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sexta-feira, dezembro 31, 2010

Justiça de Marília concede mudança de nome a transsexual
Um jovem de 19 anos, morador de Garça, em Marília, recebeu da Justiça o direito de alterar nos documentos pessoais a sexualidade, de masculino para feminino. O jovem, que fez uma operação para mudar o sexo há dois anos, passará a assinar pelo nome Amanda Marangão Galdino de Carvalho, e fala sobre a conquista inédita na região. (Foto)

The NHS interventions not normally undertaken in Wales
Excerpt: There are a number of interventions which should not be funded in Wales under any circumstances, including hair grafting for male baldness, gender reassignment surgery and caesarean sections for non-clinical reasons.

Chinese society more tolerant of "gender benders": survey
About 80 percent people said they do not discriminate against effeminate men or masculine women, according to a survey published in Thursday's China Youth Daily.
According to the newspaper's report, more than 33 percent of 2,019 respondents to an online survey said "gender benders" are "acceptable" or "very acceptable" to them.

Autistic boy, 16, allowed to become a woman but judge orders he freeze his sperm in case he wants to be a dad
A schoolboy has been given permission to start changing into a woman - provided he has his sperm frozen in case he decides to 'father' children some time in the future.
The extraordinary case has emerged in Australia where a female judge in the Family Court has given the 16-year-old boy the go-ahead to start drug treatment in the first steps to his conversion into womanhood.
Judge Linda Dessau said the teenager, who is mildly autistic, was mature enough to know what he wanted - and he had the support of his parents, six specialists and a lawyer. (Photo)
Teenage boy to swap gender

Vicky Kolakowski overcame discrimination to become nation's first transgender trial judge
Few county judges command standing ovations before they say a word, nor do they compel hate mail from strangers halfway around the world.
Alameda County Superior Court Judge Victoria Kolakowski has received both. She is the first transgender person elected as a trial judge and one of the very few elected to any office. She will be sworn in Tuesday at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. Then she will begin her assignment hearing criminal cases at the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse.

Transgendered man upset after Oakland County court voids marriage certificate
Hours after marrying his girlfriend at the Oakland County courthouse, 25-year-old Jordan Swan says he received a phone call from the court explaining his marriage certificate had been voided because, in the eyes of the law, he is not a man.
[Commentary] Trans man denied marriage license
[Commentary] No penis, no marriage license
[Commentary] Why Won't Michigan Let Jordan Swan Marry His Girlfriend? Because His Birth Certificate Says He's A She

Woman who posed as teen boy gets out of jail, says she's sorry
A 31-year-old Franklin woman who posed as a teenage boy in order to meet teenage girls is now out of jail.
Patricia Dye said she was sorry for what she did after she was released from the Warren County Jail on Tuesday.
"I am sorry for everything that had happened," she said. "I'd just like to move on from this, try to get some help.
"It won't happen again," she added.
Ohio woman who posed as boy freed from jail
Woman who posed as boy for sex released

Bus driver’s plight led to trans protections at DART
Ever since Democrats took over the Dallas County courthouse in 2006, judges here have been routinely granting gender-marker changes — court orders that allow transgender people to obtain driver’s licenses and other forms of ID that match their appearance.

Controversy brewed success for ‘TOTWK’
Gay Dallas filmmaker Israel Luna has been building his reputation behind the camera since he wrote and directed his first feature film, Str8 Up, in 2001. His subsequent films — including The Deadbeat Club, RU Invited and Fright Flick — secured his place in the Dallas filmmaking community and made him a regular on the independent film festival circuit.

Female inmate sues Virginia prison for housing her with men
Deena Kaye Myers, an inmate at Virginia's Deerfield Correctional Center, has sued 38 employees of the male prison—from Warden Keith W. Davis down to numerous unnamed corrections officers—for housing her with men.

IFE dicta proceso para corregir credenciales de transexuales
Con la aprobación del “Protocolo para la transición y no discriminación de los derechos de las personas transgenéricas y transexuales”, el Instituto Federal Electoral estableció el proceso a seguir para la corrección de nombre, de sexo o de ambos, así como para pedir licencia administrativa por cirugía para reasignación de sexo de sus trabajadores que así lo soliciten.

WIKILEAKS: HIV-Positive Cubans Held in Prison-Like Facility, "SIDA" Stamped on National ID Cards
Cubans living with HIV/AIDS suffer extreme hardships, are often treated in a "prison-like" facility and are forced to have the letters "SIDA" (AIDS) stamped on their national ID cards." That's according to a series of diplomatic cables by an unidentified nurse assigned to the United States Interests Section in Havanaand released by WikiLeaks. The cables offer a damning assessment of Cuba’s public health system, the Miami Herald reports.

Travesti es hallado muerto de una puñalada en La Alameda
Un travesti fue encontrado hoy ultimado de una certera puñalada en el pecho que le asestaron desconocidos en la colonia Alameda de Tegucigalpa, cerca del Instituto Nacional Agrario (INA).
El hombre vestía indumentaria de mujer y al parecer se dedicaba a la prostitución en ese sector de la capital, quien fue encontrado muerto en la calle principal del sector, por varias personas que avisaron a la policía. (Foto)
Otro crimen LGTB en Honduras

In Honduras, another LGBT person brutally murdered
They beat him and burned his body in a suburb of Tegucigalpa. Crime adds to the long list of unpunished murders of LGBT people in the country.

Derechos sexuales y legales en encuentro gay
Derechos sexuales y legales, reproductivos y homofobia fueron los principales temas del primer Foro de la Comunidad Gay. El encuentro se llevó a cabo en el auditorio Ancízar López López del CAM de Armenia.

Es transexual, se operó hace 14 años y ahora la Justicia le dio DNI fememino
Marcela Ottone. Así se llama desde hace tiempo, pero ahora lo dirá también su partida de nacimiento y su documento de identidad. Se sometió a la cirugía de reasignación de sexo hace 14 años y desde 2008 peleaba en la Justicia para rectificar su identidad también en su documentación. Cuando pensaba que se cumpliría el tercer año de espera, el juzgado Civil Nº13, a cargo de Marta Gurdulich, falló a su favor. "Volví a nacer, hace mucho que lo espero", dijo y enumeró las trabas que sufrió. "Perdí trabajos, no pude tener obra social y ni siquiera pagarme una jubilación", contó desde Alcorta, donde vive desde hace un tiempo cuidando a su madre. (Foto)

quinta-feira, dezembro 30, 2010

Polícia Militar pune integrantes que levantaram travesti pelo cabelo em parada
A polícia militar alagoana puniu dois sargentos com 30 dias de prisão e um soldado com 20 dias de reclusão por terem se excedido na detenção de uma travesti na parada do orgulho LGBT de Penedo, Alagoas, em 16 de agosto de 2009. De acordo com a própria corporação, houve abuso por parte dos agentes.

Colin Firth: 'I want to be a transvestite'
Colin Firth has announced his intention to take on more scandalous and flamboyant roles.

Eunuchs castrate man after argument
A man who played the dholak with a group of eunuchs was castrated by them following an argument in Modi Nagar area of Ghaziabad, police said Tuesday.

70 Jóvenes Transgénero/Transexuales han sido asesinadas en EE UU desde 2006, la prensa apenas las menciona
Casi 70 Jóvenes, la mayoría chicas Transgénero/Transexuales, han sido asesinadas en EE UU desde 2006, la prensa apenas las menciona.

