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domingo, agosto 31, 2008

Sex-change soldier assaulted in champagne bar
A MAN has been convicted of assaulting Britain's first sex-change Army officer in a champagne bar.
James Young's victim was former Parachute Regiment hero Captain Ian Hamilton, who served his country in six war zones.

Iranian film 'Tedium' explores the lives of 7 transsexuals in Iran
Organizers of the Venice Film Festival waited to announce "Khastegi (Tedium)" by first-time Iranian director Bahman Motamedian until the last minute to avoid alerting authorities to its sensitive subject: transsexuals in modern-day Iran.

Transgendered Khmer Rouge victim demands justice
Excerpt: S. alleges she suffered numerous rapes at the hands of Khmer Rouge soldiers and cadres and was imprisoned several times in re-education camps as well as in prisons. She says she was threatened with death if she refused to marry a woman and the Khmer Rouge forced her to engage in sexual intercourse with her arranged wife.

Mexico City approves name changes for transsexuals
Mexico City's legislature has passed a law making it easier for transsexuals and transgender people to legally change their names and obtain revised birth certificates that reflect their gender identification.

Transgender Iranian refugee charged with murder in shooting
A transgender Iranian refugee has been charged in Twin Falls with shooting and killing his male housemate, also a refugee from Iran.
Majid Kol-estani, 42, was charged with first-degree murder for the Monday shooting death of Ehsan Velayati Kababian, 29.

sábado, agosto 30, 2008

Livro de Claudia Wonder dá uma lição de civilidade ao tentar derrubar o preconceito contra as trans
O universo das transexuais está desnudado para quem quiser ver, e admirar, no livro “Olhares de Claudia Wonder” (Edições GLS), escrito por uma das trans mais famosas e respeitada do Brasil, Claudia Wonder, claro. Em 181 páginas que reúnem crônicas, entrevistas e relatos, miss Wonder abre as portas do universo transexual para mostrá-lo de modo verdadeiro, real, longe de estereótipos e totalmente livre de preconceitos. As trans estão nuas, no sentido figurado, abrindo suas vidas e contando seus medos, angústias e suas trajetórias de vida, que nem sempre são fáceis e rodeadas do glamour dos shows feitos por elas. Um tapa na cara de muitos homossexuais que se acham superiores a elas simplesmente por serem mais bem-sucedidos profissionalmente, mas mal sabem que estão abaixo por nem sempre serem tão felizes quanto.

Trans entregam reivindicações ao ministro da Saúde
O ministro da Saúde, José Gomes Temporão, recebeu na quarta-feira, 27, um grupo de representantes do Coletivo Nacional de Transexuais para receber um documento onde elas listam as reivindicações para o segmento trans. (Foto)

[New Zealand] [Blog/Commentary]
Transgender discrimination in Wellington
Back in the mists of time, Labour MP Georgina Beyer introduced a Human Rights (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill to amend the Human Rights Act to outlaw discrimination against transsexuals, transvestites, transgenders, and cross-dressers. The bill was eventually withdrawn after much pressure from the government (which didn't want a repeat of the divisive civil unions debate - cowards). But as part of that process, the government produced a legal opinion [PDF] stating that discrimination on the grounds of gender identity was already covered by the existing "sex discrimination" clause.

[New Zealand]
Temperance locks queers out in the rain
A group of 30 queers and supporters, many in drag, frocked up to The Temperance Bar on Blair Street on Saturday night, only to be denied entry before the entire group had even walked down the street. Their purpose was to create visibility and show support within Courtenay Place nightlife for those groups in society who challenge heteronormative gender roles. "We chose The Temperance bar because of reports of homophobic comments directed at drag queens earlier this month, during their forcible removal from the venue, but our main aim as a group is of course to create more freedom for all sorts of gender expression in public places," says Radical Queer Rachael Wright.

Discriminación permite que sociedad sea insensible a transexualidad
Vivimos en un país donde somos discriminadas y discriminados por todo, de manera muy natural, lo que hace que desde la familia hasta las autoridades sean insensibles al tema de la transexualidad, afirmó Irina Echeverría, durante la presentación de su libro “Carta a mi padre, testimonios de una persona transexual con discapacidad”, celebrada hace unos días en la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal (ALDF).

Avalan organizaciones iniciativa de Reasignación Sexogenérica
Como todos sabemos, la suma de voluntades al interior de la ALDF permitirá que la "Iniciativa de Reasignación Sexogenérica" sea dictaminada, y muy posiblemente presentada para su aprobación en el próximo pleno de la ALDF. Dado que contamos con el compromiso de los partidos que se reconocen a si mismos de izquierda y que el PRI se ha autodefinido como un "Partido Socialdemócrata" (lo que trae en congruencia el apoyo a esta agenda), no dudamos en que la capital del país contará con un primer instrumento jurídico que dé reconocimiento a la población Transgénero y Transexual del Distrito Federal lo que permitirá sentar un precedente por demás necesario en lo histórico, político y social en todo nuestro país.

