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terça-feira, agosto 31, 2010

Travesti é morto a pauladas na Bahia
Um travesti foi morto a pauladas na Ladeira da Conceição na manhã de ontem (29). Segundo informações da delegacia, a vítima, ainda não identificada, era conhecida por "Elani".

ATA celebra la decisión de la Audiencia de Sevilla en caso de Transfóbia joven escolar
Desde la Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía (ATA) queremos celebrar la decisión tomada por la Audiencia de Sevilla de debatir el próximo 26 de octubre el recurso presentado por la defensa de una joven transexual, contra la absolución de tres compañeros del instituto "Caura" de Coria del Río (Sevilla), los cuales fueron juzgados por acoso escolar cuando la denunciante decidió manifestar públicamente su identidad de genero.

Transsexual allowed to teach
Austria’s first transsexual teacher has been given the all clear to work by the education ministry after a sex change operation.
The man turned woman named only as Walter S. caused outcry among some parents by informing her students via e-mail at a polytechnic in Vienna-Margareten that she will be a woman when everyone returns for the new term next week.

“Dramaticas memorias de una mujer transexual árabe” Primer libro que trata el tema en Oriente Próximo
Randa se ha pasado toda la vida castigándose a sí misma. Culpándose por no ser lo que los demás esperaban de ella, por no aparentar ser el viril Fouad que alumbró su madre, por provocar a los hombres con su apariencia andrógina, por haber aceptado un matrimonio de conveniencia para contentar a sus familiares, por traicionarse a sí misma consumando aquella unión como un hombre…

Sitoy: Separate CR for third sex
Should homosexuals have their own separate comfort rooms?
For Provincial Board Member Arleigh Sitoy the answer is yes. He believes that it is high time to end the confusion of what public restroom should a member of the third sex enter given the present set up wherein there are only male and female comfort rooms available.

Transgender Tiwi Islanders the flowers of exhibition at Australian Centre for Photography
Photographer Bindi Cole and writer Jirra Lulla Harvey have imortalised the world of Sistagirls, a community of transgender women in the remote Tiwi Islands.
Bindi Cole’s portraits of the Sistagirls and Jirra Lulla Harvey’s accompanying texts tell a moving story about the need to be loved and to belong.
Spotlight on Sistagirls (Photo)

World Renowned Gender Reassignment and Plastic Surgeon Joins Satori World Medical’s Network of Providers
Satori World Medical, the leader in medical travel, adds world-renowned gender reassignment and plastic surgeon Pierre Brassard, M.D. to its prestigious network.

Transgender dog gets new home
Red, the Pomeranian puppy born with both male and female reproductive organs, now has a permanent home.
"It's wonderful. I'm so happy," said Sharon Blechinger, director of the Helping Every Animal League, a nonprofit support group for the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter.

Transgendered Editor Fired for Becoming a Woman
When an editor for the Georgia state government began coming to work dressed as a woman as part of a gender reassignment process, his employer fired him for changing genders. Was that sex discrimination?

Jersey City's LGBT festival and march celebrates rainbow pride
Jersey City resident Ty Whitfield felt so isolated as a gay teenager that at 16, he tried to take his own life.
But now he makes it a point to attend events such as the Jersey City Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender Pride Festival that was held at Exchange Place on Saturday where he can be himself among people who accept him.

Ex-Cop Pleads Guilty to Trans Beating
One month before his scheduled retrial, a former Memphis, Tenn., police officer pleaded guilty to beating the late Duanna Johnson, positioning himself to receive a two-year sentence rather than the 10 years he would have faced if convicted by a jury.

Organizaciones gay exigen matrimonio y adopción en la sexta marcha del orgullo
Ni la lluvia impidió la sexta marcha del orgullo en la capital morelense. Cientos de personas de todas las preferencias sexuales recorrieron las calles a pesar de la lluvia que a ratos parecía aguacero. La consigna: “No a la discriminación”; la reivindicación: “Que el Congreso del Estado apruebe la ley contra la discriminación”.

Asesinan en Honduras a testigo que declaró contra un policía por apuñalar a una transexual
Un testigo protegido que declaró contra un policía que supuestamente acuchilló a una chica transexual en Honduras, murió de varios disparos que le infirieron desconocidos la tarde de ayer, en los mercados de Comayagüela. También están amenazados de muerte otros testigos, fiscales, jueces, agentes policiales que realizaron las investigaciones y periodistas que han denunciado el hecho.

segunda-feira, agosto 30, 2010

Entrevista a Belissa Andia, Secretaria Mundial Trans de la ILGA: Primer reto es inclusión plena de transexuales
Publicamos a continuación la entrevista que para la CHN concediera gentilmente Belissa Andia Pérez (del Instituto RUNA en Perú), Secretaria Mundial Trans de ILGA para la CHN.

Mila Ferreira - Vai ser transexual
A cantora realizou finalmente o sonho de representar. Em Setembro, poderemos vê-la numa série da RTP no papel de uma transexual de nome Francisca.

Audiencia de Sevilla revisara sentencia por acoso a una joven alumna transexual de Coria del Río
La Audiencia de Sevilla debatirá el próximo 26 de octubre el recurso presentado por la defensa de una joven transexual contra la absolución de tres compañeros de su instituto, que fueron juzgados por "bullying" o acoso escolar cuando la denunciante decidió manifestar públicamente su identidad de genero.

Thousands line streets for Manchester Pride parade
Thousands of people took to the streets of Manchester to watch the annual Pride parade.
The event - which is celebrating its 20th anniversary - saw more than 100 groups and floats make their way through the city centre.
Award-winning actor Sir Ian McKellen is Grand Marshal of the 2010 parade and led the procession through the streets.

A look inside Istanbul's transsexual brothels
Near one of the busiest streets in Istanbul, a row of nondescript houses holds a secret unknown to most foreigners here. The houses are the work place of some of Istanbul's transgender and transsexual sex workers.
Many of these prostitutes have been forced into the trade by lack of employment opportunities. In Turkey, transgender and transsexuals are often discriminated against, and for them, stable work is hard to find.

Leona Lo, de Singapur a Manhattan en defensa de los transexuales de Asia
La vida de una transexual en Asia está confinada al trabajo sexual, una realidad que Leona Lo, recién llegada de Singapur, buscó denunciar esta semana con un show unipersonal en Nueva York.

domingo, agosto 29, 2010

[UK] [Commentary]
New research into domestic abuse against trans people
There is now a substantial body of evidence recording the spiralling rate of violence against trans people the world over and, as more research becomes available, the clearer the extent of that violence becomes. But while the media routinely publishes selective, salacious and sensationalist accounts of the murders of some of my sisters – Andrea Waddell and Destiny Lauren are two recent examples – there is much less information available about the amounts of domestic abuse meted out to trans people.

Lecturer to return as woman after summer break
Senior lecturer in leading Israeli university undergoes sex change procedure, informs students he will be returning as woman next semester. 'Everyone has been very supportive,' he/she says.

SHC issues notice in transvestites’ welfare matter
The Sindh High Court (SHC) issued notices to provincial secretaries Zakat, Ushr, health departments and Jinnah Medial and Dental College principal on Friday on a petition filed by the transvestites seeking implementation of the Supreme Court directives regarding the welfare of their community.