Transgender athlete's bravery worthy of cheers
College athletes are teenagers growing on stage into young adults, and so there might be not much unusual that one of the players competing in a basketball game against the University of Miami here Tuesday night has spent this season becoming a man.
[Commentary] Help The NCAA Build A Safety Net For Transgender Athletes

Atlanta vet: Trans troops wait for equality [video]
As LGBT activists in Atlanta gathered last week to celebrate the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” one transgender veteran repeated an oft-used military refrain to remind the crowd there’s still work to do: Leave no one behind.

Transgender wrestler making name in the ring
In the ultra-macho, predominantly male world of pro wrestling, Mariah Moreno certainly stands out—even at only 5'9" and 140 pounds.
Moreno is, perhaps, the only out transgender pro wrestler in the world, although now she is just making her name—"Amanda, The Bloodthirsty Vixen"—competing in small regional, domestic promotions, often in front of sparse crowds. (Photo)

Transgender Man Denied A Marriage License in Oakland County
A transgender man says an Oakland County court denied him and his fiancé a marriage license because his sex change was not complete. (Photo)
County takes back transgender man’s marriage license
Transgender man marries, has marriage revoked in the same day

La draga Alexis Mateo tilda de ignorantes a los homofóbicos
El boricua Alexis Mateo nunca perdió las esperanzas de poder cualificar para la competencia RuPaul’s Drag Race, que promueve y dirige la famosa drag queen RuPaul en Estados Unidos. (Foto)

Inmate sues Va. prison system
A Virginia inmate who was born a male but surgically altered to be a female because of severe birth defects claims in a lawsuit against state officials that she should be held in a women's prison. (Photo)
Sexually reassigned Va inmate sues prison system
Va. inmate files suit on gender

Seguro social de Veracruz, México, no quiere cambiar nombre a chica trans que justicia ya modifico DNI
El seguro social, en la subdelegación de Veracruz Ver., no quiso hacer el cambio de nombre (ya tuve seguro social antes) que quedo asentado en mi acta de nacimiento. (Foto)

Una Jueza reconoció el cambio de nombre y sexo en su DNI a un travesti
La Justicia porteña reconoció hoy el cambio de nombre y sexo en el Documento Nacional de Identidad de una mujer travesti, por lo que ordenó la emisión de una nueva partida de nacimiento.
La Federación Argentina de lesbianas, gay, bisexuales y trans (FALGBT) y la Asociación de travestis, transexuales, transgéneros de Argentina (ATTTA) celebraron la decisión de la jueza porteña Elena Liberatori, que días atrás había autorizado el cambio de identidad de la actriz Florencia Trinidad.
La Justicia autorizó a transexual rosarina el cambio de DNI
Nuevo fallo de justicia en Buenos Aires, reconoció el derecho cambio DNI a segunda mujer transexual sin CRS

quarta-feira, dezembro 29, 2010

Vítima de preconceito, primeira travesti na Câmara pretende ir para a Europa
Maria Eduarda Borges é a primeira travesti a trabalhar na Câmara dos Deputados, em Brasília, mas anunciou que está de saída. A moça revelou que não aguenta mais o preconceito e, após dez anos trabalhando na Casa, irá procurar novos rumos na Europa. “Cansei dos olhares maldosos e da falsidade das pessoas.”

Kim Petras Has Magnetic Appeal
SEX change pop singer Kim Petras is to go on tour around Europe.
Kim Petras, now aged 18, became the youngest person to have a sex change aged 12 and has since launched a career as a model and musician.

Eunuchs protest failure of incumbents to arrest the killers of Benazir Bhutto
On the third anniversary of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, the fraternity of eunuchs participated in the event as actively as their compatriots hailing from government, dissident and active elements of PPPP; strongly protesting the failure of incumbents to investigate, finalize and arrest the killers of late Benazir Bhutto.

Gays rally outside Govt House
Transsexuals and rights activists gathered outside Government House on Tuesday morning in protest at the government's decision to abstain from the vote on a proposal to reinstate 'sexual orientation' into the United Nation's resolution against unjustified killing of minorities.

The Burger Speaks: An Interview With An Archmage
Excerpt: During my chat with Becky, I couldn't help but wonder if this were really the person so often described as a hermit and a loner; a brilliant hacker who kept herself barricaded in a cubicle. Of course, at that time she was named William Salvador Heineman, a classic case of a woman trapped in a man's body.
(Photo: Rebecca "burger" Heineman)

Decision on Transgender Player
More than two months after a transgender woman sued the Long Drivers of America claiming discrimination, the group said in a statement that it planned to follow a recent rule change by the L.P.G.A. and allow transgender women to compete. But the Long Drivers of America also said it had no plans to conduct any women’s long-drive events in the future but would allow women to compete in open or senior men’s events. It did not rule out future women’s events.

SheWired's 2010 in Sports: Kye Allums, Ireen Wust, Martina Navratilova and More!
It's been a rollercoaster ride in sports news this year. While the University of Connecticut women's basketball team recently broke the glass ceiling beating the UCLA men's team's long-held winning streak, here is just a slice of some of 2010's biggest stories for lesbians and trans people in sports.

[USA] [Commentary]
Holiday dinners: Pass the gender roles
The holidays always provided me an opportunity to observe the curious divide between our world's two most popular genders. Every year, at every age, I have sat at tables with both sides of my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners--most with expansive and wonderful fare, some a bit baffling (enchiladas for Christmas? Really?).

[USA] [Commentary]
Why Trans People Are Pissed About Being Legislatively Left Behind
Some of our lesbigay brothers and sisters may be puzzled as to why we in the trans community have had the mixed bag mostly negative reaction to last Wednesday's signing of the DADT Repeal Act
Much of this political drama painfully reminds us of the line that was repeated like a mantra on the reimagined Battlestar Galactica show when it was on the air.
All of this has happened before-and will happen again.

Otorgan el segundo DNI a transexual
Este martes, la jueza en lo Contencioso, Administrativo y Tributario Nº3, Elena Liberatori, reconoció el cambio de nombre y sexo en el DNI y la emisión de una nueva partida de nacimiento a una mujer travesti (la primera fue Florencia de la V). "De lo que se trata es de advertir el contrasentido de unos derechos que se predican universales pero dejan a un grupo de personas excluidas de su goce", explicó Liberatori entre sus fundamentos.

terça-feira, dezembro 28, 2010

José Luiz Datena recebe advertência do governo por ter xingado travesti em programa
O governo do Estado de São Paulo, com base em lei local contra homofobia, fez uma advertência (menor nível de punição possível) ao apresentador de tevê José Luiz Datena por ele ter xingado uma travesti de “travecão butinudo do caramba’. A travesti tinha se envolvido em uma briga mostrada pelo programa de Datena.

[Afghanistan/USA] [Commentary]
A Tribute to a Trans Warrior in Afghanistan, My Dear Friend Jenn
Those of us in the LGBT community have much to celebrate this holiday season. Ted Olsen and David Boies win federal court recognition of our birthright to marry as we choose. LCR wins federal court recognition for lesbians and gays to serve openly in our military then our House and Senate pass repeal of DADT that was signed by our president. Gender congruent lesbian women and gender congruent gay men have much to feel wonderful about this Chanukah, Christmas and New Years Day. All over these United States many glasses of champagne will "ching, ching" while toasting a job well done and job well done it is!

Sex Change Surgery in Georgia
Sex change operations are not common in Georgia, so far at Kuzanov Clinic only seven operations have been done to true transsexuals, all of them women transforming in to men.

Sexual minorities demand marital rights
People from the sexual minorities have demanded to guarantee their marital rights as per their own wish.
Speaking at a press meet organised by Sahara Samaj on Sunday in Itahari, they said the third gender and homosexuals were victims of sexual harassment and discrimination in the society and were expelled from their own family as well.