Transsexual's old online ad won't derail parks board bid
One of the NPA's more colourful parks board hopefuls says an ad she posted in 2000 on a website advertising escort services won't stand in the way of her political career.
Jamie Lee Hamilton told the Courier she's always been honest about admitting her work in the sex trade, and that she is not working as a paid escort while seeking a nomination for the parks board.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Song Remains the Same
On Tuesday I attended the HRC/Victory Fund luncheon and on Wednesday I attended the LGBT caucus at the convention center in Denver. Many stories were broke in the past few days, but one event passed by without a word. In a very consistent manner, Barney Frank again signaled that when ENDA is introduced, it will not be fully inclusive.
[Blog/Commentary] We Need a Superficial Conversation About Trans-Inclusion
LGBT people need to put aside their differences and come together on common ground. Especially at this crucial moment in our history. How better, I ask, to achieve this goal than to engage in an inconclusive, protracted, ignorant, and superficial examination of the issue of trans-inclusion in federal and state civil rights legislation?

Teacher Chooses Gender Change
After getting her mail last week, Bobbi Dragt learned that one of her daughter’s teachers at Sodus High School has chosen to have a gender reassignment. And while the news was a bit shocking, Dragt says it wasn’t at all concerning.
" I don't think anything someone does outside of school has to do with the way they teach. "

[TX, USA] [Film]
A fascinating visit to the 'sex change capital of the world'
Excerpt: It began when a Dr. Stanley Biber conducted the area's first genital reassignment surgery in 1969 and took off from there. In 2003, after performing almost 6,000 sex-change operations, Biber, then 80, handed over his practice to Dr. Marci Bowers. Marci used to be Mark, and she became the first transgender surgeon to perform these operations.

[TX, USA] [Film]
A trend of transgender movies
Do nine transgender and intersex films make a trend? They do if they're all playing during the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, Wednesday through Sept. 7.
Films about transgender characters are not as rare as you might think. A raft of contemporary features — 'The Crying Game,' 'Boys Don't Cry,' 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch,' 'Transamerica,' to name a few — dealt seriously with the issue. At least two entire film festivals — in Seattle and the Netherlands — are devoted to transgender-themed movies.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
APA Task Force Report underreports the prevalence of gender identity disorder
Lynn Conway has just published a report on the APA Task Force’s underreporting of the prevalence of gender identity disorder - link here.
[Commentary] Falsification of GID prevalence results by the APA Task Force on Gender Identity and Gender Variance
The Report of the APA Task Force on Gender Identity and Gender Variance [APA08] grossly underreports the prevalence of "gender identity disorder" by a factor on the order of 10 to 20.

sexta-feira, agosto 29, 2008

Clima: milhões de mortos dentro de 20 anos
Em 2002 morreram só em África 2,4 milhões de pessoas vítimas de doenças relacionadas com as alterações do clima

Brasil : 2.000 pinguins encontrados mortos, cobertos petróleo
Cerca de dois mil pinguins de Magalhães foram encontrados mortos, cobertos de petróleo, nas praias de Florianopolis (Sul do Brasil), desde domingo, indicou um responsável do Centro de Triagem dos Animais Selvagens (Cetas) desta cidade.

Hermaphrodite baby’s mother calls for help
A hermaphrodite baby, born some two years, six months ago, has been taken to an orphanage in Ebolowa for care. The baby named Kelvin was born with the male and female genital organs.

Reality Bites! With Mama Catastrophe
America’s Next Top Model cycle 11 begins airing in the US early next month and as reported earlier this month there is going to be a transgender contestant – Isis, age 22, a program assistant from New York. Now to Mama this is nothing new – there’s been plenty of our trans-sistahs working as successful models over the years. That aside, the amount of attention it’s getting concerns Mama – there’s so much debate about this child’s transgender status and whether the public, the press or even the modelling industry are ready to fully embrace and accept a totally open transgender model.
America's Next Top Model features hot tranny mess
Ladies and gentleman, the inevitable has happened — Tyra Banks has lost her freaking mind.
No, I'm not talking about the horrendous crimped hairstyle she recently wore to celebrate Vogue Italia's first all-black model issue.
I'm not even referencing the recent reports that she kept an audience for her talk show waiting for two hours while she gabbed with stagehands around the snack table backstage.
I'm talking about Isis, Banks' newest headline-snagging protégé.

Transgender Emergency Fund Will Start Offering Assistance in September
The Transgender Emergency Fund, a Central Mass.-based program that will provide critical assistance to low-income transgender or transsexual people, will begin providing financial assistance to people next month, says Jesse Pack of AIDS Project Worcester.

[CT, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Connecticut District Court Recognized Transgender Discrimination, But . . .
This case may be about losing the battle, but eventually winning the war. Jillian Weiss of the Transgender Workplace Diversity blog writes about the recent case of Morales v. ATP from the District of Connecticut.

quinta-feira, agosto 28, 2008

[UK] [Commentary]
Young transsexuals should be allowed to put puberty on hold
Halting development allows teenagers time to consider their potential treatment, says Richard Green

Mark Weston (1906 - ?) shot-putter and javelin thrower
Mary Edith Louise Weston was England's best female shot-putter 1924-1930 and the best javelin thrower in 1927.
In 1936 Mary became Mark after two operations by Lennox Broster at Charing Cross Hospital. Broster said: "Mr. Mark Weston, who was always brought up as a female, is male, and should continue life as such".

Transsexualisme : l’art du traumatisme d’Etat
Vouloir changer de sexe relève d'un choix personnel, et souvent salvateur. La souffrance engendrée par le fait de ne pas se sentir dans le corps qu'il faut est importante, de nombreuses études le démontrent.
Face à cela, toute personne un tant soit peu humaine se dit que de facilité le parcours pour passer d'un sexe à l'autre doit être la norme d'une société un peu évoluée.
Eh bien, il n'en est rien en France, bien au contraire.