Male sex chromosome found in Guangdong girl's body
Xiaodi, a teenage girl who was found to be physiologically a boy at age 15, received a sex change operation at Zhujiang Hospital in Guangdong yesterday.
Xiaodi has white skin, a soft voice and a beautiful appearance. It's hard to image she is a boy. Her father said Xiaodi's genitalia were not so clear and all the family members thought she was a girl when she was born. When she was 1 years old, her parent found male genitalia on her body. When they took her to the hospital, the doctor in the small local hospital could not tell either.

Sexual Risk Taking Among Transgender Male-to-Female Youths With Different Partner Types
Associations between partner types (main, casual or commercial) and sexual risk behaviors of sexually active male-to-female (transgender female) young people were examined in the current study.
In Los Angeles and Chicago, the researchers interviewed 120 transgender female youths ages 15 to 24. Participants were recruited from clinics, community-based agencies, clubs, bars, the streets, and through referrals.

[USA] [Commentary]
One Step Forward And One Step Backward On State Identification Cards For Trans People
Back in the seventies, California passed legislation regarding identification cards that was truly progressive; I personally benefitted from the activism of Californian transsexual women that did work long before I was out of the closet. Transsexual Californians have relatively simple and accomplishable procedures for changing one's gender marker on California state identification cards (which include drivers licenses), and sometimes I find it too easy to take for granted.

[USA] [Commentary]
Cop who beat Duanna Johnson gets two years prison
Bridges McRae pled guilty to violating Duanna Johnson's civil rights after his first trial ended in a hung jury. He could have been convicted the second time around and gotten ten years, but he pled and got two.

Court Denies Rapist’s Request to Become a Woman
A man serving 40 years in state prison for the kidnap and rape of a teenage girl in Cape May County a decade ago is now suing the state prison system for not allowing him to become a woman.

In the Wrong Society
The story of a sex change is hitting the screens of cinemas across the country. Is she Cuban? Many people wonder about this who don’t know Mavi Sussel, the lead character.
In 1988, after suffering years of humiliation and cruel treatment that pushed her close to suicide, Mavi finally succeeds in getting the Cuban authorities to give her a sex reassignment operation.

sábado, agosto 28, 2010

Trans woman's employment tribunal to begin next month
Rachel Millington was fired from her job last year after she revealed to bosses that she was starting the process of gender re-assignment. The case, which is coming before a Nottingham employment tribunal in September, may not necessarily create any startling legal precedents – but its reporting demonstrates just how far trans rights have come in the media over the last few years.
U.K. transsexual sues former employer
Transsexual Rachel Millington sues company over sack claim

Revealed: One in 25 solicitors in Scotland is transsexual, says Law Society
One in every 25 solicitors in Scotland is transsexual - according to figures provided by the Law Society.
A study showed that four per cent of their 10,848 members were "currently living and working in the opposite gender assigned to them at birth".
That means 432 transgendered lawyers across the country.

Transgenders promote their rights through Coimbatore film festival
A film festival to spread awareness and promote the rights of the transgender community in the country was organized here recently.
The short films were produced by transgendered persons, themselves, and over eight documentary films were screened at the festival on Thursday.
The topics on which the films were made included several facets of the transgender community, such as their lifestyle, their social status, orphans and other aspects.

Rape of transsexual woman stirs legal debate
The rape of a transgender woman in the north-central province of Quang Binh has sparked a serious debate among legal professionals after judicial authorities declined to prosecute the three perpetrators.
The German Press Agency dpa quoted officials in the province as saying the victim had not reclassified her legal gender from male to female on Wednesday, August 25. Because Vietnamese law only applies to the rape of women by men, the case could not be prosecuted, they said.

Court hears how a transgender male made a threat to organise for a man to be gang-raped by a football team
A "transgender" male threatened to arrange for a "football team'' to gang-rape a man he had just met if he did not submit to a homosexual encounter in an inner-Brisbane city park, a court has been told.

Get Real! We Did Everything We Could to Make Things Go Just Right, But it Didn't
My girlfriend and I are both non-op transsexuals; (i.e., she's MtF, I'm FtM, and we haven't had "the surgery" and don't intend to.) On a visit with her a little while ago, she and I were sitting in her car and talking about our feelings regarding sex. When our relationship started over a year ago she asked me to wait, which I was fine with, but didn't know she had been open to what we considered "in between" kind of stuff like oral (she doesn't want to go "all the way" because she was raped a little while before I met her and she feels like penetrating me is putting me in her position--it isn't, but I'm not going to pressure her), and while we had been discussing it we realized we were both in the mood and I asked her if she wanted to find some place more private and explore, and she said "only if you want to." I did.

Payette Woman: "You Want to Know Why this Mobile Home Went Up in Flames?"
Catherine Carlson, arrested in Payette last month for setting fire to the trailer where she lived and placing what looked like four pipe booms on her stoop, was moved in late July from isolation in the Payette County Jail to the Idaho State Hospital in Orofino where she remains for an undetermined period of time.

Hospital that Denied Care to Trans Woman Changes Policy
An Indiana hospital has made changes such as mandatory training on gender identity after an incident in which a transgender patient said she was mocked and denied treatment at the emergency room.

Panel Hears Job Complaint of Transgender Phila. Lifeguard
A second day of testimony is expected in the near future in the case of a transgendered city lifeguard who filed a complaint with the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission after being fired from her Recreation Department job.
Trans case to continue

Equality Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Reach Breakthrough Agreement on Gender Marker Policy
After several months of positive and thoughtful discussion, Equality Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) today announced that they have successfully reached agreement on a change in gender marker policy. "Gender Markers" refer to those ways in which individuals present themselves mostly on official documentation. For example, on a driver's license your "gender marker" would refer to your name and photograph.
Transgender ID Policy Changes in Pennsylvania Effective Immediately

Hearing continued in Moore Street fatal stabbing case
A 40-year-old transgendered man accused of fatally stabbing his boyfriend on Moore Street two weeks ago is still making arrangements to hire a defense attorney and his preliminary hearing scheduled for Friday was postponed.

WATCH: Former Officer Pleads Guilty in Duanna Johnson Beating
Only weeks before his retrial was scheduled to begin, former Memphis police officer Bridges McRae has plead guilty to violating the civil rights of transgender woman Duanna Johnson. McRae agreed to a two-year prison sentence. Johnson was later killed in an unsolved shooting.
Bridges McRae Pleads Guilty
Bridges McRae Pleads Guilty in Police Brutality Case
Former officer pleads guilty to beating prisoner
Former Officer Takes Plea Deal in Duanna Johnson Case

Transexuales mexicanas: “Somos indocumentadas en nuestro propio país'
Las mujeres transexuales tienen un reto mayúsculo: obtener la igualdad en una sociedad en constante transformación, con muchos avances en lo legal, pero pocos sobre aceptación pública.
Diana Barrios, mujer transexual, creó la Fundación Transformarte, ubicada en la ciudad de México, para auxiliar a las mujeres transexuales que viven en la capital, o que llegan de estados, rechazados por sus familias por su género.
"Estos albergues ayudarán a que las mujeres se empoderen cuando llegan a la capital, ya que cuando arriban, creen que van a poder realizarse, pero les cierran las puertas, y la prostitución es el único camino ante tanto rechazo", señaló la activista.

Mayoría de trabajadoras del sexo y gays no se protegen en pareja
Un estudio entre trabajadoras del sexo y gays evidencia que son grupos de riesgo a contraer el VIH por no utilizar el condón en relaciones de pareja.

sexta-feira, agosto 27, 2010

PR: irmãos são presos por explorar sexualmente travestis
Polícia de Curitiba prende irmãos acusados de comandarem prostituição de travestis.