Beware! Fake eunuchs on the prowl
Pickpockets and small-time thieves appear to have found an ingenious way of making a quick buck -- dress up as transgenders to fool the public, and keep wary cops at arm's length.

Jobs for all, transgenders included
Her work with the transgender community began three months ago. Professional photographer Indu Antony first met members of the transgender community when she was shooting the cover of a magazine. "I went to meet them at Sangama," says the 28 year-old Bengaluru-based photographer of the city NGO working towards the rights of sexual minorities.

Sion hospital study peeps into eunuch psyche
A unique scientific study on the hijra (eunuch) community is underway at the psychiatry department of Sion hospital. It aims to explore gender identity disorder (GID) in the Indian context and focus on how GID in Indian culture has evolved to form a unique hijra subculture.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Trans Youth
I've been thinking today about -- and empathizing with -- the parents of young children who exhibit signs of transsexualism and ultimately demand sexual reassignment surgery. It's understandable that the parents would be in denial for quite a while, hoping it was a passing phase. Ultimately, though, if children keep on exhibiting cross-gender behaviour, one would hope that their parents would seek out professional help from therapists specializing in gender dysphoria. It may, indeed, be a passing phase and be dealt with; it may be much more.

[USA] [Commentary]
Transgender woman arrested for being assaulted by a cop
On December 1st Chloe Moore, a transgender woman living in DC, pepper sprayed a man after he reportedly hurled transphobic slurs at her and pushed her. The man then chased Moore, threw her to the ground, pinned her down, and pulled out a badge identifying himself as Officer Raphael Radon of the DC Police Department.

[USA] [Commentary]
Transvestism Is a Narcotic Drug
Transvestism or cross dressing, are the same thing and quite simply are acts performed for sexual gratification. Like pretty much all similar acts it has variations on its theme. It also contains depths of “need” particularly in its initial stages.

Year in Review: Sea Change Ahead for Diagnostic Manual
Our Year in Review series highlights the major medical news stories of 2010. The draft revision of the psychiatric profession's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, was one of the compelling topics that made headlines during the year and here, again, is the original article, first published on Feb. 10, 2010. In a companion article, you'll find out what's happened since.
Year in Review: More Bumps in Road to DSM-V

El asesinato de mil 400 mujeres al año es una muestra de las violaciones a DH: Marcela Lagarde
La impunidad es alimentada por las averiguaciones mal integradas, y por encargados de la persecución del crimen que desatienden las denuncias de las víctimas.

segunda-feira, dezembro 27, 2010

Petition the American Psychiatric Association: Remove Transgender from Proposed Changes in the DSM-5
Becuse our Identities are Not Disordered
The DSM is regarded as the medical and social definition of mental disorder throughout North America and strongly influences international psychiatric nomenclature.
On January 10th, 2010, the American Psychiatric Association released proposed draft revisions for the Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) to be published May 2013.

Sanidad se hará cargo 100% de gastos genere tratamiento transexuales fuera sus comunidades, FELGTB celebra
FELGTB celebra que Sanidad costee el total del tratamiento de las personas trans desplazadas
La Federación pide a las comunidades que acogen los cuatro hospitales que ofrecen cirugías de reconstrucción genital que las conviertan en unidades de referencia

First Scots prisoner given permission to become a transsexual in jail
A convicted drug dealer has been granted permission to change his name and wear women's clothes in prison.
William Wallace, 35, told jail bosses he wanted to wear a dress and be called Cassie when he returns to Noranside open prison after Christmas.
Now Wallace, who is serving five years for dealing, has been given the go-ahead to become a transsexual behind bars.

Tailandia censura una película de un padre transexual que lucha por salvar a sus hijos
Las autoridades cinematográficas prohibieron una película sobre un padre transexual y/o transgénero que lucha por criar a sus dos hijos.

Pride Centre offers an inclusive Christmas for queer community
There are many kinds of families, and Axcella Zelenski finds hers inside the warm and sunny community centre on 111th Avenue.
“I’ve been coming here for five years because most of my family is here,” said Zelenski, sitting down to Christmas dinner at the Edmonton Pride Centre on Saturday. “My physical family is doing their own religious stuff, and I prefer to celebrate with people I can connect with.”

San Francisco fomenta desarrollo laboral de transexuales, con doble tasa de paro que los californianos
Antes de que Goodwill Industries abriera su nuevo establecimiento aquí, nadie hubiera podido decir que a San Francisco le hacían falta tiendas de segunda mano para su sofisticada población partidaria del reciclaje. Lo que sí le hacía falta a la ciudad eran suficientes empleos para su población transexual, un grupo con una tasa de desempleo calculada en el doble del promedio en California.

La sirenas de Juchitán, Muxhes, personas trans en Estado de México que son institución cultural
Han nacido biológicamente hombres y los sentimientos de una mujer; con ellas se inician sexualmente los jóvenes, mientras las mujeres las consultan “sobre hombres”. Son los muxhes del Istmo y su fiesta de La Vela.

Colectivo de Chile aclara que ONU no incluyo identidad genero en resolución ejecuciones extrajudiciales
El martes, la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas (AGNU), vota para restaurar la referencia a la “orientación sexual” , que había sido removida por una enmienda anterior a nivel de comisión. . La votación – que fue aprobada 93 a 55, con 27 abstenciones y 17 votos ausentes.

domingo, dezembro 26, 2010

[UK] [Commentary]
Film club: one step forward, one step backward
The representation of trans people in movies is a contentious issue, not only because cis actors are often cast in the roles of trans people but also because the scripts are inevitably ciscentric and more often than not play into the same old transphobic tropes that many of us experience every day.

Turkey Must Stop Prosecuting Transgender Activists
Prosecutors must investigate the second arbitrary arrest of transgender rights defenders in Ankara in as many months and drop all charges against the women, three human rights organizations said today. In a letter to the Turkish Interior and Justice Ministries, the rights organizations called for an end to police harassment of transgender people and expressed concern over the possible targeting of members of the organization Pembe Hayat LGBTT Dayanisma Dernegi.

[Turkey] [Film]
'Other Angels' gets marks for bravery with Turkish transgender film
Director, writer, producer Emre Yalgın’s debut feature, ‘Teslimiyet’ (Other Angels), is a brave attempt to shed light on the lives of the transgender community in Istanbul – since such women are usually subjected to one-dimensional stereotypes. While the transgender characters and actors impress, the film fails when the straight characters walk in.

[Thailand] [Film]
Thailand bans 'immoral' film about transgender father
Thailand's film board has banned a movie about a transgender father struggling to raise two children, a move the director says highlights the conservative side of Thai society despite its freewheeling reputation.
Film About Transgender Father Is Banned in Thailand

[Canada] [Commentary]
Guest Post: Natalie Murray Clarifies Canadian Military Dress Rules Media Coverage
The Canadian Military has released a policy on dress for trans soldiers. Unlike in the US, gays and lesbians have served openly since 1992 and trans people have been able to serve in the military since 1998.
The following guest post is by Natalie Murray, who is an IT technician stationed at CFB Trenton, Ontario. She has been in the Canadian Forces since 1987. She transitioned in 2003.

For Transgendered, 10 Reasons Why 2010 Was a Watershed Year
Dr. Sherman Leis, founder of the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, lists the reasons why he believes that 2010 was a watershed year for the transgender community.

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans Left Out Again-This Time By The UN
Damn, can my trans brothers and trans sisters get any love in any organizational body this holiday season?