Gay online TV channel to launch in Romania
Excerpt: The country includes sexual orientation in its anti-discrimination legislation and allows those who have undergone gender reassignment to change their identity.

Documentary Examines Iran’s ’Final Solution’ to Gay ’Problem’
When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed last year that there were no homosexuals in Iran, the world reacted with skepticism. A new documentary film on how the Iranian government deals with gays might shed some light on what seems like an extraordinary claim.
Iran’s ’solution’ to the gay ’problem’ is to change gay men into women (
A documentary looks at Iran's heartbreaking "solution" to homosexuality
Filmmaker Tanaz Eshaghian has long been fascinated by gender issues, so when she read a New York Times story about how the Iranian government was dealing with homosexuality, she was completely transfixed.

[South Korea]
New rape law to acknowledge Korea's male and trans victims
An opposition MP in South Korea has proposed new legislation that would extend the definition of a rape victim to include men and transsexuals.
Democratic Party Representative Choi Young-hee said that there were more than 1,000 male victims of sex crimes in 2007, up from 468 in 2004.

Transexuales y travestis argentinas se unen en cooperativa de trabajo
Integrada por el trabajo de 30 travestis y transexuales fue inaugurada en la localidad de Avellaneda, provincia de Buenos Aires, la Cooperativa de trabajo Nadia Echazú, llamada así en honor a una activista del colectivo homosexual fallecida en 2004.
Foto: Cooperativa, alternativa a la prostitución.

Piden a diputados aprobar ley trans de coalición
Organizaciones de la sociedad civil se congratularon por el esfuerzo realizado por la coalición parlamentaria del Alternativa Socialdemócrata y el Partido de la Revolución Democrática, que presentó una iniciativa por los derechos de personas transexuales.

Transgender rights protesters at Fillmore show
About three dozen demonstrators confronted people attending a Human Rights Campaign concert at the Fillmore Auditorium Tuesday night.
The protesters, from the group Bashback! Denver as well as several other groups, said the Human Rights Campaign, a liberal gay-rights group, hasn't done enough to extend those same protections to transgender individuals. The protesters chanted, "Gender is an illusion, stop trans exclusion," as several dozen police officers looked on.

Activists fear sex worker arrests near new condos
Gay and transgender activists are calling on the District government to use existing social services programs rather than a police crackdown to curtail street prostitution in the city's Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood, where transgender and gay male sex workers have plied their trade for more than 20 years.

quarta-feira, agosto 27, 2008

Acidente na A29 «matou» parte do Rio Febros
Derrame de quatro toneladas de ácido clorídrico atingiu caudal recentemente recuperado pela autarquia de Gaia

Candidata em Tubarão, Gabriely Ferraz quer provar que transexuais podem ocupar cargos políticos
A Câmara de Vereadores de Tubarão (SC) pode começar a pensar um pouco diferente a partir do ano que vem, caso a candidata transexual Gabriely Ferraz (PT) seja eleita. Ela defende uma maior participação da população trans na política como forma de construir políticas públicas para o segmento. “Não precisamos que outras pessoas pensem por nós, nossas angústias, anseios e tantas outras coisas que nos impulsionam”, articula. (Foto)

Fly-past tribute to RAF veteran
A FLY-PAST of a lone Vulcan bomber across Morecambe on Friday was a fitting tribute to a leading transgender activist, author and RAF veteran of 40 years.
The life of Lynne Janine Braithwaite BEM, who died on August 12, was celebrated at a packed Lancaster Crematorium where friends and family said their farewells to a remarkable person. (Photo)

Government approves decree allowing sex-change surgery
Deputy head of the Health Ministry's Legislation Department, Nguyen Huy Quang, talks to Suc Khoe & Doi Song (Health and Life) newspaper about a new decree on gender verification and sex-change procedures.

Study: Transgender vets face discrimination
A new study by a California research center finds that transgender veterans — people who changed their sex after getting out of the military — believe they are facing discrimination and disrespect at Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities.

Transgendered Ex-Largo Manager Gets Divorce Terms
Susan Stanton, the former Largo city manager known as Steven Stanton before a sex change, has mediated his divorce from his wife of 18 years, according to court documents.

Court date set in Greeley transgender murder
A man accused of beating to death a transgender woman faces a preliminary hearing next month, when the prosecution' s case against him will be mapped out .
Also at the Sept. 18 hearing, a decision on bail for Allen Andrade, 31, of Thornton is expected.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Rep. Barney Frank Shifts Position on Trans
Representative Barney Frank (D-Mass.), one of two out congresspeople, recently mentioned in an interview with Mile High Political Views, an LGBT political blog, that he thinks there is a higher chance of passing a transgender-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) through a post-November congress stacked with more Democrats.

terça-feira, agosto 26, 2008

Roberta Close pode posar nua mais uma vez
A transexual mais famosa do Brasil, Roberta Close, pode mostrar toda sua beleza desnuda mais uma vez em uma revista masculina. De acordo com entrevista do site Ego, Roberta está em negociação para posar nua novamente – ela já fez ensaios nas revistas Ele & Ela, Playboy e Sexy. (Foto)

Penalties against homosexuals should be stricter, says MP
Parliamentary Secretary-General MP Roudhan Al-Roudan has stressed the need to be strict with the homosexual community in Kuwait, particularly transsexuals who behave and dress like members of the opposite sex. The MP also asked both the National Assembly and the Cabinet to work to increase the penalties and punishments given to anyone who exhibits such behavior.