Ultimate Big Brother : Nadia Almada
Winner of Big Brother 5 Nadia stole the nations’ hearts when she became the first transsexual housemate. Viewers fell in love with the Portuguese star for her emotional Diary Room entries as she wrestled with her feelings about her ‘secret’. Keeping it from her fellow housemates she worried about their reaction and that of the wider world outside.

Transgenders in Karnataka threaten to go on protest
Transgenders in Karnataka have threatened to go on war path if the state government failed to implement the promises it had made to them within two months.

Shobha promises welfare board for transgenders
Reiterating the promises earlier made by Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa on introducing measures to improve the plight of the transgender community, the former Minister Shobha Karandlaje said that a welfare board would soon be set up for the community on the lines of the one in Tamil Nadu.

Celebrity sex change
Popy, whose real name is Leang Sothea, is a 28-year-old gay performer who was discovered at what could best be described as a “Who wants to be Cambodia’s next transsexual star?” competition on TV3.
Having spent more than US$2,000 in Cambodia in early 2007 to have the breast surgery which thousands of women pay for throughout the world each year, she needed to go further in her quest for a female body and did not hesitate to spend nearly another $8,000 for a sex-change operation in Thailand in early 2008. (Photo)

Two-spirited gathering aims to heal
A message of healing, courage and respect will be at the forefront of an upcoming retreat that will bring 100 people from across North America to Manitoba next month.
The 22nd annual International Two Spirit Gathering will take place from Sept. 3 to 6 at Dr. Jessie Saulteaux Resource Centre in Beausejour.

Hospital Changes After Trans Woman Ridiculed
An Indiana hospital has made changes such as mandatory training on gender identity after an incident in which a transgender patient said she was mocked and denied treatment at the emergency room.
Indiana hospital staff to receive training on LGBT issues
Ball Memorial Hospital employees to receive LGBT awareness training
Hospital Which Turned Away Ill Transwoman To Begin LGBT Sensitivity Training

[Commentary] OUR VIEW: Ball hospital takes right action on tolerance

Singapore native acts out the lives of Asian transsexuals
The life of a transexual in Asia is limited to sexual work -- such is the searing viewpoint of Singapore native Leona Lo, who traveled to New York to present a first-person, three-act play on the subject.
The "Ah Kua Show" is a collage of experiences on the difficulties of being a transsexual person in places like Malaysia, Hong Kong or Bangkok.
The show, on stage at the "La Mama" alternative theater in Manhattan's East Village, is one of 197 events that are part of the XIV New York Fringe Festival.
(Photo: AFP - Leona Lo performs in "The Ah Kua Show" in New York)

Former Memphis police officer pleads guilty to beating transgender prisoner
A former Memphis police officer charged with beating a transgender prisoner in 2008 pleaded guilty Thursday to federal civil rights violations involving bodily injury and agreed to a two-year prison sentence.
Bridges "Sutton" McRae was tried earlier this year, but jurors told the judge they could not reach a unanimous verdict after 20 hours of deliberations. One juror said the vote was 11-1 for guilty.
Former Memphis Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Violating Transgender’s Civil Rights
Bridges McRae Pleads Guilty in Transsexual Beating Case

quinta-feira, agosto 26, 2010

Los transexuales de Gardenia, uno de los platos fierte del Festival Temporada Ala de Girona
'Gardenia', el espectáculo de Alain Platel, que ha sido valorado por los críticos como el mejor montaje de la edición de este año del Festival de Aviñón, se podrá ver por primera vez en España en el marco del festival Temporada Alta de Girona-Salt, que arrancará el 1 de octubre.

Transsexual worker to sue over dismissal
A transsexual care worker is suing her former employer claiming she was sacked after she turned up for work in a dress.
Rachel Millington claims her bosses were unsympathetic to her situation when she changed her name from Andrew and started dressing as a woman.
The 24-year-old claims bosses at Housing and Support Solutions Limited, in Cleethorpes, terminated her contract without reason just days after she announced her gender change decision. (Photo)
6ft 3in transsexual 'forced to apologise to colleagues for wearing dress to work ... and then sacked'

[UK] [Commentary]
'No wonder many transsexual people end up in sex work'
Despite the protection of the Sex Discrimination Act, transgender people often face unfair treatment in the workplace. Juliet Jacques thinks she has been luckier than most.

Julia still fighting a battle
Julia Ford seems to live a pretty unremarkable life.
From her bungalow in Botesdale she shops in Diss, goes out with her female friends, and collects records as a hobby.
But after she was attacked on her own doorstep less than a year ago she was left physically and mentally scarred, and is now too worried to indulge another pastime - photographing wildlife in woods.
But where an attack would have cowed many of us, and despite facing more medical treatment next year, Miss Ford is determined to speak up for those in the same position she was – young people who are coming to terms with feeling trapped in the wrong gender but without the support they need. (Photo)

Ultimate Big Brother: Nadia Almada enters the house
Transsexual Nadia Almada who won Big Brother 5 has returned to the BB house to take part in Ultimate Big Brother.
Nadia Almada is one of the most memorable Big Brother housemates ever.
Now, the popular transsexual star has returned to the house where she found fame to compete to be crowned the Ultimate Big Brother housemate. (Photo)
Ultimate Big Brother: All you need to know about the 10 former BB stars joining Josie in the house

Caster Semenya vuelve a la competición por la puerta grande entre las críticas de sus rivales
Caster Semenya ha vuelto a la competición después de que la Asociación de Federaciones Internacionales de Atletismo (IAAF) haya puesto fin a la investigación sobre su supuesta intersexualidad y decidido que no hay razón que le impida participar en la competición como mujer. Algo que no parece haber gustado a sus competidoras.
Transgender Athlete Defends Caster Semenya From New Gender Criticism

Nepal's capital hosts gay pride march
Hundreds of gays, lesbians and transsexuals braved monsoon rains to hold a gay pride parade in the Nepalese capital on Wednesday, led by South Asia's only openly homosexual lawmaker.

Vietnam officials refuse to prosecute rape of transexual
Vietnamese provincial authorities are refusing to prosecute three men who police say gang-raped a transexual woman, officials said Wednesday.
Judicial officials said the woman had not reclassified her legal gender from male to female, and that Vietnamese law only covers rape of women by men.

[USA] [Books]
Professor's Book Is First to Explore Two-Spirit Literature in Northwest Native Groups
Western culture's grappling with homosexuality and alternate genders isn't strictly limited to the United States, but is also prevalent in many Native American and native Alaskan groups -- or native nations. That issue is the focus of work by one Kansas State University researcher.

Transgender Candidate Receives 22% in GOP House Primary
As Senate and gubernatorial races dominated political headlines Tuesday night, here's a result that was easy to overlook: transgender candidate Donna Milo received 22 percent of the vote in her Republican primary for Florida's 20th congressional district.
Milo placed third in a three-way race, finishing behind winner Karen Harrington (40 percent) and runner-up Robert Lowry (38 percent). Milo received over 4,100 votes out of more than 18,400 cast.

Transgender woman satisfied with Ind. hospital's changes after she complained of mistreatment
A transgender woman said she was satisfied with changes promised by a hospital after she complained of being ridiculed by medical staff and denied treatment in its emergency room last month.
Ball Memorial Hospital announced Tuesday that all employees would receive mandatory lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender awareness training starting in September and that it was updating its nondiscrimination policies to include language specific to sexual orientation and gender identity.

PennDOT Alters Rules For Transgender ID Markers
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is changing its policy on how transgender people identify themselves on driver's licenses.