Ga. makes inroads in transgender HIV prevention
The state of Georgia has recently taken tiny steps toward extending HIV prevention and treatment resources to transgender individuals, a group at high risk of contracting the disease. These steps include the Georgia HIV Community Planning Group identifying trans people as a priority population in its five-year prevention plan, and the Department of Human Resources offering a first-ever grant specifically for that community in 2009.

sábado, dezembro 25, 2010

[UK] [Commentary]
Misuse of “LGBT” by activists and reporters
I have seen some misreporting by LGBT activists over the last few days which I felt I should point out, stemming from the fact that people are typing “LGBT” without thinking. Please consider when reporting on things that a win for LGB folk does not necessarily help Trans people.

Turkey: Dismiss Charges Against Transgender Activists
Prosecutors must investigate the second arbitrary arrest of transgender rights defenders in Ankara in as many months and drop all charges against the women, three human rights organizations said today. In a letter to the Turkish Interior and Justice Ministries, the rights organizations called for an end to police harassment of transgender people and expressed concern over the possible targeting of members of the organization Pembe Hayat LGBTT Dayanışma Derneği.

The Fight for LGBT Rights in Kenya
On Sunday, November 28, at a public rally in Nairobi, Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga was widely quoted in the press as calling for the police to arrest those found engaging in homosexuality. On November 29, after a strong civil society reaction demanding that the prime minister ensure that the human rights of all Kenyans be protected, including LGBT people, the prime minister's office issued a clarifying statement that he had been misunderstood. He was not calling for the arrest of LGBT people, claimed his office, but only wanted to make clear that the new Kenyan Constitution did not legalize same-sex marriage.

[South Africa]
Gender Confusion
A baby boy turned out to be a girl one month after being born to a couple in South Africa.

LGBT Activists Cheered by Potential Gay Rights Gain
Excerpt: Attempts to bring LGBT issues out into the open have had severe repercussions for some activists. In a LGBT Centre production called The Lies of Liberty, posted on the video-sharing site YouTube, a transgender girl who declined to keep her identity hidden described the harrowing details of her abduction and sexual assault with two other transgender friends. Naming an ultra-nationalist group as perpetrators of the crime, the transgender girl felt compelled to seek asylum abroad after the documentary was broadcast on local television.

13-year-old becomes a boy after sex change operation
A 13-year-old girl turned into a boy on Wednesday after a successful operation at the district headquarters (DHQ) hospital in Hafizabad.
The family have named the boy Usman (his name before the operation was Aisha).
The girl had been brought to the DHQ hospital complaining of chronic pain in her stomach. Dr Zahoor Ahmed, a urologist, examined her and told the family that her physiology was that of a male and not a female. He recommended a sex re-assignment surgery.

[Thailand] [Film]
Thailand bans film about transgender father after director refuses to cut 'immoral' scenes
Thailand's film board has banned a movie about a transgender father struggling to raise two children, a move the director says highlights the conservative side of Thai society despite its freewheeling reputation.
Thailand bans film about transgender father

[USA] [Film]
DiCaprio Won't Don Drag as Hoover
Leonardo DiCaprio has a new male love interest in his forthcoming biopic of FBI honcho J. Edgar Hoover, but don't expect him to indulge in Hoover's alleged cross-dressing, reports Michael Musto on his Village Voice blog.

Long Drivers’ response to Lawless lawsuit: Women need not apply
Some three weeks after the LPGA responded to Lana Lawless’ discrimination lawsuit by offering membership to transgender women, Long Drivers of America said it would abide by LPGA rules, with one minor exception. LDA said it would continue banning women from competing in a separate division.

San Francisco fomenta desarrollo laboral de transexuales
Antes de que Goodwill Industries abriera su nuevo establecimiento aquí, nadie hubiera podido decir que a San Francisco le hacían falta tiendas de segunda mano para su sofisticada población partidaria del reciclaje. Lo que sí le hacía falta a la ciudad eran suficientes empleos para su población transexual, un grupo con una tasa de desempleo calculada en el doble del promedio en California.

Cross-dressing cop and accused runner earn big promotions at NYPD ceremony
Two cops who weathered blows to their reputations - one a cross-dresser and the other accused of running during a gun battle - were promoted Thursday with full honors.
Michael Pilecki, a 27-year NYPD veteran, was promoted to full inspector in a ceremony at Police Headquarters. He was praised among dozens of others for dedication to duty.

sexta-feira, dezembro 24, 2010

Trans woman's marriage bid appealed by Attorney General
The Attorney General in Malta has appealed a court decision that allows a trans woman, Ms Joanne Cassar, the right to marry a man, reports the Times of Malta.
Court: Attorney General appeals decree giving transsexual the right to marry

Aravani beaten up by police at Marina
In seemingly hardwired khaki insensitivity and brutality towards the third gender, a young aravani was verbally abused and beaten up by four police personnel on the sands of the Marina on Tuesday.
Recounting her ordeal to Express, Sabitha (21) of Choolaimedu, said four aravanis had come down from Mumbai to visit her and she took them to the Marina Beach on Tuesday.
Transgender alleges harassment by police

Hermaphrodite beaten to death in city
A hermaphrodite died and six others were injured allegedly after being beaten up by a mob in the city's Badda area yesterday.
Following the death of Papia, 32, more than a hundred hermaphrodites staged a demonstration protesting the murder and demanded punishment to the killers.

Groundbreaking report looks at LGBT Cambodians
The Cambodian Center for Human Rights released a groundbreaking report on the 9 December titled "Coming Out in the Kingdom: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in Cambodia."

[Thailand] [Film]
Film board bans 'Insects in the Backyard'
The Culture Ministry's National Film Board yesterday banned the controversial gay-themed Thai film "Insects in the Backyard".
Of the 21 board members, 13 voted against the movie because they felt it was immoral and pornographic.
Only three members thought it should be approved.
Thailand bans 'immoral' transgender film
Thailand bans transgender film after director declines to cut 'immoral' scenes

Brain gene makes a female develop as a male
Australian scientists have discovered that changes to a gene involved in brain development can lead to testis formation and male genitalia in an otherwise female embryo.

[USA] [Commentary]
Let's Talk about "Tranny" - Media Criticisms
This is part two in a three part series. You may want to read part one first, which details the meanings and associations of the term "tranny" when used as a slur. Understanding those meanings provides useful background for understanding the implications of the term in other contexts.

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Why the “T” is Also Important
With the repeal of the abominable “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy comes some well deserved celebration. Yet in the midst of all of this we must remember that still not everybody has an equal right to serve our country. The policy and therefore the repeal covers Gays, Lesbians and Bisexual individuals but not the Transgendered.

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Autumn Sandeen On The DADT That Forgot Me
President Obama has signed the repeal of DADT into law. Gee, sure is funny I don't hear cries of 'crumbs' emanating from the predominately vanilla flavored GL peanut gallery aimed at the POTUS since that historic vote happened.
But while the GL community is celebrating their early civil rights Christmas present today, the trans community is still dealing with conflicting emotions.

Righting wrongs
As a transgender woman, Denise Brogan-Kator experienced injustices no lawyer could fix. Now she's a lawyer and an advocate.

Woman Charged With Killing Transgender Brother's Fiancée
A North Carolina community college teacher is accused of murdering her transgender brother's fiancée, having driven 600 miles last week to do so, according to police in Livonia, Mich.

Brazil creates national council to protect LGBTs
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Human Rights Secretary Paulo Vannuchi signed a decree Dec. 9 creating the National LGBT Council.
The document says the council's purpose is to "formulate and propose guidelines for government actions, at the national level, aimed at combating discrimination and promoting and defending the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals."