Man faces torture for dowry charge despite sex change
A Bihar court has framed a charge sheet alleging that a man tortured his wife for dowry before their divorce, officials said Monday. The accused then underwent a sex change operation and married a man.

[New Zealand]
Drag queens still banned at Temperance
A protest by 'Radical Queers' – which included over 20 drag kings and queens – was blocked from entering Wellington's Temperance bar on Saturday night, and the group is now considering further action.
Three drag queens were forcibly removed from the bar earlier this month, which was seen as 'blatant homophobia'.
Photo: All dressed up and nowhere to go: Wellington's 'radical' drag queens

Farewell Lil' Romeo
Hundreds of mourners have paid their respects to popular drag king Lil' Romeo, who was murdered in an armed hold-up at a Browns Plains adult store last month.
Romeo (AKA Krissy Pye), 25, was found with multiple stab wounds when police responded to an alarm at the Everything Adult store at about 8.50pm on August 8. Romeo had started work there just a week earlier.

Susan Stanton's marriage comes to an end
The Largo city manager fired after revealing plans to become a woman has ended her 18-year marriage.
Susan Stanton, who served Largo for 17 years as Steve Stanton, has agreed to pay alimony and child support to her ex-wife, Donna Stanton, according to court documents filed this month.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Scenes From the Trans Struggle
Some of this is belated again, my apologies, but is important to note:
1) Sweden is drafting a plan to legislate mandatory physical sterilization of transsexuals,
2) The potty wars rage on in Jacksonville and Cleveland,
3) Murders of transfolk continue to be regarded differently from murders of humans,
4) A Kuwaiti law specifically targeting transgender people has spurred a fledgling human rights action,
5) The T Job Bank <http://www.tjobbank .com/> launches, connecting trans-friendly employers with job seekers. So far, there are 12 jobs listed: let's get our GLBT and diversity allies involved!

[USA] [Blog/Law/Commentary]
Morales v. ATP: Connecticut Federal Court Holds Gender Identity Discrimination in Violation of Title VII
The Connecticut Law Tribune has a story on a federal lawsuit, involving the sexual harassment and termination of a transgender employee in Connecticut, which was thrown out by the court (...)
[Blog/Law] Summary Judgment Granted in Transsexual Workplace Discrimination Case
Excerpt: Lessons from this case: follow HR procedures, don't give your boss a "reason" to fire you, and do not participate in silly behavior in the office--all of these things will hurt your case if you pursue a discrimination claim later.

segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2008

Greenpeace: Arctic Sunshine fica até Setembro em Lisboa
O capitão do Artic Sunrise acaba de pôr os olhos em terra. Parece uma maré viva de histórias a atracar em Lisboa. O navio da Greenpeace vem marcado por três meses de alto mar em busca dos barcos de pesca ilegal.

Espanha: incêndio obriga à paragem da central nuclear
Um incêndio deflagrou às 8h45 na central nuclear de Vandellòs II e obrigou à paragem da actividade na central e à activação do Plano de Emergência Nuclear de Tarragona, onde está situada a central, explica um comunicado do Conselho de Segurança Nuclear, de acordo com o site El País.
Fuga de urânio em França
Uma pequena fuga de urânio, provocada por um defeito numa conduta, foi detectada esta sexta-feira numa unidade da empresa Comurhex, filial do grupo nuclear Areva, em Pierrelatte, França.

Former trucker’s CS gas drama
A TRANSSEXUAL former trucker was sprayed with CS gas after rowing with police officers investigating a burglary.

[UK] [Blog/Commentary]
Because we’re disposable
Another of my sisters is dead.
Another trans panic defence accepted.
Another killer acquitted of murder.
“Voluntary manslaughter”?

Could there possibly be a more dehumanising, demeaning term?
Two and a half years after her death, Alexis King is still denied dignity.

Festival de Veneza exiberá filme iraniano sobre transexuais
Um dos filmes-surpresa que serão exibidos na seção denominda "Horizontes", do 65º Festival de Veneza, será a produção iraniana intitulada Tedium (Khastegi), do diretor iraniano Bahman Motamedian. No próximo dia 28 de agosto, o filme será exibido para imprensa e, um dia depois, para o público do festival.

Trapped in a male body: Maxine about her life as a transsexual
Maxine's dream is to have a complete sex change so that one day she starts living her life as a woman, the way she felt since she was born. (Photo)

Bulgaria Police Arrest Seven Transsexual Prostitutes in Downtown Sofia
The Sofia Police arrested Friday 21 prostitutes at the Macedonia Square in downtown Sofia including seven transsexuals.

''Transsexuality not criminal felony,'' declares Arab Human Rights chairwoman
Chairwoman of the Arab Committee for Human Rights Violette Dagher has sent a letter to National Assembly President Jassem Al-Khorafi and MP Mohammed Haif Al-Mutairi requesting them to "review the law pertinent to transexuality and the introduction of laws which may modify the existing criminal laws."