Fiscales denuncian amenaza de muerte en caso de policía homofóbico
Extracto: Los hechos se registraron entre el 17 y 18 de diciembre pasado, cuando la víctima realizaba trabajos de prostitución en la colonia Alameda, de Tegucigalpa, cuando fue abordado por tres sujetos, de los cuales solo uno pudo ser reconocido, según se conoció en la sala de juicios.
La víctima era trasladada en un vehículo tipo camioneta a la colonia Villa Nueva, de Tegucigalpa, mientras el imputado lo iba puñaleando hasta hacerle 17 perforaciones en diferentes partes del cuerpo.
El desviado sexual, pese a sus heridas, logró saltar por la ventana del carro, mientras sus victimarios lo dejaron tirado en la carretera, creyendo que había muerto de las heridas y de los golpes que recibió al lanzarse del carro.
Juzgan en Honduras a policía que intento asesinar de 17 puñaladas a una transexual, fiscales amenazados muerte

Tres historias de mujeres transexuales en Ecuador; nos cuentan cómo cambió su vida después de la transición
Tres jóvenes chicas transexuales hacen públicos sus relatos de vida dentro de una sociedad que aparentemente comienza a aceptar otros sectores y tendencias.
Durante una tarde de clima templado, tres amigas caminaban como de costumbre por la avenida 9 de Octubre. Varias bocinas sonaban para atraer la atención de Diane (28), Rubí (25) y Tiffany (22). Las tres ignoraban los llamados, mientras conversaban sobre el día en el que decidieron cambiar de género y en lo que se han convertido sus vidas desde entonces. (Foto)

quarta-feira, agosto 25, 2010

Travesti é assassinada no Piauí
Seis homens atiraram na noite da última sexta-feira, 20 de agosto, contra a travesti Jaqueline, dona da boate My Love, localizada no município de Nossa Senhora das Dores, de Piauí.

6% Think Transgender Operations Should Be ‘illegal’
The UK’s fastest growing cosmetic surgery review website has commissioned a poll to discover the opinions Brits have towards ‘controversial’ cosmetic surgery procedures such as transgender operations, Hymenorrhaphy and skin bleaching.

Complaints against Caster Semenya ‘total sour grapes’
A transgender Toronto cyclist who helped South African runner Caster Semenya get reinstated lashed out Monday at complaints against her return — including a remark by Canadian Diane Cummins that it was like “running against a man.”
Kristen Worley, who attempted to become the first transgender Olympian at the 2008 Beijing Games, was responding to remarks made by Cummins and other athletes after Semenya won Sunday in the women’s 800 metres in 1:59.90 at a major meet in Berlin.
Semenya Is Back, but Acceptance Lags
Semenya's sex test nightmare continues
Semenya's coach hits out as rival rails 'we are running against a man'

EIPR takes case of a man who underwent sex change surgery to African Court
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) said it will take the case of Azhar student Sally Abdallah who had undergone a sex reassignment surgery, to the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights with the Egyptian government as its adversary.
The Administrative Court has ruled in Abdullah’s favor, ordering Al-Azhar University to enroll her in the women’s school of medicine, instead of the men’s school in which she was registered before the surgery. Al-Azhar has refused to comply with the court order.
Hossam Bahgat, EIPR director, told Daily News Egypt that Abdallah faces gender discrimination. He expected the Court’s human rights committee to review the case during its next meeting in February 2011.

[South Africa]
Sex change: employer to appeal
Steel retailer Bohler Uddeholm Africa has applied for leave to appeal against a Labour Court order that it reinstate transsexual Christine Ehlers.
Judge Ellem Francis ordered the company 10 days ago to reinstate Ehlers, 43, after he found her dismissal last year was unfair and unconstitutional. He said that "suddenly, because she had to undergo a sex-change operation and wanted to assert her femininity, she was dismissed because it might upset some backward customers".

[USA] [Commentary]
Is that my son wearing a dress?
I'm a progressive, supportive dad. Why was I so troubled by the sight of my little boy dressed as Snow White?

Transgender controversy sparks change at Muncie hospital
A Muncie hospital is making changes after a transgendered woman claimed she was mocked and eventually denied treatment at the facility earlier this month.
Erin Vaughn made the accusations towards Ball Memorial Hospital. Since then, the hospital had been working with equality groups to improve services.
Starting next month, workers will go through mandatory training on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Should MTF Inmates Be Housed With the General Female Population?
Think trans activist Autumn Sandeen's "shim" prison episode is an isolated incident? Rochelle A. Mead, a MTF Michigan woman jailed for six days on charges of driving with an expired license, and who is also a registered sex offender stemming from a 1995 incident where she exposed herself to a minor, says she too suffered indecencies while behind bars. And the ACLU would like some answers please.

ENDA seeks personal stories for media campaign
The Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition is encouraging people to complete a new survey that will shed more light on the Employment Non Discrimination Act. Their goal is to collect as many stories as possible for use in a comprehensive media campaign.

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
Nikki Araguz Update 14 -Going To War In The Comment Section
As the Araguz case in Wharton continues to a hopefully successful conclusion for us, those of us in the Houston area GLBT community and our allies continue to fight the war against faith based ignorance, smears of Nikki Araguz, the trans community, and Faux News propaganda.

terça-feira, agosto 24, 2010

An unholy row and a handbagging
A transsexual Nigerian who is now a woman was worshipping at a Christ Embassy service in the Madrid district of Vallecas on August 8. That much is undisputed, but there are two versions of what happened next. The woman claims she was violently attacked by the pastor during the Sunday service in the presence of churchgoers.
Her clothing was torn and ripped away as she was physically assaulted and insulted for her sexual orientation while others looked on without intervening or defending her. The police were called and she was taken to hospital where she received attention for her injuries, following which she reported the confrontation.

Alejandro Alder, Bolo Bolo de Toledo: «Los transexuales han pagado la factura de la discriminación»
En sólo media hora Bolo Bolo recibe tres visitas. La presencia del colectivo en la ciudad, sus campañas y su actividad han logrado en estos dos últimos años que el teléfono suene a todas horas. (Foto)

April Ashley interview: Britain's first transsexual
Britain's first transsexual April Ashley has led a jet-setting life crammed with glamour, excitement and legions of besotted men, most of them famous.
April Ashley, Britain's first transsexual, is, at 75, a woman confident of her own stature. When she arrives at the restaurant where we are to have lunch, she strikes a momentary pose in the doorway, the hems of her white slacks a little damp from the sudden summer rain outside, but her blue bouffant hair, her mascara'ed eyelashes, immaculate. (Photo: Chris Brooks)

Transvestite facing jail over sex line scam 'blackmailed ex-Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton' claim
A teenage transvestite blackmailed former Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton after attending drug-fuelled parties at his Edinburgh mansion, pals have claimed.

Transgenders participate in Siliguri fashion show
Transgenders took part in a fashion show in West Bengal’s Siliguri city on Sunday, wearing both Indian and Western attires.

Gay group protests over silk's view of marriage
Members of a gay and lesbian group yesterday protested over arguments made by a government-appointed lawyer during a High Court battle that will decide whether a transgender woman can marry her boyfriend.
In a protest outside the Marriage Registry at the Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Centre yesterday, 10 Rainbow Action members - with half cross- dressed as women - expressed their disapproval of barrister Monica Carss-Frisk's arguments about marriage in the case of a transgender identified as "W."