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Fashion blurs gender boundaries
Transsexuals, transvestites and models with no clear gender affiliation are all the rage in current advertising campaigns and editorials.
The male model of the moment is Andrej Pejic, a 19-year old blond from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who - and there's no other way to put it - looks like a woman.
Andrej Pejic's 'feminine' look in high demand
[Commentary] With 'Femiman' Model Andrej Pejic, Marc Jacobs Is Going Trans For Spring

Attorney General appeals in transsexual marriage case
The Attorney General has filed an appeal from a court sentence which had granted Joanne Cassar the right to marry a man after her gender reassignment surgery.
Update 2: PL, AD, disagrees with appeal in transsexual's right-to-marry case
Decision granting right to marry after gender reassignment appealed

[India] [Film]
I Don't Want To Become A Woman

Know Your Rights - Information on air travel for transgender people
This is a busy time of the year for travel so we have put together some resources to help you have a smooth and safe trip. Transgender people and our families have expressed concern about the various new invasive equipment and procedures at the airport used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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California DMV Shows Ambivalence Over Transgender Hatred
A couple months ago, I wrote an article about Amber Yust, a transgender woman from California who was sent a shocking letter after she went to the DMV for a name change on her license. She was easily able to get a driver’s license with her new name, but the employee who processed the name change felt a need to take matters into his own hands.

North Carolina Woman Allegedly Drives 600 Miles to Kill Brother's Partner
Julie Ann Hopwood, North Carolina College Instructor, Held on First Degree Murder Charge in Michigan
College Teacher Charged With Killing Partner Of Her Transgender Brother
College instructor accused of murdering transgender brother's partner

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Androgynous Model of the Moment Andrej Pejic Is in the Marc by Marc Jacobs Campaign
Andrej Pejic may be the hottest thing in male modeling this season (this week? this month? something). Jean Paul Gaultier cast the famously androgynous model, along with Karolina Kurkova, for his spring campaign.

PR: Duas travestis são mortas e três ficam feridas em ataque
Duas travestis foram mortas e outras três ficaram feridas em um ataque ocorrido na manhã desta terça-feira, 21, em Curitiba. Por volta das 05h30 da manhã, as vítimas estavam no restaurante Gato Preto, na rua Ermelino de Leão, quando dois homens em uma moto amarela pararam em frente ao estabelecimento. Armados com pistolas, os criminosos renderam o segurança do local, se dirigiram ao grupo de travestis dispararam cerca de 15 vezes.
5 travestis são baleadas em Curitiba. 2 morrem

Condenan a 18 meses por hacer cirugía estética sin título y causar lesiones
Un juez ha condenado a 18 meses de prisión a un hombre, conocido como Ruth por ser transexual, que provocó lesiones de diversa gravedad a varias personas a las que practicó la cirugía estética sin tener el título para ello en varias peluquerías y en domicilios particulares.
Ruth no tendrá que ir a la cárcel por el 'caso de la silicona'
Año y medio de cárcel para Ruth, la transexual que inyectaba silicona ilegal, pero no tendrá que ir a prisión

Parliament set for LGBT ‘equality network’ group
A Parliamentary group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is to be launched tonight, with Speaker John Bercow as its President.

Local trans woman places in global beauty pageant
A local woman who recently represented Canada in an international transgender beauty pageant says she wants to bring the competition home.

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Let's Talk about "Tranny" - Meanings
Two years ago I wrote an article "Is Tranny Offensive?" which still gets cited and referenced. It's a decent breakdown, but after two additional years of watching arguments unfold around the term, I've got a little more to say. This is part one of a three part series.

Mujer trans de Salvador, que huía torturas en su país, liberada tras 2 años y medio en Centro Detención EE UU
Mujer Transgénero y/o Transexual salvadoreña que huía de la tortura en su país, es liberada tras dos años y medio en Centro de Detención de Inmigrantes de E.E.U.U.
La Agencia de Inmigración y Aduanas (ICE) liberó recientemente a una mujer transgénero salvadoreña llamada Karla después de que se le concedió el aplazamiento de la expulsión en virtud de la Convención contra la Tortura (CAT) por un juez de inmigración de San Diego.

CPCC teacher charged in Michigan murder
Julie Ann Hopwood accused of shooting her transgendered sibling's partner; a family member tells of tensions.
NC community college teacher charged in MI murder

Man who killed transgender prostitute sentenced
The man who admitted to killing a prostitute he thought was a woman was sentenced to 11 years behind bar on Monday.

Brutal asesinato de un joven gay en la capital hondureña
Lo golpearon e incendiaron su cuerpo en un suburbio de Tegucigalpa. El crimen se suma a la larga lista de homicidios impunes de personas LGTB en el país.

Colectivo de Ecuador capacita a mujeres y hombres transexuales para abrir microempresas y ser propio jefe
Convertirse en un microempresario de éxito y asumir el rol de ser su propio jefe es el reto de Carlos Marcillo, transgénero masculino militante de Silueta X. Esta agrupación lucha por los derechos humanos de este sector, considerado por ellos como el más olvidado.

Facultad Bioquímica y Farmacia Rosario, Argentina respetará identidad genero estudiantes
La Federación Argentina de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y trans (FALGBT), celebra la aprobación de una resolución por medio de la cual la Facultad de Bioquímica u Farmacia de la UNR respetará y reconocerá la identidad de género de sus estudiantes travestis, transexuales y transgéneros.

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Parliamentary LGBT support network launches today
The UK legislature’s new lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender network, ParliOut will be launched tonight.

The group is the first equality network to be created in parliament. It will be chaired by Speaker John Bercow.

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Thailand must not condone a 'licence to kill' gays
A UN resolution involving the protection of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs) around the world may sound vague for most Thais. But nothing is clearer than the picture of two blindfolded Iranian teenagers with nooses being put around their necks by masked men minutes before they were hanged for their alleged homosexuality.

New LGBT coordinator will emphasize trans issues
'It's time to give attention to the trans community,' says new UUA program coordinator Delfin Bautista.

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Dan Choi: I Am Somebody! Autumn Sandeen: I Am Still Not Recognized As Somebody.
I have heard many senators and congresspeople use variants of Admiral Mullen's pro-Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) repeal phrase of relating to how DADT "[f]orces young men and women to lie about who they are in order to defend their fellow citizens." For example, from the floor of the Senate yesterday (December 18, 2010):

En Río Tercero, travestis podrán ir al baño de damas
El Concejo Deliberante de esta ciudad aprobó ayer una ordenanza que exige el libre acceso de travestis a los baños en lugares de acceso público, como boliches, bares y clubes. Es la segunda ciudad del país, después de Rosario, que legisla en este rubro. La norma reconoce además que deberán ser llamados por el nombre afín a su elección de condición sexual y no por el que aparece en su DNI, cuando realicen trámites municipales.

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Male Breast Enhancement
Are you a man who is looking to feminize his body, and enhance your breasts, to make them look womanly, like a woman’s breasts? There is an increasing amount of demand for male breast enhancement products, due to the difficulty of breast enlargement surgery in men.
Products for Transgender Breast Growth
Transfemme Pill : Results

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Transgender American Veterans Association Salutes the Repeal Vote of DADT
Transgender veterans have served in the United States military services, and are even now serving in the United States military services. However, they serve in the closet; the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) doesn't result in transgender veterans soon being able to serve openly.
TAVA (TAVA) has a press release out on the congressional votes to repeal DADT. In the press release, the vice-president of the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA), Angela Brightfeather, said this in the press release:...
[Commentary] Transgender American Veterans Association Salutes the Repeal Vote of DADT
[Commentary] Transgender American Veterans Association Salutes the Repeal Vote of DADT

Transgender woman finds her way
When Steven Michael Mott was 13, his father told him that if he could swim 100 yards, he could go to the river on their Eudora farm by himself.
The adolescent never worked so hard to reach a goal, and within a short time, he proved to his father he was a capable swimmer.
(Photo: Ann Williamson/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL- Stephanie Mott, a transgender woman who was homeless and an alcoholic a few years ago, has found her faith and purpose again, partly through the acceptance of the congregation at Metropolitan Community Church. The Topeka resident is the founder of the Kansas State Transgender Education Project and speaks throughout the United States.)