Transsexuals meet with MPs over new law
A number of local transsexuals met on Wednesday with several MPs, handing the parliamentarians a petition asking them to support cross-dressers because they suffer from an illness, reported Al Watan. The letter complained that recently-introduced legislation did not take transsexuals' psychological and physical circumstances into consideration.

Carriers of HIV epidemic ignored in India
Transgenders and the kinnars have got little attention from the government when it comes to formulating health policy in spite they being most susceptible to the threat of HIV/AIDS, even more than the sex workers.

Un negocio de Paraná busca una travesti como vendedora
Generalmente condenadas a la marginalidad y a la prostitución, no es frecuente que las personas transexuales tengan posibilidades de conseguir un empleo formal • Pero en Paraná, Entre Ríos, un local de ropa lo pone como requisito excluyente para ocupar un puesto.

El Senado colombiano discute sobre violencia por identidad de género y orientación sexual
Por iniciativa de la senadora Gloría Inés Ramírez del Polo Democrático Alternativo y el apoyo de organizaciones LGTB colombianas como el Colectivo León Zuleta y de organizaciones sociales que convocan al Tribunal Internacional de Opinión «Violaciones de DDHH en Colombia, un Crimen de Estado», se ha convocado en el Salón Elíptico del Congreso de la República el próximo 22 de agosto entre 9:00 y 12:00 m., a una Audiencia Pública sobre «La violencia por identidad de genero y orientación sexual», en la que se expondrá, desde distintas perspectivas, la situación de derechos humanos de las personas LGTB colombianas.

Family says it has some closure in murder of Amancio Corrales
When they left the courtroom, the eyes of parents Amancio and Maribel Corrales were still red from the tears they had cried during Thursday's sentencing of the man who killed their son.

Study states 10 percent of trans vets turned away from VA hospitals
An interesting study released today by the Palm Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara, shows that transgender veterans face being turned away by Veterans Administration hospitals and medical facilities as well as facing other forms of discrimination.

[MD, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Blurred Lines of Gender
The Washington Post has a long and interesting story this morning about Stella Walsh, a Polish-American Olympic athlete who set or matched the world record in the 100 meter dash six times. Upon her death, according to this story, there was a controversy: (...)

District Briefing (Testimony Ends in Transsexual Bias Suit)
A federal judge yesterday concluded a four-day bench trial in a lawsuit brought by a former Special Forces commander who lost a job offer as a terrorism research analyst at the Library of Congress because he disclosed he was undergoing the medical process of becoming a woman.

Perhaps New America's First Transgender 'Top Model'
Tyra Banks' show "America's Next Top Model" will introduce Isis, its first transgender contestant, on September 3.

JC Female Impersonator Alleges Gay Bashing Assault
A Johnson City female impersonator speaks out for the first time since allegedly being assaulted Wednesday morning.
Angel Renee Rose agreed to be interviewed, but asked to use her stage name for security reasons. (Vídeo)

[MD, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Guest Blog: Living with Discrimination as a Transgender Woman
My name is Maryanne Arnow, a transgender woman, native Marylander, and Montgomery County Resident of more than 35 years, openly living in mainstream public society.
In the last year, I've had to face distinct increases in discrimination and denigration from the general public in the normal course of my daily life. This is occurring directly as a result of a local campaign from conservative groups that continually foster unwarranted fears, stereotypical misrepresentations, and highly negative references to transgender people, in the public eye of perception.

Shooter of trans woman convicted of voluntary manslaughter
A Philadelphia judge has acquitted the killer of a trans woman of murder charges, despite an impassioned plea by the prosecutor that malice was behind the shooting.

Liz Eden (1945 - 1986) and John Wojtowicz
Ernest Aron was born in Queens, New York. As Liz Eden she at one time lived in the same rooming house as Holly Woodlawn.
John Wojtowicz, a New Yorker, had a first marriage to Carmen Bifulco from 1967-9. They had two children. He met Liz at a an Italian feast, and married her in a Catholic ceremony in December 1971.
Wojtowicz attempted to rob a Chase Manhattan Bank branch at 450 Ave P, Brooklyn, NY, on August 22, 1972. Wojtowicz held the bank employees hostage, and gave his reason as paying for his lover's sex change.

[USA] [PR/Health/Medicine]
Researchers define characteristics, treatment options for XXYY syndrome
Researchers at the UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute and The Children's Hospital in Denver have conducted the largest study to date describing the medical and psychological characteristics of a rare genetic disorder in which males have two "X" and two "Y" chromosomes, rather than the normal one of each. The study, published in the June 15 issue of the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, also offers treatment recommendations for men and boys with the disorder.

[USA] [Television] [Video Preview]
The Oprah Winfrey Show - Friday, 8/22
Transgender individuals with the courage to say, This is who I am.
What happens in one family when Dad becomes a woman?
The new American family Oprah wanted to meet.

sexta-feira, agosto 22, 2008

Greenpeace chumba peixe dos supermercados portugueses
Todos os supermercados que operam em Portugal desrespeitam a compra de peixe sustentável de acordo com um ranking da Greenpeace, hoje divulgado, que coloca o Lidl na melhor posição e o grupo Sonae (Modelo e Continente) na pior.

[South Africa]
South African Trans-woman in beauty pageant furore
A row has erupted over a transgender woman who has apparently been snubbed by the organisers of the Miss South Africa pageant.
The transgender woman, Lindiwe Ringane, reportedly wanted to enrol in a workshop for potential participants but was made to feel unwelcome by the organisers, Sun International, reported Beeld, an Afrikaans daily newspaper.