Irish transgender woman allowed to stay for now in Canada
A Northern Irish transgender woman, a child of a top British operative in Northern Ireland, has received a temporary visa to remain in Canada while she pleads her case.

Catholic & Transexual: One Woman’s Confession
A Catholic blogger has taken on the question of transgendered individuals and their rights and needs in a two-part column at religious site Catholic Exchange.
The blogger, Mary Kochan, posted the content of a letter she had received from a reader of her blog who claimed to be a transgendered individual born anatomically male, who married, fathered children, and then became female through gender reassignment surgery.

‘The same-sex marriage fight is just as much a transgender fight as it is (an LGB) fight’
Phyllis Randolph Frye, the well-known transgender attorney from Houston whose clients include trans widow Nikki Araguz, sent out an e-mail Sunday slamming national gay-rights groups for ignoring the issue of “‘tranny’ same-sex marriage” in Texas.
Referencing an op-ed that appeared in Sunday’s Houston Chronicle about the Araguz case, Frye notes that in the six weeks since the story broke, few people have gotten behind her client’s legal fight. Nikki Araguz is seeking to receive death benefits for her husband, Thomas Araguz III, a Wharton firefighter who was killed in the line of duty early last month. But Thomas Araguz’s family has sued to deny Nikki Araguz those benefits, arguing that their marriage was void because she was born a man, since Texas’ prohibits same-sex marriage.

Asesinan disparos a una mujer transexual en México, otra se debate entre la vida y la muerte
Una mujer transexual fue encontrada ejecutada en Temixco, Morelos, México, y otra más se debate entre la vida y la muerte en el hospital luego de que ambas fueran tiroteadas por un presunto comando armado.

Investigan a taxista por muerte de transexual
Como presunto responsable de causarle la muerte a Carlos Enrique Salazar Quiceno, de 30 años de edad, fue acusado Luis Alberto Hernández Vélez, de 23 años, privado de su libertad tras realizarle la audiencia de garantías.
A las 9:45 de la noche del viernes Carlos Enrique, quien al parecer era un transexual y se hacía llamar Irene, se encontraba caminando por la Avenida 30 de Agosto con calle 46 de Pereira y fue atacado por dos desconocidos que lo apuñalaron en repetidas ocasiones hasta acabar con su vida.

segunda-feira, agosto 23, 2010

Transwoman Humiliated, Raped In Moscow
Moscow police are looking for two men who sexually abused a well-known stylist from Central Asia not long after she had her sex change operation. The transwoman from Kyrgyzstan was raped by two men from her home country, according to the Interfax reports. She had gone to Moscow for her sex change operation.

Cross-dressing men flogged in Sudan for being “womanly”
A group of young Muslim men have been publicly flogged in Sudan after they were convicted of wearing women's clothes and make-up.
The court said the 19 men had broken Sudan's strict public morality codes.
Police arrested them at a party where they were found dancing "in a womanly fashion", the judge said.

Free to live as a woman, at last
“Today, I’m living my life the way I was meant to,” Lindsay* begins.
Born male and named Leo*, Lindsay had lived all her life as a man.
Then, in September last year, she began her journey to womanhood.
Recalling her feelings of being “trapped” in the wrong body she says, “I remember playing with dolls and other girlie toys.
I hated boyish toys. I also remember secretly trying on some of my mother’s clothes, shoes and make up.
I especially loved walking in her high heels. Emotionally, I felt like a girl,” recalls the finance assistant with a local NGO.

'Transgenders to be separate category in Census'
The Technical Advisory Committee constituted by Registrar General has recommended inclusion of transgender community in the census as a separate gender and not as males as is the present practice. In an RTI reply to Dr SE Huda of Bareilly based-NGO SSFA-ESFI, the Registrar General has said that the
TAC has recommended a separate category for the transgender community of the country.
Transgenders to be counted separate in Census

To some, love is unjust
“Our love is in the dark. It is never acknowledged. We, as a community are seeking equality in love,” said Kalki Subramanian. Kalki is a transgender rights activist and founder of Sahodari, an organization that works for transgender empowerment. Kalki recently spearheaded a discussion on Love and Equality for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people) as part of the Kovai Rainbow Festival.

Don’t fly me back to Ulster, pleads the sex-swap daughter of Mowlam mandarin
The transsexual daughter of a former head of Northern Ireland’s civil service is fighting deportation from Canada claiming her life would be in danger if she returned to the province.
Tanya Bloomfield, who was born Timothy, claims her sexuality would make her an object of hate should she return to Northern Ireland.

Emergency: The Dire State of Transgender Healthcare
Late in July, Erin Vaught started coughing up blood. She did what anyone would have done and went straight to the ER. But Erin Vaught didn’t get treated just like anyone else when she went to Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana, because Erin Vaught is transgender. Instead, she was stared at and mocked in the waiting room, called a “he-she” and an “it.” Hospital staff entered her into the computer as male, despite the fact that her ID said “female.” When she went into the women’s restroom, everyone snickered.

"Yo decidí no marginarme"
Michelle Suárez nació con el cuerpo equivocado. Es mujer, aunque su genitalidad diga lo contrario. Este mes se convirtió en la primera transexual que logra un título universitario en Uruguay al recibirse de abogada. Cuenta que no fue un logro fácil. La hostilidad y la discriminación la acompañaron en la carrera. Hoy, asegura que la repercusión pública que obtuvo en la calle es positiva.
"Decidí no marginarme" Michelle, primera transexual de Uruguay que logra un título universitario de abogada

Primera concejala transexual de Argentina se casa bajo la Ley del matrimonio homosexual
Es controvertida por naturaleza. Cuenta que desde los 5 años le gustaban las muñecas y a los 15 comenzó a vestirse de mujer, siempre con el apoyo de su familia. (Foto)

domingo, agosto 22, 2010

'I've many challenges ahead, but I am much happier'
From a young age Andrew Millington knew he was not meant to be a man.
Growing up, young Andrew used to dress in his sister's clothes, but it took many years to summon up the courage to embark on gender reassignment and become Rachel.
Now 24, she says she is much happier, but is devastated by the abuse she has suffered since her decision.

Transgender sets up own pysio clinic
Physiotherapist Muthuchelvan, 24, lost his job in the prestigious Madras Cricket Club when he underwent a sex change operation and became Selvi. Undeterred, Selvi is now setting up a physio clinic in busy Kodambakkam, hoping to net some influential clients from Kollywood. A team of Supreme Court judges who attended a conference for transgenders at Chennai last week promised to help me, says Selvi.

That ain't no way to treat a lady
Brigette Fell's angry and violent outburst on British Airways flight BA009 on her way home to Sydney, after undergoing sex change surgery in London, left a passenger and two crew members nursing their wounds and other passengers afraid and distressed.
The incident in December 2002 may well have ended there, except for a series of unrelated events that meant the ramifications of Fell's in-flight conduct are still being felt. (Photo: Brigette Fell)

Transgender N.S. woman's father a U.K. knight
The transgendered woman attempting to gain refugee status in Nova Scotia is making headlines in her homeland of Northern Ireland, partially because she comes from a high-profile family.
Tanya Bloomfield was born Timothy Bloomfield, the son of one of Northern Ireland's top civil servants. Under the headline "My son's sex swap," a story ran in Belfast's Sunday Life earlier this month featuring a supportive Sir Kenneth Bloomfield, described as the former top civil servant in Ulster.
Transgender woman may seek refugee status
Irish 'Transgender Woman' Can Request Refugee Status in Canada

[Commentary] Do you think Tanya Bloomfield should be allowed to stay in Nova Scotia?
Transgender woman can make refugee claim

Universal Access?
Barriers to accessing health care persist for transgender people in Nova Scotia.
For Ben Jantzen, going to see a doctor can be a frightening experience.
Jantzen first came out as a trans person two and a half years ago. Even though he was born female, he identifies as trans and presents as a male. Going for a check-up, getting a prescription, or even trying to fill out a general intake form can turn into a huge production, often without any sympathy from hospital or clinical staff.