Supuestos pandilleros violan, matan y queman homosexual
Supuestos mareros violaron y mataron a pedradas a un homosexual y después le prendieron fuego a su cuerpo, en un suceso registrado ayer en la colonia Villa Unión, en Comayagüela.
La víctima, identificada como Luis Alexis Alvarado Hernández (23) era conocida con el sobrenombre de “Lorenza”, fue encontrada en una cuneta, cerca del taller San Martín de Porres, por vecinos del lugar. (Foto)
Calcinan a homosexual en la colonia Villa Unión
Matan a homosexual en Comayagüela

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Protecting Prostitutes, United Nations Style
In November 2003, 54-year-old Gary Ridgway admitted at his trial for first-degree murder that he was indeed the Green River killer, the long-sought culprit behind the murders of 48 women, mostly street prostitutes. Nearly all his victims were strangled in Seattle, Washington, from 1982 to 1984. His unapologetic statement to the court read, "I picked prostitutes as victims because they were easy to pick up without being noticed. I knew they would not be reported missing right away and might never be reported missing... I thought I could kill as many of them as I wanted without getting caught."
It's the 7th Annual Day Against Violence to Sex Workers

PM urged to rethink arbitrary killings vote
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights advocates have called on the prime minister to move to protect people worldwide from extrajudicial execution based on their sexual orientation.
Last month, LGBT and human rights activists were deeply disappointed at a United Nations General Assembly vote which removed sexual orientation from a resolution on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.

[Canada] [Commentary]
GRS: the Main Criterion?
In Quebec, as in many other places, for a person to officially change gender designations, it is necessary to have gender reassignment surgery. No problem for me: I wanted the surgery, and the medical and therapy professions felt it was necessary in my case. Green light . . . go!

[USA] [Film]
US actress Glenn Close plays a man in latest film role
Acclaimed US actress Glenn Close plays a man in her latest film role, Albert Nobbs.
Based on a short story by Irish novelist George Moore, the forthcoming production features Close, 63, as an English woman who disguises herself as a male butler to find work in 19th century Ireland.

[USA] [Commentary]
The DMV Damns a Transgender to Hell
Have you had the joy of a Department of Motor Vehicles trip recently?
It's okay. There are very few of us out there that compare a trip to the DMV to anything less than a root canal.

Texas inmates getting sex hormone pills
Your tax dollars are paying for sex hormones for people who are in the Texas illegally. And some of them are convicted felons.
With every drop of the gavel there is debate over your tax money. How to spend it, how to save it and how to make sure it isn't wasted. Case in point, a troubling dose of viagra.

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Este é um comentário que preferia não escrever, pois é sinal que as minhas esperanças foram goradas. Não é surpreendente nem se pode dizer que seja inesperado, mas sinceramente pensava que as atitudes estavam a mudar. Mas não.

Não era para ter ido ao debate sobre a lei de alteração de nome e género, mas à última da hora mudei de ideias, e ainda bem que o fiz.

Cheguei em cima da hora, começava às nove, e ainda não se via casa cheia. Pessoas conhecidas já lá estavam. O presidente da ILGA Portugal, Paulo Corte Real, encontrava-se no exterior a fumar um cigarrito e em franca conversa com Bruno Horta, da revista Time Out Lisboa. No interior já se encontravam Luísa reis, do GRIT, Sandra Saleiro, uma das oradoras, o Dr. Pedro Freitas, psiquiatra sexólogo, Nuno Ropio do Jornal de Notícias, enfim, algumas pessoas.

José Soeiro, do Bloco de Esquerda, chegou pouco depois, ainda a tempo de fumar um cigarrinho cá fora enquanto conversávamos. Deu tempo para lhe pôr uma questão, que por sinal não foi sugerida por ninguém durante o debate: O espírito da lei implica que qualquer transexual, deseje ou não submeter-se a cirurgias, tem direito a ver a sua identidade de género reconhecida. Como se sabe, a maioria dos psiquiatras e psicólogos que tratam destes casos, contrariando claramente os Standards of Care da Wpath (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) só consideram como transexual quem se deseja submeter à CRS (Cirurgia de Redesignação de Sexo), portanto em clara oposição ao espírito da lei. A minha pergunta visava saber, no caso em que uma pessoa assumisse claramente perante os psiquiatras e psicólogos o seu desejo e direito de não se submeter à CRS, e eles, desprezando a identidade de género da pessoa, se recusassem a emitir o diagnóstico necessário para se poder proceder à alteração de nome e género, a quem se poderia essa pessoa dirigir para resolver o problema. A resposta que obtive foi que essa pessoa procurasse outro psiquiatra e outro psicólogo. Referi então o caso de pessoas que não tenham dinheiro para irem ao sector privado. A resposta foi que “nesse aspecto não há nada a fazer”.

Isto tem a ver com o quê? Antes desta crise em que estamos, Já não eram muitas as pessoas com posses suficientes para poderem ir a consultas privadas de psiquiatria e psicologia, devido aos altos preços cobrados por estes profissionais por cada consulta. Agora, com a crise, prevê-se uma ainda maior dificuldade, remetendo as pessoas para o sector público, salvo alguns afortunados com posses suficientes para o efeito. E como se sabe, o sector público grassa de profissionais que pensam que o que define o género das pessoas é a genitália e não a identidade de género. Portanto, a não menção da “independência do desejo de se submeter a CRS ou não” vai previsivelmente trazer problemas futuros. Esperemos que me engane.

Pouco depois de Júlia Pereira, outro membro do GRIT chegar, iniciou-se então o debate (ou tertúlia, para quem goste do termo, com a informação de que o representante do PS não podia vir, e que vinha em sua substituição o líder da JS.

Júlia começou por fazer um pequeno background da situação envolvente à lei, e passou a palavra a Luísa. Luísa, agradecendo aos representantes partidários pela lei, começou então a falar do trabalho desenvolvido pelo GRIT e pela ILGA desde a sua formação. Para quem ouviu ficou a sensação de que esta lei existe unicamente graças à ILGA Portugal e ao GRIT. E aqui vi logo para onde se dirigia esta reunião. Nem uma palavra foi dita sobre as activistas transexuais que têm dado a cara estes anos todos pelas pessoas transexuais não pertencentes à ILGA Portugal. Nem mencionou que, além da proposta apresentada pela ILGA, mais propostas foram apresentadas por outras organizações e activistas independentes. Nem disse, já agora, que a proposta inicial da ILGA continha tais absurdidades que forçaram uma proposta de reunião inter-associativa para debater e apresentar-se uma proposta única, à qual a ILGA, na altura, nem se dignou a responder.

Também não disse, obviamente, que o terceiro debate previsto para além dos dois que mencionou e que foram com representantes de dois hospitais que tratam casos de transexualidade (Júlio de Matos e Santa Maria), e que era para ser feito entre pessoas transexuais que finalmente poderiam discutir entre si e debater os problemas comuns, nunca foi feito.