Student victim of gay "witch-hunt" wins in court but faces backlash from neighbours
A student who sued her headmaster for conducting a homophobic "witch-hunt" is facing a hostile response from local residents.
Heather Gillman, of Ponce de Leon High School in Florida, was outraged when a lesbian classmate (who wishes to remain anonymous) was told that homosexuality was wrong by her headmaster.

Coalition builds for boycott of New England HRC gala
In response to Human Rights Campaign's stance on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the activist group, along with activists from Queers Without Borders, Pride at Work and KnowThyNeighbor. org are organizing a protest of the organization' s New England gala dinner, which will be held at the Sheraton in Boston on October 25th.

Transgender Air Force colonel sues Library of Congress over pulled job offer
"Military colleagues [and] family have all been tremendously supportive," decorated veteran Diane Schroer said. "My country, which I served honorably for 25 years, has not been as tolerant or accepting."

The first federally recognized same-sex marriage will happen on the Coquille reservation
In a move as confusing as it is exciting the Coquille Tribe on the southern Oregon coast has just legalized marriage on their land. And Kitzen and Jeni Branting, in a committed lesbian relationship since high school, will soon be legally wed.
Though most Native American cultures have been fairly accepting of a wide range of genders and sexualities, sometimes honoring "
two-spirits" as shamans, contemporary tribal laws have mostly banned same-sex marriage.

quinta-feira, agosto 21, 2008

Transgender Europe (TGEU) - Training for our Future

Hi friends. Transgender Europe is looking for a few young (at least in heart) trans people to take a leading role in activism in their own country. Are you fed up with a lack of support from your government? Fed up with missing or old-fashioned legislation? Are you tired of being forced to live in the closet? Or of living a dog's life? Forced out of work? Living a life on the street because you dare to be who you are? Yes? Maybe it is time to take action, and we want to help you.

Transgender Europe (TGEU), with the support of the UK's extremely successful activist organisation, Press for Change (PFC) and the International Lesbian and Gay Association of Europe (ILGA-Europe) , is now taking applications for a training project aimed at giving new activists the tools and support they need to get out and work change in their communities.

National teams, comprised of three activist candidates are invited to submit applications for the project. Just four (4) of these teams will be successful and asked to take part in the project at no cost to themselves.

The project has two parts:

1. You will be required to attend a four day training course in Manchester, UK, from Wednesday, October 1st, to Sunday, October 5th, 2008. There you will attend workshops and receive some formal training in, amongst other things, the following areas:

-- How to work with local and national governments as well as the European Union,
-- The impact of European Union law, cases and directives on trans lives,
-- The trans cases from the European Court of Human Rights,
-- Facts and figures: key research data on trans lives,
-- Practical activism: developing a public relations approach,
-- Recruiting other activists and developing their skills,
-- Strategic planning for successful change,
-- Design with impact: posters and leaflets for key issues,
-- Working within the international LGBTI community.

2. The activists will then, with the help of TGEU, organise a local training to take place not later than the end of 2008. The training from Manchester will be put to use at a national or regional event of one or two days duration, where an audience of potential trans activists will receive instruction to facilitate regional structures. We envision that the support we provide will enable you to prepare basic materials in your national language, to find an appropriate site for quality training and workshops, to make reservations for TGEU and PFC workshop leaders, to find and engage national NGO or government speakers. We will assist your team in creating publicity and locating the intended audience. Furthermore we will assist in the long term development of transgender organisations.
Your travel and accommodation costs will be met by TGEU. Training and activities are also free. We demand only your presence and unmitigated attention. You don't have to pay a thing: you need only put your training to use through your own projects in your local community.

So, if you think you and your fellow activists are up to it, come join the party. It will be well worth your time -- and may well be fun!

For these reasons we require that TEAMS OF THREE activists submit their applications together. Successful candidates will be selected by showing us evidence of their past activism, how well they know each other and the work they've done together before. The teams will need to show a reasonable level of English language – it will really help to speak some English, but teams can translate for members who can't speak English.

To Apply:

Complete the application form which you can obtain from Jane Thomas at
Attach an accompanying letter saying why your team should be chosen from the many teams applying.
These are to be completed and returned to by MONDAY, September 8th, 2008.

Navio da Greenpeace vem a Lisboa «salvar» os peixes

O quebra-gelo Artic Sunrise, que é um navio da Greenpeace, chega a Lisboa esta quinta-feira, mais precisamente ao cais de Alcântara, informa a Lusa.

Queer Lisboa 12 - 12º Festival de Cinema Gay e Lésbico de Lisboa
19 a 27 de Setembro de 2008 - Cinema São Jorge

A programação completa do Queer Lisboa 12, elenco do Júri Internacional, convidados oficiais e eventos paralelos, serão anunciados em Conferência de Imprensa a decorrer no dia 9 de Setembro, às 11h00, no Cinema São Jorge.