Bearded lady reunites with son after 30 years
Vivian Wheeler embraces her ability to grow a beard, and currently holds the Guinness world record for the woman with the longest beard alive: Eleven inches. But she says her childhood was dark. "Daddy didn't want me around."
Wheeler was born a hermaphrodite, which means half man and half woman. While doctors removed the male organs at birth, she still has testosterone. "I refused shaving, and daddy said I'd never belong, said I'd never marry or anything cause society would never let me."
Wheeler says her father forced her into the sideshow life, and took the money she earned. And it was a rough life. "They would take me to a fair, to a sideshow, to a fair, I never knew where I was going." (Photo)

Transgendered ex-lifeguard testifies in her bias case
A transgendered former lifeguard, who alleges she was unfairly fired by the city, appeared today before the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.
Dawn Delpe, 42, of South Philadelphia, filed a complaint in 2005 claiming the City Department of Recreation discriminated against her because she was perceived to be a homosexual male.
Delpe, who also describes herself as white and disabled, worked as a part-time lifeguard at a city pool. She said the rec department allowed coworkers and pool patrons to physically and verbally harrass her. She also said the department denied her request to be transferred to a "safer worksite," according to the complaint.

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
Frank Mann - An Ethically Challenged Bigot
Unscrupulous attorneys have long been the tantalizing subject of fictional stories about lawyers who would do anything they think they can get away with, to get ahead and generate fees for themselves at any cost, including a proverbial pound of flesh. When real life exposes one of these sorts of cretins, the insidiousness of their evil takes on both personal and socially repugnant dimensions. Such miscreants also expose incompetent if not corrupt governmental institutions around them. One such example is Frank E. Mann III, whose unethical background has already been the subject of an article on this site. That the Texas State Bar Association allows him to continue practicing law, implies that the Bar Association in Texas is either as incompetent or as corrupt an institution, and one that has failed to fulfill its duty to the people of Texas it is supposed to serve, as Frank Mann appears to be.

sábado, agosto 21, 2010

Lista da Playboy chama transexual Roberta Close de homem
Na edição de aniversário de 35 anos Playboy, com Cléo Pires na capa, os jornalistas Nathan Fernandes e João Pedro Jorge listaram tudo sobre as 2045 mulheres que posaram para a revista. E, nela, chamaram a transexual Roberta Close e a travesti Thelma Lip de homens.
(Foto: Roberta Close nos anos 80: figura feminina era respeitada pelas revistas)

Call to fight prejudice against transgenders
Concerned at the fact that transgenders are pushed to the brink of society and denied civil and political rights, a conference of jurists called for creation of a national database, reservation in education and employment, anti-discrimination laws and quota in local body and Assemblies for the transgender community.

Sex-change woman's refugee claim OK'd
After four years of red tape in Nova Scotia, a transgendered woman from Northern Ireland qualified Thursday to claim refugee status to remain in Canada.
Tanya Bloomfield now has 28 days to file a refugee claim after passing an eligibility interview and test. The 40-year-old, who says she would be persecuted if she returned home, would have been forced to leave Canada by the end of the month had she failed.
Transgender woman can file refugee claim

In the Trenches with the HRC, Working for Transgender Inclusion
Becky Garrison wrote in her otherwise fine piece, “Beyond Adam and Eve: Christians Reach Out to the Transgender Community,” that “the Human Rights Campaign does not view transgendered issues to be a part of their action campaign for lesbian and gay rights."

Man, Transwoman Charged With Assault After Potential Sexual Encounter Sours
Jerry Majette, a Baltimore firefighter, is facing assault charges after being accused of attacking Tamera King after the two met for a sexual encounter. King is a transwoman. Little is known as to how the two met, though Majette claims that he met King when she caught his attention on the street and asked him for help; however, it is possible that they met via an ad on Craigslist, as her ad was found in Majette’s computer history.

Sheriff: Transgender inmate not mistreated
A Michigan transgender inmate held for six days in the Genesse County jail was not mistreated, police say.
The American Civil Liberties Union will investigate claims of mistreatment made by Rochelle A. Meade, who lives as a woman but remains a male anatomically, The Flint (Mich.) Journal said Friday.
Meade, 38, said jail workers denied her female hormone therapy, insulted her and that she was not housed with other female inmates.
ACLU questions Genesee County sheriff over treatment of transgender jail inmate
(Photo: Ryan Garza The Flint Journal - American Civil Liberties Union is standing up for Rochelle Mead, a transgendered Flint resident, who claims she was mistreated and denied female hormones while in the county jail.)

Panel Hears Job Complaint of Transgender Phila. Lifeguard
A second day of testimony is expected in the near future in the case of a transgendered city lifeguard who filed a complaint with the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission after being fired from her Recreation Department job.

Trans woman admits to killing boyfriend
A transgender woman from Philadelphia was arrested for murder after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death.
Police in Norristown arrested Asia Dominique Santana Aug. 13 and charged her with first-degree murder in the death of Eric Nevith, 28.
A statement from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office after the arrest described that Santana, who is identified by her birth name, Tyrone Crawley, called police shortly after 2 p.m. last Friday. The DA said Santana reported that her boyfriend was unresponsive and that she “may have used a knife” to kill him.

Sin freno agresiones a comunidad trans en el país
En menos de tres meses se han registrado seis actos de agresión en contra de miembros de la comunidad transgénero en el país. El pasado fin de semana se cometieron dos asesinatos contra personas trans en los estados de Nuevo León y Sonora. En ambos casos se desconoce la identidad de la víctima.

"Maíta es una madre dragón"
Estaba escrito. El papel era de ella. Violeta Alemán interpretaría a "Maíta". Gerardo Blanco la llamó cuando iba a montar con la compañía teatral Bagazos la pieza La quinta Dayana, de Elio Palencia. Sin embargo, no pudo porque coincidía con la temporada de Las novias de Travolta, de Andrés Tuli- pano.

sexta-feira, agosto 20, 2010

Prefeitura é condenada a indenizar transexual
Funcionário sofreu discriminação.
A prefeitura de Itu, no interior de São Paulo, foi condenada a pagar R$ 40 mil a um funcionário por dano moral. A decisão é do Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 15ª Região.

Trans woman claims she lost her job after wearing women's clothes
A trans woman from Lincoln is suing her former employers, claiming that they sacked her after she began wearing women's clothes to work.
Rachel Millington, 24, has been living as a woman for a year and plans to eventually have gender reassignment surgery.
She worked as a support worker for people with learning disabilities.
Transsexual sues ex-employers after she 'was sacked for dressing as a woman' (Photo)

Man dies after seeing prostitute is transsexual
A German man has dropped dead after visiting a prostitute and discovering she was a transsexual, according to a report.

Acehnese Gays Face a Climate of Fear and Abuse
It doesn’t take much to notice “Echa,” a transvestite who lives in Banda Aceh. With his masculine figure and flamboyant make-up, he instantly draws attention.
And so does the fact that he is wearing a short dress with a plunging neckline to one of the city’s popular coffee houses instead of a headscarf and other conservative Muslim attire. Of course, Echa is a man so he poses a dilemma for the morality police.