Ou seja, a lei existe graças à ILGA Portugal por intermédio da sua extensão GRIT. As restantes pessoas que estiveram no Parlamento a protestar pela morte de Gisberta, que deram a cara na TV e nos restantes media, que trabalharam na melhora da proposta de lei inicial da ILGA ou que fizeram propostas autónomas, que têm acompanhado as marchas do orgulho levantando a bandeira trans, se não forem da ILGA Portugal não interessam.

Deplorável apagamento do activismo transexual existente no nosso país e deplorável atitude da ILGA Portugal, bem representado pelo silêncio cúmplice do seu presidente. Não é a primeira vez que acontece. Já aconteceu com o Compton Cafeteria Riot, o primeiro grito de revolta das comunidades transexual e transgénero nos Estados Unidos, poucos anos antes dos famosos Stonewall Riots que deram início ao movimento LGBT. Curiosamente (ou não) também a revolta de Stonewall foi protagonizada por elementos das comunidades transexual e transgénero. O primeiro só é recordado por algumas pessoas transexuais que sabem da sua existência, apesar da cortina de silêncio, enquanto o segundo foi usurpado pela comunidade gay. E depois ainda se houvem vozes a queixarem-se da falta de activistas transexuais em Portugal. Pois se os poucos que existem são ignorados e silenciados pelas associações existentes que, em vez de entrarem numa luta conjunta entram numa lógica clubística/partidarista, não devia haver admiração nenhuma. Mesmo com o exemplo dado pelo Bloco de Esquerda e Partido Socialista/Governo que, neste aspecto, souberam juntar esforços para a obtenção de um objectivo comum, as associações portuguesas teimam na recusa de se juntar esforços. Como afirmei atrás, deplorável e lamentável.

Mais lamentável é o facto de serem as próprias “activistas” transexuais a colaborarem conscientemente com esta situação. Nota negativa para o GRIT, Luísa reis e Júlia Pereira neste aspecto.

Mas o que mais me indignou foi os restantes oradores terem ido pela mesma bitola. Sandra Saleiro, que falou a seguir, descreveu alguns factos que apreendeu no decorrer do estudo que tem feito sobre as necessidades mais prementes das comunidades transexual e transgénero, e nada mencionou sobre quem tem lutado de fora da ILGA Portugal. Nem mesmo numa alusão direccionada ao GRIT que fez mais para o fim, alertando para o facto das pessoas transexuais terem de deixar as vergonhas e medos em casa e darem a cara frontalmente por esta causa, dirigida aos membros do GRIT, e estando presentes activistas que dão a cara, as mencionou.

Este alerta despoletou logo uma reacção de Luísa Reis, que, como se sabe é uma das pessoas que mais vergonha têm de serem transexuais, há muito tempo advogando (escondendo-se atrás de) direitos à privacidade e à não divulgação da transexualidade de cada um. Inegavelmente é um direito que assiste a toda a gente. Mas ao estar-se a usar este direito meramente como pretexto para ocultar a própria vergonha e/ou cobardia está-se a desvirtuar esse mesmo direito. Deve-se conquistar esse direito antes de o usar. Desta maneira esse direito fica vazio de significado, não passando de meras palavras que ocultam os verdadeiros motivos.

De seguida falou José Soeiro, do BE, que se dedicou a falar da lei e dos problemas apresentados na comissão que juntou os dois projectos. Aqui vai um reparo para essa comissão: Existem independentes nos deputados, nos partidos políticos, já houve no Governo, independentes podem até ser presidentes da República, mas a comissão deliberou que não podiam ser ouvidos nesta matéria. Com que justificação se silenciam assim as vozes independentes, quando até meros grupos sem existência legal foram ouvidos pela comissão? Fica esta pergunta no ar para reflexão.

Enquanto José Soeiro falava, chegou o representante do PS, que penso ser Pedro Delgado Alves (se não for as minhas desculpas) pois não apanhei o nome, e que discursou no final, dizendo uma coisa que podia ter servido para lançar o debate sobre o assunto mas que passou despercebido às activistas trans da mesa. Mencionou que na revisão constitucional que se avizinha não vai entrar a menção de “identidade de género” como efectivamente devia, mas uma menção mais generalista e que dá azo a interpretações contraditórias: “género”. Que é mais “abrangente” que “identidade de género”.

Muito bem, digo eu, mas qual género? Um caso: uma pessoa transexual feminina vai iniciar o seu processo. O psiquiatra que a atende é adepto fervoroso das teorias de Zucker (psiquiatra tristemente conhecido por ter inventado o “travestismo fetichista” e adepto das terapias de masculinização para transexuais femininas e vice-versa) e em vez de ajudar a pessoa na sua identidade de género decide proteger o género que considera ser da pessoa (masculino, da genitália). Fantasia? Já aconteceu em Portugal e acontece no Canadá (onde Zucker tem a sua clínica).

Se estivesse explicitamente mencionada na constituição a “identidade de género” teoricamente isto não aconteceria. Mas com “género” qualquer pessoa que ache que uma pessoa pertence ao género ditado pela genitália com que se nasce pode obstruir ou discriminar uma pessoa transexual considerando estar a defender o género dessa pessoa. Género não basta, tem de ser identidade de género no artº 13º. Há anos que me bato por isto, e pelo visto vou continuar durante mais anos.

Seguiram-se perguntas da audiência, onde fiquei a saber pela voz da sua presidente que a AMPLOS (Associação de Mães e Pais pela Liberdade de Orientação Sexual) não se chama assim mas sim AMPLOSIG (Associação de Mães e Pais pela Liberdade de Orientação Sexual e Identidade de Género) facto que desconhecia por completo e que puseram as suas questões. Não me recordo de todas as questões feitas por toda a gente portanto vou só referir as que me lembro. A AMPLOSIG pôs questões sobre transexuais que tenham filhos menores, da parte dos filhos e da parte da pessoa transexual. Como a lei só refere filhos maiores de idade, como se resolvia a nível de documentação, tal como Nuno Ropio que abordou o mesmo tema.

Penso que a lei está bem nesse aspecto. O dar o direito aos filhos de, quando maiores de idade, poderem escolher se alteram a documentação é bom. Caso contrário, para que alguns transexuais (que referi atrás, os envergonhados) não serem confrontados com a sua transexualidade (Ai Jesus, cruzes, canhoto), estava-se a forçar quem não tem nada a ver com o assunto a assumir algo que pode ser contra a sua vontade. Não podemos esmagar direitos de outrém com os nossos direitos, ou seja, a nossa liberdade acaba quando começa a do outro.

Este tema insere-se, por razões óbvias, na adopção (e direitos de parentalidade), sendo um dos pontos em que a luta de duas comunidades se junta, e que pode dar um empurrão no sentido de se acabar com essa discriminação que não tem razão de existir. Todos os estudos independentes de que tenho conhecimento revelam que um casal homossexual tem as mesmas capacidades de criar e educar uma criança como os casais heterossexuais. O mesmo para casais transexuais em comparação com os casais cissexuais. Mas isto ainda irá ser debatido muitas e muitas vezes no futuro.

O Dr Pedro Freitas afirmou apoiar esta lei (um bocado estranho, considerando que era adepto da esterilização forçada das pessoas transexuais) e relembrou que se tem de lutar contra a abusiva e intolerável ingerência da Ordem dos Médicos nos processos de transexualidade (bandeira que arvoro também há muito tempo, tendo-a inclusivé mencionado numa reunião com Miguel Vale de Almeida como uma das principais reivindicações nossas). A ser verdade dou os parabéns ao Dr por esta mudança de atitudes e concordo com ele a 100%.