En Brasil ya operan gratis a quienes quieran cambiar de sexo
Desde hoy la intervención corre por cuenta del sistema público brasileño. El ministro de Salud, José Gómes Temporado, eligió seis hospitales universitarios para que realicen el proceso quirúrgico, que estará a cargo de un equipo multidisciplinario integrado por psicólogos, endocrinólogos, psiquiatras, urólogos y ginecólogos. El sistema público de salud brasileño opera gratis desde hoy a las personas que quieran cambiar de sexo, informó el ministro de Salud, José Gómes Temporado.
SUS: Mudança de sexo terá acompanhamento psicológico
As cirurgias de mudança de sexo que serão realizadas na rede pública de saúde, anunciadas há dois meses pelo ministro da Saúde José Gomes Temporão, estabelece algumas diretrizes para que o serviço seja oferecido, entre elas a de se fazer um credenciamento das instituições interessadas e criar uma rede de atenção em que o paciente receba também assitência psicológica.

Primera denuncia por violencia en trabajo de una mujer transexual en Barcelona
Carmen Martínez presentó delante del inspector la documentación que acredita la discriminación por violencia en el trabajo de la empresa Cotesa S.A.

Sex change claims
A PRE-OP transsexual claims her career has been "destroyed" since she announced she wanted to become a woman.
Sophie Morris, 40, alleges she was sacked from her £23,000 job at the JTEKT factory in Resolven after she changed her gender from male to female.

Largest ever police contingent to march for gay pride
The world's largest ever police contingent to take part in a gay pride parade will be seen this Saturday during Manchester Pride.
Up to 300 officers and staff from forces across the country will lead the parade as Pride celebrates its 18th birthday.

Presentarán iniciativa sobre cambio de sexo
Luego de un fallido intento, diputados del PRD y del PAS acordaron presentar la iniciativa sobre la llamada concordancia sexogenérica, mediante la cual las personas transgénero y transexuales obtendrán un reconocimietno en materia jurídica, que les permitirá contar con todos sus derechos en su nueva apariencia, incluido el matrimonio por lo civil.
Ley de identidad sexogenérica, un logro más a medias
Sin embargo, si sale todo bien, como lo planean los asambleístas, de nuevo una reforma que pidió la diversidad sexual con base en sus necesidades, se queda con pendientes.
Hoy el proyecto presentado, por estrategia política, no incluye la posibilidad de que sea el Estado quien se encargue de los cambios quirúrgicos y de salud que las personas sometidas a este proceso requieren.
La iniciativa que dieron a conocer los diputados locales tiene sus ventajas en la parte jurídica pero olvida que la parte sanitaria, la más cara y por la que muchas personas trans sufren al ser víctimas de médicos incompetentes que a precios "baratos" las perjudican más que ayudarlas, se omite.

Job-Seeker Who Changed Her Gender Goes to Court
Diane Schroer, a 52-year-old former Army Special Forces commander, testified yesterday in federal court that she was "disappointed and dismayed" when an official at the Library of Congress rescinded a job offer even though she was the star candidate.
[Blog/News/Commentary] America in Transition: A Transgender Special Forces Colonel vs. the Library of Congress
Diane Schroer’s case against the Library of Congress went to trial on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in D.C. The basics of the case are pretty well known. As David, Schroer spent 25 years in the Army, and retired as a decorated full Colonel in the Special Forces. Her specialty at the end was counter-terrorism.

Man pleads guilty, but denies killing

Excerpt: Brian McGlothin, dressed in women's clothes, was shot in the head with an automatic rifle two days before Christmas. His body was found in the rear yard of a house in the 2700 block of Ruberg Avenue.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Blinded Me with Science: Devolution of the DSM
At the 2003 Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Robert Spitzer, Chair of the DSM-III and DSM-IIIR Task Forces, defended the categories of Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and paraphilias such as Transvestic Fetishism (TF) in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) [1]. He declared the inherent pathology of gender identities that vary from assigned birth sex (...)

quarta-feira, agosto 20, 2008

Ilhas do Pacífico vão desaparecer
Uma centena de habitantes já deixaram o arquipélago de Tuvalu, que está a ficar submerso devido ao aquecimento global.

Gender games
If a man has a sex change, can he compete in the Olympics as a woman? — Stephanie Ketchum

Autorizada cirurgia de mudança de sexo feita pelos SUS
O Diário Oficial da União publicou nesta terça-feira, dia 19 de agosto, a portaria n.º 1.707 do Ministério da Saúde que estabelece que a cirurgia de transgenitalização, conhecida popularmente como mudança de sexo, fará parte dos procedimentos médicos que devem estar disponíveis nos hospitais brasileiros atendidos pelo Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS).
Diário Oficial publica 1ª Portaria sobre transexualização
A Portaria nº 1.707 do Ministério da Saúde, publicada nesta terça-feira (19), no Diário Oficial da União, prevê a realização do processo transexualizador nos hospitais públicos dos estados brasileiros.
Sex Change Is Human Right in Brazil and Can Be Made for Free
Sex-change operations can now be made for free in Brazil, courtesy of the Brazilian federal government SUS (Unified Health System). The decision that these operations should be done for free was taken a year ago by a Federal judge. The government never appealed the decision despite protests by religious groups.

Activist and police adviser dies at 74
A transgender activist who served in the RAF for nearly 40 years has died of a stroke.
Retired Flight Sergeant and author Lynne Braithwaite, 74, of Morecambe, died in Royal Lancaster Infirmary on August 12.