[New Zealand]
Ex-MP heads for dole queue
An aborted mayoral bid has cost Georgina Beyer her job and savings, and with no planned work she is heading for the dole queue.
The world's first transsexual MP and former mayor of Carterton had planned a political comeback after keeping a low profile for three years.

Transgender woman can file refugee claim
A transgendered Irish woman living in Nova Scotia has been deemed eligible to apply for refugee status, her lawyer says.
Tanya Bloomfield is originally from Ireland and has been in Canada since 2006. She said being transgendered will make her a target for hate if she is sent back to live in Europe.
Immigration officials on Thursday gave Bloomfield 28 days to file a 16-page, 35-question document to claim refugee status, said Lee Cohen, Bloomfield's lawyer.

Radio review: Case Study
There was a big "eek" moment at the start of Case Study (Radio 4). We heard from the mother of the programme's subject – David Reimer, born a boy but raised as a girl – about the medical catastrophe that led to a disastrous experiment of gender reassignment.
She remembered the call from the hospital where her twin baby sons were due to be circumcised. The first procedure had been a disaster. "The penis had been burned off," she said. Eek. Her speech was slow, slurred almost, and sounded haunted by what she had endured, allowed, in the years that followed. And little wonder: one twin, who continued as a boy, died of a drugs overdose, and Reimer (pictured) killed himself in 2004.
(Photo: STR/REUTERS - David Reimer was brought up as a girl after a botched circumcision when he was a baby.)
John/Joan - The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl

What Happened to Christine Daniels' Blog?
An enduring mystery in the Mike Penner/Christine Daniels story is why the L.A. Times no longer has any trace of "Woman in Progress," Daniels' groundbreaking blog. It was removed from the newspaper's Web site after Mike Penner returned to the paper in 2008, and has since disappeared from the Times' internal archive, putting the newspaper in an awkward position of trying to explain what happened to a piece of history.
Mike Penner, Christine Daniels: A Tragic Love Story

Firefighter Accused of Trans Attack
Baltimore firefighter Jerry Majette faces assault charges after being accused of attacking transgender woman Tamera King, whom he met for a sexual encounter.
City firefighter suspended for insubordination prior to altercation with transsexual
Baltimore City firefighter faces charges after alleged attack on transvestite


Understanding Transgender Marriage in Texas Law
Nikki Araguz is the much talked about widow of a Wharton firefighter killed on the job.
She's a woman whose life started with a birth certificate that classified her as a boy, and now continues as a woman.
Since her birth, Araguz has had gender reassignment surgery, and that's all she needed in order to legally marry a man, according to a year-old amendment to the Texas family code.
Nikki Araguz - A Biographical Assay

Documentary focuses on 1st transsexual
The story of Cuba's first transsexual to undergo gender reassignment surgery is coming to the big screen in a documentary getting its premiere yesterday on the Communist-ruled island, its director said.
Tourists planning a Cuban holiday might be interested in documentary about transsexual

quinta-feira, agosto 19, 2010

ATAQUE HOMOFÓBICO - Pastor agride fiel em culto ao saber que ele é gay
Um transexual de nacionalidade nigeriana foi atacado por um pastor evangélico em pleno culto depois que o religioso soube que a vítima é homossexual. A agressão aconteceu numa igreja de Vallecas, em Madri.
A denúncia foi festa, esta semana, pela Associação Espanhola de Transgêneros. O caso ocorreu durante um culto, no domingo, dia 08 de agosto. Testemunhas contaram que o pastor da igreja "agrediu violentamente" a transexual causando lesões físicas e rasgando a roupa da vítima.
El Consejo Evangélico niega que un pastor atacara a una feligresa transexual
Evangélicos niegan a transexual y dicen que esta se volvió loca a bolsazos porque le negaron "la paz"
Transexual agredida de forma violenta por pastor evangélico temió por su vida y lamenta intolerancia religiosa

'Burly' transsexual attacked hospital staff, court hears
A Transsexual who launched a vicious attack on hospital staff appeared in court yesterday.
Burly Joanna Campbell, 55, had earlier admitted attacking a doctor and nurse in the A&E unit at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.
The mechanic sat in the dock of the city's sheriff court with a long blonde wig, an ankle-length grey skirt, a violet rain jacket and light make-up as sentence was deferred for a further four months.

Transsexual Stylist Raped Soon After Sex-Change Surgery in Moscow
The Moscow police are looking for perpetrators who sexually abused a stylist from Central Asia. The victim, a transsexual individual, arrived in Moscow for sex-change surgery and was abused soon after he became a woman.
A well-known transsexual stylist from the republic of Kyrgyzstan, who had a sex-change surgery in Moscow, was raped by his two country-fellows, Interfax reports with reference to a source from Moscow law-enforcement agencies.

[New Zealand]
Scepticism at Beyer's pull out
Former MP, mayor, prostitute and drag queen Georgina Beyer's decision to pull out of the race for mayor of Masterton has been met with scepticism.
Ms Beyer, 52, who for the past few months has been campaigning to oust sitting mayor Garry Daniell, says she is broke.
The recent death of a Taiwanese friend who was to have funded her campaign was the final nail, she said.

Trans people well-educated, underemployed: report
“We’re sitting on undoubtedly the biggest resource on trans lives and trans health in Canada,” says Greta Bauer, lead investigator with the Trans Pulse survey, which surveyed more than 400 trans people in Ontario.
This first bulletin covers basic trans demographics in Ontario. In addition to highlighting the great diversity among trans people in terms of ethnic background, age, parenting status and other areas, it points out that an estimated 68 percent of trans people in Ontario do not live in metropolitan Toronto — “which really highlights the need for trans-appropriate services outside Toronto,” says Bauer.

[USA] [Commentary]
MisUnderstanding Transsexuals and Transition
Every so often, I see someone start talking about transsexuals and transition. They almost always do it from an externalized perspective and inevitably make some statements that are guaranteed to make various members of the transgender community angry.
So, when Jerry Maneker wrote a post that pointed to Don Charles' post entitled "Frankengender", I got curious and went and read it.
I have to take great exception to some of the assumptions in Mr. Charles' writing, because they lead him down a path to conclusions which are just plain, outright incorrect.

Transgender Woman Assaulted in Dupont Circle
A transgender woman was attacked on August 13 behind a building in Dupont Circle, the Washington Blade reports. That marks violent attack number seven against LGBT people in Northwest since June.
Police have not identified the victim, who was attacked in the rear of the 2000 block of P Street NW, the Blade's Lou Chibbaro Jr. reports. Chibbaro Jr. reports that police have a lead in the case, which was apparently reported as an incident of first-degree sexual abuse -- a serious sexual offense that can carry a sentence of 30 years, or even life.
Trans woman sexually assaulted near Dupont Circle

Trans-gender woman refused treatment because of her “transvestite condition”
Last week The Chicago Tribune reported that Transgender woman Erin Vaught claimed that while visiting an Indiana emergency room she was insulted and refused treatment.On July 18th, Vaught accompanied by her wife and son, visited the Ball Memorial Hospital emergency room after she began coughing up blood.

MTPC’s Kit instructs on how to change one’s drivers license
The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s (MTPC) Gender Marker Change Kit provides support and instructions for people interested in changing their name and/or gender on all major legal documents: state ID card, Social Security card, birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license.

