criminal Investigation in Case of Police Brutality Against a Transgender Woman
The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, today called for a criminal investigation into the case of police brutality against a transgender woman. A newly released video out of Memphis, Tennessee clearly shows a police officer brutally abusing Duanna Johnson while she was held in the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center. Johnson is a transgender woman, and had been arrested on a charge of prostitution.
Transgender woman attacked by police officer in Memphis
One Memphis police officer has been fired and another is on non-enforcement status after a February attack on a transgender woman in the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center that has resulted in a $1.3 million dollar lawsuit.

Congress to hold first-ever hearing on transgender discrimination
The House Committee on Education and Labor is tentatively scheduled to hold a hearing on employment discrimination against transgender people on June 26 -- the first congressional hearing to focus primarily on transgender issues. The committee's subcommittee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) will hear testimony on the issue.

American Medical Association: Stop discriminating against transgender patients
The American Medical Association is calling on health insurers to cooperate with doctors in providing proper care to meet transgender patients' needs.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Pseudo-science still tries to 'cure' LGBT people
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the official handbook of U.S. mental health workers. Created by and a registered trademark of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the DSM categorizes mental health conditions and the criteria for diagnosing them.

Boycott of HRC event grows
Calls to boycott this year's Human Rights Campaign gala dinner in San Francisco are growing louder as the national group's July 26 fundraiser grows nearer. The Washington, D.C.-based LGBT lobbyist organization upset many in the Bay Area's LGBT community last year when it backed passage of a federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act stripped of gender identity protections.