Prefeito de Berlim pede punição a vândalos que destruíram memorial LGBT
Klaus Wowereit, o assumido prefeito de Berlim, na Alemanha, pediu punição aos vândalos que destruíram parte do memorial construído em homenagem aos gays e lésbicas mortos pelo nazismo. A declaração foi feita nessa última segunda-feira, dia 18 de agosto, quando o prefeito foi conferir o estrago causado no memorial. (...) Estima-se que mais de 50 mil gays e lésbicas foram condenados pelo nazismo devido à sexualidade, e até 10 mil desses morreram em campos de concentração.
Monumento a homossexuais é vandalizado em Berlim
Inaugurado a menos de três meses no parque Tiergarten, em Berlim, o monumento em homenagem aos homossexuais perseguidos pelo regime nazista entre 1930 e 1940 foi atacado por vândalos no último domingo, dia 17.

Colorado rally protests killing of transwoman
On July 23 the Colorado Anti-Violence Program held a rally in Greeley for Angie Zapata, a Latina transwoman who was murdered on July 17. CAVP is an organization "dedicated to eliminating violence within and against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities in Colorado."

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Trans task force report for American Psychological Association is out
Excerpt: In other words, a mental illness listing of trans people will probably remain on the books until at least 2020, with a projected DSM-VI probably not until at least 2030. We will be faced with one to two decades of mental illness diagnoses before the issue will be reconsidered, unless we take a stand now.

Gays to demonstrate against Human Rights Campaign
Gay activists in Boston are rallying troops to protest against The Human Rights Campaign in October.

Oxford Janitor Changes From He To She
Students at an elementary school in Oxford will learn that someone at their school has changed quite a bit over the summer.
Brian Bonin, the night custodian at Clara Barton Elementary School, is now Brianna Bonin.

terça-feira, agosto 19, 2008

SIDA: há quem seja imune
Algumas pessoas, apesar de terem o virús no seu organismo, não desenvolvem a doença

Juiz de Fora: Glamour, beleza e muitos shows marcam Miss Brasil Gay 2008
O longo tapete vermelho estendido na frente do Cine-Theatro Central, na cidade mineira de Juiz de Fora, já dava o tom de elegância que marcou a 32ª edição do mais que tradicional Miss Brasil Gay, concurso que elege a transformista mais bela do país e que foi realizado na noite de sábado, dia 16 de agosto.
Miss Pernambuco, Lizandra Brunelly vence a 32ª edição do Miss Brasil Gay em Juiz de Fora

[South Africa]
Can Miss SA be an ex-Mr?
The organisers of the annual Miss South Africa pageant have been in crisis the past week, after a woman who had had a sex-change operation wanted to enrol in a workshop for prospective participants, and encountered a very chilly welcome.

Trans-genders Face High HIV/AIDS Risk
After return from International AIDS conference (held in Mexico City) in the capacity of Jury of the prestigious Red Ribbon Award, noted physician and Medical Director of International Health Organization, Dr Diwakar Tejaswi, at a press conference held at the Windsor Hotel, Exhibition Road in Patna on Sunday, said that the transgender community was found to be at excessive risk of acquiring HIV AIDS.

[USA] [News/Health]
Women With Male DNA All Female
Excerpt: Atwood is not a freak -- nor is she half-man, half-woman. But her DNA says she's a man. That's because she has male chromosomes, an X and a Y, instead of two Xs, like most females. It's a disorder of sexual development in the womb called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, or AIS. It can be passed down through the mother or occur as a spontaneous mutation.

GLAAD: 'Fox News Channel and Us Weekly apologize for crude, dehumanizing anti-transgender comments'
Thanks to constituents sharing their concerns with Fox News, on August 15 America's Newsroom host Gregg Jarrett apologized on the air for comments made about a transgender contestant on the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model: "This time yesterday we aired a segment about a transgender by the name of Isis, who will compete in the upcoming season of the television show America's Next Top Model. The group GLAAD, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation sent us an email saying it was offensive. That was not our intention. We apologize." This segment can be viewed on YouTube <> .

segunda-feira, agosto 18, 2008

Conference on Medical Care for Gender Variant Teenagers
Hormonal treatment of transsexual teenagers is controversial. Whereas in the UK teens must experience most pubertal body changes before any medical intervention, usually at 16, in some countries, including the US, Canada, and the Netherlands, the earliest signs of puberty are blocked and then cross-sex hormones administered.

APA resolves to play leading role in improving treatment for gender-variant people
Gender identity task force calls for nondiscriminatory guidelines, better research and training.
The American Psychological Association urged psychologists today to take a leading role in ending discrimination based on gender identity, calling upon the profession to provide "appropriate, nondiscriminatory treatment to all transgender and gender-variant individuals" and encouraging more research into all aspects of gender identity and expression.

[USA] [Blog/Books]
Book Review: The Riddle of Gender
Just when you think you've got the mystery of sex and gender all figured out, a new study or a book comes along that throws a monkey wrench into the equation, and you've got to start all over again. Deborah Rudacille's book The Riddle of Gender does exactly that. Rudacille was inspired to write the book when her friend told her that he wanted to transition from female to male. Rudacille didn't know very much about what transgender meant, but she wanted to support her friend. So she started to interview everyone she could in order to better understand what her friend was going through.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Kellie Telesford Murderer Gets Off
Across The Pond, they've had their own high profile transgender murder trial going on. Unfortunately the results are depressingly familiar to those of us who are transgender, a transperson of color and live on this side of the Atlantic.