Firefighter Accused Of Attacking Transgender Woman
An online encounter ended with violence. After undressing, a transgender woman claims she was attacked by a Baltimore City firefighter. Now both face criminal charges as police wade through contradicting statements. Adam May reveals why investigators question the firefighter's story.
The firefighter initially told police he was just trying to help the woman when he was robbed, but he declined to explain why her online personal ad seeking sex was on his internet history.

News Conference with Attorney Darrell Steidley Monday August 16, 2010
What follows is a complete transcript of the news conference that attorney Darrell Steidley gave outside the Wharton County District Courthouse on Monday afternoon August 16, 2010, after the hearing inside. Mr. Steidley represents Nikki Araguz in her defense of the probate lawsuit filed against her by Heather Delgado, her late husband's ex-wife, and her late husband's mother, Simona Longoria. In it, Mr. Steidley provides answers to many questions that have not been clarified elsewhere.
[Commentary] If its the Chronk, its Anti-Nikki Slant
Nikki Araguz Case: Frank Mann & Ed Burwell 8/16/10
Nikki Araguz Court Hearing #2: A Media Redux

Cuba's first transsexual in the spotlight
The story of Cuba's first transsexual to undergo gender reassignment surgery is coming to the big screen in a documentary getting its premiere Wednesday on the Communist-ruled island, its director said.
"Mavi Sussel underwent (male-to-female) gender reassignment surgery in 1988 and the documentary is a journey inside this woman, and about the prejudices and problems she has faced, and the questioning of her womanliness," filmmaker Marilyn Solaya said, quoted on the official news agency AIN, ahead of the film's launch Thursday.
Solaya started her career as an actress in Cuba and appeared in the award-winning "Fresa y Chocolate" ("Strawberry and Chocolate").

[El Salvador]
Transvestites get help to fight AIDS
Carla, in her late 40s, is a big-boned woman who feels trapped in her male body. In the deeply homophobic culture of El Salvador, the confusion over her sexual identity nearly got her killed.

quarta-feira, agosto 18, 2010

Male and female ability differences down to socialisation, not genetics
Behavioural differences between the sexes are not hard-wired at birth but are the result of society's expectations, say scientists.

Denuncian que un pastor evangélico de Vallecas agredió, vejó y desnudó a una feligresa nigeriana por ser transexual
La Asociación Española de Transexuales ha denunciado que un pastor de una iglesia evangélica de Vallecas ha agredido, vejado y desnudado a una feligresa nigeriana tras un servicio religioso por el hecho de ser transexual.
Según la asociación, las vejaciones comenzaron antes en la iglesia evangélica Christ Embassy, ubicada en una nave de un polígono industrial del barrio de Vallecas. Esta transexual, que además es solicitante de asilo, comenzó a sufrir humillaciones y discriminación por identidad de género por los miembros de la iglesia al descubrirse su transexualidad, siendo apartada paulatinamente de sus funciones que desempeñaba de forma voluntaria, señala la denuncia.
La FELGTB exige al Ministerio de Justicia que revise la comunidad evangélica que agredió a una transexual en Madrid
FELGTB exige al Ministerio de Justicia revise la comunidad evangélica que agredió a una transexual en Madrid

[New Zealand]
Beyer pulls out of mayoral race
Former Labour MP Georgina Beyer has pulled out of the contest for the Masterton mayoralty.
Ms Beyer, 52, was mayor of Carterton from 1995 until 2000, leaving the role after winning the Wairarapa electorate seat in the 1999 general election.
She was the world's first transsexual mayor and MP. (Photo)

A Transgender Character on 'Degrassi': Good Idea?
The popular, long-running teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation” has never been one to shy away from controversy, from its frank depictions of teen sex, bullying, gay sexuality, self-injury and, perhaps most controversially, abortion. Now the Degrassi gang is about to tackle the subject of transgenderism.
Degrassi focuses on Adam, a transgender character

Daurio: New transgender support group in Orange County
A new transgender support group has formed, called the TG Rainbow. 17 people attended the group's first meeting. Open to those in transition, friends, and family, this inclusive transgender support group will meet on the third Friday of the month, from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

MPD investigating sexual assault on transgender woman near Dupont
The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is investigating a reported sexual assault that occurred near the 2000 block of P Street NW during the early morning hours of Friday, Aug. 13. According to MPD, ''The complainant reports that she was grabbed by the suspect who placed his hand over her mouth.
''The suspect removed the complainant's clothes and sexually assaulted the complainant. The suspect then fled the area on foot. The complainant is a member of the transgender community.''

City firefighter suspended after altercation with transsexual
Depending on which one you believe, Baltimore City firefighter Jerry Majette was either an innocent bystander who got robbed by a Baltimore County transsexual, or the assailant himself who attacked the soon-to-be woman with a hammer after he found her gender ambiguity unappealing.
For now, police believe the woman’s account that Majette pulled a hammer from the transsexual's closet and attacked her after he discovered that she was not a fully functional female, and have since charged Majette with first-degree assault and robbery.

Change-of-Sex Surgeries at Johns Hopkins: About 20 Done So Far
For the past five years or so, the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore has been offering a change-of-sex service to certain carefully screened patients. This service has its psychotherapeutic and hormone-therapy aspects as well as its surgical procedures and thus demands the participation of a team of specialists representing plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynecological surgery, urology, endocrinology, and neurology, in addition to psychiatry and the press. It is the psychiatrist who, together with the patient, makes the final decision as to whether the rest of the team goes to work or not.

Defense in transgender beating case proposes jury questions
Attorneys for a former police officer charged with beating a transgender prisoner are proposing jury questions that federal prosecutors say might encourage sympathy for the defendant.
Attorneys for Bridges Sutton McRae have asked U.S. Dist. Court Judge S. Thomas Anderson to add a series of questions to the 17-page questionnaire for prospective jurors in the trial set for Sept. 13.

Some funds released for Araguz's children
The mother of a Wharton fire captain killed in the line of duty will oversee his estate while she continues her fight to void her son's marriage to a transgender woman claiming a share of his death benefits, a judge decided Monday.
State District Judge Randy Clapp is expected to hold a hearing in the next 60 to 90 days to determine whether the two-year marriage of Thomas Trevino Araguz III and Nikki Purdue Araguz was legal.
Widow faces anti-trans bigotry
Fallen Wharton Firefighter's Sons to Receive Benefit Money

[Commentary] Footnote-Esque?

Se estrenará documental cubano En el cuerpo equivocado
El documental cubano en el cuerpo equivocado, se estrenará este jueves en el Yara, Acapulco y los principales cines del país, junto con el suspenso canadiense Cloe.
En el cuerpo equivocado integra la serie DOCTV IB Latinoamérica II y fue dirigido por Marilyn Solaya, informa el Centro de Información Cinematográfica.
Aborda el documental la historia de la transexual cubana Mavy, quien se refiere a la manera en que ha construido durante los años su feminidad.

Después de bodas homosexuales en Argentina ahora les toca derechos a transexuales dice la FALGTB
Tras el casamiento igualitario, identidad de género y reasignación de sexo.
Desde la Federación Argentina de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans, Esteban Paulón adelantó que tras la aprobación de la ley que permite el casamiento entre personas del mismo sexo, nuevas banderas empiezan a agitarse: la ley de reconocimiento y respeto a la identidad de género y la de atención sanitaria para la reasignación del sexo. La idea es aprovechar la predisposición de senadores y diputados y el ánimo social debatir este tipo de temáticas.