Mais algumas perguntas por elementos da rede ex aequo (penso eu) das quais nada me ficou na memória (as minhas desculpas) e pelo adiantado da hora o debate acabou. Não sem antes Luísa ter agradecido por aquela que é considerada como a lei mais avançada do mundo (o que me espantou pois ela ainda há bem pouco tempo atrás afirmava a pés juntos que só eram transexuais as pessoas que se queriam operar, mas achei um bom avanço pessoal da parte dela) e Júlia Pereira ter anunciado mais um debate previsto sobre o processo clínico, e outro em memória de Gisberta (finalmente vi os meus esforços recompensados, considerando que este último é fruto da minha insistência em se comemorar o Transgender Day of Remembrance), previsivelmente em Fevereiro (o clínico não sei quando será). Também me caiu bem a sua declaração de que “esta lei não era o fim da luta, mas sim o princípio”. Só faço votos para que se estivesse a referir às pessoas transexuais e seus apoiantes na totalidade e não só da ILGA Portugal.

Algumas perguntas ficaram por fazer: Porque a lei não contempla explicitamente a “identidade de género”? Porque não foi mencionado na lei a independência de qualquer cirurgia para o reconhecimento da identidade de género da pessoa?

Podia tê-las feito? Sim, podia. Mas depois de ver o completo apagamento de transexuais que sempre deram a cara por estas lutas, sofrendo na pele as consequências desta luta, pessoas como Jo Bernardo, Lara Crespo e eu, Eduarda Santos, e mais algumas que foram aparecendo, fiquei sem vontade de o fazer. Devia tê-lo feito? Talvez sim, talvez não. Mas em todo o caso ficam feitas aqui. Não é demais relembrar que o que foi conseguido agora foi-o em grande parte devido à luta pioneira em Portugal efectuado por estas pessoas, nomeadamente por Jo Bernardo.

Como já disse, depois não se queixem de não haver activistas transexuais. Com o não reconhecimento destas pessoas pela totalidade da mesa de oradores, outra coisa não será de esperar.

Como nota final, uma mensagem de apreço à ILGA Portugal que, apesar de tudo, lá se dignou a lutar pelas pessoas transexuais. Espero que no futuro saiba trabalhar em conjunto com independentes e com outras organizações apoiantes das mesmas causas.

E uma nota final pessoal para Luísa Reis: para quem há alguns anos me apelidou de “Badocha”, pelas gordurinhas que apresentaste toma cuidado que para lá caminhas. Se não és já, pelo menos estás uma “Badochinha”. Bem vinda ao clube.
Stigma and Violence Against Transgender Sex Workers
This article is part of a series published by RH Reality Check in partnership with the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) to commemorate the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, December 17th, 2010. It is excerpted from Research For Sex Work 12, published 17 December 2010 by the NSWP, an organization that upholds the voice of sex workers globally and connects regional networks advocating for the rights of female, male, and transgender sex workers. Download the full journal, with eight more articles about sex work and violence, for free at

Lei da Identidade: Cavaco pronuncia-se até dia 3
Foi entregue esta quarta-feira, 15 de Dezembro, ao Presidente da República a lei que regula a alteração de nome e género no registo civil para as pessoas transexuais. Cavaco Silva tem agora 20 dias, no máximo, para se pronunciar promulgando ou vetando a lei. A data limite é 3 de Janeiro.

"Conseguir y mantener un puesto de trabajo" Proyecto del País Vasco para inserción laboral transexuales
“CONSEGUIR Y MANTENER UN PUESTO DE TRABAJO” es un proyecto para la Comunidad Autónoma Vasca que busca la inserción laboral de hombres y mujeres transexuales y transgénero estableciendo un puente entre empleadores y solicitantes de empleo y promocionando la diversidad en los entornos laborales.

UK parliament gets first LGBT network
Lords, MPs and parliament staff will soon have a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender network.
The group, named ParliOut, will be launched next week with Speaker John Bercrow as its president.

Hate crimes in Wales double in five years
The number of recorded hate crimes in Wales has more than doubled in five years, according to figures revealed to the BBC.

Cross-dressers on the prowl at malls
Men dressed in abayas are alleged to be the reason behind an increase in the number of thefts at shopping centres

Transvestites and transgenders only at new online fashion store
A Japanese Internet site targets men who want to look like women with its Akihabara-style clothes.

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans-portation security
'Tis the season, as they say. The time of year when ornaments are placed on pine trees – not to mention bell ringers, packed shopping malls, and the same 15 songs you've heard every December since you were a child. In amongst all of these is the potential for holiday travel – and no time in recent history has travel been wrought with so much controversy.

[USA] [Commentary]
OK, I give up, you're right, I'm just a "tra**y", sorry for thinking I was a human being
An open letter to everyone who uses the anti-transsexual woman slur “tra**y”, to the jerk who called my friend a tra**y when she went on the bus to go to work and ruined her day, to the non-trans straight girl who called a girl she didn’t like a “tra**y” to imply she was ugly, to the hate crime assailant who called his trans victim a tra**y as he bashed her near to death, to the gay man who called his friend a “stupid tra**y” because he spilled his drink on him, to the transphobic gay man who called an effeminate gay man a tra**y because he thought masculine acting gay men were somehow “better” than feminine acting gay men, to the gay male director who sought to exploit trans women and put the pejorative in the title of his film, to the late night talk show hosts who make fun of trans women on TV and use the T word, but actually used to be in love with a trans woman behind the scenes...

[USA] [Commentary]
Dang! I Missed the Year of the Transsexual!
Isn’t it just my luck to discover that 2010 is the year of the transsexual – now that it’s almost over? It’s like finding out about a great party that was held in your honor from people you run into at the grocery store the next day. It’s the story of my life – a dollar short and a year late!

'Homosexual act is an abomination that leads to hell': Department of Motor Vehicles employee’s letter to transsexual
A women who had just completed a transgender operation and informed the Department of Motor Vehicles so they could update their records was allegedly sent an aggressive, homophobic letter that condemned her to hell.
DMV worker who warned of hell for gays quits job
DMV employee in transgender privacy case quits job
DMV Employee Who Allegedly Sent Hate Mail To Transgender Woman Resigns
Embroiled San Francisco DMV worker quits

[Commentary] CNN: DMV Employee Resigns Over Letter Condemning Customer To Hell

[DC, USA] [Commentary]
D.C. not enforcing bathroom law
Two transgender women were assaulted in the Petworth area in March after trying to use the women’s room at a local restaurant. Unfortunately, incidents like this are all too common, even in the District of Columbia. Often the presence of a transgender or gender non-conforming individual in the bathroom results in assault, insults and police intervention.

[PA, USA] [Commentary]
"Transgender" community upset about SEPTA TransPasses
"Riders Against Gender Exclusion", a group of "transgender" activists, are mad at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) for using "Male" and "Female" stickers on their bus passes. No, this story isn't out of San Francisco, it's out of Center City Philadelphia.
Transvest...err transgend...Trannies feel like they are discriminated against because SEPTA, in order to prevent fraud, puts an "M" or an "F" sticker on the transit pass. They do this so that if your pass it stolen, a 70 year old man with a mustache carrying a bus pass with an "F" on it will look a little suspect.

WATCH: Homeless transgender woman Jennifer Gale sings ‘Silent Night’ on the eve of her death
Two years ago tomorrow, homeless transgender woman Jennifer Gale died on the streets of Austin — from a heart attack likely caused in part by the extreme cold. Gale was a perennial political candidate who ran for Dallas mayor in 2007. She slept on the streets because the only shelter for women in Austin, run by the Salvation Army, wouldn’t house her according to her gender identity, which would have forced her to sleep and shower with men.
[Commentary] Rest In Peace, Jennifer